Sunday, June 3, 2012

Preview Of The Next Little People Big World / Roloff Episode June 10, 2012

TLC has their preview description up of the next Little People, Big World special on June 10th at 8pm.

This one is called "Amy's 50th" (note that factually, Amy's birthday is Sept 17th).

Jun 10, 8:00 pm (60 minutes) Little People, Big World: Amy's 50th The confluence of Amy's 50th birthday and Matt and Amy's 25th wedding anniversary inspires Matt to take Amy on an adventurous and romantic road trip to California. The couple re-trace their honeymoon steps in San Francisco and Matt surprises Amy.


Melissa said...

Same old, same old.

Lying about birth dates to give them material. Didn't they already go back to SF in an episode. Riveting stuff.

The lawsuit, Jacob being expelled...but instead they manufacture material which is as boring as watching paint dry.

Ashley said...

Does this mean only Matt and Amy are going to be in it?

They changed the banner, got rid of the kids and replaced it with Matt and Amy only.

Justin said...

According to Wiki Amy is 48 right now.

Didn't they used to say Amy was 2 years younger than Matt? He's 50.

Will she even be 50 this year?
They are desperate.

David said...

What happened to the ridiculously expensive trip to Australia?
Does that mean there will be even another episode to make som money for these greedy people?

Rap541 said...

David, my guess is that the Austrralia trip will be presented as happening after Molly graduates.

I am very very curious to see if this upcoming special is presented as "We decided to go on a trip NOW to celebrate our anniversary/Amy's birthday that is actually in september but timing/the farm/the kids made it easier to go now" or "Our Anniversary and Amy's Birthday are NOW IN APRIL when this was filmed AND WE ARE NOT LYING AND ANYONE WHO REFERENCES THE MULTIPLE EPISODES THAT CLEARLY STATE THAT AMY AND MOLLY SHARE THE SAME BIRTHDAY IN SEPTEMBER ARE HATING LIARS WHO LIE ON THE LOVING CHRISTIAN HONEST ROLOFFS OH DEAR GOD BLESS THEM BLESS THEM OH DEAR GOD BLESS THEM!!!!"

I kinda suspect it will be the second. I hope, simply for their sake, that it's the first.

krisa said...

Another scripted episode. Yawn. Someone wrote that the first year was the most truthful, realistic season. I agree.

Anonymous said...

Since it's okay for CareBearJer to make offensive remarks, I would like to call out a couple of people with my own insensitive remarks.

Dana... full blown retard.

Chris Car-w/e-the-f***... misspells at least one word every sentence and his grammar is atrocious.

All of the people crediting the Roloff's for Peter Dinklage's success are blatantly stupid and living proof of why this economy is falling apart.

The Rolling Rock Church members showing up to defend CareBear to no end... you sound like a cult. You say things like "you can't be gay and a Christian". According to the Christian religion, maybe not. But it's named after Jesus Christ(ian) and I'm pretty sure he loved and forgave everyone. Where did he say to condemn gay people? Pretty sure he forgave people. Mary Magdaline comes to mind.

If you're going to literally interpret the Bible and say gays are going to hell and can't be Christian... you must be okay with stoning your children, selling your daughters and beating your slaves. Or do you rule that out because someone rewrote your Bible? The original Bible should be the only true Bible, right?

Lots of sick people here and this coming from someone who believes in God.

M said...

Did she lie about her age? I thought she was born in 1964.

Roc440 said...

I like this show,obviously bashers are jealous...I guess in a down economy people look at other peoples accomplishments and get jealous..

Kyle said...

Wow this came up quick. Have seen no adverts and the show is this week! Sounds like TLC is just blowing off another episode (during the summer when viewership is already lower.)

Just a few months ago, episodes focused on whether they'd even stay together, I hope this retracing of their honeymoon steps isn't going to come across as forced as I imagine Amy making it out to be. A divorce and Matt recasting, I mean Matt remarrying would surely bring in the drama and viewers!

All this being said I'd LOVE to be a writer on the show. I can come up with better than the boring ol' junk you keep feeding us! LPBW producers hit me up!

Anon 5th said...

Thought one more thing to add.

I liked and respect what Jen Montzingo had to say. She's obviously well read and intelligent. I wish I had the restraint she does in responding kindly to stupid comments.

P.s. Enjoy your crab and lobster Stone Rock. You can't be gay and a christian? You also can't eat shellfish and be a Christian. Oh well... you seem to be stuck on the gay thing so who cares about the rest of the passages you don't abide by. Pretty sure you're not supposed to get drunk either but it's cool if JerBear does. What you call "sipping on beer", I call taking a shot of 50% alcohol. That's more than a 12oz can of light bear in a single swallow.

At least you have a d-lister attending your church to spread your messed up beliefs. Nobody will even remember him in another year or two.

Anon 6th said...

Yawn Yawn Yawn ...whoever said that the Roloffs have already done the San Fran thing is right ...YAWN YAWN YAWN...

Jocelynn said...

Kyle, I agree with you about the boring scripted phony episodes.

However, I think the ironic thing is that if the show was actual reality, there would be enough to make an interesting show.

Jacob being expelled and the subsequent reasons that are causing it is a real issue.

Heck, the Roloffs being obsessed with Spiritswander and the whole Subpoena thing is interesting.

The trial, everything they said under oath. That's viewer-worthy. On Rap's suggestion, I got a Pacer ID and read some of the documents.

Did you know under oath, Matt locks (actually locks the door, only 2 people have the key and Amy is not one of them!) himself in his office and eats his meals alone. There is obviously a lot of real dysfunction in the Roloffs real lives in spite of their happy facade publicly.

Then you add in a segment on all the REAL stuff Jeremy does with his friends.

Heck, all these girls he hangs out with in Santa Barbara while having a girlfriend at home...there must be drama in that story line!

However, that's really what was the downfall of the show.

The first season was real. Then the Roloffs wanted more privacy and more control over how they are portrayed.

Therefore the show is all contrived plots, an attempt to bolster their public image and promote their products (pumpkins, cook books, etc.) and silly meaningless stuff like arm wrestling and go kart competitions.

Rap541 said...

Yeah, Jocelynn, the fact that Matt admits under oath that he locks himself into his office - the one in the barn, not the one in the house - and doesn't allow Amy (or precious Jeremy) access and eats alone in his office is one of those "Hmm... am I really jealous of that" moments.

And yes, I somehow doubt Jeremy is a pure Christian virgin who gave his daddy his virginity to hold until his marital night. ;)

Roc440 - what are we jealous of? Matt's sad little meals alone in his office, or the fact that he locks himself in there and only allows Caryn and Molly access to him?

(Yes, Dana, Judy B, Lynn, Matt has only given *Molly* and his *assistant Caryn* the code to his office... Thats *swearing to God and Jesus under oath*)

Set Abominae said...


In no way am I "jealous" of the Roloffs and their dysfunctional toxic family dynamic or their highly undeserved fame.

It angers me to see people as undeserving as Matt & Amy being treated as if they have "done something special" by doing a low rent reality show on a third rate network, especially so when you consider how many people there are in the world who would be so much better served by that sort of attention.

Matt has done nothing to earn the money he has other than sign away his families privacy.

Amy is just as bad as Matt because she went along with it and now apparently she is stupid enough to actually believe their press.

Zach Molly and Jacob had their privacy stolen from them because daddy was too lazy to go and get a real 9-5 job like the rest of the world has.

And Jeremy is and always has been a lost cause with a gigantic ego who is unworthy of all the praise and adulation he receives from his idiot parents.

Lark said...

I'm so excited! I can't wait to not watch!

BeckyM said...

@ Set: Roloffs, Gosselins, Kardashians and Lilies of the Field such as these are exactly why I kissed cable television goodbye. $100 in my pocket each month to do better stuff with my family such as camping, vacations, paying for dance and Tae Kwon Do lessons, etc...

These types of parasites continue to dumb down America and some folks just continue to lap it up like Mothers' Milk. There's always Sheeple, so don't let them get to you - I find their gullibility amusing.

Kyle said...

Jocelynn, you're absolutely right. If there wasn't the enormous filter put on LPBW by having Matt and Amy co-producing shows and have the other production staff being their friends, yeah we would see all the stuff they hide from cameras to make their lives seem all hunkydory. That's the reality in reality tv that makes it worth watching!

Sally said...

I miss season 1-6 :( Did they change production team or something?

A6 said...

I love all you haters. Just found this on Amy's Facebook Fanpage. What good have you done that matches what Amy and Matt do for their community? Looks like ARCF has raised over 400k over 3 years to help kids and you people are here ripping them down. In hard times you guys seems to be an exemplary example of hating and the jealous retrograde fringe of pop culture. It is ever present that most of you posters are depressed, uninformed, and jealous people who have no idea about charity, media, philanthropy, and giving. But of course, as Spirits lets you, you make up entirely uninformed and divisive arguments that trash a great family constantly. Keep hating while Amy and crew do work to make a real difference. Unlike this blog has ever done other than breed more hate and vitriol.

NJC said...

A6's comment made me curious. You can typically find tax returns for charitable foundations on line. I could only find one for ARCF but as you can see there's a rather big difference between what is "raised" and what is actually donated. In 2010 they raised $178 thousand and after expenses donated $37 thousand. (Looks like 2009 was probably a similar type situation and they donated $43 thousand that year)

I'm not pointing this out to be negative, just to add some context. All charities have expenses, and many of them use the same "throw an expensive party for a good cause" model that ARCF does. Netting over $80,000 for charitable causes in 2 years is commendable.

Oh and A6, I'm sure there are plenty of people on this "hater" website who do a significant amount for charity. Heck one of the most recent topics is about making a donation. So maybe keep your judging to yourself.

Rap541 said...

Not sure if my first post went thru.

A6, oh thats so impersonal, can I call you Chris? Chris, I normally don't get into this conversation because frankly too many fans interprete it as suggesting that Matt and Amy's little vanity charities aren't legit (and as I put it to someone on once, I really don't think Matt or Amy are foolish enough to commit fraud so....) but here goes.

I don't see *AMY* saying she's raised over 400k for charity in three years, and frankly, yes, I will need more than her word and the word of her lackey to accept her numbers.

You're complaining people are uninformed - Amy has a ARCF facebook and can publically crunch the numbers on where her charity foundation got over 400k, and what they did with over 400k. Or she can say nothing, and when whine how everyone is so uninformed.

And really, Chris, "you just jealous depressed haters who just don't know what charity is" is hardly NOT vitriol. Lets see - people were commenting on how dull the upcoming special is and you wander in with your vitriol about how we all need to lick the Roloff shoes because we're dirt and the Roloffs are sooooo much better....

I'm curious Chris, did you really think with your rage and name calling and hate and your ripping on everyone here that everyone here was going to say "Well, gosh and golly, we *are* crap under the shoes of Amy and Matt Roloff, we're dirt, thanks A6"?


And btw "You guys seem to be an exemplary example of hating and the jealous retrograde fringe of pop culture"..... do you even know what you wrote?

Timothy said...

NJC and Rap, I wouldn't pay any attention to the numbers that the ARCF claims to have given.

Read their press releases about any of their events. Google "Amy Roloff Charity Foundation press release and you will see what I mean. Whether it's about Amy Charity cruise or her Golf Tournament and dinner events. Anytime the press release states a figure for the money raised, there is a disclaimer in very TINY print at the bottom.

Because the fine print in real speak, says the numbers aren't accurate, don't have to be accurate and they are under no obligation to correct their numbers.

Here it is:

The statements made in this press release that are not historical facts are "forward-looking statements." These forward-looking statements are
based on current expectations and assumptions that are subject to risks and uncertainties.

The Company cautions readers of this press release that
a number of important factors could cause Amy Roloff Charity Foundation’s actual future results to differ materially from those expressed in
any such forward-looking statements. Such factors include, without limitation, product delays, industry competition, rapid changes in technology
and industry standards, protection of proprietary rights, maintenance of relationships with key personnel, vendors and third-party developers,
international economic and political conditions.

The Company may change its intention, belief or expectation, at any time and without notice,
based upon any changes in such factors, in the Company's assumptions or otherwise.

The Company undertakes no obligation to release publicly any revisions to any forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date hereof or to reflect the occurrence of
unanticipated events.

What this means? The numbers ARCF claims to have raised MEANS NOTHING! That's what the disclaimer is saying.

Kyle said...

A6 you can't cast a blanket statement and claim we know nothing of charity, media and giving. I work in TV production, I volunteer, I donate items and money and I also dislike things about the Roloffs that have nothing to do with Amy's charity.

Disclaimers and raising vs actually donating reminds me of a story I saw on the news about a company that raised $54 million for war vets but DONATED $0. All of their expenses were going to the company help raising funds. Bigger point yeah watch out between raised and donated.

Amy could really care about doing charity work and the people she's helping, but all her events are fancy dinners, cruises, golf outings. Hard not to have fun fundraising when you know you can pay for a party with donations received and claim them as expenses.

Doing charity doesn't absolve you of all lies, wrongdoings, false lawsuits, homophobia and give you a free pass to 'everyone must be nice to me, no critiques allowed.'

Rap541 said...

Timothy - I am sure ARCF (and CODA) are using standard legalese in such disclaimers and it doesn't bother me.

What bothers me is our pal A6, or as I call him, "Chris", is using ARCF's lack of disclosure (and let me be fair, ARCF has no requirment to disclose their financial workings or where the money goes) as a reason to crap on people. Frankly, this is the first I've heard that ARCF made 400k in three years and someone named "A6" is hardly a witness at a deposition. *AMY* certainly hasn't said this, and ARCF has never made any official statements... but somehow we're all on the hook for not being informed.

But if we seek out that info, we're being creepy fans.

But if we don't give Amy credit for her charity work, we're being uninformed and spreading lies.

But if we don't accept random comments from "A6" as pure truth and ask for real comment from Amy herself, we're hating on Amy and making creepy fan demands because Amy is so private!

I get A6's little game here "Oh you people are just HATING! Amy is LOVE and anyone who dares question that is HATING! Anyone who says they also do charity work is LYING! And its certainly not 400k! And Amy doesn't have to prove that 400k! But you HATERS have to prove every cent of charity work and you're still LYING HATERS!"

After a while, its hard to give the Roloffs credit for anything when its very clear that their lackeys like A6 make it very clear just how much lower than the Roloffs we all are.

I am sure we'll be getting a follow up from A6 on how the Roloffs love all their fans and don't *really* expect their fans to say "Everything a Roloff says is True! Matt and Amy are better than me! I'm dirt down here, AMy and Matt are UP above me because they make more money!"

Btw has everyone else noticed that the go-to comment is "Anyone who criticizes the Roloffs is monetarily poor"? That says a great deal about what the Roloff camp thinks, doesn't it?

Rap541 said...

But of course, as Spirits lets you,

This caught my eye, A6, or as I like to call you, "Chris". Chris, you're holding Spirit responsible for what people who post here say.

What amuses me about that is that Matt Roloff apparently isn't responsible for what people post on his "public figure facebook". SO when his fans tell him they want to stand by his side and punch faggots for him, or that Rosie O'Donnel is a fatass lesbian bitch who deserves to go over a cliff... funny how Matt *can't control* whats being said and isn't responsible. Funny how SPirit is accountable for what we all say... but Matt Roloff *isn't accountable*.

Yet another double standard...

Sharon said...

@ Rap541 - no my name isn't Chris it's Sharon who has volunteered for the last 3 year with ARCF to help kids and families in need. Thank you for all your attacks it speaks volumes of our character and mislead intuition which some on this site gauge as fact.

Fact to your fiction - the first year ARCF raise 50k, second year 150k, third year another 150k benefiting Providence Child Center, Special Olympics Oregon, DAAA, Bridge Meadows, etc. You are so in the dark it is actually kind of funny as you purport your inside scoop on the Roloffs.

Are you on drugs to suggest reporting 501c3 financial numbers on facebook Rap? Haha keep displaying your business intellect and savy, just saying it is pretty weak along with your opinions. I love the shoe licking statement this is so personal to you it makes me happy. Really, I mean really...quibbling over how good a episode is as cause for giving the Roloffs credit for charity work outside of the show's perview? WOW! Nice work Rap that makes total sense.

Can you even defend the fact, which you obviously are countering, that Matt and Amy Roloff have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to charity? Can you? What's that I hear? Oh yeah a tumble weed Rap.

I do know what I people love this site cause it gives you an outlet from your lackluster lives to vent on people on TV. I think it is pretty plain and simple. If not read one for your own episode reviews :)

ashleigh said...

The whole Matt locking himself in for lunch is incredibly odd...what was the reason that this was even brought into the lawsuit?

NJC said...

Sharon/A6, fact to your fiction, unless ARCF is lying on their tax returns (which would make no sense) what you said is just not true. In their first year ARCF donated $43,000 to the charities you named, in the second it was $37,000. Certainly a good amount but far short of the $200,000 you claim. A very large percentage of what they raise is eaten up by the expense of the party they throw. For example, in the second year, ARCF spent over $140,000 of donated money on expenses.

Oh and put me down as someone not on drugs who thinks ARCF should disclose their 501(c)(3) info on their Facebook page. Nonprofits have a legal obligation to dislcose all of their financials. That's why ARCF's tax returns are available on line. If you're asking people to donate their hard earned money to you the least you can do is make it easy for them to find out how you're spending it.

Rap541 said...

Sharon - in all honesty, why are you unwilling to give your real name? We see this a lot from people claiming to be in the Roloff inner circle, even from some that I believe are in the inner circle.

The only doubt I have expressed is that I don't understand why I am supposed to believe Amy Roloff's charity numbers when they aren't on her official website, if I dig for them, I am a creepy fan inserting myself in her life, and the only people handing the numbers out are people using psuedonyms who state anyone who doesn't believe them is a drug user who hates Amy.

You understand how your "are you a drug user" is you being a hater right? If you don't believe Amy's numbers, Amy's volunteers call you names and accuse you of crimes... how nice of ARCF. I bet "and if you don't believe us, you're a drug using hater!" won't be on the official Facebook either, huh Sharon?

Yes, its very obvious that Matt and Amy give to charity because they send their anonymous volunteers like you out to say "Matt and Amy have donated X! WHat have you done, drug using hater? You're dirt, living a lackluster life and Matt and Amy are BETTER than you cause they give X to charity!"- its very obvious what the mentality is. Matt and Amy gives money to charity and anyone who doesn't give at their level is a drugusing hater jealous of the Roloffs and certainly *less* than the Roloffs.

Is that ARCF's official position?

Or is that why you're posting anonymously? SO you can spew hate for Amy and then say "no, no one at ARCF ever called people questioning our numbers drug using haters"?

I mean we all get the Roloff mentality - people with more money are better and anyone who criticizes a Roloff is just jealous. But here's the thing... charity is in the heart, not in the dollars. Yes, it's very nice that Amy, now that she's an empty nester with no kids to raise and without a need to work a full time job to support herself, can devote her time to a charity. She's lucky - most people have to work, but she certainly could be doing nothing so please don't think I take that away from her. On the other hand - she *doesn't* need to work because she has a husband supporting her hobby of charity. Does she express how lucky she is? I hope so... but considering the tone of her volunteers, I kinda doubt it.

I wonder, in years past when Amy was down here with the rest of us living a lackluster life as a housewife, when she did volunteer work on a Saturday to help out a local charity, if she considered that act a pittance undeserving of notice in comparison to someone writing a check from their personal foundation?

My suspicion is no, Amy didn't consider herself as less for not coughing up a wad of money and instead donating her time. It saddens me that people representing themselves as ARCF volunteers are very stating charity isn't about effort, its about how big a check you write, and the more you donate, the better a person you are.

And with THAT said Sharon, really, are we any sadder than the person (you) who took the time to oome here and spread the love with "haters" and "drug user" and of course "Anyone who criticizes Amy must being living a lackluster life" - Did Amy suggest the wording? Or Jesus?

All because we don't believe the numbers on Amy's charity when they come from anonymous strangers. Btw.... *Amy* still isn't saying that ARCF pulled in over 400k in three years and she's also not suggesting that ARCF donated over 400k (and I know enough about charities to know there are operating costs) and thats fine... just don't expect me to take those numbers seriously when *Amy* isn't willing to stand by them, much less her buddy Sharon of ARCF who thinks anyone who questions Amy must be using drugs.

BeckyM said...

@ Sharon so you condone their homophobic and racist attacks upon people? You also condone their contributions to right-wing political groups whose agenda is homophobic, racist and anti-woman rights?

People are not 100 percent perfect and that includes the Roloffs. Until they come out publicly with their REAL OPINION about gays, they are nothing but hypocrites with their diversity and anti-bullying talk.

It's called being a hypocrite. The only difference between the Roloffs and your standard liar, is that they do it on television.

Keep drinking the Kool-Aid, Sharon.

Rap541 said...

Btw Sharon/A6 - you came on calling everyone here haters and now you're whining how you were innocent and attacked out of the blue? Really? Are you honestly saying "I love all you haters" and "most of you posters are depressed, uninformed, and jealous people" was a compliment and we should have all cooed praise at you? How exactly do you have the *right* to spew hate and insults and then cry you were attacked? Perhaps you *are* a Roloff.. its certainly in character to spew an insult and then cry "how dare anyone attack me, I have the RIGHT to spew hate, nd you all neeed to shut up and say "yes Sharon, we're haters" - all disagreement with my insults is me being personally attacked and I am the VICTIM! How dare anyone defend themselves!"

Really, Sharon, did you expect "Bless you SHaron, Sharon is awesome and Jesus Blessed for calling me out since she's with ARCF and when you volunteer with ARCF, you get to judge per Jesus and Amy"

Sharon? Guess what? When you come to a discussion board and call everyone there hating losers with lackluster lives who are less then Amy Roloff... you're attacking. So now we know, for the love of Matt, HATE now includes Amy. Sharton HATES for Amy and Jesus loves it when people bring on the HATE to defend Amy Roloff. Its ok to HATE and JUDGE as long as you're defending a Roloff.

Funny judging and hating is all we ever get from people who have actually met the Roloffs.

Rap541 said...

Oh and hey, just for the record, Matt, Amy, you subpoened this site so we know you read here.

Does ARCF support "Sharon/A6"s comments on how peopel here are "haters"? And depressed, uniformed and JEALOUS?

Why do Matt and Amy never say this themselves? And why, if they disagree, do they sit silent when their volunteers spew vitriol? Why is that OK?

*I know the answer, btw - people who aren't Roloffs and who don't make the same level of money as the Roloffs don't deserve anything but insults from Roloff volunteers and silent contempt from the Roloffs who allow the hate to be spewed in their name.

Justin said...

Rap, correction to something you said.

The *ROLOFFS* don't give money to charity. Amy asks her fans with a lot less money than she has to give to her foundation.

Then after they have all their lavish parties and other "expenses", then she gives they money to a charity. Amy then stands up and takes the pats on the back for being a great person who is *giving* money to charity when really it's other people's money.

Kaylah said...

This blog is like the most unamusing soap opera ever. I love it when I get to read about better outrageous celebrity gossip! Come on Rap...

Rap541 said...

Kaylah I am geniunely uncertain if you're attempting to diss me or compliment me. :)

Rap541 said...

The whole Matt locking himself in for lunch is incredibly odd...what was the reason that this was even brought into the lawsuit?

Matt's office was on the route that Wheeler walked by. As Matt considers his office one of the most private places on the farm, where he eats and works, the topic came up that he allows no one access to his office and locks the door to keep people out, and takes most of his meals there. Only Caryn and Molly have the security code to enter the office when it is locked.

The theory of the case, as near as I can tell, was that Wheeler walking on the driveway by the office (the driveway also being deemed one of the most private areas of the farm) was an unlawful search and violated Matt.

This is one of the things that got tossed out.

Carrie said...

If Chris Cardamone is reading I just wanted to say that I wish the idea that you guys kicked around about doing a spin off show with Jeremy and Zach and their friends had happened, because Scott is still really attractive :)

Sharon said...

You guys are just wasting your time and mine. I would rather be helping someone and being of service than combing an inaccurate hate and opinion filled blog everyday so I can write a dissertation with the only goal being pitiful self aggrandizement. See ya and I know you will keep getting it all wrong, haha what a waste.

Rap541 said...

So lets see, a volunteer from ARCF intentionally comes to this discussion blog and starts with "I love you haters" and makes a series of insults. When its pointed out that the financial numbers they're claiming don't seem to work (Thanks NJC) the volunteer from ARCF declares expecting a non profit charity to post their financials is the equivalent of using drugs. When pressed with direct questons that can't be answered with "You're all haters who hate!" and with it pointed out that Sharon actually initiated the whole thing... suddenly, as usual, now Sharon doesn't have the *time* to discuss.

Funny that... Sharon has the time to tell us how we all suck and how we're all depressed and jealous haters but when she's not winning the arguement, bless us she has to go help people.

It's always nice to see a Roloff supporter stand by their words.... oh wait, they never do. Hate and run is the tactic p Sharon had time to spread the hate and now that the heat is on, she's running away. Amy must be so proud of you Sharon... maybe she'll give youa show out on her facebook for how well you spread the message of "Love the Roloffs or you're a hater, hater!"

Rap541 said...

Oh and FYI - gloating because you're in the know and we're "getting it all wrong" comes off arrogant and snobby.

And "I'd rather be helping someone and being of service" is definetely self aggrandizement.

And "haha what a waste" is judging others as less.

When you report back to Amy and ARCF, tell her how well you represented the volunteer attitude. :)

NJC said...

Typical. Throw a bunch of bombs. Tell us all we need to get a life. Tell us how wrong we are while not bothering to point out a single instance of where we're actually wrong. Then run away.

Brandon said...

"Typical. Throw a bunch of bombs. Tell us all we need to get a life. Tell us how wrong we are while not bothering to point out a single instance of where we're actually wrong. Then run away."

Exactly NJC. That's what these staffers, friends of the Roloffs, etc., always do.

They say that everything said on Spiritswander is wrong, lies, etc., but when pressed to actually discuss specifics, they respond with an insult ("get a life") and don't point to a single example.

Rap541 said...

And remember, if you point out to Amy that her volunteers are spewing hate - and FYI calling people haters, losers, depressed, jealous, on drugs, ec... well... thats not *Amy's fault or responsibility* and its certainly not someone at ARCF abusing their position to act as a *bully*, ow is it?

Amy, who clearly reads this website, is aware of it, and who issued an unsuccessful subpeona against this site, just can't possiblyt know that her volunteers are calling people drug users and haters, now can she? She certainly can't say "No matter how I feel about this website, my volunteers should know better than to use hatefilled insults and I believe someonthing must be wrong in the lives of my volunteers that they would judge others they don't know personally so harshly, and I don't approve and any volunteer who respects me will stop." now can she?

Namecalling for the love of Amy! Its ok to hurl insults if you're defending Amy! Right Amy?

Its not bullying if your friends are calling *other people* haters who use drugs, right? And you aren't going to even pay lip service to the idea that ARCF volunteers are calling people who question you haters who use drugs are using insults to bully, are you?

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Sharon, hmmmmmmmm have we met you? I remember Amy being upset when they're judged by people they don't know. Hmmmmmm......

Rap541 said...

Btw did everyone notice that we're supposeed to take A6/Sharon's word about ARCF's numbers and anyone who wants to hear those numbers from Amy or an actual named official at ARCF is a hater who hates charity and doesn't give on Amy's level? And is depressed and uses drugs?

Funny, I wonder if Amy Roloff feels charity at lower levels, you know, less than what SHE does, is useless and not worth praise.... I mean, her volunteers at ARCF have made it VERY clear how small charity sucks and only people on Amy's level are *really* doing charity... ARCF has such a positive message coming from its volunteers.

jreyes said...

Wow, i truly thought i was the only person who had negative feelings of this big egoed, disfunctional family. Matt is selfish and only looks tomake a buck, even if it means ditching his family on vacations. And Amy instead of heloing.everyone else should maybe help her kids by teaching.them to clean their rooms. But the follow her example. Maybe if they worked together as a family yes that means Matt to they could keep a.clean home and maybe then they could learn to spend more time together. For the Roloff family its all about.making a.buck. How sad thats no example.for.their kids.

Betty said...

They are laughing all the way to the bank. What a couple of phonies the cars and vacations. They have managed to screw up the kids just like other parents that are so self absorbed. What about the divorce? No way she's used to the money and he is tired of her lazy housekeeping. Can you imagine what her bedroom must look like. ugg

Pam said...

They did laugh all the way to the bank, but those laughing trips are over.

No one cares anymore whether or not they divorce (or pretend to be in the midst of divorce drama), what stupid projects they take on (or just talk about) or how persecuted they are for being small (physically and in character). And who wants to be 'inspired' by their BS talks after they've whored themselves out for so long and it's all obviously just that -- BS.

The kids are screwed up adults now, and any 'antics' that come from them won't be cute anymore. It'll just be sad.

If they have any sense, they'll just sit quietly and enjoy whatever shred of dignity and financial security they have left.