Friday, September 28, 2012

Jeremy Roloff And His Reputation With Animals

We have been receiving some inquiries from people who say they have been reading comments over the internet that allude to Jeremy Roloff and his reputation with animals. They were asking what happened? So we've decided to dedicate this item to outlining some of the incidents that people mention.

From 5 years ago to within the last year, from Oregon to California, to a new set of friends, one thing has followed Jeremy through it all -- and that's his habit of either doing things that anger "animal lovers" or Jeremy and his friends fondness for photographing themselves with dead and mutilated animals.

So we will go through the list of some of the things that surfaced that drew some attention.

One of the older things, was a video from about 4 years ago featuring the "DBU" (the name Jeremy and Zach's group of friends gave themselves) -- the friends that were often seen on episodes of Little People, Big World on TLC.

This is a video of them trying to be funny, standing around pretending to talk about their day and then they pan over to a pile of dead cows and baby calves.

Warning that some people might find some of these images disturbing.

The next incident was a series of comments online that caught attention between Jeremy and several of his "DBU" friends following a hiking trip in Oregon. They were sarcastically posting about the death of a bird during their trek. One of the friends commented that the poor bird's life was snuffed out on an edge of a cliff by a size 13 boot and never saw it coming. Mueller then interjected to correct, that he has a size 14 boot, not 13 and it was the a size 14 boot that killed the bird.

Then there is the infamous cat tossing pictures featuring (once again) Jeremy and best friend Jacob Mueller. The pictures capture Jeremy and Mueller in the Roloff home with the black and white Roloff cat named Mo. While Jeremy was seated on the couch snapping pictures of the action, Mueller was tossing the cat in the air.

The pictures generated shock and disgust from people at the way Jeremy and Mueller were treating the cat and that this is obviously an activity that they deem to be fun or funny. Some people took to Amy J Roloff's official Facebook Fan Page, posted the picture and commented on it. Amy responded. Her response to the pictures of her son and his best friend (who Amy has repeatedly referred to as a "great kid" and like her "5th kid") tossing the cat and taking pictures of it in the air was to essentially say that no one has a right to judge them unless you know them personally. Amy never explained how whether one knows them personally or not, affects one's ability to comment on the behavior exhibited in a picture. Others are quick to point out that Amy's default response to criticism of her family (the "Do I know? If not, you should cannot judge us") is not a rule that Amy abides by herself. Several times Amy has publicly criticized people whom she does not know personally (Rosie O'Donnell, Kim Kardashian, flight attendants, bloggers, politicians, etc.) when they do or say something she doesn't like.

Also contributing to Jeremy's reputation with animals is the habit he and his friends have of posing gleefully with the bloody and dead carcasses of animals. These pictures were the result of a Jeremy, Mueller and friends trip. Jeremy proudly showing off a dead bird that had it's head blown apart:

The dead animal pictures have followed Jeremy from Oregon to California and his new group of friends. One of Jeremy's roommates posted this picture after a hiking adventure with Jeremy.
Again, warning that some might find this picture disturbing, but this is what Jeremy and his friends take pictures of when you hear them refer to all of their adventures.

On top of those things, throw in that there have been comments that caught the eyes of people (you might remember a couple of years ago Facebook had regional network settings and anyone that was apart of a shared network such as "Portland" as someone else could view their profile) such as friends of Jeremy posting to him about how they skin chipmunks and one friend and Jeremy engaged in a discussion where the friend was telling him how he spent his morning shooting squirrels for fun and had such powerful ammo that he blew the squirrel apart. Jeremy responded with a "Good shot!" comment. So when you hear people refer to Jeremy's reputation with animals, that pretty much sums up just some of the reasons why.

 For people that have not watched the majority of the Little People, Big World series, we should note that the series does not delve into this aspect of Jeremy's hobbies or habits. In one of they very first shows filmed, the episode centered around Jeremy and Matt attempting to shoot moles that were digging up the lawn. Another episode in Season 2 or 3 that revolved around a birthday party at the farm had a scene where a baby bird got knocked out of a tree by a soccer ball and Jeremy jumped up pretending to stomp on it to "scare the girls". That's about it as far as the LPBW featuring Jeremy and animals on the show.

Keep in mind that as astute observers know, LPBW is not an accurate portrayal of what the Roloffs do in their real lives. Matt and Amy Roloff are producers of the LPBW and as per their statements under oath in court, they have the complete final say over how they and their family is portrayed on the show. The LPBW series also included producers such as Chris Cardamone who describes himself as a very close friend of the Roloffs, contributed to Amy's cookbook, helps with her Charity Foundation and has taken to social media sites like Facebook to defend the Roloffs. Obviously the "Little People, Big World" tv show  is not going to let anything air that might alienate their audience members.

Matt Roloff also is very well aware on his Facebook Fan Page that many of the LPBW fans are animal lovers. Matt often posts cutesy animal pictures on his Facebook Fan Page that generate a positive response. He has in the past posted pictures of Jeremy in a tree with the calico cat....Matt said Jeremy was rescuing the blind cat from the tree ....Matt's Facebook fans responded with comments such as "Jeremy is so great to be so gentle and caring to the cat! I love cats too, Matt!" So it's quite easy to realize why the Roloffs try to keep their behavior with animals on the down low. We all know that Matt is very aware of what the reaction would be if he displayed these pictures and stories to his Facebook fans.

Now I should point out that there are defenses for Jeremy and his friends behavior with animals. They do have some defenders of course who always defend the Roloffs regardless of the criticism.

Some point to the more straight forward hunting aspects of it and say there's nothing wrong with hunting. A lot of people like it. Jeremy's just a manly country boy that likes hunting. Jeremy's girlfirend, Audrey, has expressed in tweets that she finds a guy that shoots animals very attractive. The picture of Jeremy (and Mueller) with the bird with it's had blown apart is explained as a typical hunting picture of a hunter proudly posing with his kill.

Jeremy and the gang have defenders that approve of the cat tossing. The defense is apparently that all people throw their cats and especially kids like to throw cats high to see if they'll land on their feet (although it should be pointed out, that Jeremy and Mueller were not 8 years old, they were clearly around the age of 20 in the pictures). One of Amy's, Zach's and Mueller's own defense given during one of Amy's old live coffee chats was that Mueller loves his own pet dogs so.....I didn't really get it, but I think what they were going for was that Mueller isn't cruel to animals because he loves his own pet dogs.

Anonymous defenders of Jeremy on twitter claim that Jeremy and his friends don't kill the animals (which clearly is not true in some of those cases and certainly contradict their own words about the bird stomping and the size of boot used), but the defense that has been thrown out there was that Jeremy and his friends just stumble upon dead and mutilated bodies of animals and they get great pleasure out of photographing it. Personally, I'll be honest....what the hell? Who enjoys taking pictures of dead and mangled animals? That's kind of sick. But yes, Jeremy does have his defenders who insist that it's just a hobby that Jeremy enjoys.

As for Jeremy himself? Over the years, people have tweeted at Jeremy and referenced Jeremy about many of these issues. As is always the case with anything even slightly controversial about Jeremy, he never speaks for himself. Jeremy will be 23 next May.

Anyhow, we were asked to explain the topic, so there it is. Feel free to form your own opinion. My personal opinion? It's just another example of the common theme with the Roloffs. Their real behavior differs very much from "The Roloff brand" or "The Roloff image" that they (led by Matt) sell to fans that don't know the truth about what they really do. If you have observed Matt's Facebook postings on his official Fan Page for any length of time, it becomes very clear that Matt puts a lot of effort into attempting to portray the Roloffs as  a gentle animal loving bunch. And it's clear that goes over well with the Roloff fan base. There's a lot big animal lovers among the LPBW and Roloff fan base.

So for me (although I do find some of Jeremy's and his friends behavior with animals to be very distasteful and wrong), the issue becomes much like the other issues, like the Roloffs support for anti-diverse organizations. They have a right to support that, but they don't own that behavior or beliefs. They portray an image that contradicts their real behavior and actions.

Therefore, you get Matt posting a cutesy picture of Jeremy in a tree with a cat and naive fans responding with "Awww, Jeremy is such a sweet and gentle young man. I love cats too! I love you guys!", when in real life there is certainly evidence that suggests that Jeremy isn't that sweet and gentle animal lover that goes over so well with a certain faction of the Roloff fan base.


Jane said...

The Roloffs are frauds. Plain and simple.

Shame on people that defend this stuff.

Gail said...

Ew....I was eating lunch when I saw those pictures.

Alicia said...

Wow, suddenly Jeremy doesn't seem so sweet and great.

Bonnie said...

It's a shame that anyone defends those things.

That's what "idol worship" is for when someone is on television.

BeckyM said...

With all that is surfacing about Khate Gosselin (another of TLC's "realist reality tv shows") today (and nothing I'm surprised by really) I just don't have the heart to go into this about Jeremy.

Jeremy has a sick mind. Maybe he'll kill an old lady and her cat before jumping off a roof.

Don't know if you caught this Spirits:

Janet said...

I wonder what is lacking in Jeremy's life that makes him want to do this type of stuff.

Somebody who is happy and full of love and joy doesn't go around finding pleasure in doing stuff like this.

Jocelynn said...

I've always liked the quote that goes something like:

"The true character of a man comes out in how he treats animals and small children."

Lark said...

He would be a lot happier and probably a lot less of a jerk if he'd just come out, already.

Vic Rattlehead said...

Cruelty to animals is generally considered a sign of someone being a sociopath.

Jason said...

Anyone that believes the Roloffs are good to animals is completely stupid.

Kyle said...

Unless he took part in killing the animals in the video, I think it was just a a poor comedic attempt for a very macabre event.

A lot of people have fascinations with dead creatures oftentimes artistic types and photographers.

But, yeah bragging about hunting small animals just to see them explode isn't what hunting is about. What's he's doing is trying to boast about his masculinity. (or what he thinks is masculine)

There's no defense for the cat tossing.

All of these events may have happened year(s) back but it still shocks me that he'll be turning 23!

TML said...

He obviously feels like such a big man doing this kind of stuff to any animal that cant defend itself. Id like to see him try this stuff with an animal twice his size

Ashley said...

I think Jeremy does it because he think it is macho to be killing things and taking gruesome pictures.

I agree it's more sick and unnecessary than macho and tough!

Grow up Jeremy and leave the animals alone!

Brit said...

The cat that Mueller and Jeremy were throwing? The black and white one.

Jeremy said that it peed on the floor and he hated it and wanted to kill it. He kept saying people think he's kidding but they don't even know how serious he is.

Has anyone seen Mo lately?

Timothy said...

I have no sympathy for Jeremy because he now fully embraces being apart of the show as an adult and taking advantage of the money to float through life to fund his fun.

But does anyone stop to think of to what degree he's a fraud? It seems like every major part of his life, he needs to hide because he's sold himself as something he's not.

Religion, he can't go out and say he supports all the things he does support like the ultra right wing anti-acceptance of gay people from the John Mark Comer church because that will hurt the Roloff diversity ticket.

He needs to hide and pretend like he's not a party boy that likes getting hammered because he has publicly lied and the family sells themselves as wholesome Christians.

He hides his hobbies and what he likes, hunting and throwing cats and killing small animals for fun because he (correctly) knows it will offend the Roloff fans.

When people say "Be yourself and have integrity"....that's definitely not the Jeremy Roloff's motto.

Greg said...

The Roloffs are all about a BS sales pitch and deception.

Anna said...

They are sickos. There's no excuse for that stuff.

TLC should be ashamed of themselves for partnering with the Roloffs.

Anon29 said...

Vic is right .. first signs of sociopaths are of people hurting animals....Uggghhh and Jeremy and his simple minded buddies get a thrill outta this stuff ....seriously where are the animal rights people????? I wonder how many cats and other small animals go missing around the Roloff compound and surrounding area as they do have neighbors who have or had pets. Matt must be dang proud !!! While Amy continues to make boxed cakes..uggghhhh.

Julia said...

If the Roloffs were like they really are in real life on tv, no one would like them!

They're fake fake fake.

That's why they don't do anything other than fluff interviews.

Dave said...

He's just trying to look cool. Heck, I used to do dumb things when I was 13 too.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I'm going to try to play 'Devil's Advocate' here. Really, I am. Are most of you thinking followers aware that it has been put forward that:
Jeremy did not ACTUALLY throw the cat? It was Mueller.
Jeremy did not ACTUALLY blow the bird into various pieces, but merely found same on a hike with friends?
Jeremy does not ACTUALLY have size 14 boots? Mueller has size 14 boots.
Jeremy did not ACTUALLY take the photos of dead birds on a hike in CA? It was his friends.
You people are making assumptions and being far too hard on Jeremy James Jesus. Goodness, when are you going to realize the reality? Not the truth, the reality?

Melissa said...

Jeremy and his friends are sick. I hate guys who think killing animals or dominating them makes them cool or tough.

Brandon said...

Podge, I'm not sure if you're kidding or not, but that's ridiculous.

Jeremy doesn't do cat tossing?
He invites his BFF into his home, to throw his cat, while he sits comfortably on the sofa snapping photographs.

But Jeremy doesn't cat toss??

That's like saying you didn't play "catch" with someone because you threw the ball (as oppose to the one actually "catching").

Rachel said...

It's disappointing to learn that Jeremy does all this stuff.

He should grow up and leave the animals alone!

I also shudder in horror to imagine how many cats and other animals have gone "missing" around the Roloff farm.

Lintons Lint said...

I DARE Matt or Jeremy to post some of those pictures on the fan pages! Double Dare!

I wonder how many little girls would be lining up to say "Ah, Jeremy is such a sweet and cute guy!"?

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Yes, of course I'm not serious. But I AM serious about the fact that thee arguments are being presented in a serious manner! Have no doubt about that!
You can be in a world of word-spin and semantics faster then you can say, You can't be serious!"

BeckyM said...

Remember, it seems Mueller is Jacob's new role model. So while Podge was playing devil's advocate, it also shows a very dark influence over the next Roloff.

All condoned by the parents of course!

Greg said...

Haha Dave, good one.

Susan Coles said...

It's hard to believe that Jeremy will be 23 next year. He acts more like a 13-16 year old.

There are no excuses for the list of objectional things he does.

His choice of friends *does* define him.

Worst of all, as Spirits mentioned, Jeremy never takes responsibility for any of it. He acts like the 13 year old that leaves it to those around him to clean up his messes.

Jen said...

That poor kitty :-( I love cats, and that photo just sickens me to no end. Animal abusers deserve to rot in hell, along with anyone who defends that behavior.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy and the rest of the idiots who are with him doing these things should be arrested. I think the whole Roloff family is warped as hell, but this kind of behavior is totally unacceptable. Amy and Matt why aren't you trying to act like better parents than you are and do something to your animal abusive son? Don't they say serial killers start out this way? I hate your show, I hate the way you think you are such good people, I hate that you get paid for your delinquent son abusing animals, hell I just don't like you people at all..... You act like you are good people but all you are worried about is how much money you can make, (so Matt can go buy another Mercedes) the only reason you came back to TLC is to promote your stupid wedding business. Why don't you teach your children to be respectful of others and of animals that can't defend themselves. If left up to me Jeremy and his idiot frriends would get the same treatment they gave those poor animals...... Go away Roloffs and get your delinquent children under control.... ohhh and teach them and yourselves how to clean house. Amy never cleans nor do the kids. You all are just gross and sorry ass animal abusers.

Brandy Wine said...

Freaks and more freaks! Christians my ass, money grubbing spoiled opportunists!
Modern day dwarf tossing!

Anonymous said...

Pretty funny

Rap541 said...

In case it ever comes up that 20 year old Jeremy and Mueller didn't know that throwing a cat was wrong and were testing whether it would land on it's feet because at 20, they were infants who didn't know....

If a *gorilla* can figure out how to play with a kitty nicely, it's pretty damn *sad* that Mueller and Jeremy couldn't.

Debbie Bee said...

Jeremy and his friends seem to come across a lot of dead animals. That in itself is suspicious. First I learn in Jeremy's racist and homophobic statements, which the family refuses to apologize for, now this. There's something wrong with this kid, the family knows it, and don't seem interested in getting him help. Another dysfunctional TLC family.

happy said...

Yanks eh!

Anonymous said...

If I ever see these fuckers they are in BIG BIG TROUBLE!! I am an animal activists and I've already started legal proceedings!! The Rolloff's are fake, idiot retards!!! EVERY ONE OF THEM!!! Why isn't the law involved? Why isn't the parents doing something about this????? I wish I never heard of these fucktard circus freaks!!!!!

Jo B. said...

A lot has been said here about
the Roloff family being Christian.
I have not seen any Christian
activity with them to speak of
since way back in their first
episodes. I think they have all

guyla mcfarlin said...

This was a real cute show in the beginning, but now all they do is fabricate and flaunt their money.Not at all cute anymore!