Saturday, September 1, 2012

TLC Filming Little People, Big World Episode As Molly Roloff Goes To College

As Amy Roloff, travels with Molly to Spokane, Washington where she will attend Whitworth University, TLC cameras/crews have been spotted.

The Tri-City Herald had a quick item about it.

"A film crew and the stars of The Learning Channel's Little People, Big World stopped at Cedars Restaurant and Lounge in Kennewick on Thursday evening. The family from the reality show reportedly were en route to Spokane, where one of their children is going to college. They declined to be interviewed."
Amy is posting pictures on her Facebook fan page of her taking Molly to Spokane. 
As people familiar with the events when Jeremy left for Santa Barbara last year are well aware of, what actually happens and what is portrayed on TLC's Little People, Big World does not always mesh. People will recall a tearful scene last year depicting Jeremy pulling out the driveway as a tearful Amy stands in the Roloff driveway and waves goodbye -- in actual reality Amy drove down to Santa Barbara with Jeremy and the driveway scene was Amy acting for the cameras.

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Brandon said...

I find it funny that they declined to be interviewed, but there's Amy and Matt Facebooking about it.

Shhhhhh, no we can't tell the Tri City Herald why they are filming because it is top secret....but there's Matt and Amy posting about it on Facebook.


Abby said...

How similar is Whitworth to Faith Bible?

It's a private Christian school?

That means Molly is going to be surrounded by rich like-minded Christian girls for 4 years?

Timothy said...

Since the Roloffs official job is to be on reality tv for as long as they possibly can, I shouldn't be surprised that they want Molly's college life to start as "I'm a tv star!" and start off with cameras around here instead of just another student. No, can't have that.

Brit said...

Just so people know?

Jeremy gets called a religious bigot and stuff for his far right Christian beliefs?

Molly is every bit as right wing as Jeremy.

I have friends who are mutual friends with Molly.

After Kirk Cameron's comments about how gay people are destroying civilization, Molly was going on to her friends about how proud she was of Kirk Cameron for standing up for God.

That's the honest truth. Certain Roloff defenders try to deny it because they want to make money from fools, but it's the truth.

Christine said...

Brit, I'm not surprised at all that Molly is a Kirk Cameron fan and shares his bigoted beliefs.

Molly showed her true colors the only time she's ever spoken for herself and not through the edited LPBW persona or how Matt or Amy wants her to be known.

When she posted a You Tube video from her channel and then people started commenting. Her response showed her true colors. She's no different from Jeremy and the rest of the arrogant Roloffs.

Cindy said...

I've always felt that the "nice girl" Molly image was over-stated.

O.k, she went a school trip to Haiti for a week, but what has she really done that has ever demonstrated that she is a truly nice and kind person? Any acts of kindness and selfishness?


Timothy said...

Cindy, you're right, but Molly is a benefit for the low standards set by her brothers, namely Jeremy.

She hasn't been caught using racial and gay slurs, she hasn't been caught being cruel to animals, and TLC pegged her into the Lisa Simpson/Carol Seaver role of the smart good girl. Therefore people think she's such a nice girl even though she hasn't done anything tangible to deserve that reputation.

Zee to the Z said...

Brit, Molly and her friends also do the "creeper" name callings about fans.

One of Molly's classmates at Faith Bible once posted to her "Molly, I watched your show last night. Loved it! It was so funny!"

Molly and her friends responded with "You're scaring me. You're sounding like a creeper fan that wants to talk to me!"

Yeah, someone that says they liked the show is a "creeper" in the mind of sweet girl Molly and her friends.

Aside from the animal abuse and Jeremy's tendency to get caught more, there's not much of a difference between Molly and Jeremy indeed.

BeckyM said...

I thought Molly had a nasty little Youtube video that was public until she got caught and took it down?

Brandon said...

Becky, Molly had a You Tube video where she and her friends had a character they named "Dr. Hemp" in it.

Like Christine said, some people commented about how strange it was that someone supposedlyso Christian and so wholesome would go out of their to mention drugs. Other people pointed out how "Christian" Jeremy was all about doing things that contradict the Christian image, the slurs, animal abuse, his name calling and insulting of fans.

Molly posted responses back basically telling people they were horrible Christians for judging Molly and her brother and how they were losers and bad Christians that had no right to judge a Roloff (the point Rap541 always makes, while Roloffs tell others they can't judge a Roloff, they themselves go ahead and make nasty judgments about people).

After Molly posted those comments she then deleted the video with all the posts.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

How dare you judge Molly's walk with Jesus! Goodness gracious people. This is just comical. I suppose an actual interview will get in the way in how people like Chris C. portray 'reality' for the reality series. We can't have facts and truth wetting in the way of postponed edited TV.

Anonymous said...

you people really are something. when molly posted that youtube video.some body posted a rude comment on that video. she responded by saying you don't know us so don't judge us. she never called them losers. if molly had posted that same thing that person did on molly's video. you be bashing her non stop for posting something rude on someone else video.

Brandon said...

Tegan, can we go back and look at the actual comments? (no, because Molly deleted it...that's telling).

Everyone that reads this blog regularly saw what happened because Spirits posted about Molly's You Tube video before she deleted it.

Rude? It depends on your point of view.

Christian wholesome good girl Molly that lives to serve Jesus, named a character with a bunch of her friends "Dr. Hemp".

I don't think it was rude for people to post their opinion that it was odd for such a devoted Christian to want to reference "Hemp".

From those comments, other people commented on the Roloff legacy (mainly Jeremy) of being a Christian hypocrite - the slurs, the mean spirited name calling, etc.

Molly did insult people. She called them bad Christians. She JUDGED them while saying "how dare" they judge her or Jeremy and her friends.

It was so classic Roloff. People bring up the mean-spiritedness of Jeremy, Mueller and the rest of the gang, Molly has no problem with the creeper comments, nothing to say about judging people, but as soon as someone is critical of Roloff bad behavior, it's all "How dare you judge us! You must be a bad Christian for judging! (while I judge you!).

Zee to the Z said...

Tegan, Molly and her friends call fans "creepers" that are nice and say they love the show. That is something I know for a fact.

Jocelynn said...

Podge/Rodge, personally I think it's very clear why Molly, despite her "Good girl" image, is not trusted (just like Jeremy) to speak on her own without Matt or Amy by her side.

Molly is an adult. She's making her own choice to sign the contracts and take money for being on the show. Why doesn't she step up and ever speak for herself?

Lexie said...

I suspected Molly might not be as sweet as they made her out to be on the show, but I never knew all of that stuff. Thanks.

Dana said...

Tegan is one hundred percent correct. Molly had every right to defend herself and Jeremy.

It was her video. She didn't ask for people's opinions about what they think of Jeremy's or her own walk with Jesus.

Timothy said...

The original comments as they were happening from Spirits' original article about Molly's You Tube video. These comments came after people pointed out the nastiness displayed by Jeremy, the Roloffs and their friends, like calling people losers, creepers and telling fan girls to go kill themselves.

Kerderler: Dr Hemp...that's very wholesome Christian of you folks.

Poor confused young Christians. Maybe one day you'll realize that true followers of Christ don't need to alcohol or drugs to have a good time (and won't lie about it either).


mojoro2: @kerderler true followers of Christ would know that other true follows of Christ aren't perfect and wouldnt post nasty comments tearing them down. True followers of Christ would do their best to build up the body of Christ in truth and in love. so why do i feel so much hate in your comment? Dont ever judge my or my brother's/friends walk with Jesus. You don't know what youre talking about.

Anonymous said...

i am one who posted a link to video. if you're going to bash someone at least have facts and not heresay.

Rap541 said...

Look, here's the thing. The Dr. Hemp video was silly but an indicator that Molly isn't a fresh little innocent for Jesus (in case it becomes an arguing point, folks, Dr. Hemp was an extensive reference to marijuana)

Like wise, you can hem and haw and whine, and Molly Jo? You're included in this. If judging means you're a hater and not a follower of Christ, then please don't tell me Molly Jo Roloff is a good Christian girl with her judgemental hateful comments. Molly said it herself, good Christians don't judge, and her own comments mark her as not Christian as she is judging others.

Now, personally, I don't on a day to day basis take this sort of of comment so seriously, but if Molly Jo Roloff wants to go on line spewing hate, and she *is* sending out a message of hate here- then I see no reason why she should be treated differently from how she treats the haters herself. Hate breeds hate, Molly, and if you put out this kind of anger, it will come back on you.

Dana honey, if Molly can't handle some negative comments about her family without behaving in an unchristrian manner- and I trust you agree judging is hating and unchristrian- then perhaps Molly shouldn't public ally post her dr. Hemp videos, right? Or is this a " Molly is Christian so she can post a video about drug jokes and no one can anything other than bless her cause if a Roloff makes a drug joke, it's Christian!"

Toke up for Jesus, and bless Molly for her Christian hate?

I mean really, are the roloffs so flawless? They certainly make it pretty damn clear that they're Roloffs and the rest of us are under them. I always remember the many "anon" posters reminding us how *rich* the Roloffs are with their million dollar deals that are just soooo private;)

Brandon said...

Tegan, so what? You posted the link to Molly's You Tube. So?

And then the comments followed.

Kerderler comment to Molly basically was that Christians can have a good time without drugs and alcohol and noted Jeremy's lies about that (fact) and others commented about the Roloffs and their friends mean spirited name calling.

That unleashed Molly's holier than though lecture about how they cannot be true Christians, how no one can dare judge a Roloff, while Molly herself goes around judging people as bad Christians and creepers.

Anonymous said...

you people will turn anything to fit your own agendas. because molly defended herself and family she's a bad person. because she judged someone who judged her. if thats the case you people are in some serious trouble when its your judgement time.

Anonymous said...

poor young or old confused posters its so easy to throw stones from glass houses when nobody knows where the rocks came from. one day you'll realize you don't have to bash people to feel better about yourselves. and if any of you are christians and your judging molly for judging others doesn't that make you guys hypocrites.

Ashley said...

Tegan713, how come Molly judges people who call Jeremy on his lies and hypocrisies and some of the nasty things he and Mueller have done, but she doesn't judge Jeremy and Mueller on the things they have done?

Saying Jeremy and Mueller were jerks for ridiculing fans or for throwing cats means you're a bad person and un-Christian, but Jeremy and Mueller should go un-judged in Molly's eyes?

Anonymous said...

who is she judging its not like she going out of her way to go on websites judging people like you guys do. the cat tossing thing is stupid if jeremy and his friends are torturing animals then they should put in jail for as long as they live or worse. but don' tell me nobody here has ever thrown a cat in the air and see if they land on all four legs. and i am not talking about throwing them like baseballs,footballs or off tall buildings. i'm talking about throwing off beds,dressers and tables.

Brandon said...

Do you really believe that everyone throws cats in the air and then photographs it for their amusement???

Jeremy and Mueller do it so everyone does it?

Uh, no, most people don't throw the family cat in the air because most people have some compassion and understand that the animal doesn't like being thrown around.

Jeremy and Mueller do it and are judged accordingly.

Molly apparently has no problem with that, only with the people who criticize Jeremy for doing that kind of stuff.

Anonymous said...

Brandon yes i do, i don't think its a family sport. but i believe its happened in most homes with cats. the cat thing came after the video whats molly to do make a statement bashing her brother every time he does or says something stupid. you guys make mountains out of bottomless pits.

Rap541 said...

Tegan, she is judging anyone who has a problem with her brother as a hater who isn't Christian. Defending herself? If some some says " hey calling people like me a racist term is rude" are they unchristian and HATING? Because Jeremy has never stood up like a man and said " I was wrong, I apologize " but people who are offended are deemed and judged by Molly in her comments as unchristian haters. If Jeremy does wrong, Molly tells people they are haters if they dare not kiss her brother's butt for being a jerk. That's *judging* and as I am so frequently told, judging is hating, and hating is unchristian.

Unless Molly is different and above the rules of conduct the rest of us have to abide by, ie she's a Roloff so she can hate and judge others and it's cutey pie and if the rest of us follow her actions, we're all judged as haters who aren't Christian.

BeckyM said...

When is Dana writing her recap of the next ep? Tegan are you writing a recap for Spirits?

All I know of Molly is she is butt-lazy. That is from the Pumpkin season where she wanted to sleep in all day. She just strikes me as another entitled Roloff brat - no talent, except for being a leech, rude and lazy.

Oh BTW I'm NOT a Christian so I'm allowed to judge.... :P

sassenach said...

I don't know what planet you are on.

I have never thrown a cat to see if it lands on its feet nor do I personally know any one who has.

Brandon said...

Tegan, I totally disagree with you and am getting kind of concerned for all the pets near you.

I don't think many people have the "Throw the cat" picture that they took of their BFF throwing the family cat in their scrapbook.

Throwing cats is not acceptable or normal. I think that's clear not only in the comments that were here, but in most of the comments on Live Journal "Oh No They Didn't"....most of the comments were "What the Hell is wrong with these jerks?"

Rap541 said...

Tegan, I have been told by Christians that since my brother is gay, I *should* say he he's a jerk who hates Christ. How about it? Should I?

And you know what? Moly doesn't have to rip into her brother to show she's not on board with his remarks. She could simply say she doesn't agree with his comments. But what she chose to say is anyone who judges her brother as wrong for his comments is an unchristian hater. So spare me the Molly's words are being twisted. She is almost 19, and was almost 18 when she told us we were unchristian for not liking and blessing her brothers racist behaviors. Let Molly stand up as an adult and speak for herself.

Oh wait, Molly Jo is a daddy Matt's princess child so she'll never be a big enough girl to speak without daddy in the room with her.

DJ said...

Molly is just another Roloff, like Jeremy, that thinks she's so in tune with Jesus but covers up what she really believes because she likes the money she gets from fooling people.

No conviction.

Anonymous said...

bla bla bla ...Ain't this freak show done yet ?

Anonymous said...

Brandon my pets are fine thank you, i am little more mature now.

Rap Molly was responding to one person not the entire world. its not her job to come out and respond every time jeremy or her parents say or do something stupid. and i am not relegious so you can call brother whatever you what. did you tell those christians to go to hell?

Becky so that one episode was that a real episode or fake one. molly got straight a's and a scholarship that makes her a leech. so a 14-16 year old wanted to sleep in and not work. thats unheard of, must be a sure sign the worlds ending

BeckyM said...

@ tegan. Straight A's at a private, Christian college? Please I don't hold much stock in that.

It goes to show the quality of the school that even Jeremy and Zach graduated with failing grades. And that Jacob must have been doing far worse to be expelled.

Get back to me when she goes to a secular college and makes straight A's. When she graduates perhaps. Or maybe when she holds down a real job - something neither of her older brothers still know how to do.

Molly sleeping in? Showed me that her parents don't run a real farm. A real farmer's daughter would have been up, at the cash register with a smile on her face. Nope she's like most kids raised by lazy parents - lazy.

BeckyM said...

Christian private school (not college) :D

Old People's Eyes...

sassenach said...

Of course it is not a real farm Becky.
None of the huge buildings are real "farm buildings".
They don't raise animals, produce milk or eggs. Matt bulldozed the fruit trees for some project. The only "crop" is pumpkins which are probably planted and irrigated by paid hands while Matt gives orders from one of his many mules.
It is just a theme park/TV set.

Jocelynn said...

Sassenach, I think they've even admitted that most of the pumpkins are shipped in from other farms because after the larger crowds due to the TV fame. They didn't have enough pumpkins of their own to keep up with the crowds.

I kind of laugh every time Matt does a Facebook post about how he is relaxing because of all the work.

What does he actually do? I know they're filming for Molly's "Going away for college" but really, what does Matt do? He doesn't have a real job.

It seems like realistically that in between the on and off again filming for reality tv specials 4 times a year all he does is think of cutesy little projects that will give him a plot for the next special and gets other people to build these little projects like the chicken coop.

Rap541 said...

Tegan, I ask this in all seriousness. Did it take you to the age 20 to attain the maturity and knowledge that throwing a kitty cat was mean to the kitty cat? Because you are defending two twenty year old men because they just didn't know and had to experiment like young children. Are you suggesting mueller and Jer aren't competent enough at 20 to know kitty cats don't like being thrown? Are you suggesting they're THAT slow?

Because I tire of of the "Jer was a BOY, he DIDNT know" argument when we aren't allowed to suggest Jeremy as a grown man really can't use " I was a widdle boy in my diaper peeing myself because I had to know if kitty would land on his feet" a an excuse any more.

Is he slow? Slow enough that he's too special at 20 to understand so etching he should have been taught at five! Because if he and mueller are too mentally challenged to understand, then ok, I get that they aren't functional as adults and should be treated as mental children. But no one likes it when I suggest a 20 year old man should know, without needing to test it, that throwing a cat is wrong.

Tegan, should we treat Jeremy and Mueller as the me all challenged never capable of being real adults you suggest they are?

The Real Deal said...

Matt is a product of the anti-christ. He worships the dollar and pimps out his family in pursuit of that almighty dollar.

Peanut Butter Cups said...

Some young people toss cats (as opposed to other animals) to see if the adage that a cat always lands on its feet is true. Not saying it is right or wrong, just an observation.

They may have declined an interview due to the confidentiality clause in their contracts which are pretty standard.

Timothy said...

PBC...I think it's very clear the Roloffs avoid interviews because they have a lot to hide and they have a lot of subjects they don't want attracting attention, like the cat tossing, the slurs, the "pray the gay away/support of Kirk Cameron's controversial comments" stuff.

In other words, the Roloffs are scared of tough questions.

Rap541 said...

PVC- and you are seriously suggesting Jeremy and mueller were throwing the cat because at 20 years of age, they had never done it before, never seen it before, never heard the concept before and as adult men with no intellectual impairments, simply had no idea that throwing a live animal into the air was wrong? Seriously? The two of them were raised to be such innocents, that while they do and did understand the rudiments of stealing daddy's vodka, they are soooooooo sheltered that they never ever once were ever told throwing small living animals wasn't nice to the animal?

Really? Because if Jeremy is THAT innocent, I imagine he still calls his penis his wee wee maker, and still doesn't know where babies come from. And really, "I was twenty and I was so innocent, I had no idea throwing cats was wrong cause I just couldn't manage to think on my own, I was never told, and I didn't have the mental capacity to decide on my own" really isn't as complimentary to Jeremy as you might think.

Ladies, Jeremy at twenty just had no idea that throwing a cat wasn't cute. Think about having to deal with that in your home.

Peanut Butter Cups said...

Rap541, I wasn't suggesting anything other than that the adage has caused some people to toss a cat as was posted in regards to Tegan's comment about it happening in homes with a cat. Assume or infer whatever you want about the Roloffs from that.

Timothy, I really doubt they get invited by reputable media outlets to do anything more than fluff interviews, and, like I said, reality shows usually have contract clauses dealing with stuff like that (but if I were in the middle of a road trip I would not want to stop to do an interview). I don't see Chris Matthews licking his lips to get them onto Hardball.

McK said...

I wonder why Molly is considered a "Good Girl" just because she gets good grades. There's an episode where she shows such contempt, disrespect, and disregard for her father when she throws "garbage" (a used napkin) on the floor within a foot of the trash bin cabinet in the kitchen (and within 3 feet of her father), and completely ignores her father's continued requests (later, orders) to pick it up and put it in the bin. Molly continues to ignore him and stays glued to the computer screen, until her Mother tells her that she is "off the computer" and to pick up the garbage. Amy then says something about being "consistent" about discipline. Did Molly really expect her dad to just pick up the napkin since it was so close to him? Brat.

Rap541 said...

PBC - I am just tired of the defense of "children do it/young people do because they want to test the adage that a cat lands on its feet".

And you know why? Because I think 20 years of age is old enough to have *figured it out*. The Roloff camp came out with "well there's videos of people doing it online" and here's my response. If Jeremy was watching Mueller throw a cat because at twenty years of age, he still didn't know a cat lands on its feet - why couldn't he just watch the videos?

Why is Jeremy a child at 20? Thats what I want to know. Why isn't he called an *adult*? Why are people even attempting to defend two *adult* men by calling them experimenting children?

And why oh why can't Jeremy grow a set and stand up for himself instead of sitting silent while he's excused his bad actions because he's a child. Poor bitty baby Jer-Bear, he's *never* going to speak for himself is he? Easier to be Daddy Matt's Golden *Boy* Child.

If Jeremy wants to hide behind being a child then I am happy to call him what he is, a sniveling little boy who can't be trusted to be a man.

McK said...

Re: Cat Throwing -- Elementary school age children are taught to be gentle with animals. When teenagers do it, they are sent to the psychologist's office for an evaluation. If 20-yr-olds did that in public, they'd at least get charged for cruelty to animals. I don't know what they did on LPBW when it aired-- new viewer here.

Brandon said...

McK, The cat throwing was not on an episode.

Obviously the show does not include anything real that reveals their true character. Same reason why Jeremy's slurs never was mentioned on LPBW.

Jeremy and Mueller posted online a series pictures of themselves throwing the Roloff cat. Mueller was chucking the cat while Jeremy sat on the couch and snapped pics of his BFF throwing the cat.

I guess a couple of their friends either didn't share their humor or didn't realize that it would be PR for the Roloffs and the pictures were leaked out.

Vic Rattlehead said...


You realy aren't too smart are you?

Molly is just as much a hypocritical self righteous ignoramus as Jeremy is and the worst part about it is she proudly wears her ignorance and lack of actual real world experienc on her sleeve as iflike its something to be proud of like a girl scouts merit badge.

People who preach hatred in the name of god are not godly people in fact they represent everything that Jesus detested about the corruption of his faith..

I was born and raised catholic and can say for a fact that my church hold some pertty out there beliefs but at least it doesn't cling to the dark ages way of thinking quite as much as the Roloff's church does.

The only true evil rests in the hearts of those who twist the word of god into justification for violence or hatred.

KJ said...

I believe Molly is only going to college and pursuing her own path until she finds her future husband.

Molly is every bit as devoted to the teachings of Jesus Christ as Jeremy.

Molly was very excited when she and Jeremy attended the Solid Rock "Loveolgy" seminars featuring John Mark Comer.

If you are confused about a young woman of Christ pursuing education, don't be.

John Mark Comer and the Solid Rock congregation made it very clear.

Women in the Bible ARE allowed to live independent lives and pursue jobs BEFORE they marry their husband.

Once a woman marries, then her purpose in life becomes serving her husband and helping her husband on his path in life. But before a woman who is a follower of Christ enters into marriage, she does have the blessing to become educated. It is after she is married when the woman should defer to her husband on questions about faith and life.

If you are a young man like Jeremy or a young woman like Molly and want to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, You may want to follow this link:

You will hear John Mark Comer teach the Gospel. He explains gender roles. These are the very same teachings that John Mark Comer taught to Jeremy and Molly at the Loveology event.

God Bless

BeckyM said...

Wow! go away for a bit to live my non-staged, non-reality life and the fur gets to flying! ROFL!

First, if you love and admire the Roloffs, that's okay by me. Reality television always has the suckers who believe what they see on television is exactly what real life is about.

Next, if you believe the Roloffs are shining examples of your religious beliefs and thus makes them holy in your eyes, I'm okay with that. Christians routinely feel the need to worship false idols (check out what your Savior had to say about that). It seems to be their special schtick.

Finally, if you don't like the tone of this blog - massively popular on the search engines BTW, way, more popular than the dreck the Roloffs put out there, than I would suggest checking out Blogger or Wordpress. You can start your own blog - for FREE! and worship the Roloffs all you want!

As it comes to Spiritswander blog, I think she/he does a very fair job considering she/he was slapped with a subpeona by the Roloff clan (go see the earlier posts), has been refused interviews after being promised them, and still promotes the Roloffs shows and charities.

Please, I know we are all jelouz haterz, but you're rude distractions are laughable. If this sandbox has too many meanies, by all means start your own fansite! More power to you! Knock yourself out... but trust me this show and interest in these characters is on the wane.

Dal said...

I think the issues is this: These people are in the public eye. People are going to comment on their behavior. The Roloffs have built themselves up to be this "perfect Christian family who loves everyone and loves diversity" YET their actions and words say differently. If any of them post something in a public forum, they should be aware people are going to comment and some of the comments will NOT agree with what they are doing.
I have had pets my whole life and have NEVER thrown one EVER. That is a lame excuse.

Anonymous said...

One thing is for sure that the day is coming when every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is LORD. It does not matter whether you believe there is a God or not, it is as true as the invisible air you breathe. You allwho use cruel ugly words are just plain jealous and you spend valuable time cutting other people down. As cruel as Stalin was he said something that rings true with allyou mean mouthed people. you useful idiots. That is who you are. Pitiful!

Amy said...

It is actually very affordable. Me and my 2 sisters went there and there are many walks of life, not all rich! My family is far from rich and we all had to take out loans go there.

Hannah said...

Of course the Roloffs want to perpetuate the lie that they are a nice family with sweet wonderful kids...that's how they make money that goes to pay for their Mercedes Benz's, Cadillacs, remodels of their home and Amy's Coach handbags and new wardrobe.

dan moses said...

i love your blog...what trash the parents are and how the show has detoriated.
If it hasn't lost half its viewership - at least - with this new season, I'd be shocked. Do any guys want to see a wedding being planned every week?
And to hear matt and amy with their stages arguments everrrry episode and the bs about "oh, we could lose everything" can't do that 4 seasons. BORING. And amy has a cookbook? i would die before I ate her cooking. And who is she to be an expert - on anything? And Matt's such a businessman. Yeah, sure....if it weren't for the show, he'd have nothing. They pay for everything, I'm sure, and all he's good for is a DUI or 2, which was because "his foot couldn't reach the pedal".
It's a shame TLC caters to these losers. I feel sorry for the kids too. And without them on the show anymore, for all intents and purposes, it'll never make it. Stopped tuning in after 1st episode this season.

Anon27 said...

I currently attend Whitworth and I am far from rich and I am not particularly religious. I find your statement closed minded and judgmental!

Timothy said...

Anon27, what are you objecting to?

It's a Christian college. People are pointing out that sheltered Molly is going from one Christian school to another where she is surrounded by like-minded people and don't need to deal with any differences.

Anonymous said...

you guys trip out too much. must be incapable of seeing how it would be to walk in someone elses shoes. They grew up in front of TV cameras and amongst those holding the equipment..not to mention us. Heck maybe Molly came out pretty good...its not any of our business to know and judge every nuance of character regarding her. I was just currious as to why they mentioned her being here in spokane (missed some episodes)...and I see all this rude crap. She loves her dad..loves her family..and in reality probably would give the shirt off her back to help anyone in need. They arent the perfect family ... they are cool because they arent the cookie cutter mold You want em to be.