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Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm - Roloff Family Episode Review November 27, 2012

Podge/Rodge Groupie and Rap541 both graciously volunteered to review the episode:

Written by Podge/Rodge Groupie:

Well, as usual, we open with an argument between Amy and Matt. I agree with Amy, Matt has issues. I agree with Matt, Amy needs to buck up. Lovely. 

Molly's off to college. We meet Trevor. I trust Molly is going out maintaining her station in society with Trevor being a coed of Faith, a private school, we'll see. Amy does the mommy-daughter thing. Very nice. Later, when Molly is packing, Matt enter her bedroom to try the daddy-daughter thing. Not very nice. By far the most footage of Molly's bedroom. Ever. Whoopee.

Matt's getting the farm ready. Sven says he is a poopy manager. Matt doesn't get it. I really really wish Matt would stop his contrived shouting, that is just putrid. Matt spend a lot of time with his manager, doesn't he? I just love the shot of the farm when Matt and Amy are riding in the stagecoach and you can see the Porta-Potties against the back of the barn. His road for the carriage has to go past ALL his wonderful attractions. 

The bride and groom's story is nice, it should be a much bigger part of the show than Matt "it's all about me" Roloff. I used to be a mortician. We had the odd hiccup. We even made rare small mistakes. We handled it in a much more professional and much more secretive manner than these people. It's just sickening to see these 'planners'(?) parading their stupidity in front of God and the whole world. It's more than obvious Matt couldn't organize a three man race to a two seat outhouse. But, these people are PROUD of it? Yikes. My biggest problem is, I have trouble registering my complete disgust with Matt for barging his way into the wedding of the two people. Look readers, they supply the venue. Period. What in heaven's name is he doing asking them how they like the western town when they're getting wedding photos taken. Can you imagine myself, telling people that, "You know, we designed this visitation room just for your dad's funeral. We had this vision of you people burying your loved one here." What right do they think they have? Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. I suppose I should be used to Matt doing the "It's your wedding, but it's ALL about our farm and us and our self-serving show" thing. Like as in, Zach must forego his job and get back to the farm to run around because the cake got dropped or screwed up or goodness knows what. It's amazing how everything is an absolute disaster, and a catastrophe. 

Oh, one more thing. Matt did more of his "so gosh-darn awesome" bit with the Navy and defense of his country thing. He so happy he got a front row seat to someone else's wedding? One more time - he is supplying the venue. Period.


 Written by Rap541

So basically I am trying not to complain how late this is but really, for a family show? FYI LPBW is on at the same time as the new episode of HardCore Pawn. AND I had to stay up last night to catch Revolution… which at least had sword fights.

Anyway, yes, on a rewatch, an important note needs to be made. The reception, including food etc, was done at the farm which means people were crapping in porta potties at the reception. Yeah, I understand economizing, but I expect flush toilets when I marry. Also Matt’s “she has to answer me” is a tad sexist. Oh, and the wedding gift the Roloffs gave was a branding iron.

So Molly is off to college and Matt is pissed that it’s conflicting with his plans! Sven opines how Matt pisses him off and Caryn dumps a wedding cake into the dirt! Excitement! 

Oh look Matt complaining how the business took a beating. The landscaping is *ruined* and the business is a bust! Amy and Matt chat about the gravel and Amy notes how it was 3500 dollars for the gravel. Matt wants to restrict tents and possibly porta potties. Matt notes how awful it was that Amy didn’t respond to him on the phone. They bitch at each other over it. It’s unpleasant and essentially the same argument that we had last week. Amy notes how they are struggling with the business.

Molly, and Zach, and Tori and Trevor are off to the beach. Trevor is Molly’s “friend”. There is beach frolicking. 

Matt continues harping on the tent placement. There’s lots of placement discussion and bride discussion. Amy notes how there is no business but FINALLY a bride turns up. They seem like a nice couple, the soon to be newlyweds. A sweet Marine couple. Amy notes to the bride how awesome the barn is. The bride likes the country theme and the barn theme. Christine and Levi need a specific date. Levi is a mechanic in Japan for the Corps. That’s an *awesome* Marine job. And the wedding is in two weeks! TWO WEEKS! 

Molly is doing a double major. At the beach they hang out at the rocks that I think were in the Goonies. Molly notes how it does not yet seem real. 

The bride has colors, and a theme. The wedding planner is *gushing* how awesome it is. Matt wants to use the stage coach that he spent money on and never actually used. Christine likes horses and Levi is “country” so the stage coach idea is a go. They’re inviting 200 people. There’s two weeks to prepare and Matt is being left on his own like a big boy because selfish Amy is taking Molly to college! 

Matt notes that the roads are like pie crust! Western town must be repaired! Matt needs to figure out if his stage coach is actually functional! And a loading dock needs to be built! Matt is a MAN! He’s building! 

Meanwhile Amy is taking Molly on a mother daughter day. Molly is a good sport about the golfing. It’s a classic silly competition but kind of fun. Amy notes how all the DBU is still swinging single. Molly has no interest in even having a boyfriend. 

Meanwhile Matt yells while hay bales and cannons are placed about the Western town. Matt notes how Marines impress him because his dad was a Marine. Sven and Matt argue. Sven is frustrated that Matt is throwing a ton of work at him at Western town. Caryn actually defends Sven. Sven calls Matt a bad manager. I note that this is a really short segment and now we’re back to commercials.

After commercial, no fight, and Matt notes how Sven calmed down and did as he was told. Matt builds the loading dock, he fake shouts about building the loading dock! 

Then we get to the stage coach which btw is a replica and has to be tested. Matt is of course lifted into the coach, followed by Amy. It’s a TINY coach. Matt notes how it’s amazing and how they’re firing on all cylinders! Everyone is doing stuff but matt must bull doze a route to Western Town! FOR SAFETY! A road must be built! Because Matt is all about the safety!! Zach and Sven are attacked by bees. 

Its sweet that the bride has her little brothers give her away. 

Molly’s room is a pigsty. She doesn’t want to be messy at college. Matt comes in to have a sweet moment. He agrees with me that Molly photographs well. There’s a lengthy monologue on life and raising kids. Matt chokes up. 

Oh look a commercial. 

It’s the day of the wedding! Molly notes that the cats know she is the only one who protects them. Matt notes how Amy and Molly taking off is a pain. Molly is made to pack her own vehicle while Matt watches. Oh Jake wanders in to lift her bike and his hair is long and in his hay bales its very short. Amy is all “I’m an empty nester!” She notes Jake will miss Molly the most, which I think is likely. There’s sweet moments as Molly drives off to her future.

Back to losing the farm. There’s tents, Tori fills in for Amy, and Zach is working. Matt is openly horrified by the vulgar truck that has… a pig’s butt on it and makes sure we don’t see it. Who knew Matt, who called people cheap douchebags is sooo hypersensitive about pig nudity! Meanwhile Caryn screws up the bride and groom cake and it’s *ruined*! 

Cue commercial! 

Matt notes how dumb Caryn was to ruin the cake. It’s AWFUL! Meanwhile the bride and groom are very sweet and btw I totally don’t think they paid for this. Matt thinks Levi is breathtaking in his uniform. I must agree. I like the bridesmaids outfits. It was inexpensive but cute. 

Caryn sends Zach for the cake, and there’s a wedding! Meanwhile Matt checks on the horses. There doesn’t seem to be an actual problem but Matt is pretty freaked out. Matt notes how its almost a complete disaster but not, and it all ends perfectly. Meanwhile Zach and Tori could still screw it up and don’t. 

Matt is amazed at the idea of someone being married in his western town. Meanwhile there’s something wrong with the cake? Or not? 

The cake is too big. Matt notes how awful it is. The new smaller cake is pretty tiny but no one seems to care since they engage in the cake smearing tradition I don’t like. Everything goes well. Christine notes how the wedding was given to her and there’s various shots of the wedding.

Matt rolls around on the stage coach for the cameras. 

Meanwhile on car cam, Molly is dumped off at college. There’s a lot of sweet jabber from Matt and Amy on how awesome Molly is. 

Next week, Amy starts pitching people out! 

To be honest this was slow. Without Amy and Matt fighting, it’s just Matt yelling at us about how it’s almost a disaster except completely not.

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Ratings For Little People, Big World: Wedding Series: Featuring Roloff Family On TLC

There have been some inquiries as to the ratings thus far for the first two episodes of Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm on TLC.

So far, TLC has planned 6 episodes in the LPBW Wedding Farm series. Two episodes have aired.

Here were the ratings.

Episode 1: Tuesday Nov 12th LPBW: WEDDING FARM TLC 9:00PM 
1.656 Million viewers and 0.6 in the key 18-49 demographic.

Episode 2: Tuesday Nov 20th LPBW:WEDDING FARM TLC 9:00 PM
1.022 Million viewers and 0.3 in the key 18-49 demographic. 

Week one was higher than many TLC shows. TLC has been doing very poorly in the ratings as of late. Many of the TLC shows do not reach even 1.2 million (although one of the new TLC hits is "Breaking Amish" which received a 3.063 rating and 1.3 in the key demographic this past Sunday). However, as you can see, ratings dropped significantly for the LPBW Wedding series from week 1 to week 2.

Even Matt Roloff has admitted when ratings get around and below 1.0 for a cable series, that's when it's time to worry. Matt always attempts to put a positive spin on anything involving the Roloffs, and Matt made that ratings comment back in Season 5 of the regular LPBW series when ratings had dropped to the 1.2 level (Matt was attempting to imply there was nothing to worry about because at that point ratings were still above 1.0).

During the TLC glory days of Jon & Kate Plus 8 and LPBW, J&K used to regularly receive ratings in the 3's and LPBW often exceeded 2.0 or at least very high 1's.

By Season 4 and 5 (interestingly enough, it was around this time, later in the series, that Matt and Amy Roloff gained more power and achieved Executive Producer status, which they still have for the "specials" and for the "Wedding Farm" series), ratings for LPBW were dropping to the 1.2 - 1.0 level. Some episodes in Season 5 registered 1.0 and 1.1's. That's when TLC pulled the plug on the regular weekly LPBW series.

As we all know, TLC then agreed to periodic "update" specials (about 4 per year) of LPBW before announcing 6 episodes of the new "Wedding Farm" series. The LPBW "update specials" received ratings ranging between 1.3 and 1.7.

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Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm Episode 2 - Nov 20th - Review

This is an episode review of the 2nd episode in the 6 episode series "Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm.

Review written and submitted by Rap541:


So here we are, and my goodness this show is on late. I mean, shoot, some of us work, you know! Now granted I have tomorrow off but really. I mean, it’s not like there’s zombies on this show.

A rewatch of the first episode is interesting. Scratch that, a rewatch of the first episode is mostly dull, but I duly note how time seems to flit all over the place and how this entire business seems to be a farce for the cameras. No worries, I spent most of my time outlining to an angry friend how secession was illegal and also how if it was somehow legal, that it would destroy any state’s economy. Lil hint – consider that a leaning severely right person like Matt Roloff isn’t considering secession. You know why? It’s a bad deal for the wealthy. Oh look, Matt muttering again how he might lose the farm yet again….. 

Also, I really hope they paint the little church because it looks weather beaten and also seems to be leaning. I wonder if people are allowed to be inside it? Hmmm. 

 Oh, one last observation on the prior episode. Two, really. The twins wore their dress sneakers to the graduation, and there’s one odd moment where the camera points at Matt and he makes one of his weird comical faces mugging for the camera. Just kind of odd that he’s doing that for the camera at Molly’s graduation. 

We start with a lengthy rehash of the episode we just saw and fresh new clips from the upcoming show. Cue credits. So there’s a mound of dirt and wedding season is already here with tons of money spent and nothing ready! Matt is freaked out! He notes how this is the first major change on the farm and it’s already a disaster. I swear, he’s as over dramatic as a teen age girl having her first time of the month. 

He wanders through the house on the property, and notes how it’s basically a tumbled down shack and completely. Oh look, a bride with a problem! Her venue has canceled at last minute and now we have a lengthy chat with the bride, Erica. Amy shows her around the unfinished stuff. Amy is pretty blunt on how stuff sucks and how people will be crapping in chemical toilets. Of course despite how it’s all a squalid nightmare and Erica and Jesse are basically broke anyway, this is going to be a good fit. Also there’s a terrible tragedy concerning Erica’s sister and of course that makes everyone happy about doing the wedding. I somehow suspect Erica is not actually paying the Roloffs. 

Oh look Jeremy’s here and he’s going to be Erica’s videographer because yeah, mommy and daddy got him a job. Matt goes on and on about how much he’s spent and how in the hole he will be. Zach doesn’t want an upfront role. Amy plans to be the bride helper and of course Matt needs all hands on deck. More scenes of the barn and landscaping. Matt does some fake shouting. The two of them wander around the dirt and disagree on what to do about the dirt. Matt periodically shoots down everything Amy suggests. Amy runs off, noting how she’s not actually Mat’s bitch. Now Matt is pissed that Molly took the Expedition and how could Amy not know that they needed the Expedition?? He leaves a passive aggressive voice mail on how Amy is ruining everything with her failure to stop Molly from using the Expedition.

An amusing aside, I don’t think Molly was even in this episode. Also, doesn’t Molly have her own car and were there any consequences to her ruining a work day? I mean, Molly girl, your daddy COULD LOSE THE FARM.

Amy comes into the meeting loudly noting how Matt is not to treat her like a piece of garbage again via cellphone. Matt plays innocent and indignant at the same time. Amy states she has no idea why Molly took the Expedition and then leaves, slamming the door as hard as possible as she goes. Matt makes it very clear with his body language how he’s the much put upon victim here. Interestingly, Amy also references “messages” suggesting that there was more than one “Amy, why are you so dumb as to let Molly take the most important vehicle when we both live in the same house as Molly and I could have said something as easily as you and didn’t since I’m up here and you’re down there” message. 

People on the Mule arguing over flowers. Matt notes how difficult Amy is. Matt wants a wall and Amy says no and Matt tells her to hesh. The female assistant, Caryn, who ultimately is all over this episode takes her side on the wall. And I must say, on several points, Amy makes some good sense in this episode. 

Back to Erica and the older woman who’s name I haven’t caught yet. This might have been her mom? This is a nice bit on how they are doing crafty bits and stuff to save decorating money since this is all being done for nothing. Erica misses her man. We meet Erica’s parents. They seem like nice people. There’s some teary “I love you” stuff. They want to acknowledge the dead sister with a photo at the wedding. 

Jacob and Matt drive around. There are references to Erica’s dead sister and how roads can be dangerous. Suddenly Matt is all about *safety*. Isn’t this the same guy who let his kids ride on top of the Mule’s roof? Oh hey, isn’t this guy the same guy whose excuse for slopping the car around the road to where he was taken for a drunk was that he needs to use peddles and just didn’t *bother* adjusting the peddles on the car he was in, thereby willfully driving unsafely? 

Matt bitches at Sven to make things perfect. Oh now we have Matt lamenting his status as a dwarf as if he was average height, everything would be better. He also snits how the work isn’t up to snuff. Then he moves Amy’s gazebo that had special meaning to the wedding site for general color. I’m curious what she will think about her special farm memories being altered. And then we’ve got seeds being planted. This is of course, touch and go, a hail mary, and Matt might not get a touchdown! He might lose the game! THEY COULD LOSE THE FARM. 

Of course, it’s increasing obvious that Erica isn’t paying for this at all, that she’s the lucky recipient of a free venue as long as she agrees to be filmed. 

Matt states his only priority is the wedding. But two weeks to the wedding, there’s no grass! Caryn makes it very clear that Matt better have a back up plan and Matt does not correct her as to who is in charge. I somehow think if Amy took that tone, Matt would be rolling his eyes to the cameras on how Amy has no faith in him and always thinks small. Lots of talk about special features, like a swing. Yeah, um, the swing is nice, don’t get me wrong, but it in no way makes up for the feces smell from the porta potties.We watch Matt, Sven, and Camerino swing for the cameras. Then there’s flowers for the “homebase office” for Matt and Amy. Now Matt shows Zach and Molly the barn. Wait… Zach and Tori. He askes Zach and Tory how cool the barn is. The bridal suite looks a bit dumpy still. Then in a weird segue way from discussing Zach and Tory it moves to how he barely knew Amy when he married her. Then he badmouths Amy to Zach and Tory, noting how she got her way and it’s awful

 Meanwhile the grass sucks. Matt is considering buying sod. Amy hay bales how they’re hemorrhaging money. Matt hay bales how Amy is cheaping out and is wrong about the sod. Matt asks for Rocky’s opinion. Amy refuses to agree on sod. Matt walks off noting how it’s never going to be ready. 

The commercial breaks are noticeably lengthy.

Amy shows Matt the bridal suite. Yeah, the inside is nice but the exterior looks bad. Part of this is simply the house itself. It’s got that “I was built in the late forties as cheaply as possible” look. Amy massages Matt’s back and he suggests they have sex in the bridal suite. Then more projects, a cute pergola and a dance floor. Real wedding planners come in to set up the tents and dining areas. It’s actually very nice and suddenly Matt thinks this wedding is amazingly important. Matt schmoozes with Erica and Jesse, as does Amy. Jesse seems nice. There’s a wedding rehearsal. Jesse is actually quite sweet in his nervousness. 

Matt notes that the grass grew and apparently Amy was right about not spending the money on sod. Note – he never says this, I am merely noting that Amy made the correct call which Matt does not acknowledge as he gleefully rolls in the grass and congratulates himself. Matt does a fakish “it’s a miracle!” – no mention of Amy being right. Now the family is “pitching in”. It’s not that it feels fake but it definitely feels staged. Meanwhile the wedding party is pretty natural seeming in comparison. Matt wanders out to bitch about the tent. Amy is worried the bridal suite isn’t ready. Matt freaks out and chides Amy from the hay bale on how completely wrong Amy is. Then we see a completely ugly little argument. Now, really, as entertaining as all this fighting is, I trust someone will let me know how this is “educating and advocating” for me to watch? And how this isn’t watching two people passive aggressively attack each other? Like on the Real Housewives?

Matt notes how he and Amy are at each other’s throats and Amy is so wrong. Matt is clearly blaming Amy for all this. Amy covers well with meeting Erica and takes them to the bridal suite. Now we have wedding stuff. Everyone gets wedding stuff on. There’s a minor issue with hornets. Then there is a fun moment with the bride and dad and family. Then Matt voices over how desperately important it was for the wedding to be successful since THEY COULD LOSE THE FARM. Oh, and THEY’VE INVESTED A LOT OF MONEY IN THIS. 

Then we have Matt saying how nothing would go wrong, and then high winds assault the harpist. Yeah, that’s funny

Matt notes how this really wasn’t that big of a deal as we return from commercial. The dad of Erica is very sweet. The preacher sounds twelve, which is cute. Then Matt and Amy kiss. Then there’s a party and we have Jeremy videographing. There’s an extensive moment Amy kisses Jeremy’s butt for being so fantastic. I didn’t really get the gift they gave the bride and groom but frankly I think the free wedding venue was enough. 

Matt notes how a plan comes together. Whatever he says on the hay bale was amazingly slurred. I didn’t catch it. Matt and Amy congratulate each other. 

Next week, despite constantly bitching how useless Amy is, Matt is affronted that Amy is leaving him to tend a wedding along because (insert gasp of horror) Amy has to take Molly to college! OHNOES!

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Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm - Episode Review

Tonight will be the first episode of the Roloff show Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm. There will be six weeks of episodes.

Review written by Rap541

So let’s see, we’ve had an election, and I have a new laptop. Windows 8 is actually kind of exciting although FYI, it does not come with Microsoft Works. Also my keyboard is configured slightly differently so please forgive any misspellings. 

 Hmmm so the Roloffs are now doing a wedding business. I will be honest, on the one hand I have serious doubts about this business simply because I have to wonder what the zoning laws are… but having lived in a town that rolled over for Hollywood, my guess is that that coupled with the whining the Roloffs do, they got some dispensation. My point? Weddings aren’t “agritainment”. As it happens I think weddings are a good idea… I just don’t think it’s a real business in any sense. I think this is about getting back on tv. Funny… I always thought the Roloffs were strictly about teaching and learning. Let’s see what we learn. 

 Wow… this is on really late. I mean… I somehow don’t think this is going to include the seven words you can’t say on tv. What’s normally on during this time? I usually watch Law and Order reruns on Tuesdays (Law and Order in various variations is pretty much on all the time if you have cable. 

So anyway… weddings. So Matt goes on about how he has no idea what to do with the farm. I note that this is indeed a rehash of previous comments, on previous episodes. Matt announces to Amy that he wants do a wedding business. This will involve no landscaping and desperate brides. The credits change slightly. They zoom into the show and Matt says they’re investing no money into it? Did I hear it right? Maybe not. Matt notes how he’s a man with a penis so it will work and Amy openly caves. Matt says something in his fake screeching voice that I don’t understand. 

Matt has someone setting up the landscaping. Zach seems blah about it. Mat screeches again to Amy – I think it was “tada”. He has an extensive plan and Amy notes how ridiculous it is since there’s no plans. Matt wants to show her so off to a mule tour. The house is looked at. This is cute, as I recall at one point this house was where Zach was supposed to “bach it” with his male pals and have it be a crash pad but now Matt and Amy note all of its failings. The barn is pretty cool but is well a barn and Amy notes the plumbing and electrical issues. She notes how Matt being over budget is extremely common and that she worries about their debt load. Matt notes that Amy thinks small and he thinks big and he’s all about thinking big. The sneering undertone of course is how wrong Amy is to doubt him. 

Molly wanders in to discuss her graduation. Matt’s waxes philosophic on the graduation as Molly shows the grad invites. Molly photographs well. That’s a gift. Good for her. 

So we’re at the barn. Queue a lot of barn stuff and barn fixing. Apparently the barn is the reception area and Matt notes that the barn might not be big enough. 

So stuff is working but Matt is noting how Amy is being a BITCH again. We get a montage of Amy *being a doubting BITCH*. Amy is annoyed that Matt basically considers her nothing but his errand girl. Matt notes that she is the gofer. Amy haybales she isn’t a gofer. They have a fairly intense argument where Amy notes her role is not “Matt’s errand bitch”. Matt condescends how he was dealing with important building stuff. Matt basically faux improves the barn and wants to move Molly’s play church. Matt notes *again* how brilliant he was to put everything on skids, imparting this wisdom decisively. He notes how the church hasn’t moved in twenty years. I kinda beg to differ since there was an episode about this in season one or two where the church was moved…. Oh wait, best not to mention reality. 

Molly and Amy have “OMIGOD” sweet moments. 

Meanwhile Matt fake shouts “Let’s get some work done!” and “I need more dirt!” to show us how he’s the man. Amy demands an update. Amy and Matt chat and they plan to get brides out to see the venue. Amy notes how Matt still treats her like his helper monkey bitch. She leaves in a huff. 

Matt notes how the marriage is great despite the depiction. Amy harps on how everything sucks and is crap and how Matt is completely ridiculous. This is essentially Matt and Amy arguing for us. Then Matt notes how he “took Amy’s advice” and finished the barn and fake shouts “there’s fireworks going off in here!” and “She likes its!” as Amy sniffs derisively. 

Now we have wedding planners theoretically coming out. Matt notes how very frustrated he is with Amy and her “queenship” attitude over things. They snap at each other in an ugly fashion. Amy notes how this has to work or else TLC is going to run. Zack blergs how he and Tori love it and that’s all we see of Zach and Tori. In theory all the big Portland wedding planners showed… I have my doubts. Amy notes to the planners how there’s no real bathrooms. The planners ask about catering, tables and chairs, potable water. Amy says they have no idea what they are doing. Matt says they are making it up as they go along. Seriously no one in their right mind or who isn’t desperate or looking for a freebie is going to get married here. Why? Because there’s no flushing toilets and your guests have to drink bottled water and no one seems to have a plan if it rains. 

Meanwhile they are shooting a pumpkin commercial so they call Jeremy to show up because someone majoring in still photography will have insight into video. Matt screeches “AND PUMKINS AND PUMKINS AND PUMKINS” and it’s lame. 

Then we cut to a montage on the sacred tire swing. I die a little inside. Next they spray a faux rock thing on the barn and then Matt and Amy take Jake to buy jewelry for Molly. Hmm Jake is looking manly. They get Molly a watch?

Meanwhile Matt needs to show us all how he’s a man by moving the church “by himself”. There’s a lot of folksy joking with a bible. Matt notes the first move is crucial. He off course fake shouts “IT’S FREE” and then we are treated to an endless commercial ridden storyline surrounding the tiny church.

So back from commercial and Matt’s NOT GIVING UP. H e also shouts helpfully for camera time “LETS GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD” and states how he’ll drag nothing but a beam to make a point. Because that will teach the church to mind him! He joyfully notes “WE’RE HERE!!” Everyone notes how incredible it looks. I note how the church really needs some paint and some de-dilapidation. Amy and Matt argue about how to “bling” it out. 

Jeremy wanders in for Molly’s graduation. They take pictures. I hope Jake sprouts up a bit because he’s a lil short. I see this time Matt gave enough of a crap to show up on time. Everyone beams with pride for Molly. It’s sweet. Oh and hey folks? The yellow sash? That Jeremy didn’t have? Is the indicator of someone who graduated *with honors*. In case there’s still debate there. 

There’s balloons. Matt does the fake shouting “ITS PLAY TIME!” and they give her the bracelet/watch. Matt takes us on a faux tour with Amy and tells us how beautiful it is and how they are soon to lose the farm because no wedding planners have called them back! THEY COULD LOSE THE FARM!! 

Yeah considering how TLC is footing this and how they aren’t advertising this business at all (oh and naysayers? Craiglist is not the be all and end all of advertisement.) I kinda have my doubts about Roloff Weddings. 

Meanwhile feel free to check out Matt’s support of someone whining how 100k United flyers just aren’t being comped to his standards anymore on his facebook. First world problems!

Review has been submitted by Podge/Rodge groupie:

Written by Podge/Rodge groupie -

Yes, Amy, here we go again. This is not going to be a blow-by-blow description of the episode, just a few comments and questions on the people therein. 

Matt's insecurity is showing through again with his always wanting to prove himself and going the extra mile and doing the next step and do something "extraordinary". 

I have a question about timing and budgets. Amy is always concerned about not having enough money, but Matt spends money like he already has it. 
I wonder about the timing of Matt's deal with TLC about doing this wedding show plan thing and getting paid off on it before he even started the project. He can't possibly have that much disregard for his children's futures as in college funds and the like, to spend it all on this wedding project without the guaranteed revenue. 

On the other side, When is Amy going to stop complaining about how Matt treats her, and just say no? Is this the "Christian" way of being obedient and subservient to your husband? How much money is involved in all this, when Amy still sticks around and puts up with all this treatment? 

Also, is anyone feeling that Amy is acting and playing the bit of the part of the "prima donna" with the way she reacts and handles her situation in all this? Matt and Amy's self-centeredness is well documented and is very very evident in this episode. No prior consultation with a wedding planner or an expert in the field, no concerns about zoning and building permits for public occupation with the county etc etc. Why did Matt not ask a wedding planner or caterer right from the get – go? It's obvious why Matt and Amy had personal connections to the weddings that they featured on the show, because the wedding planners in the Portland area were not going to use them. Of course they had absolutely no idea what they were doing, you were correct on that, Amy. 

Hey, I wonder who produced the television commercials? Molly's grad was a nice day version from the usual BS. And Matt was even early to the ceremony! Jacob was his usual very insightful self. And, if you read Amy's Facebook fan page, he certainly is not miserable because Matt and Amy left him at home and had Zach come back to look after him. Yeah you two, your kids come first. Always. Indefensible. More later. Just my first impressions.


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First Episode of "Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm" To Air Tuesday November 13, 2012

The first episode of LPBW "Wedding Farm" is set to air tomorrow at 9:00pm on TLC.

Here is TLC's preview write up:

9:00 pm Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm 
 A New Chapter 

To start their wedding business, the Roloffs find themselves racing the clock to completely refurbish several buildings and landscape a huge area for ceremonies in time for the summer wedding season.

There also is an article from the Oregonian with quotes from Matt, Amy and the General Manager of TLC, Amy Winter.

One thing that comes out of the article is that the GM of TLC states that it was Matt who approached TLC about doing a series about a 'Wedding Farm'.

Both parties also make it sound as though they want to keep the Roloffs on television for many more years to come. Although keep in mind, Matt Roloff did once give an interview to a local Portland TV station in July stating that the series Little People, Big World would continue for at least 2 more years and a month later TLC announced they were pulling the plug on the weekly series.

Some long time followers of the Roloffs might recall that Amy used to insist (a long time ago now) that  their lives did not revolve around being on television and now being "reality TV stars" has basically become their career.

Amy Winter does note that it depends on the ratings for these "Wedding Farm" episodes, but the article goes on to talk about how in addition to the "Wedding Farm" episodes, they plan on continuing the "Update specials (which many viewers have taken issue with the word "update" since so many *real* happenings in the lives of the Roloffs are never mentioned on TLC). They also float out the idea about an episode about the Roloffs growing Christmas trees

Matt is still insisting that the "Wedding Farm" is a real business and not just a plot gimmick to get back on television, although I think it's fair to say that many are skeptical about that considering no one has been able to find a website or information about their "real" wedding business. There is no information about a Roloff Wedding business on the Roloffs website. In the article Matt states he posts advertisements about the Wedding Venue on Craigslist.

Here is the Oregonian article