Friday, April 20, 2012

Amy Roloff Cookbook: Short And Simple Availble To Pre-Order On

Amy Roloff's cookbook is now available to pre-order, via The cookbook, entitled Short And Simple was the featured topic of one of the Little People, Big World "special update" episodes on TLC.

Amy has announced on Facebook that the book should be out in the fall of 2012. The publication date is listed as October 1, 2012.

According to the details on, the cover photo is credited to Rick Schafer, a foreword by Amy's parents Gordon & Pat Knight. It also lists former Little People, Big World producer and very close Roloff friend, Chris Cardamone, as a contributor.

Here is the description from

"Millions of fans have watched Amy Roloff prepare meals for her family over the past seven years of TLC's family-friendly reality TV show, Little People, Big World.

Cooking for a family of six, Amy developed a lot of simple recipes that are easy for homemakers and moms to prepare. Cooking has also leveled the playing field when people of all sizes sit down and enjoy the good food she prepares. Now she has put some of the most requested and loved recipes, along with some of her own personal favorites, in this cookbook for everyone to make and enjoy.

SHORT & SIMPLE FAMILY RECIPES contains 75 recipes from Amy’s kitchen with easy-to-follow instructions for preparation. Organized by courses and meals—For Starters, Breakfast or Brunch, Lite Lunch Fare, Time to Gather: Family Meals, Kids Corner, Simple Sides, and Sweet Endings & Baked Goodness—the recipes include mouthwatering, easy-to-prepare favorites such as Scallop Pesto Crustini; Crabby Cakes; Cowboy Eggs; Farm Country Omelet; Ham, Cheese, Turkey, and Avocado Panini; Southwestern Slaw; Amy’s Pork Fried Rice; Roast Pork with Spiced Apples; Mike D’s Hamburger Pie; Roloff Farm Rustic Peach and Berry Cobbler; Birthday Cake in a Bag; and Bananas Foster.

The cookbook is illustrated in full-color with professional photographs of the food as well shots of the Roloff family farm and Amy cooking in her kitchen."


Brandon said...

Chris Cardamone is contributor? I didn't know he was a cooking expert. But I guess if Amy is, then anyone is! :)

Chris Cardamone's level of professionalism is something to marvel at!

Way to go TLC! Good to see they employed people that know not to cross that line between professional and getting personal with the subjects.

He writes cookbooks with the "talent"!

Rap541 said...

I'm just amused that anyone would need a recipe for "cowboy eggs" aka eggs in a basket aka get a piece of bread, cut out the center, fry it, drop the egg in the center, and continue frying until done.

Is there a recipe for ramen too? :)

Chris Linton said...

I think they should have included Jacob's quote about Amy's cooking as the foreword for the book.

His quote about Amy's cooking.

"Your cooking is disgusting" - Jacob Roloff.

BeckyM said...

Yawn. Uninspiring but I guess if Pioneer Woman can do her dreck like burnt toast and con millions into buying that as food, Amy can too! ROFLMAO!

Mike P. said...

From the ptomaine capitol of Washington County.

The queen of crumbled hamburger, tinned tomato sauce and over-cooked pasta; the "cook" who handed her son a sandwich of white bread, bottled mayonnaise and processed lunch meat; the baker of cake-mix cakes and spreader of canned frostings, now shares with us her "beloved" recipes.

How many ways can she say "follow package instructions" in one cookbook?

I swear, this woman is the most appalling of all the Roloffs. Black is white, night is day, and Amy Roloff (despite six seasons of filmed evidence to the contrary) is a cook.

Lisa said...

Brandon, what is wrong with Chris having friendships with the Roloffs?

How very ignorant of you to think that having a good relationship with the Roloffs made Chris unprofessional or hindered his ability to do his job.

Rap541 said...

Lisa - I suppose it all depends on whether you want to believe that the show LPBW is a documentary. Now... I know that a member of the crew got fired for hiring the kids to mow his lawn because it was unprofessional for the crew to interact like that with the staff.

That Chris is contributing to Amy's book means that he will profit from its success. Therefore it behooves him to make sure that Amy is portrayed positively on the tv show that he produces since a negative portrayal could affect sales. The cook book has been talked about and worked on for years so yes, knowing that Chris is a contributer does suggest that he has a less than professional outlook towards the Roloffs.

Now personally, I don't think this is going to top the sales lists at Amazon any time soon and there's any number of things that make me think Chris's relationship with the Roloffs is a little whacked out but yeah, Amy's producer also being a contributer to her book does indeed strongly suggest that Chris's objectivity when filming the Roloffs is compromised. Then again, according to IMDB (which in fairness may not be updated) he actually hasn't produced an episode since the Fort-a-Thon episode, so who knows?

Btw Lisa, you've never answered - what do you think about Chelsea Handler calling Matt and Amy Roloff "lil nuggets" to their faces? Offensive or adorable?

Set Abominae said...

Real chefs create their own recipes for their cookbooks, they don't just steal other people's recipes or copy them off of boxes and call them their own.

Terri said...

Rap, it shows how little you know. Chris is no longer the producer of LPBW. Nothing wrong with him being involved with Amy's book.

Rap541 said...

Actually Terri, it shows how poorly you read. :)

This - "Then again, according to IMDB (which in fairness may not be updated) he actually hasn't produced an episode since the Fort-a-Thon episode, so who knows?"

means I understand there's a possibility Chris may no longer be a producer of LPBW. However... the book talk started back in 2009 - I actually was perusing some comments about it, so yes, Chris being a contributor is somewhat in conflict with his being a producer of a reality show where he's not supposed to take sides.

Of COURSE, I am sure we will soon have someone anonymously claim to be a close friend of both Amy and Chris let us all know that Chris wasn't invited to help with the book (or be on the board of Amy's charity) until exactly the day after he was no longer a producer. And that he wasn't a personal friend until that very day! :)

And since an anonymous insider says it... well, everyone needs to believe it! :D

Randy said...

Anyone see this Facebook post by Matt from this past weekend:
"Lots of new little people big world shows coming your way later this year."

I figured with the poor ratings they got from their specials that TLC would be done with them.

Any insight on this, Spirits?

Home cook said...

What a bunch of critical meanies you are. It's not easy to write a cookbook and even people who aren't trained chefs can cook well. Just because we've seen some of her cooking on the show, not many viewers have actually eaten her cooking or tried a recipe. You're judging unfairly.

Cheryl said...


Brandon said...

Home Cook, that's the point!

Where are Amy's qualifications to write a cookbook? Have you ever ate her cooking?

Fans watch a TV show and once in a while the kids say the food mom cooks is good. All of a sudden people think she's a great cook? And that's when Jacob isn't calling her food disgusting ;)

I've always felt it's ridiculous for anyone to say "Amy please write a cookbook!" One, there's nothing that's not common, and two, for all you know her cooking could be the worst food ever.

You're on a reality TV show and that means you're a good cook?

Brandon said...

Cheryl, it's totally a conflict of interest!

They promoted the show as being "Real, raw and honest" (what a joke that is!).

Hell, I can tell you that if I produced a TV show about my best friend that it is going to be totally biased? Why? Because when you have a personal relationship with people you are not capable of being objective if you're responsible for something like portraying their lives to the public.

Chris Cardamone has zero professionalism in my opinion.

Jocelynn said...

Cheryl, I think it is very clear that Chris the producer crossed the line.

Most fans felt the first season was the best season of LPBW and the most realistic.

Then as time went on and Chris took over, became buddies with them that writes books with them and gets involved in the kids lives, the show was not of the same quality because the honesty and realism was gone.

Jason said...

Chris Cardamone is about as professional as that film maker that made the movie about Obama. When asked if what there is that is negative about Obama, his answer was that the only negative is that there are no negatives that he can think of!

It's not complicated. You can't have people in charge of projects that forge relationships with the people they filming.

Chris is the worst because his relationships are both personal and a business level, making money from Amy's cookbook. Like Rap said, Chris profits from how Amy is portrayed.

Cheryl said...

You all are so damn critical. Just let people live their lives. How would you like being spied on and $#!+ talked?

Rap541 said...

HomeCook, I ask this in all seriousness.

Do you think you would buy a cook book from someone with Amy's qualifications and with the topics and potential recipes listed if it wasn't Amy Roloff?

I don't fault Amy for doing a cook book, she's hardly different than the many many reality show whores who think being on a reality show makes them an expert at basic values (Matt and Amy do have that book Little People Big Values that people get awfully touchy about whenever the validity gets questioned) or parenting or cooking... Its how the game is played.

My questions - which will likely be answered directly or indirectly by the content of Amy's book, are whether its simply a vanity project or if Amy seriously thinks she's got something to add to the cooking world, or if this is an attempt to cash in on the show's fame. (The name strongly suggests the third choice, as do some of the recipe titles.)

Nothing wrong with that. I myself own the Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook. However, your issue, HomeCook, is that no one can have an opinion of what Amy's book will be like since she's rarely shown cooking, and we haven't had her food.

Well, thats incorrect. I'm more than willing to have a look at Amy's cook book, but really, I'm sure that whatever recipes are there will be reasonably tasty because "Cowboy eggs" and "Mike D's Hamburger Pie" and "Amy's Pork Fried Rice" and "Roloff Farm Rustic Peach and Berry Cobbler" are basically common well known recipes that aren't hard. (the Unofficial Hunger Games CookBook has a Blackberry Cobbler recipe)

I think part of why people are so "Amy? Doing a cook book?" is because Amy as depicted on her real and raw show that we've been watching as... a fairly nonchalant, basic cook with no real love or interest in food. For god's sake, she wasn't sure what veal is. Two, three years later, cooking has been her passion since childhood?

Rap541 said...

Cheryl - with all do respect....

No one spied on Amy or stalked Amy in order to find her *public* AMAZON BOOK PRE-ORDER PAGE.

Let me be blunt. *I* submitted this link to Spirit. And here's how I stalked and spied and violated Amy Roloff's privacy.

I went to Amazon, because I like Amazon, and while I was purchasing my niece some Harry Potter stuff, I thought "Huh... I wonder if Amy Roloff's book is listed yet?"

I typed her name into the search engine and it popped up.

Gosh, I wonder when the FBI will come since Amy's such a precious little bundle of nerves, looking her up on Amazon to see if her book is for sale IS STALKING HER AND SPYING ON HER.

Perhaps she needs to contact Amazon since every person looking her up to see if her book is available is committing a crime and raping her privacy!

Seriously Cheryl, if the Roloffs are *that* delicate and *that* sensitive, perhaps it's time they do something to remove themselves from the dangerous spotlight.

Since, you know, looking them up to possibly buy their products is committing a crime.

BeckyM said...

Wow Rap! Maybe the FBI or CIA needs to contact you about your amazing spy skills!! ROFLMAO!

Just some info that I did not know but often a book will have tens and thousands of sales listed quite quickly and this is because the main bookstores (Barnes and Noble, Amazon) have pre-bought what they expect will sell. It has nothing to do with actual numbers that have sold. Just keep that in mind.

This cookbook will go the way of Kate Gosselin's Love is in the Mix (which was never printed or if you believe others was released only overseas, or if you believe Kate hahahaha is still in the works).

If Kate Gosselin who had much more media then Amy can't sell a cookbook I've got scratch my head on this one. Perhaps it will gain a modest audience. I won't be one of them.

Rap541 said...

Becky I think it will come out. The publisher is a vanity publisher and frankly, I can see "Amy's Cookbook" being a *good* seller at pumpkin season time. It's got some niche appeal for fans and the local sales will probably be good for the same reason I own a book called South of Auburn - a neighbor in my hometown wrote it and we all picked up copies to read stories about the local area.

I doubt it will do as well as say, the Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook!

Rap541 said...

I think Love in the Mix was such a failure due in part because Kate had already written some horrible book, that was nothing but pictures of the kids, and because she wasn't depicted as much of cook, and because she came off like a bitch. To be fair to Amy, she does seem like a nicer person than Kate.

Brandon said...

Whether you're the real Chris Cardamone or not, I don't know, but for the sake of argument lets pretend like you are.

But you're misunderstanding. I don't think authoring a cookbook with Amy is "offensive".

But it is unprofessional. If you and the Roloffs claim that the show is an accurate portrait of their life, then becoming buds with them and partnering with them on cookbooks was for sure unprofessional and detrimental to the show.

It's like....Matt talking about his kids and how they always excel. Only a fool would believe him because of his bias and his agenda.

A producer in charge of content on a reality show forming personal relationships with the stars taints the whole program.

Jocelynn said...

Poster Chris C? You're calling Spirits blog "misinformation". Give it up.

Believe it or not, some of us are smart enough to figure out the truth, balance the information and come to an informed decision. I know enough to know that Matt is not truthful when he post on his facebook page.

If you think Spirits reports misinformation, why don't you do that email interview with Spirits.

That's what I never understand. Or let me start again, I do understand why, but if you think Spirits is misinformed why not do an interview and go over everything discussed point by point.

I'm not just talking about Chris. If Jeremy thinks Spirits is not accurate, why not set the record straight (from his point of view). Or Mueller?

I know the answer to that. Because it is true.

Megan said...

If you are Chris then I have a question? Why are you not producing the specials of LPBW?

Is it because TLC didn't want the producer that was still working to share a book with Amy?

BeckyM said...

Wow Chris C you have a HUGE chip on your shoulder! When you and Amy do the talk show circuit to promote this book on "healthy eating for families" (wtf? recipe titles that are given like cobbler and hamburgers are healthy nowadays???) are you going to be as defensive?

I wondered how that lukewarm praise of Amy given at by the Top Chef person had been gotten and now I know -personal favor to a producer in order to keep the reality whoredom family happy.

You obviously know nothing about PR. Let me write a better comment for you:

"I'm excited to help Amy realize her dream of publishing a family cookbook full of her personal favorite recipes. Fans of the show LPBW will have fun seeing some of Amy's recipe from the show as well as reading her personal view about cooking for her family.

I have an extensive cooking background (blah blah your resume here) so when Amy started talking about publishing a cookbook it seemed a natural offshoot of our relationship post filming the LPBW show."

Unlike Rap, I know LPBW wasn't a DOCUMENTARY. It was the typical scripted reality drivel that producers like you produce because it is CHEAP to hire non-actors to film crap that bores the shit out of people.

See, little Chrissy-cry-baby, that is how a professional phrases a response about the release of a commercial product. So I recommend that you tuck your tail between your legs and leave the promoting to someone you pay to do it because quite frankly, you suck at it.

Brenda said...

I didn't know that Chris had a background in cooking. Now it make sense why he would be listed as a contributor.

When I first read that here I thought maybe it was for behind the scene designing work or helping to get it published.

BeckyM said...

Rap, I think Love in the Mix was a failure because 1.) it used recipes that were in no way unique but were on the backs of food boxes; 2.) which opened up the book to copyright infringement; and 3.) it was being published by Zondervan (I believe) a Christian publishing house that wished to distance itself from the Kate Gosselin brand when she was busy slamming Jon all over national television a year after the divorce.

Another thing about it was, though her Things I want you to Know book was supposedly a bestseller this was due to the numbers bought on speculation by the bookstores not by what was actually sold. Like many "bestsellers" it was a MANUFACTURED hit (I know a well published author who filled me on how this is done) and copies quickly filled the $1 bin. It was no "real" hit at all.

I personally expect the same from Amy's cookbook. A high initial sales peak based upon bookdealers buying it, then it will slope rapidly off in sales with a few diehard fans keeping it out there until it fades away. I'm sure she'll get a talkshow circuit to promote it but I wonder if Anderson Cooper will have time to remember who the hell she is since he couldn't remember Matt having a television show produced by the wonderful Chris C!!

Thank God for teleprompters right Chris C? That way interviewers can remember them among the many fame-ho's strutting the stroll!! LOL!

Greg said...

Chris Cardamone? No threats this time?

Ashley said...

Becky, I agree with Rap. I don't think Amy's cookbook will be a big seller, at least what is considered a big seller compared to everything else.

They only have LPBW fans to cater too and they'll be sell them to the pumpkin visitors. How many people is that really? Not that many.

Rap541 said...

Chris - if you are Chris - so based on the Amazon description of the recipes... I must admit I am intrigued at how "Hamburger Pie" aka a common dish called shepherd's pie somewhat americanized, is made into a dish synonamous with "healthy eating". Likewise on the pork fried rice.

Also seriously, the importance of meal times and gathering people around food? Have you watched your real and raw depiction of the Roloffs? You know, where random kids wander into the kitchen and leave, holding plates or bowls and sit by themselves in seperate rooms eating alone? People eating at different times and no one even making sure that all the kids are home, let alone fed? Hey, what about the seperate chef Matt was employing? (and I have it on good authority that Matt prefers to take his meals alone in his office but thats a whole different ball of wax) What about Amy not knowing what veal is? Lucky you were there to "contrbute" huh?

Chris - since you're here, did you send the threatening emails purporting to come from Chris Cardamone?

And frankly, since I don't consider LPBW a documentary, certainly not in the same sense as I would "Dwarfs: Not a fairy tale" or say, an episode of Modern Marvels, if you want to buddy up with the Roloffs, go ahead... but yeah, people are going to notice.

Especially when you're listed as a contributer to the talent's book and calling yourself a creative partner.

Btw - do you think Amy was *stalked* and *spied on* in order to get this link to Amazon?

Brandon said...

BeckyM, I think you mean more than Matt. I made the comment about Chris Cardamone being unprofessional.

I know the show is contrived, but I'm holding them to their words (lies...) that the show is real and raw.

Kelly said...

Thanks for posting this link. I cannot wait to get the book. LPBW fan forever!

Spiritswander said...

Important Disclaimer

As everyone knows, any person on the internet can impostor and pretend to be someone famous.

In fairness to everyone, posts claiming to be Chris Cardamone or a Roloff will not be published.

If Chris Cardamone or a Roloff wants to post, they are welcome to send an email to from a verifiable email and confirm that it is indeed them and they want to post to the blog.

Otherwise, future comments claiming to be someone known will not be published regardless of the content of their message.

Thank you

BeckyM said...

Don't hold your breath Spirits. Whoever this is wants to throw an egg at someone's house and the run away snickering about how brilliant he is.

I do think whoever is writing as Chris C is the same person because he likes to use long, complicated words that in no way elucidate his points (which are also long and rambling).

People on the dumb side like to use pretentious vocabulary especially when they have insecurities about their level of education. JMO.

Can I pretend to be the director of the TLC and Discovery Network? Let's see would that be Daffy Duck or Foghorn Leghorn???

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Now you hold it right there BeckyM! You leave Foghorn Leghorn out of this! I agree with the writing style(?) being the same as Chris C. in the two given examples, but c'mon, there's no way Chris could come up with the deep philosophical tenets delivered by Mr. Leghorn. Such as:
"Boy's got a mouth like a cannon, always shootin' it off"
"Nice boy, but he's a little on the DUMB side."
"That boy's about as sharp as a bowling ball."
(my personal favorite).
The only similarity between the two is they both have an extremely high opinion of themselves. And there's no way on Earth how Chrs. C. can justify his opinion of himself.

BeckyM said...

hahaha Podge - I mean Foghorn Leghorn or Daffy would be in CHARGE of TLC/Discovery channel... definitely way too cunning (in their own minds) to be Chris C. (bogus CC or real CC).

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I maintain my stance, BeckyM. Foghorn Leghorn is too smart to take the job. Get that silly thought out of your head, girl. Daffy Duck, on the other hand, will do anything to get attention and be on the front lines of shooting nonsense TV shows. Sound familiar?

BeckyM said...

LOL! Okay Okay I will cede the point on Foghorn Leghorn! :D

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Thank you nice lady. I appreciate all the good work you do and your powers of observation. I've got all six volumes of the Looney Tunes Golden Collection, and NONE of those are as funny as the six years of this family.

Anonymous said...

Stop dogging little people. Some of us enjoy the show so shut up and if u don't like the show then don't watch it!

CPGirlee said...

Most of you people posting here are RUDE! Get a life of your own and stop talking crap about Amy Roloff's life!