Monday, March 26, 2012

Matt Roloff On Anderson Cooper's Daytime Talk Show

Matt Roloff was recently a guest on Anderson Cooper's Daytime talk show. Jen and Bill of the TLC show "The Little Couple" were the main guests. Marty Klebba was also made an appearance.

An audience member asked the 4 guests about Chelsea Handler -- the talk show host that has some sort of Little People fetish, has a LP sidekick who she says she has the urge to bite, and refers to LP as her "Lil Nuggets". In the clip, Matt doesn't say anything in response to the Chelsea Handler subject. Matt and Amy Roloff were guests on Chelsea Handler's show over a year ago. Chelsea asked them if they mind being called "Lil' nuggets'? Amy told Chelsea she would be her little nugget and Matt later said that he and Amy met at a "Little Nugget conference".

Anderson asks Matt "You had a show on TLC as well?"

Anderson asked them all if they were bullied? Jen, Bill and Matt nodded yes, Marty said no. Matt tells of how he would come home from school crying that the kids called him "shrimpy" and "midget" and his dad would say "Well, you are"


Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Matt looked a little uncomfortable with the others. Maybe, it wasn't all about him? He doesn't appear used to sharing billing.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

One more thing. I'm quite surprised that big Matt supporters(??) aren't on here slamming Anderson about not paying homage to Matt for all he has done for LPs everywhere? The question that 'Matt had a show on Discovery as well?' is an absolute travesty to someone as wonderful and glorious as Matt Roloff. What an insult! Just like LP actors that win awards, Anderson should rightly give Matt at least a recommendation for all his good works. terrible.

Rap541 said...

Interesting question... where are all the Matt Roloffs who normally would decry Anderson Cooper asking Matt if he even had a show as a classless jerk who needed to apologize for not noting how *Matt* needed his ass publically kissed by Bill and Jen as they were nothing without him?

Right Matt fans? Jen the doctor and Bil the business man owe all of their accomplishments to Matt Roloff? Like how Peter Dinklage also needs to get on his knees and praise the One and Only Matt?

Matt fans?

Matt fans?

Come on... Matt was not held up as the One and Only Little Person of Merit... I can't believe NONE of you have opinions :)

Or maybe some of you have grown up. Who knows?

Lark said...

Even the "party" for his 50th seemed sparsely attended. Now a reporter asks "who the hell are you again?" Apparently their 15 minutes is OVER AND DONE WITH! Champagne, anyone?

BeckyM said...

What I find funny is that Matt FINALLY gets interviewed by a major media player, and Cooper can barely remember who Matt is and why he is there. Matt was not the main focus of that interview and only invited because of his height.

Boy, that must have BURNED...!!

And now, this entry with so few comments about the interview, etc...Wow. Matt your time is done.

Mike P. said...

I'm with BeckyM. It seems to me that nothing says "has-been" (or maybe "never-was") more clearly than a question like Cooper's. Especially when it's off-hand like this was. I laughed the rest of the day.

What deserves mention here is how much more class and thoughtfulness Jen and Bill show, compared with what we've seen of the Roloff couple (and the repellent Klebba guy). I can't imagine either of them agreeing to be a "little nugget," like the Roloffs did.

I didn't watch their show because I was so disgusted with the Roloff nonsense, and assumed more of the same from them. A mistake, I suspect.

What a sophisticating difference real education makes. Jen and Bill each give thoughtful, informed and reasoned answers to Cooper's questions, without need to boost themselves, or to whine. If I were a little person, I'd want to be represented by Jen and Bill, and not a couple fame-grasping "nuggets."

(I also cannot imagine Jen ever swanning around in diaphanous gowns, holding a giant wine glass, pretending that she was born to do just that thing.)

BeckyM said...

Mike P. The Little Couple lost a baby through a miscarriage (surrogate). They are no different then any reality-hos' who use television to fund their dreams (i.e. new house, fertility treatments) and providng us way too much information about their personal life.

But Reality Television has taught viewers well. Anything can be sold for ratings.

Set Abominae said...

Matt Roloff is living proof that you can have all the money in the world...but it doesn't by an ounce of class wit or intelligence.

Pamela said...

Mike P, I agree. I like what I've seen from Jen and Bill.