Monday, October 8, 2012

Report From A Wedding Guest Held At Roloff Farms For Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm

As noted, the Roloffs are coming back to TLC in a six episode series starting in November called "Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm".

A guest at one of the weddings that was filmed for the show posted a blog about the wedding they attended at Roloff Farms.

If you want to see the venue, check out their blog:

Blog from guest at a wedding held on Roloff Farms for an episode

They mention that there is now a rule that they are not allowed to post pictures of the Roloffs.


Ashley said...

They don't allow people to take pictures of them now? LOL.

Wow, I think it's safe to say fame has gone to their heads!

Anonymous said...

They are only complying with the photos becasuse they are getting paid. If they did not need the money so desperatelly they would not let you step foot on the property. As example when Amy got mad the inspector came out on the property. They are not like what they portray on television. I wish TLC would get some new programing and go into a different direction. Stop beating this dead horse!

Dave said...

Can they at least take pictures of the various buildings and projects that Matt paid someone to build for him?

AnonThe9th said...

We are all better off not having to see pics of these people ... ((( NO HURTING THE ANIMALS )))

I'm disgusted with the cat tossing ETC. And if they took pics of that just think what they didn't take pics of. DISGUSTED ...where are the animal rights people ???????

Betty R said...

The Roloffs level of self-importance is ridiculous.

Lark said...

Why would anyone want to get married on a farm? This isn't 1850. Classy...

Kyle said...

It actually does look like a nice event/place, but knowing the Roloffs and their rules and antics and no doubt how Matt would want his hands in on everything, no thank you.

"They were lovely, but we're not allowed to post pictures of them" They sound REAL lovely. (sarcasm) No doubt they would try to sue you if you DID post photos.

Kyle said...

So well said Betty. "The Roloffs level of self-importance is ridiculous."

But what also doesn't help is everyone on Matt's facebook or the Celebuzz article he posted on his wall, praising him for everything he says and does and showering him and his family with love. Everyone he ever comes in contact with is drinking the Roloff kool-aid!

I'm glad we have here at Spirits' as a reasonable place that can critique the ridiculousness of the Roloffs' actions.

Jocelynn said...

Kyle, I echo your sentiment!

"Everyone he ever comes in contact with is drinking the Roloff kool-aid!
I'm glad we have here at Spirits' as a reasonable place that can critique the ridiculousness of the Roloffs' actions."

It's like going into another galaxy to read the comments of people that don't seem to know any facts about the Roloffs. It's scary that people can be that naive.

Jason said...

The media that covers the Roloffs are disgraceful! A joke!

It's easy to see why the Roloffs backed out of the Spirits interview.

They are afraid of someone that actually knows what has really happened!

I don't know if it's individual incompetence by these news sites like Celebrity Buzz or if it's aof Corporation good old boy network kind of thing, but it seems like TLC sends their press release and every celeb news sites posts it. Some get a quote from Matt and never question anything.

Great research guys!
Matt says the Wedding business is not just a show a gimmick.
Would it be so hard for Celebrity Buzz to Google the Roloff Wedding Business or actually question Matt as to where the website is to book the weddings?

Pam in Ohio said...

Yes I've just spent an hour trying to find a website, something to check on bookking a wedding. I thought they were worried that they wouldn't get any bookkings? My daughter wanted a destination wedding....won't be Oregon!!

Mike P. said...

Pam, nooooo!

The Roloffs no more represent Oregon than Amy represents edible cookery.

There are lovely places to wed here. Places where the neighbors won't glare at you when you drive by.

Please, reconsider.

leah t. said...

I was curious on the review but it seems the page is no longer there. The review got taken down. TLC must have a lot of influence to get a personal blog post removed...

Brandon said...

Leah, that would be a great promotion for this fake business.

Have your wedding at the Roloffs....your friends and family will never be allowed to post or talk about your special day because the Roloffs and TLC will threaten to sue them! LOL!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Just so there are no misunderstandings... Pictures of the Roloff's and the venue can be posted AFTER the event has aired. That's understandable for sure... they want to have the opportunity to share their new spaces first. I was under the impression that I could post photos... but I was wrong and have removed them until after the wedding of Shannon and Joe has aired... sometime in December. It really was beautiful, the venue couldn't have been more perfect and the Roloffs are LOVELY people. SOOOOOO nice! We loved them.

So, if you're thinking of having a wedding somewhere in the Portland area I give HIGH recommendations to the Farm. It is magical.

Blessings to all!


Timothy said...

Spencer, where did they hear about the Roloffs "wedding business" since there is no websites promoting it?

Just so you know where I'm coming from. I think a lot of people figure this is a sham business, just a gimmick to give them an idea for some episodes and the hook for the wedding couple is get a free Wedding if you allow your wedding to be depicted on LPBW.

I think not allowing the Bride/Groom/Wedding party/guests to post pictures on the internet is incredibly tacky and not understandable at all and reeks of arrogance.

Does anyone really believe that even one person that was planning on watching the episode, would see your picture on your blog with Matt or Amy Roloff and decide that they aren't watching the episode? It's ridiculous.

Stacey said...

Well thats your opinion. Country style weddings ARE classy and very beautiful. Your style of classy may seem ghetto-ish to others.

Stacey said...

And posters this statement made by spencer is.coming.from someone who was present durring a wedding at the farm so stop critizing the farm......and the Roloffs for being very successful.

Jocelynn said...

Stacey, I think most of the criticisms about the Roloffs and the Wedding business is based on what Timothy said.

We don't think it's a real business. We think it's a hoax for a TV show.

As for the Roloffs being successful? I think everyone here understands that Roloffs act and lie on television to make a living.

As Rap541 likes to point out, Matt and Amy go on television every week and tell the world that they might go bankrupt! They might lose the Farm next week! You have to admit, the plugs every week are getting laughable. Next week: The Roloffs might lose it all!. The week after: "The Roloffs are in danger of losing the Farm and not being able to send their kids to college!".

It's hard to applaud someone for being successful when they are on TV every week shouting about how they could lose their home next week. Either that or you need to applaud them for having to lie on Television in order to make themselves successful and to make money to support their lifestyle.

I don't think I'm going to applaud people that have to lie on "reality" TV.

I'd rather applaud some hard working person who is scraping by to pay the bills while doing it with morals, character and honesty.

Rap541 said...

Country style weddings ARE classy and very beautiful. Your style of classy may seem ghetto-ish to others.

To be fair, Stacey, the vast majority of people commenting on the weddings themselves have been complimentary. My only complaint about the actual venue is the bathroom situation... and I stand by not wanting guests in formal wear having to use porta potties. And that's not a "country theme" issue.

Most of the criticism in this thread is about people not being allowed to post their wedding photos on line and not being allowed to photograph the roloffs while at their own wedding... To me, that is the price you pay for the comped wedding. And its also one of *several* indicators that the wedding participants are indeed being comped and are not paying customers. Honestly I've said it before - now is the time for people to be booking wedding venues for spring and summer, where are Amy and Matt advertising their successful business?

Finally - if Matt and Amy are so successful, why are they on television explaining how their business venture is hemoraghing money money and they're on the edge of losing their farm? I'm not lying about what they are saying... they are not saying "we're successful, we're millionaires, we own a million dollar farm and are rich" - at least, not on their show. On their show, they could lose the farm over this. Matt has said it to the camera.

I personally tire of Matt and Amy playing the "we're on the edge of losing our farm!!!" card and then smirking how anyone who calls them on it is just jealous of how much money they have. And I am tired of hearing it from random fans who refuse to acknowledge Matt and Amy use their platform on tv to present themselves as on the edge financially... when apparently they are not.

It gets old after a while, having people demand we respect someone who openly says they make bad decisions and can't manage their money... particularly when they get snitty when they get called on describing themselves that way.

Teddi Hyde said...

Forget the Roloffs you can get merried in Beutiful NW Montana. We book weddings at our B&B

Anonymous said...

My favorite tv show...I love the Roloffs!

Anonymous said...

Listen if you don't like the Roloff's don't watch the show.maybe everything is not 100 percent accurate but what show is.they seem to be a nice family and if they advertise it they would have to turn away people which would upset them.maybe they just go word of mouth,i like the show matt and amy have done alot considering there disability.

Anonymous said...

"get merried in Beutiful "
Teddi... I would want my B&B to be able to spell, I think.

kneauxla said...

How about we throw Amy up in the air and see if she lands on her feet?

Throwing a cat up in the air is not acceptable behavoir just because they will land on their feet. It's animal abuse and nothing makes me madder.

I think Jeremy and his friend need a attitude adjustment. A couple of swats across their heads ought to do the trick. I'd make sure they knew why they were getting whacked too. Then maybe they would think twice about hurting any animal for their amusement. Especially a family pet.

Maybe the county should have the local animal cops go to the farm and have all their animals removed?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a bunch a jealous people on this site.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree! Jealous much? All of you haters are a bunch of self righteous bullies!

Mike Cummings said...

I think the Roloffs are great!! Good for them for doing what they enjoy! More power to them. As far as scams, there are doing nothing wrong.

The nestwork came to them with an idea they took that idea and are successes, good for them! I think those that are hating on the family or the idea are jealous and need to evaluate their own situation.

Anonymous said...

Why all the Roloff hate? They seem like a good family. Most of the posters here appear to be jealous of them. I've watched a few episodes over the years, including a wedding episode this year where the couple rode Vespas out to the little school house. Seemed like a great wedding to me. As for their financial situation, I think if they were really hurting they could sell off a few acres of their farm to support themselves. Instead it seems they've bought an adjacent property so they could expand their pumpkin patch and parking area for the weddings. I guess Haters gotta hate

Rap541 said...

Anon - why do you think people are jealous?

I mean....

I know you *saying* it is of course significant to you.... but if you're bold enough to say it *anonymously*.... how about outlining why you feel that way?

Or is this one of those "I said so and this is my opinion so I don't have to provide any back up and you have to bow down and agree" moments?

Mike - same question to you - why?

Or is that asking too much of your privacy? ;)

Rap541 said...

Oh and for the record, I am not jealous of anyone who has to go to the Roloffs with their hands out for a wedding venue because it's very obvious that in order to get that *free* wedding venue, the participants have to dance like monkeys for the camera crew so Matt can get some attention. :)

Also not jealous of anyone who has a wedding where the bride is getting ready in a "bridal suite" that is clearly an uninhabitale house with crappy electrical wiring and broken windows. Granted it's free because the Roloffs need footage... but really the lack of interest on the part of the Roloffs is really pretty obvious.

BeckyM said...

Anon - if you are new here, I would suggest you go and do some research via the website about what type of people the Roloffs really are and not their Reality TV persona.

I personally don't understand (except I guess free and tv exposure) anyone would have their wedding with the Roloffs. Weddings are stressful times and putting up with the made-up drama would make me pretty sick if I was the bride. Oh well I guess Reality-Whoredom knows no bounds.

BeckyM said...

Does no wonder remember when Disney was sending out Cease and Desist letters to anyone who posted a photo of their vacation at the Disney resorts?

Yep, I remember that clearly- about 15 years ago when the internet was just starting to become popular.

I have no issue with TLC controlling the time frame but let's be honest, you also signed confidentiality agreements on the entire situation (read up on the Gosselins and you'll know exactly how TLC operates). So yeah, not buying the "everything was great!" stuff.

The Roloffs are incompetent idiots. While a country wedding can be just as beautiful and meaningful as a more formal affair, I don't believe for one moment that being with these people would be fun or entertaining.

Racist, Sexist, Animal-abusers and homophobic. Yep that's who I want to spend my wedding with. NOT!

Rap541 said...

I'm always struck by how defenders of the Roloffs seem hellbent on insisting any criticism or dislike of the Roloffs is jealousy based hate.

And that the turnabout is never true - Matt's not harping and critical of the county because he's a jealous hater.

Mike - what is there to be jealous of? I make a nice living wage and live debt free and I do it without needing to whore my kids out on a reality show show.

I also don't have to portray myself as "a lil dickens" to the public to make a living, and I don't have to discuss my relationship issues on camera for my living either.

Matt talks a good game about how he was a millionaire before the show - but it is negated by court documents and his own book written before the show began.... I'm not jealous of that.

I'm certainly not jealous of the Roloffs troubled marriage - I don't think its a put on for the cameras and people who are happily married aren't constantly talking about divorce and seperation.

Jealous of the money? Money is nice... but I also have an inkling of how this show has driven their spending. My sense is that they *need* to do the show to maintain their current lifestyle. They've got the wolf by the ears but at some point they will have to let go... I'm really not jealous of that.

I'll be honest Mike... what I don't like about Matt is his shining *arrogance* and his inability to own his actions. He's so convinced his way is the right way, he's got his little fan girls out "kicking hater ass" for him. But, because he'd look bad, he never has the balls to stand up and say "I'm Matt Roloff and anyone who doesn't like me is just jealous of me".

That's for his anon friends to do, so Matt can have people who disagree with his views attacked, but also can primly insist *he's* innocent.

And frankly, I'm not jealous of that either.

As for haters hating.... funny how apparently its not hateful to disagree *as long as you think you're right* - right Anon? Haters gonna *hate* but you, in coming here to let everyone know how you hate their opinions, well, you're not a hater hating, are you? Your intent was to what? Spread love?

No. You were here to spew hate. I'm just curious how you justify it.... but odds are you're done until the next episode. The haters who defend the Roloffs with hate never stick around when the questions get hard.

Linda said...

The truth about how fantastic a Roloff farm wedding is!
I thank the photographer's for sharing truth of what the day was really like.
It must be difficult for people like the Roloff's to put their hearts into making the wedding day special for couples and then read such untrue and mean comments. Before you post such untrue and mean spirited comments I wish you would consider that unless you were there you really should not spread gossip and hatred.
Not sure why some people feel the need to tear other people down with their negativity and untruths .
Thank you to the Roloff's for making these couples wedding so personal and special.!

Anonymous said...

Lots of places to wed outdoors here in Oregon. Mcminnamins Edgefield is a beautiful outdoor place to have a wedding at. I don't know abating about the Roloff family. My sister has played soccer with their son Zack, & had met the mom. She has said they are nice people and Zack is an amazing soccer player. said...

I agree!

adi said...

Is it true that a wedding at the Roloff Farm is $ 75`000??? What is included in this price?? We are looing for a Venue but this seems very expensive.