Thursday, September 13, 2012

Is Jacob Roloff Following the Infamous Path of Jeremy Roloff On Social Media Sites?

The following topic is starting to generate some attention from fans. We are starting to receive emails and inquiries pointing it out so we decided we might as well do an item about it.

People are beginning to wonder if there is a Jeremy Roloff Redux at work. More specifically, some are starting to note the eerie similarities between Jeremy Roloff's conduct with his friends on a public social media site which began 6 years ago and the current pattern being displayed by Jacob Roloff and his friends.

You are probably familiar with Jeremy's infamous reputation on social media sites that eventually landed him in the National Enquirer for using racial and homophobic slurs. However, Jeremy and Zach also had quite a bad reputation for how they were caught speaking about fans when they interacted with their friends on their public accounts. One of the first incidents happened when many fans saw Zach refer to Roloff pumpkin season customers as "Dumb idiots that ask for pictures" and Jeremy infamously referring to fans as "Sucking the unsuckable". All of the Roloffs were caught with their friends referring to fans as creepers. A recent story was Mueller and the Roloffs reposting and laughing at a teenage girl that met Zach at the zoo and asked him for a picture. Mueller took his own picture reposting it and captioning it "Zach and The Creeper".

For the purpose of this item, one of the other aspects of Jeremy's Roloff history on social media was his habit  of insulting fans with his friends. Commonly regarded as one of the nastiest incidents between Roloffs and fans occurred when a fan girl from Puerto Rico created a Roloff fan page and said she wished she could be adopted by the Roloffs. Jeremy and his friends began publicly posting to each other about what a "freak" she was and mocking comments about her appearance such as "OMG, check out her profile picture! LOL!"

So that brings us to 2012. Jacob Roloff now has a public Twitter account where he mostly tweets back and forth with his friends. And before some protest about "stalking" or "hacking" it is a completely public account.  Anybody on the internet that searches Twitter for "Roloff" can find and read all the tweets (as of Sept 12, 2012 - Roloff related accounts have a history of turning "private" or disappearing" once the Spiritswander Blog posts about it).

I should preface by saying that Jacob has not yet repeated Jeremy's language and it is quite clear to several observers that Jacob has indeed learned from his big brother's example and is clearly biting his tongue when it comes to things such as slur words.

In fact, Jacob has a Tweet (for non-twitter users - a post on Twitter is called a "tweet") in which he expressed  his annoyance that he feels he can't freely retweet posts he likes from his friends because they use curse words - mainly "fuck"  in them. At the end of that tweet, Jacob added the hash tag - #spiritswander with frown face. However, have no fear, that did not prevent Jacob from eventually re-tweeting Tweets he likes that contain curse words. And for the record, personally it does not bother me if someone uses an occasional curse word -- it's certainly not unusual for a teenager.

However, I must say I do object to being named the villain in Jacob's misery that he feels like he can't publicly say "Fuck" when he wants. I think that has more to do with the fact that at the exact same time Jacob is on twitter publicly expressing irritation over not feeling like he can say "Fuck"..... Matt Roloff is on  Facebook almost every day portraying the Roloffs and Jacob as a proper wholesome Christian family.

Once again though, back to the topic of Jacob Roloff's twitter account. The real account is . It is currently completely public. He apparently has changed the settings from private to public to private to public, many times over. Every time it is public, people can read back and see all of his tweets.

Just before we get to the latest little incident, here's just a few things from Jacob's tweets that caught the eye of some people.

*He routinely expresses his dissatisfaction with participating in the show. He tweeted that the "interviews" that the "TV people" make him do are "the worst".

*Recently, Jacob said in a tweet that the TV crew told him that they wanted him to sing "Jingle Bells" in an interview (also referred to as a "barn bite" or "hay bale" but that is "not gonna happen".

*He describes Mueller as the funniest person he knows and describes texting Mueller as the greatest.

*Multiple times expressed disdain for the word "midget" and called a person who used the word while describing LPBW ignorant.

*The other observation that people have observed is that Jacob has not seemed to come to terms with the fact that he is a public figure. He has, like his 3 other siblings, referred to fans as "creepers." He also, in response to someone that was calling him a jerk, noted that it is paying for his college.

*He has repeatedly expressed his annoyance that other Twitter users press his "Follow" button.  He has also expressed his outrage that people "Tweet" him or reference his account (when Twitter users refer to a person in a tweet they often @ said person's account name instead of typing out the full name). Jacob has expressed that he only wants people "following" him and referring to his account who know him personally. Unfortunately for Jacob, as of yet, Twitter has not made a rule that applies to only Jacob Roloff. Twitter has not given Jacob control of the Twitter Universe and that is not how Twitter functions. Twitter allows users to reference any other account regardless of whether the person's account is private or public.

One of Jacob's little controversies on Twitter was when he declared on his public account that he would "Block" any fan that followed his Twtter account. Some people expressed that they felt Jacob was just like Jeremy - ungrateful for the fan support, a hypocrite since Jacob himself follows other people from TV on Twitter, and described him as a "snob" or "stuck up". Jacob's friends also chimed in telling the disgruntled fans to "Fuck off bitches" and leave Jacob alone because Jacob doesn't want his Worldwide twitter account referenced by anyone he doesn't know personally. Jacob himself, was quick to play martyr and tweet that he thinks disgruntled fans referencing his account and tweeting each other that they feel he is a "snob" or a "jerk" is them bullying him.

However, the most recent incident happened this week and has led some to reminisce about the similarities between Jeremy and Jacob and their use of social media.

Since Jacob's Twitter is now public (he apparently turned it public around the time of the airing of the most recent LPBW episode and has apparently stopped "Blocking" fans that Follow him) it is quite obvious that one of Jacob's school friends is a kid named Brenden. A large percentage of Jacob's tweets are directed at this Brenden and vice-versa.

Recently, a girl from Russia, who according to her You Tube channel is 16 years old, tweeted Brenden and Jacob (who is 15, will be 16 in January)  in Russian.   The girl basically expressed that she thinks the two (Jacob and friend Brenden) are cute and said she would like to kiss them if they were to come to Moscow. She posted a picture of herself kissing a a very athletic way (with her leg on his shoulder). The other focus of her message to them on Twitter was that she thinks they would quite enjoy Russia as there are many activities to do. She referenced a friend of her who apparently climbs on the tops of building, explores caves, does back flips off docks and rides on the back of trains.

Jacob's friend, Brenden, translated her entire message and posted the translation on Twitter. Jacob and many of their friends began mocking the girl and laughing. Many of the friends tweets were retweeted or "liked" by Jacob himself.

Their treatment of the girl has generated a bit of attention from some Twitter users who expressed that Jacob, Brenden, and their friends were mean-spirited and have a blatant disregard for the girl's feelings since they are posting this all publicly where it is seen by her.

This has led to some contacting Spiritswander to comment that they feel that his very similar to Jeremy's conduct with his friends and the infamous incident with the fan girl from Puerto Rico.

Here is some of the interaction between them to give people a better idea. All of these Tweets and pictures are very public.



--  @ JacobRoloff45 @ MrBrendenShults

When you come to moscow I Anastasia Golavchyov could show you many fun things Brenden and Jacob Roloff

There are many cool adventures in Moscow to show you. You would like my friend Dennis

My good friend Denis and I

Brenden and Jacob Roloff would find very amazing that things Dennis does, knows in Moscow. If you dare…? ))) 
 Before I describe places I could show you that you will enjoy, I must ask...? I can kiss you like this? I will guess you have not been kissed liked this by American girls )))

Brenden, I would like to grab your hair like this in a passionate kiss. Jacob you might need longer hair.

My friend Alexandra will help me show you American boys how Russian girls could kiss you

Alexandra and myself say hello Brenden and Jacob Roloff

Or you might like more…? :)))

I should not be silly. You have not discovered Russia? The adventures to have we could show you.

I will show you what Dennis does. You like being high on top? This high? Kiss Moscow sky..


Jacob you like being on top of high beams? I saw your picture. Dennis could show you higher and how to hang ))))

Or explore underground caves

Or Ride on trains....this is the back of moving train !!! Picture doesn't show how fast it is going. But do not tell Russian police that we can do this!

Or flip into water for fun. I hope you like my video of Dennis and friends?


Brenden ‏@MrBrendenShults Why. #SoPersistent

 Brenden ‏@MrBrendenShults She tweeted some pretty kinky pics too. #RussianLadiesCrazy

 Brenden ‏@MrBrendenShults Fan girls from Russia.

 Brenden ‏@MrBrendenShults Sooo I guess I'm a big deal in Russia? #WhoWouldHaveKnown

 Brandon Wise ‏@WiseBrandon @MrBrendenShults @JacobRoloff45 Who are these women?

 Brenden ‏@MrBrendenShults @WiseBrandon I have no idea. I don't speak Russian, I'll probably google translate it all

 Brenden ‏@MrBrendenShults Here is the page long letter that the Russian girl send @JacobRoloff45 and I, Translated of course. #PersistentWomen

 Misty Mahealani ‏@MistyMahealani @MrBrendenShults @jacobroloff45 I like how she types out "Jacob Roloff" everytime instead of just 'Jacob' Hahaaha.

 Brenden ‏@MrBrendenShults "I guess you did not kiss the girls liked American. Brenden, I would like to grab your hair like this in a passionate kiss." #Russians

Brenden ‏@MrBrendenShults @Tommy_Keplinger Zoom in!

 Brenden ‏@MrBrendenShults @JacobRoloff45 They arnt bad looking though, We should go down to Moscow sometime!

 Brenden ‏@MrBrendenShults She put allot of thought and compassion into that letter.

 Brenden ‏@MrBrendenShults "You like to be high on the top? This is high? Kiss of the Moscow sky." So passionate. #Russians

samm meade ‏@sammadisono @MrBrendenShults @JacobRoloff45 what the hell?

 Brenden ‏@MrBrendenShults @sammadisono What can i say? I guess im a big deal in Russia!

Tommy Keplinger ‏@Tommy_Keplinger 

@MrBrendenShults she wants the D!!

 Brenden ‏@MrBrendenShults I should reply.

 Brenden ‏@MrBrendenShults That entire message made me chiggle.

 maddi kernal ‏@dear_madelineee hahahaha poor Jacob and Brenden. I'm dying 😂 Retweeted by Brenden 

Jacob Roloff ‏@JacobRoloff45
@MrBrendenShults Lol... thats what that kissing picture was.... who requests to be kissed like that? hahah

 Brenden ‏@MrBrendenShults Here is the page long letter that the Russian girl send @JacobRoloff45 and I, Translated of course. #PersistentWomen Retweeted by Jacob Roloff

 Brenden ‏@MrBrendenShults "I guess you did not kiss the girls liked American. Brenden, I would like to grab your hair like this in a passionate kiss." #Russians; Retweeted by Jacob Roloff

 maddi kernal ‏@dear_madelineee hahahaha poor Jacob and Brenden. I'm dying 😂 Retweeted by Jacob Roloff

Then some others commented on the tweets about it:

Cambo ‏@cambo19 @AnastasiaGolov1 I am sorry for the unkind way @MrBrendenshults , @JacobRoloff45 and friends laughed at you. Ignore them.

CB Revelations ‏@CB_Revelations
 @cambo19 When have Roloffs and their friends ever considered the feelings of others?

Melanie Smith ‏@msmithmelanie @CB_Revelations @cambo19 Imagine if she had said something not nice to them...she's complimentary and gets mocked. Roloffs + friends = nasty

 Mike Brooks ‏@mbrooksp It's amazing to see how things repeat from 1 Godly Roloff to another @JeremyJRoloff @JacobRoloff45 the only difference is orgin of the girl.


Megan said...

Not as bad as Jeremy, but I agree Jacob would definitely be Jeremy #2 if it wasn't for the fact that he's on guard because of Jeremy's past.

But having said that, it's easy to see that none of the Roloffs or their friends are nice kids. Not at all. They totally disregard the feelings of the person they're posting about.

Natalie said...

Jacob does follow Jeremy's example in never standing up against his friends comments and in the way that neither of them ever bother to think about the person's feelings. They act like the person is not even there as they are laughing and posting about her.

Greg said...

The Roloffs are nasty self-absorbed kids (that grow up to be self-absorbed adults like Jeremy) that are surrounded by like-minded friends.

Jill said...

Sounds like someone should explain to Jacob what it means to be a public figure. It means people are going to talk about him, look him up and notice what he says.

Christine said...

I see that Jacob likes the show enough that he posts about how cool Australia is and about his swimming pool but it's all whining when it comes to fan attention that's the reason "college is being paid for and why he has the pool".
Roloffs and their friends have no manners. No respect for others.

Susan Coles said...

It really highlights the failure of Matt and Amy as parents. 6 years later and nothing has changed.

Chris Linton said...

What is wrong with kids today? When I was 15 if a girl from Russia said that to me I would have been stoked and flattered!

Now these kids of the "I have it so hard" generation are like "I'm so offended!"

Roxanne said...

Who knew Russia could be so cool? That looks like a lot of fun.
I would agree the girl is crazy….her friend is WAY hotter and cooler than Jacob or anyone she's posting to! He's a God!

Carrie said...

If Jacob doesn't like people tweeting him, then maybe he shouldn't have a damn account? Use texts and email with his friends. Or if he hates it so much, stop talking about how cool the free trips are and tell his fame whore parents to stop being celebrates and quit the show for good.

Marissa said...

Jacob sounds as arrogant as the rest of the Roloffs.

Victor said...

Having spent time in Europe and around people from Europe, I have to say, people in Europe are much nicer and respond better to people talking to them on the Internet. Believe it or not, when you give a compliment, some actually say Thanks. People in the U.S respond to a compliment by saying "HOW DARE YOU POST TO ME, I DON'T KNOW YOU!

Ashley said...

A few things to say.

1. Jacob needs to get real and realize he's on a friggin tv show. People know who he is. They'll talk about him and to him. When he's feeling sorry for himself, think of the times he's bragging about the pools, vacation and money he's benefiting from.

2. Roloffs friends are nasty and obviously think they'll strengthen their friendships with the Roloffs by laughing at people outside of their circle.

3. The Russian girl seems nice to me. She said she was being silly. She didn't say anything rude or ridiculing.

4. Wow, Russian boys are hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The picture in the cave could be a poster! And the arm wrestle at the end of the video? What a dream! I want him! :)

Samantha said...

I think Jeremy gets a bad rap. If she had sent that to Jeremy, he probably would have thanked her.

Jeremy would love to do most of the stuff in those pictures and video.

Andrea said...

The Russian girl is very pretty. Imagine their reaction if she had been overweight or unattractive.
These kids need to learn some common decency.

Timothy said...

Between Matt posting a picture (and then deleting it) of a crew member DIRECTING him and Jacob saying the crew tells him what they want him to do in his interview, TLC should be slapped with a false advertising charge! They had the audacity to call LPBW "Life unscripted". HAHAHAH!

Cody said...

Is it so difficult to know how to accept a compliment?

Katrina said...

Spiritswander, can you do a Blog about the Russian kid in her pictures and video? Unlike the Roloffs, he actually does something. Very cool!

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Well, not that it's know to be public, scroll Jacob's Twitter account back to May 22nd. Some good (?) give and take!
I'm wondering if Brenden's as privileged as Jacob. He was in Hawaii when Jacob was in Michigan, then he's all-of-a-sudden in Alaska. Very well travelled. Just curious.

Vic Rattlehead said...

It's really quite sad that Jacob has followed such a destructive path and become almost as disgusting as his idiot brother Jeremy.

I remember the sweet sensitive little boy from the first couple seasons of the show (the little boy that Matt so cruelly emotionally abused)and seeing what he has become is just shameful.

All I have to say is Matt & Amy are horrible people who were horrible parents that successfully raised four horrible kids and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Peter said...

It's remarkable how these people plaster themselves on tv and over the internet and then complain when they get a fraction of attention.

No sympathy from me. If the Roloffs don't want to bother with the fans that put money into their pockets (or home) then face the consequences of being called a snob.

Melissa said...

Podge/Rodge, good observation. Yes, it's funny how the vast majority of the Roloffs friends are very privileged/families are rich.

Abby said...

Why is it so hard to for these people (the Roloffs and their friends) to be polite to people that like them???

I remember when one of the twins friends, Brendan (another one, the blond kid) something was whining to Zach on Myspace or Facebook that a girl wrote him a fan letter, she said she saw him on LPBW and thought he was cute. He was whining about it.

That's what these idiots do? Someone says they like them and then they whine to each other about it?

Btw, count me in about the Russian kid in that girls pictures and video. He is very good looking and very skilled!

Rap541 said...

Why is it so hard to for these people (the Roloffs and their friends) to be polite to people that like them???

Because Matt and Amy both want to be the friend parent, and neither are really interested in enforcing manners on their kids.

The kids know that even if Mom and Dad say, for example, "Don't be rude to fans online" - neither Mom or Dad are going to do anything if they find out. In fact, Mom and Dad will probbably console them over how tough it is for them and of course, do nothing.

And if fans approach Matt and Amy on this? Well, do I need to repeat the "do you know us?" argument?

Matt, Amy, if you're reading - most of us don't really care to get to know your kids because they portray themselves as ungrateful brats. And that reminds me of a song from the Willie Wonka chocolate factory movie - "Who do you blame when the kids are brats? The mother and the father!"

Leanne said...

Uh, what did the girl so that was so wrong?

Why not treat her like a human being? She was being nice. Obviously trying to be funny at parts.

On an aside...I must be ignorant. I had no idea Russia is...normal? Kids at park. At the lake? That's not how I picture Russia.

Donna said...

If Jacob can't handle viewers of the show tweeting him, then he shouldn't have a twitter account. Period.

He just wants to be a normal kids and have one like all his friends? They aren't on TV. Pros and cons.

It's about time someone has a heart to heart talk with Jacob (since they've missed the boat with Jeremy, Zach and Molly) about how to be polite and make some correlation between any fan that is interested in them and the good stuff they like (the freebies, having $ to buy fancy shoes and basically be a spoiled brat).

Irene said...

I read back on Jacob's tweets. He is not innocent.

At one point, there is a female watcher of LPBW that is tweeting while one of the "specials" is airing.

She comments her opinion about Jeremy's "Cigar balcony". Jacob tweets her with condescending attitude. Jacob's friends then join the fray yelling at fan to stop tweeting Jacob.

She commented on a TV show. Jacob tweeted her upset with her comment about Jeremy's cigar smoking. They had a few tweets. Then she's the bad "guy" that should leave poor Jacob alone?

The Roloffs have some gigantic ego issues.

Randy said...

You guys do realize you're all up in arms over a 15 year old sophomore in high school, right?

Cindy M said...

The Roloffs and their friends have never shown any concern over anyone else except themselves.

Calling a teenage girl a loser that should kill herself because she must not have any friends sound familiar?

Duncan said...

All of the Roloff kids have struck me as bullies with their friends.

Gail said...

Matt and Amy fail at parenting in almost every way.

Bonnie said...

It's a myth that *all* teenagers are brats or mean spirited. There are some that are polite.

Don't judge them all by the bad apples (Roloffs and their friends).

Peter said...

Not surprised. The Roloffs have been taught to always think of themselves as victims.

AnnC said...

I did not realize that the Roloff family views fans with contempt.


Rap541 said...

Randy - the age thing was trotted out when Jeremy was mouthing off racist words online from 15-17 - Jeremy was cited as a little boy too innocent to know he was doing wrong.

Is that Jake's excuse too? Like Jeremy - who still gets the "young boy playing like a little innocent child" at 20 when he's abusing cats - is Jake forever a little boy who is never accountable for his rude behavior?

I've said it before, and I will say it again. The Roloffs aren't helping themselves by not monitoring their kids online and then blaming people for daring to look up their kids online, and this is a case where someone should have explained to Jake that its more polite to say nothing than respond.

Mind you, after years of watching the Roloff kids behave rudely while their parents console them and treat them like victims, I am really not shocked we're seeing Jake display similar behaviors.

And for the record, yup, I think a kid who is only four months away from getting his license should have some idea of manners, but like Jeremy's "fans suck the unsuckable" at the same age - it's obvious to me that Jake isn't getting any manners lessons at home.

Rita said...

Hi, um, this is all true, but I think something needs to be explained.

I was one of the fans that tweeted Jacob, then he blocked me.

I've been watching lpbw for a long time. I've bought the dvds. Do you ever see something in the show and wonder what was happening even if it's not important?

Does anyone remember the mothers day episode when Amy and the kids went camping?

In one of the scenes in the van Amy and Zach are talking. Jacob is in the back seat. In like 4 seconds Jacob does this weird thing where he falls forward and off to the side. I had always tried to figure out what he was doing there. Was he in the middle of falling asleep? Was he reaching for something in a weird way? Was he trying to block out the sun on a video game? It was just a stupid little unimportant question but something I had wondered about.

Since Jacob was on Twitter I sent him a tweet saying I was sorry to bother him but could I ask him a quick question, it would take a one word answer from him to solve the mystery, if he remembered what he was doing in that scene and posted picture from my dvd.

I sent him the tweet. A couple of people tweeted me warning me that he's stuck up and hates fans and showed me what he had said about blocking fans that follow him.

Yep, they were right! He blocked me for sending him that tweet. I had sent him that 1 tweet and the only other things that I had said about him was that he was cute and I liked his haircut.

Btw, when I tweeted him, hardly anybody else was tweeting him. He doesn't get tweeted all that much. If anyone tries to act like he gets swamped with a million tweets and can't possibly be cool they are lying!

Then when someone else tweeted about him, I tweeted the other fan telling him that his rep as a "snob" is true and told my story.

Then Jacob and his friends tweeted us saying he doesn't want to be bothered by fans. His friends are VERY rude. They wrote things like SHUT UP BITCHES.

God, he could have answered with a one word answer! That would have taken him less time then it did for him to tweet about how much fans annoy him.

Later when another kid that was fighting with Jacob on twitter mocked him by saying "Oh yeah, I can see you love your fans, that's why you whine that you're blocking them and call them annoying".

Then Jacob tried to pretend like the only fans he was blocking and calling annoying were people that were "hating on his family". That's a lie!

The fans he was blocking and called annoying were not saying anything bad! He wasn't until he did that (blocking and calling fans annoying)thats when me and other fans said the word snob is an good description of him.

Kyle said...

I think Jacob's twitter profile pic sums up everything.

Chris Linton said...

Gotta love the Jakester. Amy has really passed on the charity giving spirit!

I guess this means Jacob won't take over control of the ARCF when Amy decides to step down? Bahahahaha!

Jakester: "This weekend is going to blow."

Hmmmmmmmm. Why would that be? What is happening in Roloff land this weekend? Amy's charity event! Good to see Jake rallying around the charity event!

Lauren said...

@Rap541 Well said. It astounds me how in America people infantilize people.

Jeremy can vote and serve in war, but is never responsible for anything he does because he's a boy that doesn't know any better no matter how repulsive the stuff he does is.

Jacob IS driving but is just a wee little boy that is incapable of understanding and displaying some basic right and wrong manners or kindness?

Maggie said...

What I find sad about the gang mentality re The Russian girl is that you can tell from that what they are doing to the outcasts at school.

They are mean-spirited bullies. Jeremy, Mueller and company definitely were and now it seems like Jacob is too.

Cindy M said...

This certainly isn't surprising.

The disturbing thing to me is the mentality that some people have, the Roloffs themselves and their friends and some of their friends that only the Roloffs matter.

The truth is they don't give a damn about how nasty the Roloffs "kids" or their friends are to others.

They don't. I once posted something on a Facebook page. Someone that I later figured out once was connected to working on the television show sent me a private message.

The gist of it was he felt all of the Roloffs actions should be forgiven and not criticized because he felt they were unfairly forced into the show and were not given guidance.

I explained some of the dreadful things they've done and said to demoralize other people, but it did not get through to him. It didn't register. Roloffs only matter. No one else does.

Sadly, I think that's the reason why they are nasty. They are surrounded by people that instill them with that attitude.

Rap did a good job of laying out Matt and Amy's approach. It is probably traced with their own guilt. Therefore, their reaction is to tell them how bad they have it and how they understand how hard it is for them to show some manners.

The friends and people from the show tell the 4 younger Roloffs the same thing because they want to solidify their friendship by telling them what they want to hear instead of.....telling someone when they are being a jerk.

Austin said...

It won't be long until Jacob starts quoting the Bible online like Jeremy.

You can really see the influence of Jeremy and Mueller.

Chris Jones said...

These fan girls need to learn the hard way that the Roloffs are dicks with friends that are equally as prickish.

Randall said...

I predicted 25 years ago Matt would raise a bunch of nasty kids.

Katie said...

Jacob is the opposite of what kids say is "chill".

There was nothing about the girl from Russia's posts that called for a mocking reaction.

I guess it's uncool to say "That's cool. Thanks."?

Angela said...

I would go to Moscow if I could have that babe (the guy!) as my tour guide! I had no idea Russian teenagers were so smoking hot!

BeckyM said...

While I agree that all the children were robbed of their childhood by their greedy parents (Amy and Matt) it's time for these folks to fade away and hopefully gain some sort of perspective of their fleeting, reality show fame.

I am not surprised at all Jacob has done what he has done. I expected no better. I suspect he was removed from his private Christian school due to behavior not grades (we know from Jeremy and Zach that you can still graduate with failing grades from this school).

His parents have the maternal and paternal instinct of a fish. Absolutely none.

These situations will only grow worse as these kids age. WTG Matt and Amy for raising selfish, rude Christian children. You are a shining example of exactly why many people are turning away from their faith. It's called Hypocrisy (i.e. billing yourself as diversity speakers when you've raised your own children to be sexist and racist).

Anonymous said...

Gigantic egos to go along with those..Weird Strange Looking huge heads. LMAO

Randy said...

As a follower of Jacob Roloff on Twitter, saw some interesting tweets from him appear on my timeline on how he wants to go back to Faith Bible High School.

Here is a series of tweets from last night:

--"Seriously though... I wish I could go back to my old school."

--"So my mom said if I get good grades I can go back to Faith.."

Someone responded that they thought he hated Faith. Jacob responded with:
"I just hated the elementary school.. The high school has all the cool teachers.. Hahah"

He was then asked if his current school is really that bad?

"yeaa... Too many stupid people to even think straight.. Haha"

I thought it was some interesting posts, especially considering he was allegedly kicked out of the middle school and how his parents were criticizing the school for kicking their son out.

Timothy said...

I guess a taste of the real world was too much for Jacob. Needs to go back to the sheltered days at Faith Bible.

Randy, there's no "allegedly" about it. Amy said "if you want to say he was kicked out, yes, he was kicked out.

Jacob also says he was expelled for grades and blames the school for being unfair to him.

Jacob responding on Twitter to someone that called him the typical troubled young child star that gets kicked out of school and who felt that his expulsion points to a deeper rooted problem.

"If I drop out of school.. then there is a problem but I got expelled for grades.. when I actually shouldn't have if you know the Actual story... and I still graduated to the 9th grade... so Its not a terrible event to make me addicted to drugs..I just didnt do homework. I had a 1.7 GPA and they said I needed a 2.0 by the end of the quarter. I ended up getting a 2.1 GPA But they still expelled me.. but there's no other underlying reason why... I just procrastinated too much."

BeckyM said...

Thanks Randy and Timothy for sharing that info...

I've had experience with public and private schools. I also have experience with a son who had problems in both so I think I can confidently state that Jacob was EXPELLED for more then grades based upon my experience.

Expulsion is usually based upon disciplinary issues. Definitely Non-Compliance with what the school has as policy and this could encompass attitude towards teachers, peer relationships, smoking, drinking, drugs, physical aggression etc....

If a child didn't have the grades he would have been held back. I also think Matt and Amy was given AMPLE notice by the school and told to correct whatever was the issue, and being Fish-Parents did nothing.

I wonder Jacob if your private school would take you back? Somehow I think you are dreaming young man and telling the Fish-stories your Fish-parents prat about on Facebook.

Krissa said...

Jacob...hypocrite like the rest of the Roloffs.

He whines that people take a picture of him because he's on tv.

I saw his profile picture on Facebook for a long time.

It was Jacob standing in an airport with the guy with the beard from a Will Ferrell movie.

Ok for Jacob to ask people for pictures but when people treat him like that he whines.

None of the Roloffs have ever learned the lesson "treat others how you want to be treated"!

Karen P said...

The Roloffs are like Mitt Romney.

Publicly, they say whatever they think the audience they happen to be speaking to wants to hear.

However, get them surrounded by people they feel comfortable with and when they let their guard down, their true colors come out.

Kayla said...

I find it funny that some of Jacob's friends have tweeted and re-tweeted
"Thanks for posting that bible verse. I was just thinking I'd unfollow someone".

I guess that's why Jacob wants to get out of public school and go back to Faith Bible School.

Kevin said...

Hi, I think Jacob has major attitude.

Brandon said...

Well, I guess Jacob is the honest Roloff. He's not on board with the Roloff line about "loving to meet all the pumpkin visitors", is he?

Jacob tweeted: "When people ask me how pumpkin season is.... We sell them. That's about all I can tell you.."

The love he has for it really comes shining through [/sarcasm off]

Timothy said...

Brandon, what I find interesting about Jacob's tweets is that from some of them or at least his choice of re-tweets...not that he talks about politics a lot, but.... Jacob sounds pro-Obama.

Before he tweeted something like "oh I'll try to be cool and say "Obama sucks". Now he's retweeting friends saying Obama killed Romney in the debate and that it's cute how Romney pretends to care about poor people.

How long before the Roloffs send Jacob to military school? That can't be going over well with the rest of the Roloffs. Ron and Peggy must be weeping. Their grandson on the verge of becoming a devil worshipper!

Rap541 said...

I was kind of amused to see Illusion_spirit (!/illusion_spirit ) defender of the Roloffs on twitter, complaining that Spirit isn't reporting on Amy's many charitable acts...

"Remember when @AmyRoloffCF paid out of their OWN pockets to help kids in need? Did the blog ever"

"mention it? No..and she still hasnt! Why? Probably because she could twist what"

"really happened (like she proclaims @MattRoloff of always doing) into something that"

"would make Amy and her family look like ungrateful criminals. I meant "couldn't" btw."

Now, here's the thing. I could take the "Spirit has mentioned ARCF many times and for years had the charity linked from the blog despite the interview unpleasantness" tack on this. I mean, it's an obvious place to go, but I'm going to ask everyone, including Illusion Spirit and the coterie of staff, to consider something about this complaint.

I looked all thru Amy's twitter for ARCF, her facebook, and ARCF's facebook, and ARCF's website. I'm not finding any statements from Amy on when she pulled money from her own pockets to donate to needy kids.

Now, before everyone runs to insist how charitable Amy is - please understand, that's not what Illusion Spirit is complaining about - nor is it factual to say Spirit has never reported on Amy's charity doings. Illusion is complaining that Spirit isn't reporting on how much money Amy has pulled out of her pocket.

Where is that information available?

What's my point? How is Spirit supposed to report on things Amy isn't revealing? With all due respect - Amy isn't saying that number online or in interviews or posting it on her facebook so unlike say, the photos of dead animals that Jeremy likes to pose with, its not something being publicly disseminated.

And I am pretty darn sure that if by chance that info was offered to Spirit and Spirit posted it, it would be deemed an invasion of Amy's privacy. Call it a hunch.

So here's my challenge - since it's apparently such a bitch point that Amy and the money she has personally taken out of her own pockets needs acknowledgement... can anyone point me to any links or interview where Amy and ARCF name the figures that Amy has personally donated out of her own pocket?

*Lest anyone whine - a defender of the Roloff family, and not me, has deemed this an issue - that Spirit's numerous articles on ARCF are not enough, that this blog needs to note how much money Amy Roloff has taken out of her own pocket for needy kids in order to be fair.

Point Spirit to the facts and Amy's public statements on exactly how much it was and I am sure Spirit would whip up yet another article on the charities.

Sal said...

I can understand a young kid not wanting to be on tv, do interviews, or bother with fans. But Jacob is such a moody, pouty little sh*t! He needs to take a nap or go suck his thumb in the corner or something. He still acts like a baby, and that's sad considering he's what, 15 or 16.

Peter said...

Sal, you nailed it.
What a little whiner.

Notice how he throws his "fame" out when he thinks it makes him cool. Like bragging that Matt knows Uncle Cracker or that Uncle Cracker is a fan of LPBW....but then he spends his time whining about how he wants to be left alone and doesn't want the public to tweet him or talk about him.

Sorry, but he is a spoiled brat.

Lark said...

Yeah, and Uncle Kracker has to perform in casinos to stay afloat. I guess has-beens like to stick together.

Michelle said...

The biggest unknown truth about the Roloffs is that Molly is also a stuck up bitch.

She just doesn't put it online like Jeremy or Jacob and most have nothing to go by except the bogus portrayal on the show as the sweet caring good girl.

She's not alone. There are snobby, rude I'm better than you' girls all around the world in high school and college. That's who Molly is.

Justin said...

I think it's hilarious that Jacob follows people like "Fat F*ck" and often retweets tweets about smoking weed.

Then you can browse on over to Matt Roloff's facebook page where he talks about Jacob like he's sweet lil angel and Matt's fans write things like "Jacob is such a nice sweet wholesome boy! Great job Matt!"

Goes to show how fake LPBW really is.

Randy said...

Justin, we also have Amy posting on Facebook saying how great of a brother Zach is for staying home and watching over Jacob. And then we get tweets from Jacob that say:
"My brother is being the biggest scumbag"

It's all just comical.

Chris Linton said...

Randy, comical yes.

But in fairness, it was coming from Jacob. He probably said Zach was being a scumbag because wouldn't share his weed with him.

To quote Jacob Roloff on a re-tweet "For real though all I want right now is a giant bag of weed."

Mitchell said...

What a smug little prick. Look at the tweets he favorites from his friends.

"Omfg this kid asked for Jacob's autograph and I wanted to smack the fuck out of his stupid face. Leave the homie alone."

Oh my God, somebody watches the show and liked it. He really needs to grasp the concept that he's on TV...this whining is pathetic.

The thing is he does grasp the concept that he's on TV because he brags about being famous, who his dad knows and the trips and free things he gets.

Mitchell said...

Jacob also retweets his friends calling other people "F*ggots" a lot, but Jacob got all offended when some kid used the word the "midget" to describe Little People Big World.

Yes Jacob is just like Jeremy.

Ashley said...

Jacob is a jerk. It's hilarious when you compare his twitter to the load of crap Matt and TLC try to sell people.

Angela said...

Jacob is SUCH a whining brat. It's rare he goes a day without whining that people are talking to him.

You're fricking on TV! Woe is me! Suck it up and stop whining for once. Lord knows he brags about the good things that comes with it.

Justin said...

You couldn't even make this stuff up for a tv show....

Read Jacob's twitter feed and it's loaded with calling people f*ggots, smoking weed and alcohol.

Then take a look at Matt's Facebook or the tv show.........hahahahaha. Phony doesn't even begin to describe them.

Mike B said...

It's practically identical to Jeremy.

Does this sound familar? If the girl was Puerto Rico it would be identical.

A girl says she likes a Roloff kid on tv. For that she gets mocked by said Roloff's friend with the "check out her page!!! hahaha!" crap.

Shelby said...

What does everyone make of Jacob talking about getting high and being "faded" all the time on his twitter?

Guess it's not a surprise if he's a pothead type?

Melanie said...

The Roloffs are such frauds. Amy gets paid to give speeches about bullying while her kids and their friends (friends Amy takes on trips) are on twitter ridiculing and mocking people who might be described as vulnerable or "uncool".

Nadia said...

Wow, what a pleasure Jacob is. I guess these tweets are directed to his friends at school?

Jacob Roloff ‏@ffoloR_bocaJ
Kind of really pissed right now. Idiot.

Jacob Roloff ‏@ffoloR_bocaJ
I'm just gonna detach myself from your whole group.

Jacob Roloff ‏@ffoloR_bocaJ
If you still believe the rumor that I got expelled for drugs, don't talk to me... Because I hate you. And you are extremely stupid.

Jacob Roloff ‏@ffoloR_bocaJ
You can literally google why I got expelled you idiots.

CindyM said...

Oh my, so much for the wholesome Roloff image Matt, Amy and TLC sells. What a bunch of little brats.

The Jacob Roloff timeline. This "Hozay" is Jacob's school pal.

Read from the bottom up.

43m Jacob Roloff ‏@ffoloR_bocaJ
I seriously love when Hozay calls people irrelevant. ��

44m Jacob Roloff ‏@ffoloR_bocaJ
@LeighConnors ok lol. It doesn't matter what you think.

Jacob Roloff ‏@ffoloR_bocaJ
@karl_neal @leighconnors LOL.

Jacob Roloff ‏@ffoloR_bocaJ
@420Squidward666 lol @ my last two retweets about you ��

Carrie Anderson ‏@CarrieAnder_s
@karl_neal @LeighConnors @ffoloR_bocaJ His understanding of how people comprehend things leaves a lot to be desired...

Karl Neal ‏@karl_neal
@LeighConnors @ffoloR_bocaJ out with a kid that tweets 24/7 about how he loves smoking weed and getting stoned. LOL!

Karl Neal ‏@karl_neal
@ffoloR_bocaJ @LeighConnors He's hilarious. Apparently pissed that ppl think he does drugs. Then 2 mins later tweets that he wants to hang

Ariel Lii ‏@ArielLii1
@ffoloR_bocaJ do better than Molly.

Ariel Lii ‏@ArielLii1
@ffoloR_bocaJ were expelled but only that you did academic testing and are awesome and that he's homeschooling you and that you're going to

Ariel Lii ‏@ArielLii1
@ffoloR_bocaJ say that your parents imply it's grades and blame mean teachers. The other link is Matt Roloffs Facebook not saying why you

Ariel Lii ‏@ArielLii1
@ffoloR_bocaJ Nope. I just googled "Jacob Roloff Expelled" 7 of the top 8 links are Spiritswander. They don't give a definitive reason but

Leigh Connors ‏@LeighConnors
@ffoloR_bocaJ @LeighConnors The show where your parents are the Executive Producers? Yeah completely unbiased facts there.

Hozay Rayez ‏@420Squidward666
@ffoloR_bocaJ lol not just you I've asked like 4 different people

Jacob Roloff ‏@ffoloR_bocaJ
@420Squidward666 I want to �� but I actually can't... ��

Jacob Roloff ‏@ffoloR_bocaJ
@LeighConnors it's on the show. Go away.

Aimee Purdy ⚓ ‏@Purdybombb
@ffoloR_bocaJ oh! I was like noooo!

Leigh Connors ‏@LeighConnors
@ffoloR_bocaJ that is not accepted as an unbiased source and a statement of fact.

Leigh Connors ‏@LeighConnors
@ffoloR_bocaJ Uh that's untrue about Google.Piece of advice. When the only explanation comes from said person or said person's parents,

1h Jacob Roloff ‏@ffoloR_bocaJ
@TaylorFayelina Just a bunch of idiots that assume and expect that I do drugs.

Jacob Roloff ‏@ffoloR_bocaJ
You can literally google why I got expelled you idiots.

Jacob Roloff ‏@ffoloR_bocaJ
If you still believe the rumor that I got expelled for drugs, don't talk to me... Because I hate you. And you are extremely stupid.

CindyM said...

Leigh Connors ‏@LeighConnors
@ffoloR_bocaJ Your friend Hozay is charming. Did you meet him on the playground in Kindergarten? He has all the latest material from KG

Leigh Connors ‏@LeighConnors
@ffoloR_bocaJ Yes, you're the only one that matters. Keep telling yourself that. #inflated ego

Jacob Roloff ‏@ffoloR_bocaJ
@karl_neal I get pissed if people I know and see everyday think I do it not you or anyone else that doesnt like me or my family. #irrelevant

7m Karl Neal ‏@karl_neal
@ffoloR_bocaJ wanting to hangout with the stoner.…then you're pretty much a moron to get so pissed if ppl think you're a little pothead too.

Karl Neal ‏@karl_neal
@ffoloR_bocaJ Yeah, if someone's life is about talking about getting stoned all day, everyday (Hozay) and you fave those tweets, talk about

14m Jacob Roloff ‏@ffoloR_bocaJ
@karl_neal @leighconnors your response was telling me I do drugs because of the people I talk to.. REAL INTELLIGENT.

Hozay Rayez ‏@420Squidward666
@karl_neal OG KUSH 420 BLAZE IT FGGT

Hozay Rayez ‏@420Squidward666

Karl Neal ‏@karl_neal
@ffoloR_bocaJ Keep on getting pissed and then wondering why....duh

Hozay Rayez ‏@420Squidward666

Karl Neal ‏@karl_neal
@ffoloR_bocaJ @LeighConnors Intelligent response #NotTheSharpestTackInTheBox

Hozay Rayez ‏@420Squidward666
@CarrieAnder_s @karl_neal @LeighConnors IRRELEVANTS CAN EAT A DICK

Hozay Rayez ‏@420Squidward666

Hozay Rayez ‏@420Squidward666
I had to erase those to sensor them haha.

Hozay Rayez ‏@420Squidward666
"@karl_neal: @LeighConnors @ffoloR_bocaJ out with a kid that tweets 24/7 about how he loves smoking weed and getting stoned. LOL!" Hi.

Hozay Rayez ‏@420Squidward666
"@karl_neal: @LeighConnors @ffoloR_bocaJ out with a kid that tweets 24/7 about how he loves smoking weed and getting stoned. LOL!" Hi.

Brandon said...

Cindy, that really puts it into perspective. Meanwhile, Amy tries posting pictures of here little angels and their friends all having fun.

What a bunch of frauds.

Oh and Jacob and his friends are really fond of personal insults about appearance aren't they? I wonder how they would respond to personal appearance insults about the dwarf Roloffs or Molly's acne?

Peter L said...

To call the Roloffs a bunch of jokes would be a disservice to the word joke.

Matt and Amy's little darling Christian Jacob is a big talking pothead.

Grayson ‏@naol_nosyarg
@MrBrendenShults cigarette and 2 bowls. TOP THAT.

Jacob Roloff ‏@ffoloR_bocaJ
@naol_nosyarg @mrbrendenshults I could top that. But it cannot be disclosed over the twitter sphere

Ashley said...

All these years people thought Jacob was getting a bad rap from the editors from LPBW.

They were doing him a favor. LOL.

He's so rude and whiny on twitter. A real spoiled brat. Like people are saying, he spends most of his time tweeting about weed like he thinks it makes him so cool.

Rap541 said...

To be fair, the picture of the Christmas light reindeer positioned in front of the Roloff home so that it appeared that Dancer was enjoying Blitzen in sexual backdoor sort of way was pretty funny and about my level of humor at that age. :)

Funny, if Jake would only use racist words, he'd be Jeremy's equal for being a spoiled brat online... But Jeremy is still the king of bad behavior :)

Brandon said...

Rap, I was about to mention the Reindeer lawn decorations being placed in anal sex positions.

Man, what I'd give for that picture to be plastered in front of all of Matt's Facebook followers. Matt tries so hard to portray the family as wholesome Christian.

Rap? To be fair. I think it is crystal clear the ONLY reason why Jake hasn't used racial slurs is because Jeremy caught and that he knows that Spiritswander readers would talk about it.

He already had a tweet a while ago blaming Spirits for him not being able to tweet "Fuck" carefree, although he seems to have got over that and doesn't mind retweeting his friends calling people faggots.

Brandon said...

And Rap? My proof that the only reason why Jake doesn't "N word" his way around twitter like Jeremy on social media is because Jeremy got caught?

The fact that he's openly telling his friends that he will private message them about his pot smoking talents because he can't put that on the twitter sphere.

Chris Linton said...

Awwwwwwww, the sibling love. It's so cute to see one brother and a Muel pass down their Chron Master skills to "Baby J"!!!!

Long live the Roloff clans Chron Mast talents!

Connie said...

@Rap541, why does everything come back to Jeremy with you?

Why can't you just let people discuss Jacob without ****ALWAYS**** bringing Jeremy into the discussion?

I'm not making any excuses for Jeremy, but personally, I think Jacob is even nastier than Jeremy.
Brandon is right about the only reason is because Jeremy was new to being a celebrity that is talked about and Jacob is aware of that.

Jacob still does an awful job considering he knows he's being talked about. Someone here calls it the cow chip on his shoulder? How about the Mount Everest chip? What a miserable kid. And his friends?

The word "loser" fits, and it's not because they're nerdy or loners without a lot of friends. They tweet about smoking pot, wanting to smoke pot, how they're going to smoke pot how they're now smoking pot, how they're going to smoke pot in another 3 hours and they do that practically every day of the week!

CindyM said...

Maybe I am just optimistic, but I would love to be able to see the twitter or Facebook account of Kevin from that short-lived Table for 12 show? I have a hunch that he would restore my faith in teenage boys and not be mouthy jerk like Jeremy was and Jacob currently displays along with all their nasty pals.

Rap541 said...

Connie - mostly because this kind of behavior, when it was *Jeremy* doing it was "HOW DARE YOU SULLY THIS FINE CHRISTIAN BOY HOW DARE YOU LIE ABOUT JEREMY!" and "He's a boy! His brain isn't fully formed! Stop expected adult behavior from a child!"

Jake is almost sixteen and no one seems offended when I call him a brat for behavior Jeremy engaged in at the same age. Why was Jeremy off limits and still off limits? He was a spoiled little brat on line - why can I call Jake that and be applauded but I'm a liar picking on a sweet Christian boy when it's Jeremy I'm calling a spoiled brat for spoiled brat behavior?

What about Jeremy's behavior makes him untouchable? I've always said I avoided harshing on Jake because until maybe the last year, I haven't considered him old enough to be a fair target. I've actually granted Jeremy that same grace for his behavior in Little People Big Dreams because I felt it wasn't right to consider a just turned just 14 year old accountable. But now Jake is almost 16 - he's being a brat and I'm genuinely surprised Matt and Amy haven't had a little sit down about the pot smoking talk because as I have said many times before - the internet never forgets and the kids are celebs.

But please don't tell me poor precious Jeremy still can't emotionally handle hearing what a brat he was. If his little brother has to buck up and deal with it at 15, perhaps its time Jeremy heard that his behavior at the same age wasn't due to his being a iddy biddy little boy who didn't know better.

Brandon, quite honestly, I am utterly certain the only lesson learned by Jeremy's racist posts being outed in the Roloff home was "Don't post racist words where people can see". Jake's being a dumbass even joking about pot smoking and Matt and Amy either don't care (likely since I have it on good authority the twins aren't unfamiliar with the demon herb) or are *really* that checked out from parenting.

I've said it before, nothing good comes from a Roloff posting on line

Rap541 said...

Btw Connie - in case it's not clear, I think Jake is a chip off Jeremy's block. That means I think like Jeremy, he's a spoiled kid who knows his parents will back him whenever he does something dumbass and there will be no consequences. I am sure, when one of the staffers brings this to Matt's attention, *nothing* will happen to Jake.

My issue with Jeremy? Is that Jake is imitating him in all ways with the rudeness, the nasty behavior, and the nasty friends - remember, Mueller was "granted grace because remember he's a BOY not a man" for telling some girl to kill herself because he's Jer's best bud and Jer's judgement is SO impeccable" - that Jeremy has been displaying for a long time.

Now that Jake is the same age, he's acting almost as badly as big bro Jeremy - I'm really not understanding why you think I'm somehow complimenting Jake in making that comparison.

Nancy said...

Jacob tweeting that he played beer pong all night.

Good to see underage drinking still going strong at the Christian Roloff household.

Nancy said...

Oh he covered it up by saying it's "beer pong" with Rockstar instead of beer. Uh huh.

Anna said...

TLC is such a joke. There they are portraying the Roloffs as a nice Christian family and there is Jacob, on twitter for all to see showing himself for being one big jerk of a pot-head.

Like someone else said, he is the definition of a "loser".

Jacob and his friends are on twitter, insulting people and talking about how they are so cool because they love weed.

Yes, that's a loser.

Natalie said...

Interesting that Jacob Roloff talks about people at school having a bad impression of him.

He thinks it's because "rumors" from his old school.

Does he ever stop and think it's because of his behavior/attitude and how he treats people? Of course not. He's a Roloff. Roloffs never look at their own behavior.

Kylie said...

Natalie, and maybe not everyone at Jacob's school likes potheads?

That's the crowd that Jacob buddies around with.

Then he complains that everybody calls him a druggie.

Anonymous said...

I viewed the pics of the Russian Teen girl and Teen guy, and was impressed at the pics displayed.
I vote to forget the Roloffs ever existed, and wish these Russian Teens were shown instead.
That Russian Boy is very Skilled acting, as though those images were of him Modeling the way he looked on the rear of the Train, and hanging on the Beam high up.
The Teen Girl appears equally Talented and is pretty, Being American, i enjoyed viewing Teens in another country Having fun, instead of talking about getting high and being Faded.
My nephew and his friends refer to being Faded from doing pills, or cocaine, it's sad if that's what the Roloffs kid is doing.
Thanks to the Russian Teens for enjoyable pics, The Roloff brats need to understand their words and actions can be very hurtful to fans.

Paige said...

Anon, I totally agree with you. TLC should finally drop this incredibly boring and fake show LPBW and do a show about these Russian kids and how they find ways to be talented and productive!

It might even be "educational" and viewers might "Learn" something.

geistmadl said...

Omg ..... i have found heaven. The Rolloff's are so aelf absorbed. Amy is as bad as Matt is in the marriage. The kids are spoiled. (What is Jer doing in LA? Living off residuals? They have been scrambling for years to keep the boat afloat. The whole god angle makes me sick. They are no more religious than Satan in a chapel.