Monday, December 19, 2011

Matt Roloff Interview with CNN Showbiz Tonight

Matt Roloff was recently interviewed by CNN's Showbiz Tonight show. Thanks to Tiffany for contributing this.

Here is the complete transcript from their show:

The anchors talk about how Matt and Amy have a successful marriage and so many people on reality tv have their marriage crumble. He talks about the TV show causes arguments when it airs because they get upset at each for what they said on the show.

The interviewer asks if there was ever anything that the Roloffs said no to as far as content that TLC wanted to air. Matt said there were a couple of things and referenced Amy pulling her pants down when she was stung by a bee. Matt says he put his foot down because it was a family show and they shouldn't be showing Amy in her underwear. Matt says that Amy didn't care if they showed it and that was the biggest debate they've had about something like that.

Matt states that he wanted to tell everybody about his DUII and that he wasn't in the bar, but the publicist said no.

The host told them Matt told them they felt pressure to do "over-the-top" things to create drama.

Then CNN Showbiz tonight went on to talk about the Kardashians.

You can read the entire transcript here:


Brandon said...

Oh Matt is such a liar.

The biggest thing they said "no" to was Amy being stung by a bee?

Yeah right!!!!!

Rap had a nice list of all the things they kept off the show.

Jeremy's slurs, the drinking, the cat tossing, the friend of the twins that died, Jacob being expelled from school, the list goes on and on.

But to hear Matt tell it, the biggest thing they kept off was showing Amy pull down her shorts?

Justin said...

Another fluffy Matt Roloff interview.
Matt couldn't take on a tough question if his life depended on it.

Alice said...

Hey Justin, not everyone likes hard questions. So what if Matt prefers softball interviews. Not everyone likes being put on the spot with controversial subjects. Matt has a right to stay away from the toughies.

Rap541 said...

Alice - as long as he doesn't bray to the world how he likes the tough questions... as he has done many times in the past.

As it happens, I think its unlikely that Matt would *offer* genuine things and I think out of the stuff that aired, Amy getting beestung is his line in the sand "because its a family show".

Matt baby, your drama queen collapse complete with cliff hanger ending is not family entertainment. Neither are your two teenage sons touring the red light district in Amsterdam, or discussing what 1/8 of an orgasm is, or really, if the aguement is that the show is a *family* show, your DUI arrest and your re-establishing your relationship with alcohol isn't exactly an episode meant for the entire family....

And yes yes, I know it's reality tv but your kids being "I'm *pissed*" and "You're a *dick*" to you (That last was the precious Jeremy btw) also isn't family viewing so the idea that your line in the sand is Amy getting stung on the butt or whatever is HILARIOUS and says a great deal. And thats before we touch on the topics that you clearly worked very very hard to keep off camera.

Rap541 said...

An example - why if the Roloffs love Jesus, was Jeremy's "Thank You Jesus!" sign on his van so carefully edited out? :)

Cynthia said...

Rap, I don't get it. If we all know that the Roloffs have deep religious beliefs, ESP - Jeremy. His affection for extreme religious beliefs have been reported here and Matt has talked about it too. Just this week Matt said Jeremy was at a church retreat. He didn't need to say that.

Why do you think the Roloffs have something to do with keeping Jeremy's "Thank You Jesus" on his van from being seen on the show?

If they don't want the public to know about their fondness for their religious views, why would Matt talk about Jeremy being at church at all and why would Jeremy be as open about it that Spirit would know, things like on Jeremy's short-live fan page, Jeremy writing things like "A church is a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints" and other quotes about church and Jesus?

Colin said...

Cynthia, fyi, I go to Oregon State in Corvallis. I think it's hilarious that Matt described what Jeremy is doing right now as a "church retreat".

Really? Jeremy is partying with a bunch of 20 something college students, who by the way most are very "well to do" and come from privileged and wealthy families. Most of the people there go to Oregon State. They have parties on acres and acres of land. Yes the majority of them, if not all, like Jeremy love Solid Rock church and John Mark Comer and don't approve of homosexual people or their lifestyle.

But since when is partying with a bunch of friends that have the same opinions and beliefs as you do, considered a "church retreat"? For everyone else in the world it's called a winter break party trip with some friends.

Rap541 said...

Cynthia - don't you find it odd that Jeremy's friends describe him as someone who gets up from bed and falls down on his knees in prayer, every day? And that Jeremy openly and proudly says he loves Jesus and stands up for Christ and reads the Bible every day... and we not once have ever ever seen that on the show?

He wrote "Thank you Jesus !" on the front of his van and that was carefully not shown. Why do I think the Roloffs had something to do with that? Gosh Vynthia, because they're on record saying there's things they don't put on the show. Gosh and golly, if Matt had his way, the beesting on the butt would not have been shown since it was soooo inappropriate for a family show. I'd also argue that a short lived facebook that Jeremy took down indicates someone who isn't interested in asharing. AT last check Matt does fully support Jeremy monetarily.... gotta wonder if Daddy said no since Daddy *does* still control what his adult son says publically.

Its a family show and

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

This is probably the best place to add this.
When I was 18, I'd inform mother I was heading into town on Saturday to meet some friends. She would ask, "Padraig Judas, are you going to Saturday night mass so you don't have to go tomorrow?" I'd say, "Yes, ma." Of course I didn't go. I'd make sure to slip in the side door of the back of the church, take a Sunday Bulletin and leave. Upon returning home, I'd make sure I left it (made sure it landed!) on the kitchen table. Thus ma would get up and see that I want to mass.
All that is written is not as it appears. Goodness knows, I've taken what some have written and twisted it all out of shape at times. My apologies, Randy. All I'm saying is (and I'm going to get twisted around like I did to Randy's post in another thread) Jeremy saying buy not going to a "church retreat" is not outside of the realm of possibility. He's 21 and thinks he's bulletproof and the smartest "man" in the world. Well so did I when I was 21. Just a caution not to take anything the Roloffs write as Gospel.

Rap541 said...

Its a family show and I don't know what is considered more family than a pious bible quoting, Jesus praising son... Funny how thats been excised.

Rap541 said...

Yer really named Judas, Podge? :)

Thats hard core religious!

David said...

Matt is very transparent. I hope everyone sees what he does. He attempts to make it sound like there are no skeletons in the closet, no deep dark secrets, no elephants behind the curtain. Gasp - the most pressing thing Matt tried to keep off the show was Amy pulling off her pants because a bee had flown underneath her pant leg? Wow, the Roloffs must be squeaky clean if that was the biggest thing Matt concealed from the public!

There must not have been any slurs or things like underage drinking going on if the most important matter to Matt was keeping his wife being stung by a bee off of tv!

And like Rap, I do find it amazing that for a guy that we're told is constantly thanking Jesus and quoting the bible, the most religious thing Jeremy has ever said in the history show was "Zach, pray for me". But oh no, the Roloffs don't keep stuff like that off the show.

It is also hilarious that Matt put his foot down over the bee sting on the butt because it is a "family" show, but Matt talking about how Jeremy was going to take the family dog down to the barn and kill it with a shotgun is appropriate for all those little kids.

Gretchen said...

Colin, what is wrong with Jeremy joining his friends on a trip for winter break? Just because he is more known than the average person he isn't allowed to do normal things?

Colin said...

No Gretchen, you totally missed my point. My point is that it IS normal for a bunch of college students to go on a winter break trip and party with a bunch of friends. Just because all of the people included in their group have "hard-core" Christian beliefs doesn't make it accurate to call it a "church retreat".

Saying someone went on a "church retreat" has a different meaning to me.

To give you an example. I'm looking at the FB page of my Oregon State classmate that is on the trip with Jeremy. What do I see? I see my classmate in a picture with Jeremy holding a beer while making funny facial expressions and they appear to be screaming. In my opinion, most people would say it looks like a typical party for college students.

That's my point. Just because they call themselves Christian doesn't make it a "church retreat". It's not like they're doing a habitat for humanity, building a well for Haiti or even mingling with poor youth that can't afford to party in an expensive cabin. It's a bunch of college guys and their girlfriends partying in the country.

Ashley said...

Rap, in my opinion and I'm just guessing, I think the reason why Jeremy deleted his facebook fan page was because people were getting upset at him and calling him out on how lame it was that he had a fan page, but just left people hanging for months with no involvement and only came back to it every two months to say "Happy Thanksgiving." Then "Merry Christmas".

Rap541 said...

"Colin, what is wrong with Jeremy joining his friends on a trip for winter break? Just because he is more known than the average person he isn't allowed to do normal things? "

I'd argue, on COlin's behalf, that the issue isn't Jeremy going out and partying with friends as abnormal - because it's actually pretty normal... but that Matt is presenting as "Jeremy is at church retreat."

Let's be honest. Does a church retreat sounds a bit different than partying with friends on a trip?

krisa said...

Matt is a master at parsing words. Jeremy may have gone to a church retreat, which could be for a few hours and then Jeremy hooked up with his friends. It would be bizarre for the twins to be interested in this activity at their age. I assume the Roloff's have done the "lights" previous years.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Rap, my name is taken from two ginger (haired) twins, Paidraig Judas O'Leprosy and Rodraig Spartacus O'Leprosy. They were born about 69 years ago in the village of Ballydung (which translate to English as "town of shite"), County Ring, Ireland. They are in their 5th season of their chat show on RTE2, and they are much much funnier than the Roloffs. The next time any of you need a good laugh, search "Podge and Rodge" on the net.

Now Rap, I do disagree about the exact nature of Matt's FB post. It's my belief that Matt was not PRESENTING Jeremy James Jesus (thanks again, Rap!) as going to a church retreat. I maintain that's what Jeremy TOLD him. Jeremy as the embodiment of all of Matt's dreams as a average height, athletic, good-looking (right, Expressed?) babe and Mueller magnet, can tell Matt anything he wants. His reputation is solidly made and Matt would never doubt him in the least. After all, he's NOT Zach.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Also, Rap it is my sincere wish that the all-talk, no-walk, wannabe christians, like someone's son and girlfriend maybe, would sit down and actually READ the Gospel of Judas, found in Beni Masah, Egypt. Judas was the only disciple that fully undwerstood Christ's teachings, thus was favoured (not made the villain) by Christ himself. Too bad.

Tiffany said...

@David- I know I'm a little bit late on this but if anyone actually got to see the interview, its amazing, eh..not so much I guess, at the lengths Matt will go to to keep what's not shown on the show completely hidden from existence.
When he was asked if they had ever said no to anything, Matt straight up said that they had BUT when asked to give details as to what that was, he hesitated and stuttered for a good 10 seconds, almost as if he didn't want to answer that question. Then he chimed in "well..I didn't show it on the show.."again trying to get out of it but that's when he caved under the pressure and told that story.

That was the tale-tell sign directly from Matthew James Roloff himself about what's been reported here since forever, Matt Roloff controls every detail of the Roloffs involvement with LPBW and their PR and without a doubt it proves that Matt truly believes "if you didn't see it on the show, it never happened."

Tee said...

I enjoyed the interview.

Rap541 said...

I was browsing thru old posts and found an interesting quote from matt from an older interview. The origanal article is here....

And here's the quote. BeckyM - you'll appreciate this I am sure.

"It must be hard, though. Like the accident with the trebuchet a while back. Do you ever feel like saying, "Stop the cameras. This is too much"?

Oh yes, definitely. When the accident happened, they specifically said, "Can we go ahead and shoot it?" And in that few seconds we were rushing down there, I said, "Yes, but give us lots of space." In other words, don't be pushing us out of the way to get your camera shot. So they shot it from more of a distance than they might typically want to. But you develop a relationship with the crew where I can just wave and they know that means -- turn the camera off and go away. But we try not to do that very often because we're trying to share our life, all the good and the bad and the ugly and the dramatic and the not dramatic."

So yes, the "good, the bad and the ugly" quote can be attributed to Matt Roloff... and while filming Amy with a beesting on her bottom is a bridge too far for Matt, filming his son and best friend possibly *dying* was something that he actually considered and said yes to, as he was heading down to see the accident.

Because you know, the important thing when your nine year old has been injured while playing with your medival seige engine is whether or not it should be filmed, and yes, Matt the loving father is on record stating that yes, this was something he thought about and made a decision that it was an appropriate event to be filmed for public consumption.