Friday, August 24, 2012

Next Little People, Big World/ Roloff Family Episode September 3rd - Australia

The next episode of Little People, Big World on TLC featuring the Roloffs will air at 8pm on Sept 3rd, 2012.

It will be about the Australia trip the Roloffs took earlier this year.

TLC has the preview description:

Little People, Big World: Down Under - (LPBW Special #6: Australia) 

With Jeremy away at school and Molly about to leave for college, the Roloffs embark on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the land Down Under. It's an emotional journey when Zach brings his girlfriend and Jeremy returns to find the family has changed.


Greg said...

Another freebie vacation. When will the Roloffs ever earn their own way?

Betty said...

TLC is still dishing out freebies to the Roloffs? I hope no one watches so this nonsense will stop.

Dave said...

"With Jeremy away at school and Molly about to leave for college, the Roloffs embark on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the land Down Under. It's an emotional journey when Zach brings his girlfriend and Jeremy returns to find the family has changed."

Their clothes? The dog's water? The vacuum bag? The roach motels? Pants size again? To a different fake job? Out the vegetable try in the fridge? Credit ratings? Their minds about suing Delta for invading their air space? Cars after the air fresheners stopped working? Their speaking fees from free to -$500? From hamburger helper to tuna helper? From lap dancing to pole dancing?

sassenach said...

I will watch if only to see just how stupid it can get.

This is the whole hook. People will watch to see what earth shattering "CHANGE" has taken place.
On thing that will not have changed is their phoney "reality".

Brandon said...

Sassenach, exactly.

Other than Jeremy moving to California, which in all of their updates, they don't actually tell anything of substance about how he is actually doing there..., the biggest thing to happen to them was Jacob being expelled from school. They didn't "update" about that.

Instead the updates include staged arm wrestling and go kart races.

It's so funny that this is one final vacation for the Roloffs before the kids leave forever. Haven't we seen this script before? Again and again! lol.

BeckyM said...

Do tell? Can we look forward to any of the following, life shattering changes in the Roloffs' life?:

Jeremy stops being a homophobic, Right Wing, conservative Christian who comes to believe a woman can do more then birth a baby and housework?

Zach actually finishes school with some sort of degree and gets a real job?

Jacob excels at public school and realizes that being smarter than his brothers wouldn't be as hard as he originally thought?

Molly comes clean and finally shows that she is just as much an unpleasant (and lazy) hypocrite as her parents?

Amy finally divorces Matt. She learns some manners and issues an apology to the county. She hires someone to clean the house.

Matt stops being a Narcissist who prostitutes his family for money?

Hmm somehow I don't think I'll see any of these edifying changes.

Wink Wink to Matt! I betcha you can get at least 1.1 million viewers with this special! You go Matt. Knock it out of the ball park.

Brandon said...

Becky, wonderful! I love it.

Rap541 said...

I plan to recap and review but I will be at dragoncon this weekend so the review will be late.

Dal said...

I just found this blog. I have watched the show but realized in the 2nd season the Roloffs were full of it "we are broke but on a reality show blah blah blah". I am glad to see the supoena was quashed. And I love the recaps here and HONEST discussion. Keep up the good work!!!!

Kyle said...

The executives at TLC that keep making the decisions to give the Roloffs not only more episodes but free vacations to Australia, should be fired.

McK said...

Was Jeremy really a good enough athlete to have been considered for a college soccer scholarship? And is Molly going to college in WA or CA (since she said she wouldn't want to attend school in OR) on a volleyball scholarship or an academic scholarship (since she was a co-valedictorian)? Do they even need academic or athletic scholarships, or were they paid enough by TLC to be able to afford private universities for all 4 kids?

Anonymous said...

molly is going to whitworth university in spokane washington probally on academic scholarship

Timothy said...

Mck, Tegan713 is right about Molly. Whitworth is a private Christian University in Spokane, Washington.

No, Jeremy was not that good at soccer.

The dream he's now had since he was 5 years old was to be a photographer.

He's going to the expensive apply and you're in, photography institute, Brooks, in Santa Barbara, California.

McK said...

She's not on the college's volleyball roster, so it must be an academic scholarship, not an athletic one. I guess Jacob is Matt's last hope to attend Pepperdine--his dream business school. Wonder why Molly didn't head out to Malibu to be nearer Jeremy.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I wanna see zach rolof get a fine tall curvy model chick to rub in jeremy's face hhahaha

Anonymous said...

Why slag them off if you dont like them dont watch ...simple sounds to me you, ve all got green eyed jealousy