Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Roloffs New Weekly Series on TLC: Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm

The Roloffs are back on TLC with a new weekly series being promoted as "Six one-hour episodes" beginning Tuesday November 13th.

The Roloffs have turned the old barn on the neighboring land that they purchased into a wedding venue. has the article. Matt insists to them that the idea to turn the barn/farm into a wedding venue came first (as opposed to just being an idea for a series).

Here is a preview video:          

The Starpulse Blog also has an article about the new series:

"The couple will tackle one of their biggest challenges ever – working together to make other couple’s dreams come true. From refurbishing a historic barn to helping plan every perfect detail, the family will battle everything from uncooperative weather to cake catastrophes. 

The new series will also feature the family's their day-to–day lives, including Molly preparing to leave for college, and Matt & Amy's impending 25th wedding anniversary.
"Little People Big World: Wedding Farm" will air Tuesdays at 9/8 central, starting November 1"

And "Variety" lists Matt and Amy Roloff among the Executive Producers of the show.


Greg said...

Man, does TLC ever need a new creative team.

Roloffs, the wedding planners? LOL.

Does that have staged drama draped all over it or what?

Christine said...

Good thing Matt and Amy don't consider their careers being reality tv whores....

So much for Amy saying their lives don't revolve around TV.

That's all they are about.

Justin in Louisiana said...

I guess E! has the Kardashian family and TLC has the Roloff family.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Well, there might be some credit due for bieng resourceful! None of us thought about using this as a way to stay on TV and in the public eye. Some would also argue that this is plunging into depths that few would be ashamed to admit, but to someone like Matt who is a "attention, good or bad or whatever" kinda guy none of that matters. I wonder if Jacob and his friend(s) will relish their lot in life as parking lot attendants for Matt's latest adventure? We've read evidence of that already. Is this not what Amy studied at Central Michigan? Hotel or Hospitality Management? You go girl! It's obvious in the promo(?) advert that you fully support this great new role in your life.
Spirit, thanks for these updates. You are very wise in following someone that always comes up with something new! With Matt at the helm, this blog will live forever! Well done!

Rap541 said...

Ironically I could see wedding venue as a pretty good business for a cute farm. Certainly less dangerous and easier to zone for than an amusement park. (Am I the only one who remembers Matt telling during his "this is my week" yammering that he was getting investing lined up for said amusement park?)

I'm curious to see who ends up getting the negative edit :)

And yeah, it's becoming harder and harder to argue that they aren't reality tv whores. Hey, when Kate Gosselin finally lands a man, we can finally get that crossover ;)

Jack "N" Orry said...

Oh for the love of god.

The Roloffs are quickly becoming the TV equivalent to a really bad case of can get rid of it for a little while but it never truly goes away.

Anonymous said...

I personally think its a great idea. The farm is in helvetia/hillsboro which is my hometown, and I've been looking for a venue for my wedding next year ;)

Rap541 said...

Anon, then in all seriousness, contact tlc and volunteer to give your wedding the roloff treatment.

But do understand, if anything goes wrong at all, ANYTHING, you will have signed away your right to complain and the Roloffs will get the final say on how you appear.

I'm genuinely curious if the Roloffs are doing any weddings that AREN'T being filmed for TLC.

David said...

Looks like at least the first show is going to be about yet another of Matt's projects.
After that is TLC going to pay the couples as well as give them a free wedding? That is probably the only way they will get some poor couple to be married with "General" Matt buzzing about giving orders.
I wonder too how many people will really want to watch an hour of two strangers getting married.
Time will tell.

Chris Linton said...

Gotta love the irony of a fan on Instagram asking Jeremy if his Girlfriend will ever appear on the new Wedding Series?

Jerbear, ever so coy, was not letting any secrets slip and retorted "I'm not saying, you'll have to watch to find out"

I'm so excited!

After excitement I started to ponder. In my pondering I started to laugh at the hilarious deliciousness of it all.

Jeremy's girlfriend of almost 2 years has still not been introduced on the real and raw Reality TV show that Jeremy stars in!

His girlfriend? Hidden from Reality TV show.

His religious and his devotion to Lord and Jesus Christ? Hidden from Reality TV show.

His hobbies of killing animals, throwing cats and taking beautiful pictures of disgusting rotting animal corpses? Hidden from Reality TV show.

His partying ways, love of beer and his Chron Master abilities? All hidden from Reality tv show.

3 cheers for Reality TV!

Kyle said...

TLC, wat r u doing? TLC, stahp!!!

Kyle said...

If I was 100% sure that that hosting weddings was purely for extra income when the TLC camera stop coming (at this rate, if EVER!) I would applaud Matt's creativity. BUT this is Matt Roloff we're talking about. So this month it's hosting weddings for extra set of episodes and TV ratings. Next month it'll be something else, for more episodes and ratings. I think most LPBW episodes can fit into two categories: The Roloffs on vacation and Matt's new project (deck, bball court, ark, new barn, house renovations)

Rap541 said...

Kyle - What I find interesting is that there's no advertising anywhere that you can now have a wedding at Roloff Farms. You'd think that if this was a new business venture that *wasn't* entirely dependent on TLC, that this would be well... advertised.

I mean, most people like to book their weddings more than a month or two in advance. I said it before... is anyone having a wedding at Roloff Farms that isn't expressly being filmed? If the answer is no, then the wedding business is entirely for the cameras.

Peanut Butter Cups said...

I can see this show appealing to the those who watch those crazy wedding shows. Cannot say that it will appeal to me though.

Dave said...

Nothing like starting off your married life within the climate of wedding bliss that is the Roloff Farm.... ;)

BeckyM said...

Rap, on Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker, while the woman did have a match making business for the wealthy, all the men on the show were selected by the producer of the show. Those weren't real dates, and the Matchmaker admitted that she wouldn't do the dating in that way for her real clients.

I imagine the "weddings" at the Roloff's "farm" is all setup the same way. Otherwise fake.

NotWatching said...

All I can say for the locals is that no, there appears to be NO advertising anywhere for the wedding business, so for the present, it would seem that all weddings are being solicited for and comped by TLC for the purposes of the TV show. Also, the few references that are out there to the weddings that have already occurred indicate that the weddings were filmed and that attendees had to sign confidentiality agreements and were NOT allowed to take any photos of Matt or Amy. That said, it probably is a pretty, semi-rural location for weddings, while still being quite convenient to the PDX metro area. I could see it being a lucrative business, even without TLC, but I can't imagine Matt staying interested in it for long, especially if the cameras go away. I mean, how many episodes can we have of "OHMYGOD, there's going to be a CRISIS! The wedding will be a disaster! OH, thank goodness, it was resolved in the nick of time and everything went beautifully!" LOL... Amy, perhaps, with her often-stated desire to be in the hospitality business, might be in it for the longer haul, but definitely not Matt, unless Amy lets him build all manner of crazy stuff on the new acreage.

Rap541 said...

Yeah, I don't want the Roloffs to think they're being stalked or anything but I also took a peek on line and such to see if there was any advertising of the Roloff Wedding business, and there's not any advertising at all. Not even on Matt's website.

Kind of a strange way to run a business...

But if you read that article... stop and think about what is being said -

“This was not something where TLC came and said, ‘Let’s do this and that,’ ” Matt tells Celebuzz exclusively. “This was a business plan that we put together during our off time from the show. And this was how we were going to justify the purchase of the investment of that farm.”

which is typical Matt in that you know Matt, of course he had a plan at the get go and of course it was all him with no thought about TLC... But...

“We were just going to see how it would work, how it would turn out,” says Amy, 48. “It was kind of like a trial by error. And then TLC ran with it.”


“It got back to the basics of what we used to do in the early days of the show,” Matt, 50, adds. “TLC was able to mobilize very quickly and were able to get in here really quickly, during the restore of the barn… and to make a big mud hole into a venue.”

SO here's my point. If this was all about Matt and Amy doing something together... and remember these are the people who wanted to end their weekly show... Why is TLC involved with this at all? The tone of this interview very much sounds like this is all for *the show*.

Is anyone getting married down on the farm but NOT being filmed? I'm getting the impression that the renovation of the new farm was done by TLC *for the show* and once the show is done, so is the Roloff wedding business.

I'd be happy to be wrong on my theory - show me someone getting married where they aren't required to sign off on being on the tv show. Hey show me the Roloff wedding website where people can book or at least contact the Roloffs for booking. Like Notwatching says, its not a bad place for a venue (although I don't know that they have the sewage system in place to handle guests and I personally would not be thrilled with portapotties at a wedding) and it could be a viable business...

Jocelynn said...

It's sad that the Roloffs entire lives revolves around being on TV one more time.

Rap541 said...

Wasn't Kate "That Monster" Gosselin who coined the "The show is our lives and our lives are the show" phrase?

Another prediction? Matt and Amy present themselves like the Little Couple in this...

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Nowq that you mention it Rap, "...and to make a big mud hole into a venue.” certainly does rekk of more TLC comp payments to the littleBIG couple. I'll look back, but I can remember of only one wedding being mentioned. There might have been more on one particular weekend, but I'll find the evidence before I shoot my mouth off.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Weddings on two consecutive weekends. Aug. 25 and Sept. 1. And my apologies for the typos.

Kyle said...

Even if it was my friends or a family member getting married I would absolutely not attend if I was forced to sign a confidentiality agreement. They're not multi-millionaire movie stars worried about their privacy and paparazzi this is a wedding of ordinary people I personally knew, for a basic cable tv show with horrible ratings. Also wouldn't go if I was restricted on what/whom I could took pictures of; this is not North Korea.

Jocelynn said...

Kyle, good point. I wouldn't want to attend either.

The Roloffs and TLC strongholds on signing confidentiality agreements are overbearing.

You can't attend a wedding unless you sign the agreement.

As Spirits has reported previously, apparently friends can't go on the property without signing away on these agreements.

Stores like Fred Meyer essentially have said "screw you, we want the TV publicity" to any customers that don't want to sign their rights away by putting the 'If you enter the building, you agree to these terms" on the outside of their stores' or something similar.

I think restricting people from posting pictures is ridiculous and a sign that the Roloffs arrogance and ego has gone way too far.

Brandon said...

Whoa, "the family will battle everything from uncooperative weather to cake catastrophes."....riveting reality right there!

Christine said...

TLC is such a joke.

Matt and Amy are executive producers? That assures that there will be nothing real. Might as well put Chris Cardamone in charge again and I think he is terribly unprofessional for a so-called producer.

Mike said...

Matt reminds me a bit of Larry Daryl and Daryl on Newhart when they started their business, "Anything for a Buck!"

James said...

It's always mentioned on here, but these specials never really update us on what's really going on in the Roloff's lives.

For example, Matt always says how awesome Jacob is doing in his new school, how smart he is, etc. Well Jacob tweeted last night how he got a D on his report card in one of his classes.

And if I remember, the school's grading scale is very generous, yet he still got a D? Looks like he's taking after his older brothers in terms of academic success, but reading what Matt says on Facebook, you would think he's the next Einstein.

Timothy said...

Exactly James.

Never trust Matt to give the real facts about the Roloffs.

The fact that Matt and Amy are Executive Producers (and like others have mentioned, the other producers have been Roloff pals like Chris Cardamone who has no professionalism, imo) demonstrates that there's not going to be real "updates" or facts about the Roloffs.

Matt is all about misleading people.

Come to think of it, he stopped saying that Zach and Jeremy were lighting PCC on fire? And there haven't been any facts about what kind of grades Jeremy actually is getting at Brooks.

Susan Coles said...

@James, I almost forgot about that.

That Jacob got a "D" really is...shocking and pathetic.

According to the grading system at the public high school

A "D" is 20-39......are you kidding? When I went to school I don't think it was even possible to get a 20 or 30 mark!

It makes me wonder, does he even show up for school? The only way I see a kid getting that low of a grade is if he skips almost all of his classes and never does any of the assignments.

Way to go Matt, Amy, producers like Chris C. and TLC!

Peter said...

James, they won't do any substantial updates because that's not what their show is about.

It's not about facts or reality. It's about selling the image and making the Roloffs appear likable and succcessful.

The facts get in the way of that.

Tara said...

No doubt if I had a show I would want to be executive producer and control what side of me the world saw too. BUT the difference is I wouldn't go around lying to everyone saying that this is the real me and the real family. That's just one difference between the Roloffs and myself.

Rap541 said...

You know, far be for me to harp but Chris Linton made an excellent point about something.

Jeremy has been in a committed Christian relationship with Audrey for well over a year. I find it odd...and I wonder if anyone else finds it odd, that Jeremy has been in a committed Christian relationship with a Christian girl that he no doubt intends to marry as she is, per his fans, his perfect Christian girl.... and yet Matt and Amy Roloff, wwho have spared nothing about the kids including how proud they are of Jake's expulsion and Zach's relationship which is in theory as lengthy as Jeremy's committed Christian relationship with Audrey....haven't said a *WORD* about Jeremy's special girl that as a Christian, he is, I am sure, keeping himself pure for.

Matt? Amy? Jer-Bear is in a committd Christian relationship isn't he? Audrey? Jeremy loves you doesn't he? Why doesn't he want the fans to know he's spoken for, as a committed Christian with a girl he intends to marry?

Lynn C said...

Rap, the Roloffs aren't obligated to share every detail of their personal lives if they don't want to.

Maybe Audrey doesn't want to be on TV? That's what I suspect. I remember seeing her in one of the "specials". I think it was the Goodbye gathering for Jeremy. They didn't identify her, but I recognized her from reading Spiritswander.

Maybe she doesn't want to be on the show.

Or maybe Jeremy doesn't want his relationship to be depicted on the show? They did with Sarah and Kirsten and then that was it for several years.

Justin said...

Maybe Jeremy doesn't want Audrey to be known on the TV show because it will make his escapades with hotties from Santa Barbara a little more awkward? ;)

Anybody notice the amount of girls Jeremy is partying with in his pictures on twitter and Instagram?

Timothy said...

I think Audrey is upset that Joe Biden said "God awful" during the VP debate. She tweeted asking why he said it.

Rap541 said...

Lynn - why must this always turn into a "oh dear god, the Roloffs aren't obligated to share ANYTHING, so shut up and take what they give you" kind of thing?

The Roloffs want to hear "The show is real and raw, and an accurate depiction of their lives". They want to be praised for how open they are. Jeremy wants a check for sharing his life. Yes Lynn, Jeremy is what? Almost a 23 year old man who chooses to be on tv. Guess what - its now his decision how he's depicted.

And he wants to be shown as a free and easy single, living life la vida loca down in Santa Barbara with no attachments. So, do we accept that as accurate?

Or is he a loyal Christian young man, saving his virginity for Audrey, his Christian girlfriend who he loves?

As a Christian man who is in a relationship with a Christian woman, isn't it a little odd that Jeremy doesn't want to be out and proud about how he's with a Christian woman in a relationship and they are Christians together, serving Christ in a partnership?

Seems a little odd that a fine Christian like Jeremy doesn't want everyone to know he's off the market.

Point - Audrey doesn't have to be on tv for Jeremy to proudly say "I'm a Christian and I have a girlfriend I love and I don't look at other women because of that."

But Jeremy *doesn't* say that now does he? Funny how having a girlfriend is just sooo private to the guy who clearly likes the ladies.

Lynn C said...

Rap, why would Jeremy tweet Audrey on his twitter which he clearly knows is followed by fans and post Instagram photos of them together if he was trying to hide her so he could live it up as a single guy in Santa Barbara?

From looking at Audrey's pictures and tweets, she was at one of the Weddings on Roloff property with Jeremy when he was home last. Maybe she will be on TV then?

If not, there is nothing wrong with that.

Judy B said...

In my opinion, Tori seems more so than Audrey, like she wants the attention of being on TV. I think Zach likes the relationship being exploited on TV because it makes it seem like he's growing up when in comparison to his twin Jeremy, Zach isn't doing much of anything. Jeremy moved away. Zach lives at home. Jeremy is going to a prestigious educational institute and has discovered his career path and talent. Zach is apparently not going to school anywhere and is working at a minimum wage job that is made possible by the TV show.

Audrey seems like an independent young woman. She is an accomplished track and field athlete from Oregon State.

If she doesn't want to become part of the show like Tori seems to want, I don't fault her for that.

Perhaps her and Jeremy's relationship is more solid and substantial that they don't want it to be portrayed on TV where as Zach and Tori benefits both of them to play it out on TV?

Rap541 said...

Lynn - why, if he's not hiding it, is it too private to discuss on the show with a simple "this is my girlfriend?"

Why can't he admit it on camera? :)

Judy B - It's always nice to see you trolling. :)

Tori is an attention whore? Well, maybe she learned that from *all* the Roloffs, right Judy B? You do realize your entire arguement is the same arguement a lot of people make about the Roloffs, right? That they are on tv because they want the attention and money?

I'm sure you'll deny it ;)

But lets see - Jeremy chooses to depict himself as single (he's a grown up man now, Judy, even if daddy Matt still buys his pull ups for him, Jeremy owns the reality that he's an adult letting his daddy decide how he's depicted)... Judy - your thoughts on how Jeremy never says he has a girl friend when on tv? Is that Christian? To hide the truth? As a Christian woman, would you be happy and deem it honest if your boyfriend denied you existed? And flirted pretty openly with other woman?

Lets see - Jeremy is in a school that accepts every warm body with money. Judy B - a prestigious art school would have a portfolio requirement, Brooks does not. Jeremy is still unemployed, with no jobs his daddy doesn't find for him, and no discernable future (for someone in a committed Christian relationship with a perfect girl, he doesn't seem anxious to relinguish his single status).

I actually agree Zack is a lump. He's just not blowing 96k so he can end up being Daddy's wedding photographer. ;)

As for Tori... considering how low the payoff is (you've said it yourself, Jeremy is Matt's golden child and Zach is Matt's shame child - that of course is not Matt's fault as a parent) I at least give her props for her committment to the bit. But I do find it amusing that you'll paint Tori as a gold digging bitch so easily, while Audrey being Jeremy's little doormat is somehow not Audrey sticking with a guy who won't even commit to saying he is dating her exclusively because she's well aware that her committment will eventually pay off?

*on an aside I actually don't see any sinister motives to either Audrey or Tori - I am merely pointing out that a case can be made for both, and the my accusations are as fact based as Judy's rather ugly and unchristian diatribe about Tori's motivations. Hey Judy B - as a Christian, didn't you once say "Let God Judge?" Guess you better get into that hospital for sinners and admit to Jesus *again* that you're a judger and a hater for the love of Jer-Bear :)

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Since when is a pay-to-get-in school glowing as prestigious? Where do you prove that Brooks is reviewed or portrayed as a prestigious institute when the diploma is not recognized? How can you possibly make such a statement?

Rap541 said...

PS Judy - Any thoughts on Jeremy using his talent to take photos of the dead animals? Is that Jeremy being a sunbeam for jesus?

And please don't play the "let God judge" card Judy B - You have opinion and judgements and you have no issue slapping them out no matter how little evidence you have that they are true. Let's hear your thoughts on the dead animals.

Kyle said...

If TLC is going for the teen girl demographic it'd do more harm than good to show Jeremy in a relationship.

Eileen said...

Tori began as a fan that wanted to work for the Roloffs at Pumpkin Season.

I could be wrong, but I have pegged Tori as using Zach.

I agree with Judy somewhat. But more than being on t.v., I think she wanted to get into the Roloffs inner circle and hang out with Jeremy.

I've seen Tori post pictures of her hanging out with Jeremy and Mueller and the rest of the friends.

I think Tori saw being Zach's girlfriend as her best way to become part of the "cool kid" club.

For Zach's part, I think Judy is onto something. Zach has been under pressure for a long time to have a girlfriend. The Dani girl dating Zach was all staged for the show. He never really had a girlfriend. Suddenly being in a serious relationship makes Zach look more mature and gets people off his back.

I doubt that Tori is really attracted to Zach. I think she likes being a Roloff. She got a trip to Australia out of it and she gets to hang out with Jeremy.

Rap541 said...

Eileen - could be. But in fairness, can't the same be said for Audrey? She gets to hang out with Jeremy and be a part of the "inner circle"?

As Kyle suggests - it's better for Jeremy's pocket book if he appears single.

Audrey's ok with that? Jeremy being single "on the show" for money? From a moral standpoint, is that so much better than Tori theoretically forcing herself to pretend to like Zach?

Really, I don't see anyone seriously suggesting that Mueller is friends with Jeremy simply because it gets him free things and on tv. And Tori isn't exactly getting a huge pay off. Assuming she doesn't like Zach, she has to kiss him and hold his hand and date him over well, almost a *year*, all the while never slipping up in front of anyone... for what... a free trip that she had no guarnatees of being invited on?

My point here is that the same motives of "dating a Roloff" are easily ascribed to Audrey as well... with her pay off being more time with the better looking one who is more favored over all.

Btw - I'm uncomfortable with the implication that norms just can't find little people attractive. Since I don't know Tori, I can't completely rule out the possibility she's a gold digging whore, but really, it is entirely possible that Tori met Zach and decided for some reason that she liked him. It's been long enough that really, if she doesn't actually like him... She's a much better actress than she appears.

Shelby said...

Sorry, but I find it hard to believe that Tori is genuinely attracted to Zach.

Rap541 said...

Shelby - then I'd seriously ask - what's wrong with everyone in the Roloff house for encouraging her?

And what's her pay off?

Getting to know Jeremy? Who lives in Santa Barbara these days and in theory might spend his time at the Roloff homestead with his Christian girl Audrey? I mean the Roloffs aren't *that* rich. And I'm inclined to say Amy (maybe not Matt in this area) might be smart enough to pick up on a gold digging whore who doesn't find her son that attractive.

Again, the pay off for almost a year of work just doesn't seem that great...

Shelby said...

How do we know that Amy doesn't think Tori is a gold digging whore? She's not going to say it on the show. We all know what they say on the show is fake.

Rap541 said...

Shelby - to be fair? I agree Amy is very unlikely to say that on tv... but there are other ways a mother disagrees with her child's choice of partner. Really, if you genuinely think your son's girlfriend is into him for the family's fame and fortune... how hard is it to not allow her to film? I assure you, Matt and Amy, like so many reality show stars, have control over who gets on the show.

They also control who gets invited on overseas trips. If they don't like Tori and think she's only into Zach because she really wants Jeremy and the Roloff money... perhaps the smart thing to do isn't to invite her on a trip overseas with Zach *and* Jeremy.

And we're still not addressing the reality that Tori would have to force herself to be with something she didn't find attractive for at least several months in order to score one free trip and a little bit of face time where she was shown being cute with the guy she in theory is only nice to in order to be closer to his brother...

Shelby said...

She could like that Zach has a girlfriend for the show. Both Amy and Matt seemed paranoid that it took Zach a while to become interested in dating girls.

But I don't see any evidence that she actually likes Tori. I thought she was kind of dismissive of the whole relationship in Tori's first episode.

Hailey said...

Molly is suck a stuck up snob. I hope people stop believing her good girl image.

She's a spoiled rich brat.

Brandon said...

Haley, I have to concur.

By that I mean for someone that has been making her own decision to participate in the reality show, she doesn't accept any responsibility for it.

Like all Roloffs besides Matt and Amy, regardless of her age she doesn't speak for herself.

But she's old enough to say "I want to be paid" and sign a contract.

Maybe she's as immature as Jeremy and Zach, but doesn't get nearly the same amount of heat as Jeremy or Zach get.

Anonymous said...

so what if molly get paids to do the show, how does that make her a snob.

Hailey said...

She's a snob in how she deals with people.

Rap541 said...

Hmmm funny... No comments at all from Judy B or Lynn on how Jeremey was a shining beacon to Jesus, using his God Given Gifts to photograph dead animals.

Thoughts, ladies? Particularly you, Judy B, since you have no issue calling Tori out for being a gold digging whore who only dates Zach for her own personal gain... no more playing "let God judge" Judy - you can and do stand up and hate so please lets hear what you think on Jeremy and his love of dead things :)

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Well, at least Audrey realizes business when she tweets:
Audrey Botti ‏@audreybotti
Pumpkin patches>finance...
Expand Reply Retweet Favorite
Hmmmmm some things are more fun than others I suppose.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Rap, have we heard any thoughts on underaged drinking at the Roloffs yet? This "one stabbing comment then disappear" routine doesn't get tiring?

kyle said...

yeah p/r But that's also coming from a girl that brought up, tried to make an issue out of it and couldn't understand why someone would say "God awful"

Cynthia said...

Kyle, As a religious conservative, Audrey already does not like Obama/Biden's assault on religious freedom and their support of gay marriage. She also did not like Biden's answer about not forcing his religion on the rest of his country.

Thus, she is on guard about anything Biden says and immediately was ready to be offended when Biden used the words "God awful".

Jack "N" Orry said...

People like Audrey and Jeremy are the exact reason why the america and the republican party are both in the sad states they're in right now.

They are uninformed low information voters who vote based on emotional appeal and who says "god" enough times in their campaign speeches rather than actually having a real understanding of the issues.

The politicians they vote for are more interested in being social fascists and economic terrorists than they are at serving the common good and actually working to improve things for everyone rather than wasting time trying to ban abortion and stripping voters of their right to vote.

I say this as a moderate republican who takes the political tone of "we have real problems right now so the republican party needs to dump out the tea party loons and the religious right and put some sane people into office".

Vic Rattlehead said...

" As a religious conservative, Audrey already does not like Obama/Biden's assault on religious freedom and their support of gay marriage."

So in other words she's an imbecile who is fretting about a non issue and thinks discrimination is just fine.

She sound perfect for Jeremy.

Anon25 said...

With all their TLC fame, their heads are even more inflated ....ALMOST as much as Matt's EGO .... hahaha Matt.

Why O' why with all this "christian" stuff being tossed around ...why o' why are small animals being tossed around and birds squashed ...IS THIS ROLOFF RELIGION ...

Good going Matt and Amy close that kitchen window..those boxed cakes send out bad fumes to all neighbors.

Joanne said...

OMG haters! Did you ever consider just not watching?

MarieG1975 said...

OK, are you obsessed with the Roloffs or what? Did one of them p*ss you off or something? They are people and people aern't perfect. Some of you complain about their "rules" or not being able to take pictures of them. Well, given the popularity of their farm, of course they have to have strict rules. As for not wanting their pictures taken, that's their right. Someone could take a picture, photshop it and blast it all over the internet. Why don't you people get a life. If you don't like the show, change the channel. Good grief!

MarieG1975 said...

Oh, and one more thing - who cares if this wedding thing is just a gimmick for another show? I say "go for it". If TLC is willing to put it on the air and people want to watch it - good for them. Matt is a saavy businessman and as every good businessman knows- you strike while the iron is hot. Every freain' reality show on TV - from Pawn Stars to Storage Wars to Honey BooBoo (now there's a show you should be bitching about) is scripted - none of it just "happens". I think the Roloffs are decent people - not perfect - but good people. As Little People, they have found a way to have financial security while also giving back. I say "bravo".

Rap541 said...

Some rebuttal :)

Marie - would it make you feel better if people did cite examples of how the Roloffs pissed them off?

Because I suspect people could. But let me try something out on you.

Marie, the people who post here are people and people aren't perfect. Did someone here PISS you off? How? Why are you saying anything other than a compliment - after all people aren't perfect. The Roloffs aren't perfect so you're mad you're seeing people express that opinion as the Roloffs aren't perfect and should be granted grace.

Does that apply to everyone? Or to just people who you like and the rest of us have to take your ugly pissed off comments on how you don't like what you're hearing so you get to demand "change the channel or shut up"?

My guess? No, *you* aren't wrong to pass judgement and I am sure you will not appreciate this piece of advice.

Why are you wasting your time obsessing over a blog you hate? Maybe *you* should get a life instead of reading a blog you hate and doing nothing but noting how much you hate what you're reading?

Who here wants to bet that turnabout is NOT fairplay? :)

Rap541 said...

Now to your actual comments, Marie.

Whats the issue with photographs? Lets be honest, it's deemed arrogant to say no photographs. Given the popularity of their farm and the reality that they let people take pictures of them all of the time. So why suddenly are people who in theory chose the Roloff Farm for their wedding not allowed to take ictures of the Roloffs? Personally it's not that huge of an issue to me - I think the Roloffs are arrogant for other reasons, but it does seem like an awfully petty restriction, particularly at a wedding.

The reason some people have issues with Matt and Amy using a gimmick to get a pay day from TLC is because Matt and Amy from day one of their show have said the shows are real. Believe it or not, yes, people do indeed complain about shows like Pawn Stars, Storage Wars and Honey Boo Boo - what you're failing to see is that there's not a hoard of people crying in horror when people say such things. Yeah, that's right - no one is snitting how Mama Boo Boo is striking while the iron is hot and showing her business acumen by exploiting her kid. No one is insisting that Storage Wars is REAL because Dave/Jarrod/Brandi/Barry/Daryl are saying so and if you don't like, shut up and change the channel. Hell, Rick Harris pretty cheerfully admits that the item presentations on Pawn Stars are staged and organized and no one has a problem because no one is holding these people up as saints for being on reality shows. In fact, these people do take a lot of flack for being reality show whores and as a rule, they handle it a lot better than Matt and Amy. Every freaking show, as you put it, is scripted. Now lets see Matt and Amy lose the "we're real and they're fake" since you agree they're down in the mud whoring themselves with gimmicks. :)

Anon19 said...

So much hate. People watch it. Don't watch them then. They're creative and successful. A pumkin farm and weddings? Brilliant. Nothing looks staged it's just how things happen. They run a business, argue, have fun, etc.

Greg said...

"Nothing looks staged"


Rap541 said...

Anon19 - *you* seem to be the one full of hate. Don't like what you're reading? Take your own advice and don't post, and don't read.

What is wrong in your life that when you read something you don't like, you post "So much hate" instead of taking your own advise and looking away and saying nothing?

Why, Anon19, do you have the right to have a negative opinion about something... but anyone who has a opinion you don't like should shut up and be silent? Why don't *you* have to shut up and stand silent about something you don't like?

Explain yourself. Mind you, I know you won't.

Greg - it kills me too. :)