Tuesday, June 12, 2012

TV Ratings For Roloff Family / Little People, Big World Special June 10, 2012 On TLC

The website TV By The Numbers have posted the ratings Sunday's cable programs.

The Little People, Big World special, "Amy's 50th", received a 1.257 rating.

By comparison, 2 of the other TLC shows that were on that night were episodes of "Sister Wives" and "My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding". Sister Wives scored a 1.660 and My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding had a 1.542 rating.

Other notable reality shows: "Real Housewives of NJ" = 2.293. Keeping Up With The Kardashians = 2.038



Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Goodnes, I don't know what else to say but, "Yawn".

Kyle said...

Matt can try to spin it that the Roloffs/TLC are happy with the numbers for their show/timeslot but 1.2 is just not good. No way to spin the numbers. Plenty of other shows both on TLC and similar channels have been canceled with better numbers. I don't understand why TLC execs would green light more of something that's no longer working.

Brandon said...

Kyle, I agree. TLC is proving how badly they are lacking creativity.

On the other hand, don't get caught up in Matt's exaggerations. That's what he does.

It seems to me like all they've done is agreed to "4 more specials" that are spaced out over a 12 month period.

A couple of months ago, Matt said there are "many more shows" to come.

What is really happening? An episode for June airing. The next one will be fall. Then I assume one in December and then March/April.

Matt always likes to make it sound like it's something it's not.

Set Abominae said...

Little people big world came back for yet another special about nothing and the world said....meh.

BeckyM said...

I'd be interested in seeing a comparison bar chart of the ratings for the last few years.

The ratings are piss poor but it got them a working vacation to Australia so Matt won one over on TLC there.

BTW my guess is that the Australia trip is the kiss off - that's what they gave Kate Gosselin right before saying bye-bye. It's a way of drawing in some overseas viewers and getting more money out of the episode cycling overseas.

Brandon said...

Becky, I think Chris C got the boot.

I'm sure he would say that he left. He's involved in some production company with other people from Portland.

But he's no longer in the credits for any of the specials.

In the Facebook discussion, someone called him the producer of LPBW. Chris' comment was that it shows how little that person knows because he's the former producer.

Chris C seems to be as honest as the Roloffs....

I wonder if TLC gave him the boot because of how disgracefully he seemed to cross the line of professionalism.

Is the producer of the show really supposed to become best buddies with the cast, hang out with the kids and contribute to cook books written by one of the stars of the show?

Is it possible that even TLC thought it had gone too far?

BeckyM said...

@ Brandon yeah I figure Chris C was gone but IMO he's still advising the Roloffs in some capacity. Hence his vigorous defense in re: to Amy's cookbook and the kids public accounts.

Whoever the current producer it is, I find it still funny about Chris and the show he was previously involved with having such shabby ratings.

Here's the list of episodes:


Same slop.

Rap541 said...

Heh, not only has My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding been renewed, it may get a spinoff show.

Anonymous said...

I honestly think the quality of the episodes was much better when Chris C. was producing.

Brandon said...

Anon, I can't agree with you. I don't think Chris C deserves all the blame because I think what really was downfall of the show was the Roloffs becoming more power hungry and them wanting almost all of the real personal issues kept out of the show.

From watching the show, does anyone know how the "kids" are really doing in school? No. Do you know if they have girlfriends or boyfriends? No. Do you know what is going on with their friends (like oh I don't know, having a friend die)? No.

When you have a reality show that is sold as being real and raw and there isn't anything personal on it, it goes into the toilet.

That element (keeping that stuff off) when BFF Chris C. was producing it. In my opinion, I don't think Chris C. had any professionalism and wasn't going to shoot anything that would portray his buds in negative light.

IIRC, Chris C wasn't around for Season 1. Season 1 and 2 were the best because the Roloffs had the least amount of control and the cameras were filming the longest.

Season 4 and especially 5 was painfully boring and contrived. That was Chris C. I think it was season 5 when Chris C. took the reigns after Eric S. left.