Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Amy Roloff Comments On Roloff Reaction To Rosie O'Donnell Controversy

Amy Roloff responded to post on her Facebook Fanpage that referenced some of the points that several of our readers have been making regarding the Rosie O'Donnell controversy and the Roloffs reaction to them.



Dustin Fraser: Amy, has Chris Cardamone asked you to explain how you were personally hurt by Rosie's (a person that you do not know personally) comments? Because I recall Chris C. asking everyone who was upset by Jeremy's slur words to explain how they were personally hurt? Your response to anyone that gets offended by things your family says or does is "Do I know you? You are judging a person you don't know!" Why isn't that your response to the Rosie thing? Btw, I don't support what Rosie said, but I think you should be consistent.

Amy J. Roloff Fanpage: Dustin I believe we are consistent. But that will be relevant to each individual. I can not hold you to assume what Chris C said to come from any of us or speak for us. Rosie used a public platform and different than when one may have assumed was a private outlet with 'friends'. Though naive it was as he thought. The difference here is you harbor what ever may have been said by a 16-17 yr. old boy for years where I can move on from the incident with Rosie within days. There have been some really good input from other LP's that hopefully Rosie will take to heart. . She has every right to her personal opinion about LP but just not the appropriate way to express it publicly when it did affect me and I'm sure many other LP and parents of LPs and public opinion about LP's. But FB is not a forum for this type of subject. Perhaps Matt and/or I may have an opportunity to express ourselves in a positive way another time. Thanks.

Amy J. Roloff Fanpage: Oh, and I'm sure I know where my comment will end up.

Dustin Fraser: Amy, I disagree. If no one had found out about Jeremy's offensive words, it wouldn't have made it any more acceptable. It would have meant you guys would have been able to be fake. What you were doing privately would have been drastically opposite to what you present publicly.

People did find out. You reacted by not apologizing to people that were offended. You react by saying the offended have no right to judge people they only know from tv and don't know personally.

But a whole lot of people including you and Matt are judging Rosie for her words that offended you.

If it came out tomorrow that Rosie was using the "M" word to friends online, I really doubt that you wouldn't be critical of her.

If Rosie had expressed her "Little Person Phobia" on a private twitter, it still would have been wrong.

It's the act and behavior that is wrong, not whether people get caught or not.


My personal opinion and things that I would add to that conversation would be:

A) Jeremy never apologized or admitted wrong doing. Personally, I think part of the issue is that you can't expect people to 'get over' something if the person has never apologized or acknowledged that what they did was wrong.

B) The Roloffs have often used the "Do you know us? You can't judge people you don't know personally" response for many different issues, however, Amy did use it for more than just Jeremy's language scandal. Amy trotted out the 'Do you know us personally? No, so you can't judge us' retort in response to people that were critical of Jeremy Roloff and Mueller for tossing the black and white Roloff cat into the air.

C) If Facebook is not the place to discuss the Rosie O'Donnell LP Phobia controversy; why have both Matt and Amy discussed it on their Facebook Fanpages? Why haven't Matt or Amy directed their fans to stop talking about it and deleted fan comments as they have when people have discussed other topics that Matt or Amy have deemed inappropriate for their Fanpages?


Ashley said...

Unrelated, but in reading Rosie's tweets, she said there are no sweeps on Cable.

Someone was arguing that was why TLC was airing the last two specials close together, to fit them into sweeps.

Lisa said...

Amy is right. No comparison between Jeremy's comments and Rosie's comments.

Aiden said...

Anyone else think it kind of sounds like Amy is justifying Jeremy's use of slurs cause, yeah 'it was naive' but in was in private not public!

And I think it was rude to assume Dustin 'harbors...for years" anything just because he brought up a relevant point. She brushed off actually answering the question beautifully by turning the focus back on Dustin.

Amy's obviously hasn't really been able to move on about the subject is she wishes that her or Matt have an opportunity to express themselves another time (ME WANT MOAR TV AIRTIME!!!)

Lisa-you're right there is no comparison. Jeremy's use of slurs is actually worse than Rosie candidly expressing how she feels about something and mentioning honestly how she feels bad for having such feelings.

Hey and Amy kinda really gives Spirit an unnamed shout out! By knowing "where my comment will end up" It shows she cares. Awwwwww. :)

NJC said...

I think she's wrong but I give Amy credit for at least attempting to answer the question. She could have easily ignored and deleted it. Also love the reference to knowing where her answer was going to end up.

Dave said...

I'm hoping Amy will bring this all up in her next coffee chat and get tens of people to boycott and protest.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Spirit, thank you for running a separate item on this. We couldn't possibly let Amy down, even though most of us don't know her. Some posters obviously do, but not the majority.
Ashley, someone looked up the sweeps dates and reported them in another item on this blog, it won't take long to look back and see them. TLC moved the third show (I refuse to call it a 'special') out of the sweeps period. I believe the fourth show is out of the sweeps period as well. Someone mentioned this as a ironic way that TLC slyly mocks their performers.
I feel Amy has been taking MR spin lessons. She believes they are consistent. NOT ONE piece of evidence or instance to back up that claim. Then it's immediately Dustin bashing time. As transparent as her husband, unfortunately.

Rap541 said...

Lisa - I agree. Calling your beloved father figure the N-word (full word) is much worse than admitting you have a phobia about little people. Also refering to Mexico as that beaner place is much more offensive.

Also, frankly I found Chelsea Handler's remarks much more offensive than Rosie's (and Rosie for all her flaws has apologized).

Lisa - do you think Chelsea was funny and inoffensive when she called Matt and Amy Roloff "little nuggets"?

If your answer is no, please explain why calling random little people "nuggets" is socially acceptable. And while you're at it - please explain why people shouldn't be offended by "Mike is sweet, just like a *n-word*" and "Not to be a gay bragging f*ggot but I raped their defenses".

After all, words hurt, correct? And Rosie needs to apologize until she dies, right?

So why is Jeremy off the hook? He was 16 and while he's on record proudly stating how midget is *wrong* at that age... as a sixteen year old he's a baby boy peeing in his diapers and not mentally competant to understand "n-word", "f*ggot", and "beaner" are offensive?

And while Matt and Amy are due apologies without explaining in detail exactly why they are hurt - NO ONE is due an apology over Jeremy's remarks (and god bless us all, no apology has ever been offered, even from the big boy baby's parents) because well... people need to send Matt and Amy a dissertation on why their eldest calling Mexico "that beaner place" is personally offensive and if Matt and Amy decide that reason isn't up to snuff, well...then it just wasn't offensive?

Mike P. said...

Rosie O'Donnell says nothing that is bigoted or intended to harm little people. She admits her feelings about dwarfs and goes on to say that her feelings shame her and that she is working to get past them.

The Roloffs make no such effort. Mike Detjen -- Jeremy's *N-Word"; the "beaners" and "sleazy jews", and of course the "f*ggots" and "dykes" -- all these slurs work to dismiss and harm their targets. How do the Roloffs, especially Amy, handle these feelings and words? They just make sure not to say them in public again.

Rap541 said...

I'm just curious what forum Amy and Matt would consider appropriate for discussing the incidents of hatespeech with Jeremy?

Mind you, I am highly amused that Amy isn't "Jeremy was wrong to use that language". Nope, Amy is on the "He thought it was PRIVATE! And he was a naive boy!" bandwagon.

So her argument is basically that Rosie was in public and Amy and other LPs were offended and no one can really argue with that. But when Jeremy was in public (we can rehash the argument if necessary but Amy's own comments concede the point) and says something offensive... well, he doesn't need to apologize - unlike Rosie - and anyone who was offended is wrong because although no apology was offered, anyone who harbors a negative opinion about what Jeremy said(with no apologies) is what? Hating on her widdle boy! Poor widdle Jeremy! He was 16 so everyone needs to get over it and bless him, and of course he can't apologize. He was a sixteen year old innocent naive baby who thought the N word and faggithole and beaner were compliments and anyone who was offended and wanted an apology just needs to get over it. Because it was *private*. Not because it was wrong. I assume as long as I say "I thought this public website was private" then I can say little people should be sterilized as genetic freaks and Amy won't be offended? *I don't actually think that... just curious to know if the *privacy* rules work both ways or just for Amy's special widdle babies.

Lynn C said...

Rap, Amy's point is that Rosie said it knowing it was public, knowing that LP would hear what she was saying.

Amy's point is that Jeremy thought he was only speaking to his friends. He wasn't, but he that's what he thought, he didn't think that everyone in the world would see what he was saying.

Lynn C said...

@NJC, thank you. For all people say that Matt and Amy delete negative comments, Amy deserves credit for answering Dustin's comment.

Kayla said...

The Roloffs are so DENSE!

Jeremy's comments were WRONG.
Rosie's comments and her attitude is WRONG.

Dustin is 100% right. It's about right and wrong, not about how good you can be phony and keep the truth hidden.

If the Roloffs get mad at people that are offended by the things they do, then they forfeit their right to get offended by Rosie's comments.

Kayla said...

By the way, I wonder how many times Spiritswander is the focus of the Roloffs dinner table conversations?

Rap541 said...

Lynn C - not to be a dead horse but so its ok to say, mock little people as midgets and mini-mes and munchkins and lil nuggets as long as the little people don't hear about it?

I and my average height friends can offensively point and laugh at little people, perhaps even watch LPBW and make a series of offensive remarks about how various LP members of the Roloff clan look and there's nothing wrong with that as long as no little people find out?

It's not small minded and hateful? As long as I *think* I'm posting on a private site, its ok to say Matt looks like a gnarled troll doll version of Yoda?

I'm just looking for clarification. Its ok to think of little people as less than human, and discuss that with my friends as long as no one clues the LP folks in?

David said...

Excellent point, Rap. You put that one to rest. It's so absurd and lacks morals that it's hard to fathom that the Roloffs use it.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Kayla, I'm guessing, but I don't think the name or topics come up in their dinner conversations at all. It's no secret that Matt has a complete ban on the name Spiritswander appearing in any of the blogs he controls, such as the one Dallah used (?) to do, or his and Amy's FB pages. I doubt very much that he even allows the name to be spoken in his presence. I believe the children have been brainwashed into thinking that Spiritswander is the HATE blog, full of LIES and GOSSIP written by un-christian mean spirited people. What is this world coming to, you tell me!
While Matt and Amy will never ever admit to posting on this blog, and while none of us are so naive or stupid to think they never have, I believe they sometimes send in their staff members to bolster their image and take their side, which occurs occasionally (wink wink nudge nudge say no more say no more). Unless of course, Matt and Amy are totally wrong! How many supporters posted on the item of the underaged drinking in the garage? Kayla, all you have to do is ask the Roloff staff members/supporters about that, and you will never hear from them on the same blog item.
So again Kayla, It's my belief that the Roloff camp treat Spiritswander like an venereal infection, never speak it, never face it amongst themselves, punish their children if they find the site on their PC's history, and send in their staff and producer friends to deflect and discredit the truth and honest opinions of free people.

Tiffany said...

Are you kidding me!? You can't be serious with this.

Somebody answer me this: why are you surprised that 98% of celebrities don't personally interact with their fans? And I'm talking about ALL celebrities here fyi. Is it because 99% of fans consistently, day in and day out, nag nag nag nag nag nag nag..........NAG the hell out of said celebrities? As I've said before, when will the public take responsibility for THEIR OWN actions???

Go ahead. Nag a person to death. Yet, when that person dies, the nagger jumps on the celebrities bandwagon with "oh, I was their biggest fan" or "I was with them from the beginning."

David said...

Tiffany, are your comments directed towards the Roloffs and other LPs "nagging" of Rosie O'Donnell?

tearles24 said...

What I'd like to say is "way to go Amy" for answering the criticism and in my opinion the response from Dustin was not related very well to her points! I think he was really stuck in his own feelings and agenda.

Also, Rap! My Lord, how can you say every single name and personal insult about Jeremy whether you know him or not and continue to not see the irony!

But thanks Spirits for this forum, it's definitely interesting!

Rap541 said...

In fairness Tiffany, that's one of the reasons I've always said that Matt and Amy shouldn't interact on line. It sets up an adversarial relationship and Matt has always been right down in the trenches, directing the mudslinging. I mean, you are talking about a man who created an entire fan forum on his own website so that his "good" fans could snicker with him and talk smack about anyone who dared disagree with him.

I know, I know... Matt's a celebrity and a dwarf and should never ever hear anything but "Matt is right, Matt is an inspiration, Go Matt!" - but he's the one choosing to play on line and it all began with Matt deciding that a public forum where the moderators were TLC employees that it was time to bitch about his neighbors.

Matt and Amy have ALWAYS played the "oh we're not celebrities EXCEPT WHEN WE ARE" game and this is a classic example. I totally know why Chelsea Handler isn't getting jumped on publically. The Roloffs don't want to tick off someone who has actually provided them air time. That's why they aren't saying "little nugget" is offensive or that Chelsea was offensive with her "they just can't find work so I have to rescue them from porn!" stuff. So yes, people are going to call them on it.

David makes a very fair point. Rosie said something honest on tv and she's a celeb and she's being nagged and nagged. There are people on the Roloff facebooks telling Matt and Amy they are "blowing up" Rosie and Oprah's facebooks with complaints (and you know, calling Rosie a fat lesbian who needs to be pushed off a cliff) and Matt and Amy are not discouraging it at all. WHy is it ok for Matt and Amy to particpate in a "nagfest" of a celebrity?

And I promise Tiffany, when the time comes, no, I won't be calling myself Matt's biggest fan ;)

Rap541 said...

Tearles - same question to you - as long as I keep my potentially nasty comments about little people to my average height friends, its not wrong, right? :)

Because thats your buddy Amy's arguement - Jeremy, when posting on a public website, *thought* it was private. Had no one found out he likes the n word or making racist comments about mexicans and gays... no one would have been hurt. Amy's stance on this pretty strongly suggests her concern was that Jeremy *got caught* not that what Jeremy said was wrong.

Also Tearles - I have been repeatedly told by people claiming to be Jeremy's personal friends that Jeremy "couldn't care less" what I or anyone else thinks of him and spends his time laughing at our opinions so if he doesn't care what I say... why do you? :)

Shawn said...

Rosie said sorry with a tweet. @amyroloffCF - i am sorry my words hurt u and made u sad - they were ineloquently phrased - i apologize and am pained at my own inadequacy

Julie said...

Rosie has said a lot of stupid things. I'm not content to give her pass because "oh well, she apologized", because an apology is not a get out of jail free card. I remember when she came under fire for imitating Chinese by saying "ching chong" (a racist staple) and when called out on it, gave a fauxpology where she said sorry but said she'd probably say similarly offensive stuff in the future because that's just how she ~is. Gee, thanks for letting us know in advance?

...Basically, I can't stand Rosie.

That said, the Roloffs are totally being hypocrites here and I have to roll my eyes that they're acting self-righteous about this considering their own behavior.

Kyle said...

Did anyone else see on Matt's FB how happy he and Amy were to pose with Michaele Salahi who is only known because she crashed the White House party, joined the Housewives of DC, then left her husband and admitted to running with a guitarist for Journey. Disgusting.