Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Matt Roloff General Discussion

Due to popular demand -- we are opening this item up again as a place for people to express their opinions on the Roloffs -- more specifically their opinions on Matt's entries on his public Facebook Fan Page found here:

Matt has posted previously on his Facebook Fan Page explaining that his page is not a democracy. Dissenting opinions have often been deleted and/or the person banned from Matt's Facebook page, so some have asked us to open up a venue where people can express their opinions on general Roloff discussion whether they agree or disagree, like or dislike various Roloff online posts and sentiments.


Rap541 said...

Am I the only noticing lack of crowing about the camera crews coming again?

Cookie said...

Nope Rap--you're not the only one. I saw on Matt's FB where he said that 1M viewers is good for them--I'll find it and post but it'll mean I have to waste yet another 20 minutes of my day to scroll through his vitriol and find it.

I doubt TLC is really good with that viewership but Matt knows everything about everything so maybe...?

Podge/Rodge Groupie said...

I don't know, Rap. When is filming due to start for the next "special"? And when is the next "special" scheduled to air? I don't know if TLC is doing any promo work, I don't watch a single program on TLC to be able to tell.

I think Expressed will finally agree with me that Jacob is much better looking than Jeremy maybe ever was. Alas, he's NOT Jeremy, according to Matt.

I also noticed that Matt has added footings to the new old barn. Hmmmm, I wonder if the Washington County Building Dept. will sign off on that? Will he get the barn inspected? Before or after Matt and Amy's lawsuit against the County? Gee, I hope no problems arise later on.

I also wonder why Matt doesn't crow about all his charity work. Amy's out and about on her FB page trying to do what she can.

Pop and Hunny moved to Grass Valley, CA and apparently are enjoying their new home. That seems far enough away. Despite everything else, the date the "special" aired, Oct. 11th, was their 53rd wedding anniversary.

I DO have one question about a post of Matt's. He wrote, I hope Molly goes to Pepperdine. Anyone know anything about that school?". How could Matt want Molly to go to that school when he knows precisely fourths fifths of you-know-what all about Pepperdine? Help me out here.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

OOPS. I made as misquote, kinda like Mrs. Clinton doing a "misspoke". Matt actually wrote "I hope Molly applies to Pepperdine..." not attends.

Abby said...

Pepperdine is a Christian University. I think for all the publicity Jeremy gets on here for being so conservative and ultra big on the Christian talk, Molly is too.

The only time Molly has ever posted something publicly herself was in the comments of her You Tube video. What she said was identical Jeremy and the rest of the Roloffs. The 'only Jesus can judge a Roloff so shut up you creeps!' stuff. (oblivious to her own judging of people!)

I personally think Molly gets too much credit from people on here. I think she does the same insulting of people and the same ego-centric no one can judge a Roloff but Roloffs can insult whomever they want.

She hasn't been caught being mean to animals or using slurs like Jeremy has, but that doesn't mean she's this great person like some people think she is.

Tee said...

Molly is a very sweet girl. Jeremy, Zach and Jacob are very nice young men. Matt and Amy are very wonderful and hardworking people and they give back in many ways.

Justin said...

"Jeremy, Zach and Jacob are very nice young men"

That's funny! Tee can only be a Roloff friend! Only naive people that believe Chris Cardamone's portrayal of his friends could describe Jeremy, Zach and Jacob as "very nice young men".

I wonder how many slurs have flown from those mouths? How many animals have been mistreated? How many people have been insulted by those 3?

They have a lot to hide. That's why Matt keeps them sheltered and won't let them speak.

Podge/Rodge Groupie said...

Abby, I think the truth of the matter is Molly is better at flying under the radar than the others. I don't think people linked that fact that she attended a "church retreat" with Jeremy James Jesus only to later find out by eye witness accounts exactly what these "retreats" consisted of.

Rap541 said...

Podge - Pepperdine is a pretty good school. Christian doesn't mean bad - Pepperdine has a pretty good rep. So does Seattle Pacific. The only one on Matt's list of places Molly was looking at was Whitworth, which does look a bit smaller and ultra biblely.

I've also been enjoying Matt making faces and wearing silly hats. Oh here's something else - Matt's grammar and spelling seems to have noticably improved.

Podge - yeah, the bragging about the 1.2 or whatever for the ratings is weird considering that its just not that good

Rap541 said...

Tee, I am not going to mock your opinion. I'm going to ask you what you base it on.

Keep in mind that you are indeed watching a highly edited show.

Vic Rattlehead said...


If Matt were ever to walk into an executive meeting at TLC he'd probably be whistling "stranger in paradise".

Tee said...

I think its great Molly is applying to colleges. I'm sure whichever college she chooses she will do great.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

My point about Matt's post was the fact that he hoped Molly would apply to Pepperdine with Matt admitting he knows absolutely NOTHING about the school Molly applies to. Pepperdine's rep was totally unknown to Matt, as evidenced by his question. That's all I'm saying. I was not commenting on whether or not Molly applies to colleges, or the rep of any college in particular. Only the fact that Matt is tossing out names while he knows nothing about the names he's tossing.

Rap541 said...

Hee hee hee dance for us Matt! :)

Funny isn't it, that the guy who professed to have no idea when the specials aired back in late Sept is now quick to assure us - as soon as its mentioned here that he's been awful quiet - that TLC has magically moved episodes forward and will air one on Jan22.

So basically these episodes are already done, and filming is over...

David said...

Matt will always put a positive spin on it, but to me, if they are really fast-tracking these specials, that's a sign they want to fulfill the contract and be done with the Roloffs.

Logically speaking, if they had (like Matt previously said) a one year time frame and 40 filming days to do the 4 specials it would make more sense for TLC to drag it out.

"Update specials" are better when there is something to update. Unless something dramatic happens (and even if it does, they probably will hide it like they did with Jacob being expelled because contrary to what Matt says, Roloffs don't show "the good, bad and the ugly") the next thing to "update" will be Molly graduating and choosing a University.

By whipping these specials out quickly, TLC will be done with the Roloffs before that happens.

Christine said...

I agree David. How boring are these episodes going to be. There is nothing to update!

Scrap it and be done with it. Any honesty or reality went out of the show by midway through the second season.

The Roloffs got too much producing control, TLC dropped the ball by letting unprofessional producers like Cardamone become personal friends with the Roloffs and the Roloffs are too phony and wanted too much privacy. A "reality show" when the stars want privacy is pointless.

Timothy said...

@David, that's what I'm thinking. It's always amazing to read some of the responses on Matt's Facebook. Fans are congratulating him on being moved up? What it really means is that TLC is trying to get it over with sooner.

It's not quite as bad as the fans that congratulated Matt and Amy on Jacob being kicked out of school, but it's the same type of thing. Matt pretends to be happy, some fans congratulate him...

Rap541 said...

Well, to be perfectly fair to Matt, lets be clear, it could be worse. They don't get paid until those episodes air. Better that TLC slaps something together quickly than deciding to just not do them at all. (you know, the way TLC decided to only film 20 episodes of season six instead of the full contract of 80 episodes)

Now here's the bigger point - if the episodes are filmed then TLC is done. I noticed, before the first special aired, that TLC had LPBW back on its show lineup on its website. But when I went to the TLC website about a week before the second special... LPBW was not there. The forum is still there but you really have to hunt for it.

So with the last special airing perhaps no later than March... In order for the Roloffs to continue to be on camera for TLC, there will need to be a new contract....

Personally I don't care, but I'm not the one telling the fans how I love them and how I want to do these shows for them. At some point, Matt's going to have to tell the loving fans that either TLC doesn't want the show anymore or that the Roloffs just can't bear to be on tv anymore.

Kyle said...

I think it is commendable that even though the Roloffs are intrusively subpoenaing for Spirits' personal information. This website still has a link to Amy's charity.

Rap541 said...

Kyle - I like that Spirit is keeping it classy in that respect as well.

BeckyM said...

Here's my thoughts on this - television viewing habits are changing. For example, pick and choose watching via Netflix and Hulu using Roku or xbox. I dumped cable 6 months ago and don't have one regret that I'm not spending $80 a month for slop like LPBW.

Will anyone watch Reality Television when you can have a cafeteria plan on watching? Whatever you want WHENever you want? I sure won't. JMO

Tee said...

Oh good an episode coming up, I look forward to watching it.

Rap541 said...

Hee I am now waiting for the "we've decided to move on" comments to start :)

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Oh now Rap, if you keep prognosticating like that you're going to take all their fun away. Shame on you, Rap541! How do you expect them to solicit all the "Say it ain't so!!!" and "Please do shows forever and ever!" and "Please sign syndication contracts for the next 40 years so we can watch you every day!" responses from the UN-deleted comments on Facebook?
Remember Rap, the fans are so stupid they can't possibly believe Matt is predictable. Goodness no.

Tommi said...

BM- I have netflix, and roku but I still DVR Reality television. So I sure will(be watching).

Carol H said...

If they air when Matt says, it will be days before and during sweeps. A ratings strategy decision for advertisers, and the opposite of "TLC is trying to get it over with sooner"

Susan Coles said...

Carol H, that's a large leap. January 22nd is a full week and a half before Sweeps. I think saying a program that airs about 10 days before Sweeps is for Sweeps is odd.

Is the last special going to air in February or March? I think we need some more official confirmation than Matt's own vague post. As Rap posted, Matt is the same guy who days before the first special was airing said he had no idea what date the special was airing. Now he knows the dates two specials ahead?

If TLC, as you suggest, were so determined to air the specials with Sweeps in mind, why wouldn't they stay with the formula they've chose for the first two specials? They were two months apart.

October - December - February - April

That way they would have got the last two specials during sweeps. Seems to me they are almost avoiding airing the LPBW specials during Sweeps by abandoning the every two months schedule.

Here's the sweeps information and date that I found.

February 2 - February 29, 2012

April 26 - May 23, 2012

June 28, - July 25, 2012

October 25 - November 21, 2012

Rap541 said...

Susan, the only thing I can add is that TLCs website is only showing scheduling up to 1/20 so but yes - sweeps is traditionally in February.

Podge - I know, I know, but honestly at some point its going to become clear to even the most hardcore fans that if the show is soooo popular that TLC is banging Matt's door down begging the Roloffs to just spare a tiny amount of time.... Yeah, then Matt is the one saying no.

Now realistically, with ratings of 1.28 for the most recent special, I doubt TLC is banging the door down, but Matt's ego must be appeased. So at some point he's going to have to nut up and say he just doesn't want to do more shows... since TLC would, you know, put him back on the air if he so much as blinked agreement.

Right Matt? Oh, and fans of Matt, Matt has subpoenaed this blog, so yes Matt obviously reads here quite a bit and pays a GREAT deal of attention to this blog... just in case anyone wants to make the arguement that Matt doesn't care. He clearly does :)

Rap541 said...

Also just to give an example of sweeps, The Walking Dead premiers the second half of its season on February 12, a Sunday.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Susan, I did check the Nielsen ratings Wikipedia page (I donated last week) to look at their records list. WOW! Lucy and Desi season 2 got a 67.3, and the incomparable ( and unheckle-able) Uncle Milty second at 61.6. But the lowest given, the sucking-the-hind-teat rating was for American Idol season 10 at an 8,8 rating.
So much for history. And so much for Matt claiming TLC was "thrilled" with the last special getting a 1.3 rating? Are you kidding me? That's so sad I don't know whether to cry or wind my watch.

Rap541 said...

Ok I gotta throw Matt a bone here, Podge.

When Lucy and Desi got the 67.3, there was also only three channels (and ABC wasn't very good ;))

Ronald said...

The ratings were good for a cable show on TLC.

The special for LPBW last month got better ratings than the All American Muslim show that TLC has been promoting.

That should tell TLC something. America wants good Christian Families like the Roloffs. I think they should dump the Muslims and bring the Roloffs back.

BeckyM said...

@ Tommi - when you DVR that means you skip commercials -which impacts the shows' profibility. So really you are impacting the future of cable as even been a viable resource for advertisers.

Tommi said...

BM- Not sure what your point is. I thought it was pretty clear that I was responding to your statement- "Will anyone watch Reality Television when you can have a cafeteria plan on watching? Whatever you want WHENever you want? I sure won't. JMO" and I said I would be watching. BTW, I don't think my DVR will be the cause of any catastrophic cable failure. Actually some commercials are worth watching.

Justin said...

It's ironic that Amy is posting about the Mel Gibson movie Braveheart and talking about Freedom is so important and in danger of being taken away from us.

Isn't Amy the one along with Matt that is subpoenaing this blog?? That is a freedom that is being infringed upon.

I'm not surprised Amy is watching a Mel Gibson movie though. A racist homophobe that is a Christian. That sounds right up the Roloffs alley.

Rap541 said...

Tommi - BeckyM's point is that if you are DVRing a show then you're not viewing the commercials and that decreases the profitability of the show since under the traditional profit model, a successful show is one that sells advertising. If you're not viewing the commercials then yes, you're impacting the shows you like. Is it huge? We'll see. I was just considering the other day how my own tv has changed, that I very rarely watch network tv anymore.

Matthew Gray said...

Wow, can you believe what Matt is talking about now? Well, yes I can.

He's trying to drum up support for his choice of politicians (a Tea Bagger). He says nothing about what the candidate stands for or supports. All Matt does is tell his fans if they want to meet him and spend time with him come down to the politician's office and make campaign calls with him and then they'll be buddies.

Yeah, that's how the political system should work! Have people support politicians solely based on trying to become buddies with someone that was on tv.

Dustin said...

It's *funny* how Matt's heavily moderated Facebook page allows someone that supports Matt's recruiting for Republican support by allowing a support to say "I want to punch faggots like you".

Yet if someone posts on Matt's facebook page that they think supporting politicians that are notoriously anti-gay and discrimatory to gay people when the Roloffs are paid diversity and equality speakers, then those people are usually deleted off of Matt's facebook page.

But the guy saying "I want to punch faggots like you" directed towards people that disagree with Matt, his message is still there. I'm reading it now.

Rap541 said...

Yeah I spotted that one too. And to be clear, the guy saying that is offering to be Matt's body guard just so he can punch faggots that want to disrespect the boss Matt.

For the love of Matt, punch faggots :)

Lest anyone say Matt isn't responsible for what people say on his wall, just a lil FYI - he can and does delete posts he doesn't like or finds offensive. At this checkpoint, the "Punch faggots for Matt" post has been up for "about an hour" and Matt himself made a new post about the NFL 23 minutes ago. So Matt is out and about on the internet but has not removed the post Dustin is talking about.

Mike P. said...

Comment still there at 1:40 pm PST.

Just FYI: It's Rob Cornilles, a BYU graduate and businessman, running in a special election to replace David Wu as congressman for Oregon's 1st district. (Wu, a Democrat, resigned in August.)

Cornilles opposed Wu in Nov. 2010, losing 43% to Wu's 54%. In this election, he trails his Democratic opponent Suzanne Bonamici by 11 points, according to last week's polling.

Cornilles is endorsed by only a single newspaper, and by a slew of right-wing politicos, including ultra-right Oregon state senator Bruce Starr.

Podge/Rodge Groupie said...

As far as Matt's most recent post about allowing differing opinions, that's a blatant lie and we have proof of that. It must be nice to have lots of people to help delete all the undesirable posts. Oh well.

Dustin said...

The "I want to punch faggots" comment is still up even after Matt made a post saying insults are not allowed and he has lots of staff moderating his page.

Unbelievable. Obviously the only conclusion to reach is that Matt and his staff approve of a supporter saying he wants to "punch faggots".

What a bunch of bigots. Truly.

Rap541 said...

And yay to this person:

Carolynn Vasser Shame on you Matt Roloff. You have several folks helping moderate your page but one of your supporters that said he wants to be your bodyguard so he can punch the "OFFENSIVE GAY SLUR" . That comment was made about 8 hours ago. It is STILL there. Matt and all your helpers don't find offensive? I guess considering Jeremy's history with using the gay slur we shouldn't be surprised that you leave up a comment from one of your supporters using the gay slur.

for posting this in Matt's "I don't condone swearing insults or threats" comments. Lets see how long *it* stays up

Rap541 said...

Oh and a poster who used the f word in the "I don't tolerate swearing" thread did get pulled after about an hour so yes, the staff is working, but leaving "punch faggots for boss matt" up for now six hours.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Well, Dustin I class the post more as a THREAT rather than an INSULT. Matt was very clear on deleting threats as well. Unless it's in his favour, it appears.

Rap541 said...

The faggot remark is finally down. I have saved it for posterity since it was only removed after the "shame on you" post in Matt's "I don't allow cursing" thread.

For the record, Matt's staff took eight hours to decide that this

Eric Cowan whoever is not speaking good things on matts page get off and Joe watch yo mouth pimp I'm in Detroit and me and the homies don't take kind to talking shit on matts page that's disrespectful this man helps everyone don't disrespect him cause on day ill be his personal body gaurd and you don't want my 300 pounds of muccle up yo ass homie ...and yae ill be his body gaurd for free just so I can punch faggots like you that want to disrespect the boss matt

But apparently had time to clear out obscenities from the NFL post a lot sooner since you know... punching faggots for Matt is less obscene than someone being vulgar over a sports team :)

Rap541 said...

And now the person who shamed Matt has had their post removed. After all, Matt faces all challenges face forward and meets them head on as a *man*.

The person who shamed him wasn't cursing or threatening or insulting (see the post I made previously to see the verbiage) but Matt can't be known as the diversity speaker who allows people to talk about *punching faggots* for him so as a man he's not going acknowledge that the person who commented on how he and his staff left that post up for hours while enjoying the heaped praise being a man who doesn't allow vulgarity was right. Bless us no - that person's post was *removed* because it interfers with everyone praising Matt :)

I leave today with the knowledge that using vulgarity over football is MUCH WORSE to Matt Roloff than someone saying they would gladly *punch faggots for Matt*. :)

BeckyM said...

@ Tommi Rap already answered but let me try to be clear. Television stations run on ADVERTISING REVENUE which is sold according to the NUMBERS generated in viewership. It's why LPBW was dumped - it had poor ratings - which TLC can generate by cheaper shows such as their Coupon series.

I saw today that Fox is launching an online only station for cartoons. Traditional television of sitting down with the family, watching all the commercials, to see the show, ain't happening.

As Hulu, Netflix and others gain more marketshare for pay-as-you-view, select-what-you-want, advertisers will target more selectively. You are already showing a change in viewing habits that wasn't even possible 15 years ago except by using a VHS!

Personally, I can't wait til technology lets me watch SPECIFIC shows I want and that my money doesn't go towards child exploitation stations and the freak of the week series produced by TLC. Of course TLC will be bankrupt with their 8 Little Lawsuits (aka Gosselin kids reaching the age of 18) by that time.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Matt made an entry on his FB page:
Heard a cool quote today .... "strong and bitter words.. Indicate a weak cause".... How true is that! Well, let's see how true that is:
"Thanks everyone for assassinating my character"
"I love this freaks you out cause you are a coward"
"Don't worry, I'll find you!"
"You think you own it (this blog). But guess what, you don't!"
“Weiner Whiner”
"Matt is makings millions and millions off this dump site"
"Your lame if you think it was the money dude. It's the freedom."
"Come on, it's not that hard to wrap your brain around unless your totally clueless. Eat your Wheaties and think harder."
"on day ill be his personal body gaurd and you don't want my 300 pounds of muccle up yo ass homie ...and yae ill be his body gaurd for free just so I can punch faggots like you that want to disrespect the boss matt"

Hmmmm. Very strong words, very weak causes, huh Matt?

Kyle said...

Today was the day that Spirits had to turn over his/her information. What went down!!!???

Jocelynn said...

Wow, anyone else see the irony in this?

Did everybody see the Video Amy shared on her fan page?

I think it is actually a really good video. And disturbing.

But I can't quite wrap my brain around the idea that a Roloff is posting a video about the evils of censorship and how things shouldn't be filtered, when you don't need to look any further than how the Roloffs have reacted to Spiritswander.

What do the Roloffs do? They try to filter everything out that they don't want people to know about them. They want to have sites shut down so that people are not hearing information they don't want them to hear instead of allowing people to form their own opinions.

No, it's not on the same scale as protests in Egypt being censored out because a computer has determined for you that you won't be interested, but it is the same basic concept. Someone or something trying to censor what you can know.

Timothy said...

Jocelynn, Amy's comment makes it that much more hypocritical.

"Wow! I thought this was very informative. Do we really realize what is happening in our ability to have choices via the internet - all because of what we currently are reading and looking at. See the video. It's good."

It was an awesome video, though. Typical Roloff not realizing that their own actions when it's about them contradicts the bigger message they claim to support.

Jason said...

I don't believe Matt that Jacob is "rocking" school.

Matt is a master at wording. He does this so he can later say he wasn't lying if it is thrown back at him.

He says the Trailblazers give tickets to the school to give to students who are excelling in attendance and grades. "Jacob came home with the reward".

Did he "come home" with it, because someone lost the tickets? Because the student that was given the reward doesn't like basketball and gave it away?

I noticed he phrase "Jacob was presented with the tickets" is replaced by "Jacob came home with the reward".

Christine said...

Why don't the loving Christian Roloffs that talk so much about "giving back" donate the free tickets to some under-privileged kid that has never been to a basketball game?

The Roloffs live in a mansion and are always bragging about how much money they are making. But they are still taking advantage of free tickets when it would be nothing for them to give the freebees to someone that really needs them and buy their own?

Rap541 said...

Oh look, Matt the farmer praising himself about how he's been raising his own ham since he was nine. How'd he manage that since his entire childhood was spent in the hospital, I dunno... but for such a sickly little boy in full body casts for most of his childhood, gosh, he's just that all american farmboy, raising his own meat, building forts, climbing trees and just being that all around all american scamp! But never ever forget that Matt spent his entire childhood lying in a hospital bed praying to God for that cure that never ever came.

Btw - I also call shenanigans on Matt raising his own meat and proudly connecting to his food. Does he slop the pigs daily? Hell, before this year, has he owned pigs? Paying someone to raise the pigs for you while you're off playing in the dirt isn't farming. I mean really, he's butchering his own pig? No, he's paying two guys to do it for him and taking a picture of it and calling himself a farmer. I mean, I watched the guy at the store saw up the side of beef before he sold it to me, guess I raised a cow :)

David said...

Matt strikes again. What a surprise. Jeremy is doing awesome at school. According to Matt.

When has a Roloff not been performing exceptionally when it's Matt giving the news?

Chris L said...

Will Jeremy's cat throwing pictures be on his website too?

Rap541 said...

David - for all that Jeremy is "knocking it out of the park" - I find it amusing that Matt isn't telling us any grades. I mean, your son you're so proud of is "knocking it out of the park"... why not put a GPA out there? I mean, Matt is sure *suggesting* that Jeremy has a high GPA... but as usual, when it comes to stating actual facts... Matt's coming with nothing again.

I'm still wondering *just what Matt did* to solve Intel's problems back in the day as he bragged but never had the chops to give any details. I mean, I know I know, Matt bragged and asking him for any details is wrong and stalkery.

Btw I believe Matt also said Jeremy was knocking it out of the park in community college, you know where Jeremy went for two years without managing to graduate with a two year associates degree, so yes, there's reason to doubt Matt.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Oh look, Jeremy's knocking it out of the park at Brookes! And Jacob is knocking it out of the park at school! And Molly has always been a 4.0 student! And Matt was....... ranked 53rd out of 53 Solution Engineers for Intel? That's gosh darn awesome!

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

And how about the photo that "farmer"(???) Jer took of his dad? Nice use of light, Jer. Your dad doesn't look a day UNDER 75 years old.
Granted, Matt has had a hard life. What with the frivolous lawsuits, micro-managing everybody, cultivating a false image and overall fascism towards friends and staff, It does take its toll on a person.

KL said...

That photo matt posted of jer taking a picture of him with black and white, isnt exactly WOW or ordinary, but being praised as if it was. look up the hunger games posters, pretty much the same idea. i dont see all his mad photography skills at all

Justin said...

@Podge, well said. People are idiots if they don't question Matt.

No matter what Roloff he talks about, they're always knocking it out of the park!

Funny for a family whose bit of fame they have originally came from being perceived as being real now is all about letting the most dishonest Roloff report that that each and every Roloff always excels! (when he doesn't need to be accountable for what he says...)

Tammy said...

I'm in awe of Matt's perfect family.

Megan A said...

The Roloffs have the perfect family. Matt just posted that the entire family burning on all cylinders!

They say "we aren't perfect" but that's not what Matt's propaganda about them suggest!

Johnny Reb said...

Once again I have to say that Matt's full of it.

If he really wants to see a working profitable farm he ought to come on down Mississippi way and see real family farms like the one I grew up on.

My family has 900 acres on which they grow cotton, soy beans and sugar cane, along with raising 600 head of cattle 300 pigs and 2500 chickens.

In comparison matt is quite clearly a hobby farmer.

Christine said...

I saw the commercial for the special.

It asks, "Will the arrival of a new girlfriend bring positive positive changes to Zach's life?"

Of course! The Roloffs are perfect and will never let it be said that they aren't excelling at life!

Rap541 said...

Hee! I don't think Matt's fans understand his position on google+

Interesting that he's unwilling to clarfiy if he's for google+'s policy or against.

David said...

@Rap541, they totally did not understand why Matt was posting that and what his position is on it.

That's the problem with ass kissers. The one that loves getting his butt kissed better make sure that he makes his position clear before the suck ups take the wrong side of the issue. ;)

Rap541 said...

Hee hee hee Matt's facebook fans slay me sometimes. So Matt's still on the topic of slaughtering pigs and how he's gorging on the bacon from the pig he "farmed" (sorry Matt, but having one of the paid farmhands do ALL the chores makes you a businessman, not a farmer) and one fan goes against the tide of "BACON! YOU GO MATT!" and is pro-vaganism. After getting into it, the poster uses the word "damn" in a post. Immediately a horde of Matt's fans begin rail about the *profanity*.

Good thing Pondo isn't there to add his "cheap douchebag" sentimants huh? Matt laughing about the cheap douchebags and how he's so against profanity, he's allowed his kids to be filled calling him a "dick" and saying how "pissed" they are. Pissed dick douchebags... Anyone from the Christian crowd care to explain how pissed, dick, and douchebag aren't profanities?

Dustin said...

Rap, let's not forget that none of the Pro Matt crowd (the only crowd Matt lets post on his Facebook) objected to the guy that wanted to be Matt's bodyguard so he could "punch f*ggots".

Rich said...

From my balcony, the Roloffs appear to be self absorbed, self loving, narcissists with a grandiose self image - they love everything "beneficial" about celebrity and curse what else comes their way (i.e., the opinions of others); apparently, we are all supposed to be snowed by what the Roloffs project for image (grand, great, perfect, genious, hard-working, Christian, etc.) - when at the root of their behavior is anything but these things. I see them as pathetic.

Lynn C said...

I think it's very big of Matt to reach out to Rosie O'Donnell after her repulsive comments.

Rap541 said...

Has he reached out? He put a post up and allowed her to be ridiculed on his face book all day... He's allowed his fans to call her out as an idiot, an ass, a moron, stupid, a jerk... to where even some of the hard core facebookers were asking why it was being allowed. Then, after what 12 hours of "bash Rosie", Matt decides he's all about forgiveness... but leaves up all the namecalling of course.

My opinion? Chelsea Handler was actually much more offensive. Rosie was honest and somewhat humble - she's afraid of little people and somewhat ashamed of having that fear. I didn't get any sense that she was "I hate little people and I am proud of it! They're God's little punchlines!".

I'm sure having Matt have his fans ridicule her *sounds like* a good idea... But basically Matt wants to call her out and also be deemed forgiving. If he was genuinely forgiving, he'd remove all the posts calling Rosie names.

And at least Rosie is willing to be honest and take risks in interviews. I'm still waiting to hear Matt give an actual answer to "do you believe homosexuals can be cured through prayer?"

David said...

Rap541, I see Matt as very transparent.

He is not, as Lynn says, "reaching out".

He is attempting to exploit a story for personal attention and publicity.

Matt would love to be on her show because it would make news. He could add "The Rosie Show" to his list of mainstream shows that they have appeared on whenever they are promoting themselves.

Christine said...

Um, Chelsea was more offensive.

Matt and Amy HAVE been on Chelsea's show. Did they use their appearance to "educate" her? Or were they her little punchlines and allowed her to call them "little nuggets"?

Answer = the latter.

Rap541 said...

David - it is classic Matt.

He points out what's offending him. He allows his fans to dogpile on the offender and kiss his ass and spew insults towards whoever Matt is offended with.

He leaves up ALL the hater remarks that are directed at the person who has offended him and once he's got his public licks in - then he's all about being gracious.

Funny how Matt wasn't man enough to stand up and FIGHT for his dignity when he was in person with Chelsea Handler being called a "little nugget" to his face. Funny that.

I'm sure someone will set us straight on why Matt was so offended by Rosie and Chelsea but when he was being called a little nugget to his face, he didn't correct Chelsea.

Justin said...

Wow, the hypocrisy astounds!

Rosie is ignorant.

But read some of the comments from Roloff fans.

Amy's post that she and Matt have different feelings on it suggests that she is very angry.

What a bunch of double standards. Amy's fans are saying they "blew up" Rosie's and Oprah's Facebook pages with angry comments and demanded an apology!

Look at what the Roloffs do when people demand apologies and write negatively about the offensive stuff the Roloffs do towards other minority groups?

Nancy said...

Maybe it's just me...but Matt posts a picture calling it a typical night...with Jacob putting a cushion over his face to hide from the cameras...

Maybe if your kid hates cameras that much you shouldn't have a reality tv show and post on Facebook constantly?

Rap541 said...

Just a blast from the past.

Amy agrees to be called a nugget and Matt says he and Amy met at the nugget convention. This is how Matt and Amy have stood up for lp kind. By letting themselves be called little nuggets on tv in interviews.

Chris L said...

Rosie has clearly offended the LP community when she said she is ashamed for having a fear of Little People.

Obviously, what she should have said instead, was that Little People have to pray to get taller or else they will burn in Hell for Eternity.

Rap541 said...

Heh Matt's posting his bragging photos "look at the famous people I hung out with" and posted a picture of himself and Amy with that Salehi woman that snuck into a White House even (she was on the Real Housewives of DC) and there's a LOT of backlash! People calling her a tramp, a slut and a whore!

Rap541 said...

Oh and now Matt's on his high horse over language on his facebook.

Hey Matt, did you ban your buddy Pondo for calling fans who complained about your parking prices "Cheap bastards" and "douchbags"? Or did you laugh it up?

How about the folks calling you a "sexy bitch" when you post photos of yourself at the beach? Bitch, douchbag, and bastard are clean talk now?

Oh and if anyone wonders why I am addressing Matt directly, it's because he can deny it all he wants, but he's lying when he says he doesn't read this site :)

Greg said...

I don't believe what I'm reading on Matt's Facebook.

He's asking fans to drive him from Cleveland to Erie, PA! He says he will chip in $100 for gas!

Greg said...

By the way, a lot of Matt's fans are yelling at him because it's not safe to drive with strangers.

I posted not because of that, but because it shows how cheap Matt is. Trying to use his fans for a ride.

Brandon said...

Hey Rap, I finished watching Piers Morgan's interview with Michelle Bachman. I thought of you and the Roloffs! :)

I didn't see his interview with Kirk Cameron last week, but apparently he said things that I would frankly expect Kirk Cameron to say. Things that I think Jeremy and the Roloffs believe. Things like gay people are deplorable and destructive towards society because of his religious beliefs.

According to Piers Morgan, the interview blew up, trended on twitter for days and Kirk Cameron is being bashed world wide as a bigot.

The point Piers was trying to make with Michelle Bachman who obviously has made a lot of very strong statements against gay rights herself, was that she obviously shares his opinion, but she wasn't willing to say "I agree with what Kirk Cameron said. Piers' implication was that she didn't want to say she agreed with him because he's being trashed world wide as a bigot for saying his true beliefs.

Doesn't it remind you of Jeremy and the Roloffs?

Rap541 said...

Oh, its rather hilarious yes. Watching her dance to avoid saying "Yes, I agree with Kirk's views", it was hilarious. She straight up refused to answer whether she agreed with Kirk.

Personally it more reminds me of Matt and Amy (Amy in particular) than Jeremy. Jeremy's just a 21 year old immature kid, legally an adult but his apron strings are *firmly* tied to Matt and Amy and he's not man enough to chance crossing Daddy and Mommy... As long as Daddy and Mommy pay for everything, Jeremy's not going to have the balls to say anything publically on his love of Jesus other than "My Daddy speaks for me, I'm not allowed".

Matt and Amy tho? Oh Yeah Michelle's little dance reminded me of them.

BeckyM said...

Hi Brandon
Did you know that it's highly suspect that Kirk Cameron is the result of a blind item about a former child star who prefers finding men in a lonely park?

I will LMAO once Kirk is found with his gay prostitute, like most of these right wing, hate-gays,evangelical Christians are discoverd to be!
aka Ted Haggard

Christine said...

Brandon and Rap, another similarity to the Roloffs was Bachman's response when she was asked for an opinion about Kirk Cameron.

She said she does not judge others and wouldn't give an opinion!

Sound familiar? Don't judge others when it's me or people I agree with?

Anonymous said...

Where are Matt and Amy those self proclaimed diversity advocates to speak out against Kirk Cameron's comments? Oh wait..

Timothy said...

Matt's teasing about big news on the horizon is getting weak.

The big news he was bragging about was Jacob getting his learner's permit?

What's next? Molly graduates high school? Shocking!

Jeremy buys something with his own money that he earned by himself. Now that would be newsworthy.

Susan Coles said...

Some of the comments on Matt's Facebook crack me laugh.

Matt posts a picture of himself with Zach and Jacob all smiling.

Some people comment that Jacob has turned into a real gentleman...?

Because he's smiling for a picture Matt is posting on Facebook?

I wonder if the person posting that knows he got expelled from school but they hid from that TV show?

Not meaning to bash Jacob, but it's more a comment people that think they know the first thing about the Roloffs based on a TV show produced by Matt and Amy and by what Matt posts about himself and the family on Facebook.

People, Matt is not a good judge of the Roloffs!

Greg said...

Jeremy is coming home AGAIN? After Amy just visited him? How many times has Jeremy come home or been visited so far?

Brandon said...

My God. Some of the fans on Amy's facebook fan page talk about Zach like he's 4 years old.

C'mon airlines, get Zach home so Mommy can pamper him. Seriously?

Ashley said...

Are airports really that busy at this time of year?

Greg said...

Guess we probably know what happened to some of the Coda donations....went towards an airline ticket that wasn't used.

Maggie said...

Jeremy is looking MUCH older.

Chris L said...

Hey Brandon, stop hatin! Jeremy is an impressive young man for coming home for the 37th time this year. I assume he needed more money from Momma Lu and the big MR for another camera and another new phone.

Impressive, Jeremy is. I am jealous of his impressiveness.

Rap541 said...

Hnestly, the person telling Amy to rub Zach's feet with vaporub and cuddle, really?

Zach is almost 22. How do you miss a connecting flight because of a *cold*?

Stomach flu, I can see getting hung up in a bathroom, but a cold? And the guy can't just get a hotel room for the night?

Rap541 said...

Certain people place so much importance on how many Facebook friends Matt has, I just found it amusing that this dog has over 90k friends on facebook ;)

Justin said...

Matt says the entire family is together on a trip...doesn't Mr Photography prodigy Jeremy have school?

And Jacob? What are the school breaks in Oregon? Do they have an April and May break in addition to a March break?

Do you really pull a kid out of school that was expelled last year?

Michelle said...

When TLC comes calling with freebies, the Roloffs have their tongues out ready to lap up whatever is being be damned!

Susan Coles said...

TLC does have questionable morals.

A kid failing out of school wasn't enough to convince them to wash their hands of the Roloffs?

They still kept their relationship with the Roloffs.

By the sounds of 'we're on a plane and the entire family is together but I'm not saying much', it reeks of a TLC LPBW trip.

Justin, Oregon does not get special school breaks. Matt and Amy simply don't care. Trips are more important.

Randy said...

I haven't seen anyone on this site talk about Matt's Facebook post from a couple weeks ago: "Lots of new little people big world shows comming your way later this year."

I am surprised TLC is bringing them back after the lackluster ratings.

Have you heard anything about this, Spirits?

Timothy said...

They are obviously on a TLC vacation in Australia.

The Roloffs can't keep quiet. Amy's "looks like Australia in the near future", combined with Matt's "the whole family is together", combined with a picture of Zach sleeping on a plane, combined with the lack of definite detail, all adds up to a LPBW trip with a "shut up and don't talk about it" order.

I have to agree with the education comments. I could see it not being a concern if a kid was doing awesome in school, but when there is a kid like Jacob that got expelled last year, is it really smart to pull him out of school for a vacation?

But then again, Matt and Amy always choose TLC freebies over their kids well-being, so nothing new there.

Brandon said...

Here is an example of why I don't respect Amy's charity.

See the post by ARCF (I guess that is Lisa since Amy is touring Australia, helping the orphans there I'm sure...)

"SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY COUNTDOWN! In 22 hours and 45 minutes ARCF will be supporting Jason Kennedy and Generosity Water at the 4th annual "Night of Generosity" at The Roosevelt Hotel Los Angeles, CA. We are seeking a special donor to match our $4000 pledge to bring clean water to those in need. For this special gift you and 3 others will be the guests of Amy J. Roloff Fanpage at the September 15th "Starry Night" Dinner Auction Gala at Roloff Farms and receive special website and social media mention! Donate now!"

Have they no shame? This is my interpretation.

Amy and Lisa want to take a free trip to LA (which I'm guessing will be covered with donation money) so they can party at the Roosevelt hotel - (calling it a posh hotel is an understatement) with their entertainment buddy from the E Channel Jason Kennedy and presumably some celebrities.

But the catch here is that to go they are supposed to donate enough money to build a well. Hey don't look at the Roloffs in their mansion for that $4000 they need.

Amy and Lisa are desperate for a party in LA at a fancy place. They don't have time to mess around with their poor fans donating a measely $10.

They want a sugar Daddy or Sugar Momma NOW! They want someone to throw down $4000 NOW! And your reward isn't a trip to the Roosevelt Hotel for this party! Noooo, that's reserved for Amy and her friends, er...board. No, Mr or Mrs. 'Give us $4000 now so we can go to this party we really want to go to' will be the "special guests of Amy's fanpage at Amy's thing at the golf course in September. Amy might even walk up and say Hi to you.

I hope everyone sees how transparent they are. The spirit of giving? HAHAHAHA!

I don't think this really has anything to do with helping people in need at all. Amy and her board want a trip to a Hollywood Hot Spot to increase their exposure and do some networking for Amy's career. But to have reason to go to this party, they need to be able to say "WE are building a well".

And while Amy and her board parties at the Roosevelt Hotel in LA, Mr or Mrs. MoneyBags that actually gives the $4000 gets a mention on the ARCF website and a hello from Amy at the Golf Tournament!

Checkout where Amy wants to party. I think this should be called the "Give us $4000 because Amy really, really wants to party in LA charity".

Sandie said...

Brandon: Brilliant.

Dustin said...

President Obama finally takes a stand on gay marriage one way or the other.

Now will Matt?? Come on Matt. Have the guts to say what you think.

We all know what the Roloffs think. Just say it Matt. Worried about the money you can make off fooling gay rights supporters?

Brandon said...

For someone whose life is shattered, Amy is following in Matt's footsteps.

All her kids are excelling. Every one of them is the greatest kid ever doing awesome!

Susan Coles said...

Brandon, and Zach is raising Jacob now. Glad someone is! Oh Lord.


"Sounds like my kids and Matt stayed out of enough trouble while i was gone. Molly had awards night - one was Living Faith awards (voted by students) so proud of her, Jacob doing good first year in Public school, enough farm projects for Matt to be busy, Jeremy doing great at Brooks, Zachary is doing everything - work, school, taking care of Jacob (driving to school while mom is away). Molly in State for track. May have my ups and downs and not so perfect life but I'm so blessed and thankful."

Rap541 said...

Well, Amy and Matt *are* done parenting now aren't they?

Laura S said...

All she said was Zach drives Jacob to school while she was away.

Justin said...

Does anyone think Matt and Amy are capable of saying a true word on Facebook about their family?

I sure don't.

Rap541 said...

And repeatedly that she's done parenting, moving on to the next stage without kids, and an empty nester.

Thats been her refrain since the twins were seniors in high school.

BeckyM said...

Whenever the Roloffs are called out on their bad parenting (filmed and shown to the world), the answer is "they are doing the best that they can." Really? Really?? This explanation seems to be the Get Out of Jail Free card routinely pulled out to explain the poor parenting decisions made by Amy and Matt.

Do the Roloffs need the reality tv money to eat? To send their children to school? To clothe their children? To pay their mortgage? Not according to Matt and in this I do believe him. I don't think the Reality TV money paid by TLC helps them to "survive in this tough economy."

It's gravy - so for the sake of gravy they yanked Jacob from school.

Was it "doing their best" when Matt Roloff faked a heart attack on his television show and then went offline deliberately to fuel interest in his reality television show? How about the numerous times that Amy and Matt cast doubts on if their marriage would survive? Or Amy chortling over being an Empty Nester when she still had Molly and Jacob at home? Or when, due to TLC needing a storyline, "character types" were created for Jeremy (teenage hottie, confident athletic guy), Zach (shy and socially inept soccer player), Molly (good student, lazy worker, good child) and Jacob (young, troubled, mouthy child)?

If this family was OFF television none of the racist, homophobic and animal abuse incidents, the bad grades, the kids faillures and slow growing up curve would even be known except among their close intimates. It is exactly Amy and Matt's choice to have GRAVY that their children's lives are examined, discussed and put under the microscope by fans and non-fans.

THAT was the "doing the best" choice!!??. Millions of parents across this country, with far less money then the Roloffs and greater personal problems (homelessness, job loss, foreclosure) are doing better by their children.

Matt get some counseling on how to be a better parent. Talking down to your children and mocking them on national television is not doing your best. Stop living your fantasies through your oldest son and realize that each of your children are unique and deserving of loving attention that isn't based upon YOUR narcissitic needs.

Amy go ahead and pursue your career but invest some serious time for all your children, and especially the two still at home. Stop being their servant and friend and be a GROWN UP! Stop allowing your sons to treat you like dirt, and insist that they give respect and courtesy to all those around them. Right now, their behavior shows quite clearly how ineffective the both of you have been as parents.

Greg said...

Matt's so brave isn't he?

See those tough questions he took on Facebook?

When is the next show? (self-promotion)

When is pumpkin season? (self-promotion)

When are you coming to St. Louis (dumb question)

Way to tackle those tough questions Matt!

Greg said...

How hilarious was Matt's question about why June is so difficult for him?

His Facebook fans think emotional and super Matt is weeping the month away because it's the month that Mike died.

Nope, it's because there's weeding to do (which Matt doesn't do himself anyway). Haha.

Austin said...

They did it again!
Matt and Amy were on CNN with Don Lemon (Amy called him Don Lenon) talking about the Snow White movie?

Does Don Lemon know the truth about the Roloffs? Their bigotry and hypocrisy?

Don Lemon is openly gay.

Once again the Roloffs pull the wool over the eyes of someone who is gay and get exposure out of them.

Ashley said...

Wait a minute! I'm SO confused. Now the Roloffs and the LPA WANT Hollywood to hire little people to play in Snow White and the sever dwarfs???

This is the kind of thing that they are always protesting about, how because of Hollywood portraying LP as characters like that, it hurts society's perception of little people as real people.

Now they're mad that Hollywood didn't objectify LP?

I also think some of the comments on Matt's Facebook agreeing with what Matt said was kind of stupid.

"Yeah Matt I agree! They should have hired your friend from Pirates or your own son Zach! He would have done great!"

Are you serious? Hollywood directors are supposed to cast people in a role who aren't even actors, simply because they're a dwarf?

Little People are just coming across as a bunch of whiners.

I just watched a clip on CNN's website talking about the Snow White movie with an anchor and some commentator. I wonder if the LPA noticed it? In talking about it, the commentator, who I think is some kind of comedian, says "when Hollywood is looking for midget roles, they turn to Tom Cruise first".

Rap541 said...

I'm a little torn on this one.

I actually understand the complaint. Particularly when you have a story like "Snow White and the Seven DWARVES" you expect to see a few actual little people in the story. And it isn't as though there are lot of roles out there that obviously need short statured actors.

On the other hand:

1. Films like the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Snow White and the Huntsman are not just filled with roles for dwarfs... they're filled with physically demanding roles. And frankly, with few exceptions, people with dwarfism tend to have physical issues with running, lifting, pulling a crossbow, swinging a sword, etc. It costs more to make it look real and you have a hard time finding someone physically capable to begin with.

2. This isn't the fault of the dwarf community...but how many actually good dramatic dwarf actors are there out there? That are physically capable of playing an active role? Look at Mirror Mirror and how many of the dwarf cast were hired off of Pit Boss. (Its two out of seven btw) and then ask yourself how well that would work on a more serious film like Huntsman? Or look at the Lord of the Rings, or the Hobbit, which realistically would need a minimum of 30 dwarf actors and more like several hundred if all the dwarf and hobbit roles went to actual little people.

3. I'm pretty positive that one of the reasons school children and even adults consider little people "magical beings" and possibly scary is because of the stereotypical roles they play on tv and in movies. In fact I think I've seen Matt himself talk about this as one of the reasons he talks to school children. So protesting that movie roles for dwarves, hobbits and any sort of short statured mythical creature seems the opposite of "don't look at us like we're some freakish troll under the bridge".

On the other hand, little people gotta eat too and its inherently harder for them to get roles in movies as doctors, lawyers etc. So I do get it but it does come off odd considering some of the other things they complain about.

Rap541 said...

Oh Matt's trying some damage control posting pictures of Rocky and declaring how well treated the dog is.

Matt, little hint here. People think you mistreat your dog because:

1. In one episode, you depict yourself taking the dog to the vet over an eye condition that had been noticable for a year. (this was an early episode) An apparently easily treated condition that left unchecked can cause blindness.

2. In another episode, the Q&A, the kids can clearly be heard discussing that time they forgot to feed Rocky *for a week*.

3. Rocky being allowed to "roam" as you call it, might be your way of living the dream through your dog, but responsible pet owners know where their dogs are, especially their older dogs, because good pet owners who love their pets don't want to have that moment of "Gosh, haven't seen the dog in three days... I wonder if he crawled off to die". Also, good pet owners with close neighbors (and you have close neighbors) don't let their dogs run even if they are "farmers". It's discourteous at best, and dangerous to the pet at worst.

4. The shot of Zach pulling the arthritic dog up into the car by the collar doesn't help your case. Neither does the video Molly took of her buddy Christian trying to shove the arthritic dog down a steep hill.

5. I was willing to think and hope the "Rocky was missing for three days" was a put on for the cameras (and Amy's blog with photos of the kids "hanging out waiting for filming to start" confirms just how staged these specials are) but since Matt insists it is all true and happened - Matt honey? Locking your dog in a closet for three days without food or water isn't good pet ownership. You said it was true, and you don't seem a bit sorry. It's like dogs just disappear for days and its really no big deal. To people who love their pets... it is.

And thats before we get into the litany of dead and injured animals and "Gobblygoo! Ain't we the dickens? Our animals got loose and we don't know where they are hee hee!" stuff over the actual farm and display animals.

Matt, if you don't like your depiction on your show, do something about it.

Dana said...

Rap, I believe Matt is talking about you?

Good job Matt! I support Matt's post! :)

"I'd like to tell the person that said Jeremy wasnt going to make anything of his life to "eat crow". .. But that wouldn't be very nice.. So I'll just let them live in their own misery. :)). Sorry sometime you just have to say it like it is"

Brandon said...

Uhhhh Dana, I hate to burst Matt's bubble, but what has Jeremy accomplished???

He's attending a "pay and you're in photography school".

His parents pay for all his expenses, his expensive camera, his new phones. He's very much living like a child.

There's some reason to suspect that he couldn't handle living on his own. It wasn't long after that he moved in with buddies.

He's home frequently, not always typical of someone that is thriving at a school in another state.

And most of all, what has he accomplished with his photography? He has an expensive camera and takes pretty photos?

Get a clue Dana and Matt! Look at Jeremy's twitter, look at some of Jeremy's photography buddies at Brooks.

I think you'll be lying or showing an incredible bias if you can honestly say that Jeremy pictures show any more talent than anyone else at Brooks that is snapping pretty pictures with expensive cameras.

Greg said...

Matt bragging about Jeremy as usual and as usual, has nothing to back it up with.

Lynn C said...

Dana, I thought the exact same thing when I read Matt's post on his Facebook. :)

Great picture by Jeremy, by the way.

Rap541 said...

And what has *Jeremy* accomplished, Dana? Hmmm? Did Matt say? :)

Rap541 said...

As for Matt, he must be needing the attention again. Funny how Matt has the balls to proudly tell everyone about the cruel insults hurled... but doesn't have the moral courage to name names or give actual examples. Instead Matt passive aggressively whines and and complains, proudly stating he isn't complaining, and then lapping up all the sympathy over the "hate" he just doesn't dare to mention.

Poor poor victim Matt.... all these haters out to get him, gosh maybe if he hears "You're a great dad and Jeremy's a great kid all because of YOU, Matt" a few times more, he'll get all the attention he needs :)

Oh, and I have called Zach a loser repeatedly... funny how Matt only stands up for the Jer-Bear when he feels the need to tell his fans how hurt and wounded he is by insults about his kids. (Oh and at last check, kids, Matt's open and official story is that he doesn't read the spitwadder site so really, either Matt lies or Matt is refering to someone who emailed him - there's actually someone confessing to a hate comment if you read the comment thread) but yes, feel free to praise Matt for his bravery in well.... not calling anyone out, not presenting any facts, and just basically sending out a "We;re Roloffs, and we're being victimized AGAIN! Poor us! Poor Roloffs! One two three AWWWW"

Rap541 said...

Lynn - If I'm who Matt meant, why didn't he say so? :)

A voice of reason said...

Does Matt think complaining and describing people who think his son isn't all that as living in their own misery is taking the high road?

Do people here think that?

Either you *are* telling it like it is, or you're passive aggressively lauding yourself for not countering insults while getting your digs in, but when you do the latter, you're not doing the former.

The wiser decision would be to meet criticism of the younger Roloffs with announcements of genuine accomplishments that are quantifiable and able to be authenticated.

Rap541 said...

Oh come now, Dana and Lynn. What are Jeremy's *accomplishments* that we should all be on our knees praising for? Lynn? Dana? Come on now, you have called people out... We're all dirt under Jeremy's shoes... please stand up and explain why Jeremy is better than *anyone else*.

Or admit that you talk the talk but Jeremy doesn't walk the walk for you.

And understand that attending a for profit school that has no real admission criteria is not an accomplishment. :)

Justin said...

The picture most posted of the Farm on his Facebook is very pretty....

Why do I think that if Matt had said Jeremy had taken that picture everybody would be saying "Jeremy is such a talent photographer!"

Timothy said...

I hope everyone realizes what Amy's charity is really about.

"If you want a chance to go to Jamaica, 5 night stay at an all inclusive resort - I was there and it's wonderful! go to and purchase a raffle ticket or more to have a chance to win this wonderful trip. Go to the RESERVE NOW button at the top. Forgot to put how to purchase the raffle tickets."

She was there with buddy and fellow ARCF Lisa. The resort has donated a 5 night stay.

It doesn't take much to figure out that the chances that Amy & Lisa needed to pay for their trip to Jamaica while they arranged this was minimal.

That's the Roloffs "charity work". THEY travel around to places getting free things and partying in the name of charity.

Brandon said...

Whoops, Matt put his foot in his mouth again.

Anybody still wonder why TLC didn't want him posting?

He posts a picture of a camera guy pointing and captions the pic "James, Frantically trying to get me to go in the right direction."

Even people on his fan page are commenting on how he just admitted that his real and raw reality show is directed!

Rap541 said...

Brandon I am more amused that people are repeatedly asking for clarification on whether its a new *series* or a new special and Matt just can't bear to provide a clear answer on that. And these are the people who like him.

Meanwhile, while Matt certainly found the time to brag how he was suing the county and having the funnest ever time filing subpoenas and the various Maui vacations... he still hasn't told us how happy he is with how the court case actually resolved. You'd think that since per his fans, he got exactly what he wanted, that he'd be pleased as punch to brag about that.

Funny that. How *quiet* Matt is about the court case.

Rap541 said...

And surprise surprise, Matt removed his post about how he was being directed by the camera guy.

Peanut Butter Cups said...

I don't think that being "directed" by the camera people proves anything. Most reality shows do that so they can get good shots. I've seen Real World cast members make comments about that as well. It isn't the same as saying "The script writers really hate me"

Brandon said...

Spike the Roloff cat (we haven't seen the other two, including cat tossed Mo in a while have we? I fear for Mo...)
was injured.

Matt tweets that Spike the cat was "fending off coyotes". Jacob tweets "it" just walked into the house with it's eye swollen and blood.

And from Jeremy and his girlfriend's Instagram he is back in town....a coincidence? ;)

But seriously, some people should not own animals. The Roloffs definitely should not.

Zee to the Z said...

Brandon, Jeremy said that he was going to kill Mo (shortly after the cat tossing pics emerged) because Mo peed on the carpet. Jeremy kept insisting that people thought he was joking but he was deadly serious.

Debbie said...

Poor Spike. Molly should have taken Spike with her. Some owner you are, Molly!

The fact that Jacob refers to Spike as "it" speaks a great deal as to how the Roloffs feel about animals.

Christine said...

Aw poor Roloff animals!

What I think is typical is that one of Molly's friends just Instagrammed a cute picture a few days ago of her (the friend's) cat with her younger brother (Jacob's age), the cat looking very comfy sitting snuggling on his lap with the caption "My little brother is so great, taking care of my baby while I'm at college".

Then 2 days later Jacob and Matt post pictures of Molly's cat looking like he just encountered Freddy Krueger.

Brandon said...

Matt's post: "Hug your kids, wrap your arms around your loved ones... Call your friends and tell them you love em'... Gods plan for our lives here on earth can change everything in an instance...-and it can be difficult to understand... So mend you fences.,, forgive your angry reasons , Encourage one another Love each other"

Nice advice, until you realize it was posted by a man who is one of the most bitter, grudge carrier guys around. A guy that sues people should not be giving out the advice to "forgive your angry reasons"....

Rap541 said...

Brandon - I imagine it might have hit home for a moment that if his close friends can lose a child so young, that he could too. Don't worry, I am sure he will be back to "Judging is hating unless it's me judging you, then it's my right!" and waxing philosophic in public on just how sweet J-Lo's ass is.