Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jeremy Roloff Got Glasses

Last week, Jeremy Roloff had a rare moment -- on one of his Fan Pages, Jeremy posted a message to fans where he actually gave out a bit of information about himself. It's rare because although Jeremy's interaction with fans has always been very, very limited, for the most part, if he has ever posted to fans it is rather bland - a standard "Thanks" (sometimes if a fellow Christian had told him they are proud of him for having his Christian faith) or  a "Happy Thanksgiving" or "Merry Christmas" greeting post/tweet or answering a fan question about where or when they'll be able to purchase his photos.

However, Jeremy told a little story last week that he has a problem with the vision in his left eye. This is actually something that a few fans have commented on for quite some time after noticing it in a few pictures and a couple of pumpkin season fans had mentioned having a conversation with Jeremy and Peggy about his eye.

In Jeremy's posting on his Facebook Fan page he said that he has 20/20 vision in his right eye, but has a problem with his left eye, so he had it checked out and now requires one contact.

He's been wearing glasses recently. Here is a picture Jeremy posted on his public instagram/webstagram page http://web.stagram.com/p/234225743174426977_952679 with the caption:

The kid: "Do you take photos because you wear that hat and have big glasses?"


Christine said...

Why would he get those? Was it as a joke?

Shelby said...

I'm confused, does Jeremy Roloff have contacts, glasses or both?

Rap541 said...

Shelby, he probably got both. People who use contacts typically have a pair of glasses for emergencies, sore eye days etc.

And speaking from personal experience, it's sometimes awkward and uncomfortable to wear just one contact, even if you just need one. (I actually have an almost identical prescription, 20/20 in my left, 20/200 in my right). It does give a possible explanation to some of the driving accidents we've seen on camera.

Christine - Yeah, thats a.... not the greatest choice in frames. Maybe he just grabbed the first he saw... He'd look better with a smaller lens and while I don't care for this particular style, rectangular lens are in fashion right now.

Ashley said...

Rap and Christine, I think Jeremy choose those frames intentionally.

Jeremy's fashion sense style is that he likes things that make him stand out.

From the tight rolled up jeans, to the old style hat, to the bright pink/yellow and green shirts (and it's not fashion, but his baby blue VW bus is another example, he likes things that make him stand out). Now those glasses.

Rap541 said...

Ashley, true.

Or he could just have no fashion sense.

I'm actually not judging ol' Jer too harshly, btw. I don't have much of a fashion sense or rather "like to dress to stand out".... I just sense if it was Zach or Jake, the fashion quirkiness wouldn't be considered quite so charitably.

Jack "N" Orry said...

Yikes it's Paul from The Wonder Years only with no fashion sense.

Porcupine Pie said...

Hey Jeremy- Steve Urkel called........ He wants his glasses back.

BeckyM said...

Look for a new Roloff episode! Jeremy got glasses! Watch Jeremy get his eye exam. Watch Jeremy decide on a pair of glasses. Watch Jeremy pay with a credit card. Watch Matt say how proud he is of Jeremy to get an eye exam!

You've never seen anything like it before in your life and this ep. is guaranteed to pull in 1.1 million bored viewers who are channel surfing and got up to answer the doorbell before they could click away.

TML said...

Trying to look like a hipster, and failing.

Anonymous said...

But still better than those damn Duggars

sassenach said...

Arrogant and sanctimonious though he may be I am inclined to feel some sympathy for Jeremy.

He may simply be the product of bad parenting and far from normal upbringing with no disciplne whatsoever.

A very strange father.
A mother who would apparently rather be off making speeches than deal with the family.
A huge house but yet a pigsty of a bedroom with no bed linens.
Influenced by a lunatic church and a small christian school.
A fleet of vehicles.
Outrageously expensive vacations provided by TLC.
Temporary fame and fortune of being a TV "star".

Now he is suddenly a nobody living in an apartment away from the mansion, cars, farm toys, film crews, etc.

That is a huge adjustment especially at his young age.

Anonymous said...

Agreed !!! hahahahahahahaha...

Anonymous said...

With or without glasses, jer-bear is a friggin ADONIS!

BeckyM said...

It's been almost a month since anything new has been posted about the Roloffs. Wow! It really shows how this family, after their reality fame, is finally fading into obscurity.

TLC has moved onto other groundbreaking television. Matt you lost your crown to Honey Boo Boo... ROFLMAO!

Sassenach said...

You got that right Becky. TLC is really groundbreaking - Smallest Siblings, A family with 19 kids and LPBW and Duggars relegated to the middle of the night/early morning slots.