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Jeremy Roloff And His Reputation With Animals

We have been receiving some inquiries from people who say they have been reading comments over the internet that allude to Jeremy Roloff and his reputation with animals. They were asking what happened? So we've decided to dedicate this item to outlining some of the incidents that people mention.

From 5 years ago to within the last year, from Oregon to California, to a new set of friends, one thing has followed Jeremy through it all -- and that's his habit of either doing things that anger "animal lovers" or Jeremy and his friends fondness for photographing themselves with dead and mutilated animals.

So we will go through the list of some of the things that surfaced that drew some attention.

One of the older things, was a video from about 4 years ago featuring the "DBU" (the name Jeremy and Zach's group of friends gave themselves) -- the friends that were often seen on episodes of Little People, Big World on TLC.

This is a video of them trying to be funny, standing around pretending to talk about their day and then they pan over to a pile of dead cows and baby calves.

Warning that some people might find some of these images disturbing.

The next incident was a series of comments online that caught attention between Jeremy and several of his "DBU" friends following a hiking trip in Oregon. They were sarcastically posting about the death of a bird during their trek. One of the friends commented that the poor bird's life was snuffed out on an edge of a cliff by a size 13 boot and never saw it coming. Mueller then interjected to correct, that he has a size 14 boot, not 13 and it was the a size 14 boot that killed the bird.

Then there is the infamous cat tossing pictures featuring (once again) Jeremy and best friend Jacob Mueller. The pictures capture Jeremy and Mueller in the Roloff home with the black and white Roloff cat named Mo. While Jeremy was seated on the couch snapping pictures of the action, Mueller was tossing the cat in the air.

The pictures generated shock and disgust from people at the way Jeremy and Mueller were treating the cat and that this is obviously an activity that they deem to be fun or funny. Some people took to Amy J Roloff's official Facebook Fan Page, posted the picture and commented on it. Amy responded. Her response to the pictures of her son and his best friend (who Amy has repeatedly referred to as a "great kid" and like her "5th kid") tossing the cat and taking pictures of it in the air was to essentially say that no one has a right to judge them unless you know them personally. Amy never explained how whether one knows them personally or not, affects one's ability to comment on the behavior exhibited in a picture. Others are quick to point out that Amy's default response to criticism of her family (the "Do I know? If not, you should cannot judge us") is not a rule that Amy abides by herself. Several times Amy has publicly criticized people whom she does not know personally (Rosie O'Donnell, Kim Kardashian, flight attendants, bloggers, politicians, etc.) when they do or say something she doesn't like.

Also contributing to Jeremy's reputation with animals is the habit he and his friends have of posing gleefully with the bloody and dead carcasses of animals. These pictures were the result of a Jeremy, Mueller and friends trip. Jeremy proudly showing off a dead bird that had it's head blown apart:

The dead animal pictures have followed Jeremy from Oregon to California and his new group of friends. One of Jeremy's roommates posted this picture after a hiking adventure with Jeremy.
Again, warning that some might find this picture disturbing, but this is what Jeremy and his friends take pictures of when you hear them refer to all of their adventures.

On top of those things, throw in that there have been comments that caught the eyes of people (you might remember a couple of years ago Facebook had regional network settings and anyone that was apart of a shared network such as "Portland" as someone else could view their profile) such as friends of Jeremy posting to him about how they skin chipmunks and one friend and Jeremy engaged in a discussion where the friend was telling him how he spent his morning shooting squirrels for fun and had such powerful ammo that he blew the squirrel apart. Jeremy responded with a "Good shot!" comment. So when you hear people refer to Jeremy's reputation with animals, that pretty much sums up just some of the reasons why.

 For people that have not watched the majority of the Little People, Big World series, we should note that the series does not delve into this aspect of Jeremy's hobbies or habits. In one of they very first shows filmed, the episode centered around Jeremy and Matt attempting to shoot moles that were digging up the lawn. Another episode in Season 2 or 3 that revolved around a birthday party at the farm had a scene where a baby bird got knocked out of a tree by a soccer ball and Jeremy jumped up pretending to stomp on it to "scare the girls". That's about it as far as the LPBW featuring Jeremy and animals on the show.

Keep in mind that as astute observers know, LPBW is not an accurate portrayal of what the Roloffs do in their real lives. Matt and Amy Roloff are producers of the LPBW and as per their statements under oath in court, they have the complete final say over how they and their family is portrayed on the show. The LPBW series also included producers such as Chris Cardamone who describes himself as a very close friend of the Roloffs, contributed to Amy's cookbook, helps with her Charity Foundation and has taken to social media sites like Facebook to defend the Roloffs. Obviously the "Little People, Big World" tv show  is not going to let anything air that might alienate their audience members.

Matt Roloff also is very well aware on his Facebook Fan Page that many of the LPBW fans are animal lovers. Matt often posts cutesy animal pictures on his Facebook Fan Page that generate a positive response. He has in the past posted pictures of Jeremy in a tree with the calico cat....Matt said Jeremy was rescuing the blind cat from the tree ....Matt's Facebook fans responded with comments such as "Jeremy is so great to be so gentle and caring to the cat! I love cats too, Matt!" So it's quite easy to realize why the Roloffs try to keep their behavior with animals on the down low. We all know that Matt is very aware of what the reaction would be if he displayed these pictures and stories to his Facebook fans.

Now I should point out that there are defenses for Jeremy and his friends behavior with animals. They do have some defenders of course who always defend the Roloffs regardless of the criticism.

Some point to the more straight forward hunting aspects of it and say there's nothing wrong with hunting. A lot of people like it. Jeremy's just a manly country boy that likes hunting. Jeremy's girlfirend, Audrey, has expressed in tweets that she finds a guy that shoots animals very attractive. The picture of Jeremy (and Mueller) with the bird with it's had blown apart is explained as a typical hunting picture of a hunter proudly posing with his kill.

Jeremy and the gang have defenders that approve of the cat tossing. The defense is apparently that all people throw their cats and especially kids like to throw cats high to see if they'll land on their feet (although it should be pointed out, that Jeremy and Mueller were not 8 years old, they were clearly around the age of 20 in the pictures). One of Amy's, Zach's and Mueller's own defense given during one of Amy's old live coffee chats was that Mueller loves his own pet dogs so.....I didn't really get it, but I think what they were going for was that Mueller isn't cruel to animals because he loves his own pet dogs.

Anonymous defenders of Jeremy on twitter claim that Jeremy and his friends don't kill the animals (which clearly is not true in some of those cases and certainly contradict their own words about the bird stomping and the size of boot used), but the defense that has been thrown out there was that Jeremy and his friends just stumble upon dead and mutilated bodies of animals and they get great pleasure out of photographing it. Personally, I'll be honest....what the hell? Who enjoys taking pictures of dead and mangled animals? That's kind of sick. But yes, Jeremy does have his defenders who insist that it's just a hobby that Jeremy enjoys.

As for Jeremy himself? Over the years, people have tweeted at Jeremy and referenced Jeremy about many of these issues. As is always the case with anything even slightly controversial about Jeremy, he never speaks for himself. Jeremy will be 23 next May.

Anyhow, we were asked to explain the topic, so there it is. Feel free to form your own opinion. My personal opinion? It's just another example of the common theme with the Roloffs. Their real behavior differs very much from "The Roloff brand" or "The Roloff image" that they (led by Matt) sell to fans that don't know the truth about what they really do. If you have observed Matt's Facebook postings on his official Fan Page for any length of time, it becomes very clear that Matt puts a lot of effort into attempting to portray the Roloffs as  a gentle animal loving bunch. And it's clear that goes over well with the Roloff fan base. There's a lot big animal lovers among the LPBW and Roloff fan base.

So for me (although I do find some of Jeremy's and his friends behavior with animals to be very distasteful and wrong), the issue becomes much like the other issues, like the Roloffs support for anti-diverse organizations. They have a right to support that, but they don't own that behavior or beliefs. They portray an image that contradicts their real behavior and actions.

Therefore, you get Matt posting a cutesy picture of Jeremy in a tree with a cat and naive fans responding with "Awww, Jeremy is such a sweet and gentle young man. I love cats too! I love you guys!", when in real life there is certainly evidence that suggests that Jeremy isn't that sweet and gentle animal lover that goes over so well with a certain faction of the Roloff fan base.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Review of Amy Roloff Cook Book "Short and Simple"

Rap541 graciously agreed to review Amy Roloff's new cook book entitled "Short and Simple". Review written by Rap541:

So I will admit it, I bought a copy of Amy's cook book Short and Simple. Hey, I'm not poor, and my thinking at the time is that my mom at least would enjoy it as she collects cook books so I figured what the hell.

And let me be up front. If you take it at face value, and ignore the Roloff aspect completely, and if you ignore a lot of the pre-release natter on the show and in facebook and even in comments here about how it's all about nutritious  meals, then let me be honest. It's a nice, very basic cook book with simple recipes. Now folks, I am not against simple food. Far from it. On the other hand, raise of hands, who here actually needed to read a cook book to figure out how to make fresh fruit salad? Or tuna fish sandwiches, or roast beef sandwiches or ham and cheese and turkey panninis? Aka toasted ham and cheese and turkey sandwiches? Or hey, the recipe for super burgers and fries that involves amongst other things - a package of frozen french fries and a list of condiments. I mean there's simple and then there's explaining how to put the frozen fries in the oven. Likewise I think most of us understand the concept of making a fruit smoothie.

There was one recipe, banana chocolate pops, that I remember making in kindergarten... in part I suspect because it's so easy. Actually, I not only did this when I was six, I can remember reading about this recipe in a book called One Child by Torey Hayden. The book was written in the early 1980s, and there's one scene where Torey, who was a special education teacher, had her class of autistics, childhood schizophrenics, and profoundly disturbed kids making the banana chocolate pops successfully. My point? A lot of the recipes are really too simple. I'm just saying... most of us probably figured out how to make a sandwich without a cook book.

On a positive note, I did like the short section in the back that is, again, clearly for beginners, but nicely explains how to make "side vegetables" easily. Another nice touch was listing the household pantry items at the start. Again, not necessary but a nice touch for beginners who will find it helpful.

In fairness, if it had a different tone and was say, more focused to child and teen beginners, I think it would sit better with me. When you're teaching children and teenagers, you want a few "ringer" recipes in the mix so that they can get a success under their belts right away. In that respect, I could see this being very helpful to say, a parent teaching a kid how to cook. To an experienced cook? I'd say it's probably too simplistic.  But to be fair, with title like Short and Simple, I wasn't expecting deconstructed paella with a side of bacon ice cream.

So let's talk about the Roloff aspect, shall we?

Let me tell you up front, if you're looking for amazing new content about the Roloffs, move on. Now do understand, I wasn't expecting any new content, so I wasn't disappointed. There's a forward by Amy's parents that amounts to "we're so proud of Amy". Amy does a forward as well where we basically hear the same story of how she learned to cook at 12, and how she wanted to run a bed and breakfast and was thwarted by people being touchy about her dwarfism, and blah blah blah cooking for the family is such a joy. I mean its a nice sentiment but pretty pictures in the book aside, how many times did we see the family sitting around the table for a home cooked meal?

So here's the thing. You're not going to recognize most of these recipes. I remember maybe five or six of these recipes. Chili, chicken enchiladas, that godawful shepherds pie, the potato cake, cookies, and "super burgers" andd honestly, I mostly remember Matt in regards to burgers and his slopping a lot of relish on said burgers. That means a LOT of these recipes are for things that you've never seen grace the Roloff's table. Honestly, judging by the horrified looks at smokedd salmon on the part of the Roloff kids, it's really hard to believe Amy has ever served "Simple Salmon" to the family. Likewise pretty much all of the "Starters" seemed way beyond the cuisine level of the family. Really, does anyone believe that Mushroom Goat Cheese Puffs, or Scallop Pesto Crostinis or Crab Cakes were ever offered out to a horde of teenagers for snack time?

That's not to say these aren't good recipes, they just don't seem to reflect the tastes of a woman who didn't know what veal or a cornish game hen was. I mean really, does anyone really think tilapia really is on the menu at the Roloff homestead?

What I don't believe is that this is a cook book full of healthy recipes. Lest anyone run to scream how I am "hating" - I'm not the one in at least one tv special who harped on how healthy and nutritious this cook book would be. Putting "94 percent lean ground beef" in a recipe does not make it a healthy recipe. Likewise, using kosher salt or suggesting that fat be trimmed from a beef cut, or skinless chicken breasts be used does not make it a healthy recipe. Amy uses a LOT of sour cream, heavy cream, butter, and buttermilk in her recipes. There's a lot of cheese in these recipes. Yeah she's saying use lean ground meat in the super burgers, but she's also adding egg and a half cup of parmesan cheese to the beef and then suggesting cheddar cheese and bacon as "condiments". The breakfast omelat has potates added. The breakfast smoothie has a 1/4 of a cup of honey added and there's a LOT of sugar in the recipes. The BLT salad, in the "light lunch fare" area of the book has 6-8 slices of bacon, 6 large slices of french bread for croutons, two table spoons of maple sugar, a 1/4 cup of brown sugar and a half cup of "low fat" mayo.  Don't get me wrong, I like hearty, heavy food, but really, with rare exception, recipes in this book have ground beef, sour cream, buttermilk, heavy cream, potatoes, eggs, and cups of sugar.  I'm not shocked in the slightest that Matt is diabetic.

My recommendation? It isn't a bad beginner cook book but don't buy it if you're expecting any new antedotes about Amy, and really don't buy it if you're looking for healthy recipes.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Is Jacob Roloff Following the Infamous Path of Jeremy Roloff On Social Media Sites?

The following topic is starting to generate some attention from fans. We are starting to receive emails and inquiries pointing it out so we decided we might as well do an item about it.

People are beginning to wonder if there is a Jeremy Roloff Redux at work. More specifically, some are starting to note the eerie similarities between Jeremy Roloff's conduct with his friends on a public social media site which began 6 years ago and the current pattern being displayed by Jacob Roloff and his friends.

You are probably familiar with Jeremy's infamous reputation on social media sites that eventually landed him in the National Enquirer for using racial and homophobic slurs. However, Jeremy and Zach also had quite a bad reputation for how they were caught speaking about fans when they interacted with their friends on their public accounts. One of the first incidents happened when many fans saw Zach refer to Roloff pumpkin season customers as "Dumb idiots that ask for pictures" and Jeremy infamously referring to fans as "Sucking the unsuckable". All of the Roloffs were caught with their friends referring to fans as creepers. A recent story was Mueller and the Roloffs reposting and laughing at a teenage girl that met Zach at the zoo and asked him for a picture. Mueller took his own picture reposting it and captioning it "Zach and The Creeper".

For the purpose of this item, one of the other aspects of Jeremy's Roloff history on social media was his habit  of insulting fans with his friends. Commonly regarded as one of the nastiest incidents between Roloffs and fans occurred when a fan girl from Puerto Rico created a Roloff fan page and said she wished she could be adopted by the Roloffs. Jeremy and his friends began publicly posting to each other about what a "freak" she was and mocking comments about her appearance such as "OMG, check out her profile picture! LOL!"

So that brings us to 2012. Jacob Roloff now has a public Twitter account where he mostly tweets back and forth with his friends. And before some protest about "stalking" or "hacking" it is a completely public account.  Anybody on the internet that searches Twitter for "Roloff" can find and read all the tweets (as of Sept 12, 2012 - Roloff related accounts have a history of turning "private" or disappearing" once the Spiritswander Blog posts about it).

I should preface by saying that Jacob has not yet repeated Jeremy's language and it is quite clear to several observers that Jacob has indeed learned from his big brother's example and is clearly biting his tongue when it comes to things such as slur words.

In fact, Jacob has a Tweet (for non-twitter users - a post on Twitter is called a "tweet") in which he expressed  his annoyance that he feels he can't freely retweet posts he likes from his friends because they use curse words - mainly "fuck"  in them. At the end of that tweet, Jacob added the hash tag - #spiritswander with frown face. However, have no fear, that did not prevent Jacob from eventually re-tweeting Tweets he likes that contain curse words. And for the record, personally it does not bother me if someone uses an occasional curse word -- it's certainly not unusual for a teenager.

However, I must say I do object to being named the villain in Jacob's misery that he feels like he can't publicly say "Fuck" when he wants. I think that has more to do with the fact that at the exact same time Jacob is on twitter publicly expressing irritation over not feeling like he can say "Fuck"..... Matt Roloff is on  Facebook almost every day portraying the Roloffs and Jacob as a proper wholesome Christian family.

Once again though, back to the topic of Jacob Roloff's twitter account. The real account is . It is currently completely public. He apparently has changed the settings from private to public to private to public, many times over. Every time it is public, people can read back and see all of his tweets.

Just before we get to the latest little incident, here's just a few things from Jacob's tweets that caught the eye of some people.

*He routinely expresses his dissatisfaction with participating in the show. He tweeted that the "interviews" that the "TV people" make him do are "the worst".

*Recently, Jacob said in a tweet that the TV crew told him that they wanted him to sing "Jingle Bells" in an interview (also referred to as a "barn bite" or "hay bale" but that is "not gonna happen".

*He describes Mueller as the funniest person he knows and describes texting Mueller as the greatest.

*Multiple times expressed disdain for the word "midget" and called a person who used the word while describing LPBW ignorant.

*The other observation that people have observed is that Jacob has not seemed to come to terms with the fact that he is a public figure. He has, like his 3 other siblings, referred to fans as "creepers." He also, in response to someone that was calling him a jerk, noted that it is paying for his college.

*He has repeatedly expressed his annoyance that other Twitter users press his "Follow" button.  He has also expressed his outrage that people "Tweet" him or reference his account (when Twitter users refer to a person in a tweet they often @ said person's account name instead of typing out the full name). Jacob has expressed that he only wants people "following" him and referring to his account who know him personally. Unfortunately for Jacob, as of yet, Twitter has not made a rule that applies to only Jacob Roloff. Twitter has not given Jacob control of the Twitter Universe and that is not how Twitter functions. Twitter allows users to reference any other account regardless of whether the person's account is private or public.

One of Jacob's little controversies on Twitter was when he declared on his public account that he would "Block" any fan that followed his Twtter account. Some people expressed that they felt Jacob was just like Jeremy - ungrateful for the fan support, a hypocrite since Jacob himself follows other people from TV on Twitter, and described him as a "snob" or "stuck up". Jacob's friends also chimed in telling the disgruntled fans to "Fuck off bitches" and leave Jacob alone because Jacob doesn't want his Worldwide twitter account referenced by anyone he doesn't know personally. Jacob himself, was quick to play martyr and tweet that he thinks disgruntled fans referencing his account and tweeting each other that they feel he is a "snob" or a "jerk" is them bullying him.

However, the most recent incident happened this week and has led some to reminisce about the similarities between Jeremy and Jacob and their use of social media.

Since Jacob's Twitter is now public (he apparently turned it public around the time of the airing of the most recent LPBW episode and has apparently stopped "Blocking" fans that Follow him) it is quite obvious that one of Jacob's school friends is a kid named Brenden. A large percentage of Jacob's tweets are directed at this Brenden and vice-versa.

Recently, a girl from Russia, who according to her You Tube channel is 16 years old, tweeted Brenden and Jacob (who is 15, will be 16 in January)  in Russian.   The girl basically expressed that she thinks the two (Jacob and friend Brenden) are cute and said she would like to kiss them if they were to come to Moscow. She posted a picture of herself kissing a a very athletic way (with her leg on his shoulder). The other focus of her message to them on Twitter was that she thinks they would quite enjoy Russia as there are many activities to do. She referenced a friend of her who apparently climbs on the tops of building, explores caves, does back flips off docks and rides on the back of trains.

Jacob's friend, Brenden, translated her entire message and posted the translation on Twitter. Jacob and many of their friends began mocking the girl and laughing. Many of the friends tweets were retweeted or "liked" by Jacob himself.

Their treatment of the girl has generated a bit of attention from some Twitter users who expressed that Jacob, Brenden, and their friends were mean-spirited and have a blatant disregard for the girl's feelings since they are posting this all publicly where it is seen by her.

This has led to some contacting Spiritswander to comment that they feel that his very similar to Jeremy's conduct with his friends and the infamous incident with the fan girl from Puerto Rico.

Here is some of the interaction between them to give people a better idea. All of these Tweets and pictures are very public.



--  @ JacobRoloff45 @ MrBrendenShults

When you come to moscow I Anastasia Golavchyov could show you many fun things Brenden and Jacob Roloff

There are many cool adventures in Moscow to show you. You would like my friend Dennis

My good friend Denis and I

Brenden and Jacob Roloff would find very amazing that things Dennis does, knows in Moscow. If you dare…? ))) 
 Before I describe places I could show you that you will enjoy, I must ask...? I can kiss you like this? I will guess you have not been kissed liked this by American girls )))

Brenden, I would like to grab your hair like this in a passionate kiss. Jacob you might need longer hair.

My friend Alexandra will help me show you American boys how Russian girls could kiss you

Alexandra and myself say hello Brenden and Jacob Roloff

Or you might like more…? :)))

I should not be silly. You have not discovered Russia? The adventures to have we could show you.

I will show you what Dennis does. You like being high on top? This high? Kiss Moscow sky..


Jacob you like being on top of high beams? I saw your picture. Dennis could show you higher and how to hang ))))

Or explore underground caves

Or Ride on trains....this is the back of moving train !!! Picture doesn't show how fast it is going. But do not tell Russian police that we can do this!

Or flip into water for fun. I hope you like my video of Dennis and friends?


Brenden ‏@MrBrendenShults Why. #SoPersistent

 Brenden ‏@MrBrendenShults She tweeted some pretty kinky pics too. #RussianLadiesCrazy

 Brenden ‏@MrBrendenShults Fan girls from Russia.

 Brenden ‏@MrBrendenShults Sooo I guess I'm a big deal in Russia? #WhoWouldHaveKnown

 Brandon Wise ‏@WiseBrandon @MrBrendenShults @JacobRoloff45 Who are these women?

 Brenden ‏@MrBrendenShults @WiseBrandon I have no idea. I don't speak Russian, I'll probably google translate it all

 Brenden ‏@MrBrendenShults Here is the page long letter that the Russian girl send @JacobRoloff45 and I, Translated of course. #PersistentWomen

 Misty Mahealani ‏@MistyMahealani @MrBrendenShults @jacobroloff45 I like how she types out "Jacob Roloff" everytime instead of just 'Jacob' Hahaaha.

 Brenden ‏@MrBrendenShults "I guess you did not kiss the girls liked American. Brenden, I would like to grab your hair like this in a passionate kiss." #Russians

Brenden ‏@MrBrendenShults @Tommy_Keplinger Zoom in!

 Brenden ‏@MrBrendenShults @JacobRoloff45 They arnt bad looking though, We should go down to Moscow sometime!

 Brenden ‏@MrBrendenShults She put allot of thought and compassion into that letter.

 Brenden ‏@MrBrendenShults "You like to be high on the top? This is high? Kiss of the Moscow sky." So passionate. #Russians

samm meade ‏@sammadisono @MrBrendenShults @JacobRoloff45 what the hell?

 Brenden ‏@MrBrendenShults @sammadisono What can i say? I guess im a big deal in Russia!

Tommy Keplinger ‏@Tommy_Keplinger 

@MrBrendenShults she wants the D!!

 Brenden ‏@MrBrendenShults I should reply.

 Brenden ‏@MrBrendenShults That entire message made me chiggle.

 maddi kernal ‏@dear_madelineee hahahaha poor Jacob and Brenden. I'm dying 😂 Retweeted by Brenden 

Jacob Roloff ‏@JacobRoloff45
@MrBrendenShults Lol... thats what that kissing picture was.... who requests to be kissed like that? hahah

 Brenden ‏@MrBrendenShults Here is the page long letter that the Russian girl send @JacobRoloff45 and I, Translated of course. #PersistentWomen Retweeted by Jacob Roloff

 Brenden ‏@MrBrendenShults "I guess you did not kiss the girls liked American. Brenden, I would like to grab your hair like this in a passionate kiss." #Russians; Retweeted by Jacob Roloff

 maddi kernal ‏@dear_madelineee hahahaha poor Jacob and Brenden. I'm dying 😂 Retweeted by Jacob Roloff

Then some others commented on the tweets about it:

Cambo ‏@cambo19 @AnastasiaGolov1 I am sorry for the unkind way @MrBrendenshults , @JacobRoloff45 and friends laughed at you. Ignore them.

CB Revelations ‏@CB_Revelations
 @cambo19 When have Roloffs and their friends ever considered the feelings of others?

Melanie Smith ‏@msmithmelanie @CB_Revelations @cambo19 Imagine if she had said something not nice to them...she's complimentary and gets mocked. Roloffs + friends = nasty

 Mike Brooks ‏@mbrooksp It's amazing to see how things repeat from 1 Godly Roloff to another @JeremyJRoloff @JacobRoloff45 the only difference is orgin of the girl.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Little People, Big World Roloff Episode Review: "Down Under" by Rap541

Guest Reviewer, Rap541, was able to catch a rerun of the "Down Under" episode of Little People, Big World on TLC. Due to popular demand (Rap541 has reviewed every episode of LPBW since the Blog began with guest reviewers), Rap541 submitted the following recap:

Written By Rap541

Wow, it’s so hard to believe that this special isn’t on Itunes. Sorry about that, folks. I did try to catch this at Dragoncon, but everyone freaked out and insisted that we continue watching Firefly. I have few regrets. I also have a sword cane!

Anyway, really, what has happened to TLC? Matt, I’m sorry but you and the wife going on again about your one last family vacation just does not top the two headed girls, or the family of rednecks who, unlike your now prissy family, are willing to completely debase themselves for money. Real and raw, Matt? Real and raw is a pet pig crapping on the kitchen table. Or you know, everyone getting in the RV to head down to where your 14 year old daughter is shacking up with her 18 year old boyfriend and laying down a “Rumney” beat down. I can say, before even seeing the show, that you’re going to need to spice it up a bit because “Jeremy is perfect, Molly is perfect, Zach is Zach, Jake is perfect, and Amy and I are happily married!” just can’t compete.

Anyway this Breaking Amish show that came on before? Had outhouses and people wearing suspenders and fighting with their parents. Mind you, I am pretty certain these Amish kids are well past rumspringa. And who knew that the Amish adopt Latino kids? And had single moms? Also it seems a bit of a cheat to have a special phone room on a corner of the property, just saying. There’s also something incongruous about someone dressed Amish style with a fancy roller carryon.

So, LPBW. We see the McMansion and Mat has dressed himself as Crocodile Dundee. Because of course, that is how normal people who are living their normal lives act. They dress up in a costume to announce a family trip. He announces it to mostly bored looking Roloffs. Really, for a bunch of people getting a free trip, and theoretically hearing about it for the first time… everyone looked bored and irritated. Matt then shouts like he’s completely aware that he’s putting on a show. Roll credits.

More scenic shots. Matt is taking the younger kids, Amy is flying in separately… apparently there’s a short window where it works. Zach wants to bring his lady and Matt and Amy seem shocked he’s still dating. Amy hay bales how weird it was to think about. Matt notes how difficult it is to travel with women. Ironic that we will soon see Matt doing the lionshare of the complaining on this trip.

Zach horribly pronounces aborigines. Jake with his new manly voice is worried about all the creepy crawlies. The kids’s rooms are still pigpens and there’s still laundry all over the house. It’s still clear in other words that the housekeeper doesn’t leave the first floor. Tory notes how cool it is to get a free trip. Now we’re in the airport - pretty certain they’re in an airport lounge in LAX.

Suddenly Jeremy is there and Amy waxes nostalgic about the family being together and how sad she is that this is the last family trip. Because really, we haven’t heard this enough. The flight looked and sounds horrific. 

Now they’re in Australia . There’s car chat. They drive by the bridge and of course this is a wickedly scheduled trip so HOW WILL THEY MANAGE? They go on the bridge climb. Amy and Matt head out on the shark infested waters in a water taxi. Matt duly notes his status as a physical martyr to everyone’s good time. He also makes sure to get his fear of heights in. The bridge is cool btw and so is the opera house. There’s drama as Zach is beaten down with exhaustion… and cue commercial. And we’re back to the bridge! Zach hay bales how he didn’t think he’d make but he monotones how determined he was to get to the top. Jeremy waxes how crazy it is to travel. Meanwhile Matt attention whores himself by waving a crutch shouting there’s the kids!

The family hooks up with some lp friends and Matt of course has to note how the friends are a “mixed” couple just like Tory and Zach. Matt seems displeased. Zach notes how confident Vic the man seems. Matt makes a lengthy toast.

Jeremy plays with his scrap booking tools. You know, putting stickers and such with your pictures. Kind of girly, really. I mean, wasn’t scrap booking a big thing like ten years ago? For women? He notes how crazy it is that he’s not the center of attention.

On next day, Matt again fake shouts they’re going to the outback. Zach and Tory get caught kissing. That was actually cute. They fly to Uluru or Ayers Rock. Its actually a really fascinating geological feature. Molly reads some non Christian stuff about Uluru. There’s lots of pointing and “oh that’s cool.” Amy seems to think the natives lived at Uluru. Jeremy says for the millionth time how “crazy “ it is. More sightseeing, Matt makes the obligatory “lets build one on the farm” and Amy gives the obligatory “its so hard to get the family together for one last trip,” comment.

What? Moving Up is finally ending it’s rein of terror? Moving Up wasn’t canceled three years ago? I guess TLC never lets anyone go.

Back to scenic Uluru and the sunrise and… riding camels. Matt again notes how he’s a medical martyr and notes how there’s no way he‘s getting on a camel. Jeremy meanwhile has no worries and no concerns about anything but his own fun and notes how crazy it is. Matt does some weird hee haw laugh. He gets lifted on and notes how high it is. Matt continues to make wise men jokes. Jeremy notes AGAIN how crazy it is. Matt notes how it was awesome. Amy hay bales how nice it is to share the moment as a family. There’s a lot of hay bales
Now they have breakfast with vegemite. They make faces and it seems like a universal ick face. Tory notes that it’s disgusting. I’ve had vegemite a few times. It’s not *that* bad but there are better ways to introduce people to it. Matt goes out to the camels and stages another scene where he pets the camel and shouts “I salute you!”. We’re halfway thru this and there’s been a lot of Matt fake shouting for the cameras and a LOT of hay bales where Matt and Amy say the same exact thing.

So now they are flying to the great barrier reef. Zach seems really cheery about Tory having a good time. Now they head to the Cairns zoo and Zach seems surprised that there’s Australian animals there. They seem to like the zoo. Matt is VERY on for the cameras. Zach and Tory seem cute together but are pleased the Aussies don’t seem to care about their mixed status. Now they have their pictures taken with koalas. My roommate Jodie from Australia hated koala bears. She said most of the natives there can’t stand them. She also was amazed that when we went swimming in the pool, we didn’t first have to skim the water to remove all the deadly snakes and insects. Yeah, Australia is bitey. Matt fake shouts to Amy that they are getting into the zoo business.

Molly monotones how she misses her time with Jeremy. They scrap book more. Jeremy notes how amazing it is when you become an adult and leave home. I find it hard to believe that they haven’t spent any time together in months, and when they are finally together, they hunch over a scrap book. Makes you wonder what it would be like if the camera wasn’t there.

Matt plays to the camera again. I think Jake does a voiceover here about dangerous animals. They get a lecture on how everything in Australia bites and poisons. Jake is becoming a man in this. Jeremy notes how great and crazy the spray of the water was. And there’s dolphins and more hay bales about the dolphins.

Matt is again the medical martyr. We get more fake playing to the camera.

Oh hey, two headed girls goes to Europe! That’s TLC, always raising the bar!

There’s a big fish. Matt hay bales how he’s not swimming There’s shots of people swimming. Matt continues to basically complain passive aggressively how he’s not going in. As we see fishies, Amy hay bales how awesome it was, followed by Molly. They find Nemo, the stingray that killed Steve Irwin. Zach and Jake both seem to like it. Jeremy notes how gorgeous it is. Matt hay bales how everyone is having fun and ignoring him so now he has to “Geronimo!” and just do it and be a man!.

On a brief aside, after watching Matt need to be cajoled into doing stuff repeatedly, and we’ve seen this behavior before, maybe, just maybe, it’s *Matt* that Zach gets the whiney hesitance on doing anything from? Just a thought.

Jeremy manfully poses with the Aussie flag. And they get Tory a cake which is nice. Lots of hay baling about Zach and Tory. They do seem cute together. Most of the genuine moments of this episode are coming from them. Zach seems a bit more mature. They had a cute dinner. Tory seems awkward with the cameras. I think someone *might* have scored that night!

So now we’re at a helicopter. Matt notes how he HAD to see the reef from above. Isn’t he supposed to be afraid of heights? A fun moment in that it was nice to hear Jeremy say something spontaneous when he discussed mudding. Matt ruined it with a camera moment - noting how he was seeing a shrimp on the barbie.

Amy meanwhile seems to like Tory and would allow Zach to court her. Then they have a barbeque on the beach that involves a personal chef cooking for them. Amy hay bales again how utterly fantastic is to be with the family. Matt again notes how fantastic they are, rallying to go on expensive fancy vacations together. I note again how scripted and fake most of this seemed and how completely “on camera” Matt and Amy were.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Little People, Big World / Roloff Family Episode Review "Down Under" Sept 3rd, 2012

Reviews to follow.
If you wish to review the episode, you can submit it by email to
Thank you to all that took the time to submit reviews.

First review is from Podge/Rodge Groupie

Written by Podge/Rodge Groupie


Review of LPBW “Down Under”

By Podge/Rodge groupie.

TLC preambled the new episode with three hours of previously aired, hashed through and opined shows of LPBW. I’m guessing the execs at TLC believed this is a good move. I’ll let others labour the point.

The announcement and the scripting therein is getting a bit obvious. I wonder if Zach’s asking about Tori coming along was acceptable to TLC or who was paying the bill?

Matt’s acting is, really people, just plain stupid. I have no idea why Beethoven is up on the wall in Zach’s room but extra points there. What’s stripped off Zach’s door? Zach and Jacob’s rooms are in their usual state, but hey, so is mine. EEK! A flash of Molly’s room! We’ve seen more of the interior of The Tomb on the Harvard campus. 

The reunion at the airport wasn’t too bad. I can’t really agree with Jeremy’s observations of the family making it to the show description highlights in the guide. I guess when you haven’t got much to take up some ink….

Jacob seemed a little more cooperative than before. Perhaps he was informed that if he perhaps feels the creeper fans are paying for his college he best start justify the earning it. I loved the way he looked at his dad when Matt claimed the 15 hours went by quickly. Can you combine reserve and contempt? Well done. 

Did we see clues that this is very clearly a working vacation? Jeremy’s “In and out of the suitcase” remarks of the brief stay in Sydney. Amy’s hay bale questions about how to take in so much in so little time, which were valid, certainly?

I’m happy to see some tidbits about Matt having difficulties in traveling, Zach working on the Harbour Bridge stairs, things like that bring back the original premise of the show from 7 years ago. The supper with the mixed couple was an opportunity for everyone to think about how we are all conditioned by pre-programming.

Molly’s remarks about not seeing Jeremy seemed scripted to me. I giggled after Jeremy’s comment that this trip he’s hanging with Molly and Jacob more. Why? Hmmmmm, no Mueller? Pity. 

Leaving for Ayers Rock. Matt’s bad acting sigh. A good travel show segment. I wonder if Matt’s going to build a miniature version of Ayers Rock. The camel ride looked a tiny bit hard on the family. Obvious that Jacob is NOT a morning person. Matt’s acting – please don’t besmirch the memory of Fred Gwynne, he worked very hard creating Herman Munster. I’m surprised nobody compared Vegemite to mom’s cooking lol?

The Zoo – Doe anyone know TLC’s itinerary, thank you. Zach’ comments on the local attitudes or lack thereof on LPs are a nice return to the show’s premise, see notes above. Note to Amy – Koala’s are marsupials, not bears. 

Molly worked on her comments about taking time for granted. The rest seemed genuine enough to me.

Great Barrier Reef trip – although it seemed to me to be more scripted voiceovers, it’s getting harder to tell if that was Jacob or Jeremy right off the bat. 

Zach’s remarks of Jacob’s research were good on Jacob’s part I felt. If he’d done that before the trip to Florence, he would have insisted on a trip to the Da Vinci Museum. He was younger, live and learn. Amy would only have given him 5 minutes anyway. Jeremy still influences Jacob, and why not? I don’t read too much into what was portrayed in this show. Again, Jacob does not seem to be fighting the camera. Jeremy was gracious in his remarks about his brother’s relationship. I would prefer to have someone ‘complete’ me instead of ‘compliment’ me, but hey, it works!

The helicopter trip was a nice time to remember the early days. Jacob got to hang with the girls – whoopee.

Overall, this was a good travel show. If was not all about Matt, this must have taken a bit of restraint on his part, but he came through with only some bad acting. I’m not sure of they or TLC read the reviews or blogs but this was a departure from the previous offerings. Eventful, not very in my view, yours will differ I’m sure. What’s next for a follow up? Unlike a good murder mystery, “The plot thinnnnnnsssss…..”

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Preview Clip of "Down Under" Little People, Big World Roloff Special has a preview clip of next episode of Little People, Big World on TLC Sept 3rd.  The clip shows the Roloffs (and Zach's girlfriend, Tori) visiting a zoo.

TLC Filming Little People, Big World Episode As Molly Roloff Goes To College

As Amy Roloff, travels with Molly to Spokane, Washington where she will attend Whitworth University, TLC cameras/crews have been spotted.

The Tri-City Herald had a quick item about it.

"A film crew and the stars of The Learning Channel's Little People, Big World stopped at Cedars Restaurant and Lounge in Kennewick on Thursday evening. The family from the reality show reportedly were en route to Spokane, where one of their children is going to college. They declined to be interviewed."
Amy is posting pictures on her Facebook fan page of her taking Molly to Spokane. 
As people familiar with the events when Jeremy left for Santa Barbara last year are well aware of, what actually happens and what is portrayed on TLC's Little People, Big World does not always mesh. People will recall a tearful scene last year depicting Jeremy pulling out the driveway as a tearful Amy stands in the Roloff driveway and waves goodbye -- in actual reality Amy drove down to Santa Barbara with Jeremy and the driveway scene was Amy acting for the cameras.

Read more here: