Thursday, October 11, 2012

Amy Roloff On Portland TV Morning Show AM Northwest

Amy Roloff was on the Portland AM Northwest morning show on Portland channel KATU on October 11th, 2012. Amy has been on this show several times over the years for fluffy and light interviews to promote the show or different Roloff projects.

 Amy was on promoting her cookbook "Short and Simple".

 Amy and the host did a cooking segment. Not much was actually said. At one point during the cooking, the host asked Amy how the kids are doing?

Amy said Jeremy is still in Santa Barbara at Brooks Institute of Photography. Amy said he's starting to do headshots and weddings.

Molly in in Spokane, Washington at Whitworth University.

Amy described Zach as "floating", making choices and decisions and that Jacob might soon be the only one still living living at home.

Amy got in a plug for Roloff pumpkin season which is currently taking place on the weekends. She added that she wanted to let everyone know that traffic is not as bad as it was during the height of the show when traffic used to be backed up down Highway 26. Amy insists that it's a great family time.

There was no mention of the "new series" "Wedding Farm" or any Roloff Wedding business.



Brandon said...

Pumpkin business must be down (although I'm sure Matt will say it was the most successful season ever, like he does every year!) if Amy wanted get the word out that traffic is the nightmare it used to be when the show was popular.

Leanne said...

Zach doesn't go to PCC anymore does he?

He's 22. He's working at an indoor soccer place. Living off the show.

He has a girlfriend and is considering moving out.

I love how the Roloffs can make doing nothing sound like a ground breaking event. He's considering moving out and making choices.

Sounds like Jeremy will use the "Wedding Farm" series to promote his photography which is par for the course for Jeremy. Has he ever done anything on his own?

I'd like to see Jeremy pay for his own rent, his own college, his own cars, his own insurance, his own cameras, his own phone and then get a job on his own to pay for it all. What a slacker.

NotWatching said...

"I don't like to think too hard"

Sorry, couldn't resist...

Kyle said...

Poor Zach once again getting the shaft from his own mom. Raves about Jeremy and Molly but Zach is 'floating and making decisions.'

Also, she pronounces heighT as 'heigth'. Just 'cause you're lacking it, doesn't give you an excuse to mispronounce it!

Mike P. said...


After 20-plus years in the state, she also typically mispronounces Oregon as ory-GONE. (It is ORY-gun, with just a small accent on the first syllable.)

This is both a form of illiteracy and an insensitive snub (20 years?) that those of us who live here consider annoying and laughable.

If I ever meet her, I'll call her AH-me.

And for what it's worth, until now, I've never seen a cooking segment that didn't give exact amounts and measurements for the item being cooked. How useless this was.

Anonymous said...

I know some one who knows the Roloffs, so say Zach moved out already, they are just trying to keep it hush hush for one of their future shows.

As for Jer Bear he is trying to sell one of his 1971- 2002 Beamer since he has not one but two of them.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Yes, but it's not the restored orange one. I've seen it tweeted that Jeremy owes mommy money, so he's maybe trying to pay some of it off. Maybe.

Brandon said...

Podge, I get the impression that Mommy is tired of paying insurance for 3 vehicles that don't get used. I think that's why there is a sell off.

Zee to the Z said...

Partially right, but not totally.
Jeremy just wants to upgrade. He's going to get 4X4 FJ40 .

Mom and Dad will still pay for everything for him like usual.

Anonymous said...

Zee to the Z.. You're only partially right. He is getting the 77 FJ. But mom and dad aren't paying for it.

Zee to the Z said...

Anon, he already got it...

Greg said...

Anon, who are you trying to kid?

Matt and Amy pay for everything for Jeremy. From insurance, to cell phones to camera equipment.

They don't like to draw attention to Jeremy's life as an almost 23 year old slacker because Matt pushes the "my kids are extraordinary" BS.

Randy said...

Jacob actually tweeted a few weeks ago that Zach was planning on moving out. It is very interesting to follow him on Twitter since he tweets very frequently and is the best chance for a true look at the Roloffs.

Interesting tweets from him yesterday...

On pumpkin season: kind of tells you how involved he really is in it.
--"When people ask me how pumpkin season is.... We sell them. That's about all I can tell you"

On schoolwork: no surprise why the Roloff kids, minus Molly, are always in danger of failing. Why aren't Matt and Amy more involved in their kids schoolwork if they get such bad grades?
--"I was supposed to do my physics homework tonight...... That definitely didn't happen."

And on politics, it is known that Matt and Amy are conservative voters, but interesting to see Jacob retweet anti-Romney posts.

--"It's cute how Romney pretends to care about the poor."
--"This debate is getting heated. Obama... FINISH HIM!!!"

He obviously has the right to support whoever he wants, but I just wonder how Matt and Amy feel about this.

doglover said...

Such nasty, negative, comments about people you only know from the tv screen. I think their family is a normal, everyday family with all the problems that go with it. People that tear others down constantly are just jealous. I happen to think they are very nice and consider them tv friends!!!

Rap541 said...

So when Matt calls people haters - and he has - he's jealous correct?

when Matt calls people cheap dougchebags, he's jealous, right?

When Amy calls politicians names and bitches about the Kardashians, she's just a jealous bitch, correct?

Or are Matt and Amy on a different more Godly level where since they are Christiana and on tv - they can be hateful and say hatefilled things about say, Jake's screwball teachers, and its not jealousy or pure nasty behavior?

Explain to me why Matt making nasty comments is NOT Matt showing his jealous little ass :)

Oh, and I assume its true then that Jeremy is just jealous of everyone jhe's called a faggithole, correct?

Jeremy's heart was filled with jealousy every time he uttered faggithole, now we know the truth, Jeremy is just a jealous hateful guy. :)

Hell he was even posting faggithole on line, he's a hater, right? :)

Leslie said...

There are better pumpkin patches in the area where you don't have to deal with the line ups.

The only reason to go to the Roloffs is if you want to get a picture with someone on tv.

It's not worth it unless you're willing stand in a very long line for a 3 second photo.

Timothy said...

Sounds like Jacob has the old Roloff kid work ethic (spoiled brat syndrome) down pat.

It's a Saturday and he's snickering about how his friends are at his place working while he's inside watching movie and tweeting that he said he didn't want to work.

Dave said...

@ Mike P

"And for what it's worth, until now, I've never seen a cooking segment that didn't give exact amounts and measurements for the item being cooked. How useless this was."

I think the problem was she was half the way through the program before she realized she wasn't making a meatloaf.

Mike P. said...

How soon before Amy skitters into New York City to deliver 10 backpacks filled with crayons and Elmer's glue to the city's indigenous children?

Brandon said...

Mike, as soon as they can arrange for some sucker company to give the Roloffs a luxury vacation for a week while they take 4 hours out of the luxury vacation to film themselves helping the victims.