Thursday, October 11, 2012

Amy Roloff On Portland TV Morning Show AM Northwest

Amy Roloff was on the Portland AM Northwest morning show on Portland channel KATU on October 11th, 2012. Amy has been on this show several times over the years for fluffy and light interviews to promote the show or different Roloff projects.

 Amy was on promoting her cookbook "Short and Simple".

 Amy and the host did a cooking segment. Not much was actually said. At one point during the cooking, the host asked Amy how the kids are doing?

Amy said Jeremy is still in Santa Barbara at Brooks Institute of Photography. Amy said he's starting to do headshots and weddings.

Molly in in Spokane, Washington at Whitworth University.

Amy described Zach as "floating", making choices and decisions and that Jacob might soon be the only one still living living at home.

Amy got in a plug for Roloff pumpkin season which is currently taking place on the weekends. She added that she wanted to let everyone know that traffic is not as bad as it was during the height of the show when traffic used to be backed up down Highway 26. Amy insists that it's a great family time.

There was no mention of the "new series" "Wedding Farm" or any Roloff Wedding business.


Monday, October 8, 2012

Report From A Wedding Guest Held At Roloff Farms For Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm

As noted, the Roloffs are coming back to TLC in a six episode series starting in November called "Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm".

A guest at one of the weddings that was filmed for the show posted a blog about the wedding they attended at Roloff Farms.

If you want to see the venue, check out their blog:

Blog from guest at a wedding held on Roloff Farms for an episode

They mention that there is now a rule that they are not allowed to post pictures of the Roloffs.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Roloffs New Weekly Series on TLC: Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm

The Roloffs are back on TLC with a new weekly series being promoted as "Six one-hour episodes" beginning Tuesday November 13th.

The Roloffs have turned the old barn on the neighboring land that they purchased into a wedding venue. has the article. Matt insists to them that the idea to turn the barn/farm into a wedding venue came first (as opposed to just being an idea for a series).

Here is a preview video:          

The Starpulse Blog also has an article about the new series:

"The couple will tackle one of their biggest challenges ever – working together to make other couple’s dreams come true. From refurbishing a historic barn to helping plan every perfect detail, the family will battle everything from uncooperative weather to cake catastrophes. 

The new series will also feature the family's their day-to–day lives, including Molly preparing to leave for college, and Matt & Amy's impending 25th wedding anniversary.
"Little People Big World: Wedding Farm" will air Tuesdays at 9/8 central, starting November 1"

And "Variety" lists Matt and Amy Roloff among the Executive Producers of the show.