Sunday, January 22, 2012

The 3rd Little People, Big World / Roloff Family Special: Zach's First Love

The 3rd special of Little People, Big World featuring the Roloff family airs tonight at 8pm on TLC.

This is the preview from TLC:

Zach is stuck in a rut and still living at home. Matt and Amy struggle to motivate him to move forward in life, but it's the arrival of a new girlfriend that changes Zach's life in immeasurable ways.

Our guest reviewer Rap541 has graciously agreed to recap the episode:


Written By Rap541


So lets see, Zach is dating. Good lord, really? Is this what passes for extraordinary now? I am willing to bet actual cash money that we get Matt at some point hay baling how he was a stud at Zach's age and is glad that Zach is finally getting with the program and sowing his seed. Because you know, men need to plow fields (aka have sex with a lot of girls) before they settle down with just one woman as an "old goat". I also bet Matt will not in any way attempt to suggest that Molly should be out "plowing fields" as she is a perfect little princess, and those girls with Zach and Jeremy? Apparently aren't someone's daughters so Matt doesn't care!

For the record, I bet this is a snooze-fest and Zach, like Jeremy, is getting way too old to be Daddy's little helper and Mommy's little man.

Onto the episode....

So apparently I am missing American Idol for this. I would be more upset if American Idol hadn’t started to suck. I sit through Toddlers and Tiaras where Brock, a boy, is prancingly delighted at how he won both King and Queen Taco Grand Supreme at the ball. Then I realize that the family show Little People Big World is airing at 9pm here. So I switch back to the game. There are a LOT of fat Giants, just saying. Also why is a family show on so late? Well, at least the game is kind of exciting.

Hmmm the game is done (Go Giants! Go cute Eli Manning!) and I switch back to TLC and dear god the show still isn’t on. Now we’re up to the Toddlers and Tiaras showdown between Mackenzie and Eden which by the way is a straight up rerun. Honestly, if I was a Hoarders: Buried Alive fan, I would be totally mad about how LPBW took their late night spot.

Did I mention how late the family show is on?

And how there’s no rerun of the previous specials? And how hilarious it is that rerunning an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras instead of a LPBW special is the financial decision of TLC? And they’re running the special against American Idol and the football playoffs? Yeah TLC cares.

We start with indoor soccer and then we’re in Matt’s office. Matt interrogates Zach on how he’s a loser. Matt hay bales how soccer isn’t a long term career. He demands Zach explain how a career in soccer will be monetized. I imagine its as likely as photography being lucrative, Matt. Does everyone know that photographers average about 30k per year? Makes you wonder how Jer-Bear will buy himself a million dollar house like Matt. Matt tells Zach he’s less than Jeremy and he will toss Zach out of the nest if need be since Jeremy is fully supporting himself now . Oh wait…Jer’s never held a job that Daddy Matt didn’t give him and Daddy Matt is paying for the big boy’s lucrative art school degree.

Zach notes he’s 21 and in community college and has no future. He seems to like the job at the soccer place. He continues to note he wants to be a professional coach,. We get some old footage. Really, it is just sad that there’s no one in Zach’s life that’s ever had a serious career discussion with him.

Now we meet the girl. She apparently has been around since 2010. She likes soccer so Zach thinks she’s hot. Molly seems to like her. Zach takes his family on his dates. There’s cute handholding. Zach notes they smooched in the swamp fort. They rent trikes and race and it feels staged since yeah, its all in front of the cameras. Zach notes how shy his girl is.

Zach notes that people stare and she needs to be strong etc etc. There’s a clearly forced discussion with Jake, in a resteraunt, saying “HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN DATING TORI!
. Really, I know the Roloffs are often willfully dumb, but they live in the same house. I always knew when my brother and sister had new boy friends. Zach notes how dating average heights is weird.

I kind of get the vibe through out this entire episode that Matt and Amy see Tori as a passing fancy.

Amy notes how shocked she is that Zach is dating. Matt also notes how Zach is dating. Considering how incredibly important Zach dating has been, perhaps he decided to get with the program to get Mom and Dad off his back? Everyone eats spaghetti. Amy thinks Tori will dump his ass. Matt uses the moment to embarrass Zach and hay bales how he’s glad Zach is finally plowing some fields and being more like Jeremy.

Amy chides Zach about how the job at Indoor Goals is crap and he needs to be more like Jeremy. I’m really unsure why dead end job and unrealistic career goals is less acceptable than no job and unrealistic career goals but I’m sure someone will tell me. Amy tells him how stagnate he is. Zach hay bales how in fact his childhood was rather protected. Amy goes on and on about how Zach is too comfortable and needs to get moving and set goals. The entire time she is lecturing him, she is making him a sandwich and this lecture ends with Amy noting that he needs to man up. And then she hands him his special man meal that she made for her little man. Geez Amy, there’s problem number one.

Back to soccer. Tori likes soccer so she’s like a boyfriend. They play soccer. Zach goes on and on about girls and soccer and soccer and girls and passing the ball. Oooh Conjoined Twins Later! Zach, to be fair, actually looks like he’s been showering. It’s a nice change

Matt and Zach go to the go kart track. Matt wants Zach to learn that Matt is always right and should have his ass kissed more often by Zach. They get the go karts rigged and now we have the obligatory race. Because Roloffs race! This isn’t completely staged and we haven’t seen Matt be a competitive ass over childish things in two previous specials at all. Matt spins out in his car. Frankly it looked fake. Matt notes he did it so Zach could learn to reach for the stars like Matt and not be a loser. Then they eat milk shakes and Matt asks about Tori. Again, maybe some of Zach’s maturity issues come from the fact that Daddy is taking him for go karts and milkshakes at 21. I mean, he’s 21, Matt. Neither Amy or Matt seem to think Tori will stick around long. I’m sure Tori is appreciating that tonight. Matt tells Zach that to keep a woman, he needs to make money. Hmm. I wonder if he told Jeremy that. I recall Jeremy’s lecture involved scoring with as many chicks as possible before being forced to settle for just one. Matt proceeds to tell Zach to man up.

I’m really struck by what an infant Zach is and by how is mom and dad infantilize him.

Oh Hoarders is on! Oh wait, its just the Roloff home! Zach notes how he’s 21 and its time he wore clean clothes. Tori wanders into the pigsty and says eww. She then gets all “what are you keeping?”. Zach notes that Tori is way out of his league They store his crap in the barn. Then Tori asks “How’s Indoor Goals? What do you want to do?” I suspect this is for the camera. Zach is going to look for work with the Portland Timbers. He wants to get his foot in the door but doesn’t seem to know how.

Amy cleans. Then she yells at Zach to get his resume together. Amy hay bales how people will say no to him because he’s a little person. True but there’s more to it than that. Zach heads off to his interview for…. What? I mean there’s no job discussed.

The Portland Timbers guy is an Aussie, I think. Zach actually has a coaching license? Some sort of license. The head coach seems to like him. In fairness, Zach comes off a lot better when Jeremy isn’t there. I’ve wondered that for a long time, if part of the problem is the “conjoined” aspect of the twins’s lives. That’s a mom and dad issue btw, not a Jeremy issue. They talk about coaching scenarios and coaching jobs. I really don’t think this was a job interview at all. Now we have Zach watching the game being played while inspirational music is played. Yeah um… what exactly was he interviewing for?

Zach heads home. The counter is covered with wine bottles. He needs a “D” license and basically they gave him their business card. Amy explains how to read the card. She laughs but again, it’s a problem.

Zach is writing some sort of thank you letter. Mueller jokes, Tori seems to take it seriously. I am genuinely shocked he knows to write a thank you letter. Tori and Zach head out for a date. Zach notes that if he treats a girl nicely, she’s less concerned about his appearance as a dwarf. He seems so shocked. They go to the Tavern. Zach notes that etiquette with a girl is awkward. Zach orders for her. This is what every young couple wants, cameras on a date Zach goes on how he’s in love. I notice we haven’t gotten any hay bales from Tori. Yet.

The date drags on thru the commercial break. They have dated for 7 months. Yet this is being presented as a new thing. Oh finally Tori in a confessional. She likes Zach. She seems nice. Since this was filmed in September, I wonder if they are still dating.

Back at the house. Zach is screwing around with a soccer ball and gets a phone call. He gets called for an internship job. Zach and Matt discuss this intern while Mo licks his butt. I mean, its natural and all but kind of an indicator just how fast this filmed since they didn’t reshoot to avoid cats licking their butts. Matt privately (heh) hay bales that Zach is FINALLY doing something. Because this hasn’t been harped on the entire episode, how Matt is disappointed. Matt notes that he and Amy are attending and this all feels intentional. As in, gosh the Portland Timbers are awfully accommodating and gosh funny how Matt had time in his very busy schedule to attend the game Zach was interning at even though it all seemed to go down at last minute.

Zach gets a special uniform and gets instructed on what to do. He’s time keeping. There is soccer footage. Matt and Pondo of the Cheap Douchebags are there. Zach notes he has to do well or else consider moving to a town with more opportunity.

And we’re back. This is the final game of the season so no, this isn’t a job for Zach. Zach works, and fills out paper work and soccer is played. Zach seems to leave and joins Matt in the stands. Which is odd because it doesn’t seem like the game was over. Zach goes on about his passion. Amy hay bales how Zach is taking a big first step. Matt hay bales how Zach is taking a big first step. And done! Matt and Amy sure don’t think much of Zach, do they?

I feel for Tori.


Lynn C said...

I'm glad for Zach. The confidence should do him good and Matt and Amy are right to worry about Zach getting too comfortable.

Jeremy left home and discovered his passion and pursued it.

M said...

If it wasn't for you spirit I would have no idea these specials even aired. DVR set but I'll most likely watch mob wives first haha.

Kevin M. said...

Why choose Rap to do any recap. It will only result in the same old sour perspective. She can't even view the show without a preconceived negative stand. Even her "preview" is written with that same sour tone. If she believes the show will be a "snooze-fest" then maybe she needs to spend her precious time elsewhere such as getting her field plowed.

Megan said...

Matt and Amy must be the worst motivational speakers ever!

Zach finally has a girl that likes him and what do they do? Spend all their time telling him that it's not going to last and she's going to live.

Way to motivate Matt and Amy!

Justin said...

I guess they finally admitted that the Dani/Zach thing was all fake. Molly said it was the first time he's had a girlfriend or a girl that he likes or vice/versa.

The scripted narration from was painful.

Greg said...

Tori was cute, but the Timbers thing? How is that Zach showing initiative.

Who are they kidding (besides the dummies on Matt's facebook)? The Timbers thing only happened because of the tv show.

Kyle said...

My favorite two parts of the episode:

Amy talking to Zach in the kitchen about how he's stagnant and needs to get out there and do stuff and take care of himself and then at the end she hands him the sandwich she's been preparing throughout the entire scene!

Also, can't forget about that really epic and dramatic music playing for Zach's big time job of filling out paperwork at the Timbers game!

But overall this was a throwaway episode. No wonder TLC moved UP the airing date.

Ashley said...

Was the Portland Timbers internship the same thing that Amy posted about a long time ago? Because if it was, I don't think it lasted....remember Zach had a blog on some "jock" website and twitter account with it? He still only has the one post on it....

Paula Y said...

If Tori gave Zach confidence, these staged "LPBW specials" must destroy it all! Not that I have sympathy because Zach is selling out and getting paid for it, but Zach got butchered for the whole show.

No, just no. Amy needed to tell Zach that "F" on a business card stands for "Fax"?

Michelle said...

No Jeremy at all. About 30 seconds of Jacob. About one minute of Molly.

I hope Zach is the only one that got paid for this episode.

Nancy said...

Do all of these specials need to have a stupid staged activity? Didn't Matt and Amy already race go karts? Then arm wrestling. Now Matt needs to beat Zach in go karts again.

I agree that voice overs were the worst. Not scripted? Hahahaha! As bad as Zach walking into Matt's office or Amy asking about Indoor goals.

Peter said...

Too bad for Zach, but if you read between the lines? Tori signed up to work "last year" at the Roloff farm.

"Last year" is important because that was well after the show was on tv. Read between the lines. She's a fan of the show and now she's Zach's girlfriend. I'm skeptical.

Rap541 said...

Kevin M - feel free to volunteer your own recap :)

I have no problem with competition.

Man up Kevin, hand on the Bible - did you *offer* to recap this special?

I know what the *honest* answer is. Put up or shut up - offer your own recap if you don't like mine. :)

My bet? Kevin shuts up :)

Oh and Kevin, its noted you made a crude sexual remark about me - shows how you respect females like Molly and Amy Roloff... Molly is just a field to be plowed for the love of Christ, right? She's just something to be bedded and discarded like all women, until a man like Matt or Jeremy is too tired and needs something to nail in their "old goat" days. Right Kev? Thats all women like me, and Molly, and Amy are? Objects for men to screw? Have you told Matt his daughter is just something for you to plow? :)

Kyle S said...

Matt and Amy need an education about average size people. Do they think average height guys aren't insecure? Do they think average height guys aren't afraid of being told "no".

They relate everything about Zach to be a "little person".

Jocelynn said...

Kyle, I was distracted by how staged the conversation between Amy and Zach was that I didn't even notice that she was making him a sandwich! :)

The Timbers people were very nice, but let's be realistic. They gave it to him because of the chance that they would be included in a tv episode.

It wasn't a coaching job. It was logging what time they started the game...

Zach must really need the money or want the attention in a twisted way. He looks horrified as Amy and Matt more or less tell the world that he's a loser right in front of him.

Jocelynn said...

Kevin M, what Rap said.

It is so tiresome to read people complain that Rap is reviewing an episode when you don't even offer to review? Did you write Spirits and offer to review the episode? I bet I can guess the answer to that.

Tee said...

I enjoyed the special and I think it was nice that it focused on Zach. I don't really think it matters how Zach and Tori met, they are enjoying each others company. I especially don't see why it matters if Amy made him lunch during her conversation, she loves him and as crazy as it is moms often make meals for their family. Funny that every move they make is the wrong one. within the negative comments you forgot to slam Rocky but I think you covered everyone else.

Greg said...

@Tee, that contrived and obviously scripted content of every scene did not bother you?

Every narration was reading a card. Every scene was contrived and staged.

How can anyone tell anything real from something so fake?

Rap541 said...

Tee - but the recap has't even posted yet! :)

Christine said...

Yeah Rap, why haven't you posted the recap yet? That's one of the best parts of these episodes. Don't listen to your haters!

Lacey said...

This episode is further proof that Roloffs can't earn anything on their own.

Anything they do is because of tv.

Rap541 said...

Christine the show isn't even on here yet!

DJ said...

I think Tori only likes Zach because he was on tv and she thinks it's cool to date and be friends with people she watched on tv.

Tee said...

Rap - I just meant in general, not referring directly to you. I'm referring to the comments.

Laura Lynch said...

Tee, you have no idea how Zach and Tori really interact. The show once portrayed Zach and Dani as being interested in each other. As someone else said, they admitted it was a sham tonight (not that it was a shock to anyone).

Carefully staged scenes of 'go do something that we can film' is not real life.

Look at what Jeremy does in real compared to how he is portrayed on the show. Hardly anything is real about LPBW, in my opinion.

Randy said...

A couple thoughts...

I agree with Kyle that probably my favorite part of the episode was when Amy was telling Zach he needs to grow up, start to go out on his own, and he can't live at home she makes a sandwich for him. Classic.

Amy needs to realize she is a big part of the problem. She treats her kids like they're still 6 years old. How much you want to bet she still wakes Zach up everyday for work and school.

Also, what kind of car was Zach driving? Didn't he supposedly "buy" an SUV last season to be his car? That wasn't the car he bought, was it?

Tee said...

Laura you have no idea what I know. Big
difference between knowing and an opinion.

Laura Lynch said...

Tee, whatever you say. Keep on believing that the Roloffs portrayed on tv are how the Roloffs really are.

If it were, Spirits site wouldn't exist because there wouldn't keep being stuff showing their REAL behavior in real life as opposed to their fake tv personas.

Chris L said...

Hey Rap, go easy on Mo. He's stressed from being chucked up high by Mueller and Jeremy!!

Diana said...

I agree with all the favoritism that Matt and Amy show Amy. They've treated Jeremy like he is so amazing.

I agree that Zach is better without Jeremy around.

Nicole said...

If Tori has been dating Zach for over 7 months (from when that was filmed) and was around for a full pumpkin season before that, then I wonder if some of Amy's attitude about her (she said she liked her, but acted like she's a fad that will dump Zach) is the same as what Amy said when they were in school. That she thinks Tori pretends to be interested in Zach because it allowed her to hang around Jeremy. She started dating Zach long before Jeremy left.

Z said...

Tori insults fans too to be apart of the inner circle. Don't go thinking she is so sweet. She spent a lot of time hanging out with Jeremy and Mueller.

Tiffany said...

Rap, ol' buddy ol' pal, your reviews are.......interesting to say the least:)

I just can't help but think that you watch the show and openly follow the Roloffs Facebook and Twitter accounts (even the fake ones) to take what is said and somehow manipulate it into something so terribly bad and wrong.

Porcupine Pie said...

I like your recaps, Rap! Not too much to say except holy crap that was alot of wine on the kitchen counters! Used to be stowed away in the fridge, but now, who cares, let it all hang out! It was nice to see Mo, but I didn't watch the whole episode, anyone see Rocky? Hopefully Matt didn't follow thru with his plan!

Tori seems nice, but Zach needs to pop his mamas titty out of his mouth and move out and make his own way in the world.

Joanne said...

I was happy for zach. He and Tori seem like they really like each other and have lots in common. I thought Matt and Amy both were a bit too much in pushing zach with the career, but he handled it well.

To the point of Matt threatning to kick him out I dont agree with. Its a scary time in zachs life trying to figure life out all the extra pressure from his parents is even harder.

BeckyM said...

Once again, the Roloffs sell their kids' privacy to make a buck. Let's say this is all staged, so Zach enjoyed being portrayed as an incompetent boob? Let's say it isn't staged, Amy and Matt like showing off their son as an incompetent boob?

Either way Matt and Amy sold Zach, Jerem, Jacob and Molly down the river a long time ago to make some quick money.

The sandwich thing? Definitely TLC editing irony. JMO but I've long thought that TLC mocked their own reality stars. Some ways they portrayed Kate was definitely a hidden shank right in the kidney though she was always too stupid to see it when the episode aired. TLC with this type of scheduling is doing the same thing to the Roloffs, It's a big FU.

BTW Zach I hope you realize that one day your privacy is far more important then a bit of money in the bank and leaping about like a pet monkey with your parents holding the leash. But I won't hold my breath.

Rap541 said...

Tiffany - feel free to share your review :)

SaskatoonMark said...

We've seen this situation over and over in the entertainment industry, usually with child actors on TV sitcoms -- they get a taste of fame as a D-list celebrity and lose all motivation to do anything else. Would Zach and Jer have been more motivated to pursue careers if LPBW had never seen the light of day?

Like others, I also feel sorry for Tori. Some day she'll ask herself if she made a wise decision in letting such intimate things end up on TV.

Dave said...

Thanks for the recap. Didn't realize the show was on.

How come Zach can't just say his job is giving speeches and then live off of TLC money? Go into the family business so to speak.

Was that the final show or is there more? If there's another, maybe it could be about what kind of careers Matt and Amy are pursuing (outside of the Pumpkin selling, dirt projects and "speech" making). What's going to bring in the money now? Give Zach a chance to get his licks in.

Lindsay said...

The way the entire Roloff family over values Jeremy is very annoying.

He's in California surfing and skate boarding when he's not in a photography class. Wanna bet his college his being paid by Matt and Amy? As is his rent and the rest of his bills.

But they constantly act like Jeremy is so successful and Zach is such a failure in comparison.

Guess what? Jeremy hasn't made it. It takes more than Matt saying that Jeremy's grades are awesome (the boy who cried wolf?) and his family and friends talking about what a talented photographer he is for him to have actually accomplished something.

Cookie said...

For those folks who think LPBW isn't a scripted show - the quote below is taken directly from Matt's FB status post:
Matt: "It's not the size of the dog in the fight ... It's the size of the fight in the dog! I can't believe I messed up that line in this episode of LPBW. ON NOW ... in some living rooms. Sorry uk and others.. I wish it was on where you are too.. I'll try to keep u posted if I hear anything about international air dates.."

Aiden said...

Well Cookie, I don't think he meant actual speaking line from a script but just the line from the saying in general. And that's coming from someone who can plainly see the fact that the show is scripted.

I really ended up feeling bad for Zach. Even though he has a job and is going to college he still was made out as a mooch of a low-life loser.

Just because Jeremy is living on his own (with all his funding from his parents) taking pictures for his "college education" at a FOR profit school (tuition paid for by his parents) doesn't make him any better than Zach, but obviously it does in the eyes of Matt and Amy.

Timothy said...

Well said, Aiden.

Cookie said...

You're probably right Aiden. I didn't watch the show. Rap's recap is good enough for me and is way more entertaining than anything the Roloff's could possibly provide.

Janet said...

Yeah, I can definitely see why TLC moved up the airing date. This was a throw away episode full of fluff and the material was not really of any substance to update us on the Roloffs which I thought was the point of the four specials.

Vic Rattlehead said...

Whoring for attention, it's what every no talent f list hack "reality star" does when their 15 minutes of fame is running too 14:59.

Matt and Amy allowing a virtual hatchet job on Zach just because he isn't off lazing around in California getting an "education" that will most likely end up getting him employed as a photographer at walmart like Jeremy is doing is unconscionable but then again they've been doing it for years with Jacob so nothing new there.

Jocelynn said...

Janet, I think you hit the nail on the head.

In fairness, at least they did update the fact that Zach has a girlfriend. Despite the spin they tried to put on the Timbers gig, it doesn't sound like there is anything else that has changed in Zach's life.

But I've been struck by that in all of the specials by the lack of an update and all the fluff that has been included.

Samantha said...

I'm so glad I follow this blog, otherwise I wouldn't even know the specials were airing! Yeah Matt, TLC is just BEGGING to put you back on air....

Rap541 said...

I notice btw that for all the whining and moaning about my review (Thanks Kevin M, Thanks Tiffany) no one has had the courage to step up and offer to sit down and write their own three page assessment of this episode.

I guess the *real* roloff fans just don't feel like stepping up for Jesus and Matt... funny that. Tiffany? Kevin M? You sure were vocal about how you were offended that *I* was doing a review... Have either of you, so critical to me, had the courage of your convictions to sit down and write your own?

Or are you whining about someone who is *doing* what you don't have the cojones to do? :)

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I need some help with timelines before I discuss further thoughts and topics.
Alright, Zach and Tori have been dating since Pumpkun Season 2010, correct? Otherwise, where did the "7 months and four days" add up? When Jacob deftly delivered his scripted line about "so, how long have you (Zach) and Tori been dating?" "Since pumpkin season" must have been 2010, as this occurred in the summer of 2011 in real time. I'm also privy to evidence that Zach and Tori were dating as far back as approx. April of last year, despite some infantile high school sarcasm as to what we do and do not know about the Roloffs. So, when did the staged dinner out take place?
On to the contrived conversation between Zach and enabler Amy. I call her enabler because of the fact that she chastises Zach for not going forward on his own, then makes him a sandwich??? Now, opposed to what some people say about parents making their 'children' food, when I wanted a sandwich outside of mealtime, I was instructed to make it myself. By some people's standards, my mother was mean and horrible. Not.
This conversation, if in real time, MUST have taken place well before Oct. 15th, 2011. That's the date of the Timbers final home game, when the were beaten by the Houston Dynamo.
OK, so what filming was done before the special aired? The staged office conversation/lecture (full points to Zach on that one), the staged orders of enabler Amy for Zach to get his resume ready for a meeting that probably took place in Sept. 2011? Why was the airing of this 'special' left this long?

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Since the show did not follow a chronological time line, I'm not either. So there.
Ok, the 'male bonding' followed by the 'talk' followed by the hay baling from boss Matt. First why does almost everything Matt does have to be a competition? The stupid ridiculous mule race, followed by the stupid ridiculous wrist wrestling, culminating in the stupid ridiculous kart race. Why? What does it prove? Insecurity?
The 'talk'. "Zach, do you know how to hang onto a girl?" Well, by not speaking of her like she's a possession for starters. Second, by being honest and sincere enough to realize that the outcome of the relationship is equally as much what she wants, as you.
Matt's hay baling. Competition and insecurity again. C'mon, Matt you are NOT in competition with average height people. Socrates said, "Truth is Humility". If you are completely secure and comfortable with yourself, and your possession runs off with 'Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome', exactly who is the sick one in this relationship??? Not you. If she's that shallow, it's not your problem, it's hers. Why would you want to continue with someone like that? Matt's gross insecurity is so evident it might prove a hinderance to Zach's own development.

PJ said...

Hey, I missed the LPBW show because I had something else going on Sunday night.

Does anyone know when TLC is going to re-air the show again? I really want to see it.

Rap541 said...

To be perfectly fair, Podge - the issue isn't really that Amy made Zach a sandwich, or that Matt took Zach for gokart racing and milkshakes. Its that Matt and Amy both choose to present the situation as "we're unhappy that Zach isn't acting like an independant adult" and then treat him like a ten year old on camera... and expect people to applaud them.

Look, you seriously want Zach and Jeremy to grow up? Really? Then sit them down, without any treats first, and outline how the Bank of Mom and Dad is closing. Trust me - if Zach had to pay for his own cell, his own car insurance, his own car payment, his own cable tv... he'd be a whole lot less "comfortable" at the idea of working at Indoor Soccer for the rest of his life. Same with Jeremy (and the lad might reassess whether photography school is worth it if he had to pay for it, and his apartment, his own cell plan, his own car insurance, etc the way most 21 year old freshman need to)

This would involve both Matt and Amy putting their feet down on the behavior amd that won't happen on camera because thats too real.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Hi Rap!
I have two more aspects of this situation.
1. Why are these conversations and treatment of Zach taking place NOW, not two years ago? Jeremy James Jesus (I'm taking that to my grave lol) wasn't pushed at all - "what are you doing with your life, Jer?" "I don't know. Maybe photography. Maybe not. Not sure. I'll spend your money in college for a couple years while I figure things out. I'm not in a rush." - Not near the push they've put on Zach now, as in AFTER the Golden Boy leaves. I fell it's not fair to pile this up now, that's why I will always call Amy an enabler.
2. Matt, for the millions he's made on the dirt deal ala ten four trucker, and being such a good businessman that 'Dana' raves about his acumen, flatly refuses to help his son with his pursuit. How are you going to monetize your love for soccer? is all Matt's got? Not one word about a.) pushing Zach to learn the business of Indoor Goals to gauge its profitability and understand the workings; b.) Coming up with financial help such as opening his own Indoor Goals in another city, like Salem eg. buying out this operation, or using some of the land around the farms to build junior and senior pitches and start a for-profit soccer club. Or c.) showing Zach how to build a pro-forma to get money from a futures investment organization to start on his own. Of course Zach doesn't know this, because Matt and Amy have left it this long, not precluding the fact that I believe Zach is studying(?) Sports Management at PCC. No support for your son. In ANY form. Emotional, financial, or business sense. What gives?
Now, it wouldn't surprise me that Matt will read this, realize that he could have been a better father, use some of these ideas and proclaim it with a blaze of glory that it was all his idea.
Please realize I'm not letting Zach of the hook either, Rap. Level of comfort versus the fear of change is a horrible struggle. One I'm going through right now. A combination of a little passion from Zach and a little support from dad and we wouldn't be discussing this.

Kyle said...

PJ. I doubt that TLC will re-air the episode. Mostly because the premiere itself didn't garner enough viewers so it'd be a waste to re-air it and get less viewers when they can repeat a different show that constantly gets more viewers.. They probably won't even air this special before the airing of the fourth special because it wouldn't be a good lead in.

With all this talk of no one else offering to write a review, I'll definitely write one for the fourth special. Anyone have any clue as to when it'll air?

Rap541 said...

Podge - yes I hear you.

1. Frankly, I think it took Amy a while to give up the fantasy that Jeremy and Zach were always going to be "Jeremy and Zach". You know, living together, going to the same college, having the same friends, her twins always together, sharing every activity. (Matt I think could care less as long as the kids show up to do his projects)

2. I don't think Matt particularly likes Zach all that much. Frankly, I don't think Matt is interested in much beyond his own ideas. Yes, I have wondered for some time why no one suggests to Zach that he might want to try running a business like Indoor Goals. I don't let Zach off the hook - he's been hearing the same thing from soccer professionals for years, namely that coaches are more often than not ex players. I feel for him, because he has two parents who tell him he can do it if he workss at it and never stop dreaming etc etc etc... But Amy pretty clearly abandoned her dream of running a bed and breakfast and Matt basically runs an entertainment business and insists on calling himself a farmer. He gets mixed messages.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Well Rap, I got a mixed message from the "talk" call-it-what-you-want between Amy and Zach. Amy sounded like she's pretty much sold out on Zach's dream and advised Zach he should be too, and move on to something that pays.
One interesting little twist I want to throw in here. It was discussed on "Football Today" on ITV1, that of all the Managers of professional football teams throughout Europe, only ONE did not have a professional or championship career. His name is Andre Villas-Boas, the manager of Chelsea FC in London. Zach's favorite team! Zach even stopped by a Stamford Bridge, the club's home pitch, when he and Jeremy were in London. Keep the passion alive, Zach.

Anonymous said...

Frankly I don't know why you are recapping this as you seem to be awfully disrespectful! I would suggest that if this show does not appeal to you that you do not tune in. Obviously it does because you keep watching.
As for me, wish Zach and Tori and the entire Roloff family well in all their endeavours. If you look in the mirror, have you done half as much as they have? Jealousy comes in many forms. Just be happy for the family. Let's see you put your hand up for a camera crew to come and tape most things that go on in your family and the interactions, I bet the public could disrespect you too. Have a little class and decency mate! Cheers

Rap541 said...

Yes yes, forgive me, the Roloffs don't ever deserve criticism, they must be respected and praised, and if you can't do either, you should sit in silence as anything other than praise and respect for the Roloffs equals jealousy. :)

Anon, we've heard that so many times before - people who criticize the Roloffs are *jealous* and of course should shut their mouths and not say a word. Why is *that*? Why can't the Roloffs stand up and address the criticism? I mean, they say they *welcome it* - I know there's some choice quotes from Matt and Amy on that topic but funny how Matt and Amy never really address any criticism with anything other than "You don't know me! What's wrong in your life that you're looking down on me?"

And funny how when Matt bitches about something, and he does - like you know, Faith Bible, or "haters"... funny how all the anons never say "Matt, do you know them? What's wrong in your life, Matt, that you're critical about others? Jealous much, Matt?" Nope, Matt and Amy get the "Yeah! You're little people so whatever you do is adorable! You go!" (which btw is exactly the sort of condescension I thought they didn't want).

You know why I am not a reality whore like the Roloffs, kind Anon? Because I agree, if I was on tv, there would be plenty to pick at. See, unlike the Roloffs, I make enough money that I don't need a reality show to support my lifestyle, so I can have nice things AND privacy. :)

And based on their behavior, yeah, I do think the Roloffs are jealous of that. But please, feel free to let me know how much money Matt makes because apparently the important thing to the Roloffs is that they live on a million dollar piece of property and everybody is jealous of them because they're rich.

Lil hint, anon defenders, "You're jealous cause the Roloffs are RICH" is why people think the Roloffs are snobs, and crass snobs at that. Since they almost lost their house before the reality show, I'm not jealous at all about someone who has money because they sacrifice their privacy.

And when is that next special? With the Australia trip that TLC paid for because the Roloffs are so rich? :) Here's a question to ask Matt - how many overseas family trips has the family been on where Matt the Millionaire paid for it himself?

Vic Rattlehead said...

"Jealousy comes in many forms."

So do blind love and mindless adulation.

BeckyM said...

@ Anon Frankly, why are you reading this recap on a blog you don't like? Again with the same old, same old newbie whiney posts...

But what I really really thought was hilarious was this one: "If you look in the mirror, have you done half as much as they have?"

Anon, anon, anon... *tsk**tsk*

Age 13 My first PAYING JOB

Age 20 Completed a two year degree. Paid for by ME.

Age 22 Completed a four year degree. Paid for my ME...generally working two and during one six month period THREE jobs. Graduated with a B+average and went immediately to a paying job.

Supported myself, and have even owned my own businesses.

Paid for my own wedding.

Gave birth (all natural with no drugs) to two wonderful kids.

Have over 24 hours in post-graduate credit. All A's.

Volunteered and was honored by the non-profit agency for my work on Child Abuse Prevention.

Bought a home without financial assistance. Sold a home and bought a second home.

Raised two kids who are on their own schools' honor rolls. This means an A average. My son graduated as the Class Salutatorian and is now attending college full time.

Married over 20 years to a man who doesn't think I'm sub-human, should be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, and doesnt' tear me down to build himself up.

Wow! and I did that all without putting myself on a reality show and being a fame ho! I guess anon that when you compare YOUR life, the Roloffs seem to be phenomenal. Sorry, it ain't so for the majority of us hardworking, tax-paying, non-litigious American families.

Rap541 said...

To put the "just jealous" arguement in perspective:

I don't like Joe Paterno's conspiracy of silence. Am I "just jealous" of his success? I mean, like Matt Roloff, I am pretty sure he owned a pretty nice house and had a lot of money...

You know, it is possible to not like how someone lives without being secretly jealous. Particularly when the only thing to be jealous about is material possession. Jealous of Matt and Amy's marital problems? Nope. Jealous of the kids various school failures? Nope. Jealous of Matt's obvious health issues in comparison to my own good health? Again, nope. Frankly, based on the incessant "I'm a millionaire! I was successful before the show despite my writing an autobiography that included details on how I almost lost my house! I was a millionaire even when I was borrowing money from inlaws for the kids dental bills, I was a monetary success and don't you all forget I own a million dollar home!" I am really strongly thinking that ol Matt has some jealousy issues of his own.*

Matt? Feel free to send two or three anons out to tell us how monetarily rich you are. Thats always fun.

*I am completely free of debt, am well on track for early retirement, and have plenty of cash for fun and to help others. No I do not own a million dollar farm, nor do I drive a Mercedes. That's not because I can't afford those things, it's that I don't value them enough to spend my cash that way.

jeni talwartz said...

Hilarious! Giggity...thx! Zach did appear slightly more hygienically sound tho it still looks like he just ate wonder bread n mayo sammiches...