Friday, December 16, 2011

How To Make A Donation To The Spiritswander Defense Fund

In response to our item about Google being served a subpoena by Roloff lawyers requesting the personal, private and all identifying information regarding anyone that created, edits or has ever contributed any written material to Spiritswander -- see the item here:

Several of our readers have generously offered to donate to the cause as people feel strongly about right and wrong and the infringement of first amendment rights.

With the way the legal system is set up -- even to defend yourself and the rights of others -- there are costs. In addition to the information required in filing a Motion To Quash the subpoena -- there are filing fees that are typically required. We were still unsure how we were going to proceed. Many of our readers now that they know of what is going on, feel very strongly about this issue and have offered to donate to the cause.

There is now a paypal account that you can donate if you wish to contribute to the costs required for Spiritswander to defend first amendment rights in this case and what we believe (and the legal opinion that we were given) is a misuse of subpoena powers since our personal and private information of contributors are completely unrelated and irrelevant to the Roloffs lawsuit against Washington county Oregon, the building inspector and the supervisor/department of land use.

We gave this careful consideration and only decided to set this up because our loyal readers and supporters have stated that they feel so strongly and want to support the cause.

As we've stated all along, Spiritswander is not about personal profit. We pledge that all monies donated will go towards the costs involved in these proceedings. If for any reason -- it does not come to that or the amount donated (we have already received some very, very generous dontations that makes the goal attainable!) exceeds the costs necessary to file, we will donate the money to a charity.

Some have suggested a LP related charity. Some have suggested donating to the Salman family (the family originally from Iraq that was featured on episodes of LPBW). Some have suggested a charity involved in the prevention of animal mistreatment (since one of the reasons why the Roloffs dislike us so is that we carried the items such as the one depicting how Jeremy and Mueller were throwing Roloff cat Mo while snapping pictures of it high in the air for their amusement -- we stated that we felt that was wrong and cruel towards the cat). Others have suggested to add a tinge of irony to this and to show a bit of humor, if money is donated to a charity - we should donate it to Matt Roloff's CoDA charity or the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation in the name of Spiritswander and friends. Perhaps we would all receive a thank you note from the Roloff family :-)

On a serious note, I do think this is sad that any amount of time, energy and money is going towards legal proceedings instead of something productive that helps people who need help the most. However, unfortunately this is the way the Roloffs have chosen to operate and this is apparently how they want to spend their time, focus and money -- so sometimes defending yourself and your rights is the right thing to do. So if you wish to donate, you can do so here:


Barnaby said...


Jack N' Ory said...


Have you considered moving your blog to a server based in Canada like webserve or

If you were to do that your private information would be protected under canada's privacy act meaning that for anyone to get their mitts on your personal info (even if you live in the states) or the info on anything to do with your site they'd have to demonstrate in a canadian court (which has much stricter standards for legal requests that involve the invasion of one's privacy) that their request actually has legal merit (ie: reveling trade secrets slanderous/libelous or otherwise blatantly untrue statements).

Pamela said...

The Roloffs should be ashamed. Don't they have better things to do with their time?

Christian? Pffft!

Bob said...

The Roloffs are dirt bags, imo. Karma will come back to them

David said...

The fact that Matt and Amy care so much about Spiritswander tells you all you need to know about the size of their ego.

They must control everything that is said about them in the world.

Rap541 said...


Kayla said...

I believe in karma too. This kind of stuff will come back to haunt the Roloff family some point down the road.

Given all the stupid things the Roloff boys do, it's only a matter of time before they do something that some blood sucker can latch on to and hook up with an ambulance chaser lawyer and ruin their lives.

BeckyM said...

Good one Jack. I agree Canada or Russia hosted website.

Spirit I will donate at the end of the month. Gotta do that last bit of Christmas shopping!

BTW if this is picked up by the National Enquirer, the Roloffs are really going to regret this stupidity.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Re: Donating to CoDA or ARCF. I personally don't give an obese rodent's posterior about a thank you note, just as long as you get a receipt for tax purposes. I think Matt would be fuming so much the top of his head would blow off.

Mike P. said...

Contribution made.

About your use of excess money: I'm feeling childish as the Roloffs, so I'd prefer a contribution to a charity or cause that would annoy the Roloff couple. Like to a gay rights group, for instance, in their name, so they'be be sure to get a big Thank You! from the group.

But as I say, that's being childish. Whatever you do will be fine.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Aw Mike P. don't sell your idea short. That isn't childish, it's quite honourable. Why not help a cause that has suffered under the Roloffs' prejudices and bigotry? I feel a thank you from a(the) gay rights group would go farther than a thank you from a society for the prevention of cruelty to animals.
However, I hope their will be an excess.

Randy said...

Spirits, if you're going to host a site that's sole purpose is to bash the Roloffs (and don't kid yourself, you know that's what it's for), then you should be prepared for any consequences that come your way. Setting up a paypal account to have your fans help pay for your defense is pretty sad if you ask me.

I'm not saying the Roloffs are perfect citizens and I'm not saying you don't have a right to run this website, but with how much you talk about the Roloffs despising your site, you can't say you didn't think the Roloffs would try to take some legal action at some point.

Jocelynn said...

Randy, I tire of people saying that Spirits site is solely to "bash the Roloffs.

Where were you to post about the positives?
I've seen Spirit, several times, ask people if they wanted to volunteer to write reviews? Randy, why didn't you volunteer to write a positive glowing review (and Expressed was generally pro-Roloff). I'm tired of people that are too lazy to be positive, but then complain when people like Rap volunteer.

I wrote a review of the charity basketball game and then was called out as bashing the Roloffs by some pro Roloff posters here. All I did was write about my experience and what I witness, which included Jeremy snubbing two young boys that approached him for an autograph at half time. I didn't see Dana and her ilk attending these events and offering to submit an all positive only review.

Also, Spirits has carried several positive articles including promoting the Roloff charities, and even a Matt Roloff tribute video.

I don't think it's sad at all that people are contributing money towards Spirits legal costs.

It is selfish wealthy celebrities attempting to bully an average citizen. Why should Spirits shell out a fortune to defend their rights and all of our rights to fight a bogus subpoena?

I used to read on, imdb and tlc's message board. Do you know what people used to say when people wrote something that wasn't "The Roloffs greatest inspirations ever!" or they wanted to talk about the some of the stuff that the Roloffs don't want us to know? When people would talk of censorship, pro Roloff people would say stop complaining, get your own site if you don't like it. Spirits has given people that chance.

The Roloffs are trying to use frivolous legal action to stomp on the average person's first amendment rights. There's nothing commendable about that.

Part of me hopes the Roloffs do evenutally attempt to sue Spirits for slander. Just wait to see the kind of attention a suit like that would get. And wait until people find out that yes the things discussed on Spirits site are actually all true. That the slurs are true, that the cat tossing is true. If that happened, I hope there would be a hefty counter-suit

Rap541 said...

Actually the legal action is where the Roloffs might be overstepping themselves, Randy. Randy, do you understand that the only reason Spirit is being subpoenaed is to provided evidence for Matt and Amy's case against washington county etc?

Spirit isn't being sued at all. He/she is being subpoened for her identity and the identity of everyone who posts here because Matt, in theory, thinks that will assist his case against Washington County for trespass.

In fact, its a classic abuse of the legal system. This blog site has nothing to do with the land use/trespass issues that Matt and Amy had in 2010 and Matt has no need to know the identities of every poster who has posted on this blog since the blog's inception, which is what he's asking for, over a lawsuit whose events occured in 2010.

Randy? Remember Sheri and Brokenwing and Expressed? Does Matt need THEIR identifying info? Because thats what he's asking for. And he's asking for yours too. And mine, but if frankly he's had my info for years so whatever.

Is Matt also subpoening for the name of every poster on After all, the court case has been extensively discussed there as well.(and trust me, the roloffs are *viciously* bashed but I doubt Matt will want to take on Bravo... easier to go after the smaller fish)

I don't see Spirit not being prepared. Frankly, I think we all understand that Matt would like this blog silenced and why. I just find it hilarious that someone who is declaring himself open to criticism and proudly taking on the government, using the government to seek Spirit's and everyone who has ever posted on this board's id info... what purpose is that necessary for his lawsuit against Washington County and John Wheeler and how does it relate to Amy's emotional distress over the trespass incident involving John Wheeler?

Randy? How does knowing who Spirit is relate to Matt's case against the county?

Erica said...

It's an outrage that the Roloffs are trying to get everyone's info that has ever commented here! They are out of control . They think they can do whatever the he'll they please cuz they are on tv

krisa said...

Randy, conversely, the Roloff's are in the public domain and should expect criticism. Most celebrities will not engage in a confrontation to prove their innocence, because that would open the door to proving what is untrue but also showing what is true ( by not being able to defend).

Vicky said...

The Roloffs think they can do whatever they want. I've never disliked them more than now

krisa said...

Found this interesting..

Vic Rattlehead said...


I posted very regularly at IMDB's LPBW message board (two years) and I can tell you from personal experience that the Roloff's super fans are some of the most vile hateful people I've ever encountered in my life.

I watched these people bully and harass people even going as far as running posters off of message boards with what I would describe as coordinated attacks and cyber bullying just because they wanted to express their own opinions.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Whoa Rap, I don't read the subpoena in that way at all.
"Any Identifying Information of any person who is AUTHORIZED to author,
edit or otherwise contribute written material to the Blog......this includes any person who had AUTHORIZATION to author, edit
or otherwise contribute written material to the Blog at any time since the
inception of the Blog." (upper case my own).
Unless I'm wrong, ANY post I've made to this blog was sent to Spirit, who had the authority to edit, delete, change any of my written material, BEFORE it was posted on this blog. Help me out here, Rap. Did you ever have the authority to post one of your reviews, or your comments, to the blog directly? Or did you either use the "comment" section or email Spirit directly, THEN have the material posted by Spirit? Spirit of course, always included the disclaimer that any opinions are Rap541's not Spirit's.
Again, to the best of my knowledge, no person has the authority to contribute material to this blog. Only Spirit can contribute material, whether it be material from anyone sent to Spirit via comments or direct email.
Take note that Spirit is fair enough to authorize publication of Randy attempting to shove his opinions about the nature of this blog down Spirit's throat. "(and don't kid yourself, you know that's what it's for)" is one of most presumptuous statements I've ever seen on this blog. I have no idea who you are or who you think you are but the pedestal you've have yourself on over and above us is higher than Matt's himself.
With your opinion of how sad it is to ask for help defending against an arrogant conceited demagogue, the fact that Roloffs' feelings are proven, NOT talk, and your acceptance that the Roloffs would try some sort of legal action, it's obvious that you have the same amount of respect for Spirit's and ours, 1st Amendment rights as Matt Roloff.

Timothy said...

Podge, it's vague, but I read it the same way Rap does.

Anyone that contributes written material to the blog. That includes comments.

BeckyM said...

@ Podge This is a mining expedition to get the information of not only Spirit but the posters on comments and contributors. Classic move but not classy.

Rap541 said...

Becky, to go a step further, I will say this. If I thought for one minute that knowing who Spiritswander was, was in any way relevant to the case against Washington County and John Wheeler and Jay Winchester, my advice to Spirit would be to just let them have it.

Please understand, this subpoena was not issued due to any lawsuit against *Spiritswander*. Matt is not *fighting* Spiritswander - Matt is demanding Spiritswander's id, and the id of everyone who has posted here since the inception of this blog so he can sue Washington County over a trespass issue. Matt Roloff, by subpoenaing Spiritswander, thinks Spiritswander and *everyone who has posted here since the inception of the blog* has *something* to do with what went down with his ark.

The question we should all have is why?

Aiden said...

Podge put it best showing that this isn't a bashing Roloff site.

"Take note that Spirit is FAIR ENOUGH to authorize publication of Randy attempting to shove his opinions about the nature of this blog down Spirit's throat. "

Matt would never publicly approve a post criticizing him.

There were TONS of times I completely disagreed with the UBERpro-Roloff mentality of Dana, yet if this site was solely to bash Roloffs I would've never seen those comments. Spirits could've let them died in their inbox.

I read the subpoena as not for everyone's info who has ever commented on the site. Just the person who has power over writing the posts, editing. But "otherwise contribute written material to the blog" is no doubt vague lawyer speak that probably could be argued for, for our information as well.

Ronald said...

Is Matt stupid? I don't think so, but he's making me wonder.

I thought Matt's saving grace was that he had some business savvy. I thought he realized that a site like this was great for him.

Matt should be THANKING Spirits for talking about the Roloffs all these years.

Why do you think Matt so frequently talks about Spiritswander and the "silly bloggers"? He does it because it gets boring to only talk to people that are one note "That's great Matt!" Matt says he vacuums the house. "That's great Matt. You're my hero!". Matt says he went shopping. "That's great Matt! You're my hero!" It gets old quickly.

Spirits keeps things as interesting as possible by talking about real life issues. Politics, religions, relationships, etc!

Since Matt and Amy still want to be celebrities that they should be encouraging Spiritswander to keep going. Matt and Amy are helped by having people talk about them.

If Matt has forgotten that then that's a failing on his part and he has let his ego get in the way of his keen business sense.

Brandon said...

Aiden, I think it means Rap541. I think most people would consider that Rap541 contributes written material to the blog since Spirit has had several posts that are all "Written By Rap541". Does it include everyone that has ever commented? Maybe, maybe not.

Do the Roloffs think Rap541 is someone that knows them?

Susan Coles said...

Matt is just trying to act like a bully.

He's not going to sue Spirits for a couple of reasons.

One, it would only draw attention to all the issues the Roloffs want to keep quiet.

Two, lets face it, everything Spirits says is true. The Roloffs don't agree with the final conclusion that everybody reaches, but what Spirits reports is true. Jeremy did use those slurs. The cat throwing pictures are true. Jeremy does attend the Solid Rock church and the church does preach those "cure the gays" messages.

What are the Roloffs going to do? Lie in a court of law and say those things aren't true? They would go to jail for that!

BeckyM said...

@Susan don't be naive. Plenty of people bring frivolous lawsuits every day to court. I've come to realize just how stupid Matt and Amy are, how arrogant, and how they believe there's a different rule for them.

All this subpeona will do is continue to bring unwanted attention to the Roloff's darker side. See how busy this thread has been? With my own blog I've noticed posts within 48 hours are logged into search engines and my blog is not written about some popular reality ho grifters that people want to know about!

This topic has the danger of going viral and yet, the Roloffs who want to protect their "good" name, instigated the battle. Just like Kate Gosselin, once they lost the TLC protection bubble, these reality hos' make some of the stupidiest pr decisions possible.

But after all, was being on a realIty show in the first place a "smart" decision? ROFLMAO!

PS for those who think this is for ONLY Spirit and Rap and not commenters, think again. This type of info-seeking, blank leaglize has been done before - and it means all of us. This is a witch hunt for anyone who states a dissenting opinion then the Roloffs (who must admire the antics of Dick Cheney and Karl Rove).

Rap541 said...

Brandon - Technically I think Matt's had my identifying info for some time so I think its much more about *Spirit* than anyone else. Matt's dropped enough snide hints about my personal info that I am sure he knows who I am.

I think Susan has nailed it. Its a bullying tactic.

krisa said...

Google is not required , due to privacy laws, to divulge any information to the Roloff's. This is a sneaky way, a fishing expedition, to find out who spirits wander's blog boss is. If it does come out who that is, I hope it is Sven or Commino:)

Peter said...

The hypocrisy of trying to use the government to invade citizens personal information while suing the government claiming they infringe on citizens rights is...mind blowing. Just when you think the Roloff family can't get any more hypocritical. They strike again!

Randy said...

To respond to some of the posts from my comment above:

Jocelynn – I will agree with you that not every single post and article on here is to bash the Roloffs, but you can’t argue with me that the majority of Spirit’s posts are to promote Roloff bashing, and that 80% of the visitor comments on this site are critical of the Roloff family.

This site reminds me of Fox News (or CNN, either will work). Fox News will report the news, but the way in which they spin it is to criticize Obama and the current administration. The majority of guests on the show are there to criticize the President and his decisions, as well as the viewers and people who post on their site. Sure they will give some pro-Obama stories every now and then, but their overall goal is to criticize the liberals. CNN does the same thing, except the parties are switched.

And your question about where was I to talk about the positives of the Roloffs...I have posted on this site a few times, sometimes supporting the Roloffs, and a few times being critical of them. I don’t worship the ground the Roloffs walk on and I don’t have a problem with this site or people being critical of them on here. But the main point of my first comment was that I believe this site’s main purpose is to show the Roloffs in a mostly negative light. That is my opinion, some will agree, and from the responses I got on here, it seems most disagree.

Rap – I will agree with you that Matt’s request to get Spirits information is pretty ridiculous, but would he want that information if he didn't despise this site? Matt obviously wants to try and reveal the identity of Spirits so he can see who it is that hosts a site that mostly trashes his and his family’s name, and then maybe try to take some legal action to get the site shut down. But I still believe Spirits should not be surprised at all by any legal action Matt takes against him, and I still do find it kind of ridiculous that Spirits is asking for donations to help his defense. I do not have nearly enough knowledge about the legal system to know if the Roloffs have a case at all to be able to shut this site down, but with how often Spirits mentions the Roloffs hating this site, it should not come as a surprise.

Vic – I believe you that there were people on the IMDB LPBW message board who were mean and hateful. Everyone is a tough guy when you’re hidden behind a computer. But doesn't some of that same stuff go on here? If there is a pro-Roloff poster, isn’t that person “attacked” by how wrong they are, what terrible people the Roloffs are, how could they think like that, etc?

For example, my opinion is that this site is anti-Roloff. I didn't say this site should be shut down, and yes I visit this because I was an LPBW fan and I like the Roloff gossip. But do I believe this site is supporting Roloff bashing? Yes, I do.

However, based off my first comment, Podge/Rodge feels that because of my statement, I am a super arrogant person who holds myself on a higher pedestal than Matt himself. I'm not sure how they got all that from my 3 sentence post, but that is their opinion. So you see Vic, some of those mean-spirited responses does go on here.

M said...

Not everything spirit posts is negative. I remember finding a nice article about the Roloffs and make a wish. I sent it to Spirit and she posted it along with a real nice message.

Why the Roloffs think you are so evil is beyond me, Spirit. :)

Rap541 said...

Randy - I guess we finally have proof Matt does indeed pay a great deal of attention to this site then, eh? :)

M said...

Christmas has got me right now but as soon as I have some extra money it's coming your way. :)

David said...

Randy, what I think is ridiculous re: donations and charity is Matt Roloff asking for sponsors to donate money to send his son and his wife (and a Hollywood actor) -- people that live in a mansion with 34 cars, trucks and machines to Ireland to play sports when they were perfectly capable of affording the costs themselves.

As you've agreed, Matt is doing something ridiculous. Trying to use an unrelated matter (Washington County case) to get Spirits and the users private information that is entitled to be protected.

I'm assuming that Spirits is just an average person that is not rolling in the money like the Roloffs. I don't find it ridiculous at all that people are offering money to support the legal costs that it takes to defend rights against a bogus subpoena or that Spirits is accepting. IMO, Spirits shouldn't need to spend a substantial amount of money to defend their rights to fight such garbage. Spirits should just roll over and let their rights be run over by rich celebrities with big egos that are trying to control the internet (don't fool yourself, where else do people talk about the Roloffs? Matt's Facebook and Matt proudly declares that's not a democracy and deletes anyone that questions him)

Why should Spirits spend hundreds or thousands of dollars just to defend those rights? It's perfectly understandable why funds are being raised.

By the way, Matt disliking the site is not the surprise. It's that he's wasting tax dollars (and his own money) and filing irrelevant subpoenas that violates first amendment rights simply because he dislikes the opinions expressed.

Kind of hypocritical too since Matt also wants the credit of being a tough guy that "welcomes criticism" and even does videos where he thanks "All people that talk about them, and not just the positive fans".

BeckyM said...

@Randy - then don't donate. Simple.

Considering all the times I've been asked to give money to something I find Spirits' Paypal button to be the least of the issues.

Also, have you ever volunteered to write a review of any Roloff show? Because, as a former Girl Scout troop leader of 5 years, I know a lot of people grumble and gripe but few are willing to put out when asked.

I call it the Little Red Hen Syndrome --- not willing to help bake the bread but oh so quite willing to eat and review the taste.

Jocelynn said...

@BeckyM, the Little Red Hen Syndrome was exactly my point as well.

Randy said...

BeckyM, no I haven't volunteered to write a review of the show. As I said in my earlier post, I have no issue with what people say on here. I have no problem if someone is pro or anti Roloff, everyone has their own opinion. And I'm not complaining that there aren't enough pro-Roloff reviews or posters.

In fact, I do like coming to this site because I was a fan of the show and liked reading the gossip and controversy that Spirits reported on.

All I was saying that it is my opinion that most of the posts and comments on this site are anti-Roloff and Spirits should not be shocked if the Roloffs try to take action against him. I do agree that the recent subpoena to get Spirits information is pretty ridiculous, but Matt is obviously trying to get back at Spirits for a site that he obviously hates.

Megan said...

If Matt is trying to get in our personal business and it costs Spirits (and us by donating to the cause) what if we stick our noses into their business?

We have all seen evidence on video of a criminal offense taking place on Roloff property. Mueller and Christian, minors were drinking. It was definitely in the Roloff garage. Matt and Amy can be held responsible for that.

If Matt wants to stick his nose into Spirits business what about if people start calling Washington County law enforcement about the drinking?

Timothy said...

I think it's humorous that Matt would go to this extent of using a lawyer to get to Spirits when apparently all he needed to do was contact Spirits and set up an interview (instead of anonymous comments that he could later deny).

It tells me how petrified Matt was of that interview with the tough questions. He wouldn't even do it even if doing the interview meant he found out Spirits name.

Chris L said...

Well Randy, in fairness to Spirits, I did see articles on here about the Roloffs doing Make A Wish and stuff like that, but Spirits reports truth. How upbeat do you expect someone to be about something like the 20 year old boys throwing the cat? :)

BeckyM said...

@ Randy, since it isn't Spirt who is posting as Rap, myself, Vic and others you have to ask yourself where the negativity comes from?

My case - I was somewhat interested in the show and caught it a few times. Once I started reading some Internet reviews (not this site) of other reality shows and found out how fake they were I was intrigued. This is probably because I was in public relations before the internet *gasp* when dinosaurs walked the Earth.

Then when the situation exploded about Khate Gosselin, I got further involved because of my donation of time, money and education into child advocacy against abuse. I got sidetracked into visiting this site when something was posted about the Gosselin situation that linked over here.

I realized then that TLC has done a fantastic job of promoting the bizarre and the obscene on their television network.

I stand against the Roloffs and Khate Gosselin for several reasons:
~ Their television programs promote hypocrisy;
~ Their personality’s borders on those which would be normally under the care of a doctor due to the extent off their lying and Narcissim – instead reality television promotes their twisted thinking.
~ I’m against animal abuse;
~ I’m against the exploitation of minors;
~ I’m against reality television that has no laws which govern the filming of minors;
~ I’m against our airwaves being cluttered with these types of shows which drain the brainpower.

A recent comedy skit I saw on Youtube: “I am not ashamed to admit I’m a Christian, but I make others ashamed to admit that they.” Sums up the Roloffs quite nicely.

I’m not necessarily anti-Roloff. I don’t give enough of a rat’s ass to care about them. However, I really don’t like bullies and thus will donate to Spirits defense fund against a frivolous lawsuit brought by a family which has plenty of money (dare we say millionaires?) made from their reality ho grifting ways.

Mike P. said...

Perhaps late and out of place, but this is my take on the reasons for the subpoena:

The field of human rights and social justice is an honorable calling.

To the Roloffs, however, it's merely a business venture. Thus anything that may disrupt the business is a threat.

This blog is a threat to their paychecks (Matt charges $9000 per speech) because it exposes, with frequency, the contradiction between what the Roloffs preach from the podium, and what they really do when they get home. Blatant hypocrisy is not a selling point.

These are inconvenient issues. They do the business no good, in fact they might already have affected it. And surely, if left unchecked and allowed to spread, they may kill the business.

So the Roloff couple need to shut this blog, this threat, down. Bringing pressure and annoyance to the blog host (Google) is their means. And it has a history of success.

Yes, the Roloff couple are emperors in new clothes. They are thin-skinned, swollen-headed, self-serving narcissists. They cannot be questioned or criticized. They don't like blogs--like this one--that take them less seriously than they take themselves. So they would be glad to see this one disappear.

But first and foremost, this blog threatens their business, their little franchise, and that reason alone is enough to provoke their action. The subpoena is otherwise inexplicable to me.

Anonymous said...


notastepfordsheep said...

There is precedent here! Google "Thomas Rich" and "Jacksonville Sheriff's Office." A formerly anonymous blogger who was critical of some of the actions of the new pastor of the megachurch where he and his family had been members for many years was "outed" by the church administration who used a JSO detective who happened to be a member of the church (and was employed by the church as security) to perform a sham "investigation" to obtain the blogger's identity. In spite of there being no evidence of the "possible criminal activity" cited, subpoenas were obtained from a judge (likely another "friend of the church") to force Google to reveal the blogger's ISP and in turn his ISP to reveal his personal information. As soon as they learned his identity the "investigation" ended.

The blogger, Tom Rich, filed a lawsuit against the JSO which he won and was subsequently awarded $50,000. His separate case against the church is still in progress and scheduled to proceed this spring.

The Roloffs are treading on dangerous ground with this one. Spirit, you have a strong case against them if they continue down this path.

notastepfordsheep said...

Mike P. just described the pastor of Mr. Rich's former church to a tee -- wealthy, narcissistic, hypocritical, do as I say, not as I do. Mr. Rich was perceived as harmful to the pastor's "brand." He, too, thought the threat of being "outed" would force Mr. Rich to shut down his blog which at the time had a very small readership. Instead his actions only put Mr. Rich on the front page of the Jacksonville newspaper and on all the news stations, made the pastor look like a petty child, embarrassed the church and the JSO, and increased hits on his blog (which is still going strong over 3 years later) by thousands. In other words, the pastor's plan backfired, and Matt Roloff's plan may come back to bite him, too.

Paul G. said...

Long time reader. To Chris L. - "Well Randy, in fairness to Spirits, I did see articles on here about the Roloffs doing Make A Wish and stuff like that,". As a factual up to date in the know blog I think it is well documented that the Roloffs have done a lot more good than Spirits has ever reported (But Spirits is the resource) - DAA, ARCF, Extreme Home Make Over, Amy raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for kids charities, the twins Wynima relief, Habitat for Humanity, etc. Not a lot of posts or buzz from Spirits or you posters about the good they have done.

To Chris L - "but Spirits reports truth." If you look at the archives on this blog the very first post was about how Jeremy and Zach poised naked for playgirl. To me that sounds invalid and not truthful. Albeit a joke not so truthful or responsible because at the time they were minors in 2005. That first post easily calls into question the bias of this site clearly. I guess Chris L maybe you can answer and defend why someone would post a fake article, given a joke, about the twins (minors in 2005) why it is acceptable and factual? I mean Chris L why would anybody take the time to create a blog and then launch their blog with a story about an underage illegal PlayGirl photo shoot?

Don't forget the false posts about Matt's death. Reasonable answer: Spirits is always looking to up the site's google and SEO stats. It is more than shameful and calls into question the validity and responsibility of this blog.

To Chris L - "How upbeat do you expect someone to be about something like the 20 year old boys throwing the cat? :)" Let's point out a key thing in Chris' post UPBEAT. Ahhh Chris L. I thought this was a factual blog? Facts last time I checked don't have an emotion like upbeat (downtrodden, sad, broken, horrid, disgusted, etc.) attached. If this is supposed to be a unbiased blog why are there so many vague opinionated "truths" posted by Spirits and posters? I mean read the episode recaps, all truthful I am sure :) Chris L. your post actually proves this is a very very biased blog. I mean look at the thread I wrong?

Jocelynn said...

Paul G, I don't think I've ever seen a more biased, inaccurate and flawed summary of Spirits site than what you posted.

I think your paragraph about Spirits "Playgirl" April Fools gag reveals everything there is to know about your intentions and mindset. The fact that you're trying to use Spirits April Fools joke to damage Spirits credibility speaks volumes about your intentions.

Yes April Fool's joke. I notice in your summary you neglected to say that it was on April' 1st 2010 – April fools day .

You're also obviously not a long time reader if you think the "Playgirl" April Fools gag was the first post Spirits ever made. The rest of us long time readers had been reading for 2 years before the April Fools joke. The post was made April 1st, 2010 – not 2005. On the linked article that revealed that it was an April Fools joke Spirits made the publish date 2005 so that the conclusion of the joke wouldn't appear at the top of the main page before we read the introduction to the April Fools joke.

Do you consider Matt a liar for saying he sold the farm to a Mid-Eastern investor, because that was his April's fool joke? Personally I think Spirits April Fools day joke was a lot more creative and funnier :)

Your posts about Spirits and the Roloffs "good deeds" are also inaccurate. Spirits posted multiple Make a Wish stories, ARCF events and CoDA events. I ATTENDED a CoDA event because I read about it on here.

In fact, I remember Spirits posted about Amy's charity events and outings for Homeless at Christmas so much so that the "boardies" on used to complain that Spirits (or "spitwadder") was boring because there were so many posts about Amy's Charity foundation.

It took me 20 seconds after reading your post to find Spirits post promoting Amy raising money for the water well in the archives.

You also left out the banner Spirits still has pinned to the sidebar (you should really take that down, Sprits!) that is always visible that promoted Amy's Oasis of the Seas celebrity cruise. Spirits kept that up even though Amy backed out of the interview deal and refused to honor a promise ARCF made to Spirits.

What else? False posts about Matt's death? You must have been reading the wrong blog because Spirits was the most outspoken that it was staged drama and that Matt did not have a heart attack. Spirits showed the real timeline and proved it was used as a well thought out cliffhanger that they filmed almost a year before.

Paul G, I guess you're entitled to your opinion, but practically everything you said in your post was inaccurate.

Rap541 said...

Paul, really, there's numerous posts about CODA events and ARCF events and Make A Wish and Matt's appearence on Extreme HomeMakeover, Amy appearing for Habitat for Humanity. Spirit also had the Salman family's website for charitable donations up. Have you actually looked thru the website?

Spirit is also the person who made a point of telling the public Matt *wasn't dead*. As I recall, Matt pulled a post telling people he was NYC the night the "death episode" aired and then cutely expressed surprise that no one knew he was ok.

Hey Paul - what do you think of the photos of Mueller tossing the Roloff cat in front of Jeremy who instead of stopping the action, took pictures?

And what about Mueller (20), and Christian(18), and two french women doing shots of alcohol in the Roloffs garage? :)

Rap541 said...

Oh and for the record, I have made several donations to the Salman family because I read it about it here.

Chris L said...

LOL @PaulG for taking an April Fools joke seriously. You must be trolling man! Because no one could really take that seriously. LOL!

Chris L said...

Btw "upbeat" means happy and positive. I said it's hard to be upbeat over seeing two dudes throw a cat....

Timothy said...

I don't know how anybody could seriously claim that Spirits isn't fair. As people have mentioned, the number of times Spiritswander has promoted the Roloffs charity activities is countless. Considering how nasty and demeaning Matt has been with comments about "bloggers" I think Spirits has shown more fairness in that regard than I would have.

Also Paul G, Spirits used to have the link and the feed of Matt and Amy's own facebook fan page posts so readers of Spirits blog could see exactly what Matt was saying. How can you be more fair than to actually post what the person is saying themselves? I presume that Spirits only stopped doing that because Matt added the section on his Facebook that he didn't want his posts copied to any other sites on the internet and Spirits obliged.

Matt doesn't want his posts copied here? Spirits stopped. Spirits offered the Roloffs interviews that the Roloffs refuse or back out of.

I don't know what more you can ask for.

Aiden said...

The date to turn over information is a week away. If you have time, please update us Spirits!

Spiritswander said...

Hi Aiden,

The Motion to Quash has officially been filed with the court. Google is aware and won't comply with any subpoena demands until a decision is rendered by the court. We should know more next week. It's unfortunate that this is where tax dollars are going. From all the legal advice we've received, it's a pretty blatant abuse of process, but we'll have to wait for the judge's ruling.

I'll have a more detailed update for you when this is all resolved.


BigBrother said...

Could we have an update as to whether our IP#s and other personal identifying information (of posters to this blog) has been provided by Google to the Roloff legal team in compliance of the subpoena?

Was a challenge to the subpoena formally submitted to the Washington County court?

Not asking for inside info in terms of future plans, just for the facts as to what has already been done/filed/enacted. Thanks.