Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm Episode 2 - Nov 20th - Review

This is an episode review of the 2nd episode in the 6 episode series "Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm.

Review written and submitted by Rap541:


So here we are, and my goodness this show is on late. I mean, shoot, some of us work, you know! Now granted I have tomorrow off but really. I mean, it’s not like there’s zombies on this show.

A rewatch of the first episode is interesting. Scratch that, a rewatch of the first episode is mostly dull, but I duly note how time seems to flit all over the place and how this entire business seems to be a farce for the cameras. No worries, I spent most of my time outlining to an angry friend how secession was illegal and also how if it was somehow legal, that it would destroy any state’s economy. Lil hint – consider that a leaning severely right person like Matt Roloff isn’t considering secession. You know why? It’s a bad deal for the wealthy. Oh look, Matt muttering again how he might lose the farm yet again….. 

Also, I really hope they paint the little church because it looks weather beaten and also seems to be leaning. I wonder if people are allowed to be inside it? Hmmm. 

 Oh, one last observation on the prior episode. Two, really. The twins wore their dress sneakers to the graduation, and there’s one odd moment where the camera points at Matt and he makes one of his weird comical faces mugging for the camera. Just kind of odd that he’s doing that for the camera at Molly’s graduation. 

We start with a lengthy rehash of the episode we just saw and fresh new clips from the upcoming show. Cue credits. So there’s a mound of dirt and wedding season is already here with tons of money spent and nothing ready! Matt is freaked out! He notes how this is the first major change on the farm and it’s already a disaster. I swear, he’s as over dramatic as a teen age girl having her first time of the month. 

He wanders through the house on the property, and notes how it’s basically a tumbled down shack and completely. Oh look, a bride with a problem! Her venue has canceled at last minute and now we have a lengthy chat with the bride, Erica. Amy shows her around the unfinished stuff. Amy is pretty blunt on how stuff sucks and how people will be crapping in chemical toilets. Of course despite how it’s all a squalid nightmare and Erica and Jesse are basically broke anyway, this is going to be a good fit. Also there’s a terrible tragedy concerning Erica’s sister and of course that makes everyone happy about doing the wedding. I somehow suspect Erica is not actually paying the Roloffs. 

Oh look Jeremy’s here and he’s going to be Erica’s videographer because yeah, mommy and daddy got him a job. Matt goes on and on about how much he’s spent and how in the hole he will be. Zach doesn’t want an upfront role. Amy plans to be the bride helper and of course Matt needs all hands on deck. More scenes of the barn and landscaping. Matt does some fake shouting. The two of them wander around the dirt and disagree on what to do about the dirt. Matt periodically shoots down everything Amy suggests. Amy runs off, noting how she’s not actually Mat’s bitch. Now Matt is pissed that Molly took the Expedition and how could Amy not know that they needed the Expedition?? He leaves a passive aggressive voice mail on how Amy is ruining everything with her failure to stop Molly from using the Expedition.

An amusing aside, I don’t think Molly was even in this episode. Also, doesn’t Molly have her own car and were there any consequences to her ruining a work day? I mean, Molly girl, your daddy COULD LOSE THE FARM.

Amy comes into the meeting loudly noting how Matt is not to treat her like a piece of garbage again via cellphone. Matt plays innocent and indignant at the same time. Amy states she has no idea why Molly took the Expedition and then leaves, slamming the door as hard as possible as she goes. Matt makes it very clear with his body language how he’s the much put upon victim here. Interestingly, Amy also references “messages” suggesting that there was more than one “Amy, why are you so dumb as to let Molly take the most important vehicle when we both live in the same house as Molly and I could have said something as easily as you and didn’t since I’m up here and you’re down there” message. 

People on the Mule arguing over flowers. Matt notes how difficult Amy is. Matt wants a wall and Amy says no and Matt tells her to hesh. The female assistant, Caryn, who ultimately is all over this episode takes her side on the wall. And I must say, on several points, Amy makes some good sense in this episode. 

Back to Erica and the older woman who’s name I haven’t caught yet. This might have been her mom? This is a nice bit on how they are doing crafty bits and stuff to save decorating money since this is all being done for nothing. Erica misses her man. We meet Erica’s parents. They seem like nice people. There’s some teary “I love you” stuff. They want to acknowledge the dead sister with a photo at the wedding. 

Jacob and Matt drive around. There are references to Erica’s dead sister and how roads can be dangerous. Suddenly Matt is all about *safety*. Isn’t this the same guy who let his kids ride on top of the Mule’s roof? Oh hey, isn’t this guy the same guy whose excuse for slopping the car around the road to where he was taken for a drunk was that he needs to use peddles and just didn’t *bother* adjusting the peddles on the car he was in, thereby willfully driving unsafely? 

Matt bitches at Sven to make things perfect. Oh now we have Matt lamenting his status as a dwarf as if he was average height, everything would be better. He also snits how the work isn’t up to snuff. Then he moves Amy’s gazebo that had special meaning to the wedding site for general color. I’m curious what she will think about her special farm memories being altered. And then we’ve got seeds being planted. This is of course, touch and go, a hail mary, and Matt might not get a touchdown! He might lose the game! THEY COULD LOSE THE FARM. 

Of course, it’s increasing obvious that Erica isn’t paying for this at all, that she’s the lucky recipient of a free venue as long as she agrees to be filmed. 

Matt states his only priority is the wedding. But two weeks to the wedding, there’s no grass! Caryn makes it very clear that Matt better have a back up plan and Matt does not correct her as to who is in charge. I somehow think if Amy took that tone, Matt would be rolling his eyes to the cameras on how Amy has no faith in him and always thinks small. Lots of talk about special features, like a swing. Yeah, um, the swing is nice, don’t get me wrong, but it in no way makes up for the feces smell from the porta potties.We watch Matt, Sven, and Camerino swing for the cameras. Then there’s flowers for the “homebase office” for Matt and Amy. Now Matt shows Zach and Molly the barn. Wait… Zach and Tori. He askes Zach and Tory how cool the barn is. The bridal suite looks a bit dumpy still. Then in a weird segue way from discussing Zach and Tory it moves to how he barely knew Amy when he married her. Then he badmouths Amy to Zach and Tory, noting how she got her way and it’s awful

 Meanwhile the grass sucks. Matt is considering buying sod. Amy hay bales how they’re hemorrhaging money. Matt hay bales how Amy is cheaping out and is wrong about the sod. Matt asks for Rocky’s opinion. Amy refuses to agree on sod. Matt walks off noting how it’s never going to be ready. 

The commercial breaks are noticeably lengthy.

Amy shows Matt the bridal suite. Yeah, the inside is nice but the exterior looks bad. Part of this is simply the house itself. It’s got that “I was built in the late forties as cheaply as possible” look. Amy massages Matt’s back and he suggests they have sex in the bridal suite. Then more projects, a cute pergola and a dance floor. Real wedding planners come in to set up the tents and dining areas. It’s actually very nice and suddenly Matt thinks this wedding is amazingly important. Matt schmoozes with Erica and Jesse, as does Amy. Jesse seems nice. There’s a wedding rehearsal. Jesse is actually quite sweet in his nervousness. 

Matt notes that the grass grew and apparently Amy was right about not spending the money on sod. Note – he never says this, I am merely noting that Amy made the correct call which Matt does not acknowledge as he gleefully rolls in the grass and congratulates himself. Matt does a fakish “it’s a miracle!” – no mention of Amy being right. Now the family is “pitching in”. It’s not that it feels fake but it definitely feels staged. Meanwhile the wedding party is pretty natural seeming in comparison. Matt wanders out to bitch about the tent. Amy is worried the bridal suite isn’t ready. Matt freaks out and chides Amy from the hay bale on how completely wrong Amy is. Then we see a completely ugly little argument. Now, really, as entertaining as all this fighting is, I trust someone will let me know how this is “educating and advocating” for me to watch? And how this isn’t watching two people passive aggressively attack each other? Like on the Real Housewives?

Matt notes how he and Amy are at each other’s throats and Amy is so wrong. Matt is clearly blaming Amy for all this. Amy covers well with meeting Erica and takes them to the bridal suite. Now we have wedding stuff. Everyone gets wedding stuff on. There’s a minor issue with hornets. Then there is a fun moment with the bride and dad and family. Then Matt voices over how desperately important it was for the wedding to be successful since THEY COULD LOSE THE FARM. Oh, and THEY’VE INVESTED A LOT OF MONEY IN THIS. 

Then we have Matt saying how nothing would go wrong, and then high winds assault the harpist. Yeah, that’s funny

Matt notes how this really wasn’t that big of a deal as we return from commercial. The dad of Erica is very sweet. The preacher sounds twelve, which is cute. Then Matt and Amy kiss. Then there’s a party and we have Jeremy videographing. There’s an extensive moment Amy kisses Jeremy’s butt for being so fantastic. I didn’t really get the gift they gave the bride and groom but frankly I think the free wedding venue was enough. 

Matt notes how a plan comes together. Whatever he says on the hay bale was amazingly slurred. I didn’t catch it. Matt and Amy congratulate each other. 

Next week, despite constantly bitching how useless Amy is, Matt is affronted that Amy is leaving him to tend a wedding along because (insert gasp of horror) Amy has to take Molly to college! OHNOES!


Justin Lurking said...

I would hate to rent a venue for MY special day and have the Roloffs hovering over me, watching me dress and asking stupid questions like, "Are you nervous....are you ready for the big day?", etc.

Back off people! The space has been rented. Why assume you're automatically invited to the event? Go home and leave the poor couple and their guests alone. I am sure the can find their own parking attendants, videographer and whatever the hell Amy and Matt are supposed to be helping with.

I suppose the guests had to feed your family, too? Grandstanding bastard Matt.... had to be in the spotlight and make a presentation of a branding iron to the couple.

Not to mention the network cameras following the Roloff family around all day long, detracting attention from the "lucky" couple. The wedding party had to probably feed the frickin' television crew, too. How selfish and sad.

Brandon said...

The "Jeremy is awesome" segment was pathetic.

Seriously, how hard is it to video record speeches at a Wedding?

Oh, but this is the show that has Matt and Amy as Executive Producers, therefore it's just propaganda for them to use to make Jeremy sound exceptional.

Peter L said...

This show is so awful. The only reason I try to watch it is because of this blog, because I want to know what people are talking about!

Does anyone really believe the "We're going bankrupt!!! We might lose the farm!!!!" crap?

And the "we'll never get it done in time....suddenly grass grows perfectly in 2 days and all works out at the very last second.

Throw in a quick Roloff commercial touting Jeremy as super human talented because he can press record and you have this episode in a nutshell.

What an awful show.

Vic Rattlehead said...

The only thing that I took away from that atrocity was that Matt & Amy are clueless incompetent hosts who shouldn't be running a business where they work closely with the general public.

Anonymous said...

The Roloffs have pissed me off so much, I don't care to watch this new farce. I still subscribe to the site for some reason, might need to fix that if the political BS doesn't stop. I guess that since it's been started, I'll continue.

Rap, you would never be mistaken for a Constitutional (or any other) scholar. Pray, tell me where the Constitution says secession is illegal? It doesn't address it at all. Even in Texas vs. White it wasn't ruled as "illegal". The only thing deciding the issue in the Civil War was violence and aggression, nothing legal about it.

As far as destroying a state's economy; that might be true for most states, but do some research and see the GDP of states such as California and Texas. Those two states could do very well without the others...but the rest might very well not be able to do w/out them.

I despise the religious lunatic fringe of the Republican party but not nearly as much as I do the progressive holier-than-thou (ironic, that!) progressive libtards. The sane middle percent of the country needs to round both of those parts of the population up, gut you and feed you to the hogs...then there would be free ham sandwiches for the rest of us!

Rap541 said...

Justin - considering that Erica was being comped, that's the price of doing business. Likewise the gift - was it a branding iron? Don't worry too much about the wedding party - the reason it's on tv is because they are getting it for free. Likewise, the PSA about safe driving was probably how they got this family on board.

Brandon - the "Jeremy is awesome" segment would have been cute if he was fifteen. At 22... I again note that he's doing a job Daddy Matt got him.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Please accept my apologies for failing to contribute a review or synopsis or anything. I'm at work, I fly home today (Wed.) and there was a new set of "Pawn Stars" on and I just couldn't take an entire hour of this mindless drivel, left alone stay up to write anything coherent. Thanks Rap for all the work you've done, and your perseverance in sitting through this whole thing. For example, I never saw the "Jeremy James Jesus is wonderful" segment, thus mt life will not be complete. Ever. Until the re-run appears! How blatanly obvious dows all this have to get before TLC realizes that continuing to pump money into Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber's (sorry, Matt and Amy, what WAS I thinking?) ideas is killing their ratings? Apparently, not enough of us are writing into the network. Like it's necessary?
I'm off for the next episode. I'll do my very best to offer another view of, well, this.

Carol said...

I agree with Brandon.

The PSA about Jeremy being wonderfully talented almost caused me to vomit!

Amy and Matt gushing on their show that they produce about how their son was the best Videographer ever....cmon please!

If you actually listened to that painful commentary by Amy complete with clips of Jeremy...pointing a video camera and recording...she concludes that Jeremy did an awesome job because throughout the entire wedding, at certain points, the bride and groom walked around and moved around. That means Jeremy needed to walk to their current location and press record and the equipment.

How does Jeremy do it????

Jack "N" Orry said...


With modern digital camera equipment pretty much any idiot who can read the directions in the operating manual can use a camcorder.

Jeremy is nothing more than a useless idiot but even a total pillock can do something right once in a while.

Rap541 said...

Anonm feel free to prove me wrong by seceding without violence. See, the problem, after all is said and done, is that to accomplish it *non violently* would involve a minimum of two years of debate, and a vote where a majority of the citizens would have to agree to renounce their citizenship and leave the union. Even Texas, the most likely to succeed on its own, is extremely unlikely to get that majority - in part because the people controlling the businesses
that make Texas economically viable understand how badly it would impact their bottom line. So they would never back it, and that majority vote would fail, and we're back to gunplay which is illegal.

Also enjoy the "libtard" word... After all I *started* the name calling, right?

Oh right - *you* brought that word derived from "Retard" to the table to describe people *you* disagree with... and yet I'm sure you won't appreciate what I am about to say. When grown ups have serious discussions, they don't namecall because that's how immature children settle their problems. When a grown up namecalls, they're just proving they can't engage with other adults in a polite, mature, adult fashion. By resorting to a rant about "the libtards", all you have done is convince me, and the other grown ups reading, that you're still unable to have a mature discussion and your opinions should be treated as one would treat the comments of a child shrieking nasty names.

A little hint - we usually give such a child a time out.

Rap541 said...

Oh and psst Anon, I voted for McCain last time around, and only didn't vote for Romney because he kept flip flopping from moderate to Tea Party and back... so fyi threatening to gut me for ham is also an indicator that there's a reason you're not using your name. :)

And one final FYI - at last check you are completely free to stand up proud and write a review of the show for Spirit. But like an immature child, you're doing nothing, taking the handout, and then complaining how you don't like it :)

Chris Linton said...

I'm with Randy's comment on another topic.

Thanks to Jacob's honesty on twitter, this is all so hilarious!!!!!

Matt praises Jacob for doing an amazing job monitoring the parking.

On twitter, does anyone have the exact quotes from Jacob?

It was something along the lines of "This is so boring." Then Jacob and the daughter of assistant Caryn said they were laughing so much when Wedding guests would arrive, the guests would stare at them. Jacob also said they were supposed to cross off names on the guest list but instead they would just let everyone in and park wherever they wanted.

Yep, sounds like Jacob was a dedicated worker worthy of Matt's praise on the tv show.


I have an idea for a tv show. It would be hilarious. Compare Jacob's tweets about life to the Roloffs public persona (online and via the tv show)....it would be ratings gold to analyze the difference.

Natalie said...

Has anyone kept track of how many times Jeremy "comes home to visit".

For a 22 year old guy that gets a lot of praise for being independent attending a college in another state he probably spends more time at home than a lot of kids who actually do live at home!

Mike P. said...

We need a rating system based on how many times Amy slams the door. I think this was a two-slam show, compared to a three-slam show last week. Disappointing.

Ever tiresome, ever juvenile, the Roloff couple march on.

Proud True North said...


As someone who is a new citizen of of the United States (who voted for Obama despite not sharing his views on certain issues) but grew up in Canada I can honestly say as a former dues paying member of the Conservative Party Of Canada who voted for Stephen Harper twice I could never in good conscience vote for a republican in america for a few simple reasons.

(A): Their regressive economic and social policies are straight out of the 1870's.

(B): a warmongering foreign policy isn't diplomacy it's diplomacy at gunpoint or as the mafia calls it: extortion.

(C): Catering to the extreme fringes of the party (Tea Party religious right etcetera) makes them look like the party is either filled with people who are barking mad (Michelle Bachmann) or incredibly stupid (Joe Walsh, Rand Paul).

If the republican party wants to be taken seriously they need to dump the religious right purge out the tea party and go back to being a moderate center right party composed of accomplished intellectuals and learned indviduals instead of the poor man's fascist party filled with rabble that they've become.

kitten Has claws said...

Best part of the show= the end! Happy to see Rocky, but *cough cough* where was the cat..you know the cute black and white one that was tossed in the air like it was of no value. WHERE IS THAT kitty cat at?

Anonymous said...


A lot of the people posting on this blog have negative things to say about the Roloff family and their successful business ventures. Sounds like jealousy to me.... absolutely nothing wrong with Matt being wealthy! He earned it and he also has the right to pass that wealth on to his children. Why would they not want to follow in his footsteps and enjoy the fruits of his labor! Anyone can make it in America with a little hard work and ambition!

Rap541 said...

Funny, I don't see anyone saying "Matt is wrong to be wealthy", Anon - where are people saying that?

I also love how well... people who criticized the Roloffs are always characterized as poor and jealous of Matt's success. Hey Roloffs? At last check, I haven't to fake a business on tv and sad face how my incompetence means I might lose my home. In fact, at last check, it's Amy and Matt Roloff on national television both gravely intoning how they made a bad decision and might lose their home and not be able to send their kids to college just last night. Now... I have a feeling they might, thru the grace of tv, not lose their home... but FYI - I have NO dangers in that regard... and if I thought for a minute that Matt and Amy were being honest about how they were hemorrhaging money and close to losing the farm due to their bad decisions, I would feel sorry for them.

So what is real? Are Matt and Amy telling the truth or are they putting on a story for sympathy?

BeckyM said...

Okay I did a quick search and here is an ad on CL for a "reality show":

We are casting for the ANTI Millionaire Matchmaker to star in a new reality TV series!

We are looking for matchmakers whose clientele is primarily lower to middle class. Instead of people who are buying their way into love, these matchmakers focus on finding love for those less fortunate. Do you know the go-to person for your blue-collar love needs? Clients could include teen moms, single parents, unemployed individuals and working class Joes and Janes.

We are respectfully asking that you share and forward this information to any individuals, families, businesses, clubs, groups or organizations that may be interested in being considered for the project and encouraging unique individuals to submit themselves for consideration. To be considered, please email us photographs of yourself or group (both group photos and individual photos of each member), a description of the roles or jobs of each person, your story and why you or your group would make for compelling television, what city and state you live in, and include contact information (name, number, email) via: RVScasting@yahoo.com.

It's all just baloney -- free stuff to people who can act for no-actor-wages so the production is cheap, cheap, cheap!

This Little People ep reads as boring crap. I'll be curious about the ratings.

Corey said...

I wonder what's happened to Mueller? Aren't he and jer-bear still a couple? And Jacob is really looking hot. I hope a future episode focuses on him.

Dave said...

Two questions....

Does Amy still have a personal trainer and....

has she sued him yet?

sassenach said...

The ratings pulled a little over 1M and were very near the bottom for their demographic

Ashley said...

The only interesting thing about the concept for this show is the questions I find my mind wandering to and asking....who will get married first?

Zach and Tori or Jeremy and Audrey?

From their twitters, Jeremy and Audrey seem to be spending a lot of time together for the last 2 weeks. Looks like he was in Portland with her, then they went out to Santa Barbara and now back in Oregon together constantly posting pictures with each other.

Timothy said...

Ashley, Audrey and Jeremy are made for each other.

Their idea of religious faith are identical and laughable.

The spend a lot of time posting about spreading God's Kingdom, thanking Jesus, declaring that their lives are totally about Jesus and not themselves and spreading love, etc, yet in their actions, they are selfish, privileged people who treat others horribly.

Audrey, like Jeremy, refers to people as "creepers" and "randoms", but 5 minutes before she's going on about how she loves everyone in the name of Jesus.

They just don't get how absurd they are.

kitten Has claws said...

Dave ...that was funny!

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone so negative on this site?