Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Interesting Amy Roloff / Jen Montzingo Debate About Kim Kardashian And Reality TV

On Amy Roloff's fan Facebook page she posted: "Ok, have to ask and see if I'm just totally in left field on this. Kind of embarrassed to ask. What are your thoughts on the whole sad Kim Kardashian Chris Humphrey situation? She asking for divorce after 72 days?"

However, there is another conversation that several people have emailed about which was somewhat surprising and is garnering some attention. It was an online exchange between Amy Roloff and Jen Montzingo that appears to have turned rather personal by the end of it. It was regarding Amy's very harsh opinion of the Kardashians and judging them as being sellouts and selling personal family moments on a reality show for attention. Jen, who seemingly has met the Kardashians during her time in LA, asked Amy to not judge them just as the Amy asks people not to judge her family.

Usually anything the Roloffs say is met with agreement by people they actually know (the Roloffs have been accused of surrounding themselves with "yes men" types), so it's interesting to see how Amy reacted to someone disagreeing with her. It appeared to turn rather personal and a bit nasty.


Jen Montzingo: What does it say about US when we rejoice or laugh at another's misfortune? Kim Kardashian or anyone else. Please people. It's not funny


Amy Roloff: Are you kidding me? Kim K and Chris marriage is over? When will people realize watching shows like this is ridiculous.

Molly: gosh darn reality tv

Amy: No it's not a surprise but.... to spend that kind of money, receive that kind of money when you had doubt to begin with is just sad all around. Where that kind of money could be doing instead of on a dress, cake and all of the other stuff just to keep your self at that level in the media and everyone watches

Amy: and yes some reality shows work, are worth watching ... LOL

Jen: they didn't receive the money, they were comped it in trade-outs. people wanted to watch and they had the ratings. I'm not saying I'm a huge fan of the show, but amy...isn't that biting the hand that feeds you? ;) xo

Amy: Jen - no it's not. You crack me up. Of course it was trade outs, of course they got paid but they also chose to sell a personal event at all cost for PR and get paid more huge amounts of money. It's personal family business greed. Don't even compare it to a few good reality shows still left worthy to watch

Jen: Amy- I'm not saying I'm a fan of their show necessarily but I do know from personal experience that they are good people at heart. We have no idea to what levels they donate or tithe -- I know they are very involved in the church I teach at-- I just try not to judge people as reality shows only tell part of the story. If you guys were offered $12 million to air a wedding special who knows what you would choose. Its easy for all of us to say we wouldn't take it until we are actually offered it. ;) As you ask others not to judge your family, I would echo the same for them. :).

Amy: Oh Jen, not judging. Let's be real, no one knows the whole story that is true. History dictates. Someone who is 'married' for just 72 days knows what's up. Whether she tithes or not is not the point. This was business on so many levels, maybe not with all parties - I hardly doubt it - but to toss away the entity of marriage like she did ......... Family PR business. Let's call it for what it is and everyone stop pretending. You make this kind if $$ it's known. Maybe not details but you are ready. This was not a naive situation.

Jen: Hey Amy, I really don't know. All I know in life is that I don't know and until I walk in your/her shoes, prefer not to judge. So until I know, I reserve judgment of any kind. Obviously, mistakes were made -- who knows exactly where and when and what the timeframe was. But, I know for fact she went into it thinking it would work out. Naive, probably. The same could be said about so many other issues in life -- adultery, DUI, theft -- everyone wants to talk and nobody except the parties involved really know the true details. And I think the "tithing" is relevant since you mentioned the family was greedy for accepting that kind of money to "sell an event." Is it wise to air a wedding on national tv? Probably not. Perhaps the public embarrassment when everything unravels is lesson enough in that. "Family PR business" is at the heart of every family reality show, yours included. The moment anyone signs the dotted line and is getting paid to air their personal life, it becomes a business, and as you say, unfortunately that can really skew things interpersonally at times.

Amy: Well obviously in thoughts and situations like thus we will never agree completely. When you want the public to buy inti what you are doing, have businesses, making the money you do an adult being naive will take you so far. Be real about it own up to it as best you can. Why go into a discussion when all you want to do us have a neutral non essential opinion. Ok this is done. Thanks Jen.

Jen: LOL ok. I have an opinion, even if it is "neutral non-essential" - but if I'm not allowed to have it about your show, then I can't have it about theirs either. Just trying to be fair. ;) Good debate Amy, all in fun.

Amy: Jen, your mistaken, i never said you couldn't have an opinion or on our show - funny how it comes back to that! You've obviously have stated your opinion on our show many times and else where. It's one of those times that opinions will differ even on the original subject. Yes LOL!

Amy: Oops. I broke my own thought. Need to be done on this.

Jen: Haha okay, have a good night. You can take this whole post down if you want. I've never stated anything but positive on your show online, let's clarify that though.


Amy: On to a lighter note, reality can still be a good venue to tell some really good stories. With all of the hype out there on some, the good stories get lost or don't get picked up which is unfortunate.


What are your thoughts?


Greg said...

Amy is such a hypocrite! Her response to all criticism of herself and her kids has always been "Nobody can judge us unless they know us!" That's her response to her family using racial and homophobic slurs, to throwing cats. Just another case of the Roloffs not treating others how they want to be treated. The Roloffs get to judge others.

Nancy V said...

Amy is very condescending! The Roloffs are no different than any other celebrity attention seekers and money hungry celebs.

Lynn C said...

I think Amy is totally right. There is no comparison between Reality whores like Kim Kardashian and the Roloff family. LPBW had a purpose. Kim Kardashian is one of those people who is just famous for being famous. I think celebrities like that do these publicity stunts

Brandon said...


"They also chose to sell a personal event at all cost for PR and get paid more huge amounts of money" - This is the same Amy Roloff that sold personal events like her son being drugged up in his hospital room on pain meds, her kids failing school, showing the memorial service of a friend's death and talking in detail about potentially divorcing all while collecting a paycheck to air those "personal events" for money and attention on a reality show.

Why does Amy think she gets to judge but no one can judge Roloffs?

Ashley said...

I don't like the Kardashians either but I see Jen's point. There's a lot of hypocrisy at play. The Roloffs do their show for a lot less money. No way would Amy not do a wedding in exchange for millions of dollars. The Roloffs have no right to judge.

Jocelynn said...

IMO, Amy obviously has some issues with Jen. I think Jen was trying to keep it civil, but Amy strikes me as one of those people who it is impossible to disagree with without having it escalate to a big personal argument

Anne said...

The way I see it, what Amy is objecting to is Kim Kardashian using the sanctity of marriage as a way to gain money and attention. Amy is right. Marriage should be respected.

And for all you pro homosexuals on this site, I think people like the Kardashians are just as bad for disrespecting marriage as gays are that attempt to demean the institution of marriage.

David said...

I believe the real issue is in the last one about (in Amy's mind) that the trashy shows attract attention and the good shows "don't get picked up". She's bitter about being cancelled.

Justin said...

The Roloffs are hypocrites in every aspect of their lives. That's what it boils down too. They love attention and money just like the Kardashian family, Gosselin family and the list goes on.

Rap541 said...

First, a mild criticism - Spirit, I don't know about anyone else but the font or whatever is really wonky in the quotes and it's hard to read.

I agree with Ashley and Brandon. While I am no fan of the Kardassian clan, I don't find it MORE hypocritical that they accepted tradeouts for a wedding, when the Roloffs cheerfully accepted a 70k inground pool and 40k sports court for their property.

I also agree that its pretty rich that Amy accepted money and tradeouts for Zach being filmed doped to the gills and in miserable pain in teh hospital, and Mike Detjen's memorial, complete with her son Jeremy filmed hanging his head down in despair.... Also as I recall, Matt desperately insisted their marriage was FINE but the show consistently "sold" the Roloffs on the edge of divorce... I don't mind this except that Amy is on the high horse of "DON'T YOU DARE JUDGE US, ANYONE WHO JUDGES US NEEDS TO BE PERFECT THEMSELVES BUT THAT KARDASHIAN CHICK IS WRONG WRONG WRONG AND I AM TOTALLY WITHIN MY RIGHT TO POINT FINGERS BECAUSE SHE IS SOOOOOOO WRONG!!!"

Amy? Lil hint? You're whoring your kids out for money and with Jake expelled and Zach and Jeremy spending two years at community college with no degree, your kids are showing exactly why being whored out for money doesn't make for success. Next time you judge, you remember every time you declared publically "Do *I* know you? Do *you* know me?" Amy? Do you *know* Kim Kardashian? If the answer is no, and I am pretty sure it is, please outline what is *wrong* in your life that you are pointing fingers at others....

Since you've made such a point of demanding that courtesy for yourself, of course.

Erica said...

Jen mentioned not judging a DUI. It's easy to understand what she meant there. I think that's why Amy got mad and said Jen expresses opinions on the Roloffs.

Christine said...

How can Amy say that money could be better spent for good? What about Amy and her family? How many BMWS and Mercedes do they have? How about all the vacations and trade outs they received? Why wasn't Amy giving that to disadvantage youth instead? What about all the money Matt blows? That could be better spent. How about instead of putting money into a mansion, she donates it to good causes? Amy has no right to judge.

Rap541 said...

Lynn C = to be fair, isn't calling someone a reality whore you judging someone you don't know? And Amy judging someone she doesn't know?

I just want to establish the rules here. If I call Amy a reality whore for selling out Mother's Day for money, multple times, is that ok now? Since selling your personal moments is being reality whore? How about Amy and Matt selling their kids's every moment in their teenage years? Is that being a reality whore or is that *perfectly acceptable* as Jeremy dumping Sarah and dumping Kirsten was all about Little People Awareness?

I'd like an answer since you're calling someone else selling their private moments a reality whore.

Carol said...

I can't believe it.

Amy honey, get a clue.

You spend years yelling at people for judging you and your husband and your kids for having a opinion of them based on their actions.

Then you have a scathing opinion of Kardashian. Jen tells you not to judge others. You say why have a discussion if you need to have a non essential opinion??

But remember, people are never to judge the Roloffs! That's having an essential opinion!

Dana said...

It is absolutely classless of Jen to challenge Amy's opinion about this subject. There is NO comparison, NO comparison at all between the Roloffs show and what the Kardashians do.

The Kardashian show that I proudly do not watch, serves no purpose. There is no education value. LPBW served a purpose with a great message that Jen personally has benefited from.

David, what is wrong with Amy saying the truth? It is a sad statement about society that trashy shows like the Kardashians and Jersey Shore are more popular and receives more attention than a moral show with good Christian value like LPBW.

Rap541 said...

so when Jeremy was dumping Sarah and dumping Kirsten and going to big boy college, theoretically all by himself despite the real reality.....

How exactly was he standing up for LP's there?

Hey, when Matt said being with his family wasn't a good use of his time, how was that standing up for little people?

Explain again why the Roloffs, who per Matt were wealthy before the show, needed a free 70k pool for Little People Awareness?


Dana? Explain in detail (and don't skip the previous questions) how Jen Montzingo has *personally benefitted* here.

Ps - I don't watch the Kardashians either, unlike the Roloffs, they didn't *pretend* they were better than the average reality whore.

Rap541 said...

Also, Dana, the problem with Amy "saying the truth" is that Amy craps herself in rage whenever anyone speaks the truth about the Roloffs.

Dana? Jeremy called Mike D. his "n-word" and watched as his buddy Mueller tossed his pet cat and Amy asked us WHY WE WERE DARING TO JUDGE. Amy let her children be filmed in intimate moments for money. Amy allowed herself to be portrayed as on the edge of divorce, while her husband insisted the marriage was fine, for MONEY.

If she's gonna harp about the sanctity of marriage, then she needs to stand up and say Matt lied or she lied - because they presented two very different stories about the state of their marriage and accepted money... and only one story can be true.

Peter Lane said...

I find it hilariously hypocritical about Amy whining about the money wasted on a dress and cake, etc.

We have witnessed Amy glamoring herself up in the last few years and talking about wanting to look pretty in a dress provided for her by the Emmys when she complained about not being asked to present. Look at all the money the Roloffs waste on vehicles...a 13 year old's phone bill...but Amy gets to judge!

Anonymous said...

Yeah... 2800 dollars on a 13 year old's cell phone... pointedly displayed for the public.... but Amy isn't whoring her kids out.

Vic Rattlehead said...

How very deliciously ironic.

You have one reality tv no talent hack (Amy) kvetching about another no talent reality tv hack (Kim Kardashian).

Simple minded people like Amy love to shoot off their mouths about "morals" "ethics" The "sanctity of marriage" and other such irrelevant drivel when they have nothing of importance to actually say or valid opinions to offer on a topic.

Personally I don't much care for anyone in the Kardashians because they're all losers trading off of their famous daddy's name but the Roloffs aren't much better.

In fact the Roloffs are much worse because they have tried to lie and pretend that they are "one big happy family" when they are just as dysfunctional depraved and stupid as the Kardashians who didn't try to hide the fact that thier family is really screwed up.

Rap541 said...

Upon reflection, I'd like to point out that depicting you and your spouse on the edge of divorce on one's reality show, and then insisting that essentially it was all edited and your marriage is just fine but you also will continue to allow your marriage to be edited to depict the two of you on the edge of divorce for money.... isn't that violating the sanctity of marriage?

Or since its Roloffs doing it, is it Christian and the sign of two people who deeply respect their marital vows? :)

samanthastarns said...

This Amy/Jen discussion reminds me of a quote:

“Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

krisa said...

Amy would have been better off never mentioning the 72 day marriage.

MichelleO said...

So, if I posted a mean snarky comment on her page will it get taken off? I did and it felt damn good.........Blah, and to think I used to like these people.....

Leanne said...

Amy is so hypocritical. Jen is right. Why does Amy think she has a right to judge any other person when she doesn't allow herself or her family to be judged by others? Especially the part about how the Kardashians were wasting money that could be better spent helping people.

Look at Amy's Facebook fan page. She just posted a video with a fashion designer named Tony Peniche. He spent over $70,000 on ONE commercial for his fashion line! Why isn't Amy telling her friends to stop wasting money on things like clothes?

Megan B said...

Yes, I am a reality show star living in a much big and fancy home and driving a Mercedes that the reality show has brought me, but what I can't stand is reality show stars who live more decadent lifestyles than I! I am driving a Mercedes and rattling around in my big luxury home and taking paid-for vacations for the good of the little people! Don't judge me!

Allison said...

I don't think Amy has any respect for Jen. The comment "you crack me up" sounded very condescending.

Jen said if she's not allowed to talk about the Roloffs then Amy shouldn't talk about the Kardashians. Amy said funny how it comes back to that. Do you think Amy ordered Jen not to talk about the Roloffs and Jen said she was mad that she can't speak her opinion?

Tiffany said...

Rap, you take things people post too literally.

@samanthastarns- I love that quote:)

Rap541 said...

Oh Tiffany, never change :D

You begin your post by chiding me, aka "talking about people".... then you praise a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt that pretty says people who talk about others are small minded...

Yet, I somehow doubt your point was to show what a hypocrit you are, heh heh heh.

Anyway - what am I taking too literally? Amy's comments are about how she believes Kim Kardashian used her marriage to score as a reality show whore. I'm merely pointing out that Amy has accepted money to talk about how she considered divorce and displayed her marriage to the world. That Matt has insisted the show was editing to heighten the drama means that both Matt and Amy were on board with allowing a not necessarily factual presentation of their marriage... for profit of course.

How is that respecting the sanctity of marriage?

Or are you just here to talk about Rap, despite your love of Eleanor's quote? :)

Rap541 said...

I'm also still waiting for Amy to explain *whats wrong in her life that she is judging someone else*.

Remember, folks, thats the Roloff stance - when you say something critical about someone else, there is something *wrong* in your life and you are criticizing others, and looking down on others because you're missing something critical that a good, happy person would have.

When Amy or her family is criticized, this is what Amy trots out "Whats wrong with YOU that you feel the need to say that about me or my kids?"

Amy hun? Whats so wrong with YOU that you feel the need to criticize Kim Kardashian? There MUST be something WRONG with Amy....

Oh and folks, you can't have a debate when only one side is allowed to have an opinion. See how quickly Amy shut the discussion down when she didn't get "You go Amy girl! Right on!" - She said her piece, she got mad and snipped at Jen and ended the discussion as soon as it didn't go her way... But apparently Amy is a hater just like us, and says mean things about someone she doesn't know because there's something very wrong in her life making her attack someone else in order to feel better.

I will always bring this up when Amy snots "Do I know you? Do you know me? Whats wrong in your life that makes you say that??"

Amy doesn't know Kim Kardashian, Kim Kardashian doesn't know her... what is WRONG with Amy's life that she is saying anything about a person she doesn't know?

Mike P. said...


The field of Human Rights is, to the Roloffs, just a meal ticket - only a bunch silly bromides about equality and respect that make a good speech, but nothing you really need to bother with off the podium.

But reality TV, now that's important.

And by God, it's even got standards, too. STANDARDS! And this Kardashian woman is trashing those standards. She's bringing the whole field of reality TV into disrepute, making people suspicious of it. Maybe even making people laugh at it.

Oh, the agony Amy must feel. The agony.

Tiffany said...

I wasn't talking about you taking what Amy said literally. I was talking about you taking what people post as comments on here either in direct response to you or just in general too literally. But now let me say this, your response just proved my point. I say you take things people post too literally and then comment on how I like a quote...then you come back, taking it literally, and attack me for liking said quote. What if I just like the simple idea of the meaning of the quote? Or is that too reprehensible and disgusting for me to do Rap?

No. I don't take things people say too literally (for the most part) because I find that if one does that, they always find a reason to criticize what people say. Now let me drop a bombshell on you and the rest of the readers...I do agree with what you said. If Amy doesn't like people's criticism of her and/or her family then she should think twice before publicly doing the exact same thing. Sure, she and everyone else is entitled to have their opinion but she might want to reserve the right to publicly announce it.

Cathy Anderson said...

""Family PR business" is at the heart of every family reality show, yours included. The moment anyone signs the dotted line and is getting paid to air their personal life, it becomes a business, and as you say, unfortunately that can really skew things interpersonally at times."

Well said Jen! Look in the mirror, Amy!

Cathy Anderson said...

I can't let this quote pass either.

Amy "Be real about it own up to it as best you can."

Excuse me, what has Amy or her family ever owned up to??? Nothing, because everytime Amy or her kids are is criticized she responds with "You can't judge us! You don't know us! What is wrong with you that you feel the need to judge us??"

Rap541 said...

Tiffany - and you've proved my point that you're not here to discuss the Roloffs at all. So you aren't responding to anything I've said in the thread, you're just here to say mean things about Rap.

If you feel attacked, perhaps you should look at what you're putting out there, hunny. You're posting a random attack on me, aka "talking about people"... and then praising a quote about how only small minded people talk about other people... if you missed the irony and are annoyed because you look silly and hypocritical, perhaps you should rethink your trolling the blog... since you're here to talk about Rap and not the Roloffs, technically you've already admitted to violating the rules here. :)

I do appreciate your agreement that Amy needs to watch the hypocrisy in public. ;)

Tiffany said...

Unlike you Rap, I don't feel threatened. I was just using that to make my point. Hypocrisy? Never!!! I've said it once before and I'll damn sure say it again, I don't like that content of your posts. That simple. I do, however, like the meaning of the quote samanthastarns posted..and if that's blasphemy, well then hang me.

Keeping this Roloff related, I'm not like Amy saying one thing in public and doing the opposite in private.

Rap541 said...

And yet here you are trolling the board. :) You came to complain about *me*... and as usual, you don't comment on the actual Roloff discussion until its pointed out you're trolling :)

I also will officially point out that you're expending a lot of time and energy on something you don't like, namely my posts... and as I recall, you're a proponent of the "why do people waste their time on discussing things they don't like".... which like coming to a board that discusses a celebrity family to discuss your love of a quote that is a clever dig against gossiping and then to discuss a poster, is hypocritical, babe.

:) You crack me up :)

Tiffany said...

No I did comment on the Roloffs. I actually agreed with you. Yet you, taking things so literal, to chose to tell me I'm hypocritical. That's well and find. Let me point out in our previous discussion that when I made the figure of speech "in your drunken state" YOU started trash talking me.
Double standard? Hypocritical much?

Cathelitou said...

I can't believe what Amy said! I used to like Amy at the beggining of the show! We all know that LPBW is now a reality show that has nothing to do with dwarfism! It's now like any other reality show that Amy doesn't like!

Lisa said...

I think there is another angle that you're all missing. If Molly was involved in the conversation, I think it was very disrespectful of Jen to challenge Amy and essentially accuse her of being a hypocrite in front of Amy's children. Imagine being called a hypocrite (she didn't use the word, but that's what she meant) where your children will read it. I understand why Amy got upset with Jen.

Rap541 said...

Lisa, I think Molly is eighteen and old enough to hear someone disagree with her mother without immediately collapsing at the idea that her mother isn't perfect.

If Molly is too emotionally fragile to cope, then Amy as her *mother* should be saying "Molly, you're not mature enough to be here, as my child, leave this conversation" to Molly, and to Jen, Amy should be saying "Molly is here and she is *my child* and since she is a *child* you need to stop disagreeing with me as disagreeing with me is disrespecting me in front of my *child*."

Because if we're going to play the "won't somebody think of the children!" game, then Amy needs to parent, don't you think?

And if Amy as a parent who was fully aware her *child* was there and particiapting in the conversation did and said nothing to send Molly the minor child away, then if Molly was indeed devastated by the disrespect, maybe as a *mom* Amy should start acting like one.

Cookie said...

Lisa, there's so many things wrong with your comment that I'm kinda at a loss of where to start. First: When adults are friends with their minor children whether on FB or in real life, then they need their head examined. Things between ADULTS (adult being the key word here) get posted and stated that are not for minor children to see or read. Parents are not "friends" to children. We're parents. Well, most are. Apparently not the Roloffs. Secondly. FB is not a babysitting site where comments and posts are monitored or censored and if Amy, the parent here Lisa, allows Molly to be her friend on FB, then I guess it's Amy's problem that she may see unsavory views expressed. Lastly, Molly already knows that Amy is a hypocrite. You can't be as intelligent as Molly appears to be and not know who and what her parents really are. Trust me Lisa- you don't need to lose any sleep over the fact that Molly read that someone thinks her mother is a two-faced, judgmental reality TV show whore. She already knows it.

Pumpkin said...

Imagine BEING a hypocrite in front of your children. I suspect Amy was more upset that her hypocrisy was being exposed for what it was.

NJC said...

Molly already went ahead and called her mother on her hypocrasy when she made the sarcastic "gosh darn reality tv" comment so I doubt she was too upset by Jen making the same point.

Rap541 said...

Cookie, nicely said. My only addition is that Molly Jo is eighteen and can willfully choose to do a lot of things now, including smoke, and including facebooking without mommy and daddy's supervision. Lisa is playing the "won't somebody think of the children" card here and Molly, the "child" in question, is eighteen. Really, if Amy has one of her adult children in the room, she can say any foolish thing she wants and anyone who calls her on it is "disrespecting a mother in front of her children" and Amy has every right to be incensed?

Then maybe Amy either needs to explain the "my kids are here so if you disagree with me in any way, you are DISRESPECTING ME IN FRONT OF MY CHILDREN WHO WILL BE DAMAGED" rules more clearly to the people she interacts with, or else she needs to be a parent and say "Molly, Jeremy, Zach, you're adults but you're my children, and these adults are talking to me and it might get heated so you as my children need to leave so we grown ups can talk without worrying about you being damaged".

Somehow I doubt Amy, who has proclaimed many many times now how she's done parenting, wants to be bothered. She certainly didn't suggest Molly leave the conversation, so if she was embarrassed by her daughter seeing Jen's comments... thats all on Amy.

Lisa said...

You can all think what you want, but you have it all wrong. I'll have you know that both Amy AND Molly dropped Jen as a friend after what she did.

Dana said...

I'm glad to hear that, Lisa. I've always said Jen was trouble from the moment she went "Hollywood", distanced herself from God and that it would be cool to support homosexuals at the cost of her morals that the Bible taught her.

Cookie said...

Well, of course we're all wrong Lisa. I'm sure Jen is wringing her hands in angst over the fact that Amy Roloff no longer wants to be her friend.
Amy doesn't like the way someone plays in the sandbox so she takes her pail and goes home. Boo hoo. Amy needs to put on her big girl panties--and I do mean big and grow the hell up.
I think it really just magnifies what an immature and self righteous person Amy really is. She can't handle and/or respect anyone who disagrees with her.
I suspect Amy is jealous of Jen frankly. Jen's younger and better looking, successful and talented and I personally find it hysterical that Amy really thinks Jen gives a rip that she defriended her on FB.
Dana - you're such a self righteous know it all that you really don't even deserve a response.

Cookie said...

Here's another little nugget: Amy has substantiated in a very loud statement what Rap has been saying for a very loooong time: If you don't agree with the Roloff's or kiss their ass and praise their every move and opinion, you are nothing and you will be dismissed from their lives.
Boy, wouldn't it be cool to have friends like the Roloffs.

Rap541 said...

Dana - its very loving and Christian of you to badmouth someone you've never met. I think if you said your unkind words about a *Roloff*, Amy would be in your face, asking you if you know them and what is wrong in *your* life that you are judging someone else?

Dana? What *is* wrong in your life that you're spewing hate about Jen Montzingo, who you have never met?

Lisa - If you're in the "know" and thats true (and it probably is) then you do understand it shows how petty and arrogant Amy is. She was disagreed with, so she's done. Disagree with Amy and she cuts you OUT and demands her family cut you out as well. I trust, Lisa, that you speak very carefully to Amy, lest the same happen to you.

Cookie - I think its as simple as Amy doesn't like being disagreed with and doesn't like her hypocrisy being pointed out. With all due respect... how is Amy Roloff displaying her marital troubles for money different than Kim Kardashian? Amy is a little person? She's doing it to educate us? What are we supposed to be learning as Amy and Matt fight?

Matt is even on record relating how the show was highly edited to be more dramatic... So Amy accepted money to make her life look more dramatic for the cameras... created storylines, allowed her minor children to witness it all, put her minor children on display thru many many embarrasing moments (Every time Amy plops Zach in front of a girl and then haybales how freaking shy he is, Amy was getting a paycheck, all the more cruel when I suspect Amy was very much like Zach as a teenager, only without her mom giving the nation public commentary on her dating, for a paycheck) How exactly is Amy different?

Rap541 said...

PS Dana, get off your high horse.

No member of the Roloff family will proudly stand up for Christ and say "I am a Roloff and I am a Christian and in the name of Jesus, I believe homosexuality is wrong and gays choose to be gay and could be cured if they didn't turn away from Jesus."

Got it? They won't say it. And if they won't say it, then you really should reconsider praising them for something they won't do. Heck, Dana, you were so proud when Jeremy James scrawled "Thank you Jesus" on his van... and had nothing to say when those proud words were carefully edited out of this Christian boy's adventure.

They edited it out Jesus's name. Think about it and think about who gets a paycheck fr that.

Roxanne said...

I think it's really said if it's true about Amy and Molly cutting ties with Jen because she disagreed with them about the Kardashians.

Jen was a friend of the Roloffs before they were "famous". What does everyone always say about people that lose their friends that they have before they were famous?

I think it's obvious fame went to their heads and their ego. Now they want their friends to agree with them all the time and tell them how right they are.

Think of how much butt kissing Mueller must do to secure his place as a moocher.

Cookie said...

Spot on Rap ~ "I think its as simple as Amy doesn't like being disagreed with and doesn't like her hypocrisy being pointed out" which elaborates on my point that "If you don't agree with the Roloff's or kiss their ass and praise their every move and opinion, you are nothing and you will be dismissed from their lives".

No matter how you look at it, Amy is desperately trying (and failing) to be a wholesome D list unreality figure and anyone who undermines her or "outs" her true persona is subject to being immediately removed from FB. How laughable and sad at the same time to base your friendships on whether people agree with your way of thinking.

So much for diversity Amy.

An Observer said...

If my daughter were to witness me say something she viewed as hypocrisy she would call me on it because I taught her to have her own voice. I think Jen gave Amy many opportunities to turn the conversation around and still save face. Amy was too stubborn and arrogant to take the high road or too stupid to take the hint. Amy has no room to be even remotely judgmental of KK, she doesn't know her personally or have any inside information about KK's personal life or the circumstances around her marriage. If you are a public figure and you choose to put out a public statement then you had better be prepared to defend that statement with more than just disdain for those who don't share your viewpoint. It would appear that Amy has the propensity to speak without thinking of the consequences of her words (for herself or others). And unfortunately it would also appear that Amy doesn't seem to learn from her repeated faux pas, shame on her and her shame on her advisers for not setting her straight.

Tiffany said...

"Think of how much butt kissing Mueller must do to secure his place as a moocher." LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Pumpkin said...

The coincidence of the book's publication taking place the very same week as the dissolution of Kim's quick-as-a-wink marriage "certainly wasn't planned," says Jenner, "and for all those naysayers out there that, you know, kind of comment and judge me on being out here trying to do my best, it's just a shame that people don't, um, think the best." … Jenner…insists that "people really don't know the true story, so you have a lot of people making assumptions and judging us unfairly at times. And people really need to listen and just be patient and wait for everything to reveal itself."

Gee, doesn't this sound familiar, AMY????? Did you lend Chris a copy of your storyline cheat sheet?

Rap541 said...

Lisa, if you're a close friend of Amy and Molly Roloff's, how you behave is telling about what the people who the Roloffs like are like. Running to defend Amy, I can get that but the gleeful spite and delight you have in making it very clear that Amy no longer likes Jen... Wow... aren't *you* a fun person? Did you all send Jen "We hate you because Amy hates you" emails too? I mean, since you've run to the playground to let the whole school know that Popular Amy has cast Jen out of the Popular circle....

I'm thinking Jen may not be that sad to no longer be in this fun little circle....

krisa said...

Dana, supporting homosexuals is wrong in your world? A gay person is just like you and me -- created in GOD 's image. Too much hate in the world. Stop already.

Aidan said...

A good judge of character is how people react to criticism. Amy failed in this regard.

BeckyM said...

On CNN online this week under their ENTERTAINMENT catagory was 'The Little Couple shares miscarriage'.

Reality Television = private matters divulged for our personal titilation. Make whatever excuses you want Amy - the Kingdom of Reality Television is starting to crumble.

You might need to be looking at those mediocre jobs. Coupon Cabin might have something for you! ROFLMAO