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Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm - Roloff Family Episode Review November 27, 2012

Podge/Rodge Groupie and Rap541 both graciously volunteered to review the episode:

Written by Podge/Rodge Groupie:

Well, as usual, we open with an argument between Amy and Matt. I agree with Amy, Matt has issues. I agree with Matt, Amy needs to buck up. Lovely. 

Molly's off to college. We meet Trevor. I trust Molly is going out maintaining her station in society with Trevor being a coed of Faith, a private school, we'll see. Amy does the mommy-daughter thing. Very nice. Later, when Molly is packing, Matt enter her bedroom to try the daddy-daughter thing. Not very nice. By far the most footage of Molly's bedroom. Ever. Whoopee.

Matt's getting the farm ready. Sven says he is a poopy manager. Matt doesn't get it. I really really wish Matt would stop his contrived shouting, that is just putrid. Matt spend a lot of time with his manager, doesn't he? I just love the shot of the farm when Matt and Amy are riding in the stagecoach and you can see the Porta-Potties against the back of the barn. His road for the carriage has to go past ALL his wonderful attractions. 

The bride and groom's story is nice, it should be a much bigger part of the show than Matt "it's all about me" Roloff. I used to be a mortician. We had the odd hiccup. We even made rare small mistakes. We handled it in a much more professional and much more secretive manner than these people. It's just sickening to see these 'planners'(?) parading their stupidity in front of God and the whole world. It's more than obvious Matt couldn't organize a three man race to a two seat outhouse. But, these people are PROUD of it? Yikes. My biggest problem is, I have trouble registering my complete disgust with Matt for barging his way into the wedding of the two people. Look readers, they supply the venue. Period. What in heaven's name is he doing asking them how they like the western town when they're getting wedding photos taken. Can you imagine myself, telling people that, "You know, we designed this visitation room just for your dad's funeral. We had this vision of you people burying your loved one here." What right do they think they have? Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. I suppose I should be used to Matt doing the "It's your wedding, but it's ALL about our farm and us and our self-serving show" thing. Like as in, Zach must forego his job and get back to the farm to run around because the cake got dropped or screwed up or goodness knows what. It's amazing how everything is an absolute disaster, and a catastrophe. 

Oh, one more thing. Matt did more of his "so gosh-darn awesome" bit with the Navy and defense of his country thing. He so happy he got a front row seat to someone else's wedding? One more time - he is supplying the venue. Period.


 Written by Rap541

So basically I am trying not to complain how late this is but really, for a family show? FYI LPBW is on at the same time as the new episode of HardCore Pawn. AND I had to stay up last night to catch Revolution… which at least had sword fights.

Anyway, yes, on a rewatch, an important note needs to be made. The reception, including food etc, was done at the farm which means people were crapping in porta potties at the reception. Yeah, I understand economizing, but I expect flush toilets when I marry. Also Matt’s “she has to answer me” is a tad sexist. Oh, and the wedding gift the Roloffs gave was a branding iron.

So Molly is off to college and Matt is pissed that it’s conflicting with his plans! Sven opines how Matt pisses him off and Caryn dumps a wedding cake into the dirt! Excitement! 

Oh look Matt complaining how the business took a beating. The landscaping is *ruined* and the business is a bust! Amy and Matt chat about the gravel and Amy notes how it was 3500 dollars for the gravel. Matt wants to restrict tents and possibly porta potties. Matt notes how awful it was that Amy didn’t respond to him on the phone. They bitch at each other over it. It’s unpleasant and essentially the same argument that we had last week. Amy notes how they are struggling with the business.

Molly, and Zach, and Tori and Trevor are off to the beach. Trevor is Molly’s “friend”. There is beach frolicking. 

Matt continues harping on the tent placement. There’s lots of placement discussion and bride discussion. Amy notes how there is no business but FINALLY a bride turns up. They seem like a nice couple, the soon to be newlyweds. A sweet Marine couple. Amy notes to the bride how awesome the barn is. The bride likes the country theme and the barn theme. Christine and Levi need a specific date. Levi is a mechanic in Japan for the Corps. That’s an *awesome* Marine job. And the wedding is in two weeks! TWO WEEKS! 

Molly is doing a double major. At the beach they hang out at the rocks that I think were in the Goonies. Molly notes how it does not yet seem real. 

The bride has colors, and a theme. The wedding planner is *gushing* how awesome it is. Matt wants to use the stage coach that he spent money on and never actually used. Christine likes horses and Levi is “country” so the stage coach idea is a go. They’re inviting 200 people. There’s two weeks to prepare and Matt is being left on his own like a big boy because selfish Amy is taking Molly to college! 

Matt notes that the roads are like pie crust! Western town must be repaired! Matt needs to figure out if his stage coach is actually functional! And a loading dock needs to be built! Matt is a MAN! He’s building! 

Meanwhile Amy is taking Molly on a mother daughter day. Molly is a good sport about the golfing. It’s a classic silly competition but kind of fun. Amy notes how all the DBU is still swinging single. Molly has no interest in even having a boyfriend. 

Meanwhile Matt yells while hay bales and cannons are placed about the Western town. Matt notes how Marines impress him because his dad was a Marine. Sven and Matt argue. Sven is frustrated that Matt is throwing a ton of work at him at Western town. Caryn actually defends Sven. Sven calls Matt a bad manager. I note that this is a really short segment and now we’re back to commercials.

After commercial, no fight, and Matt notes how Sven calmed down and did as he was told. Matt builds the loading dock, he fake shouts about building the loading dock! 

Then we get to the stage coach which btw is a replica and has to be tested. Matt is of course lifted into the coach, followed by Amy. It’s a TINY coach. Matt notes how it’s amazing and how they’re firing on all cylinders! Everyone is doing stuff but matt must bull doze a route to Western Town! FOR SAFETY! A road must be built! Because Matt is all about the safety!! Zach and Sven are attacked by bees. 

Its sweet that the bride has her little brothers give her away. 

Molly’s room is a pigsty. She doesn’t want to be messy at college. Matt comes in to have a sweet moment. He agrees with me that Molly photographs well. There’s a lengthy monologue on life and raising kids. Matt chokes up. 

Oh look a commercial. 

It’s the day of the wedding! Molly notes that the cats know she is the only one who protects them. Matt notes how Amy and Molly taking off is a pain. Molly is made to pack her own vehicle while Matt watches. Oh Jake wanders in to lift her bike and his hair is long and in his hay bales its very short. Amy is all “I’m an empty nester!” She notes Jake will miss Molly the most, which I think is likely. There’s sweet moments as Molly drives off to her future.

Back to losing the farm. There’s tents, Tori fills in for Amy, and Zach is working. Matt is openly horrified by the vulgar truck that has… a pig’s butt on it and makes sure we don’t see it. Who knew Matt, who called people cheap douchebags is sooo hypersensitive about pig nudity! Meanwhile Caryn screws up the bride and groom cake and it’s *ruined*! 

Cue commercial! 

Matt notes how dumb Caryn was to ruin the cake. It’s AWFUL! Meanwhile the bride and groom are very sweet and btw I totally don’t think they paid for this. Matt thinks Levi is breathtaking in his uniform. I must agree. I like the bridesmaids outfits. It was inexpensive but cute. 

Caryn sends Zach for the cake, and there’s a wedding! Meanwhile Matt checks on the horses. There doesn’t seem to be an actual problem but Matt is pretty freaked out. Matt notes how its almost a complete disaster but not, and it all ends perfectly. Meanwhile Zach and Tori could still screw it up and don’t. 

Matt is amazed at the idea of someone being married in his western town. Meanwhile there’s something wrong with the cake? Or not? 

The cake is too big. Matt notes how awful it is. The new smaller cake is pretty tiny but no one seems to care since they engage in the cake smearing tradition I don’t like. Everything goes well. Christine notes how the wedding was given to her and there’s various shots of the wedding.

Matt rolls around on the stage coach for the cameras. 

Meanwhile on car cam, Molly is dumped off at college. There’s a lot of sweet jabber from Matt and Amy on how awesome Molly is. 

Next week, Amy starts pitching people out! 

To be honest this was slow. Without Amy and Matt fighting, it’s just Matt yelling at us about how it’s almost a disaster except completely not.


Cindy said...

I can't believe the negativity here. I love this family! Sure everyone has their frustrations in life, but overall they are such a sweet family. I cried like a baby when Molly left home... I hate that they are all growing up and leaving home. WONDERFUL SHOW!

Kyle said...

200 people is a big wedding, and they all had to use port-a-pottys? yikes. Nothing like wearing expensive formalwear using the same bathrooms as those at Lollapalooza or tailgating at NASCAR races.

Cindy you're either new to watching LPBW or you're oblivious.

Jack "N" Orry said...

Can they just end this meaningless tittle tattle, it's so transparent that its no longer funny it's just sad.

Just sayin, y'all said...

Cindy, I suggest, based on your level of emotional involvement, you might want to turn the tv off a little bit. If you're crying like a baby over some stranger's child going to college, and hate that the children of a couple you've never met are growing up and leaving home, you're way too emotionally invested in this, and the Roloffs do not like it when fans insert themselves into their lives, claiming their private moments as their own.

TWhite said...

I hate to say it, but this blog is one of the most divisive, negative trips Ive ever taken down the old information superhighway. You say that if only people knew the truth about this family then they would agree with you and be disgusted as well. And if we hear these facts and still dont agree then there is something morally reprehensible within our character. Now I realize this may not be true of everyone and also that as human beings we are all entitled to our own opinions. So. that being said
I disagree with why you hate the Roloffs (and Ive spent time wishing I could agree based sheerly on the fact that RAP's recaps, lets face it, are pretty freakin' hilarious).
But all in all, I really just believe that the Roloffs are human beings with both strengths and faults just like everyone else, and I feel that as a rule in life all of this negativity is really just destructive. I am truly not perfect, and when I am criticized, I for one would like for it to be constructive. Cheers.

Jocelynn said...

Thanks Podge and Rap for the reviews.

My thoughts on this one? All the standard stuff. The obligatory sad "the kids are growing up speech" from Matt and Amy, the fake drama, it will be horrific, the beat the clock fake drama, will it arrive before the bridge and groom get to the barn?

I find this boring. None of it is real life.

There was no Jeremy in this episode and Jacob put in his usual 20 seconds of screen time.

Like Rap, I also noticed the bride's comment about being grateful for being "given" the Wedding of her dreams. She used the word "given" twice.

It's not a real business. It's an angle for the Roloffs to get back on TV, but of course Matt lies about it.

Jocelynn said...

Twhite, most of the criticisms of the Roloffs are based on their character. Their actions.

I rarely or never read any insults about the Roloffs of the "they are ugly stupid midgets with bad teeth"... like I've seen on some other sites over the years.

The criticism of the Roloffs are based on their character and people calling them on their lies and their hypocrisies. People also stand up when they see things that are wrong, like mistreatment of animals.

The Roloffs want to portray themselves a certain way that they think will maximize their profits and gain them the most money.

I don't see anything wrong with people calling them on the lies and deception.

If you personally are fine with the cat tossing or the disturbing dead animal pictures that Jeremy and his friends are fond with or if you support the Roloffs non diverse view after touting themselves as diversity speakers, then that's your opinion.

But others are allowed to voice their opinion as well.

At least it is being presented on Spirits blog. It would never be discussed on the show produced by the Roloffs themselves and their unprofessional friends like Chris Cardamone or on any of the Roloffs run sites or pages.

I understand that some people and the Roloffs themselves don't want their to be any place on the internet where people can read about what actually goes on and what the Roloffs really stand for, but the world is not 100% about the Roloffs getting what they want and being allowed to suppress truth that might hinder their ability to deceive some fans and make them less marketable.

The criticism on Spirits blog is not based on mean spirited personal insult centering on appearance or uncontrollable mannerisms. The criticism on Spiritswander is also based on truth. It's shown over the years that nothing discussed on Spiritswander is a lie. Not all may not agree with what it means, it's not lies.

I thank Spirits and all that contribute that is the one spot on the internet that "keeps it real" when it comes to the Roloffs. You're not going to find that on TLC, or on the Roloffs run fan pages, or in a fluff interview with E entertainment or Access Hollywood.

Randy said...

A few thoughts on last nights episode...

--Up until these "Wedding Specials" started to air, I still enjoyed watching the show, even though it definitely was not as good as early seasons.

However, I find these new "Wedding Farm" episodes to be very boring. It's the same thing every week, and seeing the previews for next weeks episode, it doesn't seem to change. 90% wedding stuff and 10% Roloff updates. Throw in a a couple cheap, suspenseful moments and there is your show.

Is this what the show is now going to be every week? If so I don't know how much longer it will hold my interest.

--Is it just me, or did Matt seem like he had a few drinks in him at the end of the episode when riding the stage coach around?

--I like how Zach is driving around in a Mercedes. Whatever happened to that SUV he supposedly bought with his own money?

--And on a slightly different note, it seems that Zach Roloff may have "moved out of the house". I put that in quotations because Jacob tweeted: "Zach sleeps at his apartment maybe once a week..."

If this is true, you know for a fact Matt and Amy are footing the bill for all his living expenses. He probably makes around $10 an hour at his soccer job. No way is that enough to live on your own. And I can't imagine the condition his apartment is in. Empty cereal bowls, fast food bags, and mountain dew cans just strewn all over the place.

Susan Coles said...

Randy, I agree on all fronts.

You nailed the formula. The previews are the same every week. The line "we might lose everything" is used every week.

They might lose the farm, the wedding of the week might be a disaster, but at the end, the Roloffs come through, everyone talks about how awesome the Roloffs are and the wedding is a success. Like you said, throw in 10% of the family and scatter it throughout the show.

As for Zach, the one thing I would add Randy, he does get paid for being apart of LPBW. It's not just his soccer job. Having said that, this is Matt and Amy and the Roloff kids we're talking about. The kids aren't responsible and Matt and Amy pay for it all just like they were still paying for Jeremy's phone and camera and new equipment.

Christine said...

@Randy, from Jacob's tweet it sounds like Zach "moving out" is more for appearances (or cough cough a plot for an episode...they've done Molly moving out, what will the 10% family part of episode 4, 5 and 6 be about? Zach moving out?). He has an apartment that he doesn't use, but they will be able to use it for some episodes and portray him as being responsible and grown up.

Rap541 said...

Twhite, it might shock you to know that in some respects, I hear where you are coming from. So I am going to give you another side of the story. And ask you to consider this

Did it ever occur to you that this all started with the Roloffs reacting unpleasantly to contrustive criticism? Way back in the day, when Matt was posting on the TLC forums, people would make mildly critical remarks about the family. Usually along the lines of "Why don't they pick up their house" or "why are the kids allowed to be so mouthy". Not the later "why is Jeremy calling people the n-word" stuff... but mild criticism just the same. Matt made cutting passive aggressive remarks, and pretty much openly applauded a group of his fans tearing into anyone who criticized his family. When TLC asked him to stop posting, he created his own board, invited these folks there and spent time egging them on to "Kick hater ass" - thats a quote from Matt himself. All the while he's grinning in interviews about how he LOVES criticism. Then when some of the harsher things started coming out - like the language issue with Jeremy, these same "boardies" as they call themselves started calling anyone who criticized the Roloffs liars and anti-Christian. Then we started seeing the "If you don't it, don't watch and SHUT UP" and the "JUDGERS ARE HATERS! ANYONE WHO SPEAKS A WORD OF CRITICISM AGAINST THE ROLOFSS IS A HATER WHO HATES!". We actually had one person come here, to this board, calling people christ-haters. Also, pretty much any serious criticism was dismissed as jealous people who *lie* and *hate*. In fact, I can tell you one of the reasons someone close to the Roloff family spoke to the national enquirer about Jeremy's language was because that person was genuinely offended that fans supported by Matt Roloff were encouraged to verbally kick their hater asses over their supposed lies when this person had actually heard Jeremy speak in a less than Christian fashion.

Likewise the boys drinking underage - people who made the reasonable criticism were shouted down and torn into as lying haters... not ONE apology surfacing from anyone when the boys boozing it up was proven with photographic evidence... Funny, then "Jesus drank wine! How DARE anyone not bless the boys for experimenting!"

So unfortunately you're coming into with "Gosh, why is everyone so harsh about the Roloffs" and perhaps you don't know that when people were less vitriolic, they were deemed lying christ haters for any criticism of the Roloffs. I mean right now, we're getting the "Don't like it, SHUT UP" and "People who criticize the roloffs are Jealous of the money"arguements still... so twhite....

Are you seeing any of the lying haters telling you to SHUT UP? That if you don't like this board its because you're monetarily poor?

Personally? Even I think sometimes people go a little over their top here in their anger. Then I remind myself that not once has anyone from the Roloff camp ever said "Gosh, you know it was wrong of Matt to encourage his boardies" or "Matt was out of line using his faceboard to mock 'negative nellies'". I don't think you're morally reprehensible for not agreeing with me, nor am I telling you to be silent... but I am utterly tired of hearing the "if you don't like it, SHUT UP, and anyone who criticizes the Roloffs is a lying hater anyway" arguement... Particularly when the Roloffs do not sit silent at the things they don't like, and particularly since the fans who defend them do not sit silent at the things they don't like.

I'm glad you like the reviews.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Rap, and all, I remember when these honestly and well-meant (for the most part) criticims where sent to Matt's FB fan page. That prompted the famous "My Facebook page is NOT A DEMOCRACY! If I don't like something, I will delete it." entry. Amy, although some of her answers were more evasive and wandering, did a much better job at facing any critical questions on her FB page.
By the way Rap, I believe the Jacob hay-bale was done on the previous episode, it is almost word-for-word his observations ending with "I'll probably be miserable". Ah, the Most Realistic Roloff strikes again. The longer hair looks better.
I would like to offer a couple predictions at this time re: next week's episode.
1. Amy throws people out of the barn. Hmmmm too many people. For what? The zoning laws and capacity? Did the wedding venue wizards NOT apply to Washington County for inspections or zoning permits. I can't for the life of me imagine why?
2. Caryn, "How did these people who were NOT on the list, get in?" Oh Oh, Tongo!! Danger Island! Methinks the Lead Parking Attendant (a one J.G. Roloff) and the Assistant Parking Attendant (some farm manager's daughter) might be in up to their lower lips in a certain substance and whispering, "Don't make waves!"
Where's The Sahdow when we need him?

Mike P. said...

What it boils down to, for me, is this: I hate frauds, and especially I hate frauds who live off their fraudulence, who demean and cheapen the experience and accomplishments of persons who aren't frauds.

This to me is Matt and Amy Roloff in a nutshell. It's the basis of my disgust for this couple, and the basis of whatever criticism I write about them. There's nothing redeeming in their behavior, and I'm not required to pretend otherwise. That would make me a fraud.

Rap541 said...

To keep things on topic...

Randy - there's been a few times where I have wondered about Matt's slurring speech in these episodes. I haven't commented on it in the review because it's beating a dead horse at times but... Yeah.

I assumed Zach was just borrowing the Mercedes for the choir. I also agree there's likely some significant parental support for his apartment.

Jocelynn - The various crisis's were so minor and pointless... And I agree, of course, on the fake nature of the business. Still no sign of any advertising from the Roloffs. Also, the wedding that had pictures up had a military member as I recalle, as did the last two, which makes me think the weddings were solicited.

The only real bright spot is that the families involved seem very nice.

Kyle - Yes, honestly, porta potties are my deal breaker. If I have to wear a fancy ridiculous dress then I damn well expect flush toilets at the wedding venue.

kitten Has claws said...

Here's my piddley 2cents- The best part was= The End! I can't stand the animal abuse, it sickens me.

kyle said...

Kitten, what animal abuse are you talking about? something specific to this episode or in general? the stagecoach?

Cleo said...

I look at this website sometimes, and today am interested in the civil exchange of views between posters Rap and TWhite.
I agree with White in that negativity is unhealthy for those dwelling in it, and from Rap, remarks probably gleaned from combing the net looking for Roloff mentions, all of which may be true for all I know.
However, the bottom line is that such combing and resulting negativity cannot be a productive
"hobby" for anyone, and the Roloffs will roll merrily onward whether Matt expresses dismay over "unfans" or not. It's not likely much of a bother to him; whereas it is a real waste of YOUR time to follow his every word and move.JMO.

Brandon said...

Cleo, considering the Roloffs attempted to use the courts (and it probably hurt him because it likely pissed the judge off to see the Roloffs abusing the court) to learn the identities of everyone that has ever posted a comment here, and the Roloff spent time and money going through with their lawyer combing through specific comments on this blog.....I'd say the Roloffs are VERY bothered by what is said about them.

Rap541 said...

Cleo in all seriousness, why do you care how other people spend their time? What motivates you to come hear and explain how you feel this blog is negative (I notice btw that you carefully avoid including the Roloffs in your criticism, and I'll be touching on that) and make your points on how you feel other people are wasting their time?

What's it to you?

And why is Matt off the hook as far as you're concerned "its not much of a bother to him"? Really?

The Roloffs clearly and actively, even now, scour the internet for references to themselves. They actively compelled people who got married on their farm to take down photos. Matt tried to subpoena this website. Matt still runs his own little personal forum and has gone on record with his plans to write a tell all book about how the "negative" bloggers have got it all wrong, and expressly stated he has his employees scouring the net for him. The subpeona issue makes it very clear that Matt and his staff read here and I have it on good authority that Matt has accused close family friends of running this blog. It very clearly bothers Matt a great deal and matt expends a great deal of energy concerning the blog.

Yet... funny... You're chiding this blog and letting Matt off the hook for a) his origanal bad behavior and b)his unproductive hobby of negativity, chasing this blog down. Seems like it would be a real waste of time for Matt as well... but bless us, Matt's never at fault, right?

I know what the answer to the first question is - its the same old same old shaming attempt to silence people. You know know how the game is played Cleo... I'm utterly positive you've played it before - You're wasting your time chiding others for their iposting because you don't like what's being posted and want to turn it into "only bad people criticize, only bad people do x, y and z".

Matt Roloff does *everything* you're accusing this blog of. What are your opinions on that?

Cleo said...

Thanks, Brandon, and all that may be true. The courts are set up to deal with such matters, it is their purpose.
However, you missed my point.
It's not about whats pleasing for the Roloffs, or what bothers them,
or about them at all--it about what is good for YOU, or any person who obsessively follows them.

Brandon said...

Cleo, that is the point. You wrote

"However, the bottom line is that such combing and resulting negativity cannot be a productive
"hobby" for anyone, and the Roloffs will roll merrily onward whether Matt expresses dismay over "unfans" or not. It's not likely much of a bother to him;"

That's factually incorrect. The subpoena issued proves that the Roloffs do follow this blog very closely and are very bothered by it. So bothered by it that they were willing to pay lawyer fees to pursue it.

You're chiding us for something the Roloffs do themselves and then proclaiming something that isn't true (that Matt isn't bothered by this blog).

Cleo said...

Thanks for the input, Rap.

I think I see your position now and it's that if Matt Roloff combs the net looking for references to himself, you must do it also, because he does it. A hobby of reacting to whatever Matt Roloff does/says, in a game of endless tit for tat. If he does that, he's silly, and if you do, so are you.

I didn't 'carefully" exclude any criticism of the Roloffs in my post, because, as a matter of fact, I'm not a fan of Matt and Company at all. He has a bunch of serious and obvious character flaws that make him look
foolish, unaware, and immature. His behavior is about the last persons I'd want to have a hobby of emulating. I am not sure what excuse HE uses.

I don't know on whose advise this blog was subpoened, but since the court case is over, according to reports here, I do doubt he's any more bothered by it today than the rest of us are about yesterday's junk mail. He may, at the very least, have the ability to move on.

Rap541 said...

Brandon, don't you love it? If *Matt* wallows in negativity and spends actual money and the time of his staff tracking down posts and making it damn well known how he intends to show all the bashers/haters how very very wrong they are... funny... that's Matt dealing with "Not much of a bother" and of course, there's nothing wrong with it.

Sorry Cleo, you're doing the classic "If a Roloff does it, it's ok, but if someone who isn't a Roloff does it, its so very very wrong" arguement.

Yet, we're not supposed to think that the Roloffs think they're above us....

Speaking of that... funny, we havent had any "I work for Matt's wedding business and he's INCREDIBLY SUCCESSFUL, MAKING MONEY HAND OVER FIST and YOU ARE SO JEALOUS OF HIS MONETARY SUCCESS!!" moments.

I wonder, did TLC tell his staff to cool it on the "MATT IS SO SUCCESSFUL" stuff because it kinda suggests Matt "The Honest Christian" Roloff is bold face lying every time he trots out the "WE COULD LOOSE THE FARM" stuff?

Kyle said...

Yes Cleo I'm sure that after spending hours and thousands of dollars to get a website subpoenaed for every users information and then the courts rejecting such a ridiculous waste of time, that he just brushed off the entire ordeal as if it didn't make him fuming in the first place to try and take legal action...

Cleo said...

Sorry, Rap but throwing a lot of words will not disguise your reading comprehension difficulty, real or deliberate.

Since when is my statment that IF either or both of you are combing the net looking for tidbits in endless tit for tat, then you are both silly using the "if the Roloffs do it, it's okay, but if someone else does, it's bad" argument? What a ridiculous conclusion and failure to read black and white.

I can see you take some kind of leadership role here in a torrent of words,but in this case, you went way over the line of senseability and into prevarication. I'm sorry you do that, if you have valid points, you should be able to make them without twisting the words of others into what you would rather they said. Another hobby perhaps, as strange as the first.

Cleo said...

Sorry Rap, but no person with reading comprehension would confuse my statement of If you and MR comb the net for tidbits and offer them up in an endless tit for tat--then you are both silly to actually mean this is an "if the Roloffs do it, it's good, but if others do it, it's bad" arguement. Is it necessary for you to cross the line from sensability to prevarication so openly? I am sorry you do that, if you have valid points to make, then you should be able to make them without twisting the words of others into what you would rather they said. It doesn't read well, or ring true.

I certainly can see why in order for your hobby to have importance, then Roloff simply has to be "bothered" consistently; otherwise it's a empty room, with no applause.

Sorry, Brandon, I don't have access to R's legal bills and can't discuss whether they were high or not so much.

BeckyM said...

Don't like the Roloffs - arrogant assholes hypocritical Christians. Don't waste much time on their bullshit but I love mocking these reality whores!! ROFLMAO

Rap541 said...

In fact Kyle, I'm pretty convinced, based on actions of Matt Roloff, that he's still unhappy with how the lawsuit went down.

Cleo - you still haven't answered the salient question 0 what motivates you - someone professing to not like this site and also to not like the Roloffs, to pass judgement on what the site does while handwaving at the reality that the Roloffs are guilty of the same?

I mean, you seek out situations you don't like to explain why you don't like them? That's your hobby? You have no dog in the race so to speak but you MUST for the sake of your own self righteousness stand up and proclaim others to be wrong?

Please explain what motivated you to come here. After all you're insisting we all explain ourselves. I'm fine with tit for tat - Matt started it so if Big Man Roloff can't take the heat, perhaps he should have stayed out of the water instead of delighting in kicking hater ass... and Cleo, you do remember one of those haters was a teenage girl as young as Molly regaled with masturbation comments by Matt's superfans. Even now, I doubt Matt would be pleased to see someone ask his adult daughter if she masturbates to her favorite tv shows... and I bet he'd be less pleased when Molly was 15... but when it's not his kid, its "kicking hater ass".

Cleo said...

Rap, you don't ask complicated questions; my interest is human behavior, seeing people do things that are unhealthy for them, and wondering how satisfying tit for tat can possibly be until one of them shows maturity. Do you mind? I expect you do, your desire is obvious for posters to ridicule Roloff and applaud you for the same immature actions he displays failed to compel me to agree with either. Sorry, neither of you got any handwave.

I have no dog; because there is no race, except in the minds of tit and then tat.
If you don't mind the heat of the kitchen,
you should be able to withstand there are people who see situations they wonder about and say so, but you're not doing any better with it than Roloff apparently did.

Rap541 said...

Cleo - honestly, I'd be more offended by your comments if your hobby wasn't wandering into websites that concern topics you aren't interesting in, so you can let everyone know how silly you think they are.

You claim you don't like the Roloffs (ie you're attempting to suggest you're unbiased). You also don't like this board. You want it known that you find certain people to be wasting their time in what you consider a pointless task/hobby.

And my question to you - as yet unanswered - if you don't like the Roloffs, and you don't like this board, or the postings here, why are you wasting your time tracking down and addressing posters on behavior you find a pointless hobby?

Isn't that a pointless hobby? Going to websites you don't like, that discuss a family you don't like, just so you can let everyone know you find their behavior pointless? Please explain what pleasure and enjoyment you get from this.

Btw psst Cleo - you do realize you're not fooling anyone? :)

By that I mean hmmm yet another single named person purporting to have no interest in the show, unhappy with how strangers spend their time yet twisting to make sure that the Roloffs aren't in any way held accountable for their actions.

It's almost funny how you think we don't notice the same ideas and phrases popping up every few months from people purporting to be random strangers. When I add that similarity to Matt's open admission that he has his staff monitoring the net.... lets just say it's amusing :)

Rap541 said...

On an aside, I have a theory on the nature of the Roloff "wedding business".

I don't think there's any way they could get that farm property zoned for commercial use. I think all the weddings are comped by TLC. All the weddings are filmed for the show - there's absolutely no reports of non filmed weddings and Matt and Amy have made no admission to non filmed weddings happening, and there's no current advertising for next summer's wedding season. I think they're playing fast and loose - they are able to film farm events so technically they can have the weddings *if the cameras are there* because that's filming a show. If the weddings are comped, then legally it's just the Roloffs throwing a large filmed party...

If the cameras aren't there, and if the Roloffs are accepting money for providing the venue... it becomes a commercial business. My guess is that there will never be a wedding at the Roloffs that isn't comped by TLC.

Rap541 said...

Oh, and Cleo, I have no problem being called a bad person. My behavior is what it is and if Matt and I are "tit for tat" then I assume you think he and I are equals :)

Except you know, I've never actually applauded someone for harassing a kid with nasty masturbation comments. But hey, Matt had some "hater" ass kicked when that happened so I am sure Jesus loves him for you know, applauding a fan of the show making sexual comments to a child. Hey, maybe Matt headed off to his Greek deli where he and Pondo had a laugh over the cheap douchbags and all?

kitten Has claws said...

Kyle..i am not into the kitty cat tossing, yeah i know that was not this episode...but it still makes no sense, and is soo wrong. Matt tipsy--atleast he doesnt have far to tip over ;-)

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Hmmmmm....things are starting to sound familiar. Rap, I did some checking on wedding venue websites, and out of the 178 venues offered in the Portland - Hillsboro area (quite a few with only 1 review) there was no listing for Roloff Farms. Now, before people start jumping to conclusions on the way I spend MY time, I wrote 'some' checking. That certainly doesn't mean that the Roloffs did not advertise in any media outlets, however I am wondering why they don't 'plug' their farm? Such as "We're open for business!! Check us out on ..... or check out ......... for more info." A few of the more active (review-wise) wedding planners have affiliated with some larger venues. That's great, because if you work well with some venues, 'let's keep that relationship and provide better service' is not a new idea at all! Has anyone seen any braying on Matt or Amy's FB fanpages? I deleted my account three months ago, I found it a waste of my time. It's much more fun reading 'Cleo's' tit-for-tat with Rap.
Has anybody else bothered to look for any evidence of wide-spread advertising by the Roloffs?

Cleo said...

Poor Rap, if you had any reading comprenhension skills and a lot less paranoia, you would not need to repeat the same questions over and over. I'm afraid you simply aren't important enought to "fool" so "Single" named strangers made me laugh. I don't know Roloff and I don't know you but my comment is that you both engage in nonsense. That offends you greatly, even though you must realize it's true, and leads you to ridiculous assumptions and fears. I get the inkling that this is solely your domain, and altho what you do in it is petty, you expect be either applauded for it or ignored. I'll take ignored, thanks. Talking about single names, you should be RapMisquotes, as you have misquoted me now several times right up to 'bad person', which was never said by me. That remark sort of represents the essence of what you do, so please don't be too bent when a casual persuer comes along and is intelligent enought to deem it as lacking any value whatsoever.

sassenach said...

I have to agree with you. The whole BUSINESS thing is a huge lie/con.
There is no way they can charge people to get married and be part of a so-called TV reality show.
I am sure the whole thing is paid for by TLC and I would imagine the couple should be PAID for their appearance on TV.
The whole thing was a farce anyway. Dropped cake, wrong cakes -first too big, next too small - Matt whooping and hollerin' on the stage coach and of course the drama "We nearly rolled it over".
I only watched to see if it can possibly get any more stupid and faked.
Maybe that is why others watch and that is how it gets any rating at all?

Rap541 said...

Podge- all I know is that per facebook, Matt and Amy were in Salinas all weekend, Molly and Jeremy are at college and Zach has moved out (in theory). Now I know Jake is close to sixteen but really.

Lynn C said...

Rap, what is wrong with that?

I know plenty of 15 year olds that are left alone for a week and only have an adult drop in a few times a week to make sure everything is alright.

16 is old enough to be on your own. Although from jacob's own tweets, it sounds like Zach's "moving out" is only for appearances and spends most of his time at the farm anyway.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I agree Lynn. At least now Jacob can invite a few sophomore friends over to the farms for a few drinks and merriment, right? After all, his older brother did it and you never commented at all on that little episode.

Rap541 said...

Lynn - really? You don't recall Matt blithering on how Amy was a mother first, and burning the candle at both ends when she dared leave her 20 year old sons home alone with just their dad and their 17 year old sister and 13 year old brother?

Or earlier episodes where the 17-18 year old twins weren't considered responsible enough to be alone in the home to where Mike had to babysit? (and where Jer promptly proved the point with his bee catching?)

I seem to recall people being very very defensive on how completely appropriate it was that the twins weren't left home alone and how Amy should ALWAYS remember how she's a mother first.... funny how now leaving your fifteen year old home alone is great parenting.

I just wonder why Jeremy and Zach needed adult supervision at a much older age and why I was told, when I raised this very topic, that it was VERY inappropriate for two 17 year olds to be left alone in a home....

Why is that, Lynn?

Bonnie said...

Podge, by the sounds of Jacob's twitter the whole house will smell of weed.

Jacob's twitter feed contains more weed than a lazy farmer's field!

Kyle said...

Rap I think you're blowing things out of proportion. Parents always crack the whip harder with their first oldest kids and give more freedoms to younger kids down the line. Regardless of Roloff history, a 15 year old can certainly be left home alone. I dont know why you're making a big deal out of it. Different kid, different situation.

Lynn C said...

Well said Kyle.

Rap541 said...

Well said, Lynn? So you think the hell child Jake, you know, the one who needs to look to Jeremy for Jeremy's example, is responsible enough to left home alone at an age where the sainted Jeremiah wasn't allowed?


Because I remember the protestations so clearly, how Jeremy and Zach weren't to be judged as irresponsible as any sane parent knew 17 year olds couldn't be left unchaperoned.

Kyle - in all seriousness, if we're going to play the different kid, different situation card, then it's fair to say there's one of two things going on. A) The Roloffs clearly think Jake is more responsible as they never left the twins alone in the home on a trip or B) They're done parenting and don't give a crap.

Since Lynn, and many others, have been on the "Jake is a awful awful boy who lacks any and all respect or responsibility" - I find it incredibly amusing that while this same certain set was up in arms defending the babysitting needs of Jeremy and Zach, and while this same group has at times advocated the idea that Jake is a brain damaged burden to the family, but suddenly leaving a fifteen year old home alone is no biggie... even when it's the bad seed.

Sorry - don't see why I got shouted down as being mean because I thought 17 was old enough to not need a sitter... unless someone wants to suggest a reason why a 17 year old isn't responsible enough but a 15 year old is. Just not buying it.

Lynn? Your thoughts on why Jeremy couldn't be left alone at 17 but Jake is left alone at 15? What do you suppose the big difference is?

I'm suggesting A)Maturity differences or B)Parents just don't care anymore - and in the past you've always had a problem with the idea that the brain damaged slutty skank showed any positive traits in comparision to Jer-Bear... CHanging your tune?

Kyle said...

Rap, your favorite argument methods are to ask at least 15 questions per post and to bring up every bit of history that has ever occurred whether it's still relevant or not (so I choose your options of a AND b). I'd hate to be married to you knowing if we ever got into a slight disagreement you'd pull out a notepad and list my history and past actions and then bury me with nonstop questions and counterpoints to anything I ever say.

Rap541 said...

Sorry that I dare remember people's prior comments, Kyle. Mine certainly get thrown in my face and I'm not allowed to not respond - in fact one of cutesy bitch points of the pro-roloff crowd is that their opinions are opinions and they need not provide any facts but let Rap say something and Rap needs to provide three sources and proof.

I find it hilarious that Jeremy and Zach needed a sitter and that needing a sitter was defended with how 17 year olds aren't responsible...but if Jake is left home alone at fifteen... nothing but crickets on it.

kyle - has it occured to you that I do bring up every bit of history because if I don't, people profess to not remember and then note how I need to *prove* everything before they hostily stomp off and never concede the point they insisted I prove?

I mean, I know that involves being aware of posting history and reading prior comments...

Anonymous said...

No responsible parent is going to leave a 15 year old child at home alone, for various reasons.

Rap541 said...

Oh anon, are you attempting to suggest I'm being unreasonable? By suggesting that I'm saying that 15 year olds should never be left alone EVER when in fact we're talking about something different?

Are you really that pedantic?

So lets clarify what we're talking about. We're not talking about leaving a fifteen year old alone in the house for an hour or two while you go shopping.

We're talking about leaving a 15 year old home alone in a house for two to four days. A fifteen year old who has been continually cited by certain posters here as the least responsible of the Roloff children. Lynn for example, who expresses no issue with Matt and Amy leaving Jake alone has never been slow to express how Jake is the worst of the children and the likeliest to cause trouble - part of why I find it hilarious that the Roloffs NOT leaving Jeremy home alone at a much older age is being dismissed.

Heck, if you want to applaud Matt and Amy as parents, great. I just find it *hilarious* that leaving the kid who talks about smoking pot with his buddies alone in the house for *days* is good parenting.

But then, I guess I forgot, Matt and Amy are done parenting, and if they want to jet about the US, they can do so and leaving their 15 year old son to fend for himself for *days* is just Matt and Amy "doing the best they can".

Oh and a quick perusal of Matt and Amy's facebook indicates their trip started on the 1st and ended on the 4th, possibly the 5th. So we're talking about leaving a 15 year old home alone for *4 days*.

They left a fifteen year old home alone for at least four days. Not an hour or two. Makes me wonder if Matt and Amy have noticed all the pot references on his twitter.

Oh wait... Matt and Amy are done parenting. :)

Anonymous said...

Rap, i was agreeing with the statement that responsible parents do not leave a 15 year old at home alone.

Jasperson said...

Hi, I was just reading this because one of our guests pointed it out to me and I found it interesting, I guess having time off around the holidays allows for things like this to come up. I want to stay anonymous, but I'm sure most of you will figure out who I am. Firstly, we weren't given the wedding of our dreams, with hard work, a small bank loan and a lot of help from our families(catering and flowers) and the Roloff family(venue and stagecoach) we obtained it. Secondly, you would be amazed to know how much editing can change a story. I think you all need to realize this is reality television, not real life. If you were present for the entire wedding your thoughts and opinions may have been slightly different. I respect everyone's opinions and feelings, but from my point of view our wedding was perfect and I couldn't of asked for anything better. Also I have watched the episode, twice maybe not the whole way through the second time. I'm not sure where the two week time crunch comes from but it wasn't a time crunch in the least. Levi visited the farm when he was home on leave prior to the wedding, and I had visited it multiple times throughout the renovation process, by no means did I set up a wedding involving 200 people in a matter of two weeks. Oh and I never got any complaints about the outhouses, but our friends and families are all "county like" they knew they weren't coming to a formal affair.

Anyways, thanks to you all for sharing our special day with us, and thanks for the kind words we are so happy and loving married life.

Brandon said...


Hi, happy to hear you're enjoying married life and all is well!

I realize that if it's the way most of us around here think, you would be bound contractually with threats of lawsuits (the Roloff way!) but all I ask anyway.

Most of us don't believe the "Roloff wedding business" is a real business. We think it was a backdrop for contrived episode plots. Next year, the backdrop will probably be 'Crazy Matt Roloff has got into the Christmas tree, cue Amy and Matt argue, but it all ends successfully!'

We doubt it's a real business because there is no advertising for it. Kind of strange that Matt, a guy that was hocking "green grease" is not using any of his venues to advertise his wedding business.

Where really did you hear about the wedding?

I'm also having a hard to believing that you were an episode for their show but did not receive compensation as in a free wedding. People have already commented on the "Thank you's" in the credits of all of the wedding episodes to the photographer's, caterers, etc. We know what the "Special Thank You's" in the credits mean in the Reality TV world. It means they were comped by the company in exchange for the tv exposure.

Lastly, again I know you aren't able to speak freely, but honestly? You have your wedding filmed for the Roloffs show, as you said, it's highly edited. You put up with all that, and the Roloffs and TLC threaten you and your guests if you dare post a photograph with them? You don't think that's just a bit tacky?

If the catch is to have your wedding on a tv show with the Roloffs, your guests not being allowed to photograph (or post the photographs) the precious Roloffs seems like a slap in the face, in my opinion.

Rap541 said...

Brandon - Jasperson can correct me if I am misunderstanding, but their point is that they did have some costs.

Jasperson, am I incorrect in stating you did not have to pay for the venue or the stagecoach?

Rap541 said...

Brandon, Jasperson can correct me if I am overstating, but they seem to be saying that there were some costs to their wedding and they had some help. My supposition here is that the help alluded to by the family was that the families of the bride and groom provided the catering and flowers at no cost and the Roloffs provided the venue and stage coach at no cost.