Sunday, December 11, 2011

Little People, Big World / Roloff Family Special December 11th - "Holiday Surprise"

Frequent poster Rap541, generously agreed to recap the "Holiday Surprise" episode featuring the Roloff Family on Little People, Big World which aired on TLC Dec 11, 2011

Written By Rap541 -- all opinions expressed belong to Rap541 --

Interesting moment in the rerun - Amy openly acknowledges Matt's "I'm gonna die so do as I want!" attitude and again, despite Matt's whining on the topic, divorce was openly discussed.

Also Jeremy's open lies about how he was driving the mule to the mail box and then reading it for the camera and then telling mommy for the cameras and his complete lack of enthusiasm during it is especially hilarious.

And Matt openly dissing Jeremy was hilarious. "Where's my maammma! Where's my maaammma!" indeed.

Btw, I dunno about anyone else but this new episode was on LATE. 10pm here. Kinda late for family time.

Oh Matt relating to Matt Damon and equating his farm with a zoo is *hilarious*. Importing animals that other people take care of for a month is exactly like owning a zoo, Matt. It really is and you're *just* as cool as Matt Damon and just *like* him. I also note that Matt makes these commercials all about himself.

The rehanging of the sacred tire swing still makes me laugh. And btw, are the twin's beds really just mattresses and springs directly on the floor?

Did I mention how late this is on? Because really, I understand The Walking Dead on AMC being on so late because you know, the zombies, the cursing, the sex, the constant shooting of little girls in the head.... but isn't this a family show?

Oh an actual commercial for the special - Matt just about tearing up because Amy will miss his birthday. Aw, poor baby, Amy has to work. At last check you missed Mother's Day and the twin's birthday because you desperately needed a vacation in Hawaii. As I recall, you're also the douche who went to Switzerland with Jeremy because spending time with the family wasn't a "good use" of your time. Poor poor Matt... Why do I have a feeling I have latched on to the theme of the show? That this is all about Matt needing attention.

Oh, and I again note how Jeremy's "Thank you Jesus!" on the van was very very carefully not shown.

Anyway on to the new special.

Punkins and scarecrows and Matt on equipment acting like he‘s doing something. Matt is giving himself a new sign for the farm as his birthday present. He gyrates and laughs in a completely fake way over how awesome it is. Its a tad over the top. Amy seems bored. Wasn’t the sign replaced because of the vandalism?

The credits are the same.

Matt conversates with the dog. He then waxes philosophically on the haybale and there's a montage of photos as Matt goes on about how he's getting old and wants to go back in time. He pets the dog he plans to have shot and there’s a deep photogenic moment. Basically Matt is acting like a dramatic fourteen year old girl

Amy plots with the kids for Matt's birthday. Amy voices over about the Birthday Bash as though its actually a surprise and not something Matt announced in April of this year. They plan a flash mob. Which is kinda the opposite of a flash mob. Insert more montages of the farm. Matt and Sven argue over the color of the ark. Matt wants actual animals to hang around the ark, and has a goat habitrail built. In fairness, I kinda like the goat habit rail.

Meanwhile the family has a family meal and none of the kids care that Jeremy is gone. Amy openly prays. Matt pontificates and fake shouts "I MADE IT" and the kids don't react much, possibly because Matt is putting on a show for the cameras. Matt then challenges all the kids to arm wrestle to prove how young he is. Its clearly a forced moment and Zach wrestles him and Matt brags about beating Zach, the most unlikely to care. Amy then wrestles Matt since "AMY IS COMPETATIVE". We break for a commercial since this fake moment for the camera is a nice stopping point.

Matt in a commercial tries to insist he gives a damn about the animals on the farm. Yeah, lets see, you sold the alpacas for a volleyball court, your son and his buddy was caught throwing the family cat, on at least one occasion you had a tortoise escape the farm, and your pet chickens were "slaughtered by coyotes". Oh, and you went on about Camerino needing to put down one of the ducks. Try again.

Back to Matt and Amy hamming it up for the cameras. Amy wins. Matt whinges how he is fifty. Its sorta cute but I am sensing a theme. Wait, no, I am being hit with a two by four engraved with the theme. Matt travels back in time to the building of the goat thingie and he gives an extensive voiceover on how he's physically falling apart with his bum knee and how at fifty, he's probably on the downside of life and will perhaps soon die. Gosh I sure hope he makes it long enough to see the cool birthday surprise the family has planned and that he has no idea about.

Oh look. A goat in the house. That doesn't feel contrived at all, a random goat in the house right in front of the cameras. Zach tries riding it and gets it out of the house, Apparently there's cows now as well, and the goat isn't put in a pen or anything.

Matt gives the "you work for me" speech to the folks and Caryn openly notes that the Birthday Bash is on the schedule despite the whole surprise thing being presented. Matt notes how Jeremy isn't there and things just aren't the same since Jeremy did so much but was also super easily replaced. Zach and Tori chit chat about the tours. Matt notes how Zach is now a man and into sex and probably nailing Tori and Matt is super relieved that his dwarf son is nailing someone. Ok, to be fair, he didn’t *say* that, it was just obvious.


Oh look Jeremy on Skype. We all pretend that there's no contract and we also pretend there's actual doubt that Jeremy will return home for the birthday bash. Matt does an ostentatious tour for the cameras. The people movers seem bigger. Amy does a tour. Personally I think the Ark looks like crap sitting in the middle of the field with nothing around it. Matt then goes on how he's in constant pain because of his dwarfism and his age and there's ominous music as once again we are reminded how fragile Matt is. Then Matt haybales how its a miracle he's still alive because he just pushed himself so hard, its a miracle! He does indeed comment to the dog how the dog is old and it is of course a Poignant Moment.

Funny how self indulgement and all about Matt this whole thing is.

Zach goes on about how the flash mob was trained to flash mob. Molly looks kinda like one of the Duggar girls actually. Oh look the new sign and its ONE DAY to Matt's birthday. Matt has decided to dress up like Noah since the Ark is "complete". He then takes the costume to the Ark and reveals himself to the people mover and hits one of the goats with his shepherds hook. Much like his family, the animals ignore his endless prattling and shouting. Molly and Jake are amused.

Amy finally reveals the horror - she has to do a speaking engagement on Matt's birthday. She can't cancel. Matt haybales how this is one of the bigger events of his life and its a "tough nut to swallow". Wow. I mean, WOW. Now I know its not unusual for Matt to be a self involved ass, but really. I'm reminded yet again of the desperate need he had to go on vacation to Hawaii and skip his kid’s birthday. I’m also reminded of his charming attitude about Amy having to miss the BVI trip - ever notice that Matt only cares about what Matt wants?

Now we see Amy making something. She haybales how she needed to do something special for Matt so she made him a cake. She puts a card in the fridge. Jeremy wanders in and Amy pretends its a surprise. He seems bored. Amy haybales how special it is and how sad she is but how it's life. Jeremy wanders out to the punkin field and Matt acts surprised that Jeremy is there despite again, the obvious reality that he was required to show up. Now Matt shows us pictures of himself and haybales how awful his pain filled childhood was and how he prayed to God to be healed and it never ever happened. But Matt was resilient and never dwells on the endless torture of his pain filled childhood in the hospitals and we've never ever heard Matt go on about this before. Except you know, the many times we have heard this exact same story of Matt's horror filled childhood that he's never ever let affect him.

Amy runs off to work and of course Matt is sad because its all about Matt. We leave on a poignant shot of Matt sitting sadly. Poor. poor Matt.... Hey, everyone remember Matt missing his kids graduation walk and snotting off proudly how he had no regrets? Funny how it hurts when it's Matt who isn't getting the attention

Matt continues to praise himself in the commercials for the Matt Damon movie. Yay Matt! You explain once again how this movie by Matt Damon is all about you!

Oh now its the DAY of Matt's birthday! Pop and Honey tell stories and we get more Matt home movies of Matt as a child. Jeremy tosses Jake onto the zip line and has Jake come down as an event. I think this is the first time we've seen the zip line used since it was installed. Matt is paraded around and the flash mob appears and its all about Matt being held up as the awesome guy he thinks he is. Molly thinks the flash mob was cool. Matt notes how awesome it is that people adore him. He notes how he's never done much for his birthday (except those cruises that were always scheduled during pumpkin season). Matt gives a speech to the crowd and it just goes on and on how Matt is this really rare sort of dwarf but just managed to be so awesome. Then he says his parents are awesome and he notes how resilent he is and this tongue bath just goes on and on. Matt notes how surprised he is. Matt haybales how he doesn't know why he's so awesome and now that he's fifty, he might die tomorrow but he's still gonna be awesome.

Then he gets on the zipline and we have a commercial break.

This All American Muslim show looks fun.

Now we continue with Matt ziplining. Matt notes how he was suddenly deafened from the joy of how awesome he is and how he's fantastic and this birthday will never be topped. A side note - the full moon shots continue to be hilarious because every night was the full moon. Did anyone else catch that? Matt notes how awesome it is but that Amy isn't there and therefore its bittersweet and then he finds Amy's cake in a carefully orchestrated moment. He opens the card, and Amy *magically* shows up in the nick of time to show up in time for cake and perhaps lovemaking. Matt then makes it all about Matt again. Matt haybales how he's learned, from having everyone kiss his butt for the weekend, that life after fifty is swell as long as its all about him and what he wants.

Also wow, this was dull.


Timothy said...

What are the point of these specials?

Still nothing about the fact that Jacob got expelled from school.

They didn't really tell that Zach has a girlfriend, just Matt's little "ooh, Zach might like a girl"....which was a total lie considering that was October and Spirits reported they were already girlfriend and boyfriend back in July for the LPA conference.
No mention of Jeremy's girlfriend either. Nothing of substance about what Jeremy is doing in California. When will people stop taking the Roloffs own word about themselves as the truth?

Just stupid staged arm wrestling, a staged family dinner, a staged surprise featuring Jeremy's return that they all knew was going to happen before he even left and more and more of Matt going on about how he spent years in the hospital as a child.

Connie said...

I think Jeremy is really losing his good looks.

Looks like Matt and the producers will need to pin their hopes on Jacob. Too bad Jacob's disdain for the show is crystal clear. You could practically feel how they needed to drag him into each scene.

Megan said...

It's true that Matt has missed family moments before, but what a bunch of bull from Amy. I realize it's all fake drama for the show, but Amy *didn't realize* when she was booking a speaking engagement that it was on her husband's 50th birthday??? You don't know when your husband's birthday is??

Pamela Davis said...

The kids seemed incredibly bored and disinterested in the whole thing.

You can tell what Spirits reported about Jacob is true. Every time he is on camera seems so forced. He despises the show, imo.

Jeremy is such a bad actor.

Didn't Amy announce on Facebook before Jeremy had even packed for Santa Barbara that he would be back for Matt's birthday? But of course it's another beat the clock plot. Will Jeremy show up for Matt's big party?

Judy B said...

Rap, I noticed that you failed to mention that Jeremy is doing spectacularly in Santa Barbara at the photography school. You predicted failure for him from day one.

He is doing well and loving it. He's making new Christian friends, another thing that people doubted about Jeremy.

You were wrong about Jeremy. Admit it.

Rap541 said...

Judy - in fairness, he said nothing about making new *Christian* friends nor did he say he was doing spectacularly.

Since Jer is a 21 year old freshman who still hasn't held a job his daddy didn't give him (and who was *easily* replaced once gone)I'm not seeing his accomplishments.

Judy - we apparently saw the same show... tell me where Jeremy said he had new *Christian* friends? Please tell us all when *that* happened since you're insisting it's true.

Oha nd Judy B, weren't you so *proud* that Jeremy wrote "Thank you Jesus" on his van and yet you have nothing to say about how that was carefully not shown... Funny how you've had nothing to say about Jeremy providing booze to his underage pals either.. what about *those* accomplishments, Judy B?

Got anything to say oher than "If Jeremy gives his underage pals alcohol, he's walking with Jesus"? :)

HotJer said...

What No shots of a Shirtless Jeremy? this special sucked! btw this has to be the only episode where Jeremy isn't barefoot..

Tee said...

For the ones that sit and criticize everything, why do you watch and spend so much time dissecting every word and every move made by the Roloff's. All the snide and hateful things you say make you so much better. What is the goal ? You should just change the name of the site to Bashing the Roloff's cause that is all that is done here. You all might be happier if you stop watching, stop following their Facebook and twitter. If you think you look superior, your wrong. If I don't like watching a show I stop watching it, if o don't like someone I don't hang out with them. You run a hate site and honestly encourage people to spread the hate. I'm not posting this to get into a pissing match, you are entitied to not like them, why all the bashing? How would you feel if a site was created keeping up with spiritswander and it was tan like you are running yours. Isn't there enough negativity out there?

BeckyM said...

Wow! I blinked and missed the special. Or was I sleeping?

Obvious that TLC has called it quits with this show and are going through the motions required by contract.

@JudyB what proof that Jeremy is doing great at school? And what Christian friends? Please share since you seem to have access to his report card and have an apartment key. LOL!

12know said...

If you didn't like the show, why bother watching it? I agree Matt is grating on the nerves at times with his self-absorption, but then again, the rest of us don't really know what it's like to be a dwarf. All of his "projects" are a result of his wanting to prove that he can be as normal as the rest of us, but just has to make changes based on his size. The family overall really cares about each other which is rare these days, when dysfunctional families seem to be celebrated with glee. Now with Jeremy away from home going to photography school, which should help him mature more, it's a new dimension for the family to deal with. But that's what all families deal with. This show is a window into the ever-changing circumstances of any family in America.

Aiden said...

Judy, well of course Jeremy loves it. He says he's doing good and so do his parents. Good doesn't necessarily mean he's getting a great education or his body of work is improving, he made no real mention of anything worth substance. California is sunny and fun and awesome, he's away from his parents feeling like he's independent, THAT'S good stuff right there.

Sure he's making friends, but where's the news that he's making Christian friends? Legions of Christians don't really have the tendency to flock to art schools. And with all that his school and Santa Barbara has to offer I doubt he's searching for Christian groups to find friends.

Kyle said...

The fact that there's snow on the ground here, this pumpkin season filled episode would've at least been better around Thanksgiving.

Rap, planning out a flash mob isn't the opposite of a flash mob. How else would they ever occur if they weren't planned out? and conversates isn't really a word. It's converses.

The five minutes of arm wrestling was ridiculous and just fluff, can't believe they felt it was dramatic enough to cut to commercial.

Ridiculous as well was the goat in the house. I literally rolled my eyes in disbelief. They expect me to believe that with all the animals they have for the arc that only one that was out of place on their entire property was a goat that stumbled in the house. If one goat was able to wander away then all the animals should've been strewn around the entire property.

I would've been more inclined to believe it if Amy came out and a goat was on top of her Benz. That's a more goat-like thing to be doing.

Jacob's voice was noticeably deeper as many times when he was off-camera talking, for a second I didn't know who it was. But he still has a visible loathing for the cameras.

50th birthday is a big deal and even he would realize it, so I think Jeremy would've come home even if he wasn't "contractually obligated" so lay off him on that one Rap.

Why'd they end up blurring some people's faces? Wouldn't there just be signs posted stating filming was occurring if you came on the property you were okay with being shown on camera?

Amy had a negative attitude throughout the entire episode. She could not have sounded less sincere saying it was a bummer to miss his birthday, but then at the end of the episode when she came back I realized that she was probably just annoyed she'd have to appear to be out at a speaking engagement for what like 10 hours? before her timely reappearance? and even then she didn't seem like she was really too happy to be back to see her husband on his birthday. So why bother, oh except to wrap up the episode with a nice little bow on top.

Overall it was nice to have another LPBW as I used to watch the show all the time but this special mostly felt contrived, staged, not too full of anything interesting and not really caring to see what else is going on with the Roloffs anymore.

Vic Rattlehead said...

It was all a lame plot contrivance acted out by some of the lousiest "actors" that I've ever seen.

The way that Matt & Amy cling to their "fame" like a two year old clings to a security blanket would almost be funny if it wasn't so sad and pathetic, it's pretty clear that they judge their worth as people based on irrelevant things like social status material possessions and the size of their bank accounts but then again they're the sort of shallow selfish social climbing people who think things like that matter.

They really remind me of the Norma Desmond character from that old movie Sunset Boulevard: their time in the spotlight has passed yet they cling to their faded fame desperate to reclaim something that really never was and they just can't accept the fact that the world has long since moved on from their "show".

Now they sit in their McMansion isolated from reality and falling further into the delusion that they can still "get it back" with all of their posturing preening conniving and fakery.

How sad.

"Dream another dream,
this dream is over"
(Van Halen)

Marmy said...

I used to be a regular viewer but got bored with LPBW (plus, the male members of my household could no longer listen to Amy's constant negativity and disdain for Matt) a while back and we quit watching but I caught the tail end of last night's show. It left me curious about what has been going on with the Roloff's particularly with their marriage which seemed to be falling apart last I knew.

Google brought me to this blog and I've been scanning through the long-winded posts and comments and fussing and arguing and nitpicking and it's been pretty entertaining, especially the dissecting and analysis of every word and movement of anyone connected with that family. Equally amusing is the occasional appearance of a producer from the show who tries, but fails miserably, at damage control.

Fun stuff!

Pumpkin said...

You don't know when your husband's birthday is??

Of COURSE Amy knows when Matt's BD is. That's kinda the whole subtle point. She. Doesn't. Care. Just like Matt didn't care about any of the other family member's BDs. Amy is so over the marriage, but she's not gonna walk away from a payday.

BTW, saw a local ad yesterday where Amy's "charity" is teaming up with some other org to collect toys for kids. Guess she's trying to keep herself relevant now that the show is over...

Jeremy is doing spectacularly in Santa Barbara at the photography school

Really? And what is your source? He hasn't been thrown out or flunked out yet (that we know of) from a school that is "pay to play," and he hasn't been evicted from the apartment that his parents are paying for. Not sure that's "spectacular," but whatever. I hope he does do at least okay, and for once finishes something he starts, but it doesn't really matter, since he can always run back to the farm. Nothing like a cozy safety net...

Mike P. said...

Considering that amnesia and self-serving fantasy are the Roloffs' default positions on everything, I'd need the opinion of an absolutely non-partisan investigator to believe that Jeremy is doing "spectacularly" at school.

After all, he is the student who could not yet - even on the morning he left home - get himself out of bed.

I was a great student in high school, but even I felt hit by a train when I encountered the study load imposed in college. Having watched the vacuous Jeremy stumble over the non-existent rigor of Faith Bible, I can't believe he had a single clue about his responsibility as a college student, or how even to begin to study.

"Pray for me," Jeremy muttered throughout these episodes. Well, I don't believe in that stuff anymore, but when I did, I saw prayer as a two-way street. And for sure, it was never answered "spectacularly."

Eileen said...

I don't care for Jeremy, but for the record, he does have Christian friends in SB.

Does it surprise anybody? It doesn't me. Christians with extreme views usually surround themselves with only people that were taught to believe the exact same thing.

Rap541 said...

Tee - thanks for the obligatory 'If you don't like it, sit silent and be quiet because expressing a negative opinion is wrong!" comment.

Also - if you want to see the site where spiritswander blog is bashed, head on over to the Matt Roloff sponsored forums and look at the "spitwadder" threads and please please please try this "if you don't like it shut up why do you complain and name call spiritwander's blog" - trust me, the boardies will call you out viciously :)

Matt's special little site with his special little boardies has always freely expressed its hate for this blog. Please Tee, understand that Matt allows it and has asked the kids playing there if they're out "kicking hater ass". So please get Matt down off the cross and remember - Matt has always had the power to stop that hate and nasty behavior, its HIS forum that he runs and pays for... and instead he's praising people for their vicious attacks.

If Matt isn't required to shut up and be silent, then I see no reason why the rest of us aren't allowed public opinions, just the same as Matt.

Sammie said...

I don't consider this a Roloff bashing website. It's the only place I know to come for information about LPBW other than the Roloffs themselves. If I only followed Matt and Amy's FB/Twitter I would never know about the updates on their lawsuit against the city for the tresspassing, Jacob's expulsion, Molly's volleyball team's accolades, or the kids' youtube videos. I would only know about Matt's dirt project and Amy's charity.

I like Terra Nova. If there was a small community website like this for that show I think we'd be doing the same thing: critiquing what we don't like and mentioning what we do like. But with the Roloffs lately there's not too much good worthwhile to talk about.

This special just showed that this party was a big ego stroke for Matt.

Rap541 said...

Kyle - I know "conversate", much like "fustrate", "punkin" and "gobblygoo" isn't a real word, its Roloffese :)

I get your point on the flash mob - I just found the whole idea that it was some sort of secret hilarious since they were clearly planning for the cameras. Not letting the issue of Jeremy's obviously contractually obligated appearence slide since let's be real - there was never ever any doubt that he would be home for *the filming*.

If we're going to play with the idea that Jeremy is the devoted son, then why oh why wasn't Jeremy at home with Dad, sharing his birthday that evening with cake? Why was Matt eating cake alone in the kitchen when his special boy was home expressly to be with him?

Mind you - I personally have my doubts that Amy returned "the evening of Matt's birthday" simply because it wouldn't be the first time a pleasing lie was presented.

As it is, he turned fifty, not five, and I really don't see Amy *working and earning money* as a horrible reason to miss a birthday. Not when Matt misses birthdays with "I really needed a vacation and a friend had a free ticket".

I'm genuinely curious to see what the ratings look like.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely doubt he's hanging out with "christian" people. Obviously you have never heard of Isla Vista. Santa Barbara is a HUGE party town.
I imagine he puts on that show for the cameras and is a totally different person normally.

Rap541 said...

Sammie - trust me, I adore Terra Nova and there's a lot of sites out there that chat it up and um... make fun of the constant scientific errors and the whole hot mess that is Terra Nova. :)

This special was a massive ego stroke to Matt. Really, an entire episode about how Matt is the special little guy who is just so *resilent* that even tho, when he was a child being tortured, crying out to God for a a cure that never ever came, he managed to somehow get past that holocaust of a childhood and be awesome, even though it was a "tough nut to swallow" when his mean wife dared put work over a birthday (despite his own "Well I needed a vacation so my children can spend their birthday alone since I *need* Hawaii more than my kids need me" petulance) Matt somehow perservered and managed to accept all the applause for being so gosh darn awesome and proving to the world and to God that he showed them all just how awesome he can be!

I mean really, perhaps what Matt needs is a constant marching band with banners crying "MATT WAS TORTURED AS A KID AND HE'S COMPLETELY PAST IT!" That will drive the point home *even more*.

Tee said...

Rap your quite welcome,( and I mean that as snide as you meant your "thanks") however I don't recall anywhere in my comment did I say shut and be silent. Have your opinion it's your right. I just can't for the life of me figure out why you all care to watch the show since you have nothing nice to say. So just like you accuse Matt's boardies of being nasty so are you! So I will not bother you any more with my comments, you don't agree with me as I don't agree with you. Have a nice day!

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I'm going to attempt to acknowledge as many of the points raised by poster as I can. So, to Marmy I'll try to keep the fun stuff going! It's the reason I post here also.
18 years ago I spent 29 days in a treatment facility. We had a baby toidy we called the "pity pot". I warn you all, if you displayed any self-pity you were told to get out of your chair and sit on the pity pot. If you ever EVER (and one did) display as much self pity as Matt, you would be (and the perpetrator was) told to go home. Get out. Stop infecting the rest. To the supporters: How many times, how many episodes, how many hours have we had to listen to Matt go on. And on? Please have mercy on all of us and just drop it. Ta.

To 12know, if you don't like the economy, and that Alan Greenspan, his successor and the Wall Street power brokers have totally screwed each and every one of us, why bother participating in the economy? You claim that any of us are not forced to watch the show. None of us are forced to participate in the economy, either. There are bigger fish to fry than a silly contrived reality show.

However 12know, you made a great point, "All of his "projects" are a result of his wanting to prove that he can be as normal as the rest of us, but just has to make changes based on his size." Exactly. Even Amy said the special Matt "overproves" (her word). I have no problem with that. I have a problem with the clamouring for recognition, the "wearing in your sleeve" tactic. My late father told me, To RECEIVE credit for something you've done is honourable and should be met with quiet, humble thanks. To SEEK credit for something you've done is dis-honourable and should be met with disgust and indifference." Thank you, dad.

To Kyle, good call on the wrist wrestling. I wish to remind you of the mule "drag race (??)" in the first special. Why do the producers (including Matt and Amy) feel the need to insert these childish, pointless, staged, immature and downright silly competitions into the show? I don't understand.

I'm not here to be negative at all times, believe me. My next post will be full of positive observations, enjoyable moments, and my vote and evidence for the Most Realistic Roloff Award.

Brandon said...

Podge, I like your idea for "Most Realistic Roloff" award.

There are only two contenders in my opinion.

Zach or Jacob.

Zach because he does, from time to time, throw in some honest observations. Things like admitting that he and Jeremy are behind the curve and leaving the nest at 21 shouldn't be considered a huge achievement because they've been lazy the whole time. A Roloff being critical of themselves? Say it ain't so!!

Jacob is realistic for the reason that people have been commenting on. His honest hatred of being apart of this show is very transparent and shines through. His desire to not be apart of the show is realistic!

Brandon said...

Btw, Podge, what your father said about credit and honor is spot on. He was a wise man.

kp said...

Hey Rap, you've, once again, reminded me of why I (sort of) miss new episodes! I love your write ups, and this one is no different! Thanks for providing a good laugh while I re-watch the episode lol

Derek said...

I disagree that none of the kids cared the Jeremy was gone. Jacob might have said it (I can't remember, he didn't say much the whole episode) but the only time he didn't look like he was being trotted in front of the cameras at gun point was when he was in scenes with Jeremy.

It is so true that Jacob worships the ground that Jeremy walks on despite Chris Cardamones protests to the contrary.

Darlene said...

If reality stars can "phone it in" in terms of their appearance, the Roloffs do that for these specials!

None of them except for Matt (because he's so busy telling the world how awesome he is) looks the least bit interested or shares anything remotely personal on the show anymore.

Then Matt has the nerve to do one of his BS "Me and the family love all the fans!". Yeah, I get it, he likes when people comment on his facebook because he then tries to use the number of responses he gets to get advertises and new gigs because it's all about making money and feeding their already huge egos.

The Roloffs are the biggest bunch of lying hypocrites, in my humble opinion.

Sandie said...

Well done, Rap, thanks, I really enjoyed your recap. I know the original premise of this series was to show those of us who were unaware just how "normal" (?) life is in a dwarf family: dwarf awareness. Now I believe it has become a way to observe the life of a malignant narcissist and how he impacts the rest of his family. Not entirely a bad thing to be aware of, so I'm personally glad for this exposure. I'll also be glad when his fame fades.

Rap541 said...

Tee - when someone comes here with "Why are you running a hate site? Why are you posting an opinion I don't like and don't want? How would you feel if someone did this to you? Whats wrong wth you?" its always to silence said opinion.

Your unwillingness to address Matt's hate site or ask how Spirit feels about the hate spewed out on tells me all I need to know about your comments. Your role is to make the obligatory shaming comment in hopes that people won't express themselves.

The fact that you don't seem to care in the slightest that Matt allows his boardies to treat others badly also tells me that your comments aren't about how we should just all treat each other nicely. When you're telling one side to be silent and tolerating vicious insults in your own side, you're not trying to have pleasant discourse or even make a point, you're just being disruptive because you like the Roloffs and don't want to hear anything unpleasant. Sorry, if you won't condemn the same "nasty" behavior when its done for the love of Matt Roloff, you're not really protesting bad behavior, you don't even care what the answer is to your questions.

Tee - why do you post here if you think its nasty and a waste of your time? WHy are you wasting your time accusing others of wasting their time? Oh right... for the love of Matt, you're just compelled to stand up for him. ANd anything done in defense of Matt, you don't have the intestinal fortitude to protest.... I really am beginning to think Matt likes this "For the love of Matt, HATE those who don't praise him!" attitude.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Yeah Brandon, you guessed it. I made Pop and Hunny (that's the way I saw it spelled in FB entries on the past, so I'll go with it) exempt. I'll give them the praise they deserve later. The Most Realistic Roloff is:

Jacob George.

I've taken flack from posters before for my views on Jacob. I stand by my opinions.
Scene: Contrived conversation at dinner. Jacob's jesty "Put him in a home" response to his father's question was delivered in a masterful fashion. Well done! The challenge, "Can you beat me at arm wrestling" Was met head-on with "No, I KNOW I can't" which of course translates into please get me out of this ridiculous farce, thank you. His hand gestures (yes, I'm picking apart hand gestures now, too much time on my hands) were asking, "Where do you want me? Do I have to stay?" Sorry bud, but you do. Oh well.
My favorite bit was the response to the get-up Matt put on for the Noah charade. "I didn't think it was going to be, like, THAT bad! It looked so NOT real. It was a really bad costume." Honesty. From a Roloff. It almost brings a tear to my eye, it does.
And how about the Flash Mob tryout/practice? The most brilliant display of indifference ever. As soon as he saw the lens pointed at him, he's outta here! Love it love it love it.
Folks, as least one Roloff has the courage to be honest. Oh I know I'll get the "Jacob was a brat in school and got expelled. He should be more like Jeremy. Why can't he behave?" Yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah. I still maintain you are a product of your environment. it's my belief that if you allow him be himself, without the strong armed fantasy world he's lived in since he was 8, he'll be just fine. He is growing up. Let him.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Brandon, honourable mention to Zachary Luke. Yes he admitted that he and his brother lazed away a few years. But in the first special it was HIS turn to be vilified, not Jacob's. After the "Gee Zach, I finally made a decision and I'm leaving the nest, with mommy doing wakey wakeys on my last day home, even though I deny she ever did. So what about you? Huh? Huh? The way the parents brought this up time and time again was an example of bad parenting as far as I'm concerned. Good eye, Brandon!

Tee said...

Good point Rap how would you like if someone did this to you? Exactly! you dont like when others post what you dont agree with here, just what you are accusing the other board of doing. Guess we are all imperfect huh?

Rap541 said...

Tee - yes we are all imperfect, and you want us to shut up and be silent while you refuse to chide Matt Roloff and tell matt and his boardies to stop the similar behavior.

See how its unfair to say "Don't be so mean, being mean is wrong" when you only say it to one side of the arguement? Tee? Is Matt as wrong as me? Tee? Do you have an opinion about the show? After all, so far your entire reason for posting on this board about the Roloffs is to sit in judgement of posters here.

Tee? Are you *God*? Why are you judging anyone? Whya re you posting here at all? You have nothing nice to say and you're just picking people apart. Doesn't that make you a small minded person? I mean your sole reason for posting here is to discuss how you don't like how other peopel post about the Roloffs? Do you get enjoyment from picking apart the posts of others? You say if you don't like something you stop hanging out... and funny how you keeping saying that and still are hanging out here? What is it that you like about posting your criticism?

See the "do as I say and not as I do" issue here, Tee? Don't get me wrong, I find it amusing as hell that you don't see the hypocracy... I just wonder if you have any purpose posting here other than to complain about the posters here. :)

Tee said...

You have taken so much more from my comments, how did it translate into Im god or half the other things you pulled out of thin air. I will leave you with this, I do like the Roloff's and respect the things they do, your bashing sickens me, no need to respond because you don't count. Have a nice day.

Rap541 said...

Tee - you started this with a fun little diatribe. Please, if you're not god, then who do you think you are? Explain why you have the right to say hateful things like "You should just change the name of the site to Bashing the Roloff's cause that is all that is done here" and "You run a hate site and honestly encourage people to spread the hate."

Now you have every right to your opinion, but you followed it up with a series of 'why are you doing this?' questions. When it was pointed out that similar behavior occured and continues to occur on a matt roloff sponsored and paid for fansite, you're NOT willing to say "Matt Roloff runs a hate site and is honestly encouraging people to spread the hate".

WHy is ok for Matt but wrong for the rest of us? Why do you think you have the right to insult people like Spirit with "you run a hate site, you encourage hate, why does anyone waste their time on something htye don't like?"

Tee - simple question - you don't like this site so why are you pointedly wasting your time on something you don't like? Why are you *right* to waste your time, by telling people here how *wrong* they are to do the same thing?

Feel free to run away - you're from a long line of "I'm gonna dish out a series of insults and then whine when my hypocracy is pointed out" posters. Complete with a dramatic little flounce and after what, four posts, finally actually post an opinion *about the Roloffs* and not the posters here. Go on, and come back in a week with a different nick and the same agenda :)

Rap541 said...

Its also duly noted that Tee feel that "you don't count" is an acceptable debate tactic and respectful. Dio as Tee says, and bend over for his insults since Tee and Tee's opinions count and apparently ours do not.

Thanks Tee for making it clear that you don't care about any opinion but your own :) Go tell Matt how you kicked hater ass... maybe he'll phone call you like he does the woman who openly hates his wife and posts vicious insults about her on his forum. :)

krisa said...

Watched my taped LPBW, and it was so funny to watch and think about the comments on this blog. Reality TV is misnomer among many other things. Amy scheduling a speaking engagement on Matt's birthday was hysterical.

Rap541 said...

Krisa, made more hilarious that Amy is getting called out for not being a GOOD wife and missing Matt's precious birthday when she actually didn't. Matt's birthday was that *friday*, Oct 7 and Amy was home - she even greeted Jeremy etc. Funny how Matt's not correcting his boardies for calling his wife names over the *lie* the show presented... but I guess as long as *Matt's being praised* he doesn't much care how his wife is treated... serves her right for missing the day after his birthday, I suppose...

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Rap, in view of what Matt said in his interview with CNN Showbiz Tonight. there might be another explanation. I'm wondering if Amy read's the blogs that Matt owns and controls. Even the TLC blog. Could it be possible that Matt knows his wife will never see what's being written about her? I agree Matt's uber self centeredness has some to do with it, this might be one more consideration.

Elizabeth said...

It's great to have the Roloff's back. I wish they would have just stayed on. Perhaps they may just do that?.
All of these negative comments from viewers. Come on guys, it's a reality show. Just go with it and either watch it or do not watch it. Leave your childish name calling comments to yourselves. How can you say they are bad actors. Remember, this is a reality show. Watch 'G.S. Family Jewels". Other than the fact it is based around rock icon, Gene Simmons. Guess what?. If any relaity show is staged or has bad acting, it's G.S.F.J.'s or any other reality show. That's why it's called a reality show. There are no actors because if there were actors, then it wouldn't be a reality show now would it?.
Hello!. Check out all the other realty shows out there. It all goes under the same title, REALITY SHOWS!!!!!. Get over it viewers.


Jen said...

The scene with the goat reallly made me LOL, but if you look closely, you can see the sliding glass door magically slide closed just enough so the goat can't escape outside, which makes the goat have to turn around back into the house. Also, at the very beginning of the scene, you can see Zach looking slightly off camera right before the goat appears, as if waiting for a cue.