Thursday, June 7, 2012

Preview Clip Of Little People, Big World Episode June 10, 2012

Here is a preview clip of the Little People, Big World episode that will air June 10, 2012 on TLC. The episode is about Amy's 50th birthday (Amy's birthday is actually in September).


Nancy said...

How much more fake can they get? We're supposed to believe that they are planning Amy's birthday party? When it's in September??

Greg said...

Jacob looks as enthusiastic as ever to be filming!

Last time his only line in the episode was "Your (Amy's) cooking is disgusting". I wonder his line will be this episode?

Michelle said...

Why is Jacob playing around in a wheel chair? Can't they donate that wheelchair to a person that needs it?

Kyle said...

So not only do they lie about her birthday but also the age, by 2 years? Why can't Matt just say "y'know Amy planned this great party for my 50th and I really wanted to give her a surprise trip her to show my appreciation" instead of fake birthday/fake age. I don't think '50th birthday celebration' has that much of an extra draw to lure in viewers and Amy certainly can't be happy with everyone now thinking she's two years older than she really is.

Brandon said...

Kyle, why lie about their correct birthdays?

One answer is to give them some stupid plot, but even that's hard to buy because they have a history of lying for the sake of lying.

Remember the Bahamas vacation in August during season 2 or 3?

They said it was Jacob's birthday and Matt wanted to plan a treasure hunt.

His birthday is in January! If they really wanted to fill the gap with a treasure hunt, why not just say they're doing a treasure hunt for Jacob because they thought he'd like it? Why lie and say it was his birthday in August?

BeckyM said...

Giving it a label of birthday or anniversary or whatever, excuses the excesses and makes the event appear more important then it really is. I imagine to the gullible viewer (who doesn't understand how reality television really works) it seems real and they feel they are sharing a moment with "friends."

All Reality Ho's have to produce fake drama. Has no one here ever seen a Real Housewives episode? All manufactured, just like the Roloffs television "specials."

Amy and Matt are so entertaining after all. *YAWN*

Rap541 said...

Becky, the one exception is the "Scary Island" incident on RHONYC :)

And the "Rat vs Snake" speech on Survivor! :)

Susan Coles said...

Rap, the Rat VS Snake speech on the original Survivor was the most scripted moment in the history of reality tv. It made for a good scene, but come on Rap! S-C-R-I-P-T-E-D!!!

Rap541 said...


Susan, I refuse to accept that! *REFUSE!*

(rocks in a ball crying no!)


sassenach said...

I hope the episode is a bit more interesting than the so-called preview although that certainly will not be difficult.
I think it is long past time to put this show - and the Roloffs - to rest.

sassenach said...

I am beginning to wonder if the Roloffs and TLC aren't smarter than we give them credit for?
Maybe the decining ratings tipped them off that the show is rubbish so they are going after a different audience. An audience that will tune in just to see how bad, deceptive, dishonest and stupid the show can get.

Bob said...

Wikipedia lists Amy's age as currently being 47 and her birthdate as September 17, 1964. She will not be 50 until September 17, 2014! For being such upstanding "Christians" the Roloffs seem to lie as naturally as they breathe.

Timothy said...

Wiki cites IMDB which is often wrong. IMDB still has Jacob's birthday wrong.

The best way to find someone like Amy's correct age is to go back to the very first articles about them before they got attention.

According to the first article about them, Amy is one year younger than Matt and Matt turned 50 last year.

Amy is turning 50, it's just it is in September not June or May or whenever they filmed this facade.

In this article, April (before their birthdays in 98) 1998 it says Matt is 36 (1961) and Amy is 35 (1962)

Set Abominae said...

"What happens if molly is making a smoothie and the blender jams then she puts her hand in it to get the blockage out and it cuts her finger off?"

Dance a jig???

Anyone who is stupid enough to put their hand in a blender that has jammed and is still on deserves to get hurt.

Sarah said...

I miss season 1-6! :(