Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Amy Roloff Rants About TSA And Flight Attendants

Over the past few years, Amy Roloff, has increasingly voiced her displeasure with the air travel process - specifically with the TSA and with flight attendants.

Last week, Amy once against lashed out against the TSA on her Facebook Fan Page, this time accusing the TSA of discriminating against her because she is short. According to Amy in her Facebook postings, she got patted down again and alleges that this was the "4th or 5th" TSA person that whispered to her "It's because you're short".

Amy J Roloff:  "Here I am at the airport and again I get padded down. Why? No one has a clue or reason but they'll whisper to me- Oh yeah that's right the 4th-5th TSA person to say 'it's because you're short'. Really? Thats one if many this is wring. Then why do I have to do it - because 'I'm short'. Unacceptable. Something I Love to do I'm not liking much anymore - traveling." 


 Amy is a frequent traveler as a paid public speaker and has done a lot of traveling for the TLC 'Little People, Big World trips (most recently to Australia).


Rap541 said...

I'm going to be honest, I have my doubts that four or five TSA people have, on seperate occasions, very specifically told Amy that they were singling her out because she was short.

And considering the attention these sorts of cases gain.. It doesn't ring true that Amy wouldn't be informing the media that she's been told by 4 or 6 TSA officers that they intentionally single her out for pat downs because she has a short stature disability.

Because I'll be honest, if some TSA agent told me I was getting a pat down because I'm white/black/fat/elderly etc and thats how they decide who to pat down.... I'd make a stink myself. I'd like more details on both sides.

Greg said...

Hmm. Lets see.

Amy thinks she was discriminated against by the safety inspector because she is a dwarf.

Amy thinks the TSA discriminates against her because she is a dwarf.

Amy thinks book publishers were discriminating against her even though she got a publisher, but because they didn't all go rushing to her ready throw money at her for her cook book.

Amy thinks the Bed and Breakfast in college place discriminated against her because of her height.

Originally I thought she was probably right about the Bed and Breakfast place, but now that it's obvious she has a habit of playing the dwarf card every time she doesn't get what she wants, I'm doubting her.

Linda Sheappard said...

I got checked and I'm not short-statured.

I find it hard to believe that 5 different TSA workers would tell her it's because she's short.

Laura S said...

As far as I'm concerned, Amy is right.

We are giving up way too many freedoms to the government. The TSA violates our personal space. They are power hungry.

Natalie said...

I think sometimes the TSA should show some common sense, but it is a good point to remember all of Amy's complaints. You forgot one, Greg. Amy also implied that the Emmy awards were not inclusive because they didn't invite her to be a presenter.

I think her behavior with the inspector shows Amy's true colors when she is upset. She is irrational and her own behavior most likely has a lot to do with the reaction she gets.

I get the sense that Amy wants special treatment because she feels like she is a star and shouldn't be subjected to things that the rest of us have to endure.

Remember Amy and Matt think they are too important and special to wait in a line and had no moral issues with using their dwarfism to bypass the line.

Ashley said...

Rap, I agree. It's weird.

I don't know if Amy would just make it up, but I can't see 4 or 5 different TSA workers saying that to Amy.

If she flipped out on them, maybe they said that sarcastically?

I'd like to know what the TSA people have to say about Amy. I bet it's not as black and white as Amy's story.

krisa said...

Geraldo Rivera accused a TSA of sexual assault. Henry Kissinger was in a wheelchair and was patted down. Common sense cannot be used at the arport.

Abby said...

I'm sorry, but although I don't work for the TSA, I have dealt with the public and I genuinely feel sorry for anyone that needs to deal with Amy.

I think she would be a nightmare to deal with.

I think Natalie hit the nail on the head. I think Amy has a big head because of the TV show celebrity. I think she's arrogant because of that, doesn't think rules apply to her and the second she doesn't like something, she accuses the person of discriminating against her because of her size.

And I think she was very disrespectful and judgmental towards flight attendants. Who is she to judge? Has Amy ever walked in their shoes? Why is she judging? Don't the Roloffs always say that no one has a right to judge them?

Leigh said...

I agree that the TSA can get out of control and don't use any common sense, but the fact that so many people complain about them, kind of kills Amy's claim of discrimination because of her height.

Rap541 said...

Laura S = Thats all fine and well, but you do understand Amy isn't claiming we're all being violated, right?

She says she's has been told by TSA employees that she's intentionally patted down *because she is short statureed*. She's not making a general complaint about whether or not the TSA should be patting people down, this is all about Amy being singled out because she's a dwarf.

And personally, I don't buy it. If only because if it happened once, I could see Amy disregarding it as someone having a bad day, but seriously she's been told on at least four seperate occasions by TSA employees that they are pulling her for security checks based on her dwarfism?

Considering how Amy does fly off the handle, it seems pretty unlikely.

Johnny Reb said...

For someone who's never done an honest days work in her life Amy sure seems to think she knows how hard it is to work for a living and put up with snotty abusive customers like amy the way that flight attendants do.

I've had bad experiences with TSA "inspectors" several times but it wasn't because they're biased in how they do their jobs it's got more to do with the fact that the TSA hires idiots gives them a few days of training and then hands them each a badge and tells them to go do their jobs.

I've traveled all over the world (Canada, Britain, France, Israel, Japan, China, Germany, Italy & Greece) and this is the only place in the world that gives glorified security guards the police powers of search seizure and detention.

Everywhere else I've been a special branch of the national police or the military handle airport security because they actually have standards to adhere too.

Mike P. said...

Since the TSA is there as a first defense against airplane terrorists, I'm curious just how Amy's stature would trigger a pat-down or search. What is it about dwarfs that makes them likely to be terrorists?

In other words, what Amy says makes no sense; if it were true, dwarfs all over the country would be complaining. So I think she's outright lying.

(And I'm both appalled and laughing that this wannabe pundit doesn't know the difference between "padded" and patted. Geez.)

Cookie said...

Do I smell another lawsuit?

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Does everybody see the trend with this and the trial vs. Washington County? One of the big issues in the plaintiffs' argument was the emotional trauma and threat to safety they suffered at John Wheeler's hand because they are dwarves. This was the main basis of the damages to the tune of $240,000 they are seeking. Now, Amy is claiming she is being paTTed down in a prejudiced, biased fashion because she is short, at least that is what she claims to have been told.

Let's just take a break here, folks. In the show introduction, they claim that they can live like average heights, just with different challenges. And they repeatedly opine and vocalize how they don't want to be treated any differently than other people, to be seen as people, not dwarves. WAIT A MINUTE!!! Now, they are claiming damages from Washington county because they wanted to be treated differently from average heights? Now, Amy says she is being treated differently because she is not an average height? Why has their tuned changed so much? AND, what does the LPA and Dwarfism associations worldwide think of all this diversely based negative press? We don't want to be treated differently as little people, but we are being treated differently as little people. We don't want attention brought to our stature but we want many thousand dollars in damages because of out stature. We are not trying to get average height people to view us on any kind of sympathetic manner, but we intend to prey on the sympathy of a jury of average height people in a simple trespass case to get more money than any average height person would deserve for a simple trespass case.

I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Amy has worked as a preschool teacher keeping 25 kids control and writing lesson plans. I think everyone is being way too hard on a very nice lady who works hard at taking good loving care of her family

Rap541 said...

Is there ever an occasion or problem/offensive remark/misstep where Amy deserves to hear "hey thats wrong/rude/incorrect/kinda out of line"?

I mean, I know the follow up here will be "Oh deerie, Amy is a LITTLE person and she's doing the best she can! She's not perfect! But stop HATING on her oh DEAR LORD SHE'S A ROLOFF!"

She worked briefly as a preschool teacher. Perhaps we should all applaud an adult for working? After all, its *Amy Roloff!* and *she's a little person* and when a little person does something other than nothing, its like they learned an amazing cute pet trick to some people.

Now she's said something in a public setting and people are questioning her public comments. Is she an adult like the rest of us or a special little person who isn't to be questioned since being a mom and part time pre-school teacher makes her a super duper achiever?

Really, I thought the point of the show was to treat little people like adults and not like our special little troopers who always need to hear "You go, Amy!" lest they collapse.

Dave said...

She should be glad she's not a Washington County Inspector. I hear they've got women out there that grope all over them when they're getting in their car.

Kyle said...

If anything, I'd guess that the TSA have a quota of pat downs to fill and when they see a dwarf they know they can get it done in half the time.

But in all seriousness it's things like this that add to my growing disgust of Amy's attitude and behaviour. Yeah I think we can all agree TSA and airport security overall is a pain but TSA have no obligation to say why they've singled you out let alone 4 or 5 different agents all telling her it's cause she's short. If elderly in wheelchairs and kids aren't immune, neither should you be just because you're short.

Her self-inflated ego is astounding.

Next I wouldn't be surprised if she claims discrimination that parking lots don't offer more easily accessible spots to LPs like they do for the handicapped and pregnant women? (in some places)

Paul T said...

That really doesn't sound like a rant. More of a story and her opinion. Stretch.....

Anonymous said...

Wa Wa wa~~~if it were not for the TLC show LPBW..Amy would not be flying here and there..loook how they lived before this show began..*they acted like real folk back then~bet hey hate to look back on that ...however back then was what got lots of us watching LPBW..they acted for real and not like they were all that and a bag of chips. Big Heads all of them now..except for sweet ole Rocky. Tis time for LPBW to be done ---they have done it all twice and its borrrrring. If perhaps those inflated heads had been screwed on straight and they could of kept on being the way they were ...the show might MIGHT have dragged out for another year ugggGg.. OH well ho-hum..wonder whos on the sue list next.

Anonymous said...

Amy, did you write this??

Anonymous said...

I was curious about her use of the word padded myself!! For someone who gets paid for pubic speaking and who has been to college you would think she would be much smarter. Then again, the way they have raised their kids to be so disrespectful of them and condoned the most outrageous behavior from them I have always had questions about both her and Matt's intelligence.