Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Television Ratings For 3rd Little People, Big World / Roloff Family Special "Zach's First Love"

The ratings for the 3rd of 4 TLC specials of Little People, Big World were down from the previous specials.

According to the TV-By-The-Numbers site, Little People, Big World had ratings of 1.258 on Sunday for the 3rd special.

Although, keep in mind, the TV By The Numbers site listed ratings for the 2nd special of Little People, Big World as 1.534 and then Matt Roloff posted on his Facebook that TLC was "thrilled" at the 1.2 rating it received.

So whatever the case, the number of viewers were down from the 2nd special to the latest special.

It is important to note that Sunday night was a bad night for most cable shows due to the NFL Playoffs. The Kardashian show was down considerably from what they usually receive.

As a comparison, the TLC show that followed LPBW on Sunday night, "Hoarding Buried Alive" had a 1.324 compared to LPBW's 1.258.


Timothy said...

If they said the LPBW episode in December was a 1.5, but really it was a 1.2 (because when doesn't Matt exaggerate to make the Roloffs look successful? If it was a 1.5 Matt would be the first to say so!) does that mean that this one was also 3 points off? Really a 0.9?

Spidey said...

I did get a good laugh out of the part where Zak was talking to Matt in his office. The cat in the chair next to Zak was just casually licking it's butt. Pointed that out to the person who was watching it with me and they didn't notice until I said something. Surprised that TLC didn't edit that out.

Cookie said...

I couldn't help but notice that Sponge Bob Square Pants beat LPBW by over 3 million viewers. Now that's funny.

Tiffany said...

I just thought of something that's kinda ironic that people say all the time about these LPBW specials.

You know how everyone always says that the update specials actually lack updated material? Have u ever notice that the people saying this are actually readers of this blog, which continuously updates people on LPBW and the Roloffs?

So...why is it such a surprise that you dont see any "updated material" on the show when you already know what is going to be shown because you've already read about it weeks in advance?
Have you ever thought that...oh no...there are several hundred thousand people who don't read this blog and who genuinely don't know anything that has happened in the Roloffs lives since the series ended?

Timothy said...

Tiffany, agreed that people that read Spirits' blog know what is going on with the Roloffs.

But the complaint is they don't put "real" updates on the family if it doesn't fit the phony image and personas that LPBW likes to project.

Kyle said...

Tiffany, actually all of the info in the special was knew to me and I follow this blog. I didn't know anything about Zach's deal with the Portland timbers and the same issue with Tori.

But overall it actually DID lack updated material.

Two updates (only about 1 of the 6 Roloffs) of things that aren't really anything substantial or something that would merit an hour long show about them? That's a lack of material.

Tiffany said...

The question then becomes, what is your definition of "real?"

Reality is, Jeremy left the farm to go to college? Check! As published by Spirits. Matt celebrating his 50th birthday with a large gathering and flash mob? Check! As published by Spirits. Zach having a girlfriend? Check! As published by Spirits. So all of these things are reality which was then shown on the show.

I don't necessarily think people want the reality as it is. People more or less just want the reality as they see it which 9 out of 10 times exaggerates the truth as it is.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I'm wondering about the scheduling of the show's air time. Correct me, but was it moved up out of the sweeps period to this date? Like the 2nd special?
I see a connection here between this and BeckyM's idea on previous items that TLC snidely mocks their reality stars.
In taking Spirit's point about tough ratings on NFL Final Sunday, why would TLC schedule the 'special' to air against the NFL conference finals? I see this an an indication of the value that TLC holds for LPBW and its actors. Why was this allowed to happen, without any provisions in the contract that Matt hashed out with the network, or any reaction to the snub that TLC performed by airing this 'special' when they did?

Timothy said...

Kyle, in fairness, Spirits did correctly report about Zach and Tori back in July.


Taken from Spirits' article:

"Before we get into this, one thing you should know that we haven't even done an item on yet -- is that Zach has a girlfriend back in Hillsboro. She's an average height girl named Tori that has worked for the Roloffs during pumpkin season."

Tiffany, why nothing about Jacob being expelled from school? Why nothing that indicates just how much time Jeremy and Mueller spent together prior to Jeremy leaving for college?

Why nothing about Mueller going to LPA with the Roloffs? Why nothing about Jeremy's girlfriend? Why did it take to special number #3 before there was even a hint that Zach had a girlfriend? All the other specials were filmed when Zach was already dating Tori. Why nothing about Jeremy's ties with his church that is apparently a major part of his life?

Tiffany said...

I'm very glad, Timothy, that you brought up the subject of Jacob! ;) But give my a few seconds before I hop on that train!!!
First, some very logical answers to some of your questions: Number one, the show has never been about Mueller..no disrespect to him. He is what you would call an "extra" in the series. So all in all there is no real reason to devote any amount of airtime to him whatsoever. The fact that Mueller wasn't shown during the LPA trip was probably due to the fact that it was the Roloffs personal choice to bring him along and therefore had no real relevance to the story they were trying to tell. As for the other two things, its quite possible that Jeremy's girlfriend and the church he ATTENDED, let's remember he lives in California now, didn't want to be part of the show/agreed to be filmed.
Now..before I move onto Jacob, let me say that for a 21 year old man (Zach) to describe his first kiss on camera is a pretty raw, private and real moment..no matter which way you look at it.

So how come they haven't brought up Jacob? The way I see it, they've had a special about Jeremy, one for Zach, and one for Matt and Amy so there is a good probability that the next special will feature an update on Molly and Jacob...where they may bring up the issue of Jacob having to change schools. Personally I think the word "expelled" is taking it too far. If I remember correctly, in the article Spirits published they said something along the lines of "basically its safe to assume he was expelled from school." Which, by the way, doesn't necessarily mean that he was actually expelled from school. Saying he was "expelled" is a long stretch of the truth in my estimation and is completely unfair to Jacob.

Anyhow, we have so soon forgot that Jacob wasn't the only Roloff to have issues in that school. Lets remember that Zach and Jeremy had to go to summer school to get caught up on their grades. So the idea that Jacob is the only one to have problems with the school is complete nonsense. Maybe his brothers and sister did finish out their school careers with that school and that's all well and good for them but everyone learns at a different level at a different pace. As I've said, Zach and Jeremy had problems with the school too. So now then if Jacob had some of the same issues as Zach and Jeremy, why not accept it for what it is and put him in an environment where he can succeed? There is absolutely 100% no harm in doing that.

David said...

Tiffany, Jacob was expelled from school.

In Amy's own words he was "expelled" or "kicked out of school".

To Timothy's point, if the show is supposed to be about reality and you're arguing that it is and that the Roloffs don't "hide the good, the bad and the ugly" then if there is a reality show involving Jeremy, the main themes of his life should be evident. Agreed?

Two of the main parts of Jeremy's life is all of his Jesus talk and love of the Solid Rock church. The other is his dependence on Mueller. Your excuse is weak in my opinion and I think you know that it is. They could portrayed Jeremy's belief that he is a "Jesus follower" that is always talking about Jesus and is promoting even if the church did not want them filming within the church. I think everyone is smart enough to know why that important aspect of Jeremy's life is carefully kept off of the TV show. It's about trying to hide that part of Jeremy because it would divide the audience just like it divides Spirit's readership and would raise questions of hypocrisy and damage the Roloffs role as Diversity advocates when it's known that Jeremy supports a Church that tells gay people that their only salvation is to pray to God that He will cure them.

Neither (the church or the amount of time with Mueller) were depicted that way on the show at all.

Rap541 said...

Sorry Tiffany, if his parents refer to Jake as being "expelled" or "kicked out", then its perfectly fair to say Jake was expelled. Even if we didn't have Amy straight up saying just that - and we do have a Roloff parent saying straight up that jake was expelled, we also have matt in one of his special Q &A saying " His grades are to the point to where he will very likely not continue in private school. The school has a very strict grade point average standard that has to be met consistently, and if you don't make that average, you no longer qualify to be enrolled. "

Which certainly does fit the definition of "expelled" or "kicked out" a lot better than "pulled out by his parents" or "chose not to continue".

If "expelled" is unfair to Jake, Tiffany, then perhaps his mom shouldn't have said it, and his dad shouldn't have discussed it with fans, complete with how it was "screwball teachers". Matt and Amy both chose to use their facebooks as a pulpit to complain about how inflexible that school that Matt never liked was... and unlike "Was Mueller at the LPA con" - this is an issue that if they geniunely didn't want the public to know, they could have shut up about it.

Since they did make a very public splash about the expulsion - complete with calling it that - yeah, it is a bit interesting that they can whine about it on their face books and brag how they are homeschooling there... but won't do it on their tv show.

Tiffany said...

Correction. Amy said "if you wanna call it expelled, then call it as you will." She never definitively said that he was, and neither did Spirits.

Going on to Jeremy. The "two main parts of Jeremy's life" as you said, are perceived notions perpetuated by the fact that it's all anybody brings up when people discuss him. Obviously there is more to his life than just church and Mueller.
Just because their show is listed as a "reality show" doesn't mean that they absolutely have to disclose every personal detail of their lives. Their personal views and beliefs are entirely their own and they don't have to share them with the world.

Randy said...

It's been brought up a lot in the different comments section how Jeremy goes to a church that preaches that gay people need to pray to God to cure them of their "disease". Lots of Jeremy bashers bring this up as a reason to hate him.

However, this doesn't necessarily means Jeremy agrees with this statement. Doesn't this church also preach that alcohol consumption is bad and it is a sin to get drunk? Well, Jeremy obviously doesn't follow this rule. So it is very possible he does not agree with the theory that gay people need to be cured.

I think we would need evidence of him coming out and saying homosexuals need to pray the gay away before we can 100% be certain he supports this theory.

Kyle said...

Tiffany, if Jacob wasn't expelled, then why were Amy and Matt so angry at the school for not letting him finish up the school year with only weeks to go?

No doubt, that if he wasn't expelled, no matter how much the Roloffs now hated Faith Bible (for whatever reason) they would've just had him finish up those final weeks at Faith instead of having to go through the trouble of working out something else.

David said...

Randy, it's a fair point about Jeremy not following the Solid Rock messages about alcohol consumption, but regarding homosexuality, I think we have to use some common sense.

I think anyone with common sense and no agenda, knows why Jeremy will not release a statement saying that he does or does not support gay people...because it's harmful to the Roloff image as diversity speakers.

The Roloffs are walking the line right now where they're benefiting from both sides. They benefit from the hard core Christians that support the anti gay messages, but they're also benefiting from people not knowing that. We all know they could lose some speaking events if it became widely known what they believe about other diversity groups.

I think if someone is continually associated with a certain message, at some point, intelligent people need to draw a conclusion about that person's belief.

Using an extreme example, would a person with Pat Robertson type belief ever attend a church that support gay marriage even if he agreed with some of the other things spoken in the church? Would he support groups that gave funds towards making gay marriage legal?

The other answer is no.

In Jeremy, you have someone that supports all of that. Spreads the message. Jeremy has used the gay slur and has never felt it important enough to apologize, say he regrets it, say it was wrong.

An overwhelming majority of Jeremy's friends also believe what Jeremy's church preaches.

Jeremy could find another church that didn't have those beliefs, but he didn't. He uses gay slurs and doesn't apologize for it. His friends believe the same thing as his church. A lot of those friends have posted their stance about gays online. I wonder why they do and Jeremy doesn't? Maybe because unlike Jeremy, they don't need to worry about their family trying to make money off of diversity groups.

Also, Jeremy has had every opportunity to clarify his position. It's a fact that the Roloffs know what people say and Jeremy's feeling about gay people and his church is a hot topic. He could clarify his position easily, but doesn't.

Z said...

Make no mistake, Jacob was expelled from school. He would say it himself (if Matt allowed him to speak).

Rap541 said...

Amy said "He was definantely let go of the school he's been attending all of his life. I particularly don't agree with their decision but it is what it is and so I had to scramble, how do I get this boy through eighth grade. I was really hoping that he would be able to graduate from the school he's only ever known in the last six weeks but it isn't, it wasn't what it was going to be. So we found another place for him four days a week, he does about three four hours there working on subjects just to keep him on board, just to keep him going, and he's doing great. I was really prepared for Jacob to go through a struggle, not that he's not, but not as bad as I would have thought and I think that for him, there seems to be kind of a uh, one of the weights, one of the weights on his shoulder uplifted... So maybe in the end it was best for him, but I am excited cause he's going to be enrolled in the public high school and he'll be my first kid going to a public school and that'll be an adjustment for all of us but I think he's doing good, I thinks he's doing really good and for the last several weeks going through that process so we'll see. But he's got about maybe five weeks left just like all the other kids and he'll graduate from eight grade and I've already got him enrolled for the public high school so I'm axcited. I think he's excited and um... Its kind of a wake up call for all of us so he's doing good. Matt and I are learning a lot. Anything else Lisa?

Tiffany - If Amy says he was definately let go by the school and she wasn't happy about *their* decision, and *then* says "If you want to call it expelled then call it what you will", well Tiffany....

What do you call it? You're arguing Jake wasn't expelled. But Amy makes it clear the school made the decision to have Jake leave the school well before the end of the year. Amy and Matt in comments have said it was due to Jake not doing the work and not getting good grades. Tiffany... what IS that called? When a school disenrolls a student in the middle of a semester because of his behaviors?

I mean, *you* are the one saying "expelled" is taking it too far, while Jake's mother is clearly not taking that position. It's a semantics issue but since you're the one saying it's wrong to say he was expelled... what should it be called? And keep in mind the facts presented by both Amy and Matt is that the school, not Matt and Amy, made the decision that Jake would no longer attend and this was not done by Matt and Amy's choice.

Dave said...

Let's face it, Tiffany....if we're going to be that flexible about the word "expelled", then someone could just as easily come on and say he was dragged out by the police. Works both ways, you know? Let's just stick with the straight definition.

Rap541 said...

More to the point, Tiffany - if Amy and Matt didn't want this out, you agree that no one made them discuss their emeergency meetings with the school board, and matt's emergency leaving his vacation to handle it, and coffee chatting and doing q&a's on how Jake's grades weren't up to snuff so the school kicked him out two months shy of the school year ending?

With matt and Amy's own comments out there, I trust you aren't suggesting they are lying when they say it was the school's decision? Tiffany? Are Matt and Amy lyuing? Are you trying to sell that Matt and Amy pulled Jake from his school and then told everyone "if you want to call it expelled, then go ahead"?

I mean, lets be clear - if Matt and Amy decided without any help or threat from the school to pull Jake out, you do understand that they're telling people it was the school's decision and "If you want to call it expelled, go ahead".

Tiffany - why would Matt and Amy even suggest that Jake was expelled, what purpose does THAT serve?

Why don't you explain to all of us how Jake wasn't expelled and its wrong to say it even though his parents are NOT saying "Jake wasn't expelled, the school would be happy to have him back, we, not the school, made the decision to remove Jake from Faith"?

Tiffany said...

Note, my dear Rap, neither person said Jacob was expelled. Grant it, you did your research and it does appear as though he was. Much props to you on that!!! :)
Z....I'm assuming your a friend of Jacob's???

Anywho....was it not leaked on this blog first that Jacob had to switch schools and THEN people began quizzically asking about it on Matt and Amy's Facebook page? Furthermore, the discussion at the school didn't go "Jacob Roloff...your expelled," I'm sure. It was probably more like "Mr. and Mrs. Roloff, you should look into moving Jacob to a different environment that would best suit his abilities to further his education." Sure...the two things are similar, but one carries more weight than the other one.
And of course Matt and Amy would be pissed off that the school wouldn't let Jacob finish out his eighth grade year. What..with only a few weeks left in the school year. I'm not saying the school should've let him stay. All's I'm saying is Amy and Matt reacted the same way any parent would if their kid had to change schools at the end of the year. Rap, I'm sure you are/would be that kinda parent too.

Rap541 said...

No, it wasn't. All the talk began when Amy began discussing her meetings with the school board, coupled with vague concerned references about Jake and Matt then facebooked how he was canceling his trip due to a crisis at home. Then Matt did the Q&A about how Jake wasn't making the grades and also began bitching about that school he never liked... I know you *want* Matt and Amy to be innocent in this regard, but they aren't.

Also, I am sure that the school didn't say "GET OUT" or "WE HATE YOU" to Jake either - but I *am* sure that they said "Jake can not finish out the school year here, you will have to make other arrangements, he is no longer a student here."

The difference between Amy and Matt, and I, Tiffany, is that I wouldn't be telling strangers my kid got the boot because of his grades, he had screw ball teachers at that school I never liked, the school was inflexible, and I was now "homeschooling" and patting myself on the back for "homeschooling" and accepting a whole lotta "you go, Rap!" from fans for "homeschooling" and then sending my kid to an alternative school for the rest of the school year and then enrolling him in public school.

Tiffany - are you now conceding that its not inappropriate to say Jake was expelled?

Rap541 said...

Also, Tiff, if my kid had gotten booted from private school because he wasn't doing the work, no, I wouldn't be applauding him and holding him up on Facebook as a great kid the way Matt did. I sure wouldn't use the moment to humilate a child, but at the same time, I wouldn't applaud my kid for wasting several thousand dollars and a lot of time.

Tiffany - do you think it was appropriate for Jake to hear a lot of praise for refusing to do the work? psst Matt actually said in the q&a that Jake wasn't doing the work which was why he wasn't allowed to stay at the school or finish the school year. Is that a "You go, Jake!" moment to you, Tiffany? :)

Rap541 said...

For the record, if his parents are saying "If you wanna call it expelled, then call it as you will" - Tiffany - if Jake *wasn't* expelled, why would his parents NOT defend him?

Tiffany? If Jake was not expelled, why are Matt and Amy not defending their child from these public accusations that you think are not true?

Seriously, your child, Tiffany - if it was your child and your child was NOT expelled, would your response be "if you wanna say my child was expelled, call it what you will"? Is that how *you*, Tiffany, would defend your child in public?

Tiffany said...

I will give you that because you Rap, more than anyone I know of, follow all of the Roloffs accounts; Twitter, Facebook, YouTube (even the fake ones.) So yes, you do have the edge on that side of the argument.

And oh no...I'm not conceding anything. In plain and simple terms....asking Jacob to leave school and expelling him are similar yet very different. Asking for him to leave is the step before forcing him to leave. If he was expelled, there wouldn't have been a series of meetings that Amy alluded to. There would've been one where they just flat out would've said that he wasn't wanted.
THE FACT that there was a series of meetings suggests that he wasn't expelled.

Z said...

Tiffany, give it up. Jacob was expelled. Anybody that knows him knows it's true. Jacob tells people that he was expelled because of grades.

Tiffany said...

So Z...did Jacob tell YOU that??

Rap, Matt and Amy may have just concluded that no matter what, they can't make people believe something and kept from starting an argument/heated discussion.
I'm all about giving people the benefit of the doubt and giving credit where credit is due (which I've done to you Rap.) I personally just don't believe he was actually expelled.

Rap541 said...

Oh Tiff, I just have a good memory.

Now since you asked me, and I responded... lets hear you explain how you would handle your kid being expelled... hand on the bible, Tiff, would you announce it on facebook and praise your kid and yourself?

Oh and Tiffany, it's duly noted that you're not willing to admit you're wrong without suggesting there's something wrong with my being factually accurate. I know its *easier* when people don't bother to look things up, but suggesting there's something weird or sick or creepy (what exactly were you suggesting) about being factually accurate is bit sour grapes. :)

Rap541 said...

Oh Tiff, I just have a good memory.

Now since you asked me, and I responded... lets hear you explain how you would handle your kid being expelled... hand on the bible, Tiff, would you announce it on facebook and praise your kid and yourself?

Oh and Tiffany, it's duly noted that you're not willing to admit you're wrong without suggesting there's something wrong with my being factually accurate. I know its *easier* when people don't bother to look things up, but suggesting there's something weird or sick or creepy (what exactly were you suggesting) about being factually accurate is bit sour grapes. :)

Rap541 said...

And Tiff, you still haven't answered - if it was your kid in a similar situation, would you personally say "if you want say expelled, then call it what you will" over your own child that you knew was not expelled?

Since you're apparently insisting that is Matt and Amy's position? As parents, they just aren't willing to fight for their kid who WASN'T expelled?

Rap541 said...

Oh and in case it needs to be said - no, Tiffany, if my child had not been expelled from school or if there was any wiggle room about say, my being allowed to withdraw him early or transfer him or whatever, no, I would not in public say "If you want to say expelled, then call it what you will" about a child who was NOT expelled.

How about you Tiff?

Rap541 said...

And in the interest of accuracy, here's what Amy said:

Yes Jacob was let go from his school. He was unable to graduate from the school he has gone to all of his life. Um… But it was pretty much, he was let go. If you want to call it kicked out, ok call it kicked out.

I'm not seeing how he was told he could no longer attend and had to leave before the school year ended but was not expelled, Tiffany. Can you explain your logic is saying you don't believe Jake was expelled? Because I geniunely do not understand your logic of insisting on the point.

Oh wait... are you arguing semantics? He's not allowed to attend or even finish the school year but if his mommy and daddy don't say "expelled" then "being asked to leave and not allowed to return" is NOT the same thing? :)

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

So Tiffany, why does Jacob claim on his formspring (the REAL one, not the fake one that you will no doubt claim it to be) the following:

how do you feel being banned from faith? they wont ever let you back teacher says.

You're dumb because I've already been back there a few times...I got expelled for grades...not killing someone.

Yes Tiffany, the same one he was asked to delete and start a new one, I'm sure you know the reason seeing as you claim to be so close to jacob etc. etc.
Jacob says HIMSELF that he got expelled.

And Rap, you and I will expect the following responses:
1. That was a fake formspring. Really, it was. Don't believe everything you read. Did jacob say that to YOU personally??
2. Why are you reading a 14 year-olds formspring? (Which of course is an admission of fact) You're a creeper! Remember Rap, when Chris Cardamone tried the same thing in the fake FB page discussion?

Tiffany, I can't understand why you're going to such lengths over a simple truth. Oh well.

Kyle said...

Ok Rap you've attacked and attacked and attacked Tiff's points and gone in for the kill shot. Now it's time to chill. Sometimes you can never change people's minds or get them to admit they're wrong, especially on the internet.

Rap541 said...

Podge - all I know is that Tiffany needs to apologize about this was it not leaked on this blog first that Jacob had to switch schools and THEN people began quizzically asking about it on Matt and Amy's Facebook page?

Because sure enough, no, Tiffany, speculation did not begin on this topic until Amy posted on facebook about her school board meeting and asked for prayers. Then a day later Matt q&a'd how Jake was probably not going to be allowed to continue at the school and then began braying like an ass on his facebook about that school he never liked with the screwball teachers. So until the Roloffs began the hint dropping, this was under cover and NOT being speculated on -but nice try rewriting history there Tiffany.

Tiffany said...

"If you wanna call it kicked out, ok call it kicked out" is the same thing I said..just not exactly word for word.

To your point Rap, it is only fair to answer the same question I asked you. My response to the question "what would you do if Jacob was your kid?" is as follows. Completely opposite of what Matt and Amy did, I wouldn't have said anything to begin with. I wouldn't give two damns if I was on a reality show or not. Just because one is on a show doesn't mean you have disclose all of your personal information to everybody who asks. Now listen, I'm definitely not condemning them for doing what they did. They have their own free will. More power to them for doing that. I just personally wouldn't have said anything.
And Rap and Podge/Rodge, I don't mean to state anything other than the facts. Following the Roloffs real and/or fake online activity is fine if that's what floats your boat. I just simply stated what Rap already admitted. If you wanna read between these little lines for something that wasn't there to begin with..then do it as you will. More to the point Rap, I don't think and never had said that doing research was weird or creepy. I actually applaud you and anyone else who does it because then you can call people out on perceived bullshit..as you have done before and keep the conversation somewhat honest.

For those wondering why I believe Jacob wasn't exactly expelled from school, even though Jacob said that he was, is because my family went through a similar situation with my brother.
Almost exactly the same way as what Jacob went through. Near the end of the year and he was acting up in class. His teacher finally had enough and had a parent/teacher conference. Then it lead to a pareent/teacher/principal conference where the principal told him that my parents should look into moving him to a different school BEFORE they had to expell him. My parents then, a couple of days later, decided to take him outta school and put him in a different one.
So yes...I do know that the hell I'm talking about on this subject.

krisa said...

Tiffany, in my world your brother and Jacob were expelled. You are playing a semantics game :)

Christine said...

I've always been skeptical of Molly's super "nice girl" persona and there was small little scene in the last special that reinforced that.

In the scene when they where Zach, Tori, Molly and Jacob were talking about Zach dating. I realize that was staged, but if we're going to accept that any comment made is the truth... Molly said to Tori "I don't remember you working at pumpkin season at all".

I think that's just a small little thing, but I think it goes to show how much or little respect Molly showed people that were working for them. When Tori wasn't dating her brother, she didn't even know she was working? She never talked to her?

I've always wondered how the Roloffs treat the other workers. Molly obviously pays no attention to them at all. To not even know if someone was working there after a full month?

I've never seen Molly do anything overly nice or kind that justifies the positive opinion that most fans here have of her.

Just because she doesn't she hasn't been caught using slurs, throwing cats or hasn't been kicked out of school doesn't make her this super nice person.

Leigh said...

Tiffany, Jacob was kicked out of school.

He was at home and that's when Matt and Amy started talking about home schooling and like Amy said, were left scrambling to find a place for him to finish school. He was kicked out, expelled.

Gosh, even Jacob said he was expelled for bad grades and you're still refusing to admit that you were wrong?

Kyle said...

Christine, you bring up a good point about Molly. I too caught that and thought it was a very Mean Girl thing to say. Something not outright horrible but just a rude slight at the person. I would've been really taken aback if someone said that to me.

Sure, it's not like there are hundreds of volunteers to keep track of or even have to deal with and Molly honestly could have just never noticed, talked to, worked with, or overall ran into Tori. But we all know that Molly is pretty smart, and so my guess is Molly knew what she was doing when she said "I don't remember you working at pumpkin season at all."

Does she think Tori is just a fangirl and in the relationship to be on TV too?

Rap541 said...

In fairness, Tiffany - Amy said "Jake was let go from his school", and not "The school suggested we try a different learning environment.

Amy also said they were scrambling to find him something, and Matt said in his q&a that he and Amy were unhappy with how inflexible the school was being. Matt also stated that the school was very strict about grades and that if Jake wasn't making the average needed, he would lose eligability to be enrolled. Matt also said Jake's grades were poor enough that he was likely to not continue in private school.

None of this sounds like Amy and Matt were offered any choice. You are arguing semantics - "No one said *expelled*, but he was told he wasn't being given another chance and not to show up for school on monday because his grades were too poor to allow him to be enrolled... but that's not *expelled*."

Btw don't acknowledge that you were completely wrong in slurring people here and that yes indeedy, it was Matt and Amy Roloff, privacy fans who never ever share too much, who were telling the world about how Jake got kicked out of school for poor grades on their facebooks and moderated websites. If Matt and Amy *had kept their mouths shut* they probably could have sold "Jake is just such a special kid, we decided to switch schools all on our own so that he would be happier".

If the next special *is* about Molly and Jake, I suspect Matt and Amy both will need to edit their facebooks a bit. Right now they're the parents who facebooked their kid getting kicked out of school.

Anonymous said...

Why would Jake say he was expelled if he wasn't?

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Tiffany, why are you going to all this trouble? The eagerness to discuss Jacob, coming to his defense even after his own admission of expulsion was given as factual which you claimed earlier was unfair?

The suggestion that he might be part of the next 'special' along with Molly, when he has repeatedly written his disgust for LPBW?

Is this advance damage control for the upcoming special? Do you know that Matt and Amy will not use the term "expelled" or try to make to appear as if they changes Jacob's schools?

A little hint was your idea that ".oh no...there are several hundred thousand people who don't read this blog and who genuinely don't know anything that has happened in the Roloffs lives since the series ended?" Are you suggesting that Matt and Amy will be able deceive the people about Jacob's true situation because they don't read this blog? Hence the advance damage control?

Melissa said...

I agree with Kyle and Christine about Molly's comment about Tori.

I don't know if it was an intentional slight, Kyle, but it does tell me a bit about how a person treats and interacts with others if she doesn't even notice someone else working on her farm for an entire month.

Tiffany said...

Call it semantics, beating around the bush, refusing to acknowledge the truth, whatever you want (hang me...I just pulled an Amy.)

Let. Me. Put. It. In. Simple. Everyday. Terms. And. Language. I've said it once before so let me say it once more: being asked to leave and being expelled are very similar but one carries more weight than the other. IN OTHER WORDS: there is a fine line between being expelled and being asked to leave.
Now, in all reality, being brought up and surrounded by a protective environment, what exactly does Jacob know about the reality of being expelled? I highly doubt he knows anybody who has ever been really expelled. And I'm pretty sure Matt and Amy never knew anybody either. I, however, do. Obviously I've already told you about my brother. I also had a friend who was PROPERLY expelled. Read my above comment for how my brother was treated. In contrast, here was what my friend said about what went down when he was expelled:

"The principal straight up told me with a police officer in the room that they (the school) were breaking all ties with me. They told me I wasn't welcomed back ever again and if they ever saw me on campus I would be fined for trespassing."

That is the difference between being expelled and being asked to leave. I'm almost 100% sure that didn't happened to Jacob in any sense.

The unfortunate thing for Jacob is that this incident will become his own Jeremy's gay bashing comment incident.

Rap541 said...

Ok. I gotta defend Molly a little, guys.

A) I think most of the conversation was staged for the camera so she had to say *ssomething*

B)A ton of people likely work at Roloff Farms at Pumkin Season. There's people asking Molly for her autograph and she's meeting and greeting... I will throw her a bone here, not recognizing someone who worked at pumkin season isn't that shocking to me. It's not like she's on molly's volleyball team.

kayla said...

molly probally wasn't there much because of her volleyball schedule so its paussible she didn't see her there much. and if she did. she's zach's friend/gf. so she probally thought she was there to hang out with zach.

Michelle said...

Kayla, I think Tori worked at pumpkin season (the year before, not the most recent) BEFORE she started dating Zach.

I think that's the point that some people are noticing. When she was a "nobody", a person working on Roloff Farm, Molly never bothered to notice her.

Michelle said...

Rap, I've seen pictures of all the Roloff pumpkin staff. There's not THAT many. Maybe around 50? That might be exaggerating.

Out of that number, once you get by the Roloff family members, the close kindergarten friends (the Mueller's, Levi's, Molly's own friends Sarah and Paige), that doesn't leave hundreds of people.

There are times that pumpkin staff do things together and during an entire month I don't think it's too much to expect Molly to notice whether someone was working or not.

I think it suggests that Molly is typical Roloff and only is welcoming to people already in their inner circle.

kayla said...

i guess if you want to find something negative about a molly's comment i didn't think twice about, you can find it. seems like alot of nitpicking.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Let me put it in simple terms. This is damage control for Jacob's expulsion in advance. I'm wondering if this Tiffany person is using the comparison to say:
Jacob might have used a term he didn't understand, and likewise Jeremy did not understand his gay bashing comments also? OR
Jacob should not be held accountable for what he says and Jeremy should not be held accountable for what he says? OR
Jacob's saying he was expelled should be disregarded because no one has proven how they were personally hurt by it, and Jeremy's gay bashing comments should be disregarded because no one has proven how they were personally hurt by it?

Rap541 said...

Michelle, I'm just thinking about myself and how I get hellos and pleasant conversation on a daily basis from people at work who..... yeah not sure who they are or how they know my name. I can't fault her for doing something I do.

Michelle said...

Rap, if there was about 50 employees in your office and you worked with them for a month. About half of them were either your family or close friends, and you've been to work functions with them.

After a month, if one of them mentioned something about working in your office, would you really say "I didn't know you were there?"

My memory is not the best, but I would at least know if someone worked with me for a month or not.

Rap541 said...

Spin spin spin, Tiffany :)

Was *your brother* in private school? Or public? There are differences.

What about Amy saying it was the school's decision? Being asked to leave is not the school's decision, really, now is it? If you're asked to leave and you do leave, fine, but you *can* fight the request, correct? Amy straight up said it was the *school's* decsion and she wasn't happy with it - her husband was busy crowing to the masses how he never liked that school and that his son wasn't making the grades to stay eligable to attend.

Matt and Amy have never couched this in terms of "Jake was asked to leave and we decided not to fight it even though we could have". And a quick read of the Faith Bible Handbook says that they call it "dismissal" (and it outlines the procedure including the school board meeting) so again, you're arguing semantics.

I see no reason to disagree with Amy's "if you want to say kicked out, then call it what you will" - if the *Roloffs* won't say "Our son was NOT expelled" then why should I?

Amy has conceded the point - as a mother, she's not willing to fight for her son's reputation, and since all the evidence, including her own words that it was the school's decision, I see no reason to dance around it - the Roloffs certainly aren't and Matt was proud to tell us how wrong and difficult the school was and how he never liked the school to begin with... and Matt has not stood up to defend Jake either. Matt as a father made it very clear in a public statement that Jake's grades were too poor.

Where exactly are Matt and Amy saying they had the choice to let Jake stay at Faith? If they didn't have a choice, then yes, Jake was expelled/dismissed/kicked out.

Rap541 said...

Michelle, to be honest, I just don't see this as Molly being a hell child. To give you an example from my life - I've been in the same work group of 15 people for about four months now. Because we don't interact as a team very often (heads down, in the cube, on the computer working) and because I missed the first introductory team meeting we had - and am terrible with names and faces - there's a very nice guy who has said hello to me almost every day as he walks by who is actually a member of my team and I had no idea that "that guy" was the same "Team member B" who I was cheerfully interacting with online for work.

Like I said, I can't fault her for something I do myself. Now sure, I didn't *tell* "Team Member B" that it took me months to figure out who he was... but I am also not 18 any more.

Christine said...

Thanks Kyle.

I don't think this is Molly being a "Hell child", but I do think it's one of the real subtle character traits that reveals something about what a person is really like.

BeckyM said...

Molly gets a bit of a pass because she has kept her grades up. She seems to have more smarts then her brothers and she has kept any partying and bigoted aspect/views of her life relatively private (though there is that videos eh put out).

Do I think she's some really great person I would like as a neice or a friend? Heck no.

Molly's clear laziness shown on the Pumpkin season episode where she couldn't get herself out of bed to work (walk down the driveway!) showed quite clearly her ethics, and the poor parenting skills of Matt and Amy.

kayla said...

molly's not perfect, she was a teenager not wanting to work at her parents pumpkin farm. i'm sure most teenagers are going to be jumping up and down to work on weekend....not

BeckyM said...

@ Kayla not jumping up and down but as her parent AND HER BOSS, I would demand she get her ass out of bed and show up on time. If not, it's called consequences. Something Matt and Amy don't understand nor implement.