Monday, November 12, 2012

First Episode of "Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm" To Air Tuesday November 13, 2012

The first episode of LPBW "Wedding Farm" is set to air tomorrow at 9:00pm on TLC.

Here is TLC's preview write up:

9:00 pm Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm 
 A New Chapter 

To start their wedding business, the Roloffs find themselves racing the clock to completely refurbish several buildings and landscape a huge area for ceremonies in time for the summer wedding season.

There also is an article from the Oregonian with quotes from Matt, Amy and the General Manager of TLC, Amy Winter.

One thing that comes out of the article is that the GM of TLC states that it was Matt who approached TLC about doing a series about a 'Wedding Farm'.

Both parties also make it sound as though they want to keep the Roloffs on television for many more years to come. Although keep in mind, Matt Roloff did once give an interview to a local Portland TV station in July stating that the series Little People, Big World would continue for at least 2 more years and a month later TLC announced they were pulling the plug on the weekly series.

Some long time followers of the Roloffs might recall that Amy used to insist (a long time ago now) that  their lives did not revolve around being on television and now being "reality TV stars" has basically become their career.

Amy Winter does note that it depends on the ratings for these "Wedding Farm" episodes, but the article goes on to talk about how in addition to the "Wedding Farm" episodes, they plan on continuing the "Update specials (which many viewers have taken issue with the word "update" since so many *real* happenings in the lives of the Roloffs are never mentioned on TLC). They also float out the idea about an episode about the Roloffs growing Christmas trees

Matt is still insisting that the "Wedding Farm" is a real business and not just a plot gimmick to get back on television, although I think it's fair to say that many are skeptical about that considering no one has been able to find a website or information about their "real" wedding business. There is no information about a Roloff Wedding business on the Roloffs website. In the article Matt states he posts advertisements about the Wedding Venue on Craigslist.

Here is the Oregonian article


Kyle said...

So if this is a legit wedding business, show the episodes now so that people could book for Spring weddings that would also get filmed by TLC and then a summer airing which would give them publicity again for the pumpkin season in Fall which they'd air for a Thanksgiving or Christmas special. It's never-ending cycle and all because the TLC GM can't say no.

Greg said...

Memo to Amy Winter: Get a new creative team with some new ideas.

TLC loves exploiting Little People and they love Wedding Shows. Merge them = Great show!....uh maybe not.

Rap541 said...

Kyle - only if they are actually are running a wedding venue. The suspicious question I am going to ask is this - have there been any unfilmed weddings?

If they only do weddings when TLC is there then its not really a business they are pursuing. A guess, based on the lack of facilities, is that they might have some zoning laws that can cause problems.

If they are seriously planning to pursue this - and not just do it for the cameras - they should be advertising *now* to book for spring and summer and not just on Craiglist. If it's a real business and they have the facilities to handle a wedding (I suspect they don't, at least not in a commercial sense) they could likely book every weekend from April to October - Portland is a big city and the farm has some cute charm and appeal.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Oh good gracious. Amy's insistence that they were inundated with requests doesn't really bear fruit with me. A clue to how many weddings they had and the number of weekends they hosted weddings can be could be found on the Twitter account of the parking attendant. IF this was a 'real' business as Matt claims, there would be many more weekends hoisting weddings than the two that the record shows. Maybe even three. Big whoop. All the evidence points to two weekends of weddings, as in the four mentioned. I saw the promo during "Breaking Amish - The Shunning" (more on that later) and when Amy mentioned there were no washrooms available (at that moment in space and time) then Rap's concern about commercial zoning laws becomes very real, as in so-many toilets for so-many people. Hmmmmm.........

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Alright, on to "Breaking Amish" not so much for the series itself, but the sit-down interview specials after the series. The first part was an unveiling of the true nature of the participants and the wholes truth behind some of the secrets that drove the actions and emotions of those involved.
My question is, why don't the Roloffs do this? THIS is what the supporters and ardent fans like us really want to see. The TRUE Roloffs, "real and raw" and no-holds-barred. Suppose a gay couple applies to use Roloff Farms for their wedding venue? I'd love to see Amy walk off the set rather than tell her true feelings. So much for the wedding business.

Mike P. said...

Watching the run-up to the new show.

It wouldn't be a Roloff promo without at least one "We could lose the farm."

I'm not speechless. I just don't dare post what I think of these frauds.

disappointed said...

I used to love this show because of the family focus. There was very little family in tonight's show. Not only that, it is evident that Amy absolutely hates Matt - it oozes out of her and she can't disguise it. I suspect she agreed to this show only to get enough money to leave him and live on her own. Very, very sad. BTW, is the dog Rocky still alive?