Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fourth Little People, Big World / Roloff Family Special To Air Feb 19 - Preview

The fourth and final Little People, Big World special will be televised on TLC Sunday February 19th at 8pm. For those who missed the 3 previous specials and were inquiring, they will be shown again on TLC at 5pm, 6pm and 7pm on the same night. TLC and the Roloffs agreed upon 4 "update" specials last spring/summer after the series was cancelled by TLC in late 2010.

TLC has released the preview for the 4th special on their website.

Little People, Big World - Battle For The Farm - Fourth Special

Matt's dream of buying the neighboring property and tripling the size of Roloff Farm threatens to drive a wedge between he and Amy. When the State shuts down one of his businesses, Matt finds himself in over his head and on the edge of bankruptcy.

Followers of the Roloffs (mostly Matt) online postings will notice that the preview (which during the regular series was notorious for being misleading) suggests something totally different than what Matt has been posting online for the last year.

The preview states that the Roloffs were on the edge of bankruptcy. Matt spent most of 2011 posting on his Facebook Fan Page about how wildly lucrative the "dirt deal" (Intel paid the Roloffs to use Matt's land as a dumping ground). In October, Matt posted about another "successful" pumpkin season. Most recently, Matt posted about how the Roloffs had entered the Christmas tree business and how successful that was also.

The 4th special will air Feb 19th at 8pm on TLC.

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We have always extended invitations to anyone who is interested in writing a review/recap of LPBW. Rap541 graciously volunteers their own time in writing the reviews. A couple of people complain that Rap's review isn't to their liking, yet were unwilling to submit their own review. So this is another open invitation to write reviews.


Justin said...

But Spirit, the Roloffs aren't liars and the show is real and raw!

Vic Rattlehead said...


Matt is a delusional maniac with a severe napoleon complex.

Hopefully this is the end of the Roloff's on broadcast TV.

Michelle said...

Matt is so predictable. Bragging that Jacob is doing wonderfully in school.

With that joke of a grading system, he better be doing ok!

A 61 is a "B!"

David said...

I actually agreed with Matt, about the Rosie show with Chelsea Handler. Jen Montzingo was much more eloquent than Matt.


Dearest darlingest Rosie and Chelsea,

First of all, I genuinely enjoy both of your work. From what I know, you are raw, real and funny as hell! I think we would have great talks over dinner. I think you’re both worldly and whip-smart. I can imagine learning a ton from the both of you. But I don’t genuinely know you or the feelings you have behind your probably-not-the-smartest comments you made on Rosie’s show. I’m hoping the close-mindedness of your comments will actually spur change in a positive way.

I’m not so hurt by what you said, partly because I’m used to it. I’ve experienced it first hand. It’s more painful coming from people I actually know and opportunities actually lost because of ignorance. A lot of people think the same thing, only most people don’t voice it or don’t have a public platform from which to speak. I really want to change your mind, but I don’t think this can be done through screaming. I think the only way to change your mind is for you to get to know me, or someone in my community, someone who is educated, passionate and fully alive.

I’ve lived in Hollywood for 3 years now. I’ve seen a lot. I am a teacher and an actress. A lot of people out there have the exact same prejudices. Nothing really surprises me in humanity in general. Let’s hope that by you voicing your thoughts so publicly, that we can use your platform to make a difference, to really have a discussion that brings light and changes minds. Vilifying either of you won’t really do that.

Chelsea– us LP’s, well I can only speak for myself, we don’t need to be rescued by you. I get how you feel about Chuy. He seems to have had a pretty painful life. But you’re kind of perpetuating the problem. We just want to be equal in society, we don’t want to be fetishes. Not all of us work in the porn industry and need to be rescued. A lot of us are pretty darn normal.

“I want to tackle them.”
“Who else is going to give that guy of job? Someone has to rescue him. There’s not a lot of opportunities for that kind of people, they need our help.”
And Rosie–thanks for your honesty but get to know me so you won’t be afraid. We’re pretty freakin’ normal, well most of us, and yeah- don’t be scared. Here’s where people get angry. You’re a staunch advocate for equal rights in the LGBT community. If you’re going to stand for the marginalized, you need to stand for all the marginalized. If I campaign for No H8, I’d really like you to do the same. As they say, injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

“No that would be child abuse, I would never do that.”
“I have so many feelings, I can’t just act normal.”
Little People are as varied as black people, fat people, gay people, etc. Please, educate yourselves so you aren’t ignorant. A lot of my LP acquaintances and friends want to vilify you both. I just think you need some education, you need some healing. We’re all a little bit broken. So let’s do dinner and meet somewhere in the middle.

C’mon ladies, let’s just talk.


P.S. I’ve read all of your books, ladies!
P.P.S. Ro, I like your show’s new 1-on-1 format MUCH better!
P.P.P.S. After Lately is amazeballs!

Austin said...

@David, agreed, but the Roloffs have NO room to point fingers about ignorance and offensive comments!

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

We might as well start with the events in real time. I'm not sure if this farm mentioned is the one neighboring farm that Matt DID buy, and used it to solve his 'parking problem' during 2011 pumpkin season. Look back in his FB to see the pic of the twins in front of the old farmhouse. I'm also not knowing if the old barn that he bolstered the footings on (nothing to do with county standards naturally) was in fact on that property, his post and pic of Dec. 19 claims this.The last show, not even Tiffany can twist the term into a 'special' took place mostly last summer, April being 7 months since pumpkin season.
Let's look at Matt's recent FB posts. The family is burning on all cylinders. Many meetings taking place. Amy' got a cookbook coming out. Matt took delivery of a new track hoe. Granted, he was smart enough not to say whether he purchased it or is renting. If this ridiculous crap is true, then I found it hard to believe that a company would rent him a hoe, let alone have him pay or finance the difference on a trade-in.
So where is this show going? It's my sincere hope that this is not another attempt at 'contrived drama' ala the season 5B finale (did I get that right) farce cliff hanger about Matt's health? Also, preying on well-meaning fans', unenlightened sheep, call them what you will, sympathies is, to me, a rotten thing to do.
The contention that most fans have not kept up with the Roloffs since their regular shows ended, is completely their fault. If they don't bother to look at Matt's or Amy FB pages, or read this blog, they don't really deserve any sympathy. I'm sure there will be arguments for against taking advantage of these people, as well as arguments that this is television, this is 'public' and twisted or not, this is just a version of 'reality' that is above fault and reproach.
I personally find it unspeakably sad and totally lacking any morals whatsoever. I also realize that people will try to twist, deflect, and represent the views of the Roloff camp, so let's get going.
"Keep the comedy coming."

Kyle said...

I offer to write a review!

Spiritswander said...

Hi Kyle,
Just email at


Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Hey Spirit!
Did Kevin M. email and offer to write a review?
Just curious.

Spiritswander said...

Podge/Rodge groupie,

No. The only person that has offered to review (before Kyle asked today) one of the specials was Rap541. Well, actually, I asked if Rap would continue reviewing, and Rap graciously agreed.

Rap541 said...

I'm cool like that.

se said...

Personally, I am a big fan of the show, and wish that TLC would bring it back. I have watched all the shows since the inception, and have found it to be very true-to-life, CLEAN!, entertaining, and depicts the every day trials and celebrations of the American family. It was one of the FEW shows on television that I truly enjoyed keeping up with.