Sunday, February 19, 2012

Little People, Big World / Roloff Family Special #4 - Guest Reviews By Kyle and Rap541

Here are our two guest reviews of tonight's episode of Little People, Big World. Thank you to both Kyle and Rap541 for taking the time to write and submit their reviews.

First up is Kyle -- Kyle was the only other person (besides Rap541) to take us up on our offer and write a review.



Written by Kyle

It is amazing that in such a short amount of time that the Roloffs went from “wanting to sell the farm” just last year, to the extreme and exact opposite of wanting to triple its size.

I think it is a slap in the face to any loyal viewers to think we would have been so gullible to believe such hyperbole.


The show opens with Matt surveying his farm mentioning all of his completed projects and saying he’s been yearning to have that land next door for 20 years and now finally has his chance. The property is 80 acres so in total they’d have 109 acres. Matt reasons to Amy the price is “half off and a fire sale.” Amy is actually the sound of reason saying they don’t need more land and Matt at that moment doesn’t give any reasoning as to why they do. I completely agree with Amy on the topic.

Amy mentions it’s also been 20 years that she’s wanted to do her own cookbook. The entire show she is cooking and testing out her recipes.

Zach visits Jeremy in Santa Barbara because he is also considering moving out and wants to see what it’s all about. Jeremy doesn’t really show off anything more than the living room and makes the comment that people love his apartment commenting “am I in a movie?” with their mouths agape. The apartment is nothing special and with that comment, no wonder Jeremy has such a big head when people treat him like he’s an idol to worship.

But he does show Zach where “every night we’re sitting here and reading.” Then he mentions that he reads a lot, like right away. Anyone else think that ‘reading’ must be code for drinking or partying or something!? It was just something about they way he said it like when people lie but repeat themselves frantically to make it sound more credible and believable. Why else would he mention it like that so often? I’m sure he does do some reading but yeah make sure to mention it multiple time so that we believe what with the beach nearby, the fantastic weather everyday and the coeds with nothing else to do except “focus” on their incredibly demanding liberal arts educations that you are indoors at night, reading.

Zach mentions that Jeremy is really the first one of their friends who left home and is on his own and doing his own thing. Once again the idolization of Jeremy is in full swing!

There is absolutely no mention of Jeremy and his school, his classes, what he’s been doing at the for-profit school, how well he’s progressing as an artist; nothing.

Amy mentions that her cooking since the age of 12 has been just looking at magazine and cookbooks and just changing things to her or her family’s liking. Yeah, that kinda goes without saying. I see what you cook Amy is looks pretty standard all the time. She relates cooking as an LP to her way of showing people she can make something happen, so she throws a dinner party, solely for her friends, none of the family is present. Everyone claims the dish was perfect, because who really would bash a friend’s food with a camera stuck in their face?

Once again Matt and Amy butt heads about the farm expansion. Matt’s spiel is that it’s amazing property, connected to Roloff farms so the new land would be commercial and they could keep their home area residential. He’s mentioning pumpkin expansion, subleasing the land, maybe a charity garden for kids program for Amy’s charity, additional house for one of the kids. Amy does agree that the kids need to move on. (Obviously Zach since Jacob is still in high school and Molly is actively searching to leave to go to University)Amy is really worried about the added financial strain and claims it is a huge gamble. Matt is already emotionally committed and persists that she mulls it over.

Matt shows Zach the inside of the house on the farm expansion property. He harps on Zach about getting the house turning it into a bachelor pad with a bunch of his friends. Zach seems pretty stoked about the entire place. Matt thinks giving him a house will be the first step to his becoming independent?

For Amy’s book, the only people “remotely interested [is] a smaller publisher of local, regional” items which really shows there is not too much interest. Her proposal is weak and the publisher mentions many times that there is no guarantee it’ll get published. To me, she seemed honestly surprised that the publisher didn’t jump right in and sign her a deal. He appeared VERY hesitant about it. I personally never really thought of Amy’s cooking as healthy and just a love of cooking does not equal being good enough at it that people would be interested in a cookbook of ‘your’ recipes. She had a lot of work to upgrade her proposal.

Amy mentions that as an LP she has been rejected a lot. (Maybe this time if she was rejected it has nothing to do with being an LP and everything to do with being 1 out of 200 cookbooks put out this year and having nothing special to put in your book to make you stand out anyway) She fights through being scrutinized and judge everyday. Then she tears up and that scene had to have lasted 15 seconds, way too long and just made me feel uncomfortable.

Amy cooks some more with Zach, Molly and Jacob as her food testers. Jacob’s only line in the entire episode is “your food is disgusting.” The look on Amy’s face shows that he’s not joking and she can’t believe he just said that, especially on camera.

The owner of the next-door property shows Matt and Amy a barn, which I recognized as one Matt has recently put on his Facebook that he’s restored the foundation of. So no surprise there…they’ll buy the farm. Amy’s parents visit so now of course Matt will take them to see the property too. Amy’s dad takes Matt’s side; her mom sympathizes with Amy not needing to take on more debt and also calls it a gamble. The women are pretty logical about this deal.

Jeremy comes home to Oregon to spend time with family and his grandparents. It’s really shaping up to be a nice ol’ family dinner with cooking provided by Amy!

Jer reviews the house next door and says moving into that home would be like moving into the basement but it’s not really moving out. Jeremy mentions why pay rent if you just live down the street. Cut to the next scene where, unsurprisingly, now Zach no longer wants to move into the house, as it doesn’t really seem like moving out. He justifies it that Jeremy waiting for his perfect time to move out even if 21 seemed old to some people, so he will get his time to move out when it’s right too. Ok, so Zach will instead stay in his parents’ house for longer? I don’t really follow that logic…

Large national publisher has interest in her book. Amy envisions the book appealing to someone intimidated by cooking, stay at home moms, working moms, quick, healthy recipes. Of course the meeting is on camera and the publisher takes on her book, no surprise. They show a quick view of “Short and Sweet.” I’m hoping that’s just a first printout cause it looked like a bunch of printer paper bound with a plastic coil.

Matt’s biggest fear is boredom, “can’t turn off the motor.” He wants to buy the farm because ‘it’s the right thing to do.” Which is a good enough reason for me, so sign me up! It doesn’t matter if it’ll put the family in financial strain for the rest of their lives! He wants Amy’s approval so she’s invested emotionally too. He really throws it all on Amy and I think that’s unfair.

While waiting at the bank for Matt, Amy mentions to the realtor how Matt forces and pushes people until you can’t take anymore and they both agree Matt will be like that until the day he dies. Sounds swell, Matt gets anything he wants. They sign for the property Amy’s obviously not in any high spirits about it and I really appreciate the fact that she doesn’t try to put on a face to say otherwise.

Surprise, now Matt’s family also then shows up so now they can all celebrate the cookbook and farm expansion! Like everything Amy has ever cooked, the meal at this dinner looks pretty standard with just meat, mashed potatoes, salad and bread. Which is a relevant point seeing as for an episode that surrounded around a cookbook, I would’ve expected something more creative.

For the fourth (and final?) special I found it without created drama or staged events and races, which I appreciate, but as the saying goes “always leave them wanting more.” Frankly, as a longtime viewer I’ve had my fill. I didn’t need an entire hour to see Amy get a cookbook made and Matt to buy a farm. Not DO anything with it, but just to buy it. With the TV executives no doubt cringing at past specials’ 1.2 ratings (even if Matt tries desperately to put a positive spin on a 1.2), the public is clearly no longer interested seeing what the Roloffs are up to. Please accept this.


Next up is Rap541

Written by Rap541

Matt and Amy debate whether he is dying early. They talk about the property. Matt wants to buy property. Matt demands Amy be emotionally supportive.

Oh wait - this is actually the first special, not the fourth. I flip back to Bob’s Burgers on Fox. Lil FYI, the new episode is BADLY telegraphed! I mean… maybe running the episodes back to back wasn’t wise.

I switch back to Fox. You know… I have many adult friends who have never lived or been alive in a world where The Simpsons wasn’t on Sunday night. Also The Simpsons actually addressed the idea of accepting little people. The Simpsons aired their 500th episode tonight. It was funny. At least I have that.

I really can’t sit through the rerun episodes at this point. They were dull to begin with. Oh! Celebrity Apprentice is on. OH! George Takei - someone who was imprisoned in a *concentration camp* despite being *an American Citizen* is on Celebrity Apprentice. Now there’s some hard core suffering and hardship and getting past a load of barriers. Here’s a guy who was torn from his home and locked up in a hell hole for no other reason than his race who made a successful life for himself. Oh and look, Clay Aiken! Actually, with all the reality whores on this show, I am a lil shocked Matt isn’t here. Or Amy. Hmm I wonder if they’ll be suing soon?

George Takei smack Paul Teutal Sr. down after being called meek. “I was raised in an internment camp, bitch,”

So we start the new episode with Matt praising himself for completing his dream. Yeah, everything always comes up roses for Matt, right Matt? Now he wants the property next door. Meanwhile Amy chops stuff and hay bales how she wants to write a cookbook as she appears to make …. Sloppy joes?

Matt wants to triple the size of the farm, go balls to the wall and triple the size of the farm and the only thing standing in his way? His wife! I just knew it was gonna be Amy’s fault.

Matt notes that his neighbor is selling the land half priced, extremely low pricing… I wonder why what with the economy. He plies Amy with the idea of moving her gazebo - she is horrified at the idea of transplanting her memories. He plies her with the idea of a blueberry farm. She seems annoyed and overtalks about how maybe Matt should be thinking of slowing down.

Zach is “thinking of moving away” and is visiting Jeremy in Santa Barbara. Again, jusst pointing out that this was filmed essentially concurrent with Jeremy going to school in late August so Jeremy has been away from home for like.. A month. Jeremy is in a clearly different apartment with roommates. What happened to the little studio? They are all about how they have leather couches. Jeremy apparently plays ball and does homework. Zach lies and says Jeremy is the first of the friends to go away to school. This isn’t true at all. Scott, Jeremy’s rival, actually went to OSU and is a junior. Is that in a different state? No. Did Scott move out of his parent’s house for school? Yes. I know Jeremy is a precious little hot house flower who will wilt without constant praise but do we need to lie? The kitchen is filthy. Jeremy and Zach discuss how great the interior decorating is. I assume this discussion and Jeremy’s pink t-shirt are part of his corruption

Meanwhile back at the farm, Amy reads a recipe while making chili. Oh please, even I can make chili without a recipe. Amy babbles about the cook book for a bit and how as a little person its important. Really, cooking is an lp issue? Really?

Amy is having friends over to test her recipes. So we have Lisa and Paula and Amy repeatedly running back and forth to the door. Amy explains what cornbread is and demands feedback and notes how she had to learn to cook as a teenager because her mom got a job. Everyone acts like this is a huge incredible thing. Everyone kisses her ass over the chili. Would anyone like my recipe? It’s pretty good and I won’t charge you.

Meanwhile Matt and Amy get snitty with each other over the property. Matt hay bales how this has been his dream to buy the property but if Amy isn’t on board, he won’t do it! Kinda like how if Amy said “kill it” he would never put the ark on the property and she said kill it and the ark never happened. Except you know, Matt doesn’t respect Amy at all or really consider her a financial partner, the whole scene is Matt basically pretending to ask and it shows. Amy basically says “what do you want me to say” and notes it will make them cash poor. It’s a surprisingly hostile talk and Amy notes she doesn’t want to spend the next 25 years toiling in the dirt. It’s very clear that Amy isn’t really being asked, that Matt has already made the decision.

Now Matt plays the “the kids can live there” card. Amy is actually against buying the kids a house. If I didn’t know better, I’d think she might win.

Zach and Jeremy ride around in a van solving mysteries. Jeremy goes on about how he’s all independent now. Paying your own bills, Jer? No, I didn’t think so. Did mom and day pay to break the lease so you could move in with friends? They hike about and the roomie shows Zach how to rock climb. There’s some scenery shots.

Amy continues harping on the cook book. Matt basically mocks it and tries to pronounce quinoa and does it badly. Amy harps on healthy cooking while Matt puts his hands over everything, slaps some lunchmeat into Amy’s chopped ingredients and gobbles it down. I again am reminded why I would always be leery of a meal cooked in this home.

Matt takes Zach over to the new house and bribes Zach with the idea of being a landlord and subletting to his friends. Matt notes how all Zach’s friends can live with him and how it’s a prod to move him out. Matt fake shouts “it’s a bachelor pad!”. Yeah, providing Zach a ready made crash pad is so gonna encourage him to move. Matt? Try making things *less* comfortable, not MORE comfortable.

Amy has a local small publisher … yeah I kinda think it’s a self publishing place. Amy notes how she’s always been rejected entirely because she’s a little person. Amy, grow up please. Your cook book isn’t being rejected because you’re LP. It’s because I can get a zillion cook books for free on Amazon. The market is saturated. It’s even saturated for reality whores like yourself. Everyone with a reality show thinks they can write a book and yes Amy, the books are usually on cooking. Or parenting.

Amy meets Rick the publisher. Rick asks why she wants to write a cook book. They nitter on about how Amy likes cooking and Amy notes how special the family eating together is. Rick isn’t especially positive about it but he’s realistic. And he’s reasonably positive. This is dull.

Back to Matt waxing how he needs to buy the property. There’s some talk of hobos. Amy bitches to the camera how she’s not actually being asked. The guy on the farm plans to stay on to farm the blueberries Matt is planning. Apparently it was a popular spot for hoboes. This is also dull.

Amy continues testing her recipes. Molly says it good. Jake notes her food is disgusting. Zach squats on a stool and shoves it in his mouth and mutters “its good” with captioning. Wasn’t Amy just going on about the family eating together and yet here we see a very typical on camera meal, three different kids eating at different times in different places and no dad in sight. Also, Zach grunting and squatting and shoveling food in his mouth is one of those behaviors that a parent should really correct.

So suddenly Amy’s parents pop in. I like Gordon. He kids Jake about his height. Gordon and Zach chat and clearly Zach has entered the circle of judgment. Gordon notes that women are expensive to maintain and Zach needs to get a job soon or marry rich. Granpa Gordon is fun. He asks where the airbags are on the mule. Matt notes in the voice over that he’s gonna convince Gordon to convince Amy. I kinda suspect the property was already purchased at that point. Gordon hay bales that its nice property and needs proper planning. Matt clearly is talking about owning the 109 acres already. And Amy’s parents are referring to it as a done deal. Amy’s mom is NOT happy. Also the free way Matt is driving over with camera crews is the giant clue that the property is already bought - that’s if Pop and Honey turning up at the end yet at the same time Gordon and Amy’s mom are visiting isn’t also a GIANT clue that the property was already purchased.

Jeremy wanders in to see the grandparents and also wants about 7500 dollars in equipment handed to him. Yeah yer independent, aren’t you? What I especially notice is that no one is suggesting Mr. Jeremy The Man actually buy his phone, camera, and software for school out of his own money. Zach shows Jeremy the house. Jeremy seems to dislike the idea. He notes that Zach might as well live at home for free. Nice attitude.

Meanwhile Amy is selling her cookbook. Or at least having a meeting. She goes on and on about how she’s nervous and afraid. Amy, just publish on Amazon.

Amy meets people from Graphic Arts Books. Again, a lot of nittering about cooking. She seems to think it’s a beginner’s cook book. They think its gonna go national! Amy seems pleased and proud.

Back on the farm, Matt is still pretending the property hasn’t been bought. He’s still in theory asking her permission the night before the appointment to sign the paper work to buy the property so basically he’s going to do it regardless. Now this is actually a fairly serious talk they are having and Matt plays the guilt card. Basically he’s telling her he’s going to the bank to buy the property regardless and just wants her to show up to support him. Because it’s always about Matt. Always.

Amy goes to the realtor and notes how pushy and aggressive Matt is. And yes this is clearly not a situation where Amy realistically can say no. When you’re down to the signing point, there’s not much backing out. Amy comes off pissed, Matt is putting on his “gooblygoo” persona, the silly dwarf.

Amy finally signs. Amy notes how they need to be more supportive. Amy takes a coffee mug from the bank.

Oh Ron and Peggy pop in. Amy stirs green beans. Matt notes how his plan is for the kids to never leave. The meal seems to be green beans, mashed potatoes, a roast, and bagged salad. Wow this was… dumb? An ad for Amy’s book that still isn’t out?

Funny how yet again everything works out perfectly for Matt. Hmm.


Next item: Spiritswander Defeats Matt and Amy Roloff's Subpoena


Cookie said...

Amy thinks that Cornish Game Hen is just chickens that just eat corn.

I assume Amy's recipe book will be nothing other than how to prepare Hamburger Helper with a twist and 401 ways to prepare hot dogs.

I wouldn't spend one penny on her cookbook nor would I read it if it was given to me.

Vic Rattlehead said...

A cookbook by Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver I'd buy in a second, one "written" by Amy Roloff no thanks I'll pass.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

There will be some kind of ridiculous staged competition.
Tiffany's damage control in advance will surface.
Matt will turn out to be just so gosh darn awesome!
Most important, i hope this won't be some kind of cliffhanger that I wrote about earlier that will be used to bolster business prompting Amy to say on a chat show "Well, you'll just have to watch and see". Sigh.
Tune in tomorrow!

Pam said...

This is like watching a train slow motion. I'm almost too embarrassed for them to watch. These people (every one of them) need to check into reality. And WHAT is with this pretend cooking crisis? It's as complex as Hamburger Helper!

Dave said...

Please, me!...I need someone to show me how to fry up some hamburger in pan and maybe boil up some pasta.....and, if someone could show me how to do both at the same time in a frying pan.....and do it so I'd have to buy a book to learn, that would be awesome.....

David said...

Ok, we're finally done with this f family series on TLC, IF TLC has any heart whatsoever for this family and the viewers. But Amy and Matt, please take notice that right after your FINAL special, TLC shows an episode of "Hoarding". Use this as a springboard to getting back to a normal life for you and your family and don't depend on the television viewers to keep you going in life. Stand up on your own! You can do it!

Megan said...

I love how they all make it sound like Jeremy is a war hero and a success.

Any proof of his success? I notice they didn't show his grades.

What happened to his apartment? There were no roommates when he moved in. Did he fail at living on his own?

Mike P. said...

Protege Publishing is, at base, a vanity press. They specialize in printing calendars.

A vanity press, for those not familiar, is a "publisher" who takes payment and puts out whatever book you bring to it. A printer, essentially.

"Acceptance" at Protege Publishing, like acceptance at Brooks Institute of Photography, is in no sense an honor. It is a purely business deal and is complete only after you show the money.

Graphic Arts Books, curiously, has no web site, but does have a Facebook page.

M said...

I'm watching it right now so I can express my thoughts on the entire special yet. But I do have to say I'm really impressed with Amy tonight. I like her thoughts on buying the farm next door and her book. Good for her.

Mallory B said...

I have today i enjoyed tonights LPBW special Amy would have a awesome cookbook i would buy it I also have to say Matt Annoyed me

Ashley said...

Did anyone else think Jeremy's roommates were very awkward around Zach?

Mallory B said...

I have today i enjoyed tonights LPBW special Amy would have a awesome cookbook i would buy it I also have to say Matt Annoyed me

Greg said...

Matt and Amy are still buying Jeremy everything. I hope everyone caught that.

He came home for them to buy him an expensive camera, software and a new phone.

Way to tough it out on your own, Jeremy.

Chris L said...

"Amy cooks some more with Zach, Molly and Jacob as her food testers. Jacob’s only line in the entire episode is “your food is disgusting.”


Vic Rattlehead said...


If you want to cook your pasta and sauce together at the same time just buy a pressure cooker and.

in other news:
Amy's still a lousy cook who can't even make hamburger helper properly.

Matt is still delusional.

Jeremy is still a spoiled 22 effing years old.

Zach's life is still on autopilot.

Molly is still just background filler.


Jacob still hates the show(and his moms cooking).

That is all.

Good night to all and good riddance to the Roloffs.

Kayla said...

Nice job at reviewing Kyle.

I totally agree with you about the Jeremy worship.

It has even infected Zach. He used to be the only one with the guts to call out Jeremy. Now he's lead Jeremy cheerleader. The whole episode he was going on about how amazing Jeremy is and how successful Jeremy is.

Zach wants to move into the farm next door, Jeremy says it's not cool, Zach suddenly says it's not cool.

You're totally right Kyle. It's easy to see why Jeremy has so much arrogance.

Carol said...

Kyle, great point about no update about Jeremy and school. Y'know, the reason why he's in Santa Barbara. Hmmm. Makes me wonder how our Jer-Bear is really doing despite Matt's Facebook posts.

"There is absolutely no mention of Jeremy and his school, his classes, what he’s been doing at the for-profit school, how well he’s progressing as an artist; nothing."

Vic Rattlehead said...

Amy's cookbook will never appeal to anyone who is intimidated by cooking.

When someone who really doesn't know much about cooking buys a cookbook they almost always either buy the same ones that their mother had or they look for a beginners book by someone like Gordon Ramsay Jamie Oliver Bobby Flay or any other high profile "celebrity" chef.

What they don't look for is a cookbook written by a c-list reality tv star who could very well be cribbing her recipes from other peoples cookbooks or just throwing any old things together and calling it "cooking".

Just ask that unnamed mother of eight from Pennsylvania who used to have a show on TLC.

There is a great deal more to cooking than just chucking stuff in a pan and if you want to create a cookbook you have to have extensive knowledge of the science involved in developing a recipe let alone testing and tweaking it until it's right because the people who buy and use cookbooks are looking for a guide to teach them how to do it with consistent results.

Brandon said...

Loved the Jacob line, Kyle.

I've always been confused how cooking on tv makes Amy a brilliant cook? Her family and friends (with cameras in their faces) are not unbiased judges.

The Roloffs think if they say something about themselves it makes it true.

Christine said...

Isn't it wonderful how only Zach is ever put on the spot on the show? What the hell is the entire family's infatuation with Jeremy?

Why wasn't Amy's dad shown lecturing Jeremy about how he's going support a family?

Is Jeremy making money? Is there any sign he's going to be successful and can make a career in photography. Instead he's home A LOT and apparently begging mom and dad for new cameras, computers and phones!

But Zach gets the lectures.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

First, my likes.
Jacob actually had TWO lines, the first being about the rather unappealing appearance of his mom's food. He still has my vote for the Most Realistic Roloff. Gordon and Pat look really good. I think Gordon Knight is 80 or 81 years old? Well done! I loved the first years of the series where he'd visit and pick Matt apart on a consistent basis. Matt got everything he deserved. Pop and Hunny appear to be doing well also. Good for them!
Second, my questions.
How much emotional support did Matt give Amy on HER project? Besides scoffing at food he couldn't be bothered to attempt to pronounce properly and the general disregard with the salami.
Is the trip to S.B. and the appearance of Jeremy James Jesus simply to satisfy contract obligations?
Why did Jacob come down the stairs to greet his grandparents in a zipped up coat and BARE FEET?
What was the point of this entire farce? Matt was buying the farm regardless. If Amy had not shown at the bank he would have proceeded with her. If amy had not given her emotional support he would have proceeded anyway. If Amy said "no' Matt would have nagged and nagged and nagged and nagged and not let it go until Amy divorced him. Then he would ahve proceeded as planned.
Third, my dislikes.
It's always all about Matt. His ideas, HIS deals of a lifetime, making Amy see it HIS way (he said so himself), HIS projects. HIS gosh darn awesomeness, HIS ability to make us physically sick.
Amy had no say in the purchase of the farm in the first place. It is her job as a wife to Serve. Her. Husband.
Thank goodness I was wrong about the ridiculous staged competition. Whew!
Sam and his kids were there. Tori was there. Hmmm where was Audrey?
Beware the Thane of Fife.
Dismiss me.

Justin said...

This deserves repeating Rap

"Jeremy wanders in to see the grandparents and also wants about 7500 dollars in equipment handed to him. Yeah yer independent, aren’t you? What I especially notice is that no one is suggesting Mr. Jeremy The Man actually buy his phone, camera, and software for school out of his own money.

Leigh said...

Agreed about the Jeremy worship. Wow.

Jacob was on screen for a total of what? 5 seconds?

Rap541 said...

Justin, thanks. I think Christine made a nice point as well. Seriously, Jeremy comes home and nicely outlines how he needs 7500 dollars and no one points out he's a grown up man now?

Great review Kyle!

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Leigh, the show is based on Oregon. TLC owes Jacob nothing. Zip. Zilch.

Bryan C said...

I also wondered what happened with Jeremy's apartment, the apartment that he rented was a studio apartment where he was going to live by himself. The apartment they showed was not a studio and he had roomates???

BeckyM said...

Slightly changing a recipe to fit your family etc.. is basically plagarism

Amy's recipes are basically the same slop her rival, Khate Gosselin has been pushing: recipes off the back of food boxes that she changed slightly and then calling her own.

After reading over the legal documents posted by Spirits I can't stand these people in any shape or form. I will be glad when Karma slaps them.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

At the bank, Amy also helps herself to a couple of muffins(?) with her 'we might as well get our money's worth' explanation. Is anyone else as disgusted as I am with this ultimate in tackiness? I know cheapskates who regularly take food from banquets we put on. The lowest of the low. I mean, for heaven's sake, why didn't Amy ask for the recipe so she could put it in HER cookbook?
Jeremy also muttered about a $2,500 lens in his list of demands. Like a 600mm lens and a 2X teleconverter along with a D300 camera? Yes, he got them.
I hope and pray that Gay Rosenthal Productions isn't that desperate to even consider another deal with this family (?).

Joel M said...

I have been waiting for someone to comment on why the actual show was different from the description --

"*Battle for the Farm*"February 19, 2012
Matt's idea to triple the size of the farm by purchasing a neighboring property doesn't sit well with Amy, and when one of his businesses is shut down by the state, Matt realizes he may be facing bankruptcy.

Did I miss something, or was there no mention of any of his businesses being shut down by the state or that Matt may be facing bankruptcy? I kept waiting for *it to hit the fan...

krisa said...

watching Jeremy perform was sad. he is an adult but still expects his parents to pay for his lifestyle, and Zack, too. where was Jeremy's girlfriend? i saw Zack's sitting at the dining table.

Logan said...

@Leigh & @Podge, maybe Jacob has not been given the credit he deserves. He is the only one who told his mom, on camera, that her cooking is "disgusting". Plus maybe he found out, that since he is not 18 and is not under paid contract with TLC, why participate in the farce portrayed by the rest of the family. I am *not* criticizing Jacob or implying he is in it 'for the money' (unlike his parents). Maybe it's just easier for Jacob to be elsewhere doing something he enjoys rather than being around a dad who ignores Jacob but constantly heaps praises on Jeremy.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Oh Logan, I agree wholeheartedly. That's why I made up an award titled the Most Realistic Roloff in an earlier blog item. I mean it seriously as well. I mentioned to a friend of mine that IF they included his expulsion from Faith Bible in any of these shows he should run away from home. Just to save himself.
It's no secret Jacob wants no part of any of this. He's being honest, not playing up to the cameras in a positive or negative way. Good on him.

Timothy said...

Where is Tiffany. Wasn't Tiffany saying the fourth special would be about Jacob and Molly.

All 4 specials done and not one word about Jacob being expelled.

That's fine, but Matt and Amy don't get to go around bragging that they show the good, bad and ugly.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Well, Timothy, Tiffany was SUGGESTING that to make her point about the use of the term "expelled". I was incorrect in that prediction for this show also. I refuse to call these 'specials'. There are issues I would like to address to Tiffany as well. I'm surprised Lynne C. isn't on here crowing about jeremy doing 'spectacularly' in Santa Barbara with a messy house, roommates, flowers (???) that died, and coming home to beg for money for himself as he is so independent.

M said...

I wish if Amy was so dead set against it she would actually stick to her guns. She may not like the process but I bet she likes the status of owning 100+ acres. I don't get the cook book we never see her cook anything but like chopped meat... Well I can cook chopped meat too. I'm going to start writing one myself... "The wonders of chopped meat... Woo!" hahaha

Just a filler special of nothing new just the Roloffs being well themselves. Matt's annoying sarcasm yells are getting to me too.

Also yeah Jermemy all The "reading" in his living room must be code for drinking in his living room. He is 21 now he can admit it. Is he bringing some books and "cookies" to read and enjoy at the mountains too?

Also do I spy a new mueller in the sudden new roommate? Muel must be so jealous!!

I wish they would have a special about Mollys graduating and college plans... I'd watch that.

Kyle said...

Did anyone else see on Matt's FB how happy he and Amy were to pose with Michaele Salahi who is only known because she crashed the White House party, joined the Housewives of DC, then left her husband and ran away with a guitarist for Journey. Disgusting.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Good eye, M. Jeremy certainly wqasn't long in his studio bachelor pad type apartment. Maybe some people can't stand to be alone. But hey, let's go for the gusto and move in with TWO roommates. Mueller's been jacked for new daily companions. With flowers, yet. The horror. The horror.
Cookies might be on the menu in the future, as well.

Brandon said...

Podge/Rodge groupie, wanna bet that Mueller is jealous of Jeremy's new roommates?

I don't say that to be funny, but in my opinion, Mueller and Jeremy has always had issues about their status with each other being #1 best friend. Mueller probably doesn't like being left behind in Oregon. He's left to hear about Jeremy's new buds. The horror.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Yes I do, Brandon. He'll have to increase his mooching methods to try to 'get his money's worth' off the Roloff family. Amy has probably already eaten the muffins she took from the bank on signing day, so maybe Mueller will have to work a little harder at being Jacob's idol, instead of Jer Ber. That'll show him! Jacob likes ME more than his brother. Perfect.

M said...

Podge, I think your right Jeremy can't be alone. Always needs to surround himself with the cool kids. I'm not hating on the kid I'm glad he has made new friends in California but something tells me that these guys are just like his friends back home on Oregon.

I bet they showed him moving into his own apartment for the show. So we would all think he was a grown up and living alone. Nothing wrong with having roommates by why lie at all? In the other one when they just video chatted with him he appears to be in the old studio apartment. Didn't last long in that apartment.

I wonder what Mueller is up to now that Jer is down in Cali. I'm still surprised he didn't find a way to join him down there. But then Muel doesn't seem to be as lucky as to live off roloff money.

Anonymous said...

I just finish looking at LPBW last special and from what I saw of Jeremy new apartment furniture it look like it could be the same stuff that was once used by the Roloff's in their family room when they first remodled their house.

After their last major house revamp that particular furniture was moved up staires to their movie screen/pool table room to make way for their new brown sofa set which was replace last year with a cream color sofa that Matt surprise Amy with will she was out of town that she did not won't according to her FB page.

Matt never did like the brown sofa set Amy picked out he tried to replace the brown sofa set on one of the epiosdes and Amy shut it down. It must be really nice to go out and buy stuff just because same was done with their family kitchen table it was replace with another the old one is now in their second farm home which they recently purchase.

Woman in Love said...

Amy's book will be a hit because of the show - NOT because Amy is any kind of a cook. Her meals look like slop. At least we can be grateful that she's not yet written a parenting book, lol! (I fear it will be done someday!)

BeckyM said...

How popular are the Roloffs? and can that popularity drive further success without the TLC handholding? I doubt that Amy's cookbook will take off. She'll be lucky if she breaks even.

Matt's Twitter followers:

Khate Gosselin Twitter:

Maru the Cat who Plays in Boxes

More people know about a cat who sticks it's head in a bag then they know or care about Matt Roloff. ROFLMAO!

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

BebkyM, my personal favorites are from Facebook. Two pages have been mentioned before on this blog, so kudos to the poster who wrote it first;

Matt Roloff: 60,720 likes

Kurt Cobain: 354,437 (1) and 406,562 (2); lead singer of Nirvana, who has been DEAD for 18 years!

Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society: 243,415; who is alive, well, and has never spoken a word in public.

Alright, alright, we're sure to get some supporters who will claim it's the QUALITY of the people who follow Matt. Do better sheep give better wool? I'm not sure. What about 'right' thinking people? A valid argument. Especially when Alex Jones has 261,420 followers. We've seen it before, but the supporters will probably come back with the 'numbers are not significant' when it comes to gauging Matt's greatness. Then, what is significant?

BeckyM said...

@Podge heehee gotta find ridiculous things that are more popular then the Roloffs... I don't have a Facebook account due to FB's policy on tracking and selling my privacy. Just me I guess.

Cooper the Photography Cat
Facebook 83,841
with more media interviews then the Roloffs ~ Currently they are in Australia
as well as beter photography (has his own traveling exhibit) then Jeremy!! ROFLMAO!

Facts are facts, it's a numbers game. You have to reach a certain number to gain the audience you need to build name reocgnition to sell stuff. It's why TLC dumped their show.

And having faithful fans is great but do they buy stuff? Do they fit the advertising demographic? Apparently TLC didn't think so and they know more about the Roloff's audience then I do.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

@BeckyM, the idea of selling has come up before. I wonder how the Roloff Farms merchandise is doing. Molly was looking after that herself, and I remember the discussion about how much time it takes from her day, or week lol to handle the crushing load. I'm not sure that even Matt will get on here in one of his childish incarnations to crow that the family is making millions selling tee shirts jars of dirt. I'm here writing, so I might as well fly off the handle and wonder if there's a difference between Roloff Dirt Deal Dirt, and actual true-to-life it's-too-good-to-be-true Roloff Farm Dirt. Only their hair dresser knows for sure.

Peanut Butter Cups said...

I like the show. The Roloff's are not perfect but I don't think they pretend to be. They just try to put a positive spin on life even in the bad times. I applaud them for pursuing their dreams. Even if they aren't successful with school/cookbooks/etc, there is merit in trying. No reality show is 100% "real"--it's impossible to reduce anybody's whole life into a few minutes for every week that passes. I really don't understand some of the extreme comments.

BeckyM said...

@ Podge My favorite dirt shirt which has at least some interesting significance:

Roloff dirt, impresses me not so much.

There was probably some real interest when the show was still going strong but nowadays? Hm...

Sassenach said...

Worst episode ever - and that says a lot.
What hapened to the bankruptcy and cancelled contract touted in the promo?
This should have been called the Amy Show. Mainly about the cook book and taking souvenirs from the bank.
Riveting - NOT.

Rap541 said...

Without being mean, ok?

Part of the problem with these "specials" is that there's just not that much going on with the Roloffs thats interesting.

They're also staging a lot of the events and the staged events are always going to be complimentary and squeaky clean fun. The only special that wasn't 100% "my god the Roloffs are perfect" was special number three - "What a Piece of Crap Zach is But At Least He's Dating Now". And even that was a tad sacchrine sweet.

I was curious as well about the sudden change in the promo blurbs.

For me, this last special was one of the most "acted" by Matt and Amy. Amy in particular was very "on camera" (Its fairly noticable in her coffee chats as well how her personality changes on and off camera)

Btw - complete aside but did everyone know that Matt and Amy don't actually own the goats Matt professes to love? I took a swing over to Amy's public facebook and someone was asking about the goats and Amy mentioned that the farmer that owned them took them back...

It's all a put on, Matt's love for the goats. :)

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Aw Rap, say it aint so! And Matt built the goat-el and everything! I'm crushed. The Roloffs always care for and love their animals. Even when they can't remember which ones they have.

I still haven't seen any explanation as to why they call these things 'specials'. Even with the false advertising, as in what was the "holiday" as you've pointed out already, and which of Matt's businesses was closed down in this last show. Was this another case of an attempt to over-inflate the drama? I'm still disgusted at Matt's selfishness and self-centered attitude

Anonymous said...

Positively amazing. Those who are so critical of this family best think of how much time you spend obsessing over them. And I can't help but wonder how many who are criticizing Jeremy's need for Mommy and Daddy's money are likely squeezing their own families dry. For a bunch of people who are so appalled by their behavior, well, this outsider sure feels like you wish you could be one of them.

Rap541 said...

Oh anon... it never fails... "Those who criticize Jeremy for being a 21 year old baby sucking off his mommy's teats and never holding a job that his daddy didn't give him MUST BE acting exactly AS JEREMY and MUST BE JEALOUS"

Sorry, no. See, I am a grown up with a nice job that I got myself. If I want say, the new Ipad coming out today, or a new camera, or a new car, I buy it myself with the money I earn. I'm not jealous of a dependant little boy who has to ask mommy and daddy instead of just going out into the world and earning it himself.

But it is nice to see we're back to the "Everyone is JUST JEALOUS and WANTS TO LIVE EXACTLY like the Roloffs!" arguement. Hey Anon... what's your thoughts on Matt and Amy losing their bid to subpoena Spirit for identity info?

I kinda think you might be jealous of that victory. I am *certain* the Roloffs are ;)

Peanut Butter Cups said...

I don't think this was the last special--just the last one under the contract. There seems to be some clues on Matt and Amy's social networking that lead me to believe they are still working with TLC.

Rap541 said...

I'm sure they want to, Peanut.

I mean from a purely mercenary standpoint, Matt and Amy want more specials if they want to continue to be sought after for speaking engagements. Being on tv is free advertising for the pumpkin business as well... I notice we didn't have Matt bragging this year how as usual, attendence records were broken for pumpkin season.... and without the tv show, the crowds are going to continue to get smaller.

Clearly Matt and Amy didn't get TLC to cough up the bucks for another free vacation... I'm kinda curious just how low the price will go.

Lark said...

"Working." That's something I'd LOVE to see a Roloff do for once in their lives.

Justin said...

Right on, Lark.

I think after 7 years it's fair to officially list the Roloffs profession as "Reality TV show whores".

Remember when the Roloffs used to argue that they were not celebrities? (they would do it when they were caught insulting fans, etc).

Now their entire existence is centered around being on tv.

Mike P. said...

I can't see why anyone would want to live like the Roloffs.

For one thing, they remind me of The Beverly Hillbillies, but without the humility.

For another, it would be like living in a pig pen, with trash and rotting organic garbage in the bedrooms.

For another, after you had squandered your money, you'd always be wondering where your next dollar was coming from, especially if TLC quit returning your calls; you'd need to grasp for money with things like "cookbooks" and 12-viewer chat shows.

For another, you'd always be looking over your shoulder, worried that someone was about to unmask your "diversity" charade.

For another, you'd have self-inflicted lawyer bills to pay, and a losing lawsuit looming on the horizon.

And so on. It wears me out just thinking about it.

Vic Rattlehead said...

Mike P:

The Beverly Hillbilly's were supposed to be characters that were totally innocent to the workings of the world outside of their West Virginia home and to the idea that there are people out there who would slit their own mothers throat for a dollar which is what made their humbleness and clueless demeanor's endearing to the viewers.

The Roloff's on the other hand are the worst kind of opportunists around.

Weather it's their intellectually dishonest statements about "diversity" when what they really mean is "we demand the us and those like us get to be special but equal" or their morally dishonest statements about "not doing the show for fame/money" when it was abundantly clear to the world that they were.

Mike P. said...

Hi Vic,

The Roloffs remind me of the Beverly Hillbillies (without the humility) because like the Clampetts, they are rubes who have come into a great deal of money.

But I wrote "without the humility" because that's where the comparison ends. Unlike Jed Clampett and his family, the Roloff couple have taken on grand elevated airs about themselves. Majorly. Amy especially.

And unlike the Clampetts, the novelty of having money overwhelms the Roloffs. They burn through it as quickly as it arrives, or even before its arrival. Despite Matt's bragging and his purchase of the neighbor's farm, I'm convinced that they skate on the edge of bankruptcy, and have done for years.

I also compare them, in my head, to emperors in new clothes: strutting and posturing in public, unaware that they are naked to everyone watching.

Where's the little boy along the route when you need him?

Anonymous said...

do you think you can post a link of this episode, or a link to a download site? i am from europe and i really want to see this 4th special. thank you!

former show fan said...

Does anybody else think Jacob is a spoiled brat?

Judy B said...

"Does anybody else think Jacob is a spoiled brat?`

YES!!! Please elaborate!

Rap541 said...

Does anyone else think Jeremy and Mueller are animal abusing scum?

And hey, since Judy B thinks inviting people to slam a fifteen year old online is peachy keen and "YES! Please elaborate!".... Perhaps its time we all elaborate our feelings on fifteen year old Jeremy's hatespeech? And his bratly and ungrateful "fans suck the unsuckable".

We're now comparing Jake and Jeremy at the same age, Judy B, so I best not hear how poor widdle piddle pants Jer-Bear was a precious widdle baby boy at fifteen :) Not when you're dancing with glee to tear down fifteen year old Jake. Slamming a fifteen year old is *fine* with you, right?

You ok with the rules you'll laying down, Judy?

Judy B said...

Rap, go ahead and do what you want.

My opinion is that Jacob is a brat. I prefer Matt and Jeremy by a country mile!

Rap541 said...

So you prefer some who uses racist words and likes abusing animals?

I think Jeremy at fifteen was incredibly immature to say fans suck the unsuckable. I think only a brat doesn't understand where the money was coming from at that age and only a brat craps on the people giving him treats and Jeremy was fifteen, old enough to know better and old enough to make a brat choice instead of a good choice. Its no surprise to me that Jake at fifteen is a brat, he's merely emulating Jeremy who was a brat who deserved to be called a childish immature brat for his nasty mouth and ungrateful attitude.

He was fifteen, he owns his behavior, correct Judy B? No excuses, fifteen is old enough for a brat to hear they are a brat and someone who is so ungrateful that he calls fans something hateful and insulting is a brat.

And 20 is old enough to know not to throw a cat. Only a sick jerk does that to the family pet, and I better never hear "lets let god Judge this," from you again, Judy B - you want everyone to sit silent when Jeremy is having his laugh hurting animals because judging is wrong but bless us, you're totally down with hating for the fun of it when it not Jeremy so never, you lying hypocrit. I do not ever want to see one Judy B say no one should judge Jeremy as only God may judge because when Judy B wants to *hate and judge* well, I guess God can go suck it, Judy has the right to call on the hate.

You do understand how awfully you represent your faith, don't you?

Judy B said...

You can say what you want Rap.

I have my opinion. Jacob is a brat.

To tie it to the news/social media story of the day today, Jacob reminds me a lot of the disrespectful kids in the You Tube video bullying the older bus monitor lady.

Rap541 said...

And I have my opinion. Jeremy was a brat at 15 and is a brat now and reminds me of a lot of disrespectful kids bullying the older bus monitor lady.

In fact, I recall those kids are actually 7th graders, aka 13-14 aka the same age as Jeremy when Jeremy watched his buddies abuse his twin brother by bullying him about his size. In fact Jeremy was taunting Zach about the spit that one of his friends spit on Zach. Since we are judging those kids on the bus as nasty and disrespectful, so was Jeremy. Jeremy was nasty and disrespectful to let his friends bully his brother into tears and he has no excuse - those kids get to own their behavior, no one is making excuses, so I better not hear anything other than "Jeremy was wrong to do nothing and was a nasty jerk to help bully his own brother".

Btw Judy, its interesting your sudden turn around to "you can say what you want" - wassamatter, finally realize "Everyone shut up about Jeremy, but no one better stop me from spewing MY hate" makes you a hypocrit?

BeckyM said...

@ Judy B. I lay the brattiness of any of those kids at their PARENTS DOORSTEP - Amy and Matt.

Who do you blame for the poor and inept parenting that produces such kids? Who was their role models? Who set the rules and boundaries in the house? Who was the disciplinarian? Who insisted they clean their rooms, get their lazy asses out of bed, get a job, and study for their school? Who???

Kids who abuse animals, drink underage, trespass on other people's property, feel entitled and better then their peers, use racist language, disrespect their elders, and don't hold down jobs???

Who raised them to be who they are?

Rap541 said...

And psst Judy B? Those mean 13 year olds who bullied the old lady? Seems a few of them have parents who *made them apologize* instead of "boys being boys, don't blame the children for being kids" instead of "We're taking care of it privately SO SHUT UP and its over and anyone who ever expects a public apology needs to GET OVER IT and explain in detail why the words hurt them personally".

Funny that. Funny no one is handing that bus driver the sage Matt Roloff boardie wisdom of "words only hurt if you let them".

patti said...

I feel so sorry for Matt. Amy is so cold and unsupportive of her husband. If she so miserable she needs to leave and let Matt pursue his dreams of expanding the farm.

Anonymous said...

oh well

Anonymous said...

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jaylin said...

<3the family lots!ESP Jeremy,zach,molly and jacob<3333

Anonymous said...

I think Jacob is an arrogant and spoiled brat. Always was. He needs to grow up.

Matt is one of the most selfish people I have ever met. Doesn't care about anyone but himself. Constantly hurts hurts family and does what he wants.