Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jacob Roloff To Testify As A Washington County Witness Against Amy and Matt Roloff

This will be a brief update on the status of the Roloff lawsuit Vs Washington County.

The trial is now scheduled for May 29, 2012.

All of Matt and Amy's claims against Washington County -- the constitutional violations -- that the County unfairly targets the Roloffs, seeking an injunction against further inspections -- all were dismissed by the judge and the trial has been reduced to a simple trespassing charge. The County does not dispute the trespassing charge (they disciplined the inspector and attempted to apologize to the Roloffs). So basically all that the trial will be about is how much the Roloffs will receive in damages for a simple trespass. The Roloffs were suing for $200,000 in severe emotional distress suffered by Amy Roloff.

In a rather surprising turn of events, guess who will testify as one of Washington County's key witnesses to dispute the Plaintiffs (the Roloffs) claim that Amy suffered severe emotional distress worthy of a substantial financial sum? Jacob Roloff.

Jacob Roloff, 15,  who is once again struggling in school, will be forced to testify in front of a jury because his testimony appears to contradict the claims of his parents Matt and Amy Roloff in their lawsuit against Washington County seeking $200,000 for severe emotional distress. Amy says her life has been shattered by that one incident, while Jacob says he hasn't seen any change in Amy.

The Roloffs contention is that their lives have been shattered by this one incident involving the inspector on that day in July of 2010. They claim that all the stress they have in life is all because of this one incident.

In these court documents and statements, the Roloffs paint a very different picture of their lives compared to the uber-happy,  always successful and upbeat persona Matt and Amy portray on their Facebook Fan Pages on an almost daily basis.

So the core of the case now is the Roloffs attempting to show that the emotional distress suffered by Amy is worth $200,000.

Amy says she was shattered by the incident.

Matt says it has rattled Amy to her core and in over 20 years of marriage he has never seen her that devastated. The Plaintiffs (the Roloffs) will call people such as former 'Little People, Big World' producer and close Roloff friend Chris Cardamone, Matt's assistant Caryn, and Amy's personal trainer to back up Amy's claims that she has been shattered by this one incident.

So to summarize:

1. Amy says she was shattered.

2, Matt says he's never seen Amy so emotionally devastated in his life.

3. Meanwhile, Jacob apparently stated in his deposition (Jacob's deposition was not posted publicly, but referred to in Amy's deposition which is in the public domain. Amy was asked why Jacob said he has not noticed any change in Amy since this incident) that there has been no change at all in Amy since the incident. In the court documents where Washington County announced their intention to call Jacob Roloff as a witness, they state what Jacob will testify that the inspector did not do anything threatening or make any verbal threats. It states that Jacob will testify that he wasn't worried about Amy, that the incident had no affect on him, and that other than Amy being frustrated, he hasn't seen any effects on her since the incident [Note: Before anyone makes claims that this is 'private insider knowledge' - all this information is in the public domain on the PACER site -- PACER stands for Public Access to Court Electronic Records. Spiritswander was forced into following the activity in this case on PACER in order to defend our rights against the subpoena Matt and Amy Roloff requested]

Therefore, because of the obvious contradiction between Matt and Amy's story and Jacob's version, Washington County have announced that they will call Jacob Roloff as one of their key witnesses.

Personally, I don't think this case will be a proud moment for the LP movement. In trying to argue for $200,000 worth of emotional distress; one of the Roloffs arguments, complete with a psychiatrist specializing in people with dwarfism, basically seems to be that little people are weak, defenseless and get very frightened of average height people. Little people don't have coping skills like an average height person. Amy was scared for her physical safety because she is so little and the inspector is so big and while that situation might not have devastated an average height person, it destroys the life of a Little Person  because they are so small, scared and can't cope with such a scenario. It's a very different message than what was supposed to be the entire lesson of the series 'Little People, Big World'.

I suppose it will depend on the final outcome and how much money Roloffs are able to get in damages, but one has to wonder if they will feel like the whole lawsuit was worth it? The Roloffs failed in their subpoena against the Spiritswander Blog -- which we felt was a clear abuse of subpoena powers and an attempt to trample on the First Amendment rights off all readers of the Spiritswander Blog. Their case against Washington County has been dismissed all except for a simple trespass charge, a variety of embarrassing personal details will now be known in public court documents (things such as Matt discussing whether his and Amy's sex life since the incident is as robust as it was a few years ago)  and now it's clear that by pursuing this issue, their 15 year old son who is once again struggling in school (as per Matt Roloff in court documents dated December 2011) will now be forced to testify in front of a jury, basically against his own parents and Jacob will need to deal with the stress of all that.

One wonders if any amount of financial compensation they will possibly receive as a result of this case will be worth all of that? Matt insists that their lawsuit "is not about the money", except now that is all this case is about because all other parts of the lawsuit has been thrown out by the judge.

The trial is set as a two-day jury trial scheduled to begin on May 29, 2012.


Christine said...


I think this shows that Jacob is more honest than the Roloffs.

How screwed up is that? If you lie and exaggerate to gain in money grubbing lawsuits, you need to make sure you get your kids on board to lie with you?

Way to go Jacob for being honest!

Poor Jacob. He was already Matt's least favorite kid, in my opinion. I bet Matt thinks Jeremy would have got on board with them and backed their story.

Susan Coles said...

It never stops. I'm talking about the degree of terrible parenting from Matt and Amy.

Despite Matt's crowing about Jacob doing great in school a few months, now Jacob is doing poorly? Again?

What do the Roloffs do?

They sign up for more TV and have him miss a week of school to go on a TV trip of Australia.

Talk about being ruled the parents quest for fame and money instead of parenting your son.

Dana said...

I feel the important point was glossed over is that MATT WAS RIGHT!

Matt already said when he discussed this case that the part that clinched the decision to file the lawsuit was the misinformed or dumb officer telling him that the inspector could come onto their land any darned time he pleased.

If what is reported is correct and Washington County conceded that, then Matt was right. The Roloffs were violated and deserve compensation.

Susan, who are you to judge the Roloffs parenting choices?

Dana said...

Spirits, I think Matt WILL feel the lawsuit was worth it even if by some terrible misfortune of justice happens and they weren't awarded any damages.

You're implying that because Jacob testifying could be "stressful" that Matt and Amy should drop the case?

That's terrible lesson for the children. Just because something is stressful, doesn't mean you should quit and not do the right thing.

Matt and Amy are making the point against Washington County that they can't violate their rights and march onto their land when they want.

Greg said...

What, Washington County apologized to the Roloffs and they didn't accept it?

I'm shocked. Just shocked! They are great Christians! Isn't Jeremy always going on about how following Christ is about forgiveness?

But Christian Roloffs don't accept apologies if they think they can be bloodsucking people that file lawsuits because they think they can get some money they didn't have to work for.

I'm also not shocked that Jacob isn't doing good in school and the Roloffs just let him miss a week of school for a TLC freebie trip.

Timothy said...

Jacob is more honest than Matt and Amy.

David said...

Thanks Spirits for the update. That's not that far off.

You know what I noticed?

Matt and Amy's witnesses that you named are all people who make money off the Roloffs, either get paid by them or made money off them. Caryn and the trainer are employees of Matt and Amy. Chris had a job making money off selling the Roloffs tv image. I'm not surprised in the least that they will echo Matt and Amy's story.

Justin said...

All stress is because of the county inspector?

Give me a break! LOL!

What about all of those interviews that Matt and Amy talk about how stressful it is having a reality show?

What about Amy's tearful barn bites crying about how crappy their marriage was? That happened before the poor inspector looked at the boat.

Amy afraid? She gleefully told the camera that she was a "Mother Bear" and freaked out on the guy. I think he's the one that was afraid because Amy was angry and acting like a pompous ass.

Ashley said...

Very interesting.

I feel sorry for Jacob, but good that he at least was honest.

Peter L said...

"n these court documents and statements, the Roloffs paint a very different picture of their lives compared to the uber-happy, always successful and upbeat persona Matt and Amy portray on their Facebook Fan Pages on an almost daily basis."

You mean Matt and Amy aren't honest on their Facebook pages? Say it so! That's not how things really are?

Or maybe it is because yeah, it's hard for me to believe that this one encounter with the inspector is what brought the Roloff world crashing down (but you wouldn't know that from Matt and Amy's Facebook posting or their motivational speeches across the country!).

Leigh said...

I think the Roloffs have proven all they care about in life is money and being famous. That's their priorities.

Chris Linton said...

Hmmm. I think Matt and Amy need to attend a seminar where someone teaches them how to be resilient and strong!

A strong and resilient family wouldn't all one event, an inspector taking pics of your ark, destroy their lives!

All you public speakers out there specializing in resiliency speeches, Matt and Amy need your help!

Rap541 said...

Heh Dana, you crack me up.

You do realize that at this point, this case is about nothing but whether or not Amy and Matt can prove this incident caused them enough emotional stress for it to be worth a few bucks. There are no constitutional issues left, no invasion of privacy, no unreasonable search and seizure, no civil rights violations - all things Matt claimed initially as shown in this article -

All thats left is whether or not Amy *and* Matt suffered to the tune of 200k because Wheeler trespassing upset them. Its all about emotional upset and damage caused by emotional upset cause by their stress.

And your point, upon hearing someone express concern about a young teenager possibly being emotionally disturbed and stressed by the idea of having to testify against his parents, is that Jake needs to learn that people sometimes have to gut through the stress....

Like Matt. Who is suing Washington County for his emotional damages because of the stress this incident has caused him.

Like Amy. Who is suing Washington County for her emotional damages because of the stress this incident has caused her.

I doubt you'll see why your comments are so amusing. :)

BeckyM said...

Sad. I've always felt that Jacob was a victim of his parent's reality ho grift and this just takes the cake.

All I can say is sad. Very sad. :(

Aaron said...

Lets not forget that the county admitted to violating there rights. There intent is not to make money. It's about sending a message to the county, who will certainly make sure they follow correct procedure now. It would be bad parenting not to prepare there kids for these kinds of things. There are alot of jerks in this world and standing up for yourself is a positive message.

Dana said...

Aaron, well said. That's my point.

Rap, did you even read the article you linked? Read this

"Upon reporting the incident to the Washington County Sheriff's Office, the Roloffs were informed that it was county policy to allow inspectors to "surreptitiously go onto private property of its citizens without notice to them," the complaint said.
"That response is what put us over the edge to file" a lawsuit, said Roloff."

That's what I said.

Matt was right. The County admitted trespassing and violating the Roloffs right. The officer that arrived on scene was wrong! Matt was right. Matt said his response is what convinced him to file the lawsuit. The government/county cannot go on to private property of their citizens without notice to them.

They are fighting for principle. Right and wrong. Their rights.

It's ridiculous for anyone to suggest they drop the case simply because Jacob may not like being called to testify in front of a jury. He needs to suck it up and he will.

Rap541 said...

No, Aaron, the county didn't admit to "violating their rights".

All of the "rights" issues in this case were resolved in *favor* of the county. The only issue that wasn't tossed out in favor of Washington County was John Wheeler trespassing - and the county apologized for that. Right now the only thing left to decide is whether or not Amy and by proxy Matt, suffered emotional stress to the point of damages, as it's already been proven their constitutional rights weren't violated, their civil rights weren't violated, and they didn't get an injunction so they still have to allow the County on the property.

Right now, the arguement is that Matt and Amy were so damaged by Wheeler trespassing, they deserve a cash payout. The case has nothing to do with their rights now. Its all about what they think they are owed in damages.

Rap541 said...

Dana - if its about principle, why are they asking for money at all?

Its ridiculous to suggest that Jake should suck it up and deal so that Amy and Matt can get a cash pay out over how they *can't* suck it up and deal. All the rights violations were tossed, Dana. The court doesn't think their rights were violated. They were the victims of a simple trespass and they are claiming emotional damages because it stressed them out so....

All the discrimination claims, the unlawful search and seizure.... it was all dismissed. All thats left is a simple trespass charge.

Mind you, I understand you're not going to admit to having any sense but try, ok? Everything that was about "the principle of the matter" was decided in favor of the county and dismissed. At this point Matt and Amy are asking for 200k because someone wandering onto their property and leaving as soon as he was asked shattered Matt to the point that in the court documents, he refers to himself as *shattered*.

So much for the resilency, indeed.

Judy B said...

Dana, I agree with you 100%.

Rap, why didn't you understand what Dana posted?? The deputy told Matt the county CAN trespass. He was wrong and that's what pissed Matt off.

You and Spirits are trying to suggest that Matt walk away from the lawsuit because poor Jacob will be crushed by needing to testify in court. That's ludicrous.

He doesn't like needing to testify in court? Boo hoo.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

The County admitted to simple trespass. Period. Dana, and the rest your ilk, please READ THE COURT DOCUMENTS. Articles and interviews have nothing to do with the case. Read the documents. All of them! Dana, you read none of the court transcripts in the Roloff v. SAP America case before your mindless drivel that the judge acted in a "very unprofessional" manner. Go back and look at your own comments before you say to anyone "How dare you judge..." YOU judged, Dana. With no basis and no knowledge, as usual.
The documents, and the progression of the Roloff over-the-top claims and the County's victory in the reduction to summary judgement (simple trespass ONLY) is, as Spirit detailed, all available to anyone.
The Roloffs and their counsel made all their statements under penalty of perjury AND being made aware that any of their statements were going to be used in public and in any way NOT confidential. All their statements are and will be made public, like any other American. No double-standard for "famous"lol people like the Roloffs.
By the way, I stand beside my item thread wherein I made up the Most Realistic Roloff Reward, and Gave it to Jacob. Now I imagine that Chris Cardamone or Illusion_Spirit or whoever else will argue that this flies in the face of reality and privacy. Never. Ever. Good for you Jacob. You hang tough. I've no doubt that your parents will try to influence your testimony. And, if you care to READ the court documents will do it separately to each achieve their own ends. Hang in there, buddy. I'm still a big fan.

Judy B said...

PodgeRodgeGroup, you are a "fan" of a spoiled rotten disrespectful 15 year old brat who is sulky and whines?

At least Jeremy has a pleasant personality, has talent and loves the Lord.

Timothy said...

@Podge/Rodge, it's too late for Matt and Amy to influence Jacob's testimony.

If Jacob has already given his deposition of what he observed, then he can't change his story on the stand.

Rap541 said...

Judy B - Personally I doubt Jacob will be crushed... I just find it hilarious that he's needing to suck it up and deal and testify... for the defense of the county... in a trial that's currently about how his mom and dad are so damaged by the trespass that they *can't* suck it up and deal because they are so shattered. :)

Do you understand what I posted now, Judy B? How amusing it is that Jake is being told to suck up any emotional pain so his parents can get a cash pay out for not being able to cope with their emotional pain after these oh so trying events?

And Judy - all of the constitutional claims that pissed Matt off were dismissed in favor of the county. Do you understand that? Everything that was about violating their rights was dismissed. Wheeler trespassed and was disciplined. I don't think you understand that the cop still wasn't wrong to not arrest the guy. The guy was trespassing, he was told to leave and he did, and Amy, *and* Matt, are *both* so emotionally shattered, they want 200k for this.

If this was about principles - guess what? They wouldn't be asking for money, and at this point, if all they wanted was acknowledgement that Wheeler was wrong, they have it - he got in trouble at work, and the county offered an apology...and quite a bit f proof that they didn't tell Wheeler to trespass... Why does Matt need the cash if its about principle?

Abby said...

Am I the only one surprised that Matt didn't try to blame Jacob doing sucky in school and flunking out is all because he witnessed the inspector and Amy go at it. Jacob was in the car with Amy.

Too bad for Matt and Amy that Jacob said he wasn't affected by that incident.

He needs to get with the program and start blaming everyone he can for his problems!

Rap541 said...

Judy - if Podg was a fan of that, he'd also be a fan of fifteen year old sulky Jeremy whining about fans like you sucking the unsuckable. Yup. Its time Judy - please explain how Jeremy was blessing you there :)

Brit said...

Abby, people are making Jacob out to be way too saintly.

He goes to the same school as some of my friends. He's a jerk. Fans have no idea.

He does blame ppl for his problems. He hates fans.

Rap541 said...

Psst Podge, Dana and Judy B are going to plotz if they ever dare take a look at the court documents. :)

Rap541 said...

Psst Spirit, maybe get an interview with Brit? :D

Lynn C said...

I don't think it's stressful for Jacob to testify in court.

It's not like Matt and Amy are going to beat him for not echoing their testimony perfectly.

He's spent 6 years talking in front of tv cameras. I'm sure he can handle telling what happened on the stand.

Should a family not want a murderer to go to trial because their kid needs to take the stand?

Jocelynn said...

Lynn, that's kind of ridiculous.

The point is that it's not a murder trail. It's not even about principle.

The only thing it's about is Matt and Amy trying to get a payday out of Washington County.

I don't know if it will "crush" Jacob (he might be more resilient than his parents who can't "suck it up!" but I think it will be stressful.

I wouldn't have wanted to need to testify in court when I was 15. I didn't even like giving class speeches!

He's being called by the opposition. He must know that what he's going to say is going to be used against his parents. That would be stressful.

The point being made is the only benefit the Roloffs will receive from this is a bit more money.

Set Abominae said...

Dana: Rap was being diplomatic in what she said, I won't be.

Matt & Amy Roloff are nothing more than gold digging trash who are willing to destroy the lives of those around them for easy money.

Quite frankly your constant apologizing and defense of their disgusting behavior leads me to believe that you are little more than sycophantic celebrity worshiping trash yourself.

Matt & Amy should both be ashamed of themselves for forcing Jacob into this position.

Johnny Reb said...

Dana & Judy B.

You are two of the vilest people I've ever encountered.

But then again so are the two little toads you live so much.

That is all.

Jim said...

Kyle said "All this being said I WILL watch the special to see if it is going to be just a free vacation for the undeserved or a purpose-filled vacation, and to see how much tension there is between Jacob and his parents whom he will be testifying AGAINST in a few weeks."

Kyle, I understand why Spirits used the wording for the title, but Jacob is not really testifying against Matt and Amy. It's not like he is suing them or accusing them of something.

His testimony is being used against them by the county. It's not like Jacob is trying to stick it to them.

Rap541 said...

His testimony is being used against them by the county. It's not like Jacob is trying to stick it to them.

My only actual concern on the topic of Jake testifying for the county - and its a small one - is that if Matt and Amy don't win the large cash payout, they're likely to blame Jake for his version of events that contradicts their version.

And in case its not clear, please understand, there were origanally 9 or so claims by the Roloffs against the county- unlawful search and seizure, civil rights violations, etc and the court has already ruled that the Roloffs haven't proven those claims. Most of the court case was given a summary judgement *against* the Roloffs.

That means they've already lost the majority of the case. The county has agreed that Wheeler violated their rules (not Matt and Amy's, the county's rules) and disciplined him. This is all about Amy and Matt both being in emotional pain over this. (they've already conceded there were no physical damages or losses)

Keep in mind, folks, these are the same two people who continually chide others who are say, offended by their son's unfortunate racist comments, that its time to put a period on it and get over it because strong people don't let little things eat at them.

Lark said...

Just when you think people can't sink any lower...

Dave said...

All I can remember from that episode is Amy climbing up in the inspector's lap when he was in the car. Talk about stress and anguish!

Mady said...

Jacob even looks miserable in Amy's picture when he's giving Zach bunny ears.

I didn't know it was possible to look unhappy when giving someone bunny ears, but Jacob does! lol!

He also looks much cooler with longer hair. It looks like his face is getting that longer looking shaped face. Long hair looks better.

Austin said...

Count me on the "feel sorry for Jacob" side.

"if Matt and Amy don't win the large cash payout, they're likely to blame Jake for his version of events that contradicts their version.""

This. They already aren't good at hiding their favoritism and true feelings. If they lose, they will subconsciously blame Jacob for sinking their ship because he didn't say what they wanted him to say.

I hope Jacob has the strength to break free from his family when he's 18. I fear that soon he will turn into a Bible quoting hypocritical zombie like brother Jeremy.

Mike P. said...

Tut-tut, people. Tut. Tut.

Of course Amy is utterly shattered; she's just not herself any more. The evidence is right before your eyes, in plain view.

Here are three examples, of many, many possible examples:

Where once she crumbled hamburger into a frying pan, and doused it with canned spaghetti sauce, she is now so unhinged that she believes herself to be a cook, with "beloved recipes" and even a cookbook coming out.

Where once she literally followed trails through trash thrown to the floor in every room of her house, she now is so distraught that she is forced to accept housekeeping services in her own home.

Where once she wore long, limp, greasy hair and cut-off jeans, she now is so shattered that she is forced to accept the help of hairdressers, glamour photographers, and dressmakers.

I could go on, but it would be too painful. I'll just shake my fist at the sky and scream: What hideous damage can be caused by one malevolent government plot. What hideous damage.

Fortunately, even this vicious government attack (planned by Obama), could not destroy Amy's core: Her loving humility and plainspoken truthfulness.

Through six seasons, rapt viewers watched this angel of peace minister in quiet patience to those around her, never a cross word or ill-considered thought uttered by her lips.

How painful it is, now, to find her life shattered in pieces, around her tiny feet.

Mike P. said...

Apology for another post, but:

Am I wrong to say that Washington County apologized ONLY for the inspector's behavior, and not at all for his presence on the farm?

He wouldn't hand Amy his business card (although she knew who he was), and tried to walk away from her toward his truck. It was this breach of etiquette for which the county apologized. Never has the county said their inspector was wrong to be there. Am I mistaken?

It's impossible to believe that public safety officials are confined to negotiated inspections, only by appointment. Sort of guts the whole idea of real safety inspection, doesn't it?

Who here would eat in a restaurant known to refuse surprise health inspections? To insist on knowing in advance when health inspectors are coming? I sure wouldn't.

The Roloffs fancy their operation as "agritainment." They invite the public in, give them run of the place and its buildings, haul them around in open trailers over trestles, deliver them by means of improvised ramps to "attractions" like the western village, and so on.

But they consider themselves exempt from meaningful safety inspection. When a safety inspector uses his right to an unannounced visit, it shatters Amy's life. Yeah.

I wonder if this is a jury trial . . . .

Rap541 said...

All I can remember from that episode is Amy climbing up in the inspector's lap when he was in the car. Talk about stress and anguish!

See, Dave you have to remember, when little people are *terrified* and *deeply frightened for their personal safety* and *feel their private space, which is much more precious to them as they are little is violated*, they don't react like average height people. See, frightened and terrified little people when threatened? Puff themselves up like peacocks because they're sooooo scared. See, although we've been told for years that little people are just like average height, there's something unique to their very special psychology that means that a little person woman angrily shouting "You need to leave! Give me that camera!" shouldn't be considered "angry" but should instead be considered "trembling in terror".

Now yes, I am being a little (ahem) sarcastic but really. Amy was never threatened, Amy was not namecalled, Wheeler didn't use any derogatory language or raise his voice. She told him to leave and he did. Is he bigger? Yes. Did she have two grown men and a thirteen year old boy with her? Yes. Did they all have cell phones? Yup.

Does anyone seriously think Amy was in danger? No. Does everyone know that Amy has ordered trespassers off the property who were aproximately the same size? No? Well, yeah, she has. And did so without being so shattered emotionally that Matt was deeply affected.

Brandon said...

Mike P, I was wondering the same thing. Maybe Spirits or Rap will know and will fill us in.

Because I remember reading the link that was posted here about Washington County Codes when investigating nuisances. I'm sure I remember seeing a part where it said inspectors are allowed onto property for an inspection as long as it is during a reasonable hour of the day. It's clear from the episode that it all took place in the afternoon.

I don't understand why the county would admit to trespass or not fight that charge when their codes say that the inspector can access the property during a reasonable hour of the day?

Is it because he never knocked or rang the bell? If he had rang the bell at the gate and no one answer, then it would have been ok? I don't know.

I thought what the deputy told Matt and Amy in the episode made perfect sense. Exactly what Mike P just said about restaurants.

Safety or Health inspections should NOT give the person or business notice that they are coming. It defeats the whole purpose! Think about it. If a restaurant is unsanitary and they get a call from the health inspector to arrange an appointment, then they are going to do a major cleaning job. The inspector won't see the regular operating conditions of the restaurant.

It's the same with safety codes. If you don't follow safety codes, but get a call from the safety department arranging a visit, then you're going to make sure you're up to code for the visit. Then after the inspector leaves, you can go back to the way it was before.

Melanie said...

Mady, Jacob just got back from a trip in friggin Australia. Can't he look happy?

People need to stop blaming his parents for everything.

Jacob is to blame for his school problems. Jacob is to blame for his rudeness and for bad attitude. Don't always blame the parents.

Rap541 said...

As I understand it, Brandon, and Mike, and I am not an expert, just going by what the court docs say, here goes.

Wheeler thought, based on prior interactions with Matt, that he had permission to come on the property. Matt says no thats not true. County policy is that Wheeler has to get permission to enter the property. Therefore, it turns into a he said/he said issue. The county's official policy is aparently that Wheeler should have waited to get permission. The county is not apologizing for sending him out - they had a valid complaint. What Wheeler was wrong about was entering the property on the assumption he already had permission.

I can see why they aren't arguing that - while Matt can't prove he never had that conversation, Wheeler can't prove he did, so Wheeler was wrong to enter the property without permission. The problem Matt and Amy have is proving damages. WHeeler left when he was told, he never raised his voice, he didn't do anything violent, he didn't call Amy names.

From what I can tell from the court docs, the unedited footage only helps Wheeler.

Rap541 said...

Was Jeremy to blame for Jeremy's school problems? Because now they're the same age, and I distinctly recall *Amy* (and never Matt the blessed *father*) being blamed for Jeremy's school problems because Jeremy was a *boy*.

The comparisons between Jeremy and Jake are going to get a lot more hilarious now that we have same age examples for people to be hypocrits over. Lets see... Jeremy snotted off about hating fans, well he's just a blessed fifteen year old doing the best he can, a boy on display, grant him some grace, he's such a young boy. Jake does the same? Piece of crap man, Jake's old enough to know better. Jeremy fails in school, poor *boy*, its his mom's fault, he is just a boy. Jake does the same at a younger age, he needs to own his failures like a *man*.

Now that we have examples of the boys at the same age doing the same things... Yeah, "Why was it excused when it was Jeremy "a boy being a boy"?" is going to happen a LOT, I think. ;)

Pumpkin said...

Make of this what you could be argued either way - depending on whether you say the "premises" include the entire farm, or just the field in which the unpermitted "ark" was dumped.
Emphasis mine
Washington County Code of Ordinances
14.04.080 - Powers and duties of building official.

General. There is established a code enforcement section which shall be under the administrative operational control of the building official. The building official is authorized to enforce all the provisions of this code. The building official shall have the power to render written and oral interpretations of this code and to adopt and enforce administrative procedures in order to clarify the application of its provisions. Such interpretations, rules and regulations shall be in conformance with the intent and purpose of this code.

Deputies. In accordance with prescribed procedures and with the approval of the appointing authority, the building official may appoint technical officers and inspectors and other employees to carry out the functions of the code enforcement section.

Right of Entry. When it may be necessary to inspect to enforce the provisions of this code or the building official has reasonable cause to believe that there exists in a building or upon a premises a condition which is contrary to or in violation of this code, or otherwise makes the building or premises unsafe, dangerous or hazardous, the building official may enter said building or premises at reasonable times to inspect or to perform the duties imposed by this code, provided that, if such building or premises be occupied, credentials be presented to the occupant and entry requested. If such building or premises be unoccupied, the building official shall first make a reasonable effort to locate the owner or other person having charge or control of the building or premises and request entry. If entry is refused, the building official shall have recourse to the remedies provided by the Oregon Revised Statutes to secure entry.
(Ord. 495 § 2(A) (part), 1997)

Brandon said...

Thanks Rap and Pumpkin.

What I take from that is the county is apologizing for Wheeler not immediately showing Amy his card when she asked and he was supposed to make an attempt to get permission to go on to the property before stepping through the gate.

If he had tried unsuccessfully to get someone to let him onto the land and then went to inspect the ark they probably wouldn't have admitted trespass.

Leanne said...

Sorry off topic, but about the picture with the birthday cake?

Jacob looks SOOO miserable? What's his problem? He's making Zach look happy and personable!

krisa said...

The county inspector told Amy that he had notified Matt, that "he" knew about the inspector coming by. And how was Amy spooked when a tv crew was with her, she wasnt alone, there was help if needed. I was under the impression that inspectors can show up unannounced.

Megan B said...

Reckless opportunism, thy name is Roloff.

TerriB said...

Is it any surprise that Jacob roloff will speak agaisn't his own parents? Matt and Amy both say they love spending time with their children, but both are traveling doing seminars/talks/visits.

One does wonder whether Jacob is being properly taken care of. No wonder he is doing bad in school because noone is there for him. Anyone who saw the specials saw how uncomfortable Jacob was doing them for example when Zach took molly, tori and jacob to the beach, in the car he covered himself up!

They may be christians but they are not being christians in their ways. I feel sorry for Jacob.

Jocelynn said...

I agree TerriB. I don't condone everything Jacob does because there is a point where I think he needs to be responsible for his own behavior (yes 15 is old enough to understand right and wrong).

However it is crystal clear that Matt and Amy were not honest when Oprah asked them what they would do if one of their kids said they didn't want to do the show, she even used Jacob as the example.

I think everyone can see that Jacob hates the show, yet as long as TLC willing to pony up cash, trips and airtime,Matt and Amy are in, Jacob be damned.

You're right to ask who is taking care of Jacob. I don't think Matt has ever felt it is his role to be a parent, to take an active role in the kids at school, etc.

Amy has checked out of parenting. That much is obvious. She wants to be Amy Roloff the celebrity, travelling the world, she wants to be the guest of honor at events.

I think Amy should nix the travel, nix the wannabe celebrity side of her personality and focus on her son who clearly needs a parent.

Terrib said...

Oh yes I agree totally with you, most 15 year olds do lash out have naughty behaivour/rebel and they know right and wrong - what 15 year olds do, they test boundaries. Clearly something is very wrong in the household that they do not want us to know about.

People can saythat he has a bad attitude what teen doesnt, regardless whether they are in the public eye or not, remember JAcob hates being in the public eye - he was forced into it by his parents.

I get frustrated when amy or matt posts on facebook saying they are in a new location for up to a week, yes they have jobs to do etc but they also have a son eho clearly needs one of them.

M said...

Jocelyn I completely agree with you.

BeckyM said...

Just some words about how the legal proceedings work... prior to this going to court, both sides have their attorney submit a witness list, and that list is then interviewed with depositions. A deposition gives the attorney time to ask questions of the witness (for either side). I imagine after the deposition, it became clear to the County that Jacob's replies were not quite in synch with the story his parents gave in their depositions, hence why they are now calling him as a witness.

I doubt that 15 year old Jacob Roloff called up the County and said he would nark out his parents. DUH.

More then likely he will be called up, will since have been coached by his parents (illegal), and will be easily put in his place by a capable attorney. The jury may or may not have sympathy for the Roloffs seeing their young son take the stand giving evidence against his parents. It could go either way - against the Roloffs because Jacob is damning in his testimony or with the Roloffs because the jury felt it was uncalled for.

It will be interesting to see if Matt, Amy, Chris C and company will impeach themselves with lies on the witness stand under oath (depositions are also taken under oath). The video taken by TLC clearly shows that Amy was the aggressor and had no fear of the inspector. Continued filming by TLC will continue to show that Amy shows no fear of Big People. Her charity work which took place afterwards, her continual travel plans, and her paid speeching engagements shows a person who is operating as before.

If Amy cites psychological damage then why is there no professional in that capacity on the witness list? And if the Roloffs have one, the County will insist a counter interview with their own expert.

Matt remains a nimble liar, but if he is against a capable attorney I suspect his blustering buffon act will turn jurors off. Both of them can be shown to be quite capable liars - stating on reality television one thing - Matt dying, their marriage in shambles, etc... but yet all of it is scripted drama. The jury will have to ask themselves if this is more scripted drama in order to line the Roloff pocket.

When I was called up THREE TIMES for jury duty, I was told that in lawsuits against big corporations, the plantiff generally wins (the County in a civil court would be the defendant). However, I have my suspicions that this will go against the Roloffs. Not only is there filmed evidence of the incident, but it's quite obvious that Matt and Amy are fame hos who will do anything for a buck - such as filing frivilous lawsuits. I am not sure that the jury will vote in their favor and that is because of their reality television star status (why is Amy in Australia if she is living scared???)

Public opinion is against reality hos who seek publicity for their own ends. Jail time is demanded by an angry public tired of being hoaxed and fooled by greedy idiots...

BeckyM said...

What I find incredibly sad is the anger posted here against a 15 year old boy who has lived his life in front of a camera lense for most of it because of his parents greed. When I saw this post my first thought and feeling was just overwhelming sadness for this young person - I guess I'm in the minority.

Unfortunately, I do not believe things will get better for Jacob. It sounds like he has a lot of justifiable anger against parents who want money more then they want to be good parents. His school work continues to suffer, yet Matt and Amy in all their wisdom have removed him from public school to trot off and do reality filming in Australia.

Any acting out on his part is blamed on his ungratefulness -yet we know he doesn't want to be a part of this "show" any more. As a minor, he can't refuse and acts out the only way he can.

Meanwhile, the Roloff parents are too busy, bent upon their ho-fame racket to give a damn what it is doing to their child. I have to really, really ask myself what Chris C is thinking when he condones the grifting that is destroying a child's life right before his eyes.

But of course - this is the TLC family who destroyed Jon Gosselin and eight little children all because of money and ratings, so no, I'm not surprised.

Judy B said...

Oh get real people.

Poor Jacob???

I wish my parents had "forced" me into a vacation in Australia!

I wonder if Jacob whined to his friends about how terrible his trip was to Australia? Or did he tell them how awesome it was?

But don't forget, to vilify Matt and Amy for it!

Give me a break.

BeckyM said...

@JudyB ~ you remind me of the Khate Gosselin sheeple. Because the kid is getting a "free" vacation (I guess you forgot it was a WORKING vacation where he is being filmed, following a script, and being told where to stand, when to move, and what to say) makes it all okay.

In a way your incomprehension as to why Jacob may not agree with how wonderful his life is with his grifting parents is the saddest part of this. Your blindness is the excuse that Amy and Matt give (and Khate Gosselin) for exploiting their children.

I guess Jacob is having so MUCH FUN! that is why he has had consistent school problems that we know of for at least two years, and I suspect for more. I guess Jacob is having so much fun that's why he has neglected school, acted out, covers himself during filming, is angry with fans during pumpkin season, clearly doesn't want to participate in filming etc....

And of course, I guess you forget that Jacob earns NO SALARY FROM TLC, because he is a MINOR. No law protects minors who work in reality television and they receive no salary.

Yes, your lack of empathy, compassion, and plain common sense is why children continue to be exploited on reality television programs.

Rap541 said...

I guess the question, Judy B, is whether you would want your kid living in a stress free environment and doing well in school, or getting ready to testify in court, doing badly in school but also getting that TLC provided trip because you sold your kid out.

Judy - your kid, do you tell your kid to suck it up and be grateful as long as there's a free trip involved? Your kid says they hate filming... do you force your kid to film?

I know you don't have the courage to answer, but I am asking. Lets see if you do as always... sit silent when asked if you would treat your own child the way the Roloffs treat theirs.

Anonymous said...

As long as Matt has a chance at the bucks he doesn't care one bit. He's already been whoring his son out, why not expose him to a little more public scrutiny? The only difference is that there aren't cameras everywhere. We all know Jacob isn't anywhere near number 1. I hate to see what happens when he turns 18. I can envision a boot hitting his ass out of the door toot sweet.

BeckyM said...

In some people's world this equals good parenting:

Working Vacations with locations decided upon by Corporate Entities.

How much is free time during these vacations? If you follow the Gosselin saga very little of it. A journalist, watching one filming, saw TLC command the 8 kids to run up a huge public monument staircase a dozen times - and another occasion it was documented how many times their schoolbus was stopped and it was re-filmed for an exciting "first day" school episode. These kids are WORKING so cut the crap that these are VACATIONS. They are NOT.

Being filmed while crapping on the toilet (Gosselins by TLC), when their constipated and the aftermath (Gosselins by TLC), being knocked unconscious during a serious accident and when your failing school. To have your life public fodder for any schoolmate or adult to tease you with or demand that you smile for a photograph.

Having your parents' nitpicking fights filmed and broadcast so all your friends can ask you if your parents are divorcing.

Having your father film a fake heart attack so he can be the number one search on Google for 24 hours even though you know it was all faked up for television.

Being questioned by attorneys and know that you will have to go to court, before a judge and a jury, swear on the bible and possibly say things contrary to your parents' wishes. You don't think this isn't scary? Then you must never been in a courtroom and called as a witness.

Have your mother state on national television that she is glad to be done with parenting and she is moving on as an Empty Nester, even though you are still living at home for at least 4 more years.

Hanging out with your older brother (a questionable influence at best) who does poorly at school, is openly racist and homophobic, but is commended as a Man's Role Model by your father. No contrary information there.

But it's all worth it because you get to live on a pumpkin farm and be a charming little monkey for the tourists.

This monkey has already rebelled so I figure Jacob is at least as smart as a Zoo creature

Rap541 said...

Jocelynn - you're completely right- the Roloffs were not honest about abandoning doing the show if one kid said they didn't want to do it.

I'm not overwhelmed with sympatht for Jake in that he's fifteen and is old enough to know how to act - although I will note for Judy B that Jeremy *at the same age* was excused as a blessed little boy, oh the poor boy, oh Judy B, why now that Jake is the same age as Jeremy do you have NO "he's a BOY" comments? Judy B? Why is Jeremy excused as a little BOY while Jake is a MAN who needs to take responsibility as a MAN for everything at the same age that Jeremy was a BOY? Judy B? Judy B? You are being asked a logical question, don't be silent when you're soooooo vocal how poor widdle Jer-Bear at fifteen was a widdle baby boy who was NEVER mentally competant for the words and actions he made because he was a WIDDLE BOY!

Anyway - Jocelynn, I agree. Matt has made it clear he's a sperm donor and nothing more, and Amy is off and running on her new career since her nest is empty and yeah, I am not going to fault Molly for not raising her brother better when there's two checked out parents in the home.

Lynn C said...

Rap, I think the point that some of you are missing is that the important question is does Jacob really despise all aspects of what the live enables or does he just complain a couple of the drawbacks of it?

Everything has good and bad.

If Jacob is having a blast on his Australian vacation and telling his friends excitedly about what an amazing time he has, then I have trouble feeling sorry for the kid when people talk about how bad it is for him to be on the show.

BeckyM makes the vacation out to NOT be enjoyable for Jacob, but if he is excited about the trips and tells his friends about the great time he had, then Jacob clearly doesn't agree with BeckyM that these trips are hard work and not fun.

If he's loving the vacations but doesn't like that fans send him messages or that he needs to do some filming every couple of months or that he needs to be polite at pumpkin season, then I think he needs to understand that there's good and bad.

Because personally from my impression of Jacob, he would be the first one complaining that Billy's parents took him to Australia, that Billy's parents bought him expensive shoes, that Billy's parents bought him every video game system on the market.

I don't think Jacob is intelligent enough to think that if it wasn't for LPBW, right about now Jacob would be filling out applications for the local McDonalds so he could spend his Friday and Saturday summer nights working a part time job like a lot of other 15/16 year olds across the world.

Jacob is not mature enough to weigh all the pros and cons. The parents make the decision and do the best they can.

But there is something flawed about adults sitting back and saying look Jacob doesn't like this part of his life, therefore it's all bad because he doesn't like that he needs to do that. Because a kid like that will always complain about something in life. What you forget is that he might be complaining worse if things were different, he would be complaining about other things.

And Rap? Before you say it, it goes for Jeremy too. Jeremy needed to deal with the good and bad parts of it too if he wanted the vacations to Europe and Australia and the money to go to expensive photography school and to buy equipment.

Jeremy didn't always handle the bad parts of their life well either, but you didn't hear about the complaining about how much he hates life about Jeremy like you do Jacob and he didn't appear to be as miserable as Jacob either.

Rap541 said...

Lynn C - you and your ilk have always been very vocal how jeremy was Matt's favorite and best loved - don't you think that comes into play? There's many issues surrounding Jeremy that have been kept away from the cameras...

I recall you in the "Jeremy is a boy, a BOY" crowd... Lynn, do you agree that you suck cock as Jeremy at 15 said you do? And if you don't, do you think he was a childish boy at 15 who should be forgiven, or old enough to know he was being ungrateful when he said that about fans?

*in case its unclear, "sucking the unsuckable" is an allusion to oral sex

If we're supposed to treat Jake like the little man you want, why was precious Jeremy a BOY who deserved to be treated as an UNWITTING CHILD at the same age?

Lynn C said...

Rap, I'm not surprised that the only thing you focused on out of my entire post was Jeremy.

I said Jeremy did not always handle things well sometimes. I said Jeremy needed to deal with the bad if he liked the good.

I also said that Jeremy was not as miserable as Jacob and you didn't hear the constant "he hates the show" from Jeremy.

Most of what I said in my post was not about Jeremy.

Rap541 said...

Are you conceding Jeremy acted as badly as Jake or not?

Your entire apologistic post is basically "Jake is acting worse than Jeremy" so yes, what you think of Jeremy at age 15 is valid.

Do you think Matt and Amy protect Jake as much as they protected Jeremy? Do you think Jake needs to hear "Jake is a BOY doing tthe best he can as a normal boy, oh dear Jesus he's a BOY" whenever he behaves badly?

Do you think Matt AND Amy were flitting off every other weekend when Jeremy was a BOY oh dear god just a WIDDLE 15 year old boy?

Jeremy was consistently allowed to avoid the cameras and really, still is. He was a WIDDLE BABY BOY when he was seven and people were crapping themselves in rage over the idea that a reporter referred to him as "Amy's pouting son". He was a big old WIDDLE BABY BOY when at 15-17 he was using n-word and f*gggothole etc etc and bless us ohg dear god grant him some grac ehe's doing the best he can and he had NO IDEA what the words coming out of his mouth meant.


Lynn, why was Jeremy a BOY until well... 22 and counting, and Jake was a MAN at really 9, but I'll let you argue 15.


Rap541 said...

Oh when exactly did Jeremy get told at fifteen to man up and deal like a MAN and not a whiny little boy and testify in court?

Any one? I would like to hear tales of Jeremy the Man at Fifteen and how he Manfully Stood Up since, you know - he and Jake have had *identical* upbringings and experiences and Jeremy was put to the same stressors that Jake must now bear.

Lynn? Judy B? When did Jeremy at fifteen put his boyhood aside to be a man in court?

BeckyM said...

@ LynnC the point is the vacation is a working vacation. It means locations and what you do will be decided by others. It will not be a relaxing, hang out by the ocean, watch the dolphins vacation. Have you PERSONALLY ever done a working vacation? If you have you would realize that stress is never truly alleviated. You don't come back from them feeling rested and relaxed.

Jacobm at a private Christian school that allowed the slackers Jeremy and Zach to continue when they were failing, was kicked out due to grades and behavior. Yet removing him from the last few weeks of public school is a parental smart move you think? My 14 year old daughter this last week of school has a major French final. Not taking it could sink her A to a D. So yeah, important shit happens the last few weeks of school.

I'm sure to a point all of the kids have enjoyed aspects of their reality television career. However, I don't -like you and other baahing Sheeple - excuse away all the bad that happens because their life is an open book to the voyeurism of people like you. In your mind, because they get a vacation, all of the children should be happy they have had their private moments filmed, commented upon, put on the Internet, and judged (by YOU and Me).

JMO but I think all of them - Jeremy, Zach, Molly AND Jacob deserved better from their parents. They deserved a salary from day one - that should have been put in a trust or an educational 529. They also deserved an end stop to this "your life is for public consumption" grifting game their parents play. And when grades suffered (such as Jeremy and Zach's did years ago) the plug should have been pulled.

In your mind material things far out weigh love, a parent's protection, and interested involvement in their child's life. From your comments, it seems okay that children suffer, are humilated, do poorly at school, are filmed for long hours without any legal protections, do not receive a salary when they are minors, and are ignored or mocked by their parents as long as they get a lollipop at the end.

Your idea of good parenting, is quite frankly, sad.

cary said...

I don't see what Jeremy has to do with this. It's true that you didn't hear him say that he hated the show, but he probably didn't hate it. He seemed to like to be on camera and he certainly liked all the perks. Sure, he hates the fans, but he seemed to enjoy making fun of them, so that wasn't all bad for him, either. Jacob is a different person and, by all accounts, really does hate being on the show. I don't think it's fair to say, "well, if there is anything remotely positive that comes out of being on a reality show, he should just suck it up!" if the bad outweighs the good for him. If hates it, he hates it. Putting up straw man arguments ("I'm sure he'd be unhappy with loosing the perks and would complain about that, too!") doesn't change the actual situation. (Full disclosure: I would have hated it if my parents paraded me in front of a camera for money and I wouldn't have reacted any better than Jacob, so I feel for the kid.)

Rap541 said...

Cary - a lot the issue is that when Jeremy was at the age of 15, namecalling fans, saying they sucked the unsuckable (which btw is an indicator that there were indeed, some aspects of doing the show that he didn't like) that behavior was consistently excused with this.

"He's just a boy. You can't expect a 15 year old to know better or to handle being famous the way an adult would. Leave him alone, he's a child."

Which I disagree with and there's been several go-arounds over the years on this topic (jeremy being not responsible for himself due to his being a "boy" still occasionally gets trotted, most notibly when he was playing "throw the cat with Mueller at 20) and now that Jake is at a similar age... the hypocrisy being shown by some of Jeremy's defenders astounds me.

Look - is Jake rude to say he won't friend fans on twitter? Yup.

Was Jeremy rude when he said fans suck the unsuckable? Yup.

So why is Jeremy an innocent little boy who needs to be forgiven as he is a child, while Jake is an immature brat who needs to remember he's a man now?

We're now comparing behavior occuring at the same ages. Why isn't Jeremy an immature brat who should have known better at age 15? Jake's an immature brat who needs to man up, why is Jeremy a child needing a kiss and a cuddle for acting badly?

Personally, with the trial, and Jake's potential stress.... Look, the show is the reason there is a trial. Jake is being forced to testify against his parents because the event was filmed (and the Roloffs got paid to air their pain) and thats Jake's life at 15 - testifying in court because of Mom and Dad's reality show.

What was Jeremy doing at fifteen? Apple wars and staying out until 6am playing fugitive. Let's not pretend Jeremy has dealt with the same issues Jake has.

As I said before, I'm not overwhelmed with sympathy for Jake with the show woes because I am not overwhelmed with any of the Roloffs whining how they aren't celebrities... but I do note that Jeremy was never asked to man up and be a man at 15 and I'd really like one of the "Jeremy was a CHILD!! Oh Lord, he's just a bitty boy at 14-21, how can anyone expect a boy to show the maturity of a man when he's still a BOY" set to explain how Jake isn't a boy.

Point - "He's a boy, his brain isn't fully formed yet, you can't expect him to act like an adult" was trotted out as Jeremy's excuse for needing mommy to shake him out of bed on his big day of driving to big boy art school. What's wrong with Jeremy that he's still not a man?

Anonymous said...

Narcissism and psychopathy (synonyms really) are grown over time and that is what televising and paying the Roloffs WAY too much money have done to this family. Sadly, it's irreversable at this point. They have grown too addicted to the money and fame to ever look back, because it's their way of life now. The reality is, the money cannot continue at this fast clip and they cannot garner the same attention (hence, the cancelling of the series). After watching every episode, my wife and I are very sad to see this family is such shape, grasping for any and all methods of quick/easy income at the expense of dignity. It's the true definition of pathetic (family prostitution, that is).

Set Abominae said...

Lynn C:

I'm going to explain this to you nice and slow so that even someone with your obviously limited intellect can understand it.

A working "vacation" for a reality tv show is the equivalent to a corporate retreat.

You may be at a five star resort but your entire trip has been premeditated by corporate trip planners down to the very last second of each day, you do what you are told to do weather or not you want too or not.

As anyone who has ever been on an extended corporate retreat knows it's actually about as much fun as having your teeth drilled without any novocaine especially if you have to spend a lot of time around people you may not like being around to begin with (like the obnoxious guy from the office across the hall or say a camera crew).

Lynn C said...

Cary, this doesn't have anything to do with Jeremy. Rap turns every discussion on here and makes it about Jeremy.

Rap541 said...

Lynn C - and do you feel still that Jeremy was a boy when he was saying you suck the unsuckable at 15 years of age, and Jake was a man at 15, a man responsible for his words?

Why *don't* you want to make this comparison?

Lynn said...

Rap, I'm not going to go over this again. You attempt to derail every discussion on here into a bash on Jeremy.

I said that Jeremy is in the same boat as Jacob. He needed to deal with the good and the bad that comes with doing the tv show. I said Jeremy didn't always handle aspects of it well either.

The point you want to ignore and what this was all about was that Jeremy was not constantly miserable. You didn't hear all the rumblings about how much Jeremy hated the show and was being forced into a terrible life against his will while he vacationed in Europe.

Rap541 said...

And again, you, like your Christian buds, avoid a direct question.

Lynn - do you believe Jeremy should be excused from saying "fans suck the unsuckable" because he was fifteen?

If so, why are you harping on Jake, who is actually dealing with a much more serious issue at 15?

I'm not asking you difficult questions. Jeremy was deemed a "child" for being mouthy and sullen at 15. He was deemed a "child" at 15-17 for making racist remarks. He was deemed a "child" at 20 for allowing his buddy Mueller to torture the family cat in front of him. He was deemed a "child" for needing mommy to wake him up at 21 to go to college.

You've always backed Jeremy being deemed a "child" in these circumstances. Now we have Jake being mouthy about fans - why is Jake an adult who should know better?

You make the point about Europe. In Europe, Jeremy was walking the whore streets of Amsterdam and drinking beer. He was doing pretty much what he wanted. Jake was six years younger. Jeremy was 19, Jake was 12. Jeremy got to do what he wanted, Jake got to do what his mom wanted.

Now we have an example of similar behavior at a similar age.

Jeremy was fifteen when he said fans like you (like you, Lynn) sucked cock. Thats what "suck the unsuckable" means. You are a fan, you suck man cock.

When this happened, Jeremy was excused as a "child".

Jake refuses to friend fans. When this happens, somehwat concurent with his being asked to testify against his parents (something Jeremy has NEVER been asked to do) Jake is deemed an immature brat who needs to man up and be a man. He's fifteen, the same age that Jeremy was when Jeremy hated fans and also the same age when Jeremy liked to be racist on line and the same age as Jeremy was when the Christian set decided Jeremy was a "child" who deserved forgiveness.

Are you saying Jake does not deserve forgiveness? Lynn?

And no, I don't care that you're"not going over this again". Be an adult and respond to the questions put to you or sit silent as you usually do when you're pressed for an answer that doesn't involve whining about derailment.

Why was Jeremy a chld to be forgiven at 15 while Jake is a man who needs to be a man and own the same behavior Jeremy was a forgiven little child over?

Rap541 said...

I notice btw that your pals Dana and Judy B have as usual, shut their mouths. Why do you suppose that is, Lynn?

Laura said...

Lynn, I don't fault Jacob for not liking some things about his life, but I agree, he does strike me as a constant complainer.

Some people will always be unhappy with something.

Lynn C said...

Laura, that's it precisely.

Brian, if enough people still watch their show to make it profitable for the network and the Roloffs want to do it, why not?

There are six Roloffs.

Five of them are willingly choosing to do the show.

Another point in favor of Matt and Amy and against all the "poor kids" sentiment is the fact that the Roloff children that went from minors to adults, ALL have chosen to continue being apart of the show when they had the chance to make their own choice to opt out.

The one that isn't old enough is being established as always unhappy and a complainer. But you know what Brian?

I bet if he still has the chance, when he turns 18, Jacob would make the same choice that Jeremy made, that Zach made (who also used to be rumored to hate the show) and that Molly made.

Zach was said to hate the show. When he turned 18, did he get out? Or did he realize he liked the benefits? He continued.

Molly is said to look shy and doesn't like being on camera. When she turned 18, did she get out? No. She made the same decision as Jeremy and Zach.

That tells me that when they have some degree of maturity, they weighed the pros and cons and decided that being tv celebrities is not that bad of a life afterall.

Rap541 said...

Why won't you answer my questions ddirectly Lynn?

You're comparing Jake at 15 to hisadult siblings and suggesting he may make the same choice that they have made.... but when you're asked to compare Jake and Jeremy's behavior at the same age, you sit silent.

Come on Lynn. You're being asked simple questions.

Or be like your pals and avoid the direct questions. WHen Jeremy said fans suck the unsuckable, he was forgiven as a child at 15. WHy is Jake a responsible man at age 115 who doesn't deserve the label of "child" for the same behavior?

Rap541 said...

Btw Zach was refered to as a "suck" for not liking the show at 15-17, Lynn...

Was he a child then? Or a man? :)

Come on now, Jeremy didnt't like the show at 15 and was excused as a child. Jake has been disliking it since the inception, you know when he was a MAN of eight and being told he was being immature. WHy was Jake a man at eight and Jeremy a BOY FORGIVEN at 15 for similar behavior?

Lynn? STand tall for once an explain your position on this.

Timothy said...

If Washington County's lawyer is even the least bit competent, all he needs to do is enter Matt and Amy's Facebook pages into evidence.

Look at all the times Matt has posted about how wonderful life is and how great everything is.

For people that are supposedly saying their lives have been shattered, they sure post a lot about how wonderful they are doing.

BeckyM said...

@ BrianH WORD....

Anonymous said...

@ Timothy,

Yeah the Facebook stuff makes sense. I can say though I nearly succeeded in a suicide attempt several years ago and 2 minutes before my 15 year old son found out I was in the hospital he would have said I was 'happy, fine and not stressed about anything in life'.

Defense lawyer should be able to shoot holes in 15 year old 'child' who parents tried to protect and who is 'as a young, blah, blah, blah, self-absorbed, boy, baby of family, etc...' blissfully unaware of parents trauma.

I don't think she was traumatized either, btw.

nman said...

Where did everyone go? Is someone going to be covering the trial for Spirits?

I am anxious to see what the court does for the Roloffs

ashleigh said...

Matt & Amy posting about how great their lives are on facebook doesn't really matter as much IMO as the fact that they are constantly posting pics and updates of their know, the ones whose safety Amy is so terribly concerned with. "I'm $200G worth of shattered, but here are recent pics of our kids and here are the times/dates Matt & I will be away." Call me crazy that's not how you react when you are feeling that your family's safety is being threatened.

How much do you want to bet the Australian vacation episode will feature Molly (who had a stalker that was never arrested and therefore is still out there) in her swimsuit. The fact that it would even feature her at all if her safety is so endangered is ridiculous. As is her being out amongst the crowds during PUNkin season. Did she have a security detail of some sort?

Maybe I haven't paid enough attention but hasn't Amy been on the road MORE in recent months/years since the incident than she had been before? Again, doesn't strike me as how one would react to their children being threatened. You can make the excuse that she's trying to keep them from panicking but 1) if their safety truly is under threat, they should be made aware on some level 2) she could easily make up an excuse as to why she is spending more time at home, such as Molly will be leaving for school soon and Jake is growing up so fast...yet she doesn't. She jet sets all over the place, as does her husband.

I'd also be curious as to when Amy changed from the chest puffed out, gloating woman we saw *right* after the incident into this shattered, emotional wreck. Something tells me the former went on until one of them realized the killing they could make and then suddenly she changed.

Anonymous said...

This is so TLC...they start these ridiculous shows, they fall apart then DRAMA!
Amy Roloff was/is a big mouth, mean wife, slob. Not only into this show for herself, as noted by, zero mothering instincts. Amy was continuously berating Matt and his ideas for their home and when he did do something nice, she acted like it was no big deal.
I feel for Matt, not as a LP, but as a man trying to do his best with no kudos from his own family. I believe he just wants to be appreciated.
This show, as several others, turned from an interesting idea into one or more of the cast members making it all about themselves.
Tell 200 shows the 2 of you could not save enough of your money including reruns, that, you have to sue for $200,000 dollars? are far from being a fragile LP. I have seen your mouth, and your athletic abilities and neither are frail !!!
Get over it!
Your days as well as Kate Gosslins are over. Not exactly identical in looks but same attitude.
Why don't you be a Mom as well?
Leave Matt to be what he wants and act like a lady! You do not represent all LP!