Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Matt Roloff Says New Little People, Big World Episode In June

In a video interview with KTVO that has been posted on You Tube, Matt Roloff says they've been filming more episodes (the entire Roloff family are currently on a trip -- 'Down Under') and the next episode should air in June that will "touch people's hearts", followed by a sequence of episodes that will air later this year that Matt says will be interesting and compelling for viewers.

According to Matt in public court documents in December 2011, the Roloffs contract was set to expire in April 2012, but were in talks about doing a few more "special" episodes.

Aside from Matt talking about when more episodes will air; just a really quick summary from Matt's interview:

Matt's message is that they represent all people that have a difference and if they can get people to accept a person that is 4'2" with dwarfism and see them as a real person going through the same things, then that will open their eyes to all people who are different from them.

Matt says that people who are "different" are too hyper-sensitive and shouldn't be offended if people say something wrong or a bad word out of ignorance. Matt states that ignorance is actually a good thing because it opens the door to educating someone and if you get upset and bitter because someone said a word you don't like, that will end any possible dialog.

Matt says they are still cranking out episodes, just at a slower pace. They have no regrets. They wouldn't trade it for anything.  Matt says their biggest regret is that they aren't able to respond to everyone.


Lynn C said...

Great News! Thanks Spirit. Thanks Roloff family!

I'm looking forward to the new episodes.

A Roloff vacation in Australia should be fun.

David said...

I have one request.

Once in their life, can the Roloffs take responsibility for their decisions?

Let me get this correct. They once again, had a chance to be free from being television stars. They had a chance to go back to being private citizens, but instead have chosen to continue exploiting themselves on television because they want the attention of being celebrities.

Fine, but please can the whining stop about them needing privacy.

Abby said...

Poor Jacob, he's made it clear he hates the show but no one in that family cares.

Leigh said...

This is the Roloffs career now? Professional reality television personalities.

Kind of like "Boston Rob" from Survivor.

So much for how Amy used to say they didn't want to have their lives depend on TV. That's all they are about now, everything is based on them being celebrities.

Greg said...

Did Jeremy the photographer ditch Brooks for a TLC vacation with the Kangaroos?

We already know the Roloffs couldn't care less about Jacob's education and Zach seems to have disappeared into the black hole of PCC.

Laura said...

I don't care what anyone says, Matt gave a great speech, a great interview.

There is a lot to learn from Matt.

He's a true representative of acceptance and diversity. Every thing he said is bang on right.

The more exposure the Roloffs get from the show, the better it is. If the Roloffs are happy doing it then it's all good.

Thank you Roloff family.

Christine said...

I love how Matt makes it sound like do the public speaking out of the goodness of their hearts.

They charge a few arms and legs to "get out and meet with people".

Nothing wrong with that, if people are willing to be duped (I say duped because we all know the Roloffs are not diverse themselves and in fact support messages that do not accept people that are different from they are), but don't act like it's something they do because they love it.

Dustin said...

I agree with David about privacy. Please can they shut up about that since they do everything they can to keep on being reality stars?

As for being hyper-sensitive? Two words for you Matt? Rosie O'Donnell! Offend a Roloff and the claws come out! The Roloffs go on the Today show and rip into Rosie. Matt permits his fans calling her a fat ugly lesbian. Amy goes on and on about how hurt and angry she is.

But then Matt "teaches" that other groups shouldn't be offended at what people say. Rosie in fact admitted she was ignorant.

Rap541 said...

Wait... wait a minute.... As I recall, when Rose made her comments about fearing dwarfs, didn't Matt and Amy lead the charge against the fat lesbian bitch?

I don't recall Matt opening *any* diologue or Amy, other than "Rosie should apologize!!!"

I don't recall Matt proudly saying "Lets open a diologue on why you think judging someone to be a fat lesbian bitch is an appropriate way to discuss physical appearence".

Jake huney? Your daddy and mommy continue to have no regrets that they sold your privacy!

Brett said...

I wonder if TLC pays the tab for these "work trips."

Lynn C said...

Rap, Matt said he wanted to give Rosie a great big hug.

It was Amy that expressed anger and hurt over Rosie's comments and fans.

You can't hold Matt accountable for how Amy reacts or his fans.

Rap541 said...

Lynn - he's a man.

Isn't he?

It's his facebook page and he does indeed have the twig and berries to stand up and say "Don't use foul language" when *football teams* are cursed.

Is "fat lesbian *bitch*" NOT a curse?

Lynn? How about it? Matt certainly didn't have his manhood the day his fans stood around maligning Rosie O'Donnel about her weight and sexuality and personality...

But complain about a football team with a cuss like "damn" and Matt and his staff are RIGHT THERE.

So excuse me if after 12 hours and several hundred vocal complaints about that fat, stupid, ugly, bitchy, nasty, , woman, I am not impressed that Matt couldn't stand up and say "stop namecalling".

Oh right, he did nothing. I will remember that the next time someone whines about "midget". Why should I stand up for someone different when Matt Roloff won't?

"Fat lesbian bitch", Lynn. All over Matt's public image Facebook. It sends a message... a message that he's FINE with it.

Rap541 said...

Btw Lynn, I am holding Matt accountable for being a man and saying "don't be offensive" when his *football* team is cussed, and sitting silent when his fans are calling out the FAT LESBIAN BITCH ALL OVER HIS FACEBOOK.


If I called Amy *fat* or *lesbian* or *bitch*, you'd be *bitching*, Lynn, right?

If I called Jeremy *gay*, you'd be *bitching*, right? If I called Jeremy a *loser* you'd be *bitching* right?

Spiritswander is held accountable as a *hater* for what people who post here say, right?


Matt and Amy, who don't know Spirit, openly hold Spirit accountable for what other people say on Spirit's blog.


I'm serious, and of course, you'll sit silent since the double standard of "Protect the Roloffs and don't hold the Roloffs accountable for the same behavior" is in play.

Lynn? Hand on the Bible, Jesus is watching - why is Spirit held accountable for what's said here by people who aren't Spirit, while Matt isn't accountable for what people say on his multiple sites?

I'd really like a coherant answer and not a "You're being impossible, asking me to be logical, so I will name call you as irrational" response.

Leesa said...

Amy said on fb just this week
"Looks like Australia in near future. Hope it happens. Can't wait!" but you say they are already there. Hmmm.

AussieGirl said...

SPirit is right. Roloffs are here.

David said...

Leesa, Amy lies.
In fairness, they are most likely under orders not to talk about their vacation that will air in an episode, but Matt and Amy have loose lips, therefore they hint and make things sound like it's still up in the air.

Odd that Matt, Amy and Jeremy have suddenly went quiet on their fan pages? I think not.

Set Abominae said...

For the love of god Matt just take your stupid dog and pony show and GO AWAY.

Everything this family does is one giant work on the audience, nothing is real nothing is honest and worse still is the fact that the suprefans are too stupid to realize that it's all a giant lie.

BeckyM said...

Watching the Roloffs tour Australia must be TLC's goodbye gift to their reality hos since Kate Gosselin did it on her farewell kick up the arse.

This sounds as exciting as paint drying. Roloffs tour a nature park, Roloffs pet a kangeroo, Roloffs hold a koala, Matt snipes at Amy, Amy snipes at Matt, the kids treat their parents with disrespect, Jeremy takes his shirt off, Zach gets to shyly say hello to a girl, Jacob avoids the camera or looks sulky, and Molly avoids work and is the "good" kid as scripted by TLC....

Really? Really people? This is what brings in about a million viewers nowadays? Gawd. It's obvious why cable stations are loosing viewership in droves and thus advertising revenue.

Just take your Dumb-as-rocks pill so your mind will be at the level as to whatever fake, "heartwarming" piece of slop TLC and the reality hos who don't want ANY publicity COUGH COUGH can dole out to you.

As for me, I'm celebrating my son graduating from highschool as the 2nd highest GPA of the graduating class and with two A's in the two college classes he took this spring.

I will also be reading a book.

Leesa said...

For some reason I actually enjoy some of their shows. I watch the reruns on tv in the mornings when they are on. I like the first shows, when their house was a normal house and they seemed like normal people. As the show went on you can see a drastic change and how the money they made on the show influenced them. it was all trips and house remodel and speaking engagements and celebrity whatever. A show about a rich family going on vacation isn't fun to watch. They aren't like the rest of us anymore. And the lying and leading fans on is awful. Yet I still watch, I enjoy seeing Zach wgen he was little. Jeremy turned into a brat, Jacob is a mess and truky they would have been much better off staying normal and off reality tv.

Rap541 said...

Leesa - more importantly Matt broke his silence to inform us he's on a massive tour of Australia.

Becky - I'm actually curious to see what the crew does with them in Australia. I have relatives there (Its amazing how british colonialism flung the clan about) and I am wondering what tidbits of culture the Roloffs glean from this.

Or you know, if we spend the entire special listening to Jeremy mangle the English language and cry "I've got to get Zach out of his comfort zone!"

Btw - with Zach finishing up year three at the community college, where per Matt, he's been doing great... Is Zach ever going to get his two year associates degree?

Greg said...

Lets spell this out for anyone that still thinks the Roloffs have an honest bone in their body.

Matt posts a picture of the Roloffs on a plane.

After Matt posts that picture, Amy posts "Looks like Australia in the near future. Hope it happens!"

Lets admit. Mrs Christian lady Amy is a lying piece of garbage!

Unless you believe that while on the plane, Amy did not know their destination. Maybe they walked blind-folded on the plane to spice things up and had no idea where they would land. Yeah, that's plausible!

What other explanation is there for Amy posting that she was unsure they were headed to Australia? "Looks like Australia in the near future, hope it happens", while they were already headed there and on the plane! Did she have a real fear that the plane was going to crash and that's the uncertainty??

God, these Roloffs don't have an honest bone in their body.

I don't just criticize I offer a solution. Amy had a couple of choice.

#1. Shut up and don't post anything about Australia or where you are on vacation.

#2. If she wants to be honest, simply say "We're going to Australia, I'm excited".

But no no no. Roloffs must throw in a lie.

Rap541 said...

Greg, its all part of the game.

Amy etc will insist its not a lie since she wasn't officially on a plane on her way to Australia when she said it.

Likewise Matt posting pictures himself on a plane "we don't want to give away *everything* to the silly fans" - but remember if you do say he's in Australia, you get called a liar, and when its discovered to be the truth, oh dear god, the Roloff *privacy* must ALWAYS be considered...

BeckyM said...

Rap this is TLC we are talking about. Just go watch the Kate in Australia ep and you will nail all the same activities that will be shown on this Heartwarming Special.

A few years back Bed Bath and Beyond were selling dvds of mindless images you could play for background scenary on your television. For example, they had a fire in a fireplace and a group of puppies playing in a window. I do have to write that the puppies were mesmerizing!

Looks like they have an aquarium one too. Much nicer to look and probably actually lowers your blood pressure! Yeah Puppies and Fish!

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Rap, I'm wondering with your mention of relatives and 'British Colonialism", how did they get there? They didn't get there by uh, well, ahem, cough cough, "transportation", did they? Were they steering the boat, or paddling it? Now don't take this the wrong way, Rap. Nowadays it is considered cool or downright chic to be a descendant or partial therein of a member of the original uh, ahem, "colony".
Just curious.
Oh by the way, in Matt's interview that Lynn C is crowing about, he most certainly did NOT mention minorities such as gays, communists, bleeding heart liberals in his list pleading for acceptance and compassion.

Brandon said...

Podge, you're underestimating Matt.

He doesn't name the groups he wants to speak on behalf of, but he makes sure to put out his message that booking Matt Roloff is booking a diverse man that speaks about compassion and acceptance for all who have a difference.

Matt (and Amy) do that on purpose. They know that "Book me for $7000, I'll talk about accepting dwarfism" will only appeal to a small segment of people.

But if the social justice committee (that has a gay faction) in a Texas University mistakenly thinks that Matt and Amy (or get fooled by Matt) into thinking that Matt and Amy speak about a larger message of acceptance for all groups, then that means more $ for Matt and Amy and they need more money to buy Jeremy his next camera and the latest phone on the market.

Rap541 said...

Now *Podge*, I assure you we were dispersed about the globe due to our military prowess! :)

In fact that side of the family emigrated there after WW2. So no sordid tales there... :)

Becky - Yes I assume there will be obligatory koala bears and kangaroos, Jer-Bear surfing at the beach, Amy taking pictures of the Sydney Opera House...

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

What amused me in "vacations" past was the absolute disparity between how Amy 'runs' the vacation and how the family reacts. Most notably Florence, IT. going to churches and cathedrals (why they never even set foot in St. Peter's Basilica is beyond me) She says, "We have 5 minutes!!" then BANG, let's move on. Run here, run there, run here ad nauseum. it's obvious the rest of the family hates this, but why she is so inconsiderate baffles me.
Remember 'way back, season 2 I think(?) or 3, when Jeremy James Jesus went on a vacation with his first girlfriend's (Sarah?) family. He commented on camera how relaxed it was, like get up and 'yaw so what do you want to do, chill, and our vacations are always so 'driven' (Jeremy's exact term) like OK, now we're doing this and OK we have to go here and do this. It's on camera and undeniable. It's not the producers, not the storyline cheat sheet, just push push push.

Anonymous said...

So they took Jacob and Molly out of school for a minimum of two weeks to film a TLC special. Glad the Roloffs have their priorities straight. They couldn't wait until summer to go to Australia?

Jocelynn said...

Anon, I totally agree with you.

For gosh sakes, Jacob was expelled last year! According to Matt and Amy, he was expelled for poor grades.

What kind of parents pulls their kid out of school for a week or a week and a half for a huge trip like Australia when the kid failed out last year?

I guess if TLC is willing to pay for them to go to Australia, that's all Matt and Amy care about that. A free trip or Jacob's school? I know what is important to Amy and Matt.

PodgeRodge, I think the vacations we see on the show are all staged. The bickering, all of it. Staged. The rush rush is probably because the whole purpose of the vacation is to get them stuff to film. It's one filming opportunity after another.

Rap541 said...

Jocelynn - I'm sure the Roloffs will claim its an incredible opportunity for *learning* etc etc etc.

Let's just acknowledge the elephant in the room. School just isn't very important to the Roloffs. I mean, yes Matt and Amy say the right words, don't get me wrong, but taking the "he wasn't turning in his assignments" stuff at face value - yes, Jake being kicked out of school is a failure in *parenting*.

Of *both* parents. Matt lives at home, Matt works at home. Matt gets the school notices just like Amy, Matt can take five minutes once a week to call the school and see if Jake is turning in his work. If Matt feels Amy isn't doing a good job, Matt has made it very clear he will have his way and steam roll over Amy if he cares about something. Based on Matt's comments and actions, building the go-tel and getting himself back on tv was much more important. I'm not letting Amy off the hook, btw, merely pointing out that Matt is a *father* and if he chooses to dump all the parenting on Amy, then he's a dad who dumps his responsibilities on someone else.

He did the same thing when Jeremy and Zach were merrily failing in school. He's the dad when its time to be proud, and when the kids suck, *Amy* should have done something. Now frankly, I hope it was just a bad fit at Faith, but I suspect, based on some sources, that its not.

Jocelynn - I think some of the vacation stuff is totally staged but I think what Podge is refering to is that Amy, for some reason, goes into "gotta see it all" mode on vacations while Matt is perfectly content to hang around the hotel and tan.

Everyone knows its winter there, right now? Granted Sydney is pretty tropical with winter highs of 68 degrees fahrenheit.

David said...

This is just a small thing, but one that I think shows Matt's bias.

Why hasn't Matt posted a picture on his Facebook page of Jeremy sleeping on the plane with his mouth open?

I notice that Matt doesn't mind embarrassing Zach, but never does the same thing his the Golden Boy.

Rap541 said...

David, psst - Jeremy is the favorite and Zach is the *loser*. Take a look back at the privacy post where I reference how no one on the Roloff staff ever has a problem with Zach being called out or name called?

Funny that.

And to a lesser extent, Molly and Jake also get the "Matt's crap children" treatment.

Lynn C said...

David, come on now. I don't think Zach cares about a silly Facebook picture.

You're reaching to say it's favoritism.

soo funny!!! said...

You all just crack me up ....with all the crap thats going on in this economy etc & whine whine biotch and moan over LPBW..small taters *lol*

Rap541 said...

Yeah, maybe we should be like Matt and in this economy lol and crack ourselves up bragging about our TLC trip to Australia being oh so crack me up secret, and you know, whine, and biotch over how he's gotta race home to plant the punkins! :)

Funny with all the crap going on in this economy, the Roloff response is to... what exactly? :)

Timothy said...

Yeah, it's funny that "So funny" has the time and cares so much in this terrible economy to search out a blog about this television show that he doesn't care about...or does care about, but in this terrible economy wants to read only positive things about the Roloffs.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Don't forget about Matt being so concerned about the economy he files a frivolous lawsuit against Washington County and files an absolutely stupid subpoena against Spirit and this blog. Then he whines whines and bItches about how little money he has, then says he making a million a year. Nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk.

Rap541 said...

Yeah, the Roloffs are VERY sensitive about the economy aren't they?

Oh wait... funny how whenever their money issues(as they displayed on their real and raw and true tv show) get discussed, we get a flurry of folks "loling" and "cracking up" (aka making fun) over how the Roloffs are RICH and somehow Matt has his *employees* (employees who are truckers, who, while well paid, are clearly not on the *Roloff* level of RICH) assuring us at every breath how Matt is just raking it in and, gosh golly its not egotistical bragging when your *peon* employees theoretically are posting for you.

Funny how none of Matt's employees who brag about Matt manfully making millions ever have the chops to use their real names :)

You'dd think - since *Matt* openly states he wants people to use their real names, you'd think all the gents down at the trucking company who are proud to work for Matt would LOVE to say "I'm Jorge Rodriguez, I haul dirt for Matt Roloff, and Matt is making a MILLION dollars off this".

Rap541 said...

I'm really curious, with the economy being what it is... apparently that means the Roloffs really should decline being on tv since people want to see more stuff about the economy, right?

How dare Matt and Amy do a frivolous tv show, with the economy being what it is!

Oh wait... let me guess, this is one of those double standard things, right? Where its perfectly ok for the Roloffs to do a frivolous reality show, despite the economy, but if anyone discusses the show becayond "Jesus bless the Roloffs! BLESS THEM!", well... all those negative nellies need to shut up because discussing the show is a waste of time, what with the economy and all.

Christine said...

Tomorrow is Jeremy and Zach's birthday. Is the Australia trip going to be sold as their birthday present? A birthday for the spoiled twins never goes without a big deal.

Kyle said...

Christine: Nice catch that the Australia trip might be presented as a birthday present (basically from TLC who is footing the bill) for the twins.

Greg: thanks for finding and pointing out a clear case of Amy trying to drum up interest but in the end flat out lying, like a good Christian.

so funny!!! Just because we're here doesn't mean we don't care about the current state of politics or the economy. Focusing on those topics 24/7 would kill us all from depression.

"A show about a rich family going on vacation isn't fun to watch." EXACTLY. Couldn't agree more. MAYBE they'll try and push it off like the laughable "relief cruise to Haiti" but this trip should have a mission, like volunteering to help Aborigine orphans, bringing his LP stools and overall awareness to LP needs to Australia. SOMETHING other than a well to-do family's great trip Down Under (oh and that family just happens to have some LPs)((they can travel, they can surf, they can walk on the beach, they can pet a kangaroo and hold a koala THEY'RE JUST LIKE NORMAL-SIZED PEOPLE!!!))

All this being said I WILL watch the special to see if it is going to be just a free vacation for the undeserved or a purpose-filled vacation, and to see how much tension there is between Jacob and his parents whom he will be testifying AGAINST in a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight: the Roloffs claim "Amy" was shattered by the county trespassing on their property (and need $200,000 compensation), yet she carries on filming more episodes, writing cook-books (that aren't really her recipes), and taking inter-contenental vacations with the cameras rolling.

What shams, scam artists, and liers this family is. They hide behind such terms as, "Christians!" - Don't they know God is watching?

BeckyM said...

These two last weeks of my kids' public school I've been very busy. For 15 year old daughter I've attended her National Junior Honor Society induction and an Awards Assembly. The last gave me a chance to meet her teachers, thank and compliment them, and receive feedback from them on my daughter's educational abilties. On Monday, the day before the end of school, she has two finals - one in French and one in Math. Not to make these finals would plummet her A grade to C or below.

Meanwhile, other students, members of choir, band, orchestra or various scholastic teams also got recognized at the assembly with well over 1,000 parents, grandparents. relatives and friends.

With my graduating son, we have an Awards Assembly, Senior Luncheon, Graduation Ceremony where he will be giving a speech to the graduating class because he is 2012 Salutatorian, end of the parties being held by parents, and a School picnic where I can meet his teachers (to thank them and get feedback) and to visit with other parents.

Wow! I wonder what Jacob missed these last 3-4 weeks by being skipped out of school by his grifting, reality-ho parents? Oh but that's okay!! He got to go on a free, working vacation to Australia where maybe he got a lollipop from Chris C. and had plenty of time to be ignored by his parents! That's SPECIAL!!

Anonymous said...

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