Saturday, January 28, 2012

Amy Roloff "Little Big Talk" Recap For Jan 14 and Jan 28, 2012

Amy Roloff's live internet talk show chat has started up again. She renamed it "Little Big Talk" (previously referred to as "Coffee Chat with Amy".

Amy says she is planning to have it every 2nd week.

We never got around to posting a recap of the first one, so we will recap both the Jan 14th chat and today's chat (Jan 28th).

Amy usually does cooking segments or talks to her friends or local business people in Portland. In our recaps, we stick to more of the fan oriented topics. Basically, if you didn't watch and think you might have missed some big scoop or or important Roloff topic being discussed (you probably didn't, it's pretty "light"), that what we're here for.

Both weeks, various people that were logged in report that the number of people in the chat ranged from about 100 - 150. Amy doesn't really talk with the people on the chat. She doesn't spend much time reading the chat comments. Sometimes Lisa Dixon (Amy's friend and part of ARCF) will ask Amy questions that people in the live chat are asking.


Jan 14th, 2012

*Amy talked about finally succeeding in getting a publisher for her cook book. She did a photo shoot for the cover of the book. The book is going to be called "Short and Simple".

*There's still a couple of LPBW "specials" to air. It's not the same intense filming as before. The next one (that episode has now aired) focuses on Zach.

*Amy said she gets to know more about her kids from the sound bytes they give for the show.

*Amy discussed the fact that Jeremy is in California. She misses him. She commented that there is a lot more food in the fridge now that Jeremy and his friends aren't around.

*Chatters were asking for the other Roloffs to make an appearance. Amy said Molly and Jacob were sleeping ("Little Big Talk" is on Saturdays starting at 10am PST for an hour or two).

*Update on Jeremy? He's studying photography. He's loving it. Second semester will be tougher. He was home for Christmas break and spent a lot of time with his girlfriend.

*Amy described Zach as going to school, working at Indoor Goals and is still figuring out life.

*Jacob's 15th birthday was Jan 17th. He's working on his driver's permit. Amy said it will depend upon his grades.

*Amy went to a spa with Molly for their birthdays. They waited because there was so much going on in September with Amy's charity event and then pumpkin season.

*Molly made an appearance and ate cereal as she chatted. She's still deciding on colleges. She's not keen on attending universities in Oregon.

*Amy said she needs to send Jeremy a care package because she hasn't done that yet.

*Jeremy took some of Molly's senior pictures, but she was having more done by a friend at school who is also really into photography.

*Molly left after a few minutes. Amy said they come on her internet live streaming show for her; they go along with it.

*Amy wanted Molly to go wake Jacob up so he would come say "hi". Amy said he has longer hair now.

*Amy discussed Jacob. He's going to public high school now. A lot of people know him from TV. He has a few good friends. Amy worries about Jacob every day, but says he's doing good.

*Ads cut into the live streaming program. Amy's tech guy, Rich, said they were annoying.

*They do "shout outs" to people on the chat "We have a viewer from Boston! "Hi Boston!" Mary from Miami. Hi Mary in Miami" - that type of thing.

*A chatter asked Amy how she feels about people coming up to talk to her when she's out. Amy said she loves when people come up to her and tries to get to everyone, but doesn't like it when people interrupt if she is already talking to someone else.

*Amy's not sure about what is going to happen with more LPBW "update specials".

*Amy and Matt are both trying to do speaking events. Matt does more corporate events, while Amy does more with disability/diversity groups and speeches at colleges.

*Amy wants to get back to travelling. In 2013 they might take some big trips. They are thinking about Jamaica. Amy said she might take Molly to Mexico.

*Amy did a cooking segment.

*She was asked about farm animals. Amy doesn't know if they still have goats. They weren't the Roloffs goats. She doesn't know if the farmer took them back to his place or what.

*Amy went back to talking about how she hopes Jacob will wake up and make an appearance for her chat, but he had friends stay over last night and probably stayed up all night.

*Amy said Molly was excited about being registered to vote.

*Jacob's friend, Levi and his mother made an appearance. Amy asked Levi where Jacob was?Levi said he's still asleep upstairs.


Jan 28th

*Amy discussed some current news stories. She mentioned a family whose daughter was murdered and then the son went on the subway and flashed a gun, people called the police. Amy thinks people should more understanding towards the circumstances young people are dealing with and need to give young people hope.

*Chatters were asking about the height of the Roloffs:

Amy said she is 4'2 and Molly is 5'9.

According to Amy, Jeremy is 6 foot. Lisa could be heard saying "5'11.

Amy said Jacob is 5'5. Molly said he's shorter.

*Amy thinks Jacob needs to start eating healthier.

*They took a question about Zach and Tori. Amy described Tori as a lovely girl. She likes Tori. She's balanced. She reminds Amy of Molly. Tori isn't drama. She's good for Zach. Amy said it would be great if they could maintain their relationship. Amy described Zach as being very black and white. Cold and warm. Amy said uttered the words "Temper tantrums".

*Matt came inside. They called Matt over to the table. Amy said Matt was butchering their pigs. Matt told Amy that she shouldn't talk about it because some people get upset when they talk about that subject. Amy said she likes raising their own animals for food. Matt mentioned using pumpkin seeds and left over pumpkins. He made a joke about their meat smelling like pumpkins.

*Matt said they just a board meeting about CoDA. He says they are about to receive a large grant. Matt described the LPA as being spread very thin, so CoDA tries to help in some other areas. They don't have a lot of money for CoDA, but you can donate through paypal. Matt said they don't put as much time and energy into CoDA as Amy does with her charity foundation.

*Amy had a guest that she had on last year on "Coffee Chat". The guest then transformed into
"Aunt Lena" and joined Amy in the kitchen for a cooking segment. It seemed to go on for about an hour with Amy, "Aunt Lena" and Lisa talking among themselves about cooking. The chatters were getting restless. Some said they couldn't hear them and some were insulting "Aunt Lena"

That was about all.


Natalie said...

Zach really gets thrown to the wolves by Matt and Amy!

Imagine talking about your girlfriend or boyfriend and your mom saying that you have temper tantrums.

How much more obvious can it be that Jacob hates being on camera?

Porcupine Pie said...

Holy crap, I had no idea that they raise animals for food, and Matt butchers them? I guess that's why he talked about shooting poor Rocky when the time came. Yikes! But I admit, I'm just a city girl who goes to the grocery store when I want some bacon..........

Rap541 said...

Porcupine - don't get too impressed. This is the first year they've had pigs, none of the Roloffs are involved in the daily care of the pigs, thats what the real farmhands are for, and Matt didn't head on down to the barn and butcher his pigs, he hired someone to do it for him..

Under Matt's rules of "doing it yourself" Porcupine, you've raised and butchered pigs too since you've exchanged money and gotten bacon in return.

BeckyM said...

Amy still struggles to hold onto her 15 minutes of fame. Will her cookbook, filled with fattening and unimaginative dishes, do well in an oversaturated book genre? Kate Gosselins cookbook wasn't even released in the U.S. but was immediately panned to the European market.

Amy is sadly delusional. The problem here is that she simply isn't interesting. She has no hobbies, talent, or personal voice that captures the interest of the viewers. Because of her genetics she gets a chance to make a speech filled with lies about diversity that people lap up.

Just like Kate (who gossip says she hates) she is only known because of her kids, hence the queries about the kids coming onto her chats. Stop riding your kids fame, Amy and give it up. They obviously are not wanting to play the fame ho game anymore.

Matt butchering his own pigs? Not surprised. This guy has a need to show his strength even if it is watching other people slaughter his pigs (I doubt he has the physical strength to do it). Probably to prove he's a 'REAL' farmer and a Man's Man! LOL!

Farmers? And you can't even keep track of some goats? At best Matt is a gentleman farmer, pretending his role, with a few hobby animals and a pumpkin farm that is mainly for tourists.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

PP, Matt took a picture got someone else doing the butchering awhile back. On his FB page he said Saturday he went to pick up the packaged meat.

Porcupine Pie said...

Ah, thanks Rap and Podge, I imagined Matt bursting in the the kitchen with a bloody apron, "We're havin' pork chops for dinner!" That makes sense he would hire someone to do that, wouldn't want to get his "widdle" hands bloody. And I would rather poke myself in the eye with a stick than to look at his FB page so I didn't see the pic that he posted.

Vic Rattlehead said...


Amy Roloff is not Paula Dean Rachel Ray or Cat Cora.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

PP, it's kinda like being a fisher(person).
Head down to your local market, pick out a nice fish in the display, stand back and tell the fish monger to throw it at you! When you get home, you can hold it up and tell your partner (if you have one), "Check this out! Look at the fish I caught this afternoon. Woo Hoo!"
You too, can be as amazing as Matt.

Mike P. said...

An Amy Roloff "cookbook" leaves me helpless with laughter, gasping for air. I wonder how often the phrase "follow package instructions" will appear in it. We ought to create a pool here to guess how soon it will land in the bins at Dollar Tree.

What's next? "Amy Roloff's Marriage Magic"?

Mike P. said...

Just for the record:

The Roloff's candidate lost big time in yesterday's special election for Oregon's 1st congressional district.

Suzanne Bonamici (D) 55%
Rob Cornilles (R) 39%

DJ said...

@Mike P, Thanks. I was wondering how the vote would go.

Election watcher said...

Mike P, here is an article from yesterday. It describes the candidate that the Roloffs were raising support for as a "Tea Party radical" and "Tea Party extremism that protects the ultra-wealthy versus defenders of the middle class and Medicare`

Yep, that sounds like the Roloffs.

bev. said...

I think the roloffs are just amazing people!!me and my husband and four kids watch them all the time ,, i just love them..god bless !!

Kona said...

How can I get a copy of Amy's cook book?

Anonymous said...

Why are so many people here taking pot shots at the Roloffs?What is wrong with these people?Amy as an individual has alot going for her and I just don't understand why people say these things...I love their shows and look forward to more.I find them to be very nice and straigh forward and honest...

Anonymous said...


Megan said...

I am so glad I got to see these NEW episodes. I love the Roloffs. I can't wait to buy Amys cookbook!!!

Anonymous said...

This family is genuine. I enjoy their show. Just saw where Amy's cookbook will be published.
And if you are on a diet and her book is not a diet book, leave it alone. Write your own book..and stop complaining about others! Too many people in this world right now think they know best for all! They do not!The Roloffs are good people. Enjoyed Matts "50th" party.Hope they have more shows.Like seeing all the kids grow up and become working and responsible people and not take free hand outs. Keep it up...

Anonymous said...

Really if you dislike them so much..Don't watch..
Their show is so much more real than MOST of the crap reality shows..
I enjoy watching how they manage to endure their "Little People" world and don't expect anything from us "Normal" People..

Judy said...

I love the show. I have never missed an episode of it. If you people do not like it, then do not watch it and quit your complaining. Do I detect envy, jealousy or just plain ignorance? Matt and Amy have overcome a lot of difficulties in their lives, have raised four children, and become successful adults. I wish I had accomplished what this couple has done with their lives.

Snogor said...

I knew when I met you at the Womans Christian conference in Appleton WI, I gave you token of recipes from WI. I am so glad you started your own cookbook. I own hundreds and hundreds of books and yours will be added to my collection and I will buy for gifts. Just love your show. Hope to see more soon

karen giorda said...

i just want to say to all the haters out there that matt and amy roloff are an inspiration to me. they have taught me that i could get thru anything. which has helped me in my fight against cancer which i have been battling for 3 years. so instead of being so cruel look what they have had to overcome and it seems to me they have done exceptionalky well raising there children and taking care of their farm. i am their number one fan!!