Friday, November 18, 2011

Interesting Discussion with Little People, Big World Producer Chris Cardamone Re: Controversial Roloff Issues

There was an interesting discussion online a few weeks ago that we thought we would pass along for those who might be interested.

It is quite lengthy, however, it involves Chris Cardamone -- who was the main on-site producer of Little People, Big World for the past couple of years. Chris is the producer whose close relationship (as even he describes himself as "a close friend) with the Roloffs raised questions about professionalism and whether it's right and professional for a producer of a reality or show that is supposed to be in any way documentary style - to become such close personal friends with stars of the show and how that close personal relationship affects the material and the overall quality of the production.

Anyhow -- this all started on a fake Jacob Roloff Facebook/Twitter account. For the record, We have always been accurate about reporting or confirming the real or fake Roloff online accounts on various Roloff social networking accounts. Basically, the rule to go by is that if the Roloff kids -- any of Jeremy, Zach, Molly or Jacob are sharing pictures, interacting/talking/being nice to or adding or replying to fans on social networking sites -- then they are fakes because the real people do not associate with fans in any way and the truth of the matter is that they're known to mock fans with their friends privately. Jeremy did have a public fan page about a year ago - although it wasn't very well known and we didn't even bother to pass it along because his lack of involvement. It became a bit of a joke for people that were aware of it. At one point his two most recent posts were a standard "Happy Thanksgiving" followed by his return when he sent off a "Merry Christmas" message. I think most wondered "What's the point"? Eventually people started to express that they were disgruntled and the page was deleted. Other than that -- only Matt and Amy have fan pages where they interact with fans.

Contrary to the belief of some, there are close friends of the Roloffs who do not think we are evil and actually have some use for truthful facts. As a result, it is quite easy for us to confirm the real or fake accounts with people who interact with the Roloffs on an almost daily basis.

So this all started when the real Jacob Roloff on Facebook, whose display name is actually "Jacob George Roloff" (stating this to avoid confusion below) posted on the fake's account calling it fake and saying that his impostor copies his real status posts and pictures on the fake twitter account. While pretty much everyone in the entire conversation agreed to varying degrees that it is wrong for an impostor to, well impostor and steal posts and pictures, some people did, through some sarcasm, try to make the point to the real Jacob that he and his siblings should have some sense of appreciation for the fans and perhaps it wouldn't be the end of the world if the real Roloffs (Matt and Amy's Facebook Fan Pages are known, this refers to Jeremy, Zach and Molly) interacted with the fans from time to time and that would essentially put the fakes out of business. Others argued the point that the impostor doesn't post personal phone numbers, etc, but rather random updates and pictures of outdoor scenery, and that the impostors are actually much more polite to fans than the real people they impostor (which actually is a truthful statement although probably somewhat irrelevant to the whole debate about it not being ethical).

People posting after the real Jacob George Roloff posted publicly, prompted Chris Cardamone to begin posting.

That then led to people stating that they suspected one of the reasons why Chris was so concerned about the impostor was because if the impostor had access to Jacob's real profile, some felt Chris was concerned that Jacob would follow the example of Jeremy and offensive posts would eventually be publicized.

That sort of led to Chris Cardamone commenting and dismissing the things people were mentioning about Jeremy and Mueller among others. Chris then went back and forth with people talking about several issues over the years - most of which we originally reported here at Spiritswander.

We can say, that pretty much everything that posters involved in this discussion mention is actually accurate and the truth despite Chris' constant "conjecture" response and you'll note that when people answer Chris' questions with details about the events which we reported - Chris actually has no response of substance. For example, when Derek Benj James describes the real events of the Oasis of the Seas cruise, aka. "Cruise for Haiti"-- that is actually the truth and Chris does not ever go back to that topic. We can also confirm that is absolutely true, that the Roloffs - Jeremy, Zach, Jacob, Molly and their friends, especially Jacob Mueller still do (even rather recently) indeed refer to their positive supportive fans as "creepers". Again, you'll notice that Chris doesn't even actually deny those specific incidents that are referenced. One of the only things that Chris actually specifically refutes was when a poster connected Jeremy to the underage drinking in the Roloff garage (the You Tube Video we posted about - two french girls that were in Oregon posted a video which contained video of them and Mueller and an 18 year old friend of the Roloffs named Christian doing shots of Jack Daniels in the Roloff garage earlier this year. Chris Cardamone states that Jeremy was not present in the garage at the time. Which as someone said, is actually somewhat irrelevant to the overall issue of underage drinking since we can confirm that for anyone who actually knows the Roloffs denying that Mueller and Jeremy have ever consumed alcohol together (more on that soon) is laughable.

So with no further delay, this was the content of the thread. [this is an impostor's page - but where the discussion took place]


Jacob Roloff [the fake] Check out my twitter:!/thejacobroloff

Jacob George Roloff [real] Im the real Jacob roloff... BY the way... this guys twitter is fake...he copies my facebook statuses... which means he is on my friends list.. cuz my profile is ultra private

Peter Lane Yes the real Jacob is right. How dare this imposter! Everyone knows the real Roloff "kids" (3 are legal adults) don't speak or acknowledge dreaded "fans" that enable to live in mansions and take freebie vacays!

Peter Lane Shame on the imposter for spreading just a tiny little bit of happiness to some poor fan who gets excited that someone they might like from tv might actually appreciate their support. Shame, shame on you imposter for not being as stuck up snobs as the very same people (fans) that make you rich and provide you with the lifestyle you take advantage of! Shame on you imposter!!

Mark Helton Peter thank you it takes a real man to pick on a kid. All your time of staying home alone and friendless has paid off for you.

Peter Lane: Mark, he's the one the posted. My sentiments also apply to his 3 adult siblings.

Peter Lane: And way to insult people who are lacking in friends...maybe instead of insulting you should ask Kelsey to pray for them.

Jennifer Dawson: Jacob George, this is for the fans. Remember. Instead of complaining, why don't you tell people where to find your real page that they can see the real you? Oh thats right. You don't because that would be lame and dumb by doing something for scummy annoying creepy fans. By posting this, what do you want a real fans to do? Unlike this and never look at it again? Um, fans like seeing picture and random statuses. You guys dont give them any other option. You, Molly, Jeremy and Zach have dedicated what, 1 second of your time in 6 years to your fans on the internet? The rest is spent playing with all the free time you have because you don't need to work like you would have if it wasn't for your fans supporting the show. Therefore you have nothing to whine about. You should thank this guy for putting his time in and doing it for you. And the fake Roloffs are actually a lot nicer to people than the real ones. lol.

Chris Cardamone: Peter you do know that creating a fake account allows people online to misrepresent public figures. It is unethical and akin to ID theft. Jacob is correct, he is a minor, and should be allowed to have a private facebook and twitter account.

Peter Lane: Chris, I don't disagree that it's morally "wrong" to impostor a public figure, although I do consider it harmless. It is deceptive as I said. Someone posts something here to the fake Jacob or to the fake Jeremy and then they get all happy and excited because the fake Roloff responded nicely. The fan is fooled thinking the Roloff actually cares, when really it's just a fake. That's dishonest.

Peter Lane: Chris, in the grand scheme of things, how is Jacob being harmed by people on this page, seeing a picture of a waterfall? Yes, I get it. The real Jacob, Jeremy, Molly and Zach hate fans, finds them super annoying and don't want to give them anything, so they get upset when an imposter lets the fans see some things. But in the grand scheme of things, is Jacob being harmed by this page? No. I don't see the fake posting his private phone number or the name of the school he goes to (oh wait, LPBW blew that wide open! ;))

Peter Lane: Chris, while Jacob is a minor, Jeremy isn't. Zach isn't. 18 year old Molly isn't. Feel free to direct people to their real fan pages.....oh, that's right they don't have them because that's how much they care about giving back to the fans that have supported them with their (the fans) own hard earned money and time. I would think, you of all people, would have a little more appreciation for the fans that have supported LPBW. How awful, they want some interaction with a celebrity. In this case, the celebrities are too ungrateful to give them any. Some guy/girl or rebel friend, creates a fan page and gives the fans something and makes a few people happy. Dishonest? Yes. Am I going to weep for the real Roloffs? Nope.

Chris Cardamone: Peter - Actually the Roloff's don't hate their fans. I think people blow that out of proportion especially online. If you have even met the Roloffs they are inviting and thankful to their fans. Like anyone when people aggressively prode into their lives' or create fake accounts to distribute private material it is alarming. Wouldn't that alarm you? Jacob's public image could be harmed by statements made by an imposter (defamation of character) that is why it is concerning, especially cause he is a minor. Hope that makes sense

Chris Linton: Mark, I asked you this once in a private message but you never responded. Maybe you will answer here since one of the Solid Rockers is here. I'm genuinely curious. If you are gay, by the FB causes you support and a few things when you had sent me a friend request, I'm thinking you are, how do you rationalize wanting to maintain friendships of people that feel so strongly that what you are, is wrong and should be cured? Who knows, maybe a few days ago Kelsey went to Solid Rock with Jer and listened to the beloved John Mark speak about how gays are perverted and should pray to Jesus to be cured and then Kelsey and Jeremy spread the message and recommended it. If I were gay, I don't think I could be friends with people who had those opinions of who I was and still maintain a healthy self image. (and I haven't even mentioned the gay slurs that the Roloffs and their friends are fond of) . I get that you were associated with LPBW and being friends with them is like feeling like you're part of the cool club, but doesn't it bother you to be friends with people who have such opinions about you? Sorry to put you on the spot, but I'm genuinely curious.

Peter Lane: Chris C, I appreciate that in your role, you need to put on your PR cap and blow smoke, but I think everyone with just an ounce of common sense and knowledge knows how the Roloff "kids" (I refuse to refer to 21 year olds as "kids") feel about and treat fans. Do you want to put your hand on the Bible and say that Mueller, Jer, Zach, Jacob etc, don't refer and mock smiling excited fans as "creepers?? Because you, me and them all know it's the truth. And go ahead and tell me how much time Jeremy, Zach, Molly and Jacob have dedicated to their fans online and showed how inviting and thankful they are in a tangible way? You know the truth is they haven't. Lame excuses like they are just too busy, etc, are just that, lame excuses. They mock the fans, the real fans - the ones that say "you're so cool! I love your show!" with their real friends and they totally ignore and show no appreciation to their fans online and haven't during a span of approx. 6 years. Two of them have been adults for 3 years and absolutely nothing changed so I don't think pointing out that Jacob is a minor is much of an excuse for the Roloffs as a whole. I get where we disagree. You think as long as they put on a smiley face for the Pumpkin Season Customers that are paying the Roloffs money and posing for a picture, that's them being inviting and appreciative. And I consider that putting on a public act for paying customers. I consider their real feelings to be how they talk and mock those people when they are not being paid and how they are with their real friends and by their own actions of totally ignoring their fans online.

Peter Lane: Btw Chris, Re: "Jacob's public image could be harmed by statements made by an imposter (defamation of character)" -- As others have pointed out, the Roloff imposters are far nicer to the fans than the real Roloffs. What could harm Jacob's, Zach's, Jeremy's (and has in the past!) public image is when their real words, actions and behaviors leak out to the public. And that's why you are concerned about this fake, because if the real Jacob spouts off and call someone a f*g, you're afraid the impostort would post that and then it would be Jeremy redux and that could set off a series of events that would land Jacob in the news as the "Big Bigot In The Land of the Little People" just like what happened with Jeremy when his real and truthful behavior got out.

Chris Cardamone: Wow Peter you really don't have any common sense about this issues. Sad but you are intitled to your opinion like everyone else. Have a great day :)

Christa Pridmore: What I see from this conversation is Peter saying real facts, like how the Roloffs insult fans with their friends, think they are annoying creeps and are complete ungrateful snobs to fans....Chris Cardamone has no way of responding because it's the truth thus he insults Peter by saying he doesn't have common sense. That allows Chris to stop short of saying Peter is lying, because Chris knows Peter is right.

Melissa: I agree with Peter. They're worried that when they post another picture of the Roloffs and Mueller abusing cats, it will get out again and some people (like myself, I am proud to say) will call them shameful and disgusting animal abusers and a bunch of phonies. Matt posts a picture of Jeremy in a tree with a cat to get people saying "Aww Roloffs are so sweet" and the truth is they are really throwing cats to the ceiling for their fun. Phonies and disgusting animal abusers. Gee, why didn't they show the Jeremy and Mueller cat tossing on the LPBW special since that's how they spend their time?

Chris Cardamone: Pete, Christa, and Melissa you all must be clarvoiant and know everything that the Roloffs do, what they are thinking, and how they act. To me there is a lot of assumptions flying around. Additionally if you have kids I am sure you would want other people online making fake profiles about them, agreed? It is totally fine to stalk people online is what you all are saying. That make total sense right guys?

James Wright: I find it really easy to point a finger and say, "That's wrong". When you're an outside looking in. Truth of the matter is, this show was conceived when these people you all are talking about were children. Their parents saw an opportunity to have their story heard and documented and it blew up and became big. Do you know how hard it must of been to grow up with this sort of attention because of decision that your parents made? I can't. You get upset with the younger Roloffs because they're not appreciative, but I find it impossible to put myself into their situation to be able to subject my opinion on how they should feel when I can't comprehend the good and the bad that comes with the sort of attention they have received. When you're in the spotlight, the things do or say, are judged, ridiculed, and critiqued a lot more than if you're not in the spot light.

The sad apart about it is, these kids are being held super accountable for things they have said before they have and are able to grow up and experience the world. They're are ignorant and naive, as we all are when we are younger. If you can honestly say you have never done or said anything wrong to or about anyone when you were their age, then I commend you, but you're a liar.

They have made so much of their lives public to us and allowed people to have a glimpse into the makeup of their family, that I think they deserve some privacy. Is it easy to say they should show more respect to their fans? Shrug. I feel we all should just show respect to everyone as people, not just because we have be shown support by them. People grow and learn and they make conclusions based on what they feel their mistakes have been, that's a part of learning. They're great kids.

I really hope that the decisions and statements I made when I was younger are not held against me as badly as you're holding it to these people. The things I have done and said were a lot worse than any thing this kids have done, but I have learned with age and know how to react to situations a lot differently.

Chris Linton: Btw Mark and Eric, I wonder if you are outraged against "picking on a kid" when Jacob, Jeremy, Mueller, and co. pick on that kid Justin Bieber and insult and mock him. Or is that ok because he is more famous so its ok to pick on a kid? Or is it the Golden Rule of the Roloffs and their friends? Ok for a Roloff to do it, but wrong for other people to do it to a Roloff.

Christa Pridmore: James, for real? They didn't allow anything out of the goodness of their hearts, they did the show for money so they can have 34 BMWs and Mercedes and live in a mansion and vacation all over the world every 3 months. Should Jeremy have been patted on the back for calling people f*gs and N's (words that you can't even say on Facebook!) and for saying fans suck the unsuckable or for throwing cats? That's not how people learn their behavior is wrong. They learn by people holding them accountable. How ironic is it that people that know the Roloffs always think it's horrible that people criticize the Roloffs when it comes out that they are using nasty slurs and insulting people, when the whole premise of the show that they collect checks for was supposed to be how words are hurtful and to accept people for who they are without insulting them or putting them down. When it's the Roloffs behaving badly, some people are all "Shhhhh! Don't say a word that it's wrong!"

Peter Lane: James Wright, those "great kids" have never once apologized for any of the behavior mentioned here (the slurs, the insults, the mean spirited mocking of minors that the Roloffs have done, the animal cruelty). Even as some of the Roloffs have turned the corner into adulthood, they still have never once apologized or admitted a wrong. How is that growing? How is that being "great kids"?

Chantelle Lamont: Chris people don't need to be clarvoiant, they just need to have read Spiritswander to know how the Roloffs really act, what they do and what they support. You can only hide the truth for so much, but eventually it seeps out. I notice that you aren't denying that the Roloffs and their friends call fans creepers, don't interact with fans online, or any of the other stuff people have said.

Chantelle Lamont: And Chris? Honestly, they are public figures. People creating fake celebrity twitters and Facebooks is nothing new. I don't think it's right either, but Peter is right, nobody is being hurt and he's 100% right about that the real Roloff kids don't do anything for their fans online. I think it's fair to call them ungrateful jerks.

Jennifer Williams: James, I think Jacob is the only one that has any excuse at all and even he is getting a little old for it. How old do you have to be to figure out that you wouldn't be going on luxurious vacations or everyone in the family wouldn't have 2 BMWs (the list goes on and on) if it wasn't for those things known as "fans"? And how old do you have to be to realize that calling those fans losers, creeps, 'suck the unsuckable' to quote Jer, is not being a very nice person?

Jennifer Williams: Btw, celebrities are far more damaged because of people that surround them that are suck ups (known as sycophants) , than people with the courage to tell the celebrity that they are acting like a jerk or doing something wrong.

Cindy Matthews: Hi James, while I agree with some of what you said, one thing that makes me uncomfortable is the lack of concern for the victims of the Roloffs bad behavior. You have a lot of concern for the Roloffs because they are famous. What about the poor girl that said Jeremy was cute? Jeremy, Mueller, and other friends told her she was a creepy freak with no friends and should just kill herself. I know that's true because I saw it myself. You don't care about that girl because you don't know her. That was a really really crappy and cruel thing for these kids that you call "great kids" did to a poor girl whose only crime was being a fan of a public figure. There's more examples like that. I hope the more recent young girl with braces that Mueller was calling a creeper and making fun never sees or realizes what they were doing to her. They are mean spirited hurtful. Just because they are on TV and you know them doesn't give them a pass to treat people like dirt. By the way, while kids do make mistakes, if they grow up and realize it, they apologize for it. That has never mentioned. You don't forgive someone that doesn't even ask to be forgiven because they won't admit or won't realize that they were wrong.

Samantha Hewitt: Real or fake, Jacob is going to be super good looking when he's 16-17ish. Too bad good looking people are usually jerks, it's even more likely when you add in a dash of fame, they become that much more "jerky" because people let them away with acting like douche bags because they want to be around them

Cody McNeil: Cindy, I'm a big believer in karma. How badly they've treated people and all the lies will eventually come back to bite them. Life is like that.

Rap Smith: Spot on Cindy. Personally I completely agree that it's wrong for anyone to be imitating Jacob on facebook, he's a minor and a celebrity so I imagine that instead of posting who the real Jake Roloff is, all that really needs to be done is to report this to facebook.

Rap Smith: With that said, Peter raises interesting points, as does Cindy, and I am not shocked Chris Cardamone is spouting the public line that the Roloffs always trot out. The poor poor kids, stalked by evil fans (who the Roloffs love and pray for of course) who never act badly except when they do, and yet when they are caught out, its everyone else thats wrong. Chris, I know that Jeremy Roloff uses racist slurs because I saw him doing it on myspace. I know he calls his dad a dick because I saw it on your family show. I know Mueller and Jeremy get their jollies throwing the family cat because those two grown adults were dumb enough to post pictures. I know Jeremy Roloff provides alcohol to his underage buddies Mueller and Christian because not only did he have pictures of himself and his friends drinking whisky in the Roloff garage (made identifiable by your show) he then had the *great* idea to allow those pictures to be posted on line. No one needs to make any effort to "go after" the Roloff children (three of whom are adults, two of whom have been adults for three years) Actions have consequences. The Roloff "boys" are old enough to understand that their image is important and can be damaged... you're making that point about Jake right now. The creepers remarks, the telling fans to eff off and kill themselves, leaving racist comments on myspace public for years, posting photos of themselves throwing cats, drinking, and encouraging underage kids to drink as well... if they're going to post that kind of stuff, it's not the *fans* ruining their reputation. Its the fault of the people posting pictures of themselves getting drunk with their underage pals and then having their producer friend play the "how dare anyone judge these precious *children*" games.

Michael Perry: Rap, the thing that saddens me is Jeremy is supposedly Christian. I've listened to the podcasts that Jeremy loves so much. Ones where John Mark Comer talks about drunkards being sinners. I even asked and was told point blank that underage drinking is defying God. What does Jeremy do? Lie about not drinking. Uses unwholesome language. Tears people down with insults. Gets drunk. Participates in underage friends drinking. Then if you say he's not being a good example of a Christian, the Roloffs and their friends who are more concerned with buddying up to their famous friends than standing for God, yell that no one has a right to judge them except God. Since when did it become wrong to speak up when you see someone doing something wrong or see someone lying or being a hypocrite?

Chris Cardamone: Rap if you read the thread this is about Jacob. Way to generalize as you and SpiritsWander always do to lump other peoples actions and imbue them onto others. Mueller is responsible for his own stuff just like Jeremy, just like Zach, just like Matt. Everyone on this thread is basically saying Jacob is doing the same things and is guilt for whatever claims you are making, and therefore doesn't deserve any privacy. And again if you read the thread this is about a minor's privacy online, not about you all rehashing and reciting old issues from the past. In short they should apologize for certain actions as anyone should but that is not on me. Also who should they apologize to? Would you all like a written letter or or a public appears so you feel relevant and heard? Additionally with the comments and vitriol expressed by "you fans" why would you ever think any Roloff would want to interact with you all online? The bottom line is you know know them but judge them, spread rumors, and hate yourselves ask you claim they are doing. Guess you guys are just as bad as those you are judging. Maybe what we need is a big apology fest. Maybe SpiritsWander can arrange that once he/she decides to identify themselves so we all can have a nice face to face conversation. Rather than sending shady one way email asking for interviews about the Roloff and not given a real name. That seems like honest reporting and a trustworthy source to me. Cause that's how respected and trusted online resource go about doing journalism. Not bias or fear there. I look forward to your posts!

Rap Smith: Yes, clearly my initial comment that if the actual concern was Jake Roloff's privacy then this facebook should be reported went over your head, Chris. ;) And clearly you're also missing the point that the vast majority of unpleasant online tidbits that have gotten out about the Roloff kiddies have gotten out because.... the Roloff kids or their friends posted. Not the evil fans. I am not the nitwit with a tv show who decided to take pictures of me and my buddies getting drunk in the garage... but I notice *your* judgement isn't for the 21 year old child but for those of us on line who took notice. Judging others Chris? Tsktsktsk... funny how judging is perfectly acceptable when you're defending a Roloff but the rest of us need to "look to ourselves first and ask if we are perfect" - apparently you Chris, class yourself like a Roloff, aka perfect, since you get to judge. Btw, personally, based on all of the arrogance I see from the Roloff camp - especially seeing what, the producer of the show playing the "haters judge! Anyone who criticizes the Roloffs is lying and wrong and shady and judging is wrong wrong wrong" - I personally wouldn't believe an apology from a Roloff even if they covered themselves in bible quotes. But I do think, if you geniunely care about these "kids", its a little sad that you never bothered to sit the "kids" down and explain what bad press was and how to avoid it. Jacob, sad to say, is being judged by the example his family has set to the public in their interactions on line. I'm also amused your attitude is exactly the same as certain anonymous posters at spirit's blog. And frankly, you may want to peruse Spirit's blog - I've always been upfront that the Roloffs interacting with people on line is a huge mistake - and not just because the "kids" get mouthy.

Derek Benj James: Chris, I think your focus should be less about these pages and more about how you helped create a way of life that forces the Roloffs to hide everything so they can be fake and present lie after lie. James, is Jeremy the only guy to call people the nasty gay slur or racial slurs? No (although contrary to what those people would have you believe, there are kids that don't talk like that) . But I bet when you were their age you weren't getting patted on the back and pay check to say "Don't say midget, it's a hurtful word." Is Jeremy the only kid to get drunk and engage in underage drinking? No. But most kids aren't getting paid to publicly write under their name that they are better than bad kids that drink and do drugs, because Jeremy loves God so much so he doesn't drink. He lied publicly. The slurs vs midget is glaring hypocrisy. Truly, people aren't supposed to notice or be appalled by those lies and hypocrisy?

Derek Benj James: Chris, basically everything SpirtsWander reports is true. Jeremy does say everything Spirits has reported. Jeremy and Mueller have done everything spirits has reported. Jeremy does support the anti-diverse church that Spirits reported a year ago. The Roloffs and their friends do call fans creepers. Spirits reports the real truth and not some "family friendly" propaganda that sells a phony image like LPBW. I don't really care if SpiritsWander is a He, She or a Dog that can type. SpiritsWander reports the truth about the Roloffs. Also Chris, make no mistake, the fans that the Roloffs have insulted are the well meaning kind, "I love your show" kind of fans.

Christa Pridmore: Chris, to answer your question about who or where should they apologize? Why doesn't Jeremy finally man up and do the interview with SpiritsWander and say what he has to say there? That would seem like the obvious place to me. Make his views known there. If he's such a great guy like you and James insist, why hasn't he ever apologized and showed his maturity ANYWHERE? Maybe because he thinks did nothing wrong and still does those same things. Like it or not, anyone in the world with an internet connection can google Jeremy Roloff and instantly find out all the nasty things he's done. Jeremy Roloff bigot or racist is the first or second prompt that comes up on You Tube. And then people will see that he still has never apologized.

Derek Benj James: By the way Chris, what you say about blaming Jacob for the actions of his brothers or Mueller is not exactly true. It's quite easy to see Jacob emulates Jeremy in a lot of ways including a lot of the bad behavior, the slurs and the insulting and mocking of people. It's easy to see that Jeremy and Mueller are his heroes. I saw Jacob's real Formspring before he turned it private. You know what I learned from Jacob? Midget is a terrible word and really offensive.....But a kid named Lane is a f*g (gay slur). Hmmmmmmmmm. Does that sound like Jacob is following the identical example of someone else in the family with the initials J.R?

Chris Cardamone: RAP...and this is to be expected again you are missing the point...can you answer one questions without clouding it with bias and using Jeremy and Mueller's action to divert the issue? Should Jacob (a minor) be allow a private non-pirated facebook page. Secondly I never said anything about evil fans but thanks again for assuming my opinions. Third I don't see myself as perfect - again thanks for the assumptions. Forth there was no judgement in that comment I think for the post it is clear you all are judging the Roloff and stating hurtful comments. Fifth I didn't say anyone who is judging the Roloff is shady I said the process by which the information is gain is shady. Sixth again surprising another assumption that Matt, Amy, and I haven't talked to the kids about such behavior. Should I keep going with all your assumption? I sure will!!!! Seventh so you are assuming I am an anonymous poster on SpiritsWander pull the IPs and let me know what you find.

Chris Cardamone: Derek - wow more assumption here. First Derek I didn't create a way of life for the Roloffs to lie. Two you are assuming again that the Roloff's only did the show for money? Hilarious! Three your assuming the entire show was a propaganda campaign TLC did spending millions of dollars to solely promote diversity and Christianity and that is wasn't entertainment? Wow really? Forth where is their any facts that Jeremy supported underage drinking? Wasn't Mueller in that photo not Jeremy. Shocker assumption again and if you are taking quotes from the book about Jeremy never drinking, well that book was written when he was 15 and now he is 21 and allow to make his own choices. Sixth in regards to his preacher I am sure you don't believe or do or hold doctrine over everything your preacher says or does correct? Seventh again another assumption "it is clear Jacob emulates Jeremy" wow really you think that flies. I mean dude really? Really? You expect people to believe that Jacob isn't his own person, deserves his own identity, and you are imbuing he is going to do the same stuff? Given this thread and your formspring point are you sure it is the real Jacob Roloff. Dude why are you even pulling up a 14 years formspring? Thanks for playing

Chris Cardamone: Christa - First why doesn't SpiritsWander man up and reveal who he/she is? Would you really do an interview with someone how refuses to tell you who they are? Are you asserting that it is fine to share your views and opinions and open up your entire life to someone you don't know their identity and given the context of the site how they will use your interview? Sounds a bite naive to me Christa. Two - assuming again Jeremy goes around doing the saying stuff from the past is a fabrication and untrue but it's cool if you keep thinking that. Three - I love how you started it "Maybe (=assumption) because he thinks...." do I really have to explain anymore that you are assuming what other people are thinking and doing. Fourth - Christa no sure so I will ask how were you personal hurt, injured, defamed, or distress by what Jeremy said? And why are you in such pursuit of an apology? I think that is a relevant question deserving a relevant answer or is there something else?

Chris Cardamone: Cause I really want you guys to keep burying yourselves. If you look at this thread there is almost no mention of Jacob. You all are focusing on Jeremy, Mueller, Matt, etc. So I have to ask the question - you all are supporting with your deflective comments that bare no credence to the issue...should adults and others online be allowed to create fake online accounts of a minor to share their personal information? I hate to make assumptions, but you guys do enough, I must assume you condoning that and the repercussions of that? Can any of you give me a YES or a NO endorsing that this practice is alright and should be permitted? Just a Yes or a No guys, thanks :)

Derek Benj James: Chris, to your last question, I think Peter put it well at the very beginning of this thread. It's not something I would do and it is ethically wrong, but a real crime or something terrible? No. Like Peter said, does it really affect the real Jacob if people on this page see a picture he took of a water-fall? It's not like the guy is using it for personal gain. What is the impostors intention? To share some pictures that fans might enjoy seeing? It's dishonest, but is it really hurtful? I bet if the real Roloffs cared to have a fan page, the fake would give up, like the fake Matt and Amy seemed to give up after they did their real pages.

Derek Benj James: 2nd. Formspring wasn't that hard. I like how you're passive aggressively judging me because I know how to use the internet. All the Roloffs are public figures. I like to find out the truth to compare it to what is presented as the truth in tv land. Steps to find Jacob's Formspring. Go to Search Jacob Roloff. It brought up 3 profiles. It was fairly easy to figure out which one was real. OrphanT2. There you go blaming someone for reading something about the Roloffs online. This is just like how Matt tried to blame people for reading that Zach and Jeremy were calling pumpkin visitors that ask for pictures "Dumb idiots" and of course for seeing Jeremy's slurs. Blame the people for reading it, not the ones actually doing it.

Chris Cardamone: Derek - Ummm would you be cool with people sharing your photos or comments without your consent? Wouldn't you feel like that is concerning. Maybe it would be cool to share all your kid's photos, personal information with the world and have no recourse or control over that? Or know who is even doing that. Does that make sense dude I mean really? It is harmful imagine everything you do, post, talk about, think about, or have is made public and shared with the world without your consent. Don't you think that has a mental and emotional effect on a kid? And facebook isn't the show so please don't go there

Derek Benj James: ‎3. I don't think it matters what SpiritsWander's real name is. You want to know to see if you know who they are and or to help you figure out where or who they get their information from. I think the Roloffs and now you, use that as an excuse to avoid the tough questions. Spirits did the interview with Dan Meichtry and then Dan posted right after saying he was glad he did it and thanked Spirits for not twisting anything. Spirits posted something from Jen Montzingo after people were saying stuff about her. I don't see Jen saying Spirits misquoted or represented her. Spirits did something with Dan and he said Spirits had class and intergrity. Spirits posted Jen's response and Jen isn't saying that Spirits misquoted her. I don't think that's a real concern at all. I think they just don't want to be asked the tough questions.

Derek Benj James: ‎4. About the preacher, if Jeremy doesn't like being known as hypocrite for his beliefs (and in my opinion, collecting a pay check for appearing in a show that promotes "accept people that are different from you and be pro-diversity, while spending your time supporting "people who are different from me are perverts that need to be cured" is being a hypocrite) why doesn't he clarify what he believes and why he loves John Mark Comer so much. There are a lot of churches he could go to that aren't that bigoted and outspoken against gay people.

Derek Benj James: 5. Are you splitting hairs about you not creating a way of life that the Roloffs need to hide truth to maintain the fake image? You were one of the main producers of the show. Yes you are part of it. Your show promotes a fake image of the Roloffs. People that watch the show think the Roloff boys are nice sweet kids that think words are hurtful. When they're really using slurs they need to hide it and make sure it doesn't get out because it screws up the image. The show and LPBW empire sells the kids as squeaky clean kids guided by God. So they need to hide all of the drinking stuff and hope no one lets it out that Jer is getting wasted. By the way, Jeremy wasn't drinking at 16? You want to swear on that one? My main point is you're concerned about this fake page because you're worried that Jacob is going to be just like Jeremy and say offensive things that will cause bad press.

Derek Benj James: 6. Oh come on. The Roloffs did the show for LP Awareness! You really expect anyone to believe that anymore. Funny how despite the fact they totally ignore the fans, Jeremy and Zach now that they have full choice themselves, still keep on signing those contracts and keep on going on free trips and keep on expanding their fleet of vehicles. I personally don't think it's bad that they do the show for money, but enough of fairy tales that it's about LP awareness.

Derek Benj James: ‎7. Now you're stance is that Jeremy had NO idea that his BFF is in his garage with alcohol drinking with another underaged kid. To believe your version, moral non drinking Jeremy wasn't even there and was super pissed at Mueller for invading his garage to drink with Christian? You expect anyone to really believe this? This is as bad as "the cat really landed on a pile of fluffy mattresses!" just because the floor wasn't visible in the picture. You guys might want to consider entering the Presidential race because you have a lot in common with politicians.

Derek Benj James: ‎8. I realize you want to be cool to Jacob and it's not cool for a 15 year old to be known as treating his brother as a hero, but I do really doubt that you don't see that. Amy has even said it herself. Gee everything Jeremy likes is cool to Jacob. Jeremy gets into photography, Jacob suddenly gets into photography. Jeremy dresses a certain way, Jacob dresses the same way. If you can't see the idol worship of Jeremy and Mueller, you aren't very perceptive, but I suspect you do see it and just don't want to admit it for Jacob's sake because he doesn't like for people to comment on it.

Chris Cardamone: Derek - One - got it you are condoning stalking and reposting minors facebook posts. Thanks for going on public record with that. Again you start with an assumption my friend.

Two - thanks for again assuming I am passive aggressive but I am not. Hilarious you said you found

3 Jacob Roloff accounts on Formspring, HAHA. So yes MR CSI explain to me your process to categorically and empirically identify the real Jacob Roloff on FormSpring you make your "factual" assertions from? (I really can't wait for your response on this it will be classic as I am sure you did a ton of in field psych questions with Jacob before you locked this fact in).

Third - I don't care at all about SpiritWanders name or where they get the info from. However as a professional who has worked in news and entertainment for years it is expected to be mutually diffuse about who you are before you decide to answer "tough questions". SpiritsWander is not reputable or respected by any source other than online with posters. If it was I am sure TLC or Discovery would have reached out to them to secure an interview or provide information. Sadly the tack of the site is a little skewed (can't wait for the debate on that). This is a one way conversation because SpiritsWander has made it so. Honestly do you think people would just sit down with Barbara Walters without knowing who they are being interviewed by? My your assertion I guess all public figures should just do any interview asked by the public regardless if they identify themselves or not. That seems reasonable, right? Given that Dan and Jen aren't super close Roloffs friends I can confirm they don't have the pulse of the family or can give quantitatively truthful answers about the Roloffs. But that is fine if you all believe that. I am glad they had a great experience with Spirits but that doesn't invalidate (as you tried again to intimate) the shady process SpiritsWander approaches Roloff friends with is just strange and weird.

4 - dude really you just basically made Jeremy John Mark Conner. I don't know John but I am sure he preaches about more that just that. Do you think before you cast your judgement you might consider there are other parts of his message Jeremy associates with and loves rather than just focusing on what you think is hypocritical? I am dude really, like really? That baffles me on so many levels. Focus on the negative. Have you ever sat down with Jeremy and asked him about his views on homosexuality? No you haven't you make assumptions, post them as fact, and vilify him cause based on these posts it seems a popular stance. Again this has nothing to do with with my original concerns but dude keep posting torque and half measures why it's okay to violate a minors privacy. You could actually stop commenting know we both think it is wrong but continue away defending something and aligning yourself in a strange criminal way. I think I get it it seems you really really need to be right about something.

I LOVE THIS DEREK - you are so off base. 5. So by your comment "Splitting Hairs" you are assuming and saying the show actively promoted a deceptive image of the Roloffs. That they are racists, bigots, and only in it for the money? I am really laughing now. But thanks for that comment so amusing and assumptive. Yes I was one of the shows primary producers - thank god you got that right.

So I guess you have compelling real evidence that Jeremy was drinking at 16 right? Please forward that to me when you can Derek I look forward to it.

Again (wow and this is crazy) you are assuming my main concern (this is shocking) but I expected it from you. If you read the thread dude I am concern that people are befriending a minor for alliterative motives stalk his profile and reposting it. Sorry if that wasn't clear but that is cool with all the other you blur and hope you further such abuse. Awesome dude, way to go for DEREK!!!

‎6 - Derek - I really do enjoy this. Yes! If you don't know the show was about normalizing little people and we did a great job. Again - and I really don't get this you all think the entire journey of the TV Show was all about money? Why don't you talk to a little person, someone with a disability, or maybe a parent, Amy's foundation raises money for kids and has changed so many LPs and special need kids lives. Yep - your right again Derek that is all selfish Roloff celebrity stuff going on there. Amy raised money to build a well in Haiti for charity to give 500 orphaned kids clean water at a school. I guess the question to you Derek what have you done to better this world? But dude you are totally right the Roloffs are all about the money. Their have been so many lives changed, bettered, and remolded by the work that Amy, Matt, and the show have done. But yeah you are right Derek cause most of this hasn't been covered by the SHOW it's all about PR and being fake. Again you still aren't talking about Jacob but that's fine I will check you on whatever you say sir. Keep it coming!

7 - Derek what was my stance before? HAHA dude you are hilarious. What is my version Derek? ( :) I really can't wait to hear it). UHMMM haha as you all say Jeremy and Mueller are so close wouldn't you think Jeremy would be there if he was? Oppps again assumption kills you Derek? You are accusing, convicting, and inditing him but guess what he wasn't there. Sorry Derek keep hunting brother but again thank you for assuming and undercutting your very nonfactual statements. Actually you should run for office given you seem to have built your platform on bias and inaccurate facts. Dude DEREK 2012! You got the knod go make it better, haha

8 - thanks for assuming I want to be cool, Jacob is actually 14 (nice fact check). Sadly you have no idea who Jeremy or Jacob is. Jeremy likes cars, Jacob doesn't. Jeremy like to build things Jacob doesn't. Jeremy likes to work on the farm Jacob doesn't. I am counting three for three about how different Jeremy and Jacob are. But dude Derek thank you so much for trying again to make that dog hunt. Good work but they are very different! You are hilarious, I mean like really so funny :)

Derek Benj James: . Thank you so much Chris for bringing up Amy's charity and the big caring hearts of the Roloffs. Lets start there and how your non fake and real and raw show portrayed it as a "Trip for Haiti!" Lets talk about what it really was? It was a 7 day luxury cruise, another freebie of course and because of the fans, it did after all start as the Amy Roloff celebrity cruise. Amy, Jeremy, Zach, and some friends…er charity board members got a free luxury cruise. They spent most of the week on the world's largest cruise ship having fun, hanging out with pretty rich girls, tanning on beaches. Then they got to Haiti, went for a few hours to hand out a few supplies for a PR filming segment. Then they left the orphans and went back to their luxurious vacation and fancy dinner with the Captain. And for that it's billed as a Cruise For Haiti!!! What, 5 hours out of a 7 day cruise! What saints they are! How many people would be so giving as Amy, Zach and Jeremy? They went on an expensive luxury cruise vacation free of charge and they used a few hours of the whole week to morph it into being patted on the back as Charity heroes. Thanks for the sacrifice Amy, Zach and Jer! How giving of them to accept a 7 day luxury vacation that they twist into a "Trip for Haiti!" because they spent less than half of one day filming a PR film shoot to hand out the supplies. Gee Chris, why didn't you portray the luxury vacation in that episode? The TV audience would have no idea that they really spent the week sunning on beaches and on the world's biggest cruise ship and the majority of the people on the ship had no idea there was even a "trip for Haiti" at all!

Seriously Chris if you're going to make Amy into a saint for her charity lets be real. What does it really do? Amy, a very wealthy person, asks fans (there they are again! They come in handy sometimes, huh??) with much less money to give THEIR money. Amy's part of the charity is going to party after party and sipping margaritas with high rollers like some of your partners in your production company. That's hardly being Sean Penn-esque. Then Amy accepts the credit for fans giving their money and people like you say "Look at what Amy does for Charity!" Amy's charity got her, Jeremy and Zach a luxury cruise vacation. Amy's charity enables her to hob knob with high rollers and attend parties, again while other people are giving their money.

Derek Benj James: 2. Oh really? Oh Jacob George? What is the coolest car? A BMW of course! No comment on Amy saying Jeremy is Jacob's hero that he looks up to? He dresses like him, he uses the same speech phrases as Jeremy. It's not really unusual for little brother to think his big brother is so cool and like what he likes…yes I'm left to conclude that you're denying it because you know how much it pisses Jacob off when people say what people know, that he idolizes Jeremy and Mueller and thinks they are beyond cool. Oh and in your 3 for 3 list, you left out Jacob's sudden interest in photography. I wonder where and why that started....

Derek Benj James: ‎3. Jeremy's love of John Mark Comer and his church... I got an idea Chris. How about you text Jeremy and tell the 21 (and a half almost!) year old man to speak for himself and set the record straight on his love of JMC and his views on homosexuality and why he spreads JMC sermons to his friends? Yes!?! Instead of you, an adult friend of Jeremy speaking for him, just like how Matt speaks for the boy Jeremy, how about Jeremy actually speaks for himself for once in his life without hiding behind an adult keeper? You know darn well what Jeremy thinks of homosexuals. And that's exactly why Jeremy stays silent and hides behind people like yourself, because you guys realize that having Jeremy on record saying gays are sinners that should pray to be cured isn't the greatest selling tool for Amy's "Being an individual tree among the forest, how to accept yourself and the differences of others" speeches. Why is it so dang hard for Jeremy to speak for himself? Here you are defending what Jeremy does or doesn't believe. Wouldn't it be easier for Jeremy to set the record straight? What's wrong with him that he can't speak for himself at 21? Or is it that you and Matt are afraid that Jeremy will mess up and admit the truth about what he believes, and that can damage the Roloff's marketability?

Derek Benj James: 4. What exactly is your point about Jeremy and underage drinking? Are you saying that Jeremy never participated in underage drinking? lol. Jacob might be reading Chris, don't set a bad example for him by letting him see you lie. And of course, are you willing to say that Mueller (not 21) has never drank in the presence of Jeremy? Bawahahaha!!!

Derek Benj James: 5. How do I know Jeremy drank at 16? Well, one, Jeremy's own words. It's too bad for you, but that got out too. Remember how at 15 actually, Jeremy and Jake Rempel stole Matt's vodka, replaced it with Sprite, got drunk and then almost burnt down the barn playing with firecrackers. Also funny how all these friends that have no reason to lie, keep confirming that Jeremy was drinking all along. Like the friends of the deceased Adam Garland who quite plainly admitted as they were grieving that Adam used to drink whiskey with Jeremy. Or other friends who responded to people questions about Jeremy drinking (before you were able to get the message out not to screw up the act) with "Of course he drinks, what teenager doesn’t?" What is your stance Chris? That Jeremy never drank underage? Hahahaha! That Mueller doesn't drink underage with Jeremy? Hahahaha! You realize you're encouraging Jacob to lie with all this crap that you're trying to deny.

Derek Benj James: 6. Dan is not a close friend of the Roloffs? Really? Did you inform Dan of this news? And Jeremy? But how good of friends Dan or Jen are with the Roloffs actually isn't the point. It's that they obviously relayed answers with Spirits and neither one reported anything negative with their experience. In fact, Dan specifically said Spirits was honest and didn't twist anything.
Considering Matt and Amy have done interviews with "JessXoXO" I really think you're hanging on something to give an excuse so they can avoid it. Actually Chris, I guess you missed the part where Spirits said TLC used to support SpiritsWander and used to send Spirits the preview clips before they released them back when they used Daily Motion. And Amy's charity people arranged an interview that Spirits agreed to before Amy broke promises and ran away from it.

Derek Benj James 7. Chris I am right about Jacob's formspring. Why not have Jacob settle this. Hey Jacob, was your formspring OrphanT2? (Now don't go encouraging the kid to lie, Chris!) There is no doubt. He called a kid named Lane (and a kid he called Lyle) "f*gs". that he said he hated. He also said fans were annoying.

Derek Benj James: ‎8. I made my position the fake account quite clear. It's ethically wrong, but ultimately harmless. They are public figures and there is going to be this kind of attention. If they can't handle it, maybe you and their parents shouldn't have kept collecting a paycheck for doing the show? Also, don't you think you would have less to worry about if the kids were actually a little more like the "great kids" that you, James, Mark, all say they are? Maybe if they were a little more decent and didn't call adoring fans creepers and weren't using slurs or being bigoted against gay people or getting drunk or throwing cats, then they wouldn't need to worry about the truth getting out because their behavior wouldn't actually be bad.
Btw if I was a public figure, I would have a fan page…like the majority of public figures. If they detest it so much, they should get out of it. Stop accepting the trade out freebies, the paychecks and the vacations and really go back to a private life without being funded by fan support.

Rap Smith: Chris - in all seriousness, I clearly stated this fake facebook should be reported and that it was wrong for anyone to be imitated Jake. Do you know how to scroll up? Or would you like to ask me to repeat myself again and loudly proclaim I'm refusing to answer your question...again? Have *you* reported this facebook, Chris?

Second, in regards to evil fans, you do agree that the people who origanally posted photos of Mueller and Jeremy tossing the family cat, videos of Mueller and Jeremy drinking in the Roloff garage, and racist comments by one Jeremy James Roloff were in fact friends and or actual members of the Roloff family and NOT fans stalking them? Because I tire of the Roloffs doing something dumb and then crying "we're being stalked!" when they're the one's putting these cute tidbits out there.

Third, you're the one having the issue about judgement, not me. I hate the game you folks in the Roloff camp play - "do you know them? How can you judge them if you don't know them??" but then you get to run and point judgemental fingers too? This combines with number four, that you feel everyone is just saying hurtful things. FYI Chris, thats a judgement on your part... made hilarious because you're demanding people explain how hurt they are in order to justify their offense at Jeremy's comments.

Fifth, whats shady about searching for Jeremy Roloff and finding photos he and his friends are posting, of himself and buddy Mueller rubbing each other shirtless or throwing a cat around. Really, using a search engine on line is shady?

Sixth, my assumption that you, and Matt and Amy havent talked to the kids is because a)the creeper comments have continued, the kids continue to allow their friends to make videos and post pictures of their dubious activities like the underage drinking in the garage and b) because whenever these incidents do come to light, the response is ALWAYS to blame the people who notice the bad behavior, not to say "yeah, the kids screwed up, we told them not to".

Seventh - all I said was that your posts are amusing because they are very similar in tone to certain anonymous bloggers at spirits... Funny, that makes you assume such things.... But I don't run SPirits blog (and am not familar with blogger) so I don't even know if that can be done. I did however take your suggestion and run the ip addresses of some anonymous posts on my personal livejournal that were very similar in tone to folks on spirit's blog and funny.... Apparently someone from Hillsborough Oregon has been posting anon insuts on my journal. Isn't that interesting Chris?

Christa Pridmore: Chris, I am aghast that you would actually ask how I was personally hurt by Jeremy's f*g language, d*ke, N words, and other racial slurs. This is what you're stooping to so you can justify a Roloffs behaviour and lack of apology?

Is this what you teach your own kids? Say hurtful slurs and then don't apologize and anyone that is offended is just being a creepy hater?

Perhaps your next project with your production company should be examining the affect (or apparently in your mind?) lack of affect using slurs like that has in society. Perhaps you want to talk to people like Jamie Rodemeyer and tell him how f*g language isn't hurtful…oh wait.

It really saddens me to see the levels you will go to defend a Roloff. Spew slurs, but hey kids, it's not hurtful so don't apologize!......Except for people saying "midget", that's very hurtful and totally wrong. Maybe all the kids in Jacob's new school should make midget part of their every day language because after all, words aren't hurtful, right Chris?

Seriously Chris? Someone that is old enough to know better, uses disgusting hurtful language like that, never once apologizes for it, never says he is wrong, never says he regrets it or anything about it, this is what you advocate?

It's not hard to see why Jeremy has turned out the way he has and why Jacob is now apparently using the same words as insults with the adult influences they have around them that are more concerned with keeping up the fake tv image than doing the right thing for what builds character and makes a good person.

All the while he is a public figure under the guise of a diversity advocate that gets praised for saying "I tell people not to say midget because it's a hurtful word". What is sad is that because of Jeremy's lack of apology and remorse, there are people that defends what he does. That's being a great person, Chris? Setting a moral example by not having the character to say it's wrong. Jeremy wouldn't say it was wrong and now Jacob uses it to insult kids he doesn't like? That was sadly predictable.

Derek said this part very well. If you don't like my assumption about why Jeremy hasn't apologized, why doesn't Jeremy speak for himself?

Tell me Chris, when someone does something offensive and wrong over and over again. Then they get caught. They don't apologize. They don't say they're sorry. They don't say they were disappointed in themselves. They don't do any of that. You just automatically assume the person is a changed soul? Yeah I find that hard to believe. And all the time they are being paid for being diversity advocates for saying "midget is wrong". No hypocrisy there?

And this is made all the more appalling that Jeremy and his friends go around thinking that they are serving Jesus and spreading God's love when he doesn't even have the character to do something like apologize for all his nasty behavior.

It's Jeremy's choice to be a racist homophobic bigot and not apologize. Maybe in Jeremy's church, he considers refusing to apologize as being "manly" but then he needs to live with the consequences and that's the proud fact that he has this hanging around his neck for his life that anyone (future employers, associates, I already know of one person at Brooks who was disgusted at Jeremy and his bigoted views joining the school) on the internet can google him and find out what he's about. What are you complaining about Chris? Do you care if Jeremy is known as a hypocritical bigot?

Chris Linton: Christa, yeah Jeremy uses slurs and yeah Jeremy cruelly insults loving fans, and yeah Jeremy publicly lies about his relationship with alcohol, and yeah Jeremy throws cats and mutilates birds, but never forget it's his life goal to be a light in people's lives! That's what I learn from LPBW! ;)

Chris Linton: And don't forget Christa, it's all SpiritsWander's fault for bringing attention to Jeremy's slurs (which is true) and the fact that Jeremy and his BFFs mock and insult loving fans (which is true), or Jeremy's affection and support for John Mark's church (which is true) or Jeremy's fondness for throwing cats for fun (which is true), or Jeremy's habit of mutilating birds (which is true)....but bad, baaaaadddd shady SpiritsWander for reporting all these things that are actually true. News sites aren't supposed to report true things! That's what Matt's staffers are for, no bias or agenda there! ;)

Chris Cardamone: Haha you all are hilarious. So we can put and end to this thank you all for agreeing with my point about allowing Jacob to have privacy online and that fake twitter accounts featuring minors is a bad idea. So I am right! All the other non sequiturs where yeah another valiant try to draw out conflict and thump your chests ideologically. It's been fun. Have a happy and safe Halloween. And stop with all the conjecture.

Rap Smith: Well, it would be nice if you'd acknowledge that very few of us disagreed with you... Chris, did you ever report this facebook? Do you think I should pursue the anon folks commenting on my livejournal? :)

Chris Cardamone: Rap - the point of this thread is about one topic. I really didn't expect everyone to get off track. Why would I acknowledge people comments that disagree with me that are off topic? Not the point. Are you a minor Rap? I doubt it so that is another non sequitur. Again thanks for agreeing :)

Rap Smith: But you did acknowledge those comments... you even point by point tried to disagree with and repeatedly ignored my initial post where I said it was wrong for someone to set up a facebook in Jake's name. You even pretended to not see that agreement but did admit the Roloff kids had something to apologize for. Regardless, I am asking you a simple, on topic question. You've expressed concern about this facebook - have you reported it in order to protect the minor involved? And do I need to be a minor to be stalked? Thats a yes or no question, Chris.

Chris Cardamone: It isn't a facebook issue - it is a twitter account that is the issue at hand on this thread. Obviously someone friended Jacob and is now copying and pasting his statuses. So that is on Jacob. And no I haven't that is a Matt and Amy thing to do. I didn't ignore your comments you agreed with me. There is a lot of misinformation online so yeah I do at time disagree with what is posted. Again Rap the point was about a minor being impersonated with a fake online social media account. In this statement "Do you think I should pursue the anon folks commenting on my livejournal? :)" you are trying to justify it with anons on your blog and say it is similar. My point is you aren't a minor so its a non-starter for this topic. Thanks again for going off-track. Have a great weekend :)

Rap Smith: Well, you asked me to repeat myself multiple times so how was I to know you weren't ignoring my first initial post where I made it very clear that I felt if this wasn't "the real jake roloff" that it should be reported, so how was I to know? So you're whining and moaning about minors being impersonated and judging everyone accordingly if they disagree... but you haven't reported this facebook or the twitter? Because its a Matt and Amy thing to do? WHy are you complaining about the people who have no problem then? I am guessing Chris Linton, Peter Lane, etc aren't Matt and Amy yet you're clearly demanding they act as Matt and Amy, even though you yourself feel ONLY Matt and Amy should be reporting your blog.

Rap Smith: You're the one who asked me to track ip messages, Chris. And I did. WHyif you feel its completely irrelevant did you suggest it? Remember this? I know you don't like to scroll bacl - "Seventh so you are assuming I am an anonymous poster on SpiritsWander pull the IPs and let me know what you find." Funny how when I find something potentially unpleasant, you don't want to talk about it.... But I am not a minor so I guess per you I need to be harrassed with anon comments from people in Hillsborough Oregon... I mean... I am not on the level where you care.
Its also duly noted that you're not answering my question about whether or not it matters if I am a minor

Chris Cardamone: You are hilarious Rap. Keep the comedy coming. You kinda sound demanding Rap

Rap Smith: Yeah, I find you pretty laughable as well... have you even told Matt and Amy about this facebook? Since, it concerns you so? But while everyone else is obliggated to protect Jake, you are not so you manfully have left the task of reporting this facebook to Matt and Amy?

Rap Smith: Hey, Like I said, you're the one who suggested IP tracing.... I find it hilarious that you don't feel I should pursue it because I am not a minor.

Chris Cardamone: You really don't get it do you Rap? That's cool everyone is entitled do an opinion and bring up whatever they want, even if it is all off topic. Have a great one.

Rap Smith: Yeah Chris, I don't get why harassing comments from an IP in Hillborough Oregon aren't offensive :) I don't get why you willfully engaged people here and then insist -despite pointedly asking someone to explain in *detail* why hearing Jeremy Roloff use Nword and F&ggot offended them in order to justify considering the concept that an apology was due - that you did no such thing and have said NOTHING but "its wrong for someone to impersonate Jake Roloff". You may want to remove your posts if that is the game you are playing :)

Rap Smith: And just to clarify - you believe that if an *adult* recieves harassing email, no biggie, but if someone sets up a facebook in Jacob Roloff's name, it is a VERY VERY BIG DEAL and BAD... But you as an adult male have not and will not report this offense because you are not the minor's parents. What a NICE man you are :)

Christa Pridmore: Chris, I suggest you read back, because while you pointing out that it wasn't about the original topic (yes discussions online often move to other topics), you then went point by point over the Jeremy and Mueller issues. Then when people respond and answer you, you say it's off topic and have nothing to say to the points that were made to you and to the questions that were asked of you. I do hope that someone educates you about how hurtful and damaging offensive slurs can be and the right response isn't to protect the offender and blame the person that said it was wrong by demanding they tell you how they were personally hurt by it. It seems the only think that you think is wrong is someone impostering a celebrity on twitter while a Roloff spewing slurs or cruelly attacking adoring fans (I notice you never responded to Cindy Matthew's very reasonable point about the lack of concern you folks show for non-Roloffs and non Roloff Friends).

Christa Pridmore: Btw Chris if you don't have any friends in the business that work on the show, I suggest you listen to this video because what she is saying around 1:40 is something you definitely need to comprehend before you start villifying people that are offended at some of the slurs that your beloved Jeremy and friends use. It's exactly what she is saying. It's the message it sends society and to other kids. To think it's harmless fun and for adults involved like you to sit by and blame the offended is incredibly, incredibly ignorant.

Chris Linton: Hey Chris, a little thread history since you're now upset that all of Jeremy's unpleasantness and lies and hypocrisies have been brought up. It got on topic because people can clearly see that what you're main concern is about is that this imposter is seeing all of what Jacob is posting and if Jacob goes Jeremy Roloff circa Myspace era on you, which given the examples you guys are setting for him and based on what Derek said about Formspring, is very probable, is that you'll have another mess on your hands and Jacob will have the bigoted tag to carry around like Jeremy does. From there you started to justify all the offensive stuff Jeremy and Mueller have done that receives criticism and scorn.

But lets get back on topic Chris! How can we solve this? What are you going to do? Because although I personally feel that the fake Jacob has a good heart, I think the only thing they are doing is trying to share rather meaningless status updates and pictures with fans that are made happy by seeing them, I agree that it's deceptive and wrong for fans to think the Roloffs give a crap about them. I mean gosh, the number of random twitter people that I've seen happily tweet "Yay Jeremy Roloff accepted my friend request! I'm so excited! He's so cool!" ….it's so frustrating to see people give a Roloff credit for something they don't do. They think he's a good guy when it's just a fake! I'm against that too so I'm on your side, yay for honesty!

Solutions? You should take Rap's advice and report it to Facebook. It can't be that hard. You're so angry about this, but you won't take action? You won't tell Amy to take time away from her Charity parties to do something that you obviously feel is damaging her son?

It makes me think you're terrified of stepping on Matt's toes for some reason. Hey Chris, speaking of SpiritsWander and what a hack you think they are, I read at Spirits, Spirits didn't quite spill the beans but alluded to something. Why was your fellow producer Eric booted off the show? One moment he's the heart of the show and the next he's out the door. Why o Why? Because he stepped on the Big MR's toes about a sensitive issue and the Big MR had Eric axed? Because that's sorta what Spirits implied. I'm getting the feeling that you're kind of afraid of the same thing happening and pissing off Matt if you interfere. Things that make you go Hmmm…

That's getting off topic! Sorry! Back to solutions. You're in a hard spot because now with Jacob being at public school, one would assume that he's now friends with people that used to be fans of the show (those little pricks! Damn those fans!) It could be one of them. Maybe Jacob should delete all his friends at his new school and have no friends from there since they can't be trusted.

Oh, that's not a very healthy thing to instil in the kid either, paranoia. Hmm, maybe the point that was made earlier was the best point that was made in the whole thread. Maybe the real issue is that if stuff like this makes Jacob's life so miserable and is having such a negative effect on him, maybe it was morally wrong for his parents to force him to be a celebrity (and it's still going on!) and for people like you to collect a paycheck and beef up your resume on something the requires a kid to become a public figure against his wishes. Something to ponder.

Rap Smith: Peter, honestly the thing that saddens me here is that the producer of the show, someone who knows and interacts with the real Jake Roloff has spent the last twenty four hours demanding everyone agree wth him multiple times (did you see where I started my posting here with the comment that this facebook *should* reported and everyone SHOULD be offended...) but the one guy leading the charge, the guy who is the least likely to be accused of stalking poor Jake Roloff, is the one guy who point blank has said he won't be reporting this facebook. Really, Chris loves the kid so much he's yelling at the rest of us to do what he won't be bothered to do since its Matt's and Amy's perogotive? Really? It makes me feel sad for Jake. Has Chris even suggested that Matt and Amy report this facebook? Since bless us, he's just an innocent bystander and while it's his duty to whine at the rest of us, its certainly not his responsibility as the only friend of the family participating to actually protect this minor.

Chris Cardamone: You guys are so hilarious. I love it. When did I defend Jeremy and Mueller's behavior? I said that is on them and they might need to apologies.

What is even funnier is you all think I am Jacob's parent, I am not but a close friend.

In regards to Eric he moved on to a bigger gig that made sense for his career.

I could answer all your questions if I legally could but I am under and NDA so I can't talk about it.

I just love how I need to be "educated" about things. Do you know my scope of work? Do you know anything about me before you start attacking me and my character?

I only went after one thing - on topic in this thread - impersonating a minor. Do you know how many charitable organizations I help out every year? But as you all conjecture I am a bad person even given the countless years I have helped the needyprofessionally and personally. You guys are right you totally know me and everything about the Roloffs.

I am not even the producer of the show anymore, but you guys think I am so I guess that is true in your eyes. So sad most of you have such skewed data, I am really amazed. Please conjecture really puts a gleaming shine on the uninformed arguments and issues you continually bring up. My mother told me from a young age, if you don't know truthfully about something don't say anything till you have the facts.

And to stay on topic again...this was about Jacob not Jeremy, Mueller, fan issues, or any other non sequitier you all love to perch and passively strike from. Again have a great weekend guys and stay dry :)

Derek Benj James: Chris, did you not go item by item over the issues and said you look forward to the responses? And now you're all, oh that's off topic! You sure do sound like someone that was defending Jeremy's behavior by demanding people explain how they were hurt and why an apology is in order over things that most decent people would classify as being wrong and apology worthy. You can call it conjecture all you want, but it's all true facts. Jeremy's slurs are real. Jeremy's lies about not drinking and his actual drinking is true. The Roloffs and friends like Mueller insulting fans and calling them creepers are real. That the "Cruise for Haiti" was really a 7 day luxury cruise that consisted of the Roloffs lounging on a posh cruise ship and tanning on beautiful beaches for all about half a day out of the 7 days is the truth. The cat tossing is real. Jeremy's love of JMC's church and JMC is real and it's real that it's in direct conflict to the title of speeches Amy gets paid to deliver about acceptance of diversity. You think you can say it's all conjecture because Jeremy doesn't have the courage to speak for himself and say what he does or doesn't believe even though it's very clear by what he supports. Since only friends speak for Jeremy since he refuses to do it himself, maybe Kelsey can shed some light since she attends the church with Jeremy. I know that Kelsey thinks gay people are sinners that should pray to be cured from reading her blog. Kelsey? Shed some light. Does Jeremy vehemently disagree with you when you attend church together? Right....

Chris Linton: ‎"Do you know my scope of work?" -- I know that you worked on Brat Camp before LPBW...considering the well documented behavior of the Roloff boys, I'd say that experience prepared you well for LPBW ;)

Chris Linton: Dude seriously, for someone that is now saying you aren't defending Jeremy and Mueller, you sure do have a lot of anger (covered in the "you guys are hilarious, I love it"s") for people that say they were wrong. If you aren't defending them, then this should have all been one big love fest of everyone agreeing, agreeing that the twitter fake was wrong to steal Jakeys posts even though it doesn't put him in any danger and you agreeing with everybody else that Jeremy and Mueller are characterless douche bags. But wait, you needed to go on the attack and talk about how everyone is wrong about your buddies. Then you flip back to "I didn't defend them!".

Chris Linton: One final thing for the night, I do love to be fun and sarcastic in my charming way, but if I can have my two cents about my favorite blog, SpiritsWander?

You know what the problem with journalism these days and reporting? It's all political and who knows who. The Roloffs kept going on Rachael Ray because it had the same producer connections as LPBW. So surprised none of these topics came up there! lol. It's kind of like how the local commenters for my fave hockey team are homers that are never ever critical. You know why? Because the team pays them!

The Roloffs go on those Portland morning shows and are good buddies with the hosts! Has Amy done lunch with the female host lately? Now she's good buddies with E channel's Jason Kennedy. Maybe he can do a hard hitting interview with his pal Amy.

Actually, while I'm on a role, it's kind of like the producer of a reality show becoming a very, very, very close personal friend of his subjects and expecting that personal bias to not be all over the content and quality of the show. I always got a good chuckle back in the days when Roloff fans were still in denial over Jeremy's slurs and would respond with "It's not true! Jeremy never said those things on the show!!! It's never been on the show!" LOL! I'm so surprised Chris that all that kind of stuff went on without you knowing and just somehow slipped by you on this real and raw reality show :wink wink:

Back on point, media for celebrities is corrupt. It's all about who owns who, who knows who, who is friends with who, scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. In the rare circumstances when the celebrity doesn't know the interviewer, too many times the aw struck interviewer uses the interview to strike up a personal friendship with the subject. That's not really great journalism. It takes independent people like those at SpiritsWander whose goal isn't out to be best buddies with the subjects, that still cares about reporting the truth. Spirits gives any friend of the Roloffs and any Roloff the chance to respond. It's not Spirits fault that you guys won't.

Chris Cardamone: Again sadly you miss the topic and issue again. So hilarious Chris and Derek. You guys are so classic I love it (classic on so many levels). I mean I cant describe how amusing your posts are with ZERO relevance to what this thread is about. PLEASE keep posting I really do love it, its like the funny pages

Rap Smith: Chris, if your concern was purely about Jake Roloff being inpersonated, why did you ask Christa to detail and justify her pain over the slurs Jeremy used in order to even discuss the idea? And you might want to look over your own comments - people are correct in stating you were doing point by point refutations before you decided it was off topic. Also on the topic of apologies you didn't say "they might need to" you said "In short they should apologize for certain actions as anyone should but that is not on me." Then you demanded to know who they should apologize to... then you demanded Christa justify her pain over the n-word and the gay slurs, and now you're saying they *might* need to apologize. Also, in all seriousness, unless you're the origanal poster, you're not the one who decides what's on topic in this thread. Btw, I saved a copy of the video of Mueller getting drunk in the Roloff's garage and Jeremy and Zach were both there, with Christian who is was 18? And thye were all holding drinks which means yeah, the two adults Jeremy and Zach would be on the hook for providing alcohol to minors. But I like how you threw Mueller to the wolves on that one. Btw have you told Matt and Amy about this facebook yet? So they can report it? Since you're *so* concerned that you won't be reporting it yourself? :)

Rap Smith: Oh and Chris, no one has said "Chris, you are Jake's *parent*" so please stop. What I asked you was if you are so concerned about Jake's privacy, being violated, have you reported this facebook? You said no - no one said "But Chris you are a PARENT" - what was pointed out is that you're the guy making the stink at everyone else. If you, a friend of the family, can't and won't be bothered to report the violating facebook, why should we? After all, if we do - we're pesky fans stalking and shoving ourselves into Matt and Amy's business. You're the only one here who knows the identity theft victim and you're point blank said you don't intend to report it.... so if you're that unconcerned, why are you yelling at everyone to respect Jake's privacy? Its not like *you're* his dad and you've made it clear you have no intention of doing anything so what exactly is your point here?

Jen Montzingo: Hey Chris Cardamone, at your convenience, please fill me in on why I am getting brought into this conversation. It popped up on my google alerts. I never posted anything negative about the Roloffs online. My name was getting brought up on Spirits Wanderer site so I merely responded to the query and SW decided to post it. Nothing was ever said against the Roloffs or any kind of negativity toward them at all. So when you're posting that "I'm not close friends with them and I don't have the information", I'm confused why I'm even looped into this conversation whatsoever. I've never posted on behalf of them with any kind of "scoop" whatsoever. Thanks for your time and energy.

Rap Smith: Jen, Derek Benj James brought up your name while discussing the Roloff family's dislike of the Spiritwanders blog and Chris's assertion that Spirit is apparently untrustworthy because Spirit doesn't use their real name. Derek's point was that you and Dan Meichtry (sp) were both interviewed by Spirit and made no claims that you were treated badly. Chris Cardamone's comment to that was "Given that Dan and Jen aren't super close Roloffs friends I can confirm they don't have the pulse of the family or can give quantitatively truthful answers about the Roloffs" - the entire passage is still here to look at. My *impression* is that those of us who would like to see an interview of a Roloff on the Spirit site are being duped by both you, and Dan (both who was presented on the show as close friends but I am not shocked to discover a reality show producer backpedalling about the "truth" he was presenting) because neither of you know the Roloffs well enough to make honest comments. I for one have always found you positively presenting the Roloffs, despite the reality that being on the show has led some of the more crazed "pro Roloff pro Christian" fans to attack you. I wouldn't be so kind in your shoes.

Derek Benj James: Hi Jen, like Rap said I did bring your name up. Chris Cardamone said the Roloffs won't interview with SpiritsWander because Chris and the Roloffs think that Spirits is unethical and would be dishonest or twist the Roloffs answers.

My point was that Spirits has a track record. An interview with Dan. He thanked Spirits for having integrity and not twisting his words. You obviously relayed answers to Spirits to respond to comments people were making about your life, your career and your opinions on social issues. You've never said that Spirits twisted your words. My other point to Chris Cardamone about that is that I hardly think it matters if SpiritsWander said their name was Sally Smith or Mike Jones or Abdul Khan. The Roloffs just use that as an excuse to avoid being asked tough questions.

Derek Benj James: I also love when friends of Jeremy, like Chris, respond to people having an opinion on Jeremy with "Have you ever asked Jeremy face to face about his views on homosexuality?

Um…..duh, no Chris. That's WHY people want him to do an interview with non Matt Roloff employees!!!!

Because it's understood that most of the public do not have the opportunity to meet the said public figure in person. (B) Even if I did, Jeremy does not speak to lowly fans/viewers of LPBW (creepers as Roloffs call them) . (C) I am sure if I did seek out Jeremy in person to ask him about his views on homosexuality as Chris implied I should do, I have no dobut that Matt and Jeremy would then accuse me of being a crazy stalker.

When people form an opinion of Jeremy views based on his use of gay slurs (fact) without ever apologizing or saying he was wrong , his affection and support of a Church that is vocal in its discrimination and teaching of unacceptance of a diversity group and then the suspicious detail that most of Jeremy's friends he surrounds himself with in Hillsboro like Dan and Kelsey, the people he attends the church with both echo the sentiment that they don't accept gay people, that gay people are sinners who should pray to Jesus to change. When people reach a conclusion about Jeremy based on that and conclude he's a hypocrite for collecting a pay check for a show that promoted itself as a Pro-Diversity show that taught acceptance of people who are different from the majority, then Chris says, it's all conjecture and people need to ask Jeremy himself about his views….but that's the kicker! Jeremy won't interview and refuses to be a man speak for himself. Nice logic Chris.


Z to the Zee said...

Everything you need to know about Cardamone's level of honesty in this exchange is summed up best by his attempt at discrediting the guy that pegged Jacob's Formspring account.

Jacob linked that formspring account to his facebook for his friends to ask him anonymous questions. Since Chris is among Jacob's Facebook friends, Chris is very well aware that guy had the right Formspring account, but Chris still tried to make it look like it wasn't.

Carol said...

If Chris cares so much about the younger Roloffs he should real that being a sycophant friend is not helpful to anyone...

NJC said...

It's kind of funny that a guy who made a living putting the private life of minor child Jake (who had no say whether he was filmed or not)on TV for the world to see, is now chastising fans for not allowing Jake his privacy. Not to mention that this minor he's so concerned about didn't exactly get the "good edit" on the show.

Pumpkin said...

Wow. Regardless of what was said in this exchange, I just had to keep laughing at Chris' attempts to use "fancy" words to sound erudite.

"befriending a minor for alliterative motives" Would those "alliterative" motives maybe mean many mad maniacs might mock Matt's macho Mafia? :>

"as a professional who has worked in news and entertainment for years it is expected to be mutually diffuse about who you are" Uh, maybe he meant discrete? Which is totally different from discreet, BTW. Otherwise, diffusing your identity probably isn't something most people want to do - kinda makes you the incredible vanishing person, if you get diffuse enough.

There were many more, but these two made me laugh out loud. Guess command of the English language is not a prerequisite for a job in television production, but it also explains those misspellings and misuse of words in the "pop-ups" that used to annoy me so much.

BeckyM said...

NJC aptly put.

He dodged the gay issue too.

Susan Coles said...

I think Chris is doing double speak.

First he says " In short they should apologize for certain actions" ...then he implies that no apology is in order and asks a question which I also find incredible because of its ignorance, how people were hurt or damaged by Jeremy spewing nasty hurtful slurs.

He's not making any sense. He thinks Jeremy should apologize, but then thinks no one is owed an apology and doesn't think there is any place for Jeremy to apologize?

Derek also aptly summarized the uselessness of the question Chris asked, have you sat down with Jeremy and asked him about his views on homosexuality? That IS the point Chris. People don't have that opportunity and Jeremy refuses to speak about it, thus people are left to form conclusions based on the multiple messages Jeremy supports, the use of his own anti-gay language and mocking behavior without apology and the beliefs and behavior of the majority of the friends he hangs around that support the same organizations and messages that Jeremy supports and identifies with.

Everyone knows why Jeremy won't speak about it. It's harmful to the Roloffs overall image and it allows people like Chris to play "Have you asked Jeremy what he believes?" games knowing full well people don't have that chance.

Jerome said...

I wonder if "Rap Smith" is the same "Rap" that posts here?

M said...

1,2,3,4 Chris Cardamore is a filthy...

Wow that was hilarious. This guy has no professionalism! No wonder he doesn't produce the specials! The people at TLC are fools for having someone like that working(or was) for them at all!

Spirit, don't ever reveal yourself. These people are not worth it! They don't want the real truth out and they'll never give you a "real" interview! You speak the truth and I can say for quite a few people here that we apperacate it! Keep up the great work!

M said...

I love when Jen just pops up in there. Ha! Who doesn't love Jen? I sure do!
I just loved her in the panic at the disco video!!

I bet hearing she supposedly it's a close friend was something. Even if she doesn't talk to the Roloffs as much or at all anymore doesn't mean she never was. Nobody is saying Jen leaked any roloff secrets! Hahaha

Who is it to Chris to say who and who not are Roloff friends! He's not even a Roloff! Haha

M said...

Spirit, the sites seems to be doing some freezing on the commenting. So I apologize if my two posts are showing up multiple times.

Z to the Zee said...

M, the Dan and Jen part of what Chris said is another part that shows that he's being intentionally deceitful.

It is true about Jen now. She lives in California and was always closer to Zach than the rest. Don't forget that BEFORE the show, BEFORE the Roloffs became famous and BEFORE everyone wanted to be their friends, Jen was one of the the few or only girls that actually treated Zach like he was a real person and not an awkward loser. Jen does not suck up to them just to because they are Roloffs. Everybody saw how Amy reacted when Jen disagreed with her.

As for Dan, Chris is either blatantly lying or incredibly misinformed. I can say for a fact that Jeremy considers Dan and Dan considers Jeremy to be one of their very best friends. It's true Dan doesn't spend 24/7 with Jeremy like Mueller. Dan is married now. But they do each consider the other to be one of their very best friends. I don't even know why Chris would try to deny that one.

Rap541 said...

Its me, Jerome. The facebook is one I use for Zynga Games, not a personal one.

Jerome said...

Good for you Rap. Your commentary gave you away. =]

Aiden said...

What I got from this is that Cardamone is a tool and did a lot of deflecting and has a real reason other than Jacob's privacy for wanting the impostors gone.

Although I do think Rap's many valid-points-but-off-topic tangents don't help get his point across. WAY too many mini arguments going on...

Rap541 said...

Now now be fair - by the time I got involved the off topic tangents had already been raised and argued. :)

M said...

I had a typo. I ment "I bet hearing she supposedly isn't a close friend is something." I'm aware of the many years jen was friends with them before the huge roloff egos took effect.

Who's he to say who and who not are friends? They seem close enough for Dan to invite them to his wedding. Dan grew up got something going on for himself he can't just play on the farm all the time like the twins and muel.

Dan and the twins are close enough for a wedding invite from Dan. You grow up and don't have time to just play around all day unlike the boys.

Peter Lane said...

Aidan, what are implying about Chris and his reason for wanting the Jacob impostor gone?

The "off-topic" subjects came up because Chris said Jacob's public image could be harmed by an impostor.....

The glaring point about that is the impostors are actually nice and polite and well behaved. The real Roloffs spew slurs, post pictures of them being cruel to animals and insult/cyber bully innocent fans and teenagers.

Chris Cardamone's statement was a Roloff's public image could be harmed by an impostor? Nope. A Roloffs image is harmed when their real behavior becomes known because they behave like rude little punks and people like Chris are all about protecting the phony image.

Aiden said...

Peter Lane-- Like was mentioned by Spirits, "because if the impostor had access to Jacob's real profile, some felt Chris was concerned that Jacob would follow the example of Jeremy and offensive posts would eventually be publicized."

I don't see any malicious intent from the impostor, but even if they don't post anything negative from the real Jacob, , it'd just be one more person that knows firsthand what goes on behind the veil.

Cathy Anderson said...

I share Christa's opinion. I am in stunned shocked at the how ignorant Chris Cardamone is!

"Fourth - Christa no sure so I will ask how were you personal hurt, injured, defamed, or distress by what Jeremy said? And why are you in such pursuit of an apology? I think that is a relevant question deserving a relevant answer or is there something else?"

How can an adult, especially a professional, actually be so ignorant as to say something like that? I guess I shouldn't be surprised since there are adults that actually support bullying!

Christa was on the right track. Someone needs to sit Chris Caradamone down and get him to listen to poor (and now dead) Jamey Rodemeyer's video blog about how hurt he was by the messages that teens put out, the "fag" talk and the jokes and mocking.

Chris Cardamone doesn't have the sense to realize what kind of affects this has on society? He is SO IGNORANT.

M said...

What I think is so crazy is that it's supposedly Jacobs real postings. Shouldn't he be telling Jacob not to write things that could be considered upsetting to fans? No he wants us to stop.... Um hello! Get to the root of the problem!

Susan Coles said...

M, I couldn't agree more. Get to the root of the problem. The problem is the kid's behavior. They are rude and unkind and have no manners or what passes in the real world as decent behavior.

Instead of worrying that the truth will "get out", how about working on the real problem?

Dale said...

Like Chris Cardamone cares anything about being truthful. Being a tv producer of a so-called reality show is all about deceiving and dishonesty.

Christa said...

Chris was talking about how wonderful Amy is for her charity foundation that he helped hide on the LPBW episode (the luxury cruise part that was portrayed as a trip for Haiti)and he is actually on the Amy Roloff Charity board? Wow, that's unbiased!

Amy is posting pictures of them out celebrating. Wasn't the point that was being made to Chris? That the charity just asks people who have less money than they do to donate their money while they party and eat at fancy restaurants?