Friday, December 2, 2011

The "Chris Cardamone" (Former Little People, Big World Producer) And Spiritswander Roloff Interview Saga

***DISCLAIMER*** -- The following comments that are located below in blue font were submitted anonymously and should be assumed not to be the person they are claiming to be as anyone can submit an anonymous comment claiming to be whomever they want

We have always tried to be upfront with our readers who have made us the foremost independent source for Roloff news and information online, so we've decided to let you know about a couple of things that have been going on 'behind the scenes'.

First, before we start and move onto the issue at hand, the goal here at Spiritswander hasn't changed in the several years that this site has existed. That goal has always been to report the real truth about the Roloffs and the Little People, Big World show as accurately as possible. If someone read just our site, we wanted people to have all the necessary information available on the various subjects so people can form their own opinions. We also wanted serve a niche -- provide an alternative for people interested in the Roloffs to the mainstream coverage that the Roloffs receive. The majority of the mainstream attention the Roloffs get is severely lacking for people who follow them with any kind of interest. Sometimes media outlets barely know the most basic details about the Roloffs and thus, are completely unequipped to question or follow up on anything the Roloffs say. We wanted the Spiritswander reader to be informed of the real issues.

We also abhor the dynamic that has always existed around the Roloffs -- that is the snobby insiders that snicker at the outsiders and saying one thing publicly when you know the person saying it doesn't even believe what they are saying themselves. We wanted to make everyone informed of the real story.

That has been our goal -- to report the truth about the Roloffs and LPBW. As one of regular readers put it recently - to pull the curtain back and allow people to see the Roloffs for what they are -- whatever that is -- rather than just an image.

It's hard for some people to believe in this day and age, but those are our only goals. We don't seek money - we have never made even 10 cents on this site. We are not using this as a springboard to a career. We aren't looking to be famous ourselves or for personal attention. The goal is to report accurate, truthful and interesting information about the Roloffs that people might not have the opportunity to hear elsewhere.

So with that said, it's time to move onto the issue.

It began with our article about Chris Cardamone -- the former Producer of LPBW and very close and personal Roloff family friend. We highlighted his public discussion with various people that was held on a fake "Jacob Roloff" Facebook page -- the comments from Chris came from the Facebook account that is widely known to belong to the real Chris Cardamone.

Now this is where the story picks up.

After that article, we began receiving anonymous comments submitted as comments to the Spiritswander blog. The comments are from a person claiming to be Chris Cardamone, challenging us to call a phone number and daring us to post his phone number publicly so any fan or follower of the Roloffs can call him up and chat. As we said in the disclaimer at the top -- one should only assume that this isn't the real Chris Cardamone -- as anyone can submit a comment and claim to be so and so.

It also should be noted that we have in the past received very hostile and nasty anonymous comments directed towards us. Several months ago - we did receive an anonymous message which simply said "you're going to die!" -- we could take it very seriously as Matt has stated the Roloffs do - Matt has said he gets the police and the FBI involved when things like this are said about the Roloff family -- however, with regards to these types of comments directed towards us - we tend to usually dismiss them as tough talking pranks that are ultimately harmless but we may have to reassess that approach.

Any reasonable person can understand why we would not call random phone numbers and why we wouldn't post the phone number publicly -- but in case that needs clarification - here it is -- obviously that is invading the privacy of the individual whom the number belongs and it would be encouraging harassment of a potentially innocent party. The request is so absurd, that we can only assume that it is only some bored kid, some pro-Roloff fan that wants to prank our site by claiming to be the producer.

So with no further delay, here are the comments we received. It's important to note, that we received these anonymously as blog comments and not direct emails. As you can see, they get increasingly hostile and then turn rather threatening -- we can only imagine what the Roloff camp would say if they received comments that threaten that someone was going to 'hunt you down' and "I will find you".

***DISCLAIMER*** -- The following comments that are located below in blue font were submitted anonymously and should be assumed not to be the person they are claiming to be as anyone can submit an anonymous comment claiming to be whomever they want


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post:

This is Chris Cardamone...thanks everyone for assassinating my character on this blog. If you really want to have a conversation with me, rather than your conjecture, call 3xx-xx5-x9x3. It's my cell. Man up and let's go. Com'on Spirits, Rap, and anyone else call me. I got all your answers.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post

Come on Spirits
3xx-xx5-x9x3...we really should talk. We have tons to talk about. Thanks for the front page facebook grabs. 3xx-xx5-x9x3

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post

PLEASE CALL ME if you have the guts...
3xx-xx5-x9x3...3xx-xx5-x9x3. Come on guys lets settle this. Come on Spirits I am giving you the interview you have always wanted.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post:

This is Chris Cardamone again. (I love this freaks you out cause you are a coward.) PLEASE REPOST THIS ON YOUR SITE, PLEASE!!!!

You people are sick bias people. Let me prognosticate...Chris is touting the Roloff line. (SO HILARIOUS AND ORIGINAL) I love that comment please continue to post it.

If Spirits or anyone of you on this blog had any integrity you would call me. Here is my cell number
3xx-xx5-x9x3 which I tried to post on this UNBIASED just UPDATE-CENTRIC Roloff blog last week. Sadly Spirits didn't post it (Wow strange can Spirits?) That is so strange Spirits right? What is your reason? So call me out, have tons of people judge me, and then don't call to confirm your assertions or claims unlike really journalists. Am I wrong? Do you know what AP is? Yeah Spirits that sounds like really great online journalism. But then again you have never dealt with professional news sources so keep making up what you think is factual to post on online news blogs.

Oh that's right - remember you are the truthful source of everything Roloff, haha. Your credibility is on the floor. There is a reason why you hide. Don't worry I'll find you, and yes PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE post that I will find you. I can't wait for you to promote yourself "Former Producer Hunting Spiritswander", cause really that is what you are all about right, you! Yes you are a joke. It only helps me.

Spirits why didn't you post on this VERY OPEN "unbiased" BLOG when I posted my cell number for you to call me? I mean really you are the foremost expert and blog on the Roloff's life so why are you so afraid to call me?

There's in an open invitation to anyone to call and talk to me about the claims about me and the Roloffs posted on your site.

I mean really Spirits you are the most passive aggressive biased site hiding behind REAL online journalism. You're a joke. Come one let's chat what are you afraid of? Let's go just you and me? Or you don't like challenges unless you control the conversation right? The same thing you claim the Roloffs do. What a hypocrite. You do exactly what you claim the Roloffs do. Just seeing the future here Spirits you don't have the courage to post this. And yes I am taking a screen cap to share. Anytime you and your twisted followers wanna go let's do it I am here and you have my info. If you believe what you say, as the scope of your blog clearly showcases, you own it. But guess what you don't! SPIRITS I REALLY CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO POST THIS :)


As we've said -- several times in this post -- it would be absurd and naive to believe that this is really Chris Cardamone and that these are his sentiments. If he was daring us to post his phone number so everyone interested in the Roloffs can call him and chat about the Roloffs -- he could have done that in the Facebook thread or make his phone number visible on his Facebook. The real Chris Cardamone has not done any of those things.

Anyone that seriously wanted to get in touch with us -- as many, many people have done over the years - can do so via our email The Roloffs and their friends are aware of our offer.

We do actually respect the Roloffs and their friends right to privacy and their right not to be harassed. Let me expand -- it's no secret the Roloffs detest our site. Matt has referred to our site as "the hate blog". In the Facebook discussion, Chris Cardamone made his negative feelings towards our site known as well. It's unfortunate, but the Roloffs and their friends are entitled to have their opinions of our site. However, knowing how they feel -- we see no reason to harass them with messages or emails. They don't like us. Matt considers us 'hateful'. Matt has made it known that is his opinion. Thus we aren't going to email or message them since they've made their feelings known. If someone makes it known that they don't like you -- and you have extended an invitation to them -- yet they ignore that invitation -- if you begin calling, emailing, messaging, etc, said party, you could be considered to be harassing them. We have no intention of doing that. Again, if any of the people mentioned genuinely want to have a productive and civil interview - they are welcome to initiate that process via our email.

So we are to assume that this is just a prank from someone who is impersonating Mr. Cardamone. Again, we are proceeding as this is just a prank -- because it is too ridiculous to believe that a legitimate television producer would post his phone number (or dare us to post this phone number) so anyone in the world can call him up and chat about his close personal friends and subjects that he cannot discuss because of Non Disclosure agreements. Honestly, who submits their phone number to a website with a 'frothing at the mouth' tone and the'Come on, Post it! I dare you!' sentiments?

However...on the remote chance that we are wrong about our assumption regarding these messages we wanted to respond and let everyone know where we stand and why.

First, for the record, we have never asked Chris Cardamone for an interview for a few different reasons. We have made invitations to several Roloffs - Matt, Amy (whom we had agreed to an interview through her representatives and then Amy broke their promises and backed out), Jeremy, Zach and Jacob Mueller. I personally think that people tire of hearing friends speak for the Roloffs -- ie. explain/defend what Jeremy feels about this and that issue and why Jeremy did this or that -- instead of Jeremy speaking for himself.

Second, it is also understood, as Chris mentioned in the Facebook discussion -- he is bound by non disclosure agreements and would be severely limited. We don't have unrealistic expectations regarding what producers and crew members would be allowed to say about their show.

We feel a certain responsibility to our readers. A Spiritswander interview is not a fluff interview. It's not an interview orchestrated by the subject to serve a public image. It would need to be a wide ranging interview and where all topics are fair game to be asked and discussed -- much like in our interview with Dan Meichtry years ago. So if Chris Cardamone is unable or unwilling to fulfill that in our interview, there probably isn't much point in pursuing the matter.

However, having said that -- one thing that we have always tried to do and is important to us is to be fair to the people that are discussed on our site. That is why the moment Jeremy was drawing so much attention on our site in comments -- we extended the chance for Jeremy to have his say whenever he wanted. He obviously never took us up on that. The same goes for the rest of the Roloffs and Mueller. Years ago, Jeremy and Zach's close friend on the show, Dan Meichtry -- fans who had seen Dan make Myspace insults toward fans and had seen some of his comments that were associated with Jeremy's comments that appeared in the "Big Bigot In the Land of The Little People" artricle - would refer to Dan as Jeremy's mean-spirited and bigoted friend. Because he was being discussed, we reached out to him and allowed him the opportunity to have his say by asking about all the issues people discuss. That's all we can do -- ask the questions and it is up to the person themselves how they answer. In Dan's case, I think the overwhelming response was that he impressed a lot of people with his maturity and his level of personal accountability he took as well as his honesty.

Our point is that Chris Cardamone was discussed on Spiritswander -- through the Facebook item -- and yes, I do feel that if Chris wants to respond to what is being said about him, he should have that chance. Although again, all we have done-- if Chris truly feels we were "assassinating" his character -- was draw attention to the public Facebook discussion from the account known to belong to Chris -- he was not restricted in what he wanted to say there.

And also keeping our readers in mind -- if he was willing to be open -- it does have the potential to be an interesting read for Roloff fans. If you're not familiar with Chris Cardamone, he has been one of the key and crucial producers for Little People, Big World in the last several years. There are many, many people with producing credits on LPBW, but Chris was one who was on the scene with the Roloffs. Chris is a very, very close personal friend of the Roloffs. According to what friends have told us -- Chris interacts with the Roloffs - either in person, on the phone or online with members of the Roloff family almost every day. To give you an idea - some have even described Chris as sort of "the new Mike Detjen" to Jacob and Jeremy Roloff (minus the focus on soccer)- but that kind of mentor figure. Chris is obviously a person who has come to genuinely care about Roloff family.

So if, by the off chance, that these messages were actually Chris Cardamone and represent his sentiments - Chris is welcome to email at through a verifiable email -- perhaps his HumanNotHollywood (his production company) email and we could pursue an interview and whether there is anything to discuss. However we are not really expecting anything since it is too hard to believe that this isn't a prank and it is just some person that is submitting anonymous comments claiming to be Chris Cardamone.

***DISCLAIMER*** -- The comments that are located in the above item in blue font were submitted anonymously and should be assumed not to be the person they are claiming to be as anyone can submit an anonymous comment claiming to be whomever they want.


Vic Rattlehead said...

wow it looks like poor widdle chris needs a bottle of warm milk a diaper change and a nap.

Leigh said...

Spirits, I think you SHOULD go to the police. No one has the right to threaten you.

It's not just paid celebrities that get to have protection from threats and harassment.

Greg said...

Personally, and this is just my opinion, but I think it's him. If it's not, someone did a good job of copying the way he writes and the way he sounds online.

David said...

He would never do an interview.

Brenda said...

I think it's just a joke. No producer would actually do that.

But hey on the other hand, I didn't think he would be so antagonistic as he was on the facebook. He was very condescending over there.

Tiffany said...

Wow!! Those are some very menacing comments. But Spirits, I'm with you..Chris Cardamone definitely didn't make these comments. If it was then hey, I'm wrong but to me they have an undertone of being a lotta bit stalkerish, going waaayyy beyond being pro Roloff. I would be remiss to say that it does seem as if its an inside job, coming from somewhere inside the Roloffs camp, just not directly from Chris.

Chris Cardamone is a professional. LPBW wasn't his first rodeo and it probably won't be his last and I'm sure he wouldn't stoop this low to make those kind of statements.

Nancy said...

Wow! That person is insane and needs to relax! It's scary!

Timothy said...

Very fair, Spirits. I agree with you on all counts.

Justin said...

IMO, it sounds like something the Roloffs and their people would do.

Rap541 said...

Eh, if it actually was Chris, wow.

But frankly I can't see anyone with a reasonably successful career doing this. I might be giving Chris too much credit, but he doesn't seem that dumb. Pranking fans most likely explanation.

Peter Lane said...

Well...the tone of those comments are exactly the same kind of tone that Chris had on Facebook...

Is Chris out of work right now? Maybe he's having a breakdown.

Christine said...

Is Chris a Christian? I wonder if Jeremy and his girlfriends would think those comments, whether Chris or not, were spreading Christ's love?

Porcupine Pie said...

It's probably Mueller! (but all those comments took a lot of effort, don't think he could handle all that. :P)

You could try a reverse-number lookup on that #, sometimes it'll come back with a name.

Spiritswander said...

Porcupine Pie, Thanks for the suggestion. The number that the hostile person making the Anonymous comments submitted came back (we wouldn't publish a name anyway) as simply a cell phone that was originally registered in Los Angeles.

Derek said...

Comparing the comments you got and to what Chris said on Facebook...he made all the same points and sure does sound like him...but could he really be that...crazy?

Susan Coles said...

Spirits, I agree with Leigh. You don't have to put up with harassment and threats. Protection against that doesn't just apply for television celebrities.

But steering away from that, I wanted to comment on something you said when describing Chris.

"Chris interacts with the Roloffs - either in person, on the phone or online with members of the Roloff family almost every day. To give you an idea - some have even described Chris as sort of "the new Mike Detjen" to Jacob and Jeremy Roloff (minus the focus on soccer)- but that kind of mentor figure. Chris is obviously a person who has come to genuinely care about Roloff family."

In my opinion, that is a very poor reflection on Matt Roloff as a father. His sons keep on needing other adult males to act as a father figure mentor?

I can't say that I would be pleased if my daughters kept getting so close to other adult females, that people described them as my daughter's mother figure and mentors.

This goes for both Jeremy and Jacob? At least twice? Mike Detjen and Chris? I could see them needing mentor type father figures if they didn't have a father, but in my opinion, it doesn't speak highly as Matt as a father.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

This is too interesting to pass up. Remember "tenfour trucker"? Remember "wake up people"? Need I go on? This is a bait-and-switch routine by Matt to secure Spirits' identity. Go back and read some of these entries, bloggers. "Come on eat your wheaties, can't you figure it out?" "I work for XXX Trucking. Come on, look us up! Matt Roloff is making millions!" If Matt can post a demeaning review by a Pedatrician in a southern state (he didn't bother to look up the fact the name he was using belonged to a FEMALE MD), it's easy enough to know an area code and prefixes he has on has own cell phone to come up with a number. OR, using a phone number from that area code of one of his sympathizers to actually make a connection to display the incoming number.
I repeat one of my opinions: Matt will stop at nothing, and take whatever lengths necessary, to protect his false image and income as a result. his need for absolute control of any and all situations is well-documented, and proven. Notice how this "poster" goes overboard on the dramatic, is not in emotional control, and repeatedly taunts Spirits' to goad him/her into coming forward. Wake up People! And have a nice day!

BeckyM said...

The CC comments read like a Roloff. Actually, the Facebook commentary you posted before I thought, "hmm really sounds like Amy."

I wouldn't give this crap a second thought. The Roloffs are public figures who have ho-d themselves out for money. If they don't like the public speaking about them, then go back to being private citizens and stop selling yourself as diveristy speakers - what a travesty!

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

One more thing. The sentence structure and use of words that don't follow in a sensical manner also made me suspicious. Prognosticate: to foretell from signs or symptoms : predict (Merriam Webster dict.). I cannot make sense of "Let me prognosticate - Chris is touting the Roloff line." WHAT????
Now, it was pointed out by observant posters that Chris did try to out-step his command of the language on more than one occasion during the Facebook discussion. In my opinion, not to this extreme.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I just had another flash of brilliance (usually they're 4 or 5 years apart!). It could very well be Chris' cell phone number. Why wouldn't Matt have Chris' cell number on HIS phone, with as close and communicative as they are? Perfectly sensible, no?
Here's another point: Why would Chris write to SpiritsWander? All the discussion took place on Facebook, on a fake Jacob Roloff page, no? What would prompt Chris to write to Spirits? There were more people discussing with Chris that just Rap, so why not call out the others? Things that make you go Hmmmmmmm?

Anonymous #1 said...

First let me start by saying....You all have way too much time on your hands! I come here as a personal friend of Chris Cardamone and I don't believe he left those posts. but I do think that is his number. If he did( and I say this playing the devil's advocate) he would have only feeling like the Roloff's were being dragged through the mud unnecessarily. Whoever said people on TV don't have the same problems and ideas as everyone else? What exactly is the purpose of all of this? I find the Roloff's quite entertaining and overall a pretty nice family. I certainly am glad I am not on Television because you all would have a lot more to talk about than this. :)

Eddie Jones said...

I hate LPBW!

Lynn C said...

@Podge/Rodge, "Prognosticate: to foretell from signs or symptoms : predict (Merriam Webster dict.). I cannot make sense of "Let me prognosticate - Chris is touting the Roloff line." WHAT????"

The person, I don't know if it is Chris Cardamone or not, but I understand what they were saying with the prognosticate statement. They mean they were predicting that Spirits or Rap would say that they were acting like the Roloffs by saying it was conjecture, that the Roloffs help people and things like that. The poster claiming to be Chris was predicting that people would say Chris "touts the Roloff party line".

Natalie said...

Podge, I believe Chris might have the urge to write Spirits. People in Hollywood don't like people they don't respect talking about them. Spirits did an article about Chris and most of the comments were criticizing Chris. Spirits also brought up the very good point that the great friendship that Chris has with the Roloffs raises questions about professionalism and how close producers should get with their reality show subjects. I doubt Chris liked his professionalism being questioned.

Personally, I think it's very possible these messages are from Chris.

Tiffany said...

The thing is..I think Chris is probably a really smart guy so if these posts did come from him, why wouldn't he just identify himself right off instead of first posting as Anonymous and then stating his name?

Rap541 said...

Tiffany, because he doesn't want to give Spirit his email address. Thats why.

Chris is a smart guy and I am sure he's aware that an email address can be traced while an anonymous comment is more difficult. That said, there's still no proof that the anon poster is who they say they are... But I *can* see why someone connected to the Roloffs wouldn't directly email such missives to Spirit.

Brandon said...

Well, my turn to offer my two cents.

I think it is Chris and to answer Tiffany's question, he would submit the anonymous comments because he would want the out option to deny it because it is threatening. You can't send people messages that say "I'm hunting you!"

They were obviously trying to goad Spirits. Probably hoping Spirits would post the phone number so Chris could cry foul on Spirits for sharing his personal information.

Funny how almost every check point that Chris made on the Facebook thread was made in these messages.

Bonnie said...

The comments that were sent are illegal. It's typical of people with celebrity that think they have a right to do and say things that would land others in hot water.

krisa said...

Why would someone give out a phone number, but yet, post anon?

Rap541 said...

Krisa - thats why Spirit is wise to not call the phone number. Spirit has no idea who's number that is, and the Roloffs and their associates have a history of crying "We're being stalked by fans desperate to insert themselves in our private lives!!!". Personallly I think its a trick by someone who wants Spirit's contact info and here's why.

If Chris Cardamone geniunely wanted to invite fans to call his cell number to set the record straight - he's got a facebook he could put that message on. He could even post a full on rant about the Spiritswander blog there. He has plenty of opportunity to say his piece and he seems pretty savvy about the internet as well. If Chris wants fans to call him, he doesn't have to go thru Spirit's blog to make that happen... and there's no logical reason why he would.

I think its someone on a fishing expedition.

Cathy Anderson said...

Spirits, if I were you, I would take it to the police as a threat and that someone is stalking you.

With all the crazy things that happen in the world today, you can never be too careful. If it is the Roloffs or Chris or one of their associates, they deserve to know that they aren't allowed to do as they darn well please and threaten people.

Cathy Anderson said...

Also, if it is some idea from the Roloff gang....that's very Christian of them....NOT!!!

Tiffany said...

Rap, good point!! And I completely understand that and agree with you. ;)
But what I meant to say was that if these comments did come from Chris, I think he would've put his name in the "Name/URL" section instead of using the anonymous option and then identify himself.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Rap541, as I mentioned earlier, I agree it's a trick ( I used bait-and-switch routine) to get Spirits' identity. I did not include my primary reason to believe it was done by Matt Roloff:
I do not personally believe that Chris is the kind of person to spew forth the crap that is contained in the posts. He has more integrity than that. When you mention phishing expedition, and Brandon mention they're trying to "goad" Spirits, I tend to stand behind my original opinion. Brandon raised a good point about the issues in the Facebook discussion being answered in the posts. Well, Matt is literate also. It's no secret he reads this blog, and he could also read the original discussion on Facebook. Whether Chris (or maybe even the REAL J.G. Roloff) brought it to his attention or not, I of course can't say. Either scenario is plausible.

Rap541 said...

Podge, Tiffany - do understand - I don't completely rule out either Chris or a member of the Roloff family/friends making these comments because its been obvious for sometime that they're none too pleased that there's a website where the Roloffs aren't held up like saints on Earth.

If it was Chris for reals, he's smart enought to post anonymously and the trap didn't work - the trap being Spirit posting his phone number fr people to call, which can be construed as a form of harassment.

If it WAS Chris - he's NEVER going to admit sending these messages and will always deny it, because as several posters have pointed out (and indeed as the anon commenter points out) there's unpleasant legal ramifications for sending threatening emails.

If it was a Roloff or a Roloff associate - a)I'd be pretty pissed if I was Chris Cardamone since he's the one taking the hit here and b)its still a trick and I am glad Spirit didn't fall for it.

As it happens, I agree with Podge that there's quite a few similarities between this anonymous commenter and the postings of certain other anon posters... but then I have felt for some time that there's a "Poster X" who comments with an agenda and who appears to be an insider.

Unfortunately I don't see anyone in the Roloff camp willing to take credit and unless the anon commenter wants to step forward we'll never know with certainty. But I can't prove its Chris Cardamone, or someone in the Roloff circle - so I have to allow the possibility its not. Knowing how crazed fandoms can get (I can tell stories that would make this look like a baby sucking on a bottle) I can't rule out crazy fans

Tiffany said...

Rap, I agree. I've said at the beginning that these comments seem to be coming from somewhere inside the Roloffs camp, just not directly from Mr. Cardamone.
If I'm wrong and it is a fan, which I doubt it is, they are on the edge of being stalkeresque (yes I just made up that word).

The language is similar to how Chris talked on Facebook. However, Chris wasn't using forceful language over there as this poster is here. These comments are completely ego driven, which lead me to believe its an inside job coming from the Roloffs camp.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Rap, I NEVER thought about "I'd be pretty pissed if I was Chris Cardamone since he's the one taking the hit here" at all (remember what I wrote about my flashes of brilliance!). Another scenario: Even if Chris discussed this situation with "someone in the Roloff camp" and was told it could be used as an opportunity to seek out the crazies, he could not have know the content or approach, because I would be extremely upset, too. Hence, perhaps "someone in the Roloff camp" might have had the good sense to say nothing to Chris about what they were going to do, deny everything upon questioning, and come up a complete blank, simply can't imagine how Chris' phone number got into the posts.

DJ said...

The Roloffs and their friends have no morals or decency.

Rap541 said...

Podge - agreed (and you remind me of a friend of mine with your flashes of brilliance ;) )

If it was an insider and not Chris, if I was Chris, I would be *livid*.

At the same time, all I know is that a quick perusal of Chris Cardamone's facebook shows no phone number posted and no invite for fans to chat him up.

Anonymous 1 said...

I think Cathy is ABSOLUTELY right lets get the authorities involved. The accused has the right to know who is accusing them. GO CATHY!!! Great idea!

Kyle said...

There's no way this is Chris. Even on FB he was always civil. These posts are just mental and full of pent up anger.

The irony is that whoever posted as Chris was doing exactly what Chris was arguing against with Jacob's profile on FB.

Rap541 said...

Btw - Anon #1, the anon claiming to be a personal friend of Chris's, are you seriously suggesting that Chris, if it was Chris, should be excused for sending threatening emails because he just LOVES the Roloffs so much, it hurts him SO bad to SEE THEM DRAGGED THROUGH THE MUD, that the only logical response is for him to send threatening emails?

Thats what loving the Roloffs does to you? Gives you a free pass to threaten as long as you're spreading the "DON'T YOU DARE DRAG THE ROLOFFS THRU THE MUD OR I WILL FIND YOU" message?

I've kidded for a few times that the motto surrounding the Roloffs is "For the LOVE of Matt, HATE!" - and you seem to be justifying it with your gosh gee wilikers, its not true but if it was, its because its just so gosh darn evil to anyone near the rRoloffs to hear anyone say anything disparging them... someone who knows the Roloffs and sees "mudslinging" is just too overwhelmed by rage to control themselves and we should all understand that its not *them* being mean... they're just overwhelmed by the idea that anyone could criticize the Roloffs.

Seriously, personal friend of Chris - if Chris, or the Roloffs, or the friends of the Roloffs, can't control themselves when the Roloffs are critized (and I respectfully point out that a lot of the "mud" is from th Roloffs and associates of the Roloffs posting) then they may need to consider their own actions.

I question whether Matt and Amy would allow a "they're just so mad, they can't help sending threats so its kinda ok" defense if one of the precious Roloff children got similar emails. Based on their behavior, I'm guessing it wouldn't be ok... but then I have always suspected that treating non Roloffs with threats and hate as long as you're defending a Roloff is perfectly fine... and this 'close friend of Chris's' is confirming it.

Rap541 said...

I alo wonder, Anon #1, *personal friend of Chris Cardamone* since you started your comments with "You all have way too much time on your hands!" - Stand up and define what you mean.

Should we *shut up* since you don't like comments that aren't pro-Roloff?

Or do you feel all comments on a TV show are "having too much time on your hands" and you want *Pro-Roloff* posting to stop as well?

What about Chris's extensive back and fourth with fans on facebook? Friend of Chris? Does Chris have too much time on his hands or is his posting his opinion ok while everyone else should hesh and remember how precious time is?

I'm curious what the difference in "having too much time" is - I bet there's never too much time to say "God Bless the Roloffs' but "I don't agree with the Roloffs" is, I suspect, a waste of time that should be silenced in your opinion.

Anonymous #1 said...

Rap541 - Stand up? Hilarious. It is well documented on this site that YOU RAP541 have written entire recaps of episode. Sorry to say any normal person doesn't do that. And yes people would be really really sad for you. Before you twist it RAP online if you say the ROLOFFS name they have done more good for people than you even know. I mean really who watches a B level reality show and then does a point for point second by second recap? Ahhh someone with a lot of time on their hands. Wait let me pull up the Rap archives, haha what a joke but nice try Rap.

Rap541 said...

Hey, I like to write. I'm curious - while I certainly don't put myself in this class as I am an amatuer - is Roger Ebert also abnormal for writing reviews and recaps/

Hey, is Expressed, who generally wrote positive recaps also really sad to you and to Chris your pal?

Anon #1 - I might be sad, but I'm not the one who came here expressly to deny your personal friend Chris Cardamone didn't make those posts to spirit but if he did, it was because he was just so enraged by anyone dragging the Roloffs thru the mud that well, threats are ok in response?

Because that's what I find sad - for the love of the Roloffs, its ok to threaten people if they don't agree with your opinions. :)

I mean, that was your justification... Poor Chris - who didn't make these posts - would have been justified since negative comments about the Roloffs are so wrong, threats are an acceptable method to deterr such horrors.

Does Matt know that his producer's personal friends feel people who criticize the Roloffs deserve threatening messages? Does Matt support that message?

Whatever happened to Matt saying even bad press was good? :D

Rap541 said...

Btw - its duly noted that your answer was unresponsive and basically you attempting to insult me, Anon #1. That is pretty much what I expect from the Roloff camp - for the love of Matt, hate! ;)

BeckyM said...

Anon #1 you must not get out much on the Internet. There are entire websites devoted to people re-crapping television shows.

The writers usually try to make it amusing for people to read it because the television material itself was so crappy no one stayed to watch the entire bit (ahem poor ratings for LPBW and Khate's show was why they were canned by TLC). Personally, I've found the re-craps of these boring shows extremely amusing.

PUHLEASE.... so what if Rap wants to review the crapfest of LPBW? It was probably the most publicity that shitty show ever received in the last year or so. Haven't noticed one major news outlet interviewing any of these twits.

Have you not been reading the press lately about the damaging effects reality shows have had on their participants? Let's talk suicide, murder, spousal abuse, child abuse, and child abandonment. Climb out of that cave you have been living in and open your eyes!

The Roloffs would sell their their own children to make a buck...OPPSIE!!!! they already did.

Rap541 said...

Becky - I am just willing to bet that the personal friend of Chris isn't willing to say that Expressed, who was generally very pro-Roloff, has acted abnormally and is of course really sad to pay such attention to the Roloffs.

Hey Anon #1 - what about the folks on Matt's facebook who religiously respond to his every comment? What do you, as Chris's personal friend, think about those fans wasting their time? Is that sad too? :)

krisa said...

Anon, we all have our hobbies and interests. Watching LPBW and reviewing it is one of Rap's and one of yours seems to be criticizing Rap's attention to detail.

aponce16 said...

Please Spirit I beg of you, Call the Police. Let them investigate. You need to make sure that your family will be safe. Do you know how stupid you are going to feel if something happen and you didn't act. Also, if by any chance, this comes from camp Roloff, Could you please show them as much mercy as they show neighbors and the public in general? Pleeeeeese
I am begging you.

krisa said...

Aponce, do you think the police are going to spend time investigating this? I don't.

Leigh said...

Krisa, if Spirits has gotten these messages combined with the "hunting" messages

"It also should be noted that we have in the past received very hostile and nasty anonymous comments directed towards us. Several months ago - we did receive an anonymous message which simply said "you're going to die!"

Then I think the police would at least look into it.

The part that bothers me is the part that Spirits touched on in the article. If this kind of thing happened to the Roloffs, the Roloffs, because they are celebrities would be calling every agency they could, the police, the FBI and have everyone wasting their time.

Do you really think Molly was being stalked? I don't. As much as I don't care with Matt and Amy's parenting choices, I don't think any parent with a sane mind sends their daughter out to the yard to mingle and pose for pictures with thousands of strangers you've invited onto your property IF she really was being stalked worthy of the FBI's attention.

I think the Roloffs take things like what Spirits received and demands that everyone investigate. I'm tired of things like that only applying to celebrities. You don't have to be a celebrity to be free from threats.

Nancy said...

Personally, I think this is just another example of how the Roloffs and their friends don't respect other people. They think they can flex their muscle and bully people into doing what they want.