Monday, December 19, 2011

Matt Roloff Interview with CNN Showbiz Tonight

Matt Roloff was recently interviewed by CNN's Showbiz Tonight show. Thanks to Tiffany for contributing this.

Here is the complete transcript from their show:

The anchors talk about how Matt and Amy have a successful marriage and so many people on reality tv have their marriage crumble. He talks about the TV show causes arguments when it airs because they get upset at each for what they said on the show.

The interviewer asks if there was ever anything that the Roloffs said no to as far as content that TLC wanted to air. Matt said there were a couple of things and referenced Amy pulling her pants down when she was stung by a bee. Matt says he put his foot down because it was a family show and they shouldn't be showing Amy in her underwear. Matt says that Amy didn't care if they showed it and that was the biggest debate they've had about something like that.

Matt states that he wanted to tell everybody about his DUII and that he wasn't in the bar, but the publicist said no.

The host told them Matt told them they felt pressure to do "over-the-top" things to create drama.

Then CNN Showbiz tonight went on to talk about the Kardashians.

You can read the entire transcript here:

Friday, December 16, 2011

How To Make A Donation To The Spiritswander Defense Fund

In response to our item about Google being served a subpoena by Roloff lawyers requesting the personal, private and all identifying information regarding anyone that created, edits or has ever contributed any written material to Spiritswander -- see the item here:

Several of our readers have generously offered to donate to the cause as people feel strongly about right and wrong and the infringement of first amendment rights.

With the way the legal system is set up -- even to defend yourself and the rights of others -- there are costs. In addition to the information required in filing a Motion To Quash the subpoena -- there are filing fees that are typically required. We were still unsure how we were going to proceed. Many of our readers now that they know of what is going on, feel very strongly about this issue and have offered to donate to the cause.

There is now a paypal account that you can donate if you wish to contribute to the costs required for Spiritswander to defend first amendment rights in this case and what we believe (and the legal opinion that we were given) is a misuse of subpoena powers since our personal and private information of contributors are completely unrelated and irrelevant to the Roloffs lawsuit against Washington county Oregon, the building inspector and the supervisor/department of land use.

We gave this careful consideration and only decided to set this up because our loyal readers and supporters have stated that they feel so strongly and want to support the cause.

As we've stated all along, Spiritswander is not about personal profit. We pledge that all monies donated will go towards the costs involved in these proceedings. If for any reason -- it does not come to that or the amount donated (we have already received some very, very generous dontations that makes the goal attainable!) exceeds the costs necessary to file, we will donate the money to a charity.

Some have suggested a LP related charity. Some have suggested donating to the Salman family (the family originally from Iraq that was featured on episodes of LPBW). Some have suggested a charity involved in the prevention of animal mistreatment (since one of the reasons why the Roloffs dislike us so is that we carried the items such as the one depicting how Jeremy and Mueller were throwing Roloff cat Mo while snapping pictures of it high in the air for their amusement -- we stated that we felt that was wrong and cruel towards the cat). Others have suggested to add a tinge of irony to this and to show a bit of humor, if money is donated to a charity - we should donate it to Matt Roloff's CoDA charity or the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation in the name of Spiritswander and friends. Perhaps we would all receive a thank you note from the Roloff family :-)

On a serious note, I do think this is sad that any amount of time, energy and money is going towards legal proceedings instead of something productive that helps people who need help the most. However, unfortunately this is the way the Roloffs have chosen to operate and this is apparently how they want to spend their time, focus and money -- so sometimes defending yourself and your rights is the right thing to do. So if you wish to donate, you can do so here:

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Spiritswander Cited In Subpoena By Roloff Lawyers VS Washington County

As we said a couple of weeks ago, we maintain this site as a hobby and for the entertainment and knowledge of our readers -- many of whom have been with us going onto 4 years -- so we try to be as upfront as possible with our readers and share with you all things that are going on 'behind the scenes'.

With Christmas approaching, are the Roloffs in the Christmas Spirit? Filled with love and focused on spreading the love of Christ to all? Well, maybe not.

In what we think was a very bizarre and ridiculous move -- earlier this week Spiritswander received a notice from Google (who owns Blogger that of course hosts - Spiritswander) that they have received a Subpoena from lawyers representing Matthew J Roloff and Amy J Roloff in their court case VS Washington County, the building inspector and the supervisor.

What does Spiritswander have to do with a court case in Oregon between the Roloff family and Washington County over land use, permits and inspections...? Yeah, nothing. We think it's totally bizarre and ridiculous too, but it gets even more absurd.

The documents being requested are all relating to my personal and private information. The Roloff laywers are requesting all identifying information for anyone that authors, edits or contributes to Spiritswander.

We have until the end of December to file a Motion To Quash the subpoena if we choose to go that route. The legal advice we've been given is that if we choose to do that, it has a high probability of being granted because of how completely irrelevant it is to the court case being cited. Spiritswander obviously has nothing to do with the details of the dispute between the Roloffs and Washington County. We had items on the case. Reported the news of it. Described the incident and linked statements from both parties about the case. But obviously personal and private information about myself couldn't have less to do to that case. The legal opinion that we were given is that it seems to be a clear misuse of subpoena powers.

In my opinion, this both borders on absurdity and amusement. As our readers and anyone that has 'kept up' with the Roloffs for the last several years will know, the Roloffs have always been rather obsessed with their dislike of Spiritswander and that we report things and express opinions that they don't want people to read. As per Matt's own appointed moderator on his site, Matt implemented a rule that no person was allowed to write the word "Spiritswander" on a site that he owned. People familiar with Matt Roloff's Official Facebook page and before that - the Roloff Newsletters or Q&A segments know all about the numerous references Matt would make about "bloggers" - and really, there is only one blog site about the Roloffs -- Spiritswander.

It has always annoyed the Roloffs that we don't identify ourselves (although Matt has no problem with the use of Screen names when a person is expressing a pro-Roloff opinion).

For our part, I've always been upfront as to why. This is a hobby and a free service that we provide to people that are interested in truth and the interesting dynamics of real reality vs. how things are portrayed on a "reality show". We don't do this for money. We haven't made even 10 cents off of the Spiritswander site. We don't do this for personal attention. If I was looking to further a career, I would plaster my name all over the place. I'm not looking for personal attention. Some bloggers do their blog so they can eventually write a book about the celebrity. We aren't doing that. Some bloggers hook up podcasts and do radio shows. We aren't doing that.

Some bloggers blog about themselves and make themselves the story. Hey, I just got a new addition to my home yesterday-- a kitten from a shelter-- I could use Spiritswander to blog about all of that, but I don't. I don't because I understand that's not what our readers are looking for. It's not about me. People come to the site because they want to have the opportunity to read truthful information about the Roloffs so they are in a position to have an educated opinion -- whatever that is.

That's our goal and that's what we do. Because we don't do this for personal attention and don't gain anything at all financially, I've never felt there was anything to gain by plastering my name over the internet. It's as simple of that. We have our detractors as anyone does and why risk subjecting ourselves to harassment, stalking and even potential harm (see the previous item about the threats we have received) when we are not gaining anything out of it? If we were seeking to be celebrities like the Roloff family and were receiving the perks -- the trade outs and the money -- then maybe that trade off would be something to consider, but we are not. If personal information that subjects Spiritswander to harassment, stalking, puts our safety in potential danger, then I suppose we will need to consider future legal action ourselves if it were to come to that.

This is amusing from the standpoint that it is proof of what people have suspected for years. It certainly sheds light on just how focused the Roloffs are on Spiritswander. That they are spending likely thousands and thousands of dollars on lawyer fees and time and energy thinking about subpoenas so they can find out personal information (sounds kind of stalker-ish, in my opinion) about the site that they dislike.

The amusing part is that my name won't actually mean anything to the Roloffs. However, do the Roloffs think it will? That is something our readers might find interesting. We have heard from multiple friends and associates of the Roloffs over the years who have informed us that the Roloffs have actually accused (falsely, of course) multiple real friends of theirs of being Spiritswander. That could give you an idea of how focused the Roloffs are about our site. That they would actually go to the lengths of falsely accusing friends of theirs speaks volumes, in my opinion. I also note that in the harassing rants and threats that we received a few weeks ago anonymously claiming to be former LPBW producer Chris Cardamone, they mentioned "you think you own it - but you don't!" -- Now the Roloffs are issuing subpoenas to the "owners" of the site where Spiritswander is hosted? Hmm.. By the way, if you're wondering, we never did receive any follow-up to our item about the anonymous messages we received claiming to be Chris Cardamone - no email confirming that they were his sentiments or anything from him or anyone in the Roloff camp requesting an interview - so it is to be assumed - as we initially stated -- that those threatening messages were from someone impersonating the producer.

It's interesting to see just what lengths the Roloffs have their lawyers our resorting to (by in our opinion, using a case that is clearly unrelated) when we had agreed and were willing and waiting to do an interview with Amy Roloff -- which I assume would have been done by phone. As we've stated in previous items - representatives for the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation did propose an agreement which we accepted. It included an interview with Amy Roloff about all topics if we would promote the Amy Roloff Charity Cruise on Oasis of the Seas. We agreed and did what we promised - we fulfilled our agreements. We were simply waiting for word on a good time to interview Amy. Then ARCF representatives apologized and said we could take down our promotional banners that they had sent us. So they had arranged an interview between us with Amy and she never fulfilled the promises that the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation made. So yes, despite Matt Roloff's constant claims that Roloffs don't duck interviews or "tough" questions, it is a clear example of the Roloffs doing exactly that. However, the point here is that would have been the direct contact that is apparently so important to the Roloffs -- yet instead of that approach, they go through lawyers, spending thousands of dollars on methods to obtain the same information that a more upfront approach would have reached.

The other part of this that really strikes me, is...yes, the hypocrisy. Not too long ago, Amy Roloff was unleashing rants where she was criticizing fellow reality TV celebritity -- Kim Kardashian -- One of Amy's criticisims was that the Kardashians were wasting thousands and thousands of dollars and just think of how that money could be better spent? Think of how that money could have been used to help people less fortunate? Well, that's kind of what I find myself thinking about the Roloffs. Spending thousands of dollars towards lawyer fees, encouraging others to do the same, tying up tax payer dollars -- is this a productive use of money, time and energy for people who have criticized other celebrities by saying "think of how the money could be used to help others"?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Television Ratings For "Holiday Surprise" - Little People, Big World Roloff Ratings

For those who are curious about these things, the ratings for the December 11th Little People, Big World special, the 2nd special so far featuring the Roloff family came in at a 1.5 rating.

Here are some numbers to help you put it into perspective.

During the glory days for TLC ratings when LPBW was the lead-in for Jon and Kate Plus 8 on Monday nights, the Roloffs often drew over a 2.0 for regular episodes. The highest rated LPBW episode ever was the episode in Season 3 centering around Matt Roloff's DUII trial. That registered around the 3.3 mark.

The episode focusing on Mike Detjen's death received a 2.4

The ratings had begun to decline in Season 4 and saw them drop even further in Season 5. Many episodes came in around the 1.3 mark. Shortly after that, (after Matt Roloff had announced in TV interviews that the show would continue for at least 2 more years), that was when TLC made the decision to cancel the series. Some episodes of Season 5b came in around 1.1 and one episode failed to reach the 1.0 mark. The 1.3 average rating continued for most of Season 6, with the big exception being the final episodes billed at the "Series Finale". The finale got a rating of 2.2.

The first LPBW "special" since the cancellation that aired in Oct 2011 received a 2.0 rating.

Now this most recent special, the 2nd special so far -- received a rating of 1.5.
So a drop of 0.5 since the first special, but still slightly above the 1.3 average the show was receiving when it was determined that the show would be cancelled.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Little People, Big World / Roloff Family Special December 11th - "Holiday Surprise"

Frequent poster Rap541, generously agreed to recap the "Holiday Surprise" episode featuring the Roloff Family on Little People, Big World which aired on TLC Dec 11, 2011

Written By Rap541 -- all opinions expressed belong to Rap541 --

Interesting moment in the rerun - Amy openly acknowledges Matt's "I'm gonna die so do as I want!" attitude and again, despite Matt's whining on the topic, divorce was openly discussed.

Also Jeremy's open lies about how he was driving the mule to the mail box and then reading it for the camera and then telling mommy for the cameras and his complete lack of enthusiasm during it is especially hilarious.

And Matt openly dissing Jeremy was hilarious. "Where's my maammma! Where's my maaammma!" indeed.

Btw, I dunno about anyone else but this new episode was on LATE. 10pm here. Kinda late for family time.

Oh Matt relating to Matt Damon and equating his farm with a zoo is *hilarious*. Importing animals that other people take care of for a month is exactly like owning a zoo, Matt. It really is and you're *just* as cool as Matt Damon and just *like* him. I also note that Matt makes these commercials all about himself.

The rehanging of the sacred tire swing still makes me laugh. And btw, are the twin's beds really just mattresses and springs directly on the floor?

Did I mention how late this is on? Because really, I understand The Walking Dead on AMC being on so late because you know, the zombies, the cursing, the sex, the constant shooting of little girls in the head.... but isn't this a family show?

Oh an actual commercial for the special - Matt just about tearing up because Amy will miss his birthday. Aw, poor baby, Amy has to work. At last check you missed Mother's Day and the twin's birthday because you desperately needed a vacation in Hawaii. As I recall, you're also the douche who went to Switzerland with Jeremy because spending time with the family wasn't a "good use" of your time. Poor poor Matt... Why do I have a feeling I have latched on to the theme of the show? That this is all about Matt needing attention.

Oh, and I again note how Jeremy's "Thank you Jesus!" on the van was very very carefully not shown.

Anyway on to the new special.

Punkins and scarecrows and Matt on equipment acting like he‘s doing something. Matt is giving himself a new sign for the farm as his birthday present. He gyrates and laughs in a completely fake way over how awesome it is. Its a tad over the top. Amy seems bored. Wasn’t the sign replaced because of the vandalism?

The credits are the same.

Matt conversates with the dog. He then waxes philosophically on the haybale and there's a montage of photos as Matt goes on about how he's getting old and wants to go back in time. He pets the dog he plans to have shot and there’s a deep photogenic moment. Basically Matt is acting like a dramatic fourteen year old girl

Amy plots with the kids for Matt's birthday. Amy voices over about the Birthday Bash as though its actually a surprise and not something Matt announced in April of this year. They plan a flash mob. Which is kinda the opposite of a flash mob. Insert more montages of the farm. Matt and Sven argue over the color of the ark. Matt wants actual animals to hang around the ark, and has a goat habitrail built. In fairness, I kinda like the goat habit rail.

Meanwhile the family has a family meal and none of the kids care that Jeremy is gone. Amy openly prays. Matt pontificates and fake shouts "I MADE IT" and the kids don't react much, possibly because Matt is putting on a show for the cameras. Matt then challenges all the kids to arm wrestle to prove how young he is. Its clearly a forced moment and Zach wrestles him and Matt brags about beating Zach, the most unlikely to care. Amy then wrestles Matt since "AMY IS COMPETATIVE". We break for a commercial since this fake moment for the camera is a nice stopping point.

Matt in a commercial tries to insist he gives a damn about the animals on the farm. Yeah, lets see, you sold the alpacas for a volleyball court, your son and his buddy was caught throwing the family cat, on at least one occasion you had a tortoise escape the farm, and your pet chickens were "slaughtered by coyotes". Oh, and you went on about Camerino needing to put down one of the ducks. Try again.

Back to Matt and Amy hamming it up for the cameras. Amy wins. Matt whinges how he is fifty. Its sorta cute but I am sensing a theme. Wait, no, I am being hit with a two by four engraved with the theme. Matt travels back in time to the building of the goat thingie and he gives an extensive voiceover on how he's physically falling apart with his bum knee and how at fifty, he's probably on the downside of life and will perhaps soon die. Gosh I sure hope he makes it long enough to see the cool birthday surprise the family has planned and that he has no idea about.

Oh look. A goat in the house. That doesn't feel contrived at all, a random goat in the house right in front of the cameras. Zach tries riding it and gets it out of the house, Apparently there's cows now as well, and the goat isn't put in a pen or anything.

Matt gives the "you work for me" speech to the folks and Caryn openly notes that the Birthday Bash is on the schedule despite the whole surprise thing being presented. Matt notes how Jeremy isn't there and things just aren't the same since Jeremy did so much but was also super easily replaced. Zach and Tori chit chat about the tours. Matt notes how Zach is now a man and into sex and probably nailing Tori and Matt is super relieved that his dwarf son is nailing someone. Ok, to be fair, he didn’t *say* that, it was just obvious.


Oh look Jeremy on Skype. We all pretend that there's no contract and we also pretend there's actual doubt that Jeremy will return home for the birthday bash. Matt does an ostentatious tour for the cameras. The people movers seem bigger. Amy does a tour. Personally I think the Ark looks like crap sitting in the middle of the field with nothing around it. Matt then goes on how he's in constant pain because of his dwarfism and his age and there's ominous music as once again we are reminded how fragile Matt is. Then Matt haybales how its a miracle he's still alive because he just pushed himself so hard, its a miracle! He does indeed comment to the dog how the dog is old and it is of course a Poignant Moment.

Funny how self indulgement and all about Matt this whole thing is.

Zach goes on about how the flash mob was trained to flash mob. Molly looks kinda like one of the Duggar girls actually. Oh look the new sign and its ONE DAY to Matt's birthday. Matt has decided to dress up like Noah since the Ark is "complete". He then takes the costume to the Ark and reveals himself to the people mover and hits one of the goats with his shepherds hook. Much like his family, the animals ignore his endless prattling and shouting. Molly and Jake are amused.

Amy finally reveals the horror - she has to do a speaking engagement on Matt's birthday. She can't cancel. Matt haybales how this is one of the bigger events of his life and its a "tough nut to swallow". Wow. I mean, WOW. Now I know its not unusual for Matt to be a self involved ass, but really. I'm reminded yet again of the desperate need he had to go on vacation to Hawaii and skip his kid’s birthday. I’m also reminded of his charming attitude about Amy having to miss the BVI trip - ever notice that Matt only cares about what Matt wants?

Now we see Amy making something. She haybales how she needed to do something special for Matt so she made him a cake. She puts a card in the fridge. Jeremy wanders in and Amy pretends its a surprise. He seems bored. Amy haybales how special it is and how sad she is but how it's life. Jeremy wanders out to the punkin field and Matt acts surprised that Jeremy is there despite again, the obvious reality that he was required to show up. Now Matt shows us pictures of himself and haybales how awful his pain filled childhood was and how he prayed to God to be healed and it never ever happened. But Matt was resilient and never dwells on the endless torture of his pain filled childhood in the hospitals and we've never ever heard Matt go on about this before. Except you know, the many times we have heard this exact same story of Matt's horror filled childhood that he's never ever let affect him.

Amy runs off to work and of course Matt is sad because its all about Matt. We leave on a poignant shot of Matt sitting sadly. Poor. poor Matt.... Hey, everyone remember Matt missing his kids graduation walk and snotting off proudly how he had no regrets? Funny how it hurts when it's Matt who isn't getting the attention

Matt continues to praise himself in the commercials for the Matt Damon movie. Yay Matt! You explain once again how this movie by Matt Damon is all about you!

Oh now its the DAY of Matt's birthday! Pop and Honey tell stories and we get more Matt home movies of Matt as a child. Jeremy tosses Jake onto the zip line and has Jake come down as an event. I think this is the first time we've seen the zip line used since it was installed. Matt is paraded around and the flash mob appears and its all about Matt being held up as the awesome guy he thinks he is. Molly thinks the flash mob was cool. Matt notes how awesome it is that people adore him. He notes how he's never done much for his birthday (except those cruises that were always scheduled during pumpkin season). Matt gives a speech to the crowd and it just goes on and on how Matt is this really rare sort of dwarf but just managed to be so awesome. Then he says his parents are awesome and he notes how resilent he is and this tongue bath just goes on and on. Matt notes how surprised he is. Matt haybales how he doesn't know why he's so awesome and now that he's fifty, he might die tomorrow but he's still gonna be awesome.

Then he gets on the zipline and we have a commercial break.

This All American Muslim show looks fun.

Now we continue with Matt ziplining. Matt notes how he was suddenly deafened from the joy of how awesome he is and how he's fantastic and this birthday will never be topped. A side note - the full moon shots continue to be hilarious because every night was the full moon. Did anyone else catch that? Matt notes how awesome it is but that Amy isn't there and therefore its bittersweet and then he finds Amy's cake in a carefully orchestrated moment. He opens the card, and Amy *magically* shows up in the nick of time to show up in time for cake and perhaps lovemaking. Matt then makes it all about Matt again. Matt haybales how he's learned, from having everyone kiss his butt for the weekend, that life after fifty is swell as long as its all about him and what he wants.

Also wow, this was dull.

2nd Little People, Big World Roloff Special Preview -- December 11th, 2011

The 2nd Roloff/Little People, Big World special will air tonight on TLC.

Here is the preview from TLC:

Little People Big World: Holiday Surprise: " As Matt is about to turn 50 he worries that his best days are behind him. But a series of family surprises on his birthday prove to him that the best in life is yet to come."

Rap541 has offered to give a brief preview and will recap the episode after the show.


Written by Rap541

Is Matt's birthday really a *holiday* now? Is "Roloff Punkin Season" now on Oregon school calenders? Do we really want to watch an hour of Matt kvetching how he's becoming an old goat who will soon be in a wheelchair and how his little body is just breaking down? Oh wait - we've got at least two episodes per season if not more of that already, including one that shows Matt in late 2009 bravely telling the family he was told he needed spinal surgery in six months... surgery that never happened! Despite his desperate need.

Ok seriously - who wants to bet we get a lot of Matt complaining and the series of surprises are well orchestrated events for the camera like the "birthday bash" that he announced in April, and like Jeremy returning home for the birthday bash which will be claimed as a surprise even though Matt is fully aware of contractual obligations requiring it. Then, because the holiday just passed, we'll have a faux Thanksgiving that won't mention that it didn't actually happen on Thanksgiving since the Roloffs were mostly in BVIs and Jeremy was at friends... but we'll see that myth of togetherness I am sure.

Friday, December 2, 2011

The "Chris Cardamone" (Former Little People, Big World Producer) And Spiritswander Roloff Interview Saga

***DISCLAIMER*** -- The following comments that are located below in blue font were submitted anonymously and should be assumed not to be the person they are claiming to be as anyone can submit an anonymous comment claiming to be whomever they want

We have always tried to be upfront with our readers who have made us the foremost independent source for Roloff news and information online, so we've decided to let you know about a couple of things that have been going on 'behind the scenes'.

First, before we start and move onto the issue at hand, the goal here at Spiritswander hasn't changed in the several years that this site has existed. That goal has always been to report the real truth about the Roloffs and the Little People, Big World show as accurately as possible. If someone read just our site, we wanted people to have all the necessary information available on the various subjects so people can form their own opinions. We also wanted serve a niche -- provide an alternative for people interested in the Roloffs to the mainstream coverage that the Roloffs receive. The majority of the mainstream attention the Roloffs get is severely lacking for people who follow them with any kind of interest. Sometimes media outlets barely know the most basic details about the Roloffs and thus, are completely unequipped to question or follow up on anything the Roloffs say. We wanted the Spiritswander reader to be informed of the real issues.

We also abhor the dynamic that has always existed around the Roloffs -- that is the snobby insiders that snicker at the outsiders and saying one thing publicly when you know the person saying it doesn't even believe what they are saying themselves. We wanted to make everyone informed of the real story.

That has been our goal -- to report the truth about the Roloffs and LPBW. As one of regular readers put it recently - to pull the curtain back and allow people to see the Roloffs for what they are -- whatever that is -- rather than just an image.

It's hard for some people to believe in this day and age, but those are our only goals. We don't seek money - we have never made even 10 cents on this site. We are not using this as a springboard to a career. We aren't looking to be famous ourselves or for personal attention. The goal is to report accurate, truthful and interesting information about the Roloffs that people might not have the opportunity to hear elsewhere.

So with that said, it's time to move onto the issue.

It began with our article about Chris Cardamone -- the former Producer of LPBW and very close and personal Roloff family friend. We highlighted his public discussion with various people that was held on a fake "Jacob Roloff" Facebook page -- the comments from Chris came from the Facebook account that is widely known to belong to the real Chris Cardamone.

Now this is where the story picks up.

After that article, we began receiving anonymous comments submitted as comments to the Spiritswander blog. The comments are from a person claiming to be Chris Cardamone, challenging us to call a phone number and daring us to post his phone number publicly so any fan or follower of the Roloffs can call him up and chat. As we said in the disclaimer at the top -- one should only assume that this isn't the real Chris Cardamone -- as anyone can submit a comment and claim to be so and so.

It also should be noted that we have in the past received very hostile and nasty anonymous comments directed towards us. Several months ago - we did receive an anonymous message which simply said "you're going to die!" -- we could take it very seriously as Matt has stated the Roloffs do - Matt has said he gets the police and the FBI involved when things like this are said about the Roloff family -- however, with regards to these types of comments directed towards us - we tend to usually dismiss them as tough talking pranks that are ultimately harmless but we may have to reassess that approach.

Any reasonable person can understand why we would not call random phone numbers and why we wouldn't post the phone number publicly -- but in case that needs clarification - here it is -- obviously that is invading the privacy of the individual whom the number belongs and it would be encouraging harassment of a potentially innocent party. The request is so absurd, that we can only assume that it is only some bored kid, some pro-Roloff fan that wants to prank our site by claiming to be the producer.

So with no further delay, here are the comments we received. It's important to note, that we received these anonymously as blog comments and not direct emails. As you can see, they get increasingly hostile and then turn rather threatening -- we can only imagine what the Roloff camp would say if they received comments that threaten that someone was going to 'hunt you down' and "I will find you".

***DISCLAIMER*** -- The following comments that are located below in blue font were submitted anonymously and should be assumed not to be the person they are claiming to be as anyone can submit an anonymous comment claiming to be whomever they want


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post:

This is Chris Cardamone...thanks everyone for assassinating my character on this blog. If you really want to have a conversation with me, rather than your conjecture, call 3xx-xx5-x9x3. It's my cell. Man up and let's go. Com'on Spirits, Rap, and anyone else call me. I got all your answers.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post

Come on Spirits
3xx-xx5-x9x3...we really should talk. We have tons to talk about. Thanks for the front page facebook grabs. 3xx-xx5-x9x3

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post

PLEASE CALL ME if you have the guts...
3xx-xx5-x9x3...3xx-xx5-x9x3. Come on guys lets settle this. Come on Spirits I am giving you the interview you have always wanted.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post:

This is Chris Cardamone again. (I love this freaks you out cause you are a coward.) PLEASE REPOST THIS ON YOUR SITE, PLEASE!!!!

You people are sick bias people. Let me prognosticate...Chris is touting the Roloff line. (SO HILARIOUS AND ORIGINAL) I love that comment please continue to post it.

If Spirits or anyone of you on this blog had any integrity you would call me. Here is my cell number
3xx-xx5-x9x3 which I tried to post on this UNBIASED just UPDATE-CENTRIC Roloff blog last week. Sadly Spirits didn't post it (Wow strange can Spirits?) That is so strange Spirits right? What is your reason? So call me out, have tons of people judge me, and then don't call to confirm your assertions or claims unlike really journalists. Am I wrong? Do you know what AP is? Yeah Spirits that sounds like really great online journalism. But then again you have never dealt with professional news sources so keep making up what you think is factual to post on online news blogs.

Oh that's right - remember you are the truthful source of everything Roloff, haha. Your credibility is on the floor. There is a reason why you hide. Don't worry I'll find you, and yes PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE post that I will find you. I can't wait for you to promote yourself "Former Producer Hunting Spiritswander", cause really that is what you are all about right, you! Yes you are a joke. It only helps me.

Spirits why didn't you post on this VERY OPEN "unbiased" BLOG when I posted my cell number for you to call me? I mean really you are the foremost expert and blog on the Roloff's life so why are you so afraid to call me?

There's in an open invitation to anyone to call and talk to me about the claims about me and the Roloffs posted on your site.

I mean really Spirits you are the most passive aggressive biased site hiding behind REAL online journalism. You're a joke. Come one let's chat what are you afraid of? Let's go just you and me? Or you don't like challenges unless you control the conversation right? The same thing you claim the Roloffs do. What a hypocrite. You do exactly what you claim the Roloffs do. Just seeing the future here Spirits you don't have the courage to post this. And yes I am taking a screen cap to share. Anytime you and your twisted followers wanna go let's do it I am here and you have my info. If you believe what you say, as the scope of your blog clearly showcases, you own it. But guess what you don't! SPIRITS I REALLY CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO POST THIS :)


As we've said -- several times in this post -- it would be absurd and naive to believe that this is really Chris Cardamone and that these are his sentiments. If he was daring us to post his phone number so everyone interested in the Roloffs can call him and chat about the Roloffs -- he could have done that in the Facebook thread or make his phone number visible on his Facebook. The real Chris Cardamone has not done any of those things.

Anyone that seriously wanted to get in touch with us -- as many, many people have done over the years - can do so via our email The Roloffs and their friends are aware of our offer.

We do actually respect the Roloffs and their friends right to privacy and their right not to be harassed. Let me expand -- it's no secret the Roloffs detest our site. Matt has referred to our site as "the hate blog". In the Facebook discussion, Chris Cardamone made his negative feelings towards our site known as well. It's unfortunate, but the Roloffs and their friends are entitled to have their opinions of our site. However, knowing how they feel -- we see no reason to harass them with messages or emails. They don't like us. Matt considers us 'hateful'. Matt has made it known that is his opinion. Thus we aren't going to email or message them since they've made their feelings known. If someone makes it known that they don't like you -- and you have extended an invitation to them -- yet they ignore that invitation -- if you begin calling, emailing, messaging, etc, said party, you could be considered to be harassing them. We have no intention of doing that. Again, if any of the people mentioned genuinely want to have a productive and civil interview - they are welcome to initiate that process via our email.

So we are to assume that this is just a prank from someone who is impersonating Mr. Cardamone. Again, we are proceeding as this is just a prank -- because it is too ridiculous to believe that a legitimate television producer would post his phone number (or dare us to post this phone number) so anyone in the world can call him up and chat about his close personal friends and subjects that he cannot discuss because of Non Disclosure agreements. Honestly, who submits their phone number to a website with a 'frothing at the mouth' tone and the'Come on, Post it! I dare you!' sentiments?

However...on the remote chance that we are wrong about our assumption regarding these messages we wanted to respond and let everyone know where we stand and why.

First, for the record, we have never asked Chris Cardamone for an interview for a few different reasons. We have made invitations to several Roloffs - Matt, Amy (whom we had agreed to an interview through her representatives and then Amy broke their promises and backed out), Jeremy, Zach and Jacob Mueller. I personally think that people tire of hearing friends speak for the Roloffs -- ie. explain/defend what Jeremy feels about this and that issue and why Jeremy did this or that -- instead of Jeremy speaking for himself.

Second, it is also understood, as Chris mentioned in the Facebook discussion -- he is bound by non disclosure agreements and would be severely limited. We don't have unrealistic expectations regarding what producers and crew members would be allowed to say about their show.

We feel a certain responsibility to our readers. A Spiritswander interview is not a fluff interview. It's not an interview orchestrated by the subject to serve a public image. It would need to be a wide ranging interview and where all topics are fair game to be asked and discussed -- much like in our interview with Dan Meichtry years ago. So if Chris Cardamone is unable or unwilling to fulfill that in our interview, there probably isn't much point in pursuing the matter.

However, having said that -- one thing that we have always tried to do and is important to us is to be fair to the people that are discussed on our site. That is why the moment Jeremy was drawing so much attention on our site in comments -- we extended the chance for Jeremy to have his say whenever he wanted. He obviously never took us up on that. The same goes for the rest of the Roloffs and Mueller. Years ago, Jeremy and Zach's close friend on the show, Dan Meichtry -- fans who had seen Dan make Myspace insults toward fans and had seen some of his comments that were associated with Jeremy's comments that appeared in the "Big Bigot In the Land of The Little People" artricle - would refer to Dan as Jeremy's mean-spirited and bigoted friend. Because he was being discussed, we reached out to him and allowed him the opportunity to have his say by asking about all the issues people discuss. That's all we can do -- ask the questions and it is up to the person themselves how they answer. In Dan's case, I think the overwhelming response was that he impressed a lot of people with his maturity and his level of personal accountability he took as well as his honesty.

Our point is that Chris Cardamone was discussed on Spiritswander -- through the Facebook item -- and yes, I do feel that if Chris wants to respond to what is being said about him, he should have that chance. Although again, all we have done-- if Chris truly feels we were "assassinating" his character -- was draw attention to the public Facebook discussion from the account known to belong to Chris -- he was not restricted in what he wanted to say there.

And also keeping our readers in mind -- if he was willing to be open -- it does have the potential to be an interesting read for Roloff fans. If you're not familiar with Chris Cardamone, he has been one of the key and crucial producers for Little People, Big World in the last several years. There are many, many people with producing credits on LPBW, but Chris was one who was on the scene with the Roloffs. Chris is a very, very close personal friend of the Roloffs. According to what friends have told us -- Chris interacts with the Roloffs - either in person, on the phone or online with members of the Roloff family almost every day. To give you an idea - some have even described Chris as sort of "the new Mike Detjen" to Jacob and Jeremy Roloff (minus the focus on soccer)- but that kind of mentor figure. Chris is obviously a person who has come to genuinely care about Roloff family.

So if, by the off chance, that these messages were actually Chris Cardamone and represent his sentiments - Chris is welcome to email at through a verifiable email -- perhaps his HumanNotHollywood (his production company) email and we could pursue an interview and whether there is anything to discuss. However we are not really expecting anything since it is too hard to believe that this isn't a prank and it is just some person that is submitting anonymous comments claiming to be Chris Cardamone.

***DISCLAIMER*** -- The comments that are located in the above item in blue font were submitted anonymously and should be assumed not to be the person they are claiming to be as anyone can submit an anonymous comment claiming to be whomever they want.