Monday, January 30, 2012

An Update on the Roloffs Subpoena of Google for Spiritswander's and Your Personal Information

The legal process is still on-going, but we did want to give a quick update on what is happening (people understandably continue to inquire) and where we are at in the process -- because it does in fact -- involve all of you as well.

This is about the subpoena that the Roloffs issued to Google Inc regarding wanting the personal and private information of all that have contributed to Spiritswander. Here is the original article and subsequent article after people offered to contribute.

We did file the Motion to Quash the subpoena with U.S District Court within all the stated deadlines that we were given. Google Inc. has given their assurance that they will not release any information responsive information regarding the subpoena until there is a final decision rendered by the judge.

The attorney working for Matthew J Roloff and Amy J Roloff exercised their right to oppose our Motion to Quash. We had a chance to respond to their opposition of our Motion to Quash by Jan 30th and we have done that.

One of the things that has become crystal clear out of this whole process? Remember how Matt or Amy used to occasionally reference in a comment or an interview once in a while, that they paid no attention to bloggers? And most of us dismissed the Roloffs as being untruthful because it was rather obvious that they did in fact pay close attention to Spiritswander and all that commented because of the number of times they would reference discussions were were having or our article topics. Well, I would say that our conclusions are certainly true. I think one would say that the Roloffs are rather obsessed with the Spiritswander site. To such a degree, that I think most of you would be shocked. Not only are the Roloffs aware of the site and the articles, but the Roloff family analyze hundreds upon hundreds of your comments. Counsel working for the Roloffs have entered hundreds of the Spiritswander Blog reader's comments into official court documents.

To clarify something that some of our readers were debating when we first mentioned the subpoena. This subpoena is not only requesting the personal and private information about myself, Spiritswander and my email address. It is not just about Guest Reviewer Rap541. In fact, Rap541's name was not singled out, but other posters screen names were mentioned by the Roloffs and their counsel.

Matt and Amy Roloff indeed are demanding in the subpoena, access to the personal and private identifying information of anyone and every one that has ever submitted a comment to the Spiritswander Blog since its inception 4 years ago. There are approximately 700 Blog articles, items and entries in that 4 year span. Many of the items contain hundreds of comments.

If Matthew J Roloff and Amy J Roloff are successful with the subpoena, they will be handed the personal and private information of hundreds, perhaps thousands of individuals.

We of course think this is outrageous, unlawful and gross violation of hundreds of persons rights. We are fighting the subpoena, not only for ourselves, but on the behalf of everyone whose personal and private information would be given to Matt and Amy Roloff.

The basis of the Roloffs legal argument -- which we still feel is disingenuous -- now seems to be that they claim that they think some of the comments on the blog are so knowledgeable and insightful, that they must have come from Washington County employees. We respectfully point out that the one item we have from Washington County is clearly identified as a statement from Washington County and there is no need to trample on the rights of hundreds of people to know that statement came from Washington County (whom the Roloffs are suing, ironically, claiming they violated their rights...) as a public statement. However, the Roloffs are arguing that because they want to know if one or two Washington County Employees have ever anonymously commented on the case, that they must be granted all of my personal and private information as well as information about my email and that of every person that has ever submitted a comment on the blog in the 4 year existence of this Blog.

We still believe this is a clear abuse of the process and have noted that on Nov 29, 2011 we received a series of menacing, very threatening comments claiming to be a close Roloff Family friend and a business associate. The individual vowed that they would track me down and used the term that they were "Hunting Spiritswander". While it cannot be concluded that the person making the threatening comments was the individual they were claiming to be, we believe that it does give reason to be suspicious of the Roloffs and their friends when you consider that 7 days after someone vowed that they would "Find" me!" and stated that they were "HuntingSpiritswander" that the Roloffs filed for this subpoena on or about December 6th, 2011 requesting my personal information . We have raised this concern with the court that they should not take this issue lightly as this information could be used to harass, stalk or other forms of threatening behavior.

We believe the Roloffs are clearly abusing the subpoena process and entered into court documents Matt Roloff's "tweet" where he stated that the act of subpoenaing Google was "probably the funnest thing [he] has ever done in life" which we believe raises great concerns that Matt is playing games with the process by issuing patently overbroad subpoena requests.

We will have a full, detailed report of this entire process when it is eventually concluded, but for now, we did want to inform all of you what was happening, because the Roloffs are attempting to infringe on your rights as well.

Thank you to all that have offered their various forms of support.


May or may not be Aiden from Tulsa said...

OMG no wonder everything takes so long. You get subpoenaed. You motion to quash, they get to oppose your motion to quash and then you need to again quash their opposition of your motion to quash the subpoena. This is getting more and more ridiculous.

Stay strong!

Tay said...

Be strong hang tuff and speak up for your self and your loyal fans of this blog for our freedom of free and public speaking rights.

When ever you can and have time continue two give us all updates on this ridiculous matter that is so so un called for. Take care and God Bless.

Vic Rattlehead said...

Matt Roloff is still being a jerkoff and hiding behind lawyers.

I wish that I could say I'm surprised but that would be like saying that I'm surprised that the sky is blue, water is wet and fire is hot.

"it's time to run from the lies of the beautiful people"

Justin said...

Thanks Roloffs for wasting our tax dollars on this junk.

Am I the only one that remembers Matt saying he had grand ideas about how to stimulate the economy and talked about getting into government? HAHAHAHA!

The Roloffs know how to waste our money better than Washington does!

BigBrother said...

Thanks, Spiritswander, for posting this update. Most of us know you're going through headache and some degree of hardship to stand up for the Spiritswander blog and its readers and contributors to resist this step of Roloff bullying, and we appreciate it.

Here's a relevant link that might be helpful/informative:

Rap541 said...

Well, I have to say, the irony here is that no matter how this comes out - Spirit has already won.

Matt has wanted to know who runs this blog for some time - rumor has it that he's accused members of their inner circle of "being spiritswander". Personally, I don't thnk Matt cares in the slightest whether a Washington County employee may have posted. He's looking to see who in the inner circle has been betraying them.

The irony is that, without giving too much away - gaining Spirit's identity is going to give him *nothing* because Spirit isn't a Roloff confidant.

Get Spirit's id or not - Matt's not getting anything that will help him and as Spirit has said, despite his many many "Oh gosh and golly, I never pay attention to what's said online, I'm confident and don't care!" comments - guess what?

Matt reads this blog and desperately wants to know who's behind it. He can say he doesn't care all he wants, he's *lying* and this site chaps his ass. There were some chinks in the "I don't CARE! WE DON'T CARE WHAT PEOPLE THINK WE'RE ROLOFFS AND WE DON'T PAY ANY ATTENTION TO THE OPINIONS OF OTHERS!"armor - Matt's comments about how he's got the staff tracking people on line so he can write a book and viciously slam posters he feels are wrong (and when is that happening, Matt?) and now Mr. "I just don't CARE... I don't care at all about what people say! We never bother with hate sites!" Roloff has proven on the record, yup, he does indeed pay a great deal of attention to this blog.

Matt Roloff lies, folks. He definetely reads this blog and cares a *great deal* about whats said.

Krisa said...

One of the hazards of being a celebrity is that people will write unflattering words or untruths about you. If this is a problem, then don't be a celebrity.
I don't see any basis for the subpoena. If Washington county workers have written (anonymously)on this blog, how does that affect anything? It doesn't.

I think the lawsuit the Roloffs have with Washington county is a sham. I think Matt knew that fellow was coming on the property and the TV version made the whole episode look different than it actually was.

BeckyMwhodoesntknowtheRoloffsthankGod said...

BTW Matt I don't know you personally and if I did, I would tell you to your face your an a-hole. So is your wife. Your kids are just plain mean and as well as the two boys being obvious jerks.

Go ahead and get my IP address. It's far, far away from Oregon and I have no connection to Washington Country, it's employees, YOU, your family, your business etc... etc...

Spirts - I would consider getting a restraining order once this situation gets settled.

krisa said...

I read an article on Bill O'Reilly and thought of Matt Roloff, in that, they are both narcisstic and delusional.

I don't think Matt is on the level of BOR and BOR's bad behavior, just the delusional narcisstic part.

Me just me or Richard for short said...

Matt and Amy are completely, utterly, and insurmountably, delusional and narcissistic – very, very unhealthy – it’s consuming their lives.

We watched every episode and it was easily discernible that their narcissism grew over time with a love for themselves (their fame) and money (they LOVE $$$) more than anything on Earth (or in Heaven).

This family is broken beyond repair.

Anonymous said...

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