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A Roloff Year In Review - Looking Back On Matt's 2011 Project Agenda

Now that 2011 is behind us, we thought now would be a good time to do a Year in Review of the Roloff Family. In January 2011 Matt made a You Tube that he called his 2011 Project Agenda.

He outlined 12 "focus areas" of projects and ideas he was going to work for the year. Since Matt admittedly does a great deal of teasing and hinting and "I can't tell you now" stuff, some of which he says is for the "silly bloggers" -- we would be slacking if we didn't go back and review Matt's list to what actually ended up happening or did not happen.

We will quote our original review/summary of Matt's Video in 2011 in red font and then follow-up with the results in blue font.


It's 17 minutes long in total, so we will summarize Matt's major points. This is all according to Matt in the video (unless otherwise specified).

*Matt makes a "focus area" list at the beginning of each year. He has approximately 14 focus areas for 2011. People send him private messages thinking he means all of his project ideas have to do with things on the farm. Most of them don't. Here are some of the things on his list.

*He's going to try to spend more time with the family. The filming of the TV show took more time than people realize because they needed to meet with producers and plan out things. Even running out to the bank was time consuming when the cameras were there because they needed to film it a couple of times until they got it right.

*So Matt wants to spend more time with the family this year; he's fortunate to have his office at home so he can see the kids when they come home from school.

*Matt is spending more time with Jacob than he ever has before. He has taken Jacob to the mall and to movies more in the last couple of months than they've been in Jacob's entire life.

Throughout 2011, Matt continued to frequently post on his Facebook Fan Page that he took Jacob to the movies and to the mall. However, despite the extra time Matt said he was devoting to his youngest son, it didn't prevent one of the most significant events in 2011 from happening. That was Jacob being expelled from Faith Bible in April with just over a month to go in the school year.

Both Matt and Amy broke the news on their Fan Pages that Jacob had been "kicked out" of the private Christian school that was featured on Little People, Big World since the beginning of the series.

Amy and Matt's very first reaction was to express anger at the school which included an unsuccessful pitch for the school to allow Jacob to finish the year since there was only one month to go. Amy had asked for prayers before that meeting. The school stuck to their decision to expel Jacob. Matt was on a solo vacation in Hawaii at the time and cut his vacation short when Faith Bible decided to expel Jacob from their school.

Next, after originally announcing that Jacob would be home-schooled, they ended up taking him for a state test that determined he could move onto Grade 9 in September if he worked on a few subjects. Matt and Amy enlisted him in a learning center/tutor program for a few hours a day per week until the end of the year. At the time, Matt posted that he "never liked that school" (Faith Bible) and turned it into Jacob being too creative for the school and it was holding him back.

Matt expressed that he was very proud of Jacob and Jacob was happier than he's been in years now that he was expelled. Fans listening to Matt's description of the incident then congratulated on Matt, Amy and Jacob for being expelled, for being creative and for being allowed to move onto Grade 9.

It sounds like something out of the twilight zone -- offering "congratulations" after a kid got expelled from school, but Matt did somehow manage to spin the story in a way that left some of his fans congratulating Jacob on what had happened. Matt has been referred to as a "Master of Spin"....we tend to agree. :)

Jacob is now attending a public school.

*Molly is so self-sufficient and doesn't need much, but it's important to Matt to go to movies with her and attend some of her volleyball games.

Not much changed for Molly in 2011. She continued to do well in High School. She is now a senior and will graduate in June 2012. She has applied to several Christian Universities including Pepperdine in California, Seattle Pacific and Whitworth University in Washington. During one of Amy's live internet chats earlier in the year, Molly expressed that although she had looked into places located in Oregon such as George Fox or Portland State, she was leaning more towards a university in Washington or California.

*Jeremy and Zach -- Matt is trying to coach them or "hold their hand" through the process of applying for different colleges. It's still undecided about Jeremy going to one college vs another college or Jeremy leaving home, so Matt is working to motivate them. Matt reports that it's getting easier. They are more into it now because some of them friends are at different colleges. They'll sometimes ask Matt 'what about this place, can you help with this application and can you get so and so to write a a letter of recommendation for here'.
*Zach is still working hard at the soccer place and Jeremy continues to work hard around the farm on top of everything else they do.

Not much changed for Zach in 2011 as far as where he lives, works or goes to school.
The most significant change for Zach in 2011 was that he now has found his first real girlfriend -- a girl named Tori. She was shown in one of the LPBW specials that aired in late 2011, but wasn't identified as Zach's girlfriend, although she is.

Several of Zach's friends in the LP Community reported that his behavior had completely changed at this year's National LPA conference held in Anaheim, California (the first year Zach was 21 for a LPA conference). Friends reported that the once reserved, quiet and shy Zach who used to express his annoyance at stupid drunk antics, was routinely drunk on the dance floor and was "all over" several LP girls, despite having a girlfriend back at home (the aforementioned Tori). Zach seemed to survive any ramifications from his wild party behavior at the LPA Conference as Zach and Tori remain in a relationship together and friends report that they are very happy together.

Probably without question, the biggest change in the Roloff Family in 2011 was that one of the kids has finally left home. In September 2011 Jeremy left for a photography school in California called Brooks Institute of Photography located in Santa Barbara, California. Though it is a for profit school, Jeremy was actually accepted in late 2009, but Jeremy mulled over different options and eventually committed to the school and started in Sept 2011.

Jeremy, like Zach, also found himself a steady girlfriend in 2011 -- a girl named Audrey -- who like Jeremy is an enthusiastic supporter of the Solid Rock Church and lists Pastor John Mark Comer as one of the people that inspires her the most.

I think it is fair to say that Jeremy is by far the most controversial Roloff and the Roloff that generates the most heated of debates. 2011 was no exception for Jeremy and discussion.

Pictures of Jeremy's best friend (Jacob Mueller) throwing the Roloff cat named Mo (the black and white cat) high in the air while Jeremy sat on the sofa and snapped pictures of Mo the cat airborne generated an angry response from people.

Jeremy's affection and association with a very conservative church in Portland called Solid Rock and the lead Pastor - John Mark Comer, continued to generate a lot of discussion. It is mainly due to some of the Church's rather extreme views such as gay people are perverted and broken and need to pray to Jesus and then can be cured of their homosexuality. The church also has some very conservative views on a woman's role in society and in marriage -- her role to serve the husband. This issue always generates attention because of the perceived hypocrisy of the Roloff Family since Matt and Amy also have attended Solid Rock church and have expressed that they are pleased that Jeremy (and to a lesser extent --Molly) love Solid Rock so much. Some fans feel the Roloffs are being massive hypocrites when they are paid Diversity Speakers delivering speeches about acceptance of people who are different, when they and many in their family are connected to and support organizations that teach that people different from themselves should pray their difference way and pray to be "normal".

Jeremy's best friend and LPBW regular Mueller, whom Jeremy spent most of the summer hanging out with day after day, also generated more controversy (in addition to the "cat tossing" pcitures) when a video emerged on You Tube in late summer which featured his then girlfriend from France (who had been living in Oregon), Mueller and one of the other Roloff friends - an 18 year old named Christian - drinking in the Roloff Garage. Shots of Jack Daniels could clearly be seen in the video. Mueller will not turn 21 until next month - February 2012.

DAS (the hotel accessibility kit for LP). Matt started the company with Mike Detjen in 2002. Matt says it continues to be a profitable business even though he hasn't done any sales calls on it recently. Matt wants to really focus on it again and be aggressive in selling it.

No news on the DAS kits in 2011.

*Matt's speaking engagements. Matt likes to go to colleges and universities and motivate and inspire people by talking about things that happened in his life that will help other people live an extraordinary life. It's very close to his heart, he enjoys doing it. He does 24 to 30 of those a year and expects that to continue.

Matt and Amy have given speeches to colleges – usually paid for by the diversity groups of the various Colleges.

*CoDA. Amy will continue to be busy with her non profit charity ARCF and Matt has his non profit CoDA. They have the bike program, raise money for adoptions and scholarships through the LPA. Matt states they have absolutely no expenses, that they are all volunteers. They use the basketball (Statesmen vs celebrities) games to raise money for CoDA. According to Matt, Marty and Matt pay for the Statesmen and celebrities to travel to those games out of their own pockets. [note: This seems to be Matt's response to a criticism some people have been making about CoDA. Some people think the CoDA basketball games are an excuse for them to get together and party -- claiming that the Roloffs fly first class, stay in nice hotels and ride around in limos. Recently, some people have been citing that Marty back in August, a couple of weeks before the CoDA game in Montana, asked his fans to donate to CoDA and help him out because it gets hard for Marty to fly in and house all the Statesmen and celebrity players -- some people were upset that CoDA donations appeared to be going towards paying for Matt, Zach, and Jeremy's (and all the others) flight, hotel and limos.]

There were no new CoDA charity games in 2011. The Statesman (Zach was the only Roloff involved) dwarf basketball team appeared very briefly in an episode of the WWE reality show Tough Enough.

The CoDA website doesn't appear to have been updated any time recently.

Amy remained very active with the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation. She held her annual Golf and Auction event in September. Amy frequently attends events such as Food or Toy drives. The Amy Roloff Charity Foundation partnered with Generosity Water to raise donations to build a water well in Haiti and/or other countries that desperately need clean water.

*Matt wants to make himself available to do various Public Service Announcements. He wants to be able to be more available to say yes when people ask him to be apart of this parade or moderate this event, etc.

Aside from being paid to be a diversity speaker at some events, there wasn't much on this front in 2011. Matt did appear in an episode of ABC's Extreme Makeover - Home Edition; but I don't think that would really be considered as a public service announcement.

*Documentaries. He's working on several. Some of them are about little people, some are about outrageous back yards - not theRoloffs, but showing off other people's back yards and crazy projects. They might document those on video camera and maybe they'll just put it on You Tube or maybe they'll find a market for it on a TV network.

In the early to mid part of 2011, Matt mentioned that he was filming a documentary on his "dirt deal" (Intel paid Matt to allow them to dump their dirt from the new plant they were building on land Matt had purchased). During a couple of Amy's live internet talk shows, Amy referenced the filming of the documentary. However, as of yet, nothing has been released.

*There's a project idea about revitalizing a small town. Coming into a dying town where people have left and see whether they can stimulate the economy and bring people back. These are the type of things Matt is talking about when you see him post about flying to LA to sign non disclosures and things like that.

Matt still occasionally references on his Facebook Fan Page that he flew to LA, but nothing has been announced on this front either.

*None of those things are what Matt would call a spin off of LPBW or anything like that. The Roloffs are still under contract to TLC for another 18 months. They need to make themselves available to TLC if TLC wants anything from them, but Matt doesn't expect to happen, although you might see a special somewhere along the way, they have discussed that, but right now they're not at all focused on LPBW and TLC.

So much for not being focused on LPBW and TLC :) From about April on, Matt and Amy quite frequently posted about LPBW and TLC for the duration of 2011.

In about April, Matt began hinting that TLC was begging the Roloffs to do more shows. Our sources contradict Matt's version. Our sources (who, I will point out, were one hundred percent correct about there being 4 specials long before that was ever announced) said that it was definitely Matt who contacted TLC. We were told the Roloffs were angling were a grand vacation in the deal – TLC was unwilling. They eventually agreed on the 4 specials and in the first special, the vacation featured in the episode was an RV trip from Oregon to California.

*Farm development. Matt's thinking about projects for pumpkin season, he will keep everyone updated on those to help promote pumpkin season. Last pumpkin season was very successful to Matt's surprise. Matt thought with the show being over people wouldn't be interested in going to Roloff Farms for pumpkins but they actually had their busiest day ever. [Note: Although Matt said the show was over and the news of it ending was announced in late August, during October LPBW was very much still on the air with new episodes]

A LPBW special aired in October and TLC filmed some of the pumpkin season for the 2nd special. Matt made his 50th birthday into an event and promoted it for months in advance.

The Roloffs set up a still webcam on the farm via Ustream. It was an idea that some of Matt's fans back on his message board had suggested for years. I think it's fair to say the reaction was less than exuberant. It was a still camera with no sound that consisted of random pumpkin customers walking past. They would sometimes change the location, however some complained that the Roloffs never or rarely ever appeared and wondered what the point was of the whole thing.

As far as Farm Development, the Roloffs purchased the neighbors farm in 2011. This solved the parking problems the Roloffs used to encounter for Pumpkin Season. Matt has been posting about working on several of the old worn down buildings on the farm, including barns and an old farm house. Some speculate the Roloff kids will eventually move in - as Matt had posted that Jeremy told him to save the old house (on the new property) for him. That remark generated some negative comments from observers that want to see the older Roloff kids (Jeremy and Zach will be 22 in May, Molly 19 in September and Jacob will turn 15 later this month) demonstrate some independence on their own and earn their own way instead of relying on Matt and Amy to buy and pay for everything for them.

The farm will stay open for pumpkin season

It did. See above.

*Publishing: A children's book has been discussed and a 'Behind the Scenes' of the LPBW experience book. It would also pick up where Matt's first book, Against Tall Odds left off in 1999. There was a 5 year gap between that book and when they got involved in television.

Neither of Matt's book ideas happened in 2011.
Amy has talked about wanting to author a cook book all year and expressed some frustration at how long the process has taken. Earlier this week she posted a picture from a "food photo shoot" that she said is for her cook book.

*Technology projects. Matt's background is in software as a salesman. Now he's in position where he might be able to fund some of those ideas with his own money.

While Matt hinted and teased for many weeks and months about his big project with Intel and stabilizing their water supply – it turned out his involvement was purchasing land and then acting as a contractor with Intel for them to use his land as a dumping ground.

*Product endorsements. If you have a product and would like Matt to promote it, get in touch with him. Although some of those things might need to go through TLC right now because they are still under contract for the next 18 months. TLC still has a say in what theRoloffs can and can't do. Matt says he already has a line up of possibilities; nothing major on national television, these are more small print ads.
*Voice over work and cartoons and things like that he will keep on the table to keep their revenue stream going forward.

Not much on that front became reality in 2011, although some would point out that Matt did do a few spots for the Matt Damon movie "We Bought A Zoo" -- the spots aired only during the TLC special of LPBW in December.

*An adventure park similar to Roloff farm -- but not on Roloff Farm. Matt has a group of heavy hitters and politicians that he meets with regularly to discuss this adventure park. They've identified a piece of land and are looking into the land use laws.

It is a bit unclear whether this idea was side-tracked by the Intel dirt-dumping deal. Matt and business partners did purchase land, but it was used for the dump site. Matt has referred to ideas such as using the huge amounts of dirt as a "Pumpkin Mountain".

More recently there was an article in the local Oregon news, although Matt wasn't mentioned by name, detailing that there has been controversy and complaints from owners of the neighboring land about all of the dirt from the dump sites.

*The legislative process. Matt got more involved last year with politics. He's more interested in the legislative process. He mentions the lawsuit, they need to litigate to get laws changed. He's going to keep up with the process and might make some trips down to Salem to sit in on some of the sessions at the political level.

Matt did not announce his candidacy for the Republican Presidential Nomination :)
Matt did Facebook his support for Herman Cain. Matt expressed that he felt Herman Cain had many good ideas for the country.

*Hobby movies. They are going to continue to work on their hobby movies. Jeremy is working a lot of them. Every night they sit down for dinner Jeremy has more ideas. So they're going to get their home movie production equipment going -- they have a studio set up and will upgrade some of their equipment to make some fun movies. Slightly more professional than Matt's You Tube videos, but nothing really professional or broadcast quality, just fun stuff.

I think it's fair to say that this idea didn't become reality - at least nothing that could be considered a movie.

During the first quarter of 2011, Matt posted a few You Tube videos including the one we're discussing now - his 2011 Project Agenda. Matt made another You Tube video in his office where he discussed his week. That video is probably most memorable to people for the little humorous white lies the Roloffs told as Matt pretended that Jacob randomly walked into his office while he was doing his video and invited Jacob to speak on camera. However, astute viewers noticed that Jacob was in the room the whole time as his reflection could be seen in the fireplace. The Roloffs went as far as opening and closing the office door to make it sound as if Jacob was really entering and exiting, when he was in the room the entire time.

Getting back to the topic of "hobby movies", In December 2010 on his You Tube channel Jeremy announced that he would post more movies over Christmas break. That never really happened. Jeremy filmed a couple of little videos about Sam Roloff's artwork and they filmed a high school project for Molly and her/their friends. One featured their friend Christian running around the farm. Christian would become better known to Spiritswander readers as the under age kid that was seen drinking in the Roloff garage along with Mueller and some French girls. (The You Tube video with the drinking footage in the Roloffs garage was then deleted after we had posted about it).

Early in the year, Amy began holding live internet "Coffee Chats" via Ustream on Fridays. While Amy still sort of lets on as though she'll get around to it soon (some people have asked her recently on her Facebook Fan Page), it's notable that she hasn't had her internet show since the LPBW specials began filming.

Molly posted a video of her and friends on a You Tube channel. The video featured Molly's friends playing a character called "Dr. Hemp". Some You Tube users posted comments to Molly's public videos stating that referencing drugs wasn't very Christian. An annoyed Molly responded to some of those comments stating that people better not ever judge a Roloff or their friends walk with Jesus and that she felt a lot of hate in the comments. She directed the comment to someone that said they were confused Christians and should realize that you can have a good time without drugs or alcohol.

Kerderler: Dr Hemp...that's very wholesome Christian of you folks. Poor confused young Christians. Maybe one day you'll realize that true followers of Christ don't need alcohol or drugs to have a good time (and won't lie about it either).

mojoro2: @kerderler true followers of Christ would know that other true follows of Christ aren't perfect and wouldnt post nasty comments tearing them down. True followers of Christ would do their best to build up the body of Christ in truth and in love. so why do i feel so much hate in your comment? Dont ever judge my or my brother's/friends walk with Jesus. You don't know what youre talking about.

Our frequent poster and guest reviewer Rap541's comment regarding Molly's response was:

Rap541: "Good lord.... if thats true, then why do so many Christians applaud Jeremy's "faggithole" remarks? If being a Christian means you need to do your best to build up the body of Christ, then why is it ok for Mueller and Jeremy's friends to tell a fan of the show to kill herself and call her a big loser and a b*tch for saying she thought Jeremy was awesome? If Judging is wrong then why is Molly judging the person who commented by saying she feels hate in the comment? Really, Molls, smoke up that hemp and listen up. Your comment amounts to "No one who claims to be Christian should ever judge us, and as a Christian, I judge you as a HATER and will look down on you accordingly." I can't be the only one seeing the contradiction. Or the hypocrisy"

After we posted about Molly's You Tube video, she turned her video to private (that tends to happen a lot after we post about it :)

Molly's response to the You Tube video essentially marked the first time that fans got to see the real Molly Roloff respond on her own to fan comments about the Roloffs. Matt basically doesn't allow his kids (even as adults) or their friends to interact with fans or anything public unless it is under his control and his direction.

*They still have their pumpkin movie that should be out soon. They're working on the score for it down in LA. Matt says he's not all that proud of that movie -- he thinks it looked better on the television show than it does in real life -- but they're going to get it out there somehow. They might put it on iTunes and sell it for 99 cents -- nobody will get rich off it or make their money back, but it might be a fun way to see how that system works out.

As of Jan 7, 2012, the pumpkin movie featured in an episode of LPBW still has not been released via Itunes or any other venue.

*All these things are subject to change. If he starts hearing people Facebook him come June asking him how come he's not doing this or why did that fall through Matt is just going to say go back to the disclaimer.

We gave it a full year before following up on this :) It was the list for 2011, now that it is 2012, it seemed like a good time to go back and see the results of Matt's project list. Matt hasn't yet posted his Project Agenda list for 2012.


Greg said...

Great job Spirits! Matt is all hot air.

Lynn C said...

I think we have to be fair to Matt. It might look like a lot of these things didn't come to light, but he cautioned that they take time.

Dana said...

Well said Lynn.

Creative individuals like Matt have ideas while bitter people criticize those who are creative. If a couple of those ideas don't pan out, who cares? Matt still accomplishes much more than most people and he does it all while over-coming physical challenges that would put most people into submission.

2011 was a good year for the Roloffs. The Roloffs got a chance to focus on the family again.

They returned to television for the benefit of us fans.

Matt increased the Roloff revenue stream by capitalizing on the Intel project.

The Roloffs continued spreading the message of Diversity acceptance and education by way of their speaking engagements.

Jeremy discovered his calling and focused in on becoming a photographer and let God decide his path.

Jeremy became even closer to God by his interest in the church. I have went to the website and fully support the message John Mark Comer is promoting. God is using that church for amazing things.

Jeremy's girlfriend sounds like a wonderful girl whose life is focused on serving Jesus.

2011 was a great year for the Roloffs and I know 2012 will be even better because the Roloffs trust God and give the glory to Him.

Christine said...

It's too bad about Zach becoming a drunk obnoxious douche bag. I think that's the result of spending too much time with Jeremy, Mueller and the rest of those friends.

The best thing for Zach would have been to go to another state. Now he probably will never leave the farm.

Tee said...

Also, Amy raised a lot of money through her charity, not to mention the toy drive and all the other efforts to give back.

Timothy said...

Tee, did you miss this part of the article?

"Amy remained very active with the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation. She held her annual Golf and Auction event in September. Amy frequently attends events such as Food or Toy drives. The Amy Roloff Charity Foundation partnered with Generosity Water to raise donations to build a water well in Haiti and/or other countries that desperately need clean water"

Peter L said...

I think Amy's charity is a bit of a crock. What does SHE donate? What ground work does she do? She asks her fans to donate their money. What about the Millionaire Roloffs actually giving their money? She goes to parties,drinks and eats dinner with executives while all they pat each on the back.

Ashley said...

Personally I thought it was disappointing to discover that Molly is as jerky as the rest of the Roloffs. I held out hope that she was the one good Roloffs.

It's not surprising when Jeremy is seen being a jerk and the mega ego arrogance, but Molly?

Isn't there Roloff that can step back and see their own hypocrisy? I guess not.

Jason said...

Matt is definitely a politician. All talk and no delivery.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Rap, what does it take to get through to these people? They still INSIST on refusing to comment on the underage drinking that took place in the Roloff garage. And yet, they chime in when they feel we've forgotten about their holier-than-thou unproven falsehoods such as "Brooks is practically beating Jeremy's door down" (followed by silence proven factually to be a for-profit school), and Jeremy is doing spectactularly at Brooks (followed by silence when asked to provide proof or evidence). I don't even fell pity for these people.
The ONLY way accomplishes anything is by micro-managing people. No one can deny the disgust that his own father, Ron (Pop) felt when his son blatantly micro-managed and berated him. It's all on the show. "You know, I'm so fed up with this I'm just about ready to walk out of here" in season 3 was the beginning of the end of Pop helping Matt with anything.
I applaud Pop and Hunny for moving. I stated before, but now I'm not so sure, that Grass Valley CA is far enough away.
I also see no reference to the eye-witness fact that these so-called "church retreats" are nothing more than a big beer party. Not one word.

Laura said...

I wish the Pumpkin movie had been released. Maybe it wouldn't have been good, but it would have been funny to see Jeremy for more than what they showed on LPBW.

Jim said...

Jeremy, Zach, Amy and Matt are all adults and all can drink. What's wrong with them drinking at parties and dancing drunk?

Leigh said...

It's too bad Jeremy turned out to be such a thoughtless person that doesn't have respect for people or animals, in my opinion. I thought he might have the ability to be a nice person, but I think I was wrong.

Now he's all about being a snob. Good luck to Audrey! Looks fade!

Tee said...

Oh sorry I did miss that, but did I miss the the review of Rocky? You know I hear he can be a real jerk. He has actually chased a cat before. He is such a dog.

Rap541 said...

Podge, I know.

Dana, for example, and Lynn C as well, and Judy B too, were all asked to express their opinion about Mueller who was 20 at the time and Christian who was 18 at the time, doing shots in Matt and Amy Roloff's garage. No one from the Christian set has expressed an opinion (although Dana spent the year braying how awesome John Mark Comer was, JMC who btw publically condemns underage drinking in various links to the Solid Rock church.)

Dana? You've *been* to John Mark Comer's site. He is against drinking at all, and the blessed Jeremy still drinks. Give your opinion on that please.

Also, John Mark Comer does not approve of drinking under age. Give your opinion of underage children drinking in the Roloff family garage please. And please understand... we all know you think John Mark Comer is *right* and John Mark Comer is against breaking man's law and Mueller and Christian drinking in the Roloff garage with no one stopping them is Matt and Amy Roloff breaking man's law.

Dana? Is breaking man's law ok? Or is that one of those Christian rules thats ok to ignore?

Rob said...

You do have to marvel at Matt's ability to twist the fact that Jacob got expelled from school into something that sounds positive.

Rap541 said...

Jim - Mueller is not legal to drink and Christian who is still in high school is not legal to drink and yet there are photos of the two of them drinking in the Roloffs garage. How do you feel about the law being broke? Because, condoning it or not, the Roloffs aren't allowed under the law to make the decision to allow an 18 year old (Christian) to do shots in their garage.

Right now, yes, Jeremy and Zach are perfectly free to get as drunk as they like. Personally I find it hilarious how the Roloff fans dance with glee over the idea that "Jeremy is LEGAL" as though thats all thats important and neither Jeremy's own words, immortalized in Little People Big Values, nor his stated support of John Mark Comer - who btw believes you should only drink in moderation and not get drunk - should ever be held against Jeremy's love of the demon drink... but thats really not the issue.

The issue is two underage non-Roloff kids doing shots in the Roloffs garage, and who apparently feel so carefree and comfortable about it that they take pictures of themselves and post them on the net.

Seriously folks - if Jeremy supports the teachings of John Mark Comer, then isn't he supposed to well, actually make an effort to live that way? He's almost 22. He's a man, making a man's decisions. He *says* he supports the teachings of John Mark Comer but doesn't.

I mean, yes yes he's sinning and church is the hospital for sinners hee hee hee drink up for Jesus, to get right with the Lord you first need to sin and grin and its all cool as soon as you say "whoopsie, sorry there, Jesus!" but really, is that all there is to it? You just declare yourself a Christian and you don't have to make any effort to live as a Christian?

No wonder Jeremy is such a good Christian... he doesn't actually have to act Christian in order to be praised for acting Christian. Thats about his speed.

Logan said...

"Matt is spending more time with Jacob than he ever has before. He has taken Jacob to the mall and to movies more in the last couple of months than they've been in Jacob's entire life." How sad for Jacob. A young man with a dad who boasts that spending 2 months going to malls and movies makes up for ignoring Jacob for nearly 15 years. There may be little wonder that Jacob acts up/out. His older brother(s) go on trips with their dad while Matt calls Jacob a 'sissy' on television. Great parenting, Matt.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Well Logan, I see part of this as the process of elimination. Jeremy the Golden Boy is gone. Zach is working, still attending college and he's NOT Jeremy. Jacob, although admittedly he's also NOT Jeremy is the handiest good-press item available. I believe it's part Matt taking Jacob to the mall, and Jacob getting taken (dragged) around to the mall. Or to the movies. Or to any other event or outing that a quick phone pic will be taken and paraded online for the press value. It could be partly a game of parental catch-up certainly, and it also could be in part the process of elimination as mentioned above.

Mike P. said...

@Logan: It has occurred to me that a major reason Jacob is so hostile to the show is the way he is depicted on it.

Not only did the show steal his family life at age eight, as his star-struck parents turned to grasping for attention and fame, but then he saw himself presented as a whiny baby, crying, always getting hurt--the permanent "little boy" of the family. Why would he want to participate in a thing like that?

There might be some truth in the picture. But I have confidence that much more truth is edited out, that Jacob knows it and is disgusted by the disfigured image that is left to represent him.

Katie A. said...

Amy Roloff and Molly were at my school, Whitworth University, yesterday! It was pretty cool to see them, since I'm such a big fan.

Maggie said...

Katie A, I know Molly and Whitworth is at the top of her list. She's checking other colleges out but she's most excited about Whitworth.

Ashley said...

Katie, I'm just wondering, is Whitworth known as being ultra conservative Christian?