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Roloff Family Complaints About Lack Of Privacy On Social Media Sites - Rap's Roundtable

Frequent contributor Rap541, in this edition of Rap's Roundtable (you are welcome to comment and express your own thoughts on the topic) decided to tackle the issue of the Roloffs privacy on the internet or more specifically, the Roloffs and their friends complaining about the issue.


You know, I was thumbing thru a twitter account that someone pointed out to me
https://twitter.com/#!/illusion_spirit because it was someone vehemently protesting about other people on Twitter talking about Jeremy and Jacob Roloff. [Some people have noted the similarities between Illusion_Spirits arguments and that of close Roloff family friend and former LPBW producer Chris Cardamone on a fake Jacob Roloff Facebook Fan page].

While I have my suspicion about who this person is - the writing and opinions are such that its clearly one of the inner circle, the same who post here quite a bit, the  actual identity isn’t really important. Oh and Inner Circle? Please don’t whine in a series of anonymous comments how paranoid that view is - the cat’s out of the bag and Jeremy’s taking pictures while Mueller throws it - The Roloffs pay so much attention to this blog that there’s legal proof. Matt can lie all he wants, but there’s proof he and his buddies pay a *great deal of attention* to this site. No, the interesting things are many fold.

First, far be for me to make an assumption about the Roloffs but am I the only one who finds it odd that the claws of defense *never* come out from the anonymous posters and twitterers when it is Zach Roloff being lambasted and hated on? I’ve noticed that for a while, actually, that I can call Zach an immature whining baby who has been pampered and cosseted to the point that he’s actually embarrassing to watch… and the “don’t be hating” crowd that clearly are Roloff associates don’t say boo. And it isn’t just me - head on over to Television Without Pity - everything about Zach, including some things that I seriously don’t think can be helped - namely things caused by achondroplasia - are routinely and openly mocked. With utterly no protest. I’ve always found that odd and interesting in what it says about the Roloffs, their inner circle, and their often vehement fan base.

Second, this Illusion_Spirit on Twitter (the name is amusing isn’t it? Not subtle at all) really has a bug up his or her ass over the issue of privacy. Frankly the constant harping on privacy is a major clue. I’m going to be really up front here. Some people have a really strange idea of what privacy is and how you maintain privacy, particularly when you‘re on a tv show. I include the Roloffs, their buddies, etc in this group based on their behavior.

Look, I’m not unreasonable. If LPBW had lasted one season, I would find Matt and Amy’s attitude that the kids shouldn’t change how they live a lot more palatable… and a lot more realistic. But here’s the reality. The show lasted for six seasons. There’s still reruns on various cable channels. There may even be more specials? So things I found amusingly quaint in season one - like the Roloffs telling people on TLC’s forums to not try to attend the Faith Bible soccer games or the league games because “the children need to live their lives normally” start to become laughable. You put your home on tv, and you display it as party time fun land, and you encourage people to come and spend money at your pumpkin farm… and then you wonder why people drive up your road looking for you in the off season? Really? I find it hard to believe that it never ever dawned on anyone in the Roloff circle that if the show was popular that people would be increasingly interested in them.

Then we have Jeremy on Myspace. I don’t intend to rehash the facts there because the issue here is privacy and to a lesser extent parenting, not What Jeremy Said. The issue today is, in part “is typing the name of someone you’ve seen on a reality tv into a social media search engine really a violation of their right to privacy?”

The answer btw is no. Ever see the show Fame? I’m dating myself a bit. It starts with a lovely woman telling her class of students this: “You want fame? Well, fame *costs* and right here is where you start paying.”

Fame costs. Fame has a price. There’s an upside, money, people cheering your every move on, and a downside, fans pestering you with questions and yes, people looking you up on line. The Roloffs early on tended to take a similar stance to their position on fans attending the kids soccer games - leave the kids alone to be kids and everyone try to pretend that these kids aren’t on a candid reality show.

Now, this is perhaps where the Roloff arrogance started to shine through for me and all to see. See, if you spend the time looking through the TLC forums about LPBW, you can find people warning Matt in 2006 that they were looking up the kids on social media sites and finding them using objectionable language. Lest anyone play the “but Matt and Amy can’t know everything that’s said about them on online forums” card - Matt responded to these people. He responded with excuses for the most part, and more calls to remember that the kids were kids and not celebrities.

My point? The Roloffs were duly warned that people were using social media sites to look for and interact with them and their children. Matt and Amy, and their staffers, can play innocent and naïve all they want - the reality and facts are that they knew something was going on and didn’t do anything until after it blew up. Fame costs. When you put yourself and your children on tv, you absolutely lose some privacy. When you’re famous, it’s much harder to be an anonymous face in the crowd. That’s one of the prices you pay. And with all due respect, the Roloffs aren’t exactly loath to interact with the public as long as there’s a pay off - money, publicity, more contacts. For all the vaunted complaining about people driving up to the farm and taking pictures… If you call ahead and pay three hundred dollars, Matt and Amy will give you a grand tour of their so very private property (per court documents, Matt and Amy consider their driveway as private as their bedroom) and let you take pictures of their private fiefdom. Including that driveway that’s as personal and private as their bedroom.

On a slight aside, I’ve always found it rather disappointing from a parenting standpoint, and frankly from a career standpoint, that Matt and Amy Roloff never seriously stepped down on the kids for the "creeper" remarks and the "randoms" remarks. The internet NEVER forgets. Zach in 2006 was online calling fans dumb idiots for wanting his picture and Jeremy was saying fans suck the unsuckable… If this was a one time occurrence that never happened again, again, I’m not unreasonable. Most people aren’t unreasonable, and they can understand a 15 year old lashing out. But folks, its six years later and Zach and Jeremy, and Molly and Jake are still whining and moaning about “creepers” and “randoms” (the Roloff kids and their friends often refer to fans of their TV show as creepers and randoms) and really? Matt? Amy? Staffer friends who coddle these adult children? (Only Jake qualifies as a child and at 15 he’s old enough for Mommy and Daddy to have explained name calling is wrong) Could someone remind these precious little ones where the money came for the expensive trips and expensive toys and the extended childhood? Because yes, it does look a wee bit ungrateful for the “kids” to continue whining in forums that aren’t private. Particularly since Mom and Dad Roloff have always had the power to remove the family from the public and intentionally chose not to.

Oh and with the possibility of new specials coming, Molly Jo? Guess what? You, just like Zach and Jeremy are now an adult and you choose to expose yourself on tv so yeah willingly putting yourself on tv and then whining about “creepers” is going to have *consequences* especially if you do it on line since nothing on the Internet is private.

Oh, and another thing, Matt, Amy, staffers, Roloff kids? Enough with the “we’re just quaint lil people down on the farm who ain’t got no ideas about how the internets work!” schtick. The farmer routine is cute for the show, but no one really believes that none of you know anything about being on line. It’s also kind of offensive how you equate being a farmer with being a naïve person who doesn’t understand the intricacies of the modern world but that’s a different article. And after six years of being on tv, its also well… difficult to believe you still insist you’re not celebrities.

Now this Illusion_Spirit seems to have a problem with people wanting to see Jake Roloff’s Twitter. Now first, really, are so many people demanding to see Jake Roloff’s Twitter? For the record, no, I’m not wanting to see it and frankly doubt very much that there‘s a horde of people wanting it either. I don’t need or want that access and I doubt any good would come of it. Much like the other Roloff kiddies, I think it’s unlikely that Jake has anything worthwhile to say, and will likely only manage to say something embarrassing that will get repeated again and again. That’s why I have always felt it was bad for the Roloffs to interact online. They’re celebrities, and the Internet never forgets celebrity missteps.

And really, the whining point seems to be that Jake and Jeremy (not Zach, no one seems to care there) can’t have their Twitters public without snoopy fans wanting to chat with them. I’m told (hard to believe but yes indeed, Rap541 rarely hangs around Twitter at all) that at one point Jake’s Twitter was open to the public. And apparently Jake was complaining that fans were "following" him and he intended to block any fans who followed him. This is what started the “Jake is ungrateful” talk concerning Twitter. So Jacob Roloff doesn’t like it when he sets himself up on a public Twitter account and “randoms” and “creepers” type in Jacob Roloff and find him.

Back in December, Jacob Roloff on his then public twitter account (notice the absence of Twitter's "locked" private symbol) made this tweet hashtagging Spiritswander. This tweet was actually discovered by people simply searching for the word "Spiritswander" on Twitter.

Boo hoo. No, needless to say my heart isn’t exactly bleeding for the kid. First, because one of his gripes is that he can’t retweet his little friends comments because if they have curse words. Yeah, bummer. The grim irony is that this early fame (and all of its benefits and curses) is probably preventing Jacob from “Pulling a Jeremy” with his buddies on line…. Since you know, his parents could care less what he’s doing on line. Second, because its not the fault of the creepers and randoms that Jacob is famous. Sorry, Jake, but it’s not. You know why everyone wants to look you up? Its not because you’re that special, it’s because you’re famous from being on a tv show. And who put you on that tv show? Me? The creepers? Or your mom and dad? By the way, the answer is choice three.

And the internets never forget and the only way to keep something private on the internet is to NOT PUT IT ON THE INTERNET. Folks, this may shock you, but in my misspent youth, I took any number of goofy pictures of myself making obscene gestures, committing acts of vandalism, having some boy suck tequila out of my bellybutton… but since I choose to not put the actual photos online, I can always play innocent. Nothing you put on line is private and as soon as it’s out there… it’s out there. In fact, Roloff kids, let me give you a piece of advice.

If you think it might be misinterpreted, don’t post it. If you think its funny but it might offend, don’t post it. No matter how private you think your Facebook is set, if you have anyone other than yourself allowed to see your embarrassing photos of yourself throwing cats, then *everyone* can see it. Let me explain. 

Let’s take the cat tossing photos as an example. Somebody posted those on a social media website. That someone was either a Roloff or a close member of the inner circle. The photos circulating among people on line. At some point, the photos were sent to Spiritswander. The fact is, the way the internet works, those photos might have been under super secret lock down in a Roloff face book and your friends clicked and linked and their friends clicked and linked and three hours later, everyone knows. No one has ANY guarantees of privacy on line. And no, it’s not stalking and it’s not hacking. It’s just not *private*. You’re cussing or posting a photo of yourself doing something dumb, or you make an off color remark, and your friends see it and repeat it to their friends and someone thinks it’s funny, and three hours later Mueller and Jeremy are the stars of a cat abuse rant on Oh No They Didn't. It’s just not private on line and I tire of the Roloffs acting like special little snowflakes on the topic. Nothing on line is private. Your friends talk and reprint and retweet and send copies of the things you say on your “private” social media sites because they don’t have their settings private or they just aren’t concerned.

Here’s an example that was sent to me in preparation for this article. Many thanks to Chris Linton for allowing me to reprint this.

He (Chris Linton )had posted on a Jeremy Roloff facebook discussion page once (not an official page). That's where he think he got noticed. Then Mark must have noticed Linton. Mark, was "security" and utlitity help for TLC during the LPBW glory days of travel budgets when for their New Orleans trip. Maybe Mark misunderstood Chris Linton's sarcasm or just liked Chris' profile picture. Anyway, Mark sent Chris Linton a Friend request. Chris saying that he is a nice guy, accepted. Thus they were Facebook friends.

After a while, Mark tags his friends, the Roloffs, in pictures and posts them. Mark also commented on the Roloff pictures and Chris Linton would sometimes see those . When Mark re-posted paparazzi pictures of the Roloffs in Hawaii, Jeremy commented and that's when Chris Linton commented to Jeremy something harmless.

Mark got on his knees and kissed Jeremy's toes, apologizing for Chris Linton posting to Jeremy (he wasn't even rude, he said that it looked like to him that Jeremy knew the paparazzi cameras were shooting him) and Jeremy said that was ridiculous remark to make. So Mark, feeling that Jeremy might get upset, sucked up to Jeremy, told Jeremy he was very sorry for Chris' comment and would delete Chris Linton as a FB friend and then did delete him.

The point of all that, was it's an example of how Chris Linton was minding his own business, he was not "Stalking" or "hacking" and all of a sudden Roloff pictures and comments come into his Facebook news feed. Why can't he blab about what he saw?"

See? It’s that simple for something “private” to get out. And when you’re famous tv stars, this kind of thing happens more often than you might think and by the time it circulates once or twice, someone you may not even like is seeing it. Your privacy isn’t being violated because you’re the one putting out the unfortunate language or pictures. This is true even if you aren’t celebrities… and you are, kids. Why do you think “randoms” seek you out on line? Because Roloffs are just so awesome? Or because Mommy and Daddy Roloff sold your childhood out?

Boo frakking hoo. Fame costs. This is how you pay. Now I am sympathetic to a point in that Jake isn’t the one who made the decision and he is the one to pay the piper, and less sympathetic to Jeremy who is an adult and who made the adult decision to choose fame. Likewise Zach (who no one cares about) and Molly, who is now freshly on the firing line. Yes, the unpleasant downside of all the free trips and owning three cars and living in a restyled mansion, being indulged with expensive hobby equipment and never having to work, is that “creepers” and “randoms” want to get to know you and think, based on how you’re portrayed on a reality show, that you’re cool and interesting.

Now the point is often made that it’s a shame that Jake has to keep his Twitter private in order to protect himself from fans wanting to read his tweets and talk to him. [I'm told from experienced Twitter users, that people like Jacob and Jeremy's girlfriend Audrey, don't like having their twitter private because it prevents everyone from retweeting their posts and if Jake tweets Will Ferrell, he may not see it and can't retweet Jacob even if he wanted]. Well… Fame costs. This is Jake paying. Does the blame lie with the overzealous fans? Nope. Not really. Sorry but Jake’s internet privacy woes, and his *fame* are the direct result of the adults in his life. That means his parents and the producers who plastered his face, his name, his address, and his every private moment all over the world. I didn’t make this choice. His parents did and the producers of the show were complicit in the decision.

 Let me give you an example. Matt *chooses* to tell us how he was called “Shrimpy” as a ten year old and how his father’s seemingly cold response “Well, you are” helped him accept himself. That’s all fine and good, that he feels comfortable sharing a possibly embarrassing moment…. But that isn’t the choice Jake gets. Jake is not allowed the choice to say “I don’t want to have episodes air and dvds sold where I cry and Dad calls me a sissy man” Jake doesn’t get the choice because his parents made the decision for him that he was going to be “Jake Roloff of Little People Big World”. That’s fame for you, and fame costs. This is what Mom and Dad Roloff wanted for their kids, the reality of the money, the trips, and all the goodies, is that you have fans who are always watching and you will always need to be careful of how you present yourself.

That means if Jake wants to curse like a sailor on line, he’s going to have to keep it under wraps on a private twitter/facebook etc. The clock can’t be turned back, and thanks to the show, if ANY of the Roloff kids mess up badly, they will be on the future’s equivalent of TMZ as a “reality show kid gone bad”. That’s the price of fame. This is what Matt and Amy and the producers of LPBW chose for their kids, a life in the public eye. They consistently seek more television exposure, despite red flags like kids failing in school. They both consistently say they have no regrets.

No regrets.

So if their parents have no regrets about their lack of privacy, I really don’t see why my heart should be bleeding over the fact that Jacob Roloff lacks the privacy his buddies have to be an ignorant, mouthy teen. Jake? Jeremy? (not Zach or Molly, no one cares there) And you staffers and insiders who run to buck up these poor little ones? Guess what? No one is stopping you from having a public twitter or a public face book or a public foursquare or a (insert whatever new social media site comes up). No one. You don’t like it that the fans want to be your friends? Tell them so. If you feel you can’t do that without there being *consequences*, well guess what? Fame *costs* and right here is where you start paying. And when the creepers and randoms have got you down, please point your anger at the right people, your mom and dad who sold your privacy out and who consistently say they have no regrets about it.

Roloff kids? Boo hoo you can’t openly mock the fans of the show that buys you fun trips and a ton of treats without *risking* all those trips and treats… Don’t be grateful, continue whining to the staff. The staff will run out and anonymously blame the fans for violating your privacy by looking you up the same way they look up their school buddies and the same way you look up famous people you watch… But it’s never going to change. This is the price you pay for fame.

The creepers and randoms? They didn’t sell your privacy out. Your friends on the crew and the staff who puff you up and defend you anonymously (Ever notice its a rare Roloff insider who gives up their privacy to defend what Matt and Amy have no regrets over?) wanted to make money off your privacy and you know what? They did. And your mom and dad who whine incessantly about their privacy and who only share their childhood moments when they want to? Made money selling *your* childhood moments and your privacy and they have no regrets.

Fame costs. Its easy for Matt and Amy to have no regrets when they aren’t asked to pay in quite the same way as their kids. After a while though, this little game of “We’re not famous but we are! Don’t treat us special but do treat us with kid gloves and never ever forget that we want all the privileges of fame and NONE of the problems!” nonsense gets old. The bell has been run and it can’t be unrung. You’re famous now. That’s what Mom and Dad Roloff wanted. If you want to complain about your inability to be anonymous, complain to Mom and Dad.


Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Hi Rap!

There are some inconsistencies in the inner circle that I don't understand, and I'd like your help and the help of the anonymous defenders of the faith as well.

While It appears some of the inner cirle's twtter accounts were 'private' for some time, supposedly to keep creepers and randoms from wanting to be friends and actually trying to talk to them (EEK!), how can they with any conscience propose to witness to the Lord and be so arduent about spreading his word? It would appear that the people wanting to talk to and interact with these private people are the VERY ones who would and should be witnessed to, no? It's disappointing to hear and see an often-followed member of the inner circle joke about how a random actually attempted to talk to her.

It's also strange to me, that people who have been recorded as judging others with disparaging labels and condescending remarks have the nerve to demand they NOT be judged themselves? How much is true and how much in window dressing, lip service, give it a name. Well, I believe I will. I'm going to name these actions as being a "Christian of Convenience". How's that? With this, you don't have to actually help and witness to people, you simply have to talk about it. You don't have to offer your own interpretations of bible passages to serve as applied action assistance to randoms and creepers, you simply have to re-quote them. In context, out of context, it doesn't matter. How convenient. It's far less convenient to use your own true (?) actions, words, expressions of help and sincerity than a convenient re-quote that by itself has no true (?) meaning at all coming from you. You can do waorks of charity, like spending a few hours in Haiti, after debarking from the largest cruise ship in the world. How convenient. Thoughts?

I do find the "we were not knowledgeable of the internet" despite Matt's former work as a software salesman? Hmmmm maybe SAP America had it right ranking him 53rd out of 53 or 54th out of 54 (I can't remember) Solution Engineers. You can't defend both.

I will patiently wait for the middle of May, when the Roloffs will once again attempt to defend or diffuse theior 'privacy. Stay tuned.

Abby said...

They're frigging TV stars for many years. They need to realize that people are going to talk about them. Their friends, their friends of friends, strangers, everyone.

How about they focus on their own character and being a good person?

Then they wouldn't have so much to hide.

BeckyM said...

Here's the real reality: no one really cares about this family anymore. Their days of having things become private again (despite THEIR infamous pimping and reality-ho mongering) is soon approaching.

Really....? How many people in this wide world is googling these folks, care about specials, would go out of their way to buy a ticket to see them etc...? It's due to LOW RATINGS that their show was cancelled! The public has already spoken!

If these posts by Chris C. are truly by him he's a died in the wool whackadoodle. As a producer he should be keeping a low profile and working on his next project not engaging fans and non-fans into some twitter war. But maybe him and the Roloffs hope to spin some more fame by getting the Twitter wars going -it's giving Kate Gosselin an extra 15 seconds of reality ho fame.

But then again, TLC is home to plenty of whackadoodles including a Gosselin producer who had child porn and is under investigation and a reality star who is a criminal. So I guess Chris C. is just part of the big happy TLC family of nutcases.

Don't worry Chris C. and Roloff family, I won't be following you on twitter, I won't be asking for your autography, I won't be taking your photo, I won't be buying Amy's cookbook, I won't be attending your talks about diversity, and I won't be visiting on Pumpkin day.

I'll just occasionally mock you on Spiritswander as the fools you are. You make it soooo much fun how can I resist?

BTW did you know you can set your Twitter account to PRIVATE? Why not do that you idiots? Why not set your facebook to private? Why not? Because how would anyone see on you on the REALITY-HO-STROLL?????

Need attention much?

Rap541 said...

Abby, exactly. I've described exactly how offending pictures and comments are "getting out" and it has nothing to do with anyone hacking into a Roloff's private facebook or private accounts in any way. Every other day it seems like we hear about some celeb saying something dumb on twitter or online... Only the Roloffs take the position that anyone who dares to type in their name in a search engine is raping their privacy.

Frankly the Roloffs love playing the victim on the issue of privacy, and thats why I wrote this article. And I'm especially tired of the staffer/inner circle finger pointing at the fans. If Matt and Amy weren't whoring their family for money, no one would really care whether their kids have public twitters or not.

Rap541 said...

Podge, I'll be honest - the religion issue is a different one, in my opinion.

Yes, I do think the Roloffs in general are Christians of convienence. I think as it pertains to the ongoing privacy complaints, that I find it amusing that out of all the things that slip out on the internet, Jeremy witnessing never ever comes up. Likewise, Jeremy, who the staffers and inner circle insists starts every morning by getting up and getting down on his knees to humble himself and give glory to Christ and who ends every night, on his knees giving glory to Christ... has never ever been spotted in public doing something for charity that wasn't arranged by his parents with a TLC camera there to capture the moment. But when that's pointed out, the escuse seems to be:

"Jeremy has the right to *privacy*! He's doing all kinds of things for the Glory of God but he has every right to be private about it! But you can't say he's not because he is! But he doesn't have to tell you! You *have to* acknowledge that he's a shining light for Christ! But you have NO RIGHT to know what he does for the Glory of Christ! But you have to always give him credit for it!

I mean really, if he wants to be private, sure. But... much like how I don't get public credit for charity work that I don't talk about... Jeremy has the same problem I do when I mention it. Namely, I get accused of lying and told to provide proof. (and folks, its happened here if you look thru the threads) So, to me, it all comes back to the double standard -Jeremy doesn't have to provide any proof of his charitable acts, and the rest of us do.

My issue with the whole "random" thing is that I'm tired of the reality that no one is allowed to say "Hey kids, thats rude," and no one in the Roloff clan (and remember we're talking about FIVE adults and a teenager old enough to have manners) has the courtesy to say to friends "Don't say that about people who are fans, they're why I have all the toys and the money to do x, y, and z."

I've never ever heard of a member of the Roloff family ever getting caught *being courtous* in that fashion. They never correct their friends about the randoms and creepers. The "kids" are all old enough to understand the money angle, and the publicity angle and apparently Jeremy the Golden Boy doesn't have the inner steel to say to his girlfriend Audrey or his boyfriend Mueller "That's rude, don't call fans names."

Heck, even a "Hey, don't say that - it gets me into trouble" would be a Roloff showing some awareness that they are in the public eye. That none of them ever correct themselves or correct their friends - and their friends are making public not being stalked to get comments - is indicative of the attitude they actually have towards fans.

*And hordes of staff who will run to say how grateful the Roloffs are to their fans.... show me the kids, Jeremy, Zach, Molly and Jake saying they are grateful to the fans. Not some anon, not Matt and Amy on their facebooks.

Kyle said...

Don't they understand without an interest in them, they're nobodies in the world of tv entertainment? They should be pleased some people care enough. Smart and safe about it of course but pleased.

Timothy said...

Podge, I totally agree with you about Christian of Convenience.

You hit the nail on the head. Thank you.

Jeremy and his girl friends do it all the time. It's hard to believe can be so think-headed.

They post and post and post and post about how they're a servant of Christ.

One of Jeremy's girl friends even has the tag line "Loved the unloved".

I guess in their mind a random isn't worthy of Jesus' love? They reduce people to name calling and a disrespectful name like "Randoms"? I think that "Random" might be a person, with a name, feelings and maybe even in the need of Christ's love?

How come these "Servants of Christ" who say their goal in life to spread His word, don't take that opportunity to be...kind? Set an example.

Now I've done it. Because now I'm judging them and how dare I judge their walk with God! Just sit back and stay silent as they are condescending towards "randoms" while believing they are giving up their own wishes to give Glory to God.

Lynn C said...

Rap, how do you know that Jeremy has never told his friends not to insult fans?

I am well aware that many years ago on Myspace Jeremy joined in with his friends and said some unkind things about a fan from Puerto Rico, but you're making a large assumption if you think that in the years since, Jeremy has never told his friends not to name call his fans.

How are we to know?

Nancy V said...

If they don't want attention then GO AWAY! Stop clinging to their fame.

Once again Matt says they're doing MORE shows!

You're not private citizens. Get over it Roloffs.

Rap, the ~kids~ don't have any manners. They never learned any and certainly weren't taught any by Matt or Amy.

Peter said...

@PodgeRodge, I honestly believe some of the Roloffs friends you're talking about have the maturity of 7 year old girls.

I'm not joking. I honestly believe they think having "faith in God" and writing the words "I live for Jesus, Jesus take my life over!" means they will be rewarded by getting what they want and that is having a cute boy be their boyfriend.

If they pay lip service enough, God will put a cute boy in their lives. Therefore, they have no obligation to be anything but rude to the creepers and randoms that dare to talk to them.

Melanie said...

Instead of blaming Spiritswander, Jacob should blame Matt and Amy.

Their the ones that try to market Jacob as a little Christian darling that doesn't like curse words.

Susan Coles said...

Rap, good article. I enjoyed it.

I only slightly disagree with you or at slightly disagree with the focus.

You said it a bit in your response to Abby, but that's the point that matters to me.

It's about right and wrong. Being a good person. The emphasis should not be on how well they can hide their nastiness.

I agree that they shouldn't post nastiness online or offensive pictures, but the reason is because it the behavior is wrong. Not because they should be smarter and not get caught.

I do agree with you that this lesson is preventing Jacob from doing a 'Jeremy' online.

Leigh said...

From Jacob's tweet that Spirits included here, I guess Matt must have told Jacob not to swear on twitter.

David said...

Rap, well said.

However, we can't expect Matt and Amy to come down on the Jeremy, Zach, Molly, Jacob and their friends for their name calling and unkind remarks when they do it themselves.

You've listed all of Matt's insults that he uses on Facebook in the past, including calling pumpkin customers cheap douchebag bastards with his Greek Deli buddy Pondo.

Rap541 said...

Lynn - Audrey is going on about "randoms" on twitter - point me to Jeremy on twitter telling her to stop it.

Lynn - with all due respect, why, if he actually has a problem with it, wouldn't he say so where the people being dissed - the "randoms" and "creepers" - can see that Jeremy does indeed dislike the name calling?

Let me explain if it isn't clear. You're suggesting Jeremy *privately* tells his friends not to do this... yeah, well, it continues to go on in public. So he's friends with people who disrespect his fans and he's sooooo private, he can't say "Guys, stop it, thats rude" in public...where the people he's theoretically defending can see him?

We're not talking cutting people out of his life, or even, jeez, doing anything more than paying lip service to the idea that he gives a damn about how his friends treat his fans.

Seriously Lynn, the *best* Jeremy can do when his friends call his fans names on public forums is privately chide them... and watch in silence as it continues and never say word one of gratitude to the randoms? That's the best his blessed big old heart can do? Watch in silence and say nothing publically to his friends over their public comments?

Hands on the Bible, Lynn, you think that's the best he can do? You've acknowedged it yourself, he's engaged in fan bashing in public online with nary a "Gosh, I'm sorry"... bless him and his Christian heart for standing up like a man and bullying a fan, huh?

I mean he's a Roloff! Roloffs don't have to be courteous! Roloffs don't have to *not* be hurtful! And Roloffs certainly don't have to be nice people.

Rap541 said...

And in case its not clear Lynn, we know Jeremy has not spoken to his friends because his friends continue to name call fans and complain and he never ever has the inner steel to step and say "you shouldn't do this" in public.

How are "randoms" to know Jeremy is telling his buddies to stop if it never happens where the "randoms" are being cat called?

I mean, he's almost 22. Is it really that difficult to say to *other adult friends* in a public setting "Please stop it"?

Really Lynn?

Rap541 said...

Susan, I understand your point, I really do.

I just don't feel like arguing the "Roloffs aren't nice people" angle because it always ends with the same group of people ranting how we don't *know* the Roloffs. So to a certain point, I don't care whether they consider themselves nice people or not. It's not really the issue here. If they don't want to be nice people simplely because they don't, well, ok. If they want to be rude, be rude... but stop complaining that behavior online has consequences when you've been duly informed, when you've actually ended up in the National Enquirer, and when you've been warned repeatedly that your online comments and postings and twitters aren't private.

Really, the bitching at fans needs to stop on the issue of privacy. It really does. Look at that screen shot Spirit provided. Was the Roloff privacy raped there? Was Jake *hacked* and *spied on*? No, no it wasn't and if the "kids" don't want to mind what they say and do and post on line... I'm real tired of Matt and Amy getting up on the cross how everyone BUT Matt and Amy (the parents) are responsible for protecting the precious Roloff children from their own dumb actions. Matt, Amy? Fame costs. If you're unwilling to parent... don't blame the fans for being offended when your precious little ones get called out as ungrateful or rude. And don't complain about your privacy being violated because the "kids" do something dumb on line and it gets around. It's NOT PRIVATE.

Kaitlynn said...

Hey Jacob, if you're reading I think you're really good looking! And you have cool hair.

Adrianne said...

Jacob is a classic example of a neglected child.

I hate to say "blame the parents", but blame the parents.

I'm certain he would be doing a lot better than he is if he had better parents.

I realize some of what he does is unkind and rude, but I feel sorry for him.

Carrie said...

I try to put myself in their position, but honestly I don't get it. I think the Roloff kids (3 are adults) are simply spoiled and out of touch.

Is it really so awful to have people interested in what you have to say and want to talk you? I mean seriously! All the problems in life and that's something to whine about?

If I could get a free trip to Europe, enough money to have a BMW when I'm 16 or 17 or most importantly, don't have to spend my Friday and Saturday nights working as a waitress, I would GLADLY take the annoyance of having 500 friend requests and messages from people that care about what I think.

If the Roloff kids had ever needed to work a real job, I have no doubt that they would be a lot more appreciative for their situation and would think that the trade out of not needing to work a real job and being able to go on all these world vacations is that people want to be your friend and talk to you.

Sorry Roloff kids, but try to learn a little bit about real life before you start whining.

Michelle said...

I agree with Abby and Rap.

Rap the sentence of yours that I liked the most was this:

"Roloff kids? Boo hoo you can’t openly mock the fans of the show that buys you fun trips and a ton of treats without *risking* all those trips and treats… Don’t be grateful, continue whining to the staff. The staff will run out and anonymously blame the fans for violating your privacy"

Isn't there any concern from Matt or Amy or any of the adult staffers that they have instilled bad qualities in these kids?

Take this IllusionSpirit character. It's obvious it is more important to him that the kids be able to insult and tweet offensive pictures and language and not get caught than it is the fact that good kids don't even do that sort of stuff.

Rap541 said...

Carrie does put it nicely into perspective. Do the Roloff kids pay their own car insurance? We all saw the three adult children gifted with vehicles for their first cars. Does Molly Jo wait tables down at Pondos to pay her car insurance? Or is she free as a bird thanks to the money the show brings in? Money that comes in because of the *randoms* and *creepers*?

Would Molly Jo like to spend the upcoming summer vacation working 40 hours on her feet cashiering at Fred Meyers? Or will she need to be free for filming and *playing*?

Would Amy and Matt like to see Molly Jo "shuck her buns" as Stephen King so eloquently put it, to earn her keep this summer?

Seems like in summers past, lil Miss Princess was a child and got a pass for her childish hurtful behavior. Molly Jo, dearie? You're a big girl this summer, and Daddy and Mommy want more shows and if you agree to be in them, you better lose the attitude on how awful it is that creepers and randoms think you're keen.

Jeremy? Did you *ever* have a grown up job where Daddy wasn't your boss? Hey *big boy who can't man up and tell his friends to show some manners* how did Daddy and Mommy earn the money for your fancy camera? Any idea in your pretty little Golden Boy head on how much work people need to do to score the 7500 dollars you casually whined to mom and dad about on the show that the creepers and randoms you either don't care about or don't have the testiculer fortitude to ask your friends not to insult?

Any idea at all, big *boy*? I say *boy* since the point is made again and again how you're a almost 22 year old child, just one of the kids that Daddy Matt and Mommy Amy still need to speak for.

Rap541 said...

Michele, based on the constant "DO YOU KNOW ME???" refrain from Amy and the "My kids are always awesome no matter what!".... I'm pretty sure the reaction we will see is some complaining from Mommy and Daddy and *possibly* the friends quietly shutting up or changing their verbiage.

We certainly won't see any of these fine Christians, not the Roloffs, not the friends, actually apoligizing for the attitude.

Rap541 said...

Oh and who wants to bet we see some chest thumping from Matt and Amy in the next few weeks on how the fans are you know, stalking the "kids" and "inserting themselves in our private lives". Thats been their go to complaint for some time.

Also, to give you another, non roloff example of how things aren't private....


Anonymous said...

so your saying its alright to stalk some one just because the made money from being on tv

Jocelynn said...

Uh no Anon. That's not what Rap is saying.

The Roloffs are public figures. People look public figures up on the internet. They try to talk to them on the internet.People send public figures messages. They talk about public figures.

Did you even read the article? Chris Linton's experience? People talk about the famous people they meet or know. Chris Linton was viewing Roloff pictures and talking to Jeremy on Facebook? What did Chris do that was wrong???? CHRIS is a stalker because he accepted a Facebook request from someone he didn't know to be nice to a stranger?

I would be shocked if some of Jeremy's new friends of Jeremy and those friends' friends and family aren't telling other people and posting about what they're really like, good or bad.

That's not stalking. It's being treated as a public figure that the Roloffs so desperately are trying to cling to.

Timothy said...

I see the Roloff defenders/staff/friends are coming out in full force with their illogical accusations.

Is this the same Anon that was arguing that Jacob wasn't expelled after Matt and Amy said he was on Facebook and Internet chats held by Amy.

I doubt this person would do it because his whole life seems to be based on being a sidekick and mooching of the Roloffs, but if hypothetically, if Mueller wants to come to this blog and say that Jeremy got wasted at a party or do xyz, that is not stalking? It's someone talking about a celebrity.

Good luck being a celebrity and convincing everyone you meet have their number one goal in their own lives to protect your (phony) image.

Perhaps, like other people have posted here, the Roloffs should work on being authentic and being decent people, then they wouldn't have so much to hide and when people talk about them because they are public figures, there wouldn't be all this stuff for people to say.

David said...

Anyone else notice how the tone is changing from the Roloff circle that rush to defend the Roloffs on here?

Their mantra used to be that people are posting lies about the Roloffs and untruths.

Now the mantra seems to be that the talk about the Roloffs is so truthful that the Roloffs are being "stalked!"

How about it's people willing to talk about celebrities and accurate information?

Leigh said...

Stalking? Ha! How ridiculous.

I would be a lot more sympathetic towards the Roloffs if they had truly made a change in their lives and wanted to be private citizens.

Rap has a fair point, the bell has been rung and can't be undone.

But when the show was cancelled, if the Roloffs had had shut down their fan Facebooks, closed down all their websites and venues that promote them being public figures, like the merchandise store and the tours, and simply faded away, at least you could make the argument (as weak as it might have been) that the Roloffs were trying to make a change in their lives.

They would have still been talked about because people would still be all "Hey I'm hanging out at a bar with Jeremy Roloff from LPBW!"

But they haven't done that! In fact, the minute the show was cancelled, they increased their fan page postings. They tried to sell everything under the sun and tried to promote themselves as public figures even more so to get more celebrity work. Complete with Amy starting her own internet talk show! And Jeremy now starting websites and accounts where he's asking for followers!

And now Matt's saying they're doing more shows!

They are public figures. They want to be public figures. As a celeb, you don't control everything that is known or said about you.

Cindy M said...

Wonderful article Rap. Good advice too.

I agree with Jocelynn and Leigh.

To give an example. I liked that short-lived TLC show Table of 12 with the Hayes family. I'm not a fan of teenagers in general, especially teenage boys and even in all the lies of reality tv, I liked seeing the Hayes two oldest boys (I think they were 14) that actually had manners and cared about someone other than themselves.

I tried to look them up because I was curious to see what they're up to and how they're doing?

Maybe my research skills aren't up to snuff, but I can't find anything.

It's the point you're making, Leigh. I can't find stuff out about them because they don't have a website where they are selling autographed pictures. People can't go to their home for 300 bucks. They aren't spending their days on Fan pages and trying to get more Hollywood deals.

Their show wasn't as popular as LPBW. Just like LPBW wasn't as popular was the Gosselin show. The more famous you are, the more people will talk about you.

The Roloffs, are obviously doing everything in their power, to get as much attention as possible.

Amy's old stance from season 2 interviews that the Roloffs didn't want to be celebrities and would go back to normal life after TV has proven to be a joke. Their lives are all about being a celebrities and wanting to be more and more popular (Amy's jealousy of Jersey Shore and the Kardashians is quite evident).

Well, the more known you are, the more people are going to talk about you.

Rap541 said...

Jocelynn,you've nicely summed it up.

The bell has been rung, Anon. Jake is a tv celeb and that was his parents choice. He's a public figure, someone looking up Jake on facebook or twitter isn't stalking. Someone finding a picture of Jeremy on line and commenting? Not stalking - and folks, it isn't even stalking if you're NOT famous. But Jake is.

Cindy and Leigh are absolutely right. Matt and Amy , for all their professing to want privacy have done everything they can to keep themselves in the public eye and to keep the kids in the public eye. Matt, Amy? If you don't want people knowing Jake's business, hey maybe shut your mouths about how he got kicked out and you need prayers from the fans. (and staffers? Amy brought it up first on her facebook and then Matt *did an interview* about it... I guess *privacy* wasn't that concerning then)

Heck I bet the Hayes twins are on line somewhere... sounds like someone in *that* family realized that hmmm parenting might help the situation and explained the truth. When you're famous, you have to be more careful about what you say. It's a shame that Jake's lessons from his parents and concerned family friends are "You should be able to do what you want but you can't because mean people gonna hate and stalk."

And for the record, Anon of the stalking remark, my advice to the Roloff clan is to be very careful with all on line communication because nothing on line is private and when you're famous, more people are going to look for you online.

Not only is that not "You made money on tv so you deserve to be stalked", its also not "I want all the Roloffs to be online more because I'm a fan and I'm entitled.". (in case its not clear, I have no interest in access to Jake's twitter)

If the Roloffs are geniunely concerned about *privacy*, they'll make changes in how they do things. My guess? They won't.

Paul said...

I realize the Roloffs are out of touch with the real world, but do you know that even if you aren't famous, your social media accounts can come back to haunt you?

Employers and colleges have been known to take a look at people's facebook or twitter accounts before making a decision.

Rap541 said...

Now Paul, don't let common sense enter the arena! :)

Sheena said...

LPBW fan forever! I don't care what any ofyou say.

Anonymous said...

I liked LPBW waaay back when they used to romp around on the farm. Now they seem more like they have the Kate Gosselin Rage. Swollen Heads all of them!!! ( Those swollen heads arent all that attractive either ..actually not attractive swollen or other wise..get over yourselves. Your show has ran its course awhile back!! Kate Gosselin ragers!

X-fan said...

The Roloffs all have ...The Kate Gosselin Rage (her's dont stink attitude) Got News You all stink now..you use to have a cute show waay back when..but now your heads are all swollen..not a pretty sight.

Steven said...

I am not part of the "roloff inner circle" lol and I think everybody sounds extremely irrational. Can you blame parents for entering the public eye to secure the financial futures of themselves and their children? You would have done the same thing. And how could they have possibly seen the repercussions at that time? What evidence do you have that the kids gripe and complain about publicity? That one tweet lol hardly a complaint. And if they do, how can you blame them when the decision to be in the public was not made by them. This is a non-story. Youre seriously reaching.

Rap541 said...

STeven - With respect, Matt now continually insists he never needed the show to support his family. Also, the *children* never recieved their own seperate paychecks until they turned eighteen, and there are no legal protections in Oregon preventing Matt and Amy from using their children for profit.

They may not have seen the repercussions in year one, I completely agree. Its now what, the show began in 2003 and its 2012 and they're still doing specials and bless them, in all this time they are unable to see the repercussions?

Really Steven? Six seasons of a reality show and the Roloffs are still off the hook for seeing any potential repercussions? Really? Why are Matt and Amy always blameless and innocent? Seriously, I want to know - Jake is 15, and he's been on tv for six years because of his parents and his parents are innocent lil babies who still ain't got no idea that whoring the kids has consequences so no one point fingers at them?

Seriously Steven, at what point do the Roloffs ever have to take responsibility for what the Roloffs do? I get it, poor and you mean monetarily poor Matt and Amy had to sell their children's privacy to make ends meet - and they HAD to, they *needed* the money, right? So they whored out the kids and six years later are still doing so, and as *parents* they are unaccountable even now for the repercussions, because after six years, they still can't possibly have seen ANY repercussions.

Any pain the kids feel? All the fault of the fans. Blame the fans as always. Matt and Amy as little people parents are just *perfect* as always.

Oh wait, The Roloffs aren't perfect but there is never any valid criticism of them EVER, right Steven?

*btw if entering the public eye was the only way Matt and Amy could secure the financial futures of themselves and their children, yes, that's being a reality show whore.

**waits for three or four new anons to insist how RICH the Roloffs were before the show

curious 1 said...

Who is perfect? Who has perfect kids?

Rap541 said...

Curious 1 - not me. Not you. Not the Roloffs. If I'm not perfect, and you're not perfect, and the Roloffs aren't perfect.... why is it so offensive to hear criticism of the Roloffs?

So why is every valid criticism met with denials and the standard "the roloffs don't claim to be perfect, hush"?

And why does Matt get to bray like an ass about negative nellies and screwballs and "douchebags" on his facebook without anyone ever saying "Matt, who is perfect? Matt, do you know them? How can you judge them as *douchbags*?"

Thats what I am curious about.

Anonymous said...

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