Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jeremy Roloff Photography Websites, Twitter and Facebook Account

People sometimes ask about Jeremy Roloff's photography and where they can see some of his pictures. There's a couple of different sites where he has his pictures publicly.

One site Jeremy is using is this:

For those that inquire about the type of camera Jeremy uses: He used to have a Nikon D5000, but now according to that stats on the 500px site, he uses a Canon EOS 50D. In one of the Little People, Big World "specials" on TLC, viewers saw Jeremy return home and ask Matt and Amy to buy him a new camera.

He also has an Instagram which is a photo hosting application for phones that you can view online via Webstagram.

Jeremy also has a public twitter account:

If you're wondering, he does not really interact with LPBW fans on his twitter account. In his 200+ tweets, he has responded to fans a few times with a "thanks" -- such as when someone was praising him for being a Christian.

Jeremy also just started a Facebook Fan Page which is connected to his account on the 500px site.

Jeremy had a couple of public Facebook fan pages in the past which always ended badly. Usually, he would rarely use them or interact with people. Eventually people would voice their displeasure and discuss the several reasons that they thought negatively of Jeremy. Often times his friends would begin posting to Jeremy on the fan page with messages such as "Jer, what is with these losers on your page?"....then people would point to that as proving their point....and eventually he deleted the page(s).

On this new page, Jeremy lists himself as a Public Figure with the message:" Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/jeremyjroloff and follow me on: http://500px.com/JeremyJamesRoloff


Greg said...

The camera he is using costs roughly $1400 for the body only...

Judy B said...


Let's admit. He shows a great talent. Anyone that says he doesn't, is speaking out of bias and hatred.

The moon photo and one of Helvetia are gorgeous.

Great job Jeremy!

Brandon said...

Jeremy has a twitter and hasn't posted pictures of him and Mueller abusing animals and he hasn't called anybody a f*ggot, beaner or a loser b*tch?

I guess Jeremy is getting smarter now that he's been caught 8 million times doing all of the above.

Megan said...

Jacob has a twitter too but it's private. Jeremy tweeted Jacob.

Ashley said...

See all Jeremy's Bible references? There's a big difference between Jeremy on twitter and Jeremy on Little People Big World.

Diane said...

His photos aren't that great. Who can't take pictures with an expensive camera?

Sabrina said...

I notice that most of Jeremy's friends look and sound like they are white, rich and Christian.

But didn't people get told they were wrong when they pegged him for that and for being a snob?

Jason said...

It's sickening to see how people suck up to him.

Between that and how the rest of the Roloffs treat him, you don't need to be psychologist to figure out why he Jeremy is has a huge ego.

Timothy said...

Does he actually go to school or does he just go rock climbing and re-post Bible verses?

Lynn C said...

I think his photos are very good. I am impressed. Very good considering he's a first year student.

I think what he said on the show was correct. He was right to wait until God let him figure out what it was that he wanted to do.

David said...

Is there a bet on how long it will take for Matt to get his big boy to delete his account now that Spirits has posted about it?

Mike P. said...

Let's see. If I don't agree that he "shows a great talent," then I'm "speaking out of bias and hatred."

Works for me. Especially the bias part.

Actually, it seems to me that the photos are technically quite competent -- the finish and retouching, I mean. Photoshop is good at that, and learning to use Photoshop well is going to be an important part of the curriculum.

Otherwise, the concepts are fairly mundane. I don't notice a serious creative spark that promises more to come. That missing spark includes editing; oddly, the cropping imposed by the website makes a few of them very much better than the real photos. I'm thinking of the boots, the climber and the Helvetia landscape especially--the previews are better than the shots.

Roloff needs to learn to see the shot within the shot, and edit himself.

Timothy said...

@Mike P, I just don't see any difference between Jeremy and a million other wannabe photographers that are trying to be artsy and have an expensive camera.

Dana said...

Everyone can see that Jeremy is very talented and that God has possessed him with a skill.

What I see from Jeremy's twitter postings is that he is a proud Christian.

Where is everyone, led by Rap, to eat crow? Remember the foolishness about Jeremy supposedly hiding his love of Christ?

Even Jeremy's detractors are admitting he is vocal about his love for Jesus. That's not the actions of someone attempting to conceal his love of Christ to appeal to the liberal left wing atheists.

Laura S said...

Here is Jeremy's bio:

Currently a student at Brooks Institute of Photography. Santa Barbara, Cali.

Photographing people and life fuels me with passion.

Dedicated to my field of work.
If Im indoors, I'm editing, otherwise I'm outside enjoying the world.

Born and grew up in the country; It's a farm life for me.

Coram Deo

Taylor said...

Isn't it nice to see Jeremy embracing his followers on social media? Isn't this what everyone wanted from him for years and years and years?

Brandon said...

Taylor, actually it's exactly what a lot of us thought and predicted for a long time.

When the time comes when fans come in handy (ie. he wants to use them) he will then finally stop ignoring to people because he has something to gain.

He's obviously trying to launch himself as a photographer and make money from it. Now he's ready to use the TV show fans to get a leg up on some of the other thousands of photographers.

It's classic treat people like dirt until you need them.

Rap541 said...

Oh Dana, you know if I believed you, Jeremy would be a ship captain by now :)

Remember that Dana? How Jeremy was gonna show us? As I recall, you also asked us all to eat crow on that and on how Jeremy was going to be a successful soccer player and a successful pilot too. :)

Jesus. Loving God.

There. Now you need to praise me, Dana. I've done exactly as Jeremy. Come on. Jesus is Lord. I love Jesus. I am walking in Jeremy's footsteps. Thats all he does and you proclaim him a fine Christian. After all, I am doing what Jeremy does and this is all you know about Jeremy's religious views. Oh wait. Let me add. Jesus. Homosexuals are wrong. I love Jesus.

Oh btwI have it on very good authority that the Roloffs had complete control of their depiction on LPBW. Jeremy getting up in the morning and falling to his knees to give glory to Christ? Ending every day on his knees giving glory to Christ? Bible quoting? Either didn't happen or was carefully hidden by mom and dad Roloff.

Dana - why would the Roloffs choose to hide Jeremy's love of Christ? And why would adult Jeremy continue to allow it for several years past his age of majority? :)

Rap541 said...

Taylor - what brandon said. Funny how now that Jeremy is at college, he suddenly has time for fan pages when he was unemployed and living at home, he was too busy loving Jesus and nature to do a fan page.

Does everyone recall that? That unemployed adult Jeremy was too busy?

Personally I've always said these fan pages are a bad idea - I can't help but think Matt's nastiness on Twitter was part of why he lost his silly negative nelly subpoena request - but Brandon has a point. Now Jeremy needs fans. Hmm. Fnny how Mr. Too Busy Loving Jesus suddenly has time.

And funny how Mr. "I ain't got no use for the Internets! I'm a country boy!" suddenly learned himself some computer skills.

Krista said...

I agree that Jeremy is using fans now to help promote his photography, but I think some of his pictures are nice.

It's too bad he didn't have some natural...kindness towards his fans before only reaching out to them when he needs something.

Justin said...

I wonder what Matt thinks of Jeremy suddenly being Mr. Social media?

It must make Matt nervous.

Lane said...

The Jesus stuff, I can't take them seriously.

This guy smokes pot right? And loves partying. Bring on Jesus. Give me a break.

Shelby said...

@Laura S, Jeremy added "I am an athlete" to his facebook bio.

What does Coram Deo mean?

Rap541 said...


I find it amusing that Jeremy uses the term.

Timothy said...

Rap, in all honesty:

"This phrase literally refers to something that takes place in the presence of, or before the face of, God. To live coram Deo is to live one’s entire life in the presence of God, under the authority of God, to the glory of God.`

That sounds exactly like what Jeremy would post from reading his twitter entries.

Rap541 said...

Tim, I get you. I just question how Jeremy lives up to that.

Am I questioning the big boy's walk with Jesus? Yup. Talk is cheap and Jeremy seems to have inherited Daddy's tendency to bray like an ass and I notice that "Jesus. I live for God." Has not gotten me any praise from the Christian set here and since thats all we have for Jeremy's Christian accomplishments as a man... yeah, am I supposed to respect his ability to beer himself for jesus?

Terry said...

Rap, so what if Jeremy drinks beer? Jesus did not forbid alcohol.

How does Jeremy drinking beer diminish his faith in Jesus or lessen the meanings of his words about his beliefs?

Rap541 said...

Terry, well, first, I would really like to see Jeremy say something about his religion other than "Jesus. I love Jesus.Glory to God." These are indeed nice things to say but since this is all Jeremy says, it strongly suggests that much like "I'm in life" and "I need to get Zach out of his comfort zone", they're just words Jeremy learned to repeat because he got praised for saying them.

Second, I know the Matt fans don't like it when Jeremy is held to his stated words in the Roloff book "Little People Big Values" but the big boy is on record saying he doesn't drink or do drugs as it does not please God. With respect, where in the Bible does it say "until you're legal" and why did we have to canonize 16 year old Jeremy for his pledge to be dry (even though he openly admited drinking vodka and almost burning down a barn while drunk at the same age) but also have to stand by with "God bless the boy jer-bear for living life and sucking up the suds?"

Third, aside from "Jesus. Pray for me. Thank you jesus!" (and that Thank you jesus! was carefully excised and yes indeedy Matt and Amy Roloff have complete control over how they are portrayed and were perfectly fine with Jeremy NEVER saying the words "I love Jesus Christ" on the nationally televised show) what exactly has Jeremy done in this world to show his love and respect for God?

When has Jeremy the adult done anything charitble that had nothing to do with his mommy and daddy making him? Hmm? The big boy has been down in Santa Barbara fr a bit. Has he spent any time doing charitable works there? And he does get some time off. His sister spent a break working for Jesus in Haiti...has Jeremy stepped up? Or has he been praised for tweeting "Jesus. I live for God."?

I tweeted that JUST NOW. I trust, Terry, you will stand up as a Christian and admit my holiness. :)

But you won't. At best, you'll "judge my walk with Jesus" and bring on the hate :) and say how meaningless it is... despite no proof Jeremy does anything more than that. :)

Rap541 said...

Oh and psst Terry, I was called a hater for noting Jer-Bear was boozing up under age.... was it coolio for Jesus that Jeremy got drunk on vodka and almost burned down the barn at 16? When I was called a hater?

And when Mueller, under 21, and Christian, under 19, were boozing up for Jesus! in the Roloff garage last year, well as a man of GOD Terry, do you think they were WALKING WITH JESUS? And do you have a positive opinion of Matt and Amy allowing two underage males do shots in their garage for Jesus? Terry? Come on Terry? Jesus doesn't forbid alcohol so I really you, unlike the other Christians, will have an opinion on the underage drinking :)

Come on Terry :)

Julie said...

I agree. Jeremy is a user. He had no time for fans when he was unemployed playing like an 11 year old barely talking community college classes and now that he thinks he's a big time photographer, now he wants fans to follow him.

Christine said...

Jeremy's "about me" says he is dedicated to his field of work...I think people are feeding is ego a little too much.

Allison said...

I don't like Jeremy's personality and I think he is a jerk in real life, but I have to admit, I think some of his pictures he is posting are very good, but I don't pretend to be an expert.

Rap541 said...

I think some of his pictures are good, I can be fair. Personally I suspect some of his new friends might have wised him up to the reality that calling his fans "creepers" might not put money in his pockets. :)

Remi said...

Rap, ITA.I think that's precisely what happened.

Odd isn't it.

Jeremy, who didn't like computers and doesn't know how to use them and who never had time for fans and was just a normal citizen that didn't want attention supposedly, and kept getting caught insulting fans with his friends....all of sudden has 3 different social media sites and is requesting fans to follow him?

Richard said...

Remi, they refer to fans, not only as creepers, but as "randoms". So now Jeremy is asking for "randoms".

You can find Jeremy's girlfriend Audrey's twitter from his twitter.

If you read back, Miss 'Living to Bring to Jesus into the Lives of everyone' Audrey complains that she has her Twitter private because "randoms" are reading her tweets.

She turned it to public because she was annoyed that her friends couldn't retweet her Bible quotes because she had it private.

When my life on earth is over and I meet Jesus, I will introduce myself as just a plain ole random. There's so much love behind that term.

Santa Barbara resident said...

Jeremy Roloff also has a P-interest account.


It's mostly just him reblogging pictures he likes.

Carol said...

Rap, I hope you aren't suggesting that Jeremy (and Matt) weren't lying when they used to say that outdoorsy Jeremy simply didn't know how to use a computer.

Jeremy wouldn't lie! He is living every day with the knowledge that God is watching. Coram Deo after all!

Rap541 said...

Oh Carol, you know I'm a hatefilled monster. Of course I think they were lying with the "Jeremy is out loving nature and God in the woods... his hiking and need to play and play, he's such a boy and as a 21 year old boy, its cruel and horrifying to expect a wee little boy his age to do anything other than play" obnoxiousness.

Jeremy uses computers. He tweets. He has a facebook, and he's had a facebook for some time. He's not ignorant about how computers and social networking work - at least in the sense that he can do these things. Frankly, after the myspace incident, you'd have thought he would have figured out how to NOT POST pictures of himself drinking or throwing the family cat... but here's the thing.

What is Jeremy doing for the lord? Other than saying "Coram Deo"? I dont see anyone bringing up any examples of Jeremy *doing* anything Christian that involves any sort of selfless behavior.

Oh and funny... the "Jesus doesn't forbid beer!" crowd has nothing to say about how Jeremy proclaimed he did not drink as it did not please God. Also nothing to say about Jeremy's vodka incident, or the fans who were openly derided as liars for saying Jeremy was drinking beer in Europe... Seems to me that a lot of the Christian crowd rightiously pointed fingers and declared everyone who said it was true was lying on this sweet Christian non drinker.... At the time, it was *very much* not cool for anyone to question Jeremy's godly abstinence. Funny how now the Christian crowd is rightiously pointing fingers with "Jesus doesn't mind drinking!!!"

Also its highly amusing how these Christians have nothing to say about the photos of underage Mueller and very under age Christian doing shots of whisky in the Roloffs garage. Jesus ok with that, folks? I know the law isn't cool with underage kids being served... but if I have learned anything from the Christian fans of the Roloffs... if the Roloffs do it, someone will twist themselves in a knot to say its ok... or all the proud rightious fans will shut up *like that*.

Lisa said...

Rap, Jeremy went to Haiti to help the children there.

Why do you assume that you know every thing Jeremy does in his private life?

Porcupine Pie said...

There's lots of Bible verses referencing drunkenness. I'm pretty sure Jeremy & Co. drink to get drunk, not because they like the taste. Yes, I did the same when I was that age. But I also didn't profess to be a Christian then. Underage drinking is against the law, not a good way to glorify Jesus.
I know he is of age now, but there was plenty of it going on when he was younger.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the Roloff's are "Carnal Christians". Lots of wine bottles in the Roloff kitchen, oh maybe they're for Amy's fabulous meals! :D

Rap541 said...

Lisa - Jeremy went on a luxary cruise with his mommy and got a pay check for his tv show for his day on Haiti. How exactly is that selfless... and would he have gone if a luxary cruise hadn't been his lil treat?

I'm perfectly open to hearing about Jeremy's charity work that wasn't initiated by his mommy or his daddy ie: he decided to do it all on his own and it didn't involve his getting a nice expensive treat in return.

He's an adult now... almost 22. Old enough to do something nice without a personal payday.

Rap541 said...

Btw Lisa - you've been vocally Christian... care to offer any thoughts on the not Roloff kids drinking whisky underage in the Roloff garage? Does Jesus bless that? And as a Christian, do you believe the people who were called liars publically for daring to say they saw Jeremy drinking alcohol in Europe were completely deserving of the namecalling?

Porcupine Pie said...

He went to Haiti to party and have fun on the free cruise! Isn't there a post about that somewhere?

Rap541 said...

Hey here's an example.

Let's admit. He shows a great talent. Anyone that says he doesn't, is speaking out of bias and hatred.

So to be clear, if one does not agree that Jeremy shows great talent, they are prejudiced liar full of hatred.

How Christian! :)

Judy, thanks for the lesson on hating again. Btw as a Christian, what's YOUR opinion of the underaged drinking at the Roloff home?

Oh right, you bravely shut your mouth and refuse to answer whenever this gets brought up. But when the time comes to say anyone not praising Jeremy to the skies is a lying hater, well, there you are, proud little Christian soldier rightiously pointing your fingers :)

Let Jeremy abuse a cat? "Lets let God judge, not us". Jeremy not hearing "attaboy" and look Judy's there judging like a proud lil judger as usual.

Judy care to explain your flip flops on judging? Why is judging your god given right when you do it, but the rest of us have to hush an dleave the judging to God? :)

Lisa said...

You wanted an example of Jeremy doing something for others and you were given one. The Roloffs didn't need to visit Orphans in Haiti. A lot of other people on the ship spent the time on the beach. The Roloffs? Flying to help the less fortunate and bring some awareness to their plight.

That's not the only thing Jeremy has done. As said, you don't know what he does in his private life and he has no obligation to make it public. If Jeremy were to say "this is what I do", you and others would say he was wanting praise for it.

As for drinking, the Roloffs never said they were perfect. They certainly aren't accountable for what Mueller does or doesn't do.

Are you saying everyone that had a taste of alcohol before the age of 21 cannot possibly be a Christian?

I see a lot of people making assumptions and conjecture. Jeremy, who is 21, likes to have a beer when he gets together with friends. Why are people trying to turn that into him getting rip-roaring drunk?

David said...

Rap, in addition to knowing how to turn on a computer, as I scroll though his tweets, it's amazing that he seems very adept at using a variety of websites, You Tube and Vimeo.

Amazing for a guy that professed to not know how to use computers and was too busy for the internet.

Christy T said...

One of Jeremy's tweet. This sounds like smug Jeremy. He walked through an airport laughing at people? Was Jesus laughing with him?

"Most hilarious day of travel in a long time. Just walking through the airport laughing, alone. Too much #funnyolworldaintit"

Kelly said...

People used to say Jeremy was a snob and why wouldn't he let his fans see his pictures to be nice and why not if he had nothing to hide?

Now he is letting people see and he's being criticized as trying to use people.

Rap541 said...

Lisa - so in fairness,you don't have any examples of Jeremy as an adult doing something for charity where it didn't involve a free vacation or his getting paid to be on camera for his tv show, correct?

You do understand he got a paycheck and a free seven day cruise on that little jaunt to "help the children", correct?

I actually agree that if Jeremy has chosen to do some charity work and wants it private, thats certainly his right... but your arguement is this. "You don't know what he's doing, he doesn't have to tell you, but you have to acknowledge that he IS doing charity work even though you are not allowed any details and no proof that its actually happening". See the problem? No, I imagine you don't so let me spell it out.

You don't get to act affronted that people are questioning the party line of "Jeremy does tons of charitable work" when there's no evidence he as an adult chooses to do so without monetary or other gifts as inducements. If Jeremy wants that side of his life kept private, the downside is that he's not going to get genuine praise for it.

And you might want to check into the law (the one the Roloffs aren't perfect about) As cutesy cool as it makes Amy and the Big MR to condone the whisky shots in the garage (do your kids "act not perfect with the Roloff kids? Its just a law, and you're Christian so you can just break them, right?) the reality is that Matt and Amy are on the hook for the kiddies drinking underage ON THEIR PROPERTY. See, if 18 year old Christian or soon to be driving Levi drink up at the Roloffs, and drives off while Matt and Amy are heehawing with you over how other people's kids aren't their problem, and smears himself on the highway... Guess what? The judge ain't going to care that the minor drinking alcohol in the Roloffs garage wasn't a Roloff kid.

Lisa - why so black and white? I'm saying people got called liars by Christians for saying Jeremy got into the beer before he was of age. You're agreeing its true. Did those people deserve to be called liars?

And if Jeremy was as an underage young man being lauded as a FINE Christian because of his vow to not drink, as established in a book written by his parents (are they all lying?) then why is drinking ok now and why wasn't it ok then... you know, when people were called liars and haters for accurately stating that Jeremy was drinking underage.

My concern with alcohol is that the Christians here have magically flipflopped. I'm a liar for saying Jeremy was drinking underage even though its true, and I am a hater for pointing out he's not following his own stated beliefs now that he's too old to get into trouble.

Btw I certainly haven't said he was riproaring drunk...

Rap541 said...

Btw Lisa do you agree that anyone who doesn't agree that Jeremy "shows a great talent" is a liar and biased?

BeckyM said...

I wish Jeremy well. Hopefully, he can grow and mature as all young people do.

All I caution him to do is be respectful of all people and realize that being on a reality television show does not translate into talent or continued success in life.

Timothy said...

Rap, with Jeremy obviously making a play to be a professional photographer and has reached out in the first phase of it, I can't help but wonder how long before Matt takes control?

Jeremy has never done anything on his own. Will Matt start promoting Jeremy's photography sites or will Jeremy tell Matt to stay out of it and succeed or fail on his own for once?

Allen said...

Look at any photography student's website and Jeremy's. No difference.

Rap541 said...

Well, sarcasm aside, I geniunely wonder what sort of career Jeremy is preparing for at Brooks and if he *can* succeed without Matt's help. And if Matt and Jeremy agree on what "Jeremy being successful" will look like.

I don't think I'm being unfair when I say that Matt seems to equate making money with success. And I am also not being unfair when I say photographers aren't known for making money hand over fist, even the succesful ones. So I wonder how this will shake out. But we may never know...

One problem I think Jeremy might have a problem with is that eventually he's going to need to step up as a man and speak for himself. A working professional adult can't defer any and all questions and criticisms to his mommy and daddy, not if he wants to be taken seriously. Again, no sarcasm here... My feelings on Jeremy's talent aside, no one is going to take him seriously as a man or a professionalif he always has to defer to Daddy. I have no need to see Jer-Bear's twitter or facebook (he's neither that interesting nor that articulate) but if Matt decides for him that he can't speak online without Matt's permission, it will be difficult for anyone to take him seriously. He's a grown man in theory. If he lets his Daddy control his every word, at his age, then he deserves to hear what a little dependant boy he still is.

And Matt needs to hear how he as a father, isn't helping his adult boy be a man by controlling him like a little boy. So I hope for Jeremy's sake that Matt lets some of the control go.

Rap541 said...

Psst Allen, you realize you are full of hatred and bias, right? It's been declared by a *Christian* that anyone who doesn't see Jeremy's shining talent is a hater who won't admit the truth. :)

Any opinion other than "Jeremy is wonderful in all ways" is wrong. Anyone making such an opinion is always wrong and a lying hater lying and hating about the obvious.

Ain't that right, Christian crowd?

Jeremy and the Roloffs aren't perfect but any criticism is wrong and a lie by a hater? Lisa? You're here telling us the Roloffs aren't perfect... Do you think Allen has a right to his opinion of Jeremy's owrk ir is he, per Judy B's *judgement* a lying hater? I'd like the Christians opinions since they're always so entertaining :)

Lindsey said...

Rap, I fail to see your logic about Jeremy needing to speak.

He is a photographer. He wants to be judged on his work.

He does not need to answer fan questions about how he was edited on a television show, his relationship status, what people think he said when he was 17, or his opinion on alcohol and the Bible.

If people have questions about his photographs; I am sure Jer will speak for himself. But all those other subjects? Jeremy has no obligation to talk about those, if that's what you're referring to.

Rap541 said...

Lindsay, if Jeremy as a man doesn't want to answer fan questions etc, then as a man he needs to say "Fans, I do not want to answer". Right now, the poor precious widdle boy is as usual, hiding behind his mommy and daddy. Matt speaks for him.

And I get why, so *Jeremy* isn't on the hook as the guy who doesn't want to bother with the fans. I mean, that's not really going to help his rep. So when it comes up, *Jeremy* is never responsible for his inability to stand up for himself. Per his fans, its unfair to say "Jeremy refuses to speak on these topics" because well, Matt and Amy are his mommy and daddy and they speak for him since he's not old enough.

If he's man enough to make the decision he doesn't want to answer questions, then enough with excusing him with "But he's a boy and Matt speaks for the family". Let the big boy speak for himself.

Oh right... that would involve him not being a blameless infant boy. Best let the little tyke be a boy for a few more years, right?

Lindsey said...

Rap, I don't know what you are talking about.

Jeremy is a photographer with a photography site. Anyone that has respect, will focus on his photography.

He does want to be taken seriously as a photographer. That's why he lists himself as a photographer and not "Jeremy from Little People, Big World".

Rap541 said...

Well, in fairness, Lindsay, you'll note that I have not actually gone to Jeremy's facebook photography and pestered with salient questions about LPBW. However, he's listing himself as a *public figure*, Lindsay.

Do you think Jeremy is already so famous as a photographer that he qualifies as a *public figure* on facebook for that? Thats a serious question btw, because you're suggesting he's not using his fame from being on a reality show to advance himself in a different field... when he clearly is.

If as a man, he doesn't want to answer questions about LPBW, thats certainly his right, but he needs to be held responsible for it. Every time we hear "But Matt speaks for the family" - thats an example of Jeremy as an adult ceding his adult responsibility to his daddy. Its not his fault he won't answer fan questions, Daddy won't let him. He's not the one saying "I don't want to interact with fans". And that lets him off the hook. Its mommy and daddy's fault.

Btw I love the "respect" issue. He's a *public figure* and he's clearly using his fame from the show but any fan who dares ask him anything about the show is *disrespecting him*. Because its sooooo awful for the poor little dear to be asked about the very thing that grants him special status. ;)

Does Jeremy as a man let people know upfront on his photography website that he, Jeremy Roloff, feels any non photography questions are disrespectful to him and he makes the decision to not answer them? Does he want his tv show fans to know he considers their questions disrespectful?

Johnny Reb said...

I don't see anything particularly special about Jeremy's photographs.

And another thing: personally I don't need to hear Jeremy bleating on about god because I find it tedious and boring and quite frankly I don't give a damn which god he prays to because they're pretty much all the same.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, are you Lisa the ARCF board member, the blonde arguing with Gail in the golf club episode?

Dana said...

Anon, that comment is not necessary. What do you know about photography?

Did you forget that Sam said Jeremy showed tremendous talent for a photography.

That episode was about two or more years old. Jeremy was just starting out and despite what you say, his pictures in that episode were impressive.

His photo sites shows that God has guided Jeremy in the right direction. He continues to get even better, learn and take great photographs whether you appreciate them or not.

For all you people that are attributing Jeremy's beautiful photographs to auto functions on a camera, why don't you show us your pictures that compare to Jeremy's quality?

Anon Ph said...

Dana, what do you know about photography?

Judy B said...

Very nice tweet by Jeremy tonight.

"God often uses our friends, like a trail of bread crumbs, to lead us back to Him

Brandon said...

Wow, what a surprise.

Jeremy suddenly decides to become Mr. Online Interactive and friendly with fans just as he's ready to introduce online ordering of his pictures....

"Jeremy, are you planning to sell your prints? Would you consider selling signed prints?"

"Yes Sir. I would love to do that. I should have my website up and running very soon! It will be fitted with online ordering. I will let ya'll know when. Thanks for the inquire:)"

Kayla said...

Brandon, no, it's not surprising. He's only using people.

Carol said...

Jeremy selling his pictures with online ordering will show just how ridiculous fandom can be.

Do people have that much money to waste? Some of his pictures are o.k, but to actually buy? Are you kidding me?

Lynn C said...

What's wrong with Jeremy have a website to sell his pictures? He's not forcing any of you to buy them.

Jason said...

He's taking pictures of birds? While he was reading at the beach?

I wonder if Jeremy will put up the pictures of the birds that he and Mueller stomped on?

Marcia Williams said...

Good for Jeremy for showing some business sense that Matt must have taught him.

Getting a website going where he can sell his photographs to LPBW fans is a smart idea.

Rap541 said...

Judy B - Funny how you praise that and won't comment on your own hate filled remarks that drive people away from Christianity. :)

You know, how if we don't agree with you on Jeremy's talent, we're all liars and haters, in Jesus's name you say? :)

For the love of Jesus and Jeremy, HATE, huh Judy B? Thats what being Christian is.

And anyone who doesn't agree with Judy B is a hater going straight to hell.

Psst - that was a retweet btw, Judy B - Jeremy was repeating someone else's tweet.

To keep things on topic, I notice no one has any examples of Jeremy doing "charity work" as an adult that didn't involve him getting a paycheck or an free trip.

Melissa said...

See the picture Jeremy posted on twitter of the "studio" he build in his apartment? By the looks of the design around the room, it looks like a lavish apartment compared to the little studio apartment they showed first.

Lark said...

LPBW was a ridiculous show. The entire family is as pompous and self-righteous as you can get. I can't stand religious people or hypocrites that pretend to be. If I ever met Jeremy, there's a pretty good chance I'd think he is a complete moron.

But dammit, he does show budding talent. The topics are a bit goofy, but the composition of the photos is really pretty good for a beginner. Good viewpoints and backgrounds. Could use a bit more depth, but still pretty good.

Brandon said...

Lark, I don't see it.

I don't think Jeremy's pictures are awful, but I don't see a big difference between Jeremy and any other photographer hopeful that shells out (or has their parents) big money on a nifty camera.

Emma said...

Whether he's using the fans or not, I don't care. I'm also not gonna question his sudden and random interest in social networking.

But I am going to say that I personally think he's a great beginning photographer. So far, I'll say he has an eye for it. With more experience, he'll have some really breath taking shots. Nicely done, Jeremy. I want to see more of your work.

Christine said...

Well, Jeremy is using fans. Lets call a spade a spade.

His sudden interest in public social networking does deserve to be questioned.

Nancy V said...

I'm reading Jeremy's twitter and Instagram.

I don't think Jeremy really understands what his church teaches about relationships. John Mark Comer is very conservative.

Jeremy seems to be appear in a lot of settings where he is shirtless snuggling up against girls that are not his girlfriend.

Greg said...

Nice to see that Mr. Acceptance is friends with non-rich kids...oh wait.

Knowing the price of places in Santa Barbara, how much do you think Jeremy's "home" is costing him and his friends? Complete with a large swimming pool and hot tub.

Arlene said...


I've been reading some of your posts. I don't understand. Why are you criticizing Jeremy?

He is very vocal about his love for Jesus. He doesn't hide it. He wants people to know. Jeremy included the hashtag #ThankYouJesus with his post about loving to have a place to come home to and good friends.

I don't see him trying to conceal anything about his faith.

He doesn't need to go everywhere and slam God down everyone's throats that aren't interested in having a relationship with Jesus.

But on Jeremy's own accounts, he's not shy about sharing his love for Jesus.


Rap541 said...

Arlene, how long has Jeremy allowed people to see his *personal accounts*? The facebook he established on what, last sunday, is a public figure facebook.

Jeremy has been on television on a reality show depicting his real lifefor what... six years? I can think of ONE occurence of Jeremy said something religious and it was in one of the specials. I'm told that during season 2,3,4 and 5, the cameras were there 10 months out of 12, for 16 hour days 5-6 days a week. If Jesus is such an important part of his life... why did it NEVER come up?

And please don't whine about TLC controlling things. Matt and Amy had final say on how the family was depicted.

Since the point of this article is that is a very very new thing that Jeremy Jesus is deigning to be on line and interact with fans (although its already been noted by the more hard core Jeremy fans that although he's using his status on LPBW to be a public figure on facebook, its classless and rude to ask Jeremy about anything but his photography. In fairness, I don't ascribe those views to Jeremy himself... but I don't see him denying it either - and since we know this blog is read very carefully in the Roloff home, yeah, hard to believe he doesn't know) so really, its not like has a lengthy history of any profession of love for Jesus.

Don't get me wrong, btw. I am sure Jeremy is a hard core Christian... I am also sure that if the questions get tougher than "Do you love Jesus, Jeremy?".... suddenly the poor little boy will be needing his privacy.

But I'll ask here, since we know the Roloff family reads here.

Jeremy? Do you think homosexuals can and should be cured by prayer, and are going to hell as long as they do not accept your views?

That goes for the rest of the reading Roloffs as well. I doubt anyone aside from their always anonymous friends and employees will respond.

Standing up and saying what you believe in is hard. Thats why, while I don't agree with Kirk Cameron, I have respect for him. He's willing to take the heat. Is Jeremy? SO far when tough questions come up... Daddy speaks for his little boy.

Keith said...

All of Jeremy's pictures can be done with photoshop...

Dana said...

No, they can't Keith. Why must you demean Jeremy's talent with such an ignorant comment?

Melissa said...

Jeremy is not very active with those fan pages. Just saying.

Spirits was right. He's not tweeting fans. At least not since Spirits posted this.

Anonymous said...

Melissa, try tweeting him on how much he'll sell his photos are. If money is involved, I'm sure he'll tweet to a fan.

Ashley said...

Yeah, it's hard not to notice that on his fan page at Facebook, about the only person Jeremy has replied to was a guy asking Jeremy if he would sell his photos.

Cynthia said...

Jeremy is so arrogant and smug.

I can almost picture him laughing in the one or two posts he makes to fans.

He has no respect for fans, only sees them as a dollar sign and something to be used. He doesn't value fans as real people.

Carrie said...

Cynthia, I'm feeling the same way.

The other thing I notice about Jeremy from his twitter account?

He ignores all fans, although he asks them to follow him, except he replies to a couple only if they tell him he inspires them with by his saying he is Christian.

That's the other thing. Most of his tweets are to his friends. In my opinion if I had to estimate? 98% of his friends are vocal Christians.

For someone that doesn't have to work a real job under the guise of "diversity" Jeremy doesn't seem very diverse at all.

Michelle said...

FYI, the camera Jeremy is using, Canon 5D Mark III costs over $3500 for the body only.

You'd think the jerk would be a little more appreciative of fans that he can afford to spend that much on a camera, or that his parents can afford to buy it for him.

Christa said...

Michelle, you took the words out of my mouth. I totally agree.

Christine said...

Jeremy takes a picture of his messy coffee cup stain.....and people actually tell him it's creative and cool.

~sigh~ Sucking up gone too far. No wonder why Jeremy is so arrogant.

Justin said...

Yeah. Seriously people need to get real and stop kissing Jeremy's butt.

Jeremy takes a picture of a coffee stain.

"Oh Jeremy! That's so talented! Can I buy it!!! God bless you!"

Pam said...

I hate to show my age, but it seems that these days any idiot with a camera thinks they're creative and talented. How I get SO tired of seeing my daughter's friends posting their pictures all over Facebook, then commenting to each other how "amazing" it all is.

Real photography talent can take an amazing picture with a crappy camera. It's about talent, not about who can afford equipment that does all the work FOR YOU.

These silly types of people with no ACTUAL TALENT are a dime a dozen, and this untalented man-child won't last very long in pro photography.

Set Abominae said...

Jeremy isn't that talented as a photographer but his fans refuse to admit it.

If you really want to see the work of highly skilled photographers who didn't have ultra high end digital cameras that did all the work for them stroll on over to http://www.f1-photo.com/ and you'll see a sixtyfife year photo archive of Formula One racing's greatest moments along with some of the most amazing photos of F1 cars in competiton.

Just remember that all of those photos were taken by cameramen who specialized in what they were doing along with having an innate gift for being able to capture the true essence of their subject and did it all while using very complicated cameras which used film and required great patience to use correctly.

The compare those photos to the generic digitally assited photos Jeremy takes and you'll see he's not that good.

Chris Linton said...

OMG! I'm beside myself! Say it ain't so??? The irony! HAHAHAHA.

Jeremy! Posted a picture on his Instagram! Jerbear and his girl Auds are talking about it!

OMG! They're implying they don't take trespassing seriously! In fact, Miss Aud flat out told Jerbear it's a "sign with no significance!"

And you know what? I think Jerbear agrees with her and is being sarcastic about how a No Trespassing sign "makes all the difference".

Don't worry Jeremy fans.

I've done my civic duty and alerted these 2 servants of God that there is a family in Helvetia that is really uptight and known to sue trespassers! They will even claim to suffer "emotional distress" that only $200,000 will make better!

I wouldn't want these 2 spreaders of Jesus' love to get tangled up with stick in the muds like that family that sues for trespassing!

Check it out my friends! Check it out!


Jeremy's comment "Favorite sign"

Audrey's comment "Means nothing"

They've taken the disrespect for No trespassing signs to twitter too!!!

Jeremy "Favorite sign"

Aud "signs that have zero significance.."

Jeremy @Aud "..but make all the difference.

Aud @Jeremy "hopin fences"

I ain't spreading no lies.

Boys and girls, I seriously think Mr. Jerbear and Miss Audrey while they living for Jesus, they think it's funny to ignore no trespassing signs!


They think it's a joke while certain unnamed individuals within the same family sue over it and think it's the most serious thing that destroys lives!

Please tell me this isn't another example of the Roloffs not demonstrating the same respect to people as they want shown to them?

Rap541 said...

Gosh, I trust Matt and Amy have a talk with Jeremy since No Trespassing signs mean a great deal to them and Jeremy "hopping fences"* could lead to Jeremy *shattering* the homeowners whose rights he violates by trespassing.

But yes Chris, I am sure that Matt and Amy won't say a word since Jer-Bear Baby is a Roloff and a BOY and its cutesy cute boyish fun when he goes past a no trespassing sign and not a HORRIFIC VIOLATION and I am sure if he gets caught, Matt and Amy will be at his side, loudly noting how the silly whiny homeowner needs to build a bridge and get over it as it was nothing but their boy blessing them with his boyish lawbreaking!

*(I'm correcting his spelling, feel free to argue "hopin fences" means "I respect the property of others)

Btw who wants to bet the "boys" crossed many a fence with a no trespassing sign while playing Fugitive? Funny... I bet Matt and Amy never said a word other than "glad you had fun, boys, walk with Christ and trespass for coram deo!"

Ashley said...

Did you see the picture Matt posted of Jeremy and his "new friends in Santa Barbara"?

I wonder what Audrey thinks of Jeremy all pressed up in a pool against a bunch of girls?

Greg said...

Looking at Jeremy's friends in that picture?

Didn't some people get upset when it was said that maybe Jeremy isn't diverse in his choice of friends?

I've seen some of them on his twitter, (since 99% of his twitter @ posts are to his friends).

They are all white, appear to be hardcore Christians and come from wealthy families.


Dana said...

Chris, you should NOT be communicating with Jeremy. You certainly should not be communicating with his girlfriend. Leave them alone and let them be.

Chris and Rap, you're both ridiculous. You cannot compare Jeremy and Audrey making jokes about trespassing signs with the Washington County case.

The Roloffs have not sued a normal trespasser. Matt and Amy have not sued people like Jeremy or Audrey.

The filed the lawsuit because it was a government official trespassing onto their property to perform inspections when he shouldn't have been there in the first place without permission. Big difference between that and the jokes Jeremy and his girlfriend were making.

I also must add that from all that I've seen from Audrey from the links that have been posted here, Jeremy made a fantastic choice in a girlfriend.

God comes first for Audrey. She seems like a wonderful girl of Christ. I wish them both well.

Greg, shame on you. You're implying ludicrous things by a harmless picture of Jeremy swimming with friends. You should be ashamed.

Rap541 said...

So Dana, are you speaking for the Roloffs? Because I will be blunt... having read the court documents, Matt and Amy just don't like trespassers and have told people like Jeremy and Audrey (by which I assume you mean young people with nothing on their minds but goofing around) to get off their posted property.

I think its very telling, Dana, that you're protesting its a different standard. Let me explain Dana. Wheeler was investigating a complaint. I don't think you're going to like the end result of the court case in the slightest, but if you bothered to look at the court documents, you'd see that the county recieved a valid complaint about the ark.

WHen Jeremy and Audrey are "hopping fences" they are just willfully ignoring signs and violating the privacy of others because well, they want to. Wheeler can honestly say "well, I had a complaint and I wanted to make sure this boat was set up so that people didn't get killed". WHat can Jeremy and Audrey say? "We're Christian HAHA screw you"?

I'm also geniunely disturbed that you think its appropriate for someone in Jeremy's situation, with two parents shattered emotionally by trespass, to show his empathy by mocking the idea of respecting signs. If Jeremy takes his parents pain with such meanspirited humor, why are we all supposed to be "Oh dear God, the Roloffs were violated and will NEVER be the same!!"?

I mean, when their boy - not a man, Jeremy's never a man responsible for his words and actions - when their boy is openly mocking the very thing that is so important to the Roloffs that they are (in theory) willing to stand up in court about it?

Some empathy that boy has.

Rap541 said...

Oh, and whether or not he's still intellectually, and emotionally a little boy, Jeremy is a 22 year old legally competant adult who engages in public social media. He is due no more privacy or hands off treatment than anyone else, and if Chris wants to talk to him, Chris has every right to, until *Jeremy* and not you, or Jeremy's parents or Jeremy's staff, tell Chris to shut up.

If Jeremy wants to make bragging snotty remarks about how little trespassing signs mean to him, he's an adult and he can defend himself. With respect, its saying stupid things like this that is exactly why I have said its not a good idea for the big *boy* to be on line.

BeckyM said...

ROFLMAO! So the "kids" (who are now over 21 and have signed a contract with TLC) get free vacations and a paycheck, use their fame to sell products, yet, we are supposed to give them privacy??

Dana you are such a RIOT!

I'll give them their privacy when they stop the reality ho stroll.

Set Abominae said...


Don't be too surprised by Jeremy's lack of an inclusive circle of friends, after all stupid people tend to congregate together.

Kaitlynn said...

I like the tweet someone made about Jacob Roloff today. I like Jacob, but he "blocked" me because I followed him when his twitter was public.

Someone tweeted this:
@JacobRoloff45 doesn't accept Follows from fans but accepted from @sexytimephuck who tweets "I wanna f*ck you with my dick" #disappointing


Look at it. Jacob Roloff is in his followers.

@sexytimephuck = MotherF*ckerJones

An example of the tweets (I put the * in)

Hey if u f*cking steal....... I'll f*ck u up With my dick

I wanna f*ck u in your tits #FunDay

Nigga I'll wake up when I'm f*cking ready, now I'm ready nigga sheet get off my sack

Beaaaaaaatch, I'll text u when IM f*cking ready!!!


This is who Jacob follows on twitter and accepts Follows from.

But if you're a fan that liked him, he will shun you.

That sucks. But maybe this means it's better that I don't follow him if this is the type of person he thinks is cool.

Christine said...

Kaitlyn, it looks like Jake is following in his idol's footsteps (Jeremy and Mueller).

I agree, if you still are in the stage where you're fooled into thinking the Roloffs are nice people that would be cool to know, it's a bit of a slap in the face when you realize they totally ignore or insult you for being a fan, but then you see the people that they are friends with and like...and most of those people seem like really horrible people.

The same thing happened back in the day with Jeremy's friends. They were complete pricks. It says a lot about the Roloffs themselves.

And interesting to see "Nigga" still floating around the Roloff circle.

Mark said...

Jeremy and his friends are sick f*cks!

They are always posting pictures of themselves smashing small animals to death.

Seriously what the hell is wrong with them? Funny? It's future serial killer stuff to me!

Ashley said...

It really is true what people say about Jeremy finding Rich or "Privileged" friend.

Honestly, I didn't want to be ignorant so I tried to do my own little investigation from what is public. It's very easy to see from looking at his public twitter who he is friends with at Brooks.

I went to his friends websites or pages and read their bios.

I think it is fair to say they all come from very wealthy and privileged families.

I was just looking at one of his friends websites that Jeremy has been using in Instagram photos.

She has a website about her photography. She does Weddings, etc.

She says her price begins at $3500 for a Wedding. Then she has a Frequent Asked Question of "Why do you charge so little"

I just did some research and it seems that most wedding photographers cost between $1500 - $2500.

The fact that Jeremy's friend charges $3500 and apparently thinks that is cheap tells me a little about her background.

Hillary said...

Ashley, most people that attend Brooks Institute of Photography come from very wealthy families or else they wouldn't be able to afford an expensive photography school and the cost of living in Santa Barbara. It's a very expensive city to live in.

I'm not at all surprised to see the crowd that Jeremy is apart of.

Charlie said...

Ashley, a lot of what Jeremy likes to do requires either money or a lot of free time. That means not spending hours working at a job to pay for it school and living expenses.

Jeremy is a spoiled rich brat. He was in Hillsboro and he's that in Santa Barbara.

A leopard doesn't change his spots.

Dana said...

Ashley, why are you attacking Jeremy's friends?

I know, because they are Christian, they actually know Jeremy and are proud to be his friend.

Why do you attack these people?

Rap541 said...

Where is everyone, led by Rap, to eat crow? Remember the foolishness about Jeremy supposedly hiding his love of Christ?

Per Matt's sworn to God , hand on the blessed Bible, Dana, he has complete control over how Jeremy is depicted.

Why, in Jesus's name, Dana, have you attacked me, for speaking the truth?

Dana - I expect you to have an opinion how Matt controls erverything and therefore had no issue with his blessed jesus loving, bible quoting, proud to hate gays Christian son was never not once shown getting up every morning and falling on his knees to give glory to Christ... as you've insisted happens and "TLC doesn't allow it".

Please eat that plate of crow, Dana, before you get on your high horse, and while we're at it, explain to everyone how you attacking me was you living Coram Deo and acting as Christ would... and remember when you answer, that indeed... Matt, not TLC, had complete control.

Dana said...

Rap, you are, as usual, taking words out of context.

They were in court, being questioned about their control over their privacy as it pertains to the show.

I interpret Matt answering that he has the ultimate say, not the way you are attempting to twist it, that he is the one and only editor on the show.

But as the same as Matt and Amy have been saying for years. They have the ability to say no. No filming in Molly's bedroom, no filming on this day.

Rap, you still have crow to eat. You have been saying for years that Jeremy hides his love of Christ.

At the same time you're saying that, others are criticizing and mocking Jeremy for being vocal about spreading his love of Christ on this twitter account or for the Coram Deo saying on his fan page.

Jeremy does make his devotion to Jesus known.

Rap541 said...

He does, Dana. Its not TLC hiding Jeremy's daily fall to his knees :)

And why have you attacked me for speaking the truth? Did Jesus tell you that you had the right? :)

TLC is not the one making the decisions about what gets depicted... the Roloffs hide their faith. Including Jer-Bear, who btw is hardly acting like a good Christian when he's teeheeing over how amusing it is to violate the property rights of others but I am sure, that you, Dana, will insist he's just loving Jesus and being a boy on an adventure whenever he "fence hops for Christ" and anyone who has a problem with that HATES him, right?

Don't apologize for judging others, Dana - you're a Christian and we all expect you to act like a rude bitch :) Judging is hating, unless you're a Christian and then LET THE HATE AND JUDGEMENT COME! IN THE NAME OF JESUS AND MATT ROLOFF, FOR THE LOVE OF JEREMY, DANA HAS THE RIGHT TO JUDGE AND HATE!

DId your pastor tell you that? As he was telling you that the Roloffs were forced by TLC to hide their religion, as you've often insisted?

And you do understand, Dana, TLC ain't stopping Matt from proudly standing up and saying "I believe, per my Christian faith, that homosexuality is wrong". Matt has the final say on that! :)

And FYI - per the court documents, the Roloffs do NOT want "tolerance" for their differences - they want *appreciation*. Since you're railed how tolerance doesn't mean like, you do understand Matt and Amy wanting appreciation for dwarfs does indeed change the whole dynamic, right?

No, you're not going to get it. :) This is going to be fun :)

Dana said...

I addressed the issue. It simply went over your head and you don't get it.

It is right there in the documents, Matt said and in what context.

It also doesn't escape me that you avoid acknowledging that while you're attempting to say that Jeremy hides his love of Christ, that you completely ignore the point that while you're making a fool out of yourself by suggesting Jeremy is hiding that fact, that others are commenting on how Jeremy "talks so much" about Jesus and "quotes the Bible" on his twitter account.

Guess he's not doing a very good job of "hiding" his love of Jesus if people are criticizing him for his love of Jesus. You were wrong again and don't have the character to admit you were wrong about Jeremy.

Rap541 said...

Dana - he was on a tv show for six years that his parents controlled and he never once said on camera that he was a Christian. :)

Why is that?

I don't think *Jeremy* is hiding the Roloff... I think Matt is. I think the show is a lot more saleable to the public if Jeremy's not bible quoting. I merely point out Dana, nothing is stopping Matt from saying, on the show, how he and Jeremy feel about homosexuality.

And frankly, I don't see anyone criticizing Jeremy for being Christian. I see people criticizing him for attending a church that preaches intolerance (btw Matt says he's all about appreciating differences, not tolerating, *appreciating* - do you think Jeremy's beloved John Mark Comer *appreciates* homosexuals).

Jeremy, at 22, has had years now to stand up for himself. So far we've got nothing but vague "Jesus. Faith. Coram Deo" comments, no "I'm Jeremy Roloff and I believe Jesus Christ is Lord". Frankly, I think the moment Jeremy's faith demands more of him than getting his back patted for saying "Jesus!", we'll see a whole new Jeremy. We certainly aren't seeing a Jeremy who walks the walk.

Vic Rattlehead said...

For the love of god Dana why is it that you can't see the obvious and realize that Jeremy is a spoiled brat who mocks the very god he professes to love so much with every single life choice he makes?

It's pretty clear that Jeremy isn't a "stand up christian" and he obviously doesn't understand what true christianity is about because his mind had been contaminated with all of the solid rock ultra fundie hate everyone who is different from you group thought.

It's pretty clear form years of evidence that Jeremy is a spoiled brat who only cares about himself and wouldn't spit on you if you were on fire.

Austin said...

Let me guess, Chick-Fil-a is Jeremy's favorite place to eat? Religious bigots unite?

Megan said...

It's interesting to observe Jeremy's twitter or instagram. It says a lot about him. Watch who he ignores and who he comments to.

If they're not one of his friends (if they are you can bet they are either pretty or very outwardly Christian) and if they aren't a personal friend, it's usually a pretty girl with lines about how much she loves God.

Chris Linton said...

Oh no, Jeremy is becoming sloppy again.

Look at his Twitter friends. One of his long time female friends from Oregon that he and Mueller always hung out with.


What????? Christian Jeremy hangs out with people that post pictures that say Champions Smoke Weed?

What does mean??? Jer is a pothead??? No NO NO! I'm sure in all the years of hanging out together it was never present when Saintly Jeremy was with her and he counselled her to stop doing drugs! Yeah that's it!

Zee to the Z said...

Good one Chris.

Amanda, Jer and Mueller also spent a lot of time together when Jeremy was going to PCC.

Jeremy got outed a few times on Myspace too because of Amanda, she used to answer quiz questions publicly?

Who were you hanging out with last night? Jeremy and Jacob (Mueller)

When was the last time you got high? Last night

How many of your friends smoke weed? Duh. All of them.

Brandon said...

Hehe, Jeremy twitting his ultra right wing, uber conservative Pastor that Jeremy's anonymous defenders attempt to say that Jeremy vehemently disagrees with on important life and cultural issues. oops.

Ashley said...

According to Jeremy's twitter, he sold or is selling...

1. The truck Mike gave him.
2. The blue VW bus.
3. The 2nd BMW he bought.

Is he buying something more expensive or is there a reason why he's unloading most of his vehicles?

Will Matt and Amy ever make him pay for things himself?

Timothy said...

Jeremy on twitter talking about Satan being real and Christians rising up...

Would love for him to say that on tv.

Brandon said...

Jeremy Instagrammed that yesterday was his and Audrey's 16 month anniversary...

That means the "real and raw" reality show that is Little People, Big World has not once hinted to the viewing audience that Jeremy has a girlfriend.

This must be the worst reality show in history. The reality show that reveals nothing personal about the participants.

I kind of hope Jeremy and Audrey get married....that would kind of put TLC in a pickle! How would they explain a wedding when they haven't even hinted that Audrey exists?

Nadia said...

Jeremy posting or re-posting quotes like "If you want to be unique, then interrupt your schedule and help someone." - @Jamiegeorge24 just now at Journey Church.

That's rich. Haha.
Yeah, because Jeremy's life is all about helping others. HAHAHAHAHA.

Dana said...

Will people like Rap here, ever give Jeremy credit for being so thoughtful as to remember his deceased uncle and Matt's brother's favorite football team on a day when they are in the Super Bowl.

That was very unselfish. Nadia, Jeremy just proved you wrong.

Rap541 said...

I'm sorry, Dana, I didn't realize acknowledging someone other than himself was unusual for Jeremy. Way to go, Jer, you're finally starting to see you're not the center of the world. Man, out of thirty posts in the last thirty days, two are about your family! And none are about Daddy Matt!

Dana, do you know what "Catfish" is? And should we all derive deep religious meaning from who Jeremy thinks has a nice beard?

More seriously, Dana, really, most people who have families occasionally acknowledge them fondly. I did so the other night - are you going to hold me up as a shining light for Jesus? Or is it just Jeremy who has so little to praise that needs yet another boot up onto the pedestal.

Hey Dana, ANY thoughts at all on the photos of Jeremy holding dead animals? Or will you sing his praises for a mild acknowledgement of his family and AS ALWAYS sit in Christian silence over the big boy smirking to the camera and Jesus with one of the Lord's birds dead in his hands? :)

Rap541 said...

Btw Dana, when are *you* gonna eat crow and admit that Matt and Amy aren't about "tolerating others with differences" but in fact want people with differences to be *appreciated*?

I mean, your point about tolerating gays was that by not spitting or hitting them, but insisting they are going to hell and namecalling, that Jeremy was "tolerating" homosexuals. But Matt and Amy want people with differences *appreciated* not merely *tolerated*.

Dana - explain to us why Matt and Amy want appreciation but somehow allow Jeremy to mock homos? You do understand that if we all got on our knees and pretended to be little people, that its certainly not *appreciating* them by mocking them, right? Why are you ok with Jeremy mocking people who are different than he when his *parents* publically insist people with differences should be appreciated and not merely tolerated? Eat some crow Dana - choke down every bite, or insist Jesus wants Jeremy to mock gays as a moral good.

tml said...

“However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do you if you do not act on upon them?”

Lynn C said...

From Jeremy's facebook page:

"So. Today I present my portfolio for lower division here at Brooks. Stoked!"

Thanks all! Into upper division I go!

Sounds like Jeremy is doing quite well considering that some people are always doubting his talent.

Rap541 said...


Kyle, Lynn is picking a fight... I trust you have something to say to her about her behavior.

Second, oh Lynn....

When you demand Jeremy be constantly overpraised, you do understand that you're actually opening him up for criticism right?

So Lynn - explain how Jeremy is more accomplished than any other photography student at Brooks. Come on. Explain it.

And when you explain it, please do remember that what he's describing is not an exemplary talented student being pushed forward, but the average track that a regular, average student is on at Brooks. (and in fact, despite his "exemplary" two years at community college where he didn't get an associates degree in the normal time, his current progress at Brooks indicates he entered as a pure freshman with no credits transfered from community college)

So he is two years into his three year degree at his for profit school. My question would be this - how many students don't pass into upper division because their portfolios aren't good enough... and how many leave school because they run out of money?

I also wonder what Jeremy's plans are. He's only got one more year of his extended childhood. I wonder if in any of the upcoming specials, we're going to see Matt sit Jeremy down with a milkshake and ask him how his hobby is going to be monetized... and what the answer will be.

Of course, that assumes Jeremy's a big enough boy to handle such a conversation. :)

To sum up Lynn, he's 23 in a few days and he's never held a job where his daddy wasn't his boss, and he's attending a school where as long as the checks clear, you pass. It's Matt and Amy's money so if they want to spend it like that why not.

So here's thoughts for you. Is Jeremy MORE accomplished than any other young man in college? How many of his classmates are heading into upper division with him? Is Jeremy better than them? Who IS better than Jeremy? Why is it suddenly important to you that Jeremy be acknowledged as a scholar when it was much more important, when he was failing in high school, for Jeremy to be out in the woods communing with God and nature? Funny when Molly was getting As (and getting a scholarship to college, and not needing two years in community college to get herself up to speed) she was derided as not sporty enough, not like Jeremy enough.

So what has he accomplished that impresses you so much? I'm asking for details, Lynn. You've been singing Jeremy's praises as a scholar, a nature lover, a Jesus lover, an abstainer from drugs and alcohol, as Matt's right hand man, always at Matt's side, always smiling and saying "Yes sir father sir", .... since we know this isn;t an accurate view of Jeremy, what has he done that has you so enamored?

Vic Rattlehead said...

Lynn C;

Low rent for profit schools like Brooks tend to grade on a fairly flat bell curve that has more to do with tuition checks clearing than with the quality of assigned work or projects.

If Jeremy was studying photography in the arts programs there at Berkeley or UCLA it might be more impressive that he's swimming up from beaver scout (Freshman) to cub scout (Junior) level but at an "institution" like brooks it's not.

Timothy said...

Oh my....the hypocrisy. I..am...dying.

Are they completely unable to look at their own behavior?.

The most recent tweet from Jeremy's girlfriend Audrey.

"May we #be an inclusive people with an exclusive gospel"

Inclusive people? Keep in mind, this is from the young woman who refers to people as "randoms" and "creepers" and appears to have little time or care for anyone who is not in her circle.

I guess the exclusive part is right though, given the "pray the gay away" theme of her Church.

Connie said...

Lazy , dumb ass. LOL Photography school.....might as well be University of Phoenix.....

Abby said...

According to Amy's twitter, Jeremy is home for the weekend (again! He goes home A LOT) and hangs out in the "Farm House".

The "farm house" is basically Jeremy's hang out house? Or is the "farm house" Zach's house?

Jesse D. said...

It's official Jetemy James Roloff has now finish his 3 years at Brooks Institute because Graduation was held on yesterday Saturday April 19, 2014. It's on his twitter with a pic of him standing out side in his cap and gown after the ceremon. Congratulations to you Jeremy I hope you do well with a degree by getting a job and or owning your our own business.

Set Abominae said...

Jesse D:

Too bad for him his degree with only help him get a job stocking shelves at walmart for $8/h.

Jesse D said...

Matt Roloff announce oh his Facebook page on Thursday May 1, 2014 that Zach ask Torri to marry him and she said yes, congratulations Zach on your engagement to Tori. My God Bless all of you and your family and future in laws.