Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jeremy Roloff Got Glasses

Last week, Jeremy Roloff had a rare moment -- on one of his Fan Pages, Jeremy posted a message to fans where he actually gave out a bit of information about himself. It's rare because although Jeremy's interaction with fans has always been very, very limited, for the most part, if he has ever posted to fans it is rather bland - a standard "Thanks" (sometimes if a fellow Christian had told him they are proud of him for having his Christian faith) or  a "Happy Thanksgiving" or "Merry Christmas" greeting post/tweet or answering a fan question about where or when they'll be able to purchase his photos.

However, Jeremy told a little story last week that he has a problem with the vision in his left eye. This is actually something that a few fans have commented on for quite some time after noticing it in a few pictures and a couple of pumpkin season fans had mentioned having a conversation with Jeremy and Peggy about his eye.

In Jeremy's posting on his Facebook Fan page he said that he has 20/20 vision in his right eye, but has a problem with his left eye, so he had it checked out and now requires one contact.

He's been wearing glasses recently. Here is a picture Jeremy posted on his public instagram/webstagram page http://web.stagram.com/p/234225743174426977_952679 with the caption:

The kid: "Do you take photos because you wear that hat and have big glasses?"

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Roloff Family Under Oath - Interesting Tidbits About the Roloffs From Court Documents

Now that the case between the Roloffs and Washington County is officially finished, we wanted to do an item reviewing all of the interesting things that came out of this entire process. Most of this is from the depositions.

This is all public information located on the PACER website. Anyone can access the information.

Case No. 3:10-CV-1487-MO in Oregon

The interesting thing to keep in mind, is this was all done under oath and sometimes the subject can stray a bit from focusing on only the events of that day.

So in a way, we have Matt and Amy talking about things here that they wouldn't talk about in a real interview (which is usually always fluff when done by the Roloffs --  and only Matt and Amy speak).

Rap541 has been analyzing all of the court documents ever since the Spiritswander Blog was pulled into this process because of the subpoena the Roloffs had issued. Rap541 has reviewed all the documents and will outline the more interesting facts.

It's a fair amount of reading, but just before Rap541 begins and will mention things in more detail and context, I will just quickly note some of the things in here that stood out to me that might be of interest to our readers.

*Amy was seeing a therapist prior to the incident with the inspector. The therapist says Amy was seeing her because of marital problems and parenting issues.

*Matt and Amy say they have full control or the "ultimate say" over how they are depicted on "Little People, Big World".

*Under oath, Amy says she does not have a temper and cannot recall a single time in her life in which she has lost her temper.

*The Roloffs say they're paranoid over who enters their property. Matt says he has the ability to buzz people in even when he's another county. Amy says she interrogates that kids friends about who they are and why they are there.

*Matt says the incident with the inspector has threatened his manhood - his ability to protect his family as the man.

*There's information about the things Matt has often teased about on Facebook - the "stalker" and the home invasions. The "stalker" is apparently a "Doomsday" weirdo that sent them email about how God will come down on them and how he will protect them.

*The "home invasion" was during one of the remodels when half the house didn't have windows or doors.  Amy and Zach were outside and saw 2 people that Amy describes as a young boy and girl. Amy and Zach shouted "Hey, why are you here/what are you doing?" etc. and they ran off. Amy didn't call the police.

*Matt locks himself in his office and eats his meals alone. Only Matt's assistant, Caryn, and Molly, have the code. Matt considers his office, the driveway and any place near it and 30 feet around wherever he is standing at any point in time, as intimate private places. Matt wants to be able to make love to Amy in the woods without worrying that people will come by...

*Amy says she was shattered by this incident with the inspector and it changed her greatly. Jake's deposition says he noticed no change in Amy. Amy was questioned about the discrepancy; her explanation is that she's an awesome Mom and good parents are able to hide when they're upset from their kids.

*Matt says people are always trying to extort money from them. Matt feels it's because they are Little People. Matt thinks the people he bought the Ark from took one look at him and tried to rip him off. The Roloffs are also currently being sued by some woman who was a pumpkin season visitor a couple of years ago. She apparently fell off of the pavilion and broke a bone in her leg. She's suing the Roloffs for damages and pain and suffering. Matt feels that's another example of people trying to extort money from them.

*In court, they watch the unedited TLC footage. It's interesting. Apparently at the end of the incident with the inspector, Amy turns and says "Well, that was fun!"

*The inspectors side of the story: He was actually wearing a shirt that had a logo on it that said Washington County. Amy said she couldn't see the yellow logo on the yellow shirt. The inspector also told Amy that he had his business cards in this vehicle and would get it for Amy. They edited that out.

*The inspector. John Wheeler, says he was disoriented because the crew were sticking cameras and microphones in his face. He says Matt had previously told him not to get tangled up with Amy because 'she would bring him down'. At one point while Wheeler was walking away with Amy in front of him, Wheeler tripped, lost his balance and almost fell into Amy, but he caught himself at the last second. Amy snarked (in the unedited video)"That will look good on camera!" Of course, that was also edited out.

*Amy's whole claim is that she was terrified during this whole incident. Matt says when Little People are scared they "puff up like peacocks". Chris Cardamone, other crew members and Jacob were all with her while she was "terrified" of Wheeler.

There's a lot more things that I think you might find interesting. I'll turn it over to Rap541 now to describe in more detail:


So I thought I would scrounge through the court documents and bring up the interesting tidbits from the various declarations and depositions. Here goes:

This is from Matt and Amy’s separate declarations, and also some of the depositions of other witnesses and lawyer written synopsizes of witness statements. Oh there’s also expert witness stuff. Its all so exciting.

Everyone in the Roloff family has what amounts to a garage door opener to get through the security gate. Only Matt, *Caryn* and *the garbage collector* actually know the secret gate code! Because you know, the guy who picks up the trash is who you share the security of your most intimate places with.

Apparently in the unedited video of the incident, it is clear that Wheeler is wearing a shirt with the county logo on it. Amy says that not only was it difficult to see an off yellow logo on a yellow shirt, but her short stature prevented her from seeing it. Oh, and the video we saw on the tv show is indeed highly edited. Did you know Caryn was with Matt when Matt arrived to save the day?

Both Amy and Matt use the same exact verbiage “even though my family is the subject of a reality television show, we take our privacy very, very seriously, and we guard it jealously.” However both concede the property is not entirely enclosed by a fence. Now, on the one hand, it’s a fairly big property to fence in. On the other, I’m not the one bitching about my privacy.

Matt and Amy both consider the areas that we saw Wheeler walking in to be some of the most intimate areas of the farm - despite, you know, letting everyone who watches TLC see these most intimate areas of the farm. The defense got a nice shot in about doubting that the driveway was one of Matt and Amy’s most intimate spots. Even the judge, when dismissing the constitutional claims raised the point that they’re broadcasting a tv show from their most intimate area of the property.

Amy notes that she didn’t run away from Wheeler because while she was frightened, as a little person she knew she could not outrace Wheeler, and feels it is a metaphor for how little people have to face life head on and not avoid obstacles. While Amy says she was terrified, she had to defend her family and people shouldn’t assume she wasn’t frightened. Matt also notes that little people will put their hands up and “puff up like peacocks” to drive away assailants and also put their hands up simply to get an average height person’s attention and to… avoid being hit by belt buckles. But apparently when a little person is shouting angrily, getting in your belt buckle’s face and physically touching you to make you stay, that’s all due to the little person’s utter terror.

Yeah, commentary from Rap now.... You know what, Amy? I think you weren’t scared because a) you were pretty damn aggressive and b) you had three people with you as back up. Chris Cardamone was there, a camera man, and Jake. Between the four of you, I think you could have taken the sixty year old man armed with a disposable camera. Yeah, one sixty year old man versus a 40ish little person, a thirteen year old and two guys who are apparently fit enough to carry cameras around all day… That and Amy’s smug “Bless me, I’m a Mama Bear defending my den!” attitude is why I don’t think she’s spent the last year quivering in terror over intruders. And yeah, don’t argue the sacred oath of the documentary camera guy to me - I really doubt two men would have stood by while a handicapped woman gets assaulted. I kinda think they’d at least call 911. Hell, I think Jake might have mustered the ambition to dial 911.

And lets add to that this, an interesting tidbit from the *unedited* video of the incident. Per court documents, “Further, the unedited video taken of the incident shows plaintiff Amy Roloff, immediately after the incident, describing her confrontation with the building official as “fun”.” Fun. Amy was so scared, she said it was fun.

Amy’s deposition:
Something I found interesting is that Amy had only “been on the farm tour” once and wasn’t sure where it went. Also, while Matt, Zach, and Jeremy drive the tractors, per Amy they do not give the verbal tour. So basically, unless you happen to be there on a rare day of filming, you’re not going to get Matt narrating the tour, or Jeremy, or Zach. And much like we discussed at one time on the board, the job of driving the tractors is a great way to avoid guests.

Amy has done the Golden Pass tours at least once, and they seem to start in the driveway (one of the most intimately private areas of the farm, remember) People on the Golden Pass - this is the three hundred dollar tour - are allowed to take pictures of everything BUT the inside of the castle (makes you wonder.) Amy described a tour she had given to one person where they were allowed to take pictures of the gazebo, the ark, the swamp fort and the men’s crisis center - which is also considered intimately private btw.

During Season three, four and five, the camera crews were on site five days a week, ten months of the year. Amy also concedes that private moments like medical issues and fights with Matt were filmed. She can’t remember what the fights were about or when they happened or how many episodes of the show were made. Perhaps she should watch the show to jog her memory?

Amy concedes that Wheeler never threatened her, verbally or physically, but she was afraid because he was tall and on her property. To quote Amy “Anyone that’s on my property that I do not know who they are, why they are there, definitely bigger and taller than me will always be a threat and a scary thing.”. What’s interesting, considering her reaction to Wheeler was hardly cringing in terror is that she apparently also drove a trespassing bicyclist off the property and at least one family of fans. Oh, and dealt with the “burglary” by charging into the house after the “burglars” but we’ll get to that.

Amy is asked directly if she is aware of any time that Washington county discriminated against her, and she says she is not aware of any occurrence.

On the unedited video we didn’t get to see, Amy verbalized that Wheeler’s car was “a county jeep”. If you’re wondering why that’s an issue - Amy insists she had no idea that Wheeler was from the county until after, so it contradicts how she “couldn’t see” the logo on his shirt.

One fun thing the lawyers point out in the deposition is that the Ark - ALSO one of the most intimate places on the farm, is photographed by fans and there’s photos of the ark on various Roloff websites. See, the Roloffs were arguing that taking pictures of the Ark violated their privacy but Amy has no idea just how many people have snapped photos of this intimate place. In the deposition Amy concedes that no one in the family actually uses the ark and that she was on the tv show being against the ark but now she believes that its there because Noah’s Ark is an “ intimate, private, faith based story” to the Roloffs. Oh good lord, Amy. It’s not a *private* story for your family and as we’ll see from Matt’s depositions, the Roloff family had final decision making on their intimate, private, faith based feelings about the Ark being televised. But just to be clear, I’m pretty sure I heard your family’s *private* faith based story from my dad and the Taize Picture Bible and a stuffed frog for visual aids.

When asked, Amy notes that she was bullied as a child. She’s also surprisingly noncommittal about the content of her inspirational talks, which at the time of the deposition, she was doing 6-10 times a year. Granted, its not exactly a sell yourself venue, being at a deposition, but I was surprised at how Amy really wouldn’t talk about her speeches beyond how she talks about being a dwarf. Another surprise is how little Amy knows or at least is able to articulate about her medical condition.

Under oath, Amy says her temper has never gotten the best of her. Oh Amy, are you Egyptian? Because you’re certainly the Queen of Denial. Excluding the temper tantrum at Wheeler, I can think of at least two other incidents where we saw Amy lose her temper - the fight with Matt on the boat on the Mississippi and the time Jake said a sort of curse and Amy spent the afternoon ranting and chasing him around. When Amy is mad, Amy makes a day of it.

Any way, after some nonsense about how “I may be firm. I may be loud.” we move on to the other trespassing incidents. Apparently Amy on several occasions firmly told people to leave the property after finding them wandering around. One of them was an approximately six foot tall male bicyclist who just didn’t get that he was on a private driveway and Amy had to repeat herself several times to get him to leave. She didn’t call the cops. And she didn’t feel intimidated, despite his size.

There were several occasions where people just drove up and parked and Amy sent them packing and per Amy this happens all year round. And funny, they didn’t used to have this problem before the show….

And now we’re up to “the burglary” or as Amy calls it, “an invasion in our home”. It was during the major remodel, although I had to piece that from Matt’s description of the house having all the windows and doors off the house. Its described as in 2006 or 2007. Basically Amy and Zach came home to find two people roaming around the house, described by Amy as a boy and a girl. Amy was too scared to call the police. But she and Zach entered the house shouting ‘what are you doing here” and the kids ran off. Amy did NOT call the police. She isn’t sure if Matt called the police later. Yeah. More on this in a minute.

Now the stalker. Amy’s deposition is a little disjointed on this but here goes. The stalker sends them email about how God is going to come down on them and he’s there to protect them. He’s apparently living in a country other than the US. His name is there if you’re really curious. There’s no mention of any arrest. Also apparently some guy in jail had a picture of the Roloff kids. The police called Amy to see if she knew what it was about. That worries Amy. And there’s mention of the sign vandalism. There is absolutely no mention of *Molly* or Molly being targeted specifically.

So to sum up, this was so awful, Matt and Amy bring up the stalking and the burglary whenever they can…. Funny how Molly being stalked, you know, their precious girl, never came up when it came time to outline their concerns about Wheeler being on the property. And funny how the burglary apparently was NOT something anyone ever called the cops on but we are to be sympathetic since fans (and not likely local kids “fence hopping”) were violating the Roloffs home by STEALING. I don’t mean to harp, but to me this is a classic situation that got exaggerated for sympathy and now looks kinda pathetic. Really, Roloffs, if you don’t give enough of a damn to call the cops, you really shouldn’t be weeping and crying the horror of your violation. If you weren’t bothered enough to call the cops on the “burglars” then please don’t expect a ton of sympathy. Was anything even stolen? Oh wait, bless us, we Roloffs can cry on face book about how we were VIOLATED by a BURGLARY but I bet answering yes or no to “was anything stolen” is just too gosh darn PRIVATE. Bless us, if the Roloffs say they were home invaded, it’s a sin against Jesus to ask follow up questions and a sin against the Roloffs to not weep for the agony of the Roloffs pain. You know, the pain of their home being burglarized where they were so horrified, they CAN’T REMEMBER IF THEY CALLED THE COPS.

Oh and I definitely will concede the Roloffs might be playing dumb here, but really, considering its under oath, makes you wonder, huh? No one can remember ever calling the cops
on a home invasion that gets constantly cited as an example of how the Roloffs get violated.

Oh, Amy was seeing a counselor over her marriage. Amy never saw a counselor JUST about her emotional stress from this incident. When she went to her marriage counselor, they discussed this incident once. The marriage counselor, Darla, did not consider it something they focused on or spoke of more than once.

While Amy is terrified that a county official will trespass again, she concedes that it never happened before. She loses sleep once a week or once every two weeks over the incident. She hasn’t lost appetite or had dizzy spells, headaches, or nausea due to the incident. She does think she is much more proactive about security, questioning the children on who their friends are, where and when people are coming and being all around more paranoid. She says in the deposition that this is where she has tremendously changed her habits.

And this is where Jake screws Amy. Apparently in Jake’s deposition, he noted no changes in Amy’s behavior since the incident. Heh. Amy attempts to cover this by noting that as a mother, its her job to hide her stress and be mom.

Amy genuinely believes if someone comes on her property with a camera and takes a picture, she legally can take the camera.

You know, I don’t want to be entirely dismissive of the basic issue here - look, Wheeler could have been smarter and avoided the whole mess. My problem, and I suspect the problem of other viewers, and something perhaps even the judge sensed, is that for all the talk, I don’t get the vibe that Amy was emotionally traumatized by this. Sorry, Amy, but when you primly sit on the hay bale snotting off how you’re a Mama Bear (god, her lawyer actually used this term) and proud to stand up for yourself… it runs counter to the idea that you’re quivering in terror over the idea that your land isn’t secure. Likewise, its hard to believe the stress caused is disrupting your life when a) there’s an OBVIOUS stressor in the form of the show going into the crapper at the same time and b) even with the show crapping out at the same time, if your biggest complaint is that you maybe lose sleep once every two weeks and you have become more proactive on checking where your kids are…. Yeah. I will grant you that Amy’s depiction on the show is not necessarily real, but she doesn’t come off as having serious trauma. And in the court documents, she isn’t even willing to commit to saying she’s having serious issues. She’s losing sleep on occasion and more worried about her personal safety. Sounds like me after 9/11. How is she so shattered when she’s not showing any symptoms of shattering?

Let’s move on to Matt’s deposition

Now here’s the thing about depositions. We don’t get to see the depositions unless either the plaintiff or defense cites something in the deposition. So there are a lot of cuts and stuff. I mention that because Matt’s deposition stuff starts with him finishing up a discussion of how he was discriminated against by someone associated with the ark, who took one look at Matt and wanted money. Which frankly, is a much more interesting story than what we got and we never saw that on the show. You know, Matt standing firm as a man, refusing to pay an extorter who was only extorting because of Matt’s size… you’d think that would have been a nice episode.

Matt pretty much can’t stand most of the county inspectors. Remember Kofi, the African American looking inspector? Oh he chaps Matt’s ass! In fact Matt says he “irritates the socks off me”. I guess a deposition isn’t the time for the term “douche bag”, huh Matt? In contrast, Matt calls Wheeler tough but fair, but really preferred some older fellow named Marshall. Matt also calls Wheeler professional. Of course Matt notes that one of his neighbors has been relentless in calling complaints, and that he and Amy have NEVER made a complaint but that he feels Oregon wants him to take an arrow in the back. Yeah, pretty sure some of this might have to do with your not always charming personality, Matt.

So when asked damages, Matt wants to revisit it but concedes no physical damage, and no loss of wages. Also Matt does a major dance to avoid admitting that the Ark is visible from the Jossy property (it’s the place Matt and Amy bought) and finally concedes there’s a tiny area where yes, people on the Jossy property can see the Ark. If you know the secret magical place that’s so very hard to find, Matt concedes the Ark is visible. Matt also throws a hissy over a photo he is shown that the lawyer says was taken from the Jossy property but Matt insists it HAD to have been taken four feet over the border and whoever took it was TRESPASSING. Yeah, Matt throwing a hissy never gets old. Matt also eventually concedes with much blustering about how really rare and difficult it is that yes, the Ark can be seen from very tiny and hard to reach areas of the Avrit property that Matt also thinks involves people trespassing on his property.

Hilariously at this point in the deposition, Matt wants to rant and a lawyer nicely and politely tells him to just answer the questions.

Btw per the deposition, Matt doesn’t appear to own the property of “the dirt deal”, he manages the land. Oh and someone who broke their leg on the property during pumpkin season is suing Matt and Amy and in the deposition Matt says he is extorted all the time! And he thinks their lawsuit is going to be tossed out. Funny how Matt is standing up for himself when he’s suing someone, but when someone sues him, it can’t possibly be anything but someone extorting Matt because Matt is a little person. 

Basically a woman fell off the peach pavillon and broke her leg and is suing the Roloffs for medical expenses and pain and suffering.

Matt dances around talking about the show, says he is a pumpkin farmer when asked by strangers, does motivation speaking and doesn’t consider being on a reality show what he does for a living. He says he does the motivational speaking a couple times a month.

Hilariously, Matt also cites a time where he was doing grade school talks (a 20 minute talk) and he was concerned because all the kids thought dwarfs had magical powers. I mention this mostly because of the high horse the LPA got on over not having actual dwarfs in Snow White and the Huntsman. I mean, can we make up our minds? 

Matt also talks about how midget and Jimmy Kimmel are hurtful… no mention of his crying how he’s a midget farmer being harassed by his neighbors in newspapers. Matt says he and Amy are passionate about making people *appreciate differences*. Note to the Christian set - “Appreciate” not “Tolerate” or “Aware” - my point by the way is that Matt and Amy want more than tolerance and awareness for dwarfs, they want appreciation. Do you think they *appreciate* homosexuals?

Matt says in his deposition that he and Amy have control over how they are depicted. “We have control over it. We have ultimate say over it.” That’s a direct quote. I don’t ever want to hear “TLC stops Matt from standing up and saying he hates homos like a good Christian should” - are we clear on that, Christian set? Because Matt has complete control and ultimate say and swore to God on that point.

Matt cites several people locally as being bigots about little people. Again, if you want names, go look it up but funny how people who hate little people are also people who make public complaints about Roloff Farms. Standing up to Matt apparently means you hate little people. No actual examples of the bigotry were made, by the way. Oh, and please understand, I am not denying the possibility of prejudice, I’m merely pointing out that the people Matt cites as bigots are people he’s had farm related fights with. And to be frank, having read some of the complaints, I really don’t think all of the neighbor complaints are totally invalid.

Matt says there were multiple incidents of his rights being violated at the Victory Lane property he manages. However he’s very vague about the details, not wanting to commit to naming the inspectors who violated him - he does the “I want to say it was” over Kofi and someone named Jennifer but no real commitment. He says it happened three or four times - and these all occurred after the incident with Amy, but he was only present for one incident. As he describes the incidents, he really only describes one incident that sounds like inspectors came onto the property and Matt was mostly upset that he thinks Kofi was rude to one of his employees. And when asked, Matt conceded no one ever asked the inspectors to leave the property and he only once told them they weren’t supposed to be there, and it was a hedging “you know, you’re not supposed to come on here without permission” not a “I am Matt Roloff, a *fighter* and you are not to tread foot on this land!”. Also Matt wiffles over what incident this was and while four are mentioned, only three are described and frankly only one sounds like it even comes close to trespass. And it’s not actually trespass. Matt also concedes he never asked anyone in these incidents to leave the property. In the dismissal of claims conversation with the judge and lawyers, this whole business wasn’t even brought up. It was all dismissed as unproven.

Matt says the incident with Amy “rattled me to my core, my sense of security and control over my personal safety”. It also shook “my sense of manhood”. Matt says he went on Ambien over the whole business. Much like Amy, yeah, not buying what Matt is selling on this point. Look, it’s easy to say you’re shattered emotionally. The problem is that there’s no evidence on Matt’s part that aside from saying “I’m shattered emotionally” that he was in any way bothered by this. 

Especially when there’s an obvious alternate reason for any stress and sleepless nights he might have, namely that the show was canceled. He’s even asked directly if he has any fear that this will happen again, and says no. So he’s not afraid it will happen again, there were no damages, no one was physically hurt, he’s never seen a doctor as a direct result of this incident but he’s emotionally shattered? Over something he was willing to sit and grin about on the hay bale “it was a big misunderstanding” - and not “I was shattered emotionally, I don’t know how I will get through this” - oh, and folks, that “it was a big misunderstanding”… yeah please remember that Matt said under oath that he has complete control over what gets aired.

Btw Matt says it turns out he doesn’t have sleep apnea. He does not use a sleep machine, aka a CPAP or BPAP. Allow a moment of personal interjection here. I was pretty certain Matt wasn’t diagnosed with needing a machine for sleep apnea when he was going on about how he stopped breathing 37 times. Yeah, I have had a sleep study. You’re concerning and likely to have sleep apnea if you stop breathing over 50 times. At my sleep study, I stopped breathing 84 times. Yes I have a machine (I call it my Ood machine, ten points to anyone who gets the reference). No, I am not shocked Matt, with his giant nasal passages, doesn’t have sleep apnea. No, I am not shocked that Matt has led people to believe he has sleep apnea. It’s a nice sympathy point after all, and I suppose he’s not lying when he tells well wishers he’s handling it well… since you know, he doesn’t actually have sleep apnea . He also says he had some discussion because he was borderline and thought the machine was a scam. If you have it, the machine isn’t a scam but always nice to hear someone deride medical issues. 

Oh hey the camera at pumpkin season? Is a direct result of Matt and Amy feeling violated by Wheeler and not in any way a result of people on Matt’s creepy forum suggesting it for *years*. See, the camera was installed for *security!* Except you know, during pumpkin season where it is used for live streaming the farm! BUT ITS FOR SECURITY! And for security, Matt eliminated all the gate codes (except the one for the garbage man, maybe) and everyone including the camera crews has to call a Roloff for access.

Matt admits having no fear that a county official will do this again. Despite being emotionally shattered and losing his sense of manhood over it, he’s confident it will never happen again. Gosh, that’s the comment of someone who’s afraid of being violated again.

Matt describes the burglary incident as the back half of the house being open, no doors and windows. He does not mention any police involvement.

Matt has never seen a shrink over the Ark incident, but feels his dizzy issues might pertain to it. Its all very vague though. I mean, “I wouldn’t be able to say that for certainty, but it’s coincidental that some of these things seem to be exasperated since this incident, but, you know it actually is - this discovery process that’s making me more curious about those questions, actually.” isn’t exactly a firm “yes it all relates” now is it? That’s a direct quote by the way. Then after twisting in the wind, Matt finally says he’s not a doctor so he can’t say his dizzy spells are connected. While he saw his regular doctor for stress and started taking Ambien, he never actually went to a shrink or a counselor.

Hilariously, while Amy describes herself as not losing her temper, with you know “I may be firm. I may be loud.” - Matt describes his arrival on the scene with “And Amy was, you know, ranting and raving, and clearly upset”. He also describes Amy as extremely distressed when she called him and that he flipped the car around to go home. Oh, and Caryn was with him. In the car. Caryn who is also the person he shares lock access with to his most private place outside the bedroom, and that strip of driveway.

Next he’s apparently watching the video and this is where it gets petty and ass-tastic on his part. Basically the lawyer asks him if it looks like Wheeler is trying to get off the property and Matt says, no. Because see - Amy told Wheeler to get off the property so instead of doing the normal thing and going back the way he came, to Matt, what Wheeler should have is taken two steps (per Matt) to the left to get on the Jossy property. Why is this ridiculous?

Mostly because had Wheeler done that - stepped three feet over the property and said “I’m not on your property” - Amy wasn’t going to say “Oh good, now give me your name”. In fact, based on Amy’s freak out, I think she have cried even more how Wheeler “refused to leave the property and he was still on our land”. In fact, based on Matt’s rampant denials and accusations that every one who took pictures for the court case from the Jossy and Avrit property were actually trespassing and that the only places on either property are super small, tiny little areas that no reasonable person could ever stand upon…. Yeah, I don’t think Matt would consider his manhood not shaken if Wheeler had just taken three steps to the left. It’s also just a dick move on Matt’s part and shows how completely unreasonable the Roloffs were willing to be. Really, Amy told Wheeler to leave and he went out the way he came in and as he does so, Matt genuinely hand on the Bible says he does not know that Wheeler was trying to leave the property because all he had to do was take two steps to the left. Right.

It also leads to a question on my part of a more technical nature. The Roloff property is NOT fence enclosed. Wheeler parked at a gate that had a fence around it. At some point (on the lengthy driveway I think) he’s on a piece of the Roloff property extremely close to the Roloff home… but also so close to the Jossy property and unfenced that in theory people can stand on the Jossy property and be within feet of the Roloff’s inner private domain. I mean, I know its impossible now that the Roloffs own the Jossy property but it does make me wonder if there was a point where the Jossy’s missed out on their chance to be harassing jerks by inviting people to come stand on the property line and look at the Roloffs private inner sanctum of the driveway. You know, one of their most personal private places for the family.

Matt spends most of his time in his office that is in one of the barns, not the house office. He eats most of his meals there. Alone. By himself in his office. With the door locked that no one but two people can access with a code. Really, what does that *say* about family life on Roloff Farms? Matt also believes he spends two to three hours a day riding around in the Mule and is very proud of having owned 11 Mules. He also feels that after his bedroom, and “B1” the barn office, the most private place on the farm is 30 feet around wherever he is standing at any time. Which is the sort of passive aggressive answer we’ve come to expect from Matt. He then clarifies also that everything that is locked is private. And that his special office has a lock and only Caryn and *Molly* know the special lock code. Matt makes it very clear that Amy can not get into his inner sanctum. He then continues to note that really, everything “behind the gate” is private to him because he stripped out all the codes and no one who isn’t a Roloff can enter the property thru the gate without calling a family member for access. Which leads me back to this mystery area of the property where apparently you can get to within feet of the Roloff home with no fence barring your path….

Matt firmly believes that he should be able to make love to his wife in the forest with no concern about people wandering onto the property. I actually have no issue with this, I just found it an interesting way for Matt to give an example about how every place on the farm was INTENSELY private.

Like Amy, Matt believes that the driveway is as private as his bedroom. For the record, no one ever mentions how Jeremy and Zach and to a lesser extent Molly and Jake don’t even get the right to sleep in their bedrooms privately if Dad and Mom can make a buck on letting the cameras into the *kids* bedrooms but I guess as long as Matt and Amy say it’s ok to violate their kids privacy, it is and no one should point out how laughable it is that their kids crawling out of bed, shirtless in their boxer shorts is important to telling an organic story but the driveway is sacredly private… Until the episode of the sacred driveway being violated is aired. Point - if the driveway is as private as Matt and Amy’s bedroom… then why is it on a tv show? Matt and Amy’s bedroom has never been shown on the show, and neither has Matt’s locked office in the barn.

The Ark was put on the land for business purposes, Matt concedes but he also feels it has a religious meaning for him. Its funny how he never really wants to define himself as having these religious feelings and attachment to the church when he’s on camera… but he will under oath. Again, remember, Matt has complete control over how he is depicted.

Now Wheeler’s deposition stuff was mostly boring, a lot of “were you ever trained that trespassing was wrong” sort of stuff… Basically, in the part of the case that was totally thrown out, the basic premise was that Singlakis and Cook-Smith, the higher ups named, were telling Wheeler and Winchester to go do stuff against the rules and weren’t properly training people either. So its mostly about what classes he went to, etc. 

However, there’s a write up that Wheeler did for his boss at 2:30 pm July 16, 2010 - when the incident was fresh, that has some tidbits that are interesting.

So Amy rolls up in the Mercedes, asks him why he’s there, orders him off, and then asks for his card. He realized he didn’t have any cards, and told Amy there were some in his vehicle and he would get one. You’ll note that this never made it into the show. He says he was flustered by the cameras and microphones they were sticking in his face, and that Matt had given him a warning about Amy - let me quote Wheeler. “And Amy Roloff was yelling at me. I panicked and could only remember that Matt said not to get tangled up with Amy she would take me down”. Funny that. You know, for a woman who never loses her temper, her husband basically described her as a violent bitch. Twice. Once to a stranger.

Then we have the parts we saw on tv, his asking to talk to Matt, Amy blocking him by getting in front of him, etc. We didn’t see this - he apparently stumbled and almost fell over, and almost knocked Amy over and Amy snarked at him “That’ll look good on camera”. Amy also told him to get his card from the passenger side of the truck.

Wheeler also seems to believe he was given permission by Matt on previous visits to access the property and was surprised that Amy didn’t recognize him. He got in trouble at work, was ordered to never go to the Roloff property again, and ultimately retired due to this incident. 

You’ll forgive me if that doesn’t sound like a guy who was just out getting his jollies and hating on the Roloffs. Oh, and for the record, people who still think there’s some sort of conspiracy going on, Wheeler was responding to an actual complaint. He wasn’t “just snooping” or “looking for some reason to hate on the Roloffs”. He was sent out because Brad Avrit called in a complaint about the Ark. Brad is one of the neighbors (Matt and Ron Roloff ranted to fans on the TLC message boards years ago about Brad Avrit) and was concerned because he thought people needed permits to dump giant boats on their property. So those of you who kept harping on how it was just someone doing evil, please stop. Even the Roloffs, under oath, aren’t saying they believe there was no complaint - in fact in legal documents its considered *undisputed* that the county was responding to actual complaints. Oh, and Brad did a deposition too, and I doubt that makes him love the Roloffs more, if you get me.

Singalakis’s stuff is mostly boring, the same “did you tell people to violate the rules, are your people trained” stuff, but… He did mention how the County was inundated with fans emailing them with “How can you do this to the Roloffs, leave the Roloffs alone!”. That makes me wonder how Matt and Amy feel about these fans inserting themselves in their personal private business. Does anyone recall Matt and Amy telling people to not harass Washington County? Cause I sure don’t remember that. I don’t recall the Roloffs having any sort of problem with that at all. Hmmm.

Nadine Smith-Cook, another named high up, said similar things about the training etc. She apparently did call on July 16 2010 and spoke with Matt to apologize “for having perhaps an overzealous inspector responding to a complaint” and asked to speak to Amy to apologizes to her as well and Matt refused, saying Amy was too upset and had felt Wheeler was some sort of crazed man. Matt then told her he would get back to her. Apparently that never happened. This becomes relevant in that in Amy’s deposition, it comes up, the issue of apologies comes up and while its an area that the conversation is a bit cut off, Amy comes off as rather dismissive of the County apologizing since she doubts the sincerity of it. So just so we’re clear, the County did make an effort to apologize and the Roloffs dismissed it. Interesting, the Roloff commitment to Christian forgiveness.

Caryn the Assistant really had not much to say, the Roloffs are intensely private, and she’s drunk the kool-aid and believes that as soon as she crosses the gate, standing in the driveway, she’s in an intensely private area of the Roloff home. Mind you, I really don’t see Matt’s personal assistant saying anything different. Caryn is paid by the Roloffs.

Likewise, David Clapp, Amy’s personal trainer, who confidently points out that there’s no way someone of Amy’s size can outrun an aggressor (you know, the gray haired sixty year old man who likely belongs to AARP). He also feels that had he been in a similar situation that he would have felt threatened. Again, he also gets a paycheck from a Roloff, so take that as you will, a well built personal trainer feeling that if he and two other young men and a 13 year old teen came upon a 60 year old man, that he‘d be frightened for his safety.

And then we have Darla Johnson. Darla is Amy’s counselor. Amy was seeing the counselor BEFORE the incident with Wheeler, about her *marital discord*. So to be clear, Amy didn’t start seeing a counselor because of this incident, she was already seeing a counselor over her marital discord. According to Darla, Amy was quite upset and said that Wheeler had bullied and intimidated her, and had refused to leave. Now that’s contrary to the video and to all the sworn testimony that Wheeler never threatened her. Had Darla testified, it would have been to the fact that Amy was seeing her primarily for marital discord and parenting issues.

Interestingly, to give you an idea of Amy’s emotional upset, according to the defense, once Wheeler left, Amy made several phone calls regarding existing appointments along with calling the police. Also, per the defense, not only did Amy jump on his lap, at one point she shoved him. Maybe that was the part that was fun?

The Roloffs were going to call a Dr. Betty Adelson to testify on how little people are so incredibly different from the average heights, when we’re seeing Amy aggressively shout, its wrong to interpret that as anger because we should all understand that little people are bullied and mistreated constantly. Interestingly, Adelson never actually examined Amy or watched the uncut footage and at the time the case was thrown out, the defense was protesting including her since she had no scientific basis for her claims.

The defense also had their own expert witness, a Dr. Glass who examined both Amy and Matt. The defense was basically arguing little people are just like everyone else and when you basically pass a psych eval with no obvious trauma for an average height person, it is then hard to argue that your trauma is due to your size. There were a lot of hilarious things in the psych evals but the judge has since locked those down. The evaluations were available for about a month so I have read them, and lets just say Matt lies a great a deal on his facebook about any number of things and leave it at that.

Suffice to say, the judge dismissed all of the constitutional claims, state claims and the request for an injunction because there just wasn’t any evidence that the Roloffs were systemically abused or treated differently by the county. 

There’s also no indication that the Roloffs wanted Spirit’s identity for *any reason* related to the case. Basically the Roloffs were suggesting that the county was singling them out - which the county disproved, and that Wheeler committed an egregious violation of their constitutional rights - which wasn’t proven, and that the Ark and the driveway is like a bedroom from a privacy standpoint and no, they didn’t prove that either and none of it had anything to do with a blog site so Matt basically abused the legal system to try to get Spirit’s identity for his own purposes. T

There’s not a hint of anything on either the plaintiffs or defense side that there was any connection or concern or even a reference to the blog. Aside from Matt’s subpoena for info, the topic is never mentioned.

My thoughts on that? Matt used his lawyer and his money to be abusive and petty. Sorry, Matt fans, but there’s no other explanation for it. It was a petty, small minded move, from a petty, small minded man. His stated delight that serving subpoenas on Google was “the funnest ever” was the words of a man delighting in making others suffer for nothing. He had no reason to suspect Spirit or anyone here, and he subpoenaed Spirit for spite and spite alone. Oh, and now that the case is done, Matt *could* stand up like a man and explain to the public why he was subpoenaing Spirit, or he can be a coward and cry “privacy, oh bless me, my petty public behavior is too private for me to share” and guess what, sports fans? Proud stand up and fight Matt Roloff isn’t going to have a fighting word to say on this point. Matt doesn’t have the chops to stand up and explain *why* he subpoenaed Spirit and why he thought it related to his case. Mark my words, folks… Matt’s never going to speak a peep on this. He’s such a *fighter* that way.

Oh, technically we’ll never know if the Roloffs got any money in their settlement, but the reality is that out of the 200,000 being requested, 120k was due to the claims that were dismissed in the summary judgment. Also the request for an injunction was dismissed and as Spirit noted from the lawyer’s arguments - the ability to request attorney’s fees from the defense goes out the window if the claims are dismissed. So that means at best the Roloffs would have gotten 80k and they would have had to cover their court costs. 

I don’t know if Spirit ever mentioned it, but I looked into just what defending the subpoena would have cost and it would have been 10k, just for that. So whatever they got, if they got anything in the settlement…. It sure wasn’t much considering the entire case was dismissed AGAINST the county except the trespass that the county had already admitted and apologized for.

Oh, and the Roloffs admitted there was no physical damage to the farm, and that neither of them had any discernable medical issues due to the stress and neither of them ever sought out a shrink to handle their emotional issues.

I sure hope it was worth it. At least we know now what a petty vengeful small minded man Matt is. Matt, I sure hope those tee hees about how much fun you had being a petty jerk were worth this great big face slap.