Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Television Ratings For "Holiday Surprise" - Little People, Big World Roloff Ratings

For those who are curious about these things, the ratings for the December 11th Little People, Big World special, the 2nd special so far featuring the Roloff family came in at a 1.5 rating.

Here are some numbers to help you put it into perspective.

During the glory days for TLC ratings when LPBW was the lead-in for Jon and Kate Plus 8 on Monday nights, the Roloffs often drew over a 2.0 for regular episodes. The highest rated LPBW episode ever was the episode in Season 3 centering around Matt Roloff's DUII trial. That registered around the 3.3 mark.

The episode focusing on Mike Detjen's death received a 2.4

The ratings had begun to decline in Season 4 and saw them drop even further in Season 5. Many episodes came in around the 1.3 mark. Shortly after that, (after Matt Roloff had announced in TV interviews that the show would continue for at least 2 more years), that was when TLC made the decision to cancel the series. Some episodes of Season 5b came in around 1.1 and one episode failed to reach the 1.0 mark. The 1.3 average rating continued for most of Season 6, with the big exception being the final episodes billed at the "Series Finale". The finale got a rating of 2.2.

The first LPBW "special" since the cancellation that aired in Oct 2011 received a 2.0 rating.

Now this most recent special, the 2nd special so far -- received a rating of 1.5.
So a drop of 0.5 since the first special, but still slightly above the 1.3 average the show was receiving when it was determined that the show would be cancelled.


Aiden said...

So a 1.5 rating means 1.5 million viewers?

Jocelynn said...

Aiden, the way I understand the ratings, roughly, yes.

Cookie said...

Wow. What an impressive viewing audience. Roughly 1.5 Million viewers. Considering the United States has a population of approximately 307 billion people ~ it clearly registers on the "who cares list". No wonder TLC is just phoning in the specials.

BeckyM said...

I've had the feeling for some time that TLC mocks it's own talent. The shows with Kate Gosselin were almost anti-Kate for those intelligent to recognize irony and sarcasm.

It just seems to me that LPBW is going down the same path. Special done due to contract, focused on Matt who is a prima donna, and then Matt is mocked with the self-important stupid episode they cobbled together with their fake scenes, and TLC sticks it in a dead time slot for a family show.

Irregardless, if it's 2 or 1.5, TLC seems very done with this show.

Anonymous said...

Matt's letting us know on Facebooks that TLC is "thrilled" with the *1.28* ratings.

Vic Rattlehead said...

A rating of 1.28 ha Matt's back on the blow if the seriously thinks that TLC is happy with ratings like that when a rerun of a UFC special on Spike TV did a 4.0 and reruns of the Cleveland Show on Fox did 2.8.

He obviously doesn't realize that TLC is tired of his selfish demands and of his generally unlikeable reallife personality so they're quietly throwing him away like yesterdays edition of USA today.