Monday, March 26, 2012

Matt Roloff On Anderson Cooper's Daytime Talk Show

Matt Roloff was recently a guest on Anderson Cooper's Daytime talk show. Jen and Bill of the TLC show "The Little Couple" were the main guests. Marty Klebba was also made an appearance.

An audience member asked the 4 guests about Chelsea Handler -- the talk show host that has some sort of Little People fetish, has a LP sidekick who she says she has the urge to bite, and refers to LP as her "Lil Nuggets". In the clip, Matt doesn't say anything in response to the Chelsea Handler subject. Matt and Amy Roloff were guests on Chelsea Handler's show over a year ago. Chelsea asked them if they mind being called "Lil' nuggets'? Amy told Chelsea she would be her little nugget and Matt later said that he and Amy met at a "Little Nugget conference".

Anderson asks Matt "You had a show on TLC as well?"

Anderson asked them all if they were bullied? Jen, Bill and Matt nodded yes, Marty said no. Matt tells of how he would come home from school crying that the kids called him "shrimpy" and "midget" and his dad would say "Well, you are"