Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Spiritswander Cited In Subpoena By Roloff Lawyers VS Washington County

As we said a couple of weeks ago, we maintain this site as a hobby and for the entertainment and knowledge of our readers -- many of whom have been with us going onto 4 years -- so we try to be as upfront as possible with our readers and share with you all things that are going on 'behind the scenes'.

With Christmas approaching, are the Roloffs in the Christmas Spirit? Filled with love and focused on spreading the love of Christ to all? Well, maybe not.

In what we think was a very bizarre and ridiculous move -- earlier this week Spiritswander received a notice from Google (who owns Blogger that of course hosts - Spiritswander) that they have received a Subpoena from lawyers representing Matthew J Roloff and Amy J Roloff in their court case VS Washington County, the building inspector and the supervisor.

What does Spiritswander have to do with a court case in Oregon between the Roloff family and Washington County over land use, permits and inspections...? Yeah, nothing. We think it's totally bizarre and ridiculous too, but it gets even more absurd.

The documents being requested are all relating to my personal and private information. The Roloff laywers are requesting all identifying information for anyone that authors, edits or contributes to Spiritswander.

We have until the end of December to file a Motion To Quash the subpoena if we choose to go that route. The legal advice we've been given is that if we choose to do that, it has a high probability of being granted because of how completely irrelevant it is to the court case being cited. Spiritswander obviously has nothing to do with the details of the dispute between the Roloffs and Washington County. We had items on the case. Reported the news of it. Described the incident and linked statements from both parties about the case. But obviously personal and private information about myself couldn't have less to do to that case. The legal opinion that we were given is that it seems to be a clear misuse of subpoena powers.

In my opinion, this both borders on absurdity and amusement. As our readers and anyone that has 'kept up' with the Roloffs for the last several years will know, the Roloffs have always been rather obsessed with their dislike of Spiritswander and that we report things and express opinions that they don't want people to read. As per Matt's own appointed moderator on his site, Matt implemented a rule that no person was allowed to write the word "Spiritswander" on a site that he owned. People familiar with Matt Roloff's Official Facebook page and before that - the Roloff Newsletters or Q&A segments know all about the numerous references Matt would make about "bloggers" - and really, there is only one blog site about the Roloffs -- Spiritswander.

It has always annoyed the Roloffs that we don't identify ourselves (although Matt has no problem with the use of Screen names when a person is expressing a pro-Roloff opinion).

For our part, I've always been upfront as to why. This is a hobby and a free service that we provide to people that are interested in truth and the interesting dynamics of real reality vs. how things are portrayed on a "reality show". We don't do this for money. We haven't made even 10 cents off of the Spiritswander site. We don't do this for personal attention. If I was looking to further a career, I would plaster my name all over the place. I'm not looking for personal attention. Some bloggers do their blog so they can eventually write a book about the celebrity. We aren't doing that. Some bloggers hook up podcasts and do radio shows. We aren't doing that.

Some bloggers blog about themselves and make themselves the story. Hey, I just got a new addition to my home yesterday-- a kitten from a shelter-- I could use Spiritswander to blog about all of that, but I don't. I don't because I understand that's not what our readers are looking for. It's not about me. People come to the site because they want to have the opportunity to read truthful information about the Roloffs so they are in a position to have an educated opinion -- whatever that is.

That's our goal and that's what we do. Because we don't do this for personal attention and don't gain anything at all financially, I've never felt there was anything to gain by plastering my name over the internet. It's as simple of that. We have our detractors as anyone does and why risk subjecting ourselves to harassment, stalking and even potential harm (see the previous item about the threats we have received) when we are not gaining anything out of it? If we were seeking to be celebrities like the Roloff family and were receiving the perks -- the trade outs and the money -- then maybe that trade off would be something to consider, but we are not. If personal information that subjects Spiritswander to harassment, stalking, puts our safety in potential danger, then I suppose we will need to consider future legal action ourselves if it were to come to that.

This is amusing from the standpoint that it is proof of what people have suspected for years. It certainly sheds light on just how focused the Roloffs are on Spiritswander. That they are spending likely thousands and thousands of dollars on lawyer fees and time and energy thinking about subpoenas so they can find out personal information (sounds kind of stalker-ish, in my opinion) about the site that they dislike.

The amusing part is that my name won't actually mean anything to the Roloffs. However, do the Roloffs think it will? That is something our readers might find interesting. We have heard from multiple friends and associates of the Roloffs over the years who have informed us that the Roloffs have actually accused (falsely, of course) multiple real friends of theirs of being Spiritswander. That could give you an idea of how focused the Roloffs are about our site. That they would actually go to the lengths of falsely accusing friends of theirs speaks volumes, in my opinion. I also note that in the harassing rants and threats that we received a few weeks ago anonymously claiming to be former LPBW producer Chris Cardamone, they mentioned "you think you own it - but you don't!" -- Now the Roloffs are issuing subpoenas to the "owners" of the site where Spiritswander is hosted? Hmm.. By the way, if you're wondering, we never did receive any follow-up to our item about the anonymous messages we received claiming to be Chris Cardamone - no email confirming that they were his sentiments or anything from him or anyone in the Roloff camp requesting an interview - so it is to be assumed - as we initially stated -- that those threatening messages were from someone impersonating the producer.

It's interesting to see just what lengths the Roloffs have their lawyers our resorting to (by in our opinion, using a case that is clearly unrelated) when we had agreed and were willing and waiting to do an interview with Amy Roloff -- which I assume would have been done by phone. As we've stated in previous items - representatives for the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation did propose an agreement which we accepted. It included an interview with Amy Roloff about all topics if we would promote the Amy Roloff Charity Cruise on Oasis of the Seas. We agreed and did what we promised - we fulfilled our agreements. We were simply waiting for word on a good time to interview Amy. Then ARCF representatives apologized and said we could take down our promotional banners that they had sent us. So they had arranged an interview between us with Amy and she never fulfilled the promises that the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation made. So yes, despite Matt Roloff's constant claims that Roloffs don't duck interviews or "tough" questions, it is a clear example of the Roloffs doing exactly that. However, the point here is that would have been the direct contact that is apparently so important to the Roloffs -- yet instead of that approach, they go through lawyers, spending thousands of dollars on methods to obtain the same information that a more upfront approach would have reached.

The other part of this that really strikes me, is...yes, the hypocrisy. Not too long ago, Amy Roloff was unleashing rants where she was criticizing fellow reality TV celebritity -- Kim Kardashian -- One of Amy's criticisims was that the Kardashians were wasting thousands and thousands of dollars and just think of how that money could be better spent? Think of how that money could have been used to help people less fortunate? Well, that's kind of what I find myself thinking about the Roloffs. Spending thousands of dollars towards lawyer fees, encouraging others to do the same, tying up tax payer dollars -- is this a productive use of money, time and energy for people who have criticized other celebrities by saying "think of how the money could be used to help others"?


David said...

Spirit, I'm not surprised at all. The Roloffs have always been the slimy sue-happy bunch that use lawyers to settle their scores. It's a real problem in the U.S.

Timothy said...

The Roloffs don't pay attention to what Jesus had to say about persons like themselves that hide behind lawyers.

Ashley said...

I think it is ludicrous that people don't deal with their disputes themselves.

Spirits, has Matt Roloff ever written you asking you for an interview and requesting your name? Wouldn't any honorable person do that first if he cares so much?

BeckyM said...

Did you know that when the Internet was new, and people posted photos of their trip to Disneyland, Disney and Co. sent out cease and desist letters from their lawyers?

BTW if you need to start a defense fund, count me in.

Oh and you should leak that document over to that website that publishes the court documents and dirt on celebrities (don't recall the website but's way popular).

HEY ROLOFFS!!! Go ahead and find me. I don't give a rat's ass. My comments have all been my opinion about a television show with people that the law considers "public". You gave up your privacy when you bent over for TLC.

Connie said...

They think John Wheeler is Spiritswander? LOL! No offense, Spirits, but I doubt Wheeler has the time to devote to that.

I think they are just using the lawyer to bully Spirits.

Oh well, God will judge the Roloffs in the end. I think if you can get through life without being the sleazy types that sick lawyers on people, then you've done something right.

The Roloffs are just a bunch of control money hungry phonies that don't have the first understanding of God and what it means to have character and integrity.

BeckyM said...

OH BTW Kate Gosselin got Pressi's website about her shut down for I think 48 hours. It's back and the attempt was obviously unsuccesful.

Ashley said...

BeckyM, do you mean the Smoking Gun? I think that's usually for arrests. Matt was on there for his DUI. Or do you mean another site?

Justin said...

It must be hard for Matt since he's on the record time and time again THANKING EVERYONE that talks about the Roloffs....EVEN the negative bloggers. Now he's going to lawyers? Maybe he shouldn't have said he welcomes criticism.

The Roloffs are so scuzzy and two-faced. Spirits nailed it with the hypocrite comment about Amy. I can't think of a worse use of $ than handing it to lawyers. But Amy wants Kim Kardashian to be the only one judged for how she spends money instead of giving it to the less fortunate?

Vic Rattlehead said...

I didn't know that Josef Stalin was a distant relative of Matt Roloff (I'd have thought Hitler was a better bet).

This is exactly the same sort of BS that Stalin used to pull against people or organizations that dared to speak out against him only instead of being handed subpoenas they were handed pre-written "confessions" that they were forced to sign and instead of being hauled into court they were summarily executed or sent to the gulags.

Abby said...

Well I hope whatever it is the Roloffs don't get their way.

It is scary how slanted the US justice system is to people with money to spend on lawyers.

I dislike the Roloffs more now than I could have ever before. They just aren't good people.

Rap541 said...

Well, frankly, it sounds like an info grab on Matt's part. I'm curious as to what info relevant to the case he thinks he will get.

(psst fyi no, I'm not a member of the Roloff inner circle either, Matt :) )

Rap541 said...

A thought - Spirit have you considered discussing this with the media?

Its certainly not the fun loving gobblygoo persona of Matt Roloff, now is it?

krisa said...

How absurd I deed! Maybe the Roloff's should watch a rerun of the episode, oh but wait, that was manufactured as we later found out. Matt roloff is truly a small man.

Cindy M said...

I didn't think it was possible to dislike the Roloffs any more. They are the opposite of the kind of people i thought they were when I originally watched the show way back in the first season.

Sammie said...

This infuriates me, the absolute absurdity, the back alley ways of trying to get your info, the fact that you have to spend one dime on legal council and filing a motion against this waste of EVERYONE'S time.

I definitely agree with discussing this with the media somehow. It needs to get out there on a large scale how sleazy this is.

In the words of Regina George, ", why are you so obsessed with me?"

Aiden said...

C-razy. Both the subpoena and now how I feel about Matt Roloff. Anyone of sound mind would see that Spirits has nothing to do with this court case more than any other outlet that has provided information on the entire incident.

Who do they think they are!?! Of course, sue/subpoena for libel or defamation of character but for providing stories that (accurately) shed you in a negative light? SO LAME.

Spirits, I'll help anyway I can. I feel like we're in this together even though I'm not really worried that any of this will go in the Roloff's favor.

LittleIntegrityBigJerk said...

Just when you think Matt couldn't be more of a d bag.

Thankfully his "fame" is just about dried up.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I also! Although I've been contributing for only a short while, I've followed this blog for 4+ years.
@Vic: In a previous post I used the Hitler comparison regarding Matt's twisting of propaganda, which got a few reactions. Josef Stalin was living proof that, "Absolute power corrupts, absolutely." What about Matt? "He who thinks he has absolute power, he is absolutely corrupt?" Help me out here.
Say, why not publish the docket info when the case comes up? Nothing unlawful about that, is there? The Washington County Court docket is posted and available. Then all who wish can search the court records regarding the disposition of the matter. Just like his case v. his previous employer.
I've opined before about Matt's desire for total control. Control of his own children, close friends, staff, etc. Land O' Goshin, Pa! This is over the top.

BeckyM said...

@Ashley, I think I do mean the Smoking Gun, but they have also published various court documents too. I just think it would be hilarious to do a scan of that subpeona and then start publishing it EVERYWHERE!!

Be sure to send a copy to all the places where Matt and Amy want to talk about diversity too. ROFLMAO!

btw Spirits, not as big as this, but a Bestselling author attacked my review of their book on Amazon. They quickly deleted it because it was so unprofessional. The Roloffs will learn that this little trick is going to really really backfire and show what sleazy a-holes they are in real life.

Jack N' Ory said...

Little Hitler strikes again.

Mike P. said...

I assume that the Roloffs first approached Google to get the blog shut down. When that didn't work, they now increase pressure ON GOOGLE to get the blog shuttered.

In the past, service providers were the soft spot and easy target of censors like the Roloffs; when legal threats arose, no matter how foolish, the providers caved in. They didn't want the bother and the expense.

I don't know how much that has changed, but I wouldn't look for a lot of spine from Google. The moment they have to spend money on this blog is the moment it may disappear. I suspect that that is how the Roloffs intend to kill the blog.

I hope I'm wrong.

The Roloff couple are very, very small people indeed.

Cookie said...

And you may be correct Mike P about Google squashing the current blog site but they're just a host--they're are plenty of other sites that offer free blog hosting. Spirits can just move his blog to another site if necessary. is an excellent blogging site as is

Cookie said...

Check this site out Spirits (maybe you already have):

BeckyM said...

@ Mike P. Spirit just needs to do a backup and host elsewhere if it comes to that. At one time, websites would have "mirrors' all over the internet so you could download things easier. Do the Roloffs really want to have mirror sites to this one?

I'm sure there is a Ukraine webhost that would take you on. And Livejournal is now owned by the Russians.

If the Roloffs want to take on Google, hahahaha. I find that really funny.

Mike P. said...

@BeckyM. For sure. In fact, if she hasn't backed up already, I'd be really surprised. Copies of this blog could pop up like mushrooms, if necessary.

I don't think the Roloff couple is "taking on" Google. I do think they are manipulating a dynamic that has worked in the past: Put the host in a position where it must either spend money (to respond to a legal fishing trip) or get rid of the thing causing the "problem." The host will almost always choose to get rid of the problem.

I don't know that that's what is going on. But it is an explanation for behavior that is otherwise inexplicable.

Spiritswander said...

Thank you to everyone for their offers of help and for your suggestions.

1. I added pictures of the documents to the bottom of the item just so everyone can see that this is factual.

2. As for the suggestions regarding contacting the media; feel free to contact media outlets that you think might be interested in carrying this story. There are usually forms to suggest stories on their website.

There are certainly several elements involved that might be of interest to news organizations -- First Amendment rights, the legal process, celebrities VS Bloggers, etc.

If after you describe the situation, they express interest, feel free to direct them to and I can go from there.

I think one of the points to stress is that the original issue that made us the enemy was that we spoke out on a completely true and factual matter. We said Jeremy Roloff was wrong to use racial slurs including the N word and the homophobic slurs. We expressed that we felt it was hypocritical considering the theme of hurtful words (the 'Big Values' book and promotion tools TLC used to advertise LPBW)for the Roloffs not to issue any apologies and that it was disappointing that their tactic was to vilify those that said it was wrong. That was the beginning of it all. The Roloffs did not like that there was a site that people could read about things like that and they had no control over the content and what people could read since essentially the only other sites that were discussing the Roloffs were either owned and controlled by either Discovery or by the Roloffs themselves. So that is what triggered the dislike and made us the enemy. Expressing an opinion that celebrities did not like and an issue they did not want known. Yes, saying that "N*gger" and "f*ggot" were wrong, especially coming from diversity speakers made us the "bad guys" and spurred this all on. Of course over the years, there have been many other subjects like that - true things that the Roloffs didn't want discussed. The fan insults, the cat-tossing pictures, the drinking videos with minors on Roloff property, the extreme enthusiasm for organizations (Solid Rock church, Focus On The Family) that promote direct contradictory messages to what the Roloffs get paid to speak about, etc.

So feel free to write media outlets yourself if you think they would be interested in pursuing this issue and you can direct them to if they express interest.

3. Thank you for the offers to donate your own funds. As of yet, we are still undecided about how we want to proceed. It's been suggested that we start a paypal account so people who wish to donate can do so, but because we are still undecided, I certainly wouldn't want to take any amount of money from those donating if it did not eventually go towards the legal costs of pursuing this matter.

Also, I meant what it is written in the above article. It is rather sad, especially during the holiday season, that people are focused on giving money that will go to lawyers and towards legal proceedings instead of towards people who are less fortunate and the true meaning of the Christmas season.

4. If you're not aware, just to give you an idea of costs -- we've had discussions since this happened. The cost to have a lawyer represent you in these proceedings is approximately $10,000 (ten thousand). In situations that the law firm feel strongly about and the lawyer I spoke to expressed that he feels this is a clear abuse of subpoena powers and a violation of first amendment rights -- fees can be lowered to around $5000.

Another option was to purchase a "How to" book about how to file legally file a Motion To Quash -- it is a 161 page manual.

There is also a fee to file the Motion To Quash the subpoena with the court which is usually around $300.

So those are the costs being discussed if we choose to fight the subpoena.

krisa said...

What would be the best way to open this case wide open, for all to see. And Do the Roloffs really want this to happen? The Roloffs are being foolish-- be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.

Jocelynn said...

I agree Krisa. I really hope that's what happens.

The Roloffs might not be smart enough to realize yet, but the last thing they should want is this getting media attention.

They think it's bad that people can read about their slurs and hypocrisies on Spiritswander? Wait until this gets carried on a mainstream outlet.

Non-die hard Roloff fans would see the hypocrisy in a split second.

Vic Rattlehead said...

Matt obviously doesn't realize that he's just made what could be the single biggest mistake of his wasted life.

He obviously doesn't understand that when any celebrity (even an f-lister like Matt) is caught trying to actively censor any honest opinions or open discussion about them through threats and intimidation it ALWAYS backfires on them spectacularly.

If CNN's Showbiz Tonight or Entertainment Tonight were to get wind of this he'd have so many real reporters crawling around in his personal affairs and asking so many uncomfortable questions that he'd never be able to lie his way out of it.

I re4ally hope the media gets hold of this story and it destroys the Roloffs image.

"Being a fraud can only last so long, you should know
Till what ya sensed as a child returns, you little baby
To choke out the voice that told you money and the fame and fill the crater that you dug for yourself"


Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Vic, the only sure way for Showbiz Tonight or Entertainment Tonight to get wind of this is to tell them. I have it on very good authority that the National Enquirer has been informed of the subpoena. Someone out there is doing their bit to end celebrity tyranny.

Linkd said...

TMZ contacted.

Rap541 said...

Eh... is it really the sort of thing TMZ looks at?

I thought they were more about the funny on the spot questions.

David said...

Yes, I'm with Rap, TMZ is useless.

Besides, TMZ only has the Roloffs on to "laugh at the midgets". Really, look at any item they've had about a dwarf. It all has that demeaning tone.

Spirits takes the Roloffs seriously and treats them as regular people.

Aiden said...

I definitely set a tip to National Enquirer especially because they previously did the Jeremy as a bigot story. Thinking of where else hmm... even if it's a smaller, less known site it'll get the ball rolling and more venues talkin' about it.

M said...

I just contacted about this. I wonder if he'll run it but he might not seeing as the Roloffs aren't huge celebrity's like they think they are. Would be cool though!

Brandon said...

M, I think Perez has a crush on Jeremy is too in love to do some research.

I remember him posting something about LPBW ending and he wished them well. It was clear to me that he was a sucker that bought into the whole phony tv image.

Carol said...

You know what is really ironic?

The Roloffs claim their case vs Washington County is about protecting citizens constitutional rights. In this very case, they are attempting to trample constitutional rights.

But that kind of glaring hypocrisy is nothing new for the Roloffs.

Taylor said...

Wow, the Roloffs are the type of leaches that just make you sick don't they? I firmly believe God has set aside a special place in Hell for people like the Roloffs that go through life trying to bully people with lawyers.

Be a man Matt and deal with your own battles. Consult the loving God for advice.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

"County case making incredible headway., with jaw dropping decoveries." That's the exact quote for all those fans of "Roloffese" and fun semantics from Matt's FB page. After each point I get more firmly entrenched in the idea that this simply cannot continue. For everyone's sake.

Jocelynn said...

Podge, what astounds me is the "Whatever you say, yay!" mentality of fandom.

Every thing Matt has ever said relating to himself or the family (when he's the messenger) is always positive. When is the last time Matt said something went wrong, someone didn't achieve something spectacular? I guess that's what happens when you market yourself and your whole family as being better than the rest of the world or "extraordinary".

But I wonder when Matt refers to the court case, if the people cheering realize that their tax dollars are being spent on this garbage?

You realize that if Spirits does file a motion to quash the subpoena, that US tax dollars are being spent on for all court personnel to read the objection and render a decision.

Thanks Roloffs! And you wonder why the U.S is in such sad shape financially. People like the Roloffs with their 34 vehicles and machines pissing away our tax dollars.

The Truth And Nothing But said...

I am in such disbelief That Matt & Amy Roloff could do such a thing by trying to take the creator of this blog to court, for what reason? by telling the truth and nothing but.

Every thing that is reported on this blog in nothing but the God honest truth. This blog reminds me of Entertainment, Extra,The Insider Inside Edition, The View and The Talk. These shows report on the lives of movie stars world issues and "reality tv stars" and at times people like use that are not no where from being a money making celeb, but having done something good thats is worth reporting and making news or maybe somthing bad is what shows like that talk about.

The diffrence from all of the above is that this is not on tv nor stream over the internet. Its a online blog that is talking about one topic which is The TLC show Little People Big World starring the The Roloff Family.

Its a blog that discuss the once but now cancelled weekly show and their now tv specials that air thru out the year along with that of updates about the Roloff Family on or off camerea.

With that being said Isn't that what all the other shows do that I listed above and they also have blogs about their shows and they are the tabliod shows, and most movies and tv shows and now "reality tv shows" like the "Roloff's" have some type of blog somewhere over the internet with or with out them creating it on their on or by someone else.

So if people like the Roloff's don't wont to be talked about well then maybe they should not have agreed and sign up to do network tv shows or basic cable tv shows, if they don't like to be talk about.

Maybe they and others like them should take their "public figure Facebook page" down for good stop recording themselves and putting it up on youtube, Streaming it all on UStream,going on radio talk shows syndacated,local and network tv talk shows posting and advertising pumpkin season and when they be going to give talks all across the country asking for "charity donations" all on tv and or on Facebook.

So how about doing this for your self and family why don't you Matt & Amy Roloff and other famous people just cancell your public facebook page stop putting all your stuff out into the public by not posting or saying nothing if you all have a problem about people posting and blogging about you and your family well then keep a personal facebook page up for your private lives if you and other like you don't won't all your public and private lives discuss on a blog like this.

Vic Rattlehead said...

I was just reading Matt's facebook page and all I have to say is: wow is he totally deluded.

His revolting persecution and god complexes are laid out on full display for the world to see and the grinning idiots who are stupid enough to buy his BS pat him on the back acting as if he's doing the world some "great service" when he's engaging is the same sort of vile thought control that was described in Orwell's 1984 by telling them how his personal cowardice is strength, his ignorance is knowledge and his fear is bravery.

Barnaby said...

I've written about 10 different responses but this is my best -

I worry about Jake. If have three preteen and young teen age nephews who are thankfully living a life outside of realtity television. And particularily despite the vitriol hurled at that now young teen by the Jeremy fans and the other more "popular" posters here who actually think exploited pre-teens (and now teenagers) owe fans some sort of response - ----

If Spiritswander needs to set up a Paypal account to response to the horrible parents of Jake, Molly and Zack - could me in. Senior Citizen/Barnaby.

Michelle said...

Barnaby, I agree that Jake will have problems, but they will come from how he was raised. He is terribly spoiled. The parents are too caught up in being celebrities to be parents because disciplining requires work.

While I don't really care what the Roloffs think of fans, I don't think it would be a bad thing if Jake and all the Roloffs had learned to have respect for fans that support them rather than the "ew, they are loser creeps" attitude that they all seem to have.

Part of raising decent kids is teaching them to respect others. Not look down on them and call then names.

Johnnie said...

OMG..Looks like the Roloffs are being vindictive in the only way they can....making you spend money on lawyers defending yourself from frivolous legal action...How sad is that..........

Logan said...

Spirits, I wonder if you have noticed (you most likely have) that of all the responses to the posts about the lawsuit, none have been from the Roloff's die-hard supporters. Could it be that they can see that there is nothing they can say that can possibly justify this abuse of the legal system and the waste of everyone's money? Maybe this will temper their "Matt is always right!" mentality. Maybe...

References said...

I'd urge Spiritswander's bloggers to check out resources and organizations whose interests share a disdain for overbroad subpoenas seeking to limit free speech and privacy on the internet.

Here are two links from the Citizen Media Law Project that might be worthy of note.

Virginia Blogger Targetted with Outrageous Subpoena:

Maryland High Court Joins Growing Consensus Protecting Anonymous Speech Online:

Other organizations that might be interested and perhaps helpful to Spritswander's blogger would be the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) at, and the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) at .

I'm not a legal professional, and do not represent myself as such in any way. This blog post is simply for purposes of expressing my layman's opinion of avenues that might be sources of information for bloggers concerned about this isuee.

Apologies for not having the referenced URL addresses linked in this posting for clicking.

krisa said...

What about the ACLU? This would be a small case, but still monumental.

Natalie said...

Only rich people should have the right to speak on the internet and be protected?

Maybe there should be a new law. You're only allowed to express opinions if you have thousands of dollars in your pocket as spare change to pay for the legal costs that are required to take on battles from rich tv celebrities.

The average American can't just go around getting their lawyer (like the average American can afford to have a lawyer) to file subpoenas that will get all of the Roloffs personal information. The Roloffs would counter-sue for stalking!

It's so slanted for the rich but that's nothing new in the U.S. People shouldn't just bend over and give in to some rich celebrity with a massive ego.

I say Spirits should fight! I would donate because it's an issue that is very important! When regular people do nothing and let their rights be taken from them by the 1% we are in a grave and dangerous place as a society.

William said...

Geez, remember when Matt was going on about he had brilliant ideas how to kick start the economy? You know what I say? Yeah right, get a life Matt! Thanks Matt! This is why I get taxed! You can tie my money up in legal garbage like this.

Please keep Matt away from government! We have enough screwballs in Washington that know how to blow other peoples money!

Lark said...

This is the MOST HYSTERICAL thing I've seen in years! What a bunch of cry babies! I hope they enjoy their last 10 seconds of fame, cuz it's obviously RUNNING OUT and they're desperate for any attention they can get.

Cookie said...

On a whim and clearly nothing better to do with 30 seconds of my day that I'll never get back, I googled Matt's Twitter. This is his tweet on 9/6/11. Apparently he thinks its fun to sue people.

He really should spend more time on grammar and correct spelling but we're talking about Matt so it's a moot point:

Matt Roloff
Probably the funnest thing I've ever done in life... Is supeana google. Based on federal cases :). It can take...

Brandon said...

Good catch, Cookie. Matt must have deleted that from Facebook, but twitter doesn't delete it because of the way it is set up.

It's wonderful that Matt gets his jollies by wasting taxpayer money by filing garbage like this.

Rap541 said...

I just am amused by his word choice. :)

Filing a subpoena is the "funnest" thing he's ever done? Wow... and his fans get all "get a life" over people commenting on a message board but the funnest thing Matt's ever done is file legal papers? Heh.

I wonder if he realized how spiteful he came across. Good thing twitter, unlike facebook, doesn't let Matt erase these comments.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Oh, this is just delicious. We should ask Spirit to do a separate item on this just to be sure Matt sees it! (but he NEVER reads this blog nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk). When Randy mentioned in another thread that Spirit shouldn't be surprised that people like Matt would come after him/her based on his perceived nature of the blog, he had more insight into the matter than I did, certainly. It was simply a tactic to be expected from Matt. Maybe not in Matt's frame of mind as indicated by the Twitter post!! Fun? The most fun? Despite all the trips to LA and NY and Hawaii, Matt STILL doesn't get out enough. It's all a game. To the wealthy.

Justin said...

Cookie, what a find. Did you see the whole post?

Cookie said...

Pretty much what I posted is a copy & paste of his tweet on 9/6/11 ~ the link portion: apparently is his FB page but says it's "currently unavailable" as Brandon stated.

For those of you who have idle time (like me) here's the link to Matt's tweet page:

I scanned his entire tweet account and wasted another 10 minutes of my day. I need to get a life :)

Woman in Love said...

It seems, to me, that they're just trying to intimidate you into shutting down your blog. Shame, shame. Shame.

Kiatrisse said...

OMG, so glad I found this! As of last night I LOVED the Roloffs and was looking forward to watching the wedding. I stayed up late last night just to watch the show. Now I realize it was such a waste of time! I cannot believe the Roloffs would try to get you to shut down your blog. Your true colors are showing Roloffs! As of this minute I am no longer a fan and will not watch any more of the lies. Thank you Spiritswander for opening my eyes and if you need donations I will gladly participate.