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Christmas At the Roloffs

Merry Christmas to everyone from Spiritswander!I hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas.

This is a picture that you probably won't see on either of Matt or Amy's Facebook Fan Pages or on Little People, Big World. For those that don't follow their pages, the Roloffs like to convey their family as a very sweet wholesome family with strong Christian values - many of the Roloff Christian fans that they play to often commend the Roloffs for their wholesome ways and often criticize other shows or celebrities for being crude. Amy and Matt are fond of posting pictures portraying the Roloff kids and their friends playing board games with each other.

Anyhow, this is the outside of the Roloff home all ready for Christmas :) The picture is from Jacob Roloff's public twitter account.

Captioned by Jacob Roloff: "Seeing this when I came home ......."

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm: Episode Review December 18, 2012

Review of the Dec 18th episode of Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm featuring the Roloffs.

Written by Rap541

Hmmm interesting that yet again, no rerun of the prior episode. I watched Storage Wars, a much better fake reality show and then thumbed through the blog. Oh look, it’s Matt and Amy’s 25th anniversary again! Didn’t they celebrate this on a special journey to California? About four months ago? When it wasn’t their anniversary or Amy’s birthday at all but they said it was and they were celebrating? Hmmm.

So we’re at the house and Matt is noting how their wedding anniversary is in September. Amy thinks her perm is awful. Amy also is still annoyed that Matt helped with nothing at the original wedding. Now we have cute home movies of the r thought young roloffs – I kinda like the perm. Amy notes how she never thought she’d have a normal life. The undertone is that Matt made a quick completely unthought decision while Amy was thinking no one would ever marry her. 

So Molly and Jeremy are home, playing pool. Molly notes how they basically goofed off the last 25 years. Jeremy wants to make a movie of how they love mom and dad. Zach manages to make it about soccer. Jeremy’s glasses really aren’t attractive.

Matt tells Amy they’re going to have their own party apart from the whole endless roadtrip thing they did prior. Amy doesn’t want a formal thing. Matt wants some sort of bachelor thing. Matt notes how he and Amy have completely different friends. Amy thinks that if they can’t make the party work then they’re sunk. Amy also thinks appetizers are no biggie. Amy notes how difficult Matt is to work with. They basically bitch at each other for a few minutes.

Amy voices over how she’s fun and crazy. She hauls out the wedding gown. To be honest, I think she was a lovely bride.  Now we’re at the wedding bakery. Matt notes how he didn’t bother helping her with wedding prep before and now is all “I’m a MAN! ME HATE NOT MANLY THINGS!” Matt, it’s a frigging cake. He keeps harping on a cake shaped like a barn.
Now they are making Sven take their photo in various places. Matt continues harping on seeing the barn in the photos. Sven runs off in a snit then comes back and now Amy and Matt argue again. Its pretty typical. Matt notes how they may not survive the anniversary. There’s more endless complaining and fighting and picture taking.

Apparently Zach still lives at home and they are all going to Spokane to see Molly. Amy admits she doesn’t plan well but also thinks Matt is super anal about schedules. They drive off in a new silver man and Matt makes a sexist comment.

So Matt notes how they are fighting and Molly will miss the party. Molly and Jake hug. Everyone hugs. Molly likes school. Molly seems to be a bit broken out face wise.  So they wander about Whitworth. Amy has a ton of stuff for Molly’s room. The roommate is nice.  There’s lots of fond memories from Amy and dorm stuff. Aw it’s a cool college area. Molly notes how 25 years is a big deal. There’s lots of home movies and fond memories.

So back to the farm. Matt goes on about how dirt and sand should be a traditional gift idea. Matt is annoyed that the boys aren’t supporting his idea to serenade her with rap music.  Meanwhile Amy makes craft projects from her pictures. Amy notes how really, they kinda lived separate lives, which is kinda sad sounding although I see why it isn’t.

Matt bitches about Amy. Amy notes how Matt should be happy to wait for her. They argue about the potties and the tables. Sven yells at them. Matt wants to dump sand for some reason. 

Meanwhile Jeremy and Zach break out the Kitchenaide. It’s clearly a staged scene. Caryn wanders in to say remove the haybales. Matt wants the haybales and sand! Amy wants flowers and photo collages.

Meanwhile the cake looks like something I made with school pal Jennifer when we were eight and my sister and Jennifer’s sister were 11. It looks bad but it tasted pretty awesome in the treehouse

Matt notes how party planning is not his thing. Not a great statement from someone running a wedding venue. Meanwhile Amy gussies herself up in her wedding dress and has her hair done. Amy notes how she barely knew Matt when she married him. It’s kinda sweet tho that despite the fights she says she still loves him. To be fair, Amy looks good in the dress.

So now we have a cake with a Precious Moments figurine on top. Matt is all wow the dress. Oh look, Audrey identified as Jeremy’s girlfriend with no words or commentary. Matt does some sort of rapping thing. I agree with Amy… he seems to have had a few drinks.  Then they do the cake shoving tradition I don’t like.

Then we get the obligatory scene of the kids saying how cool mom and dad are. Then there’s a game like the newlywed show where they ask rude questions.  Matt gets nothing right.
Oh hey, TLC has a show about twins married to the same man!

Back to the barn, what is Amy’s fav flower? She likes daisies! Amy professes to not know what the Mile High Club is. And apparently ALL the brides got branding irons and now Matt and Amy have one and Amy brands a piece of wood with the brand…. Now Jeremy brings in the red velvet cake. Amy notes its kinda horrid. Then Matt and Amy dance. Amy has moves.

This was way dull but I will be honest… my heart isn’t in it. That little town Sandy Hook looks so much like my home town… all those little kids… I’m more maudlin than anything else today. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm Roloff Episode Television Ratings December 11, 2012

For the first time in a long time, Little People, Big World failed to crack the top 100 cable shows for the evening of Tuesday December 11, 2012. has the Top 100 Cable Shows for Dec 11, 2012. Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm on TLC didn't make the cut.

Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm Roloff Episode Review Dec 11, 2012

This review was written and submitted by Rap541

Ok, so for some reason, there’s no rerun of the prior episode, and instead there’s some “I’m obsessed with Christmas decorations” show. I switch over to Law and Order SVU. Oh, over on TelevisionWithoutPity, various posters came up with a drinking game for this show. Here it is.

Drink when Matt or Amy says "We could lose the farm!"
Drink when Amy says "We're hemorrhaging money!"
Drink when Matt says "This could be a disaster!"
Drink twice if Jeremy/Zach/Jake or Molly are on.
Drink if livestock wanders into the "bridal suite"
Drink if Matt tells us how he thinks big and Amy thinks small
Drink twice if Amy says a variation of "I'm not your employee" to Matt
Drink three times if she slams a door
Chug when Matt dumps a crappy chore on Amy (like say, telling people to get the hell out of the barn)
Drink whenever Matt puts his head in his hand and shakes his head a bit, like poor Mr. Put-Upon Husband, who tries so hard, but for that wife of his. Whatever shall he do. Awwww.

Drink whenever Amy reminds us, as if the vicious fights aren't enough of a clue, that the two of them just don't work together very well.

Drink whenever we see Rocky in the background. I like to keep track of whether the poor dog is still living.

Another drink whenever we see Spike, Molly's cat, who her dad promised he'd take care of. Because I'm really worried about Spike now.
Take a drink if a Roloff mentions being an empty nester
Chug if fifteen year old Jake is right there to hear it.
Drink if the Roloffs are on their "last family vacation" again
Drink if all the kids are working an event and Amy tonguebathes Jeremy while ignoring the other kids.
Drink if Matt mentions his failing health or his childhood of torture
Drink twice if he mentions what he could have accomplished if he was average height
Drink three times if he actually collapses
Chug if Amy makes a joke about wishing he was dead
Chug twice if she’s clearly not kidding
Drink: Amy huffs as she is getting into her car, purse swinging to her side, and she slams the car door.
Drink if Matt answers the phone in the middle of a conversation with Amy, and she keeps saying, "DON'T ANSWER THAT WHILE I'M TALKING TO YOU!"

This isn’t all we came up with, I skipped the ones that were more orientated to the older episodes.

Anyway, the final wedding, and the second to last episode of this miniseries. The final episode is Amy and Matt celebrating their own wedding anniversary in a special fashion for the second time in approximately five months. Previously, parking was a disaster and Amy was giving people the boot.

Now we have previews about a wedding being set up in ten days with a Hawaiian theme. So while I think this is all fake, I would point out that really, maybe they shouldn’t take clients with extremely short time frames if it’s such a problem. Particularly if they’re going to complain about it.

Matt begins by complaining about how all these darn guests dare damage plants and apparently plants don’t water themselves. Hard to believe that wedding venues involve actual upkeep! Matt notes how Zach and Jake do NOTHING to help out. Matt notes asking Jake to do something is a waste of breath. Ah yes, expecting a teenager to want to work in the summer…. I seem to recall Jeremy abandoning pumpkin planting for fun at this age. Nice to see Jake, at the same age, emulating the Golden Boy’s bad behavior. Oh and Matt? Lil hint – if you’re actually upset by Jake not helping, do something other than *nothing*. Your kids walk away and goof off because you do *nothing* to correct the behavior.

Matt wants the grass off limits. Ironic that he later covers it with sand. Amy says Matt needs to ease off the visions. Now it just happens that Shannon and her beau need a wedding venue unexpectedly. The wedding will be smaller, and in ten days!

Shannon and Joe get the obligatory tour of the farm. Apparently this is their second choice and money is an issue. Hmm, is anyone surprised? Shannon wants leis and a bamboo arbor. The whole change from Oahu to Portland seems odd but ok. Matt of course is all “I get to do stuff!” and brags about his projects. Amy says they will do what they can… Matt gives her a death glare.

Meanwhile Zach is all into soccer and doing his own thing and expresses how he isn’t interested in the wedding business that isn’t actually real.

Matt and Sven decide to build a volcano because brides really want explosions at their wedding. Matt “Yeah baby’s!” over how it is. Camerino notes how it may not work. Camerino speaks!

Amy looks on at the volcano mess as Camerino moves culverts. Amy seems amused by the plans for fire and a fog machine. Amy asks if Shannon and Joe even know about it .More on this later. Amy haybales how this project stuff sometimes blows up. Amy notes how Matt is out of control and spending all their money. If only she had said “hemorrhaging” money!

Matt fake woos! And fake shouts for the camera “We got a volcano! Just Like I ENVISIONED IT!” But how to make an eruption? Matt explains to Sven, Camerino, and Amy how the explosion will be involved gasoline. Amy notes how all this talk of lighting gasoline sounds e extremely dangerous. Sven snots at Amy. Amy walks out. For the record, napalm and flamethrowers aren’t really words you want to hear in connection to a wedding.

Now we have Joe and Shannon explaining how they’re nice people. They have kids. The daughter is six and they apparently waited to get married until the kids were old enough to understand the wedding. They seem nice.

Now Matt is moving the tiki hut from yesteryear to the wedding area. He also wants to cover the grass with sand for the wedding and they’re “burning the candle at both ends”. Zach wanders in, and Matt says he had hoped this would be a *family* business. Basically this is a forced chat where Matt wants Zach to be on the farm. Matt finds it sad that no one wants to take over the farm. I’m thinking Matt has difficulty understanding that people aren’t required to be on his wavelength.

Sven has an idea for an eruption. Matt makes a big deal about baking soda and vinegar like this isn’t the science experiment we all did in third grade. It fails, because its actually more of a wet reaction than a fire reaction and Matt wants a boom so now Matt gets out the fog machine. Because brides like fog at their wedding, and people who like Hawaii are into volcanos.
Ironically later at the wedding, I didn’t spot any fog, so count that in the “money pissed away” pile.

Zach, Amy, and Matt go to lunch so they can stage a scene for the cameras. Zach is all “I’m gonna move out”. Amy asks if he is reenrolling in school. Interesting what *that* indicates. Matt makes a big deal over Zach and his two pals getting a year lease. They both ask if he will be sad, and Matt hay bales how Zach is a dumbass making a mistake as he hasn’t thought this through. Matt is such a supportive dad, isn’t he?

Matt and Amy rehash the whole thing later in the kitchen. Matt hay bales how it’s a waste of money and he and Amy debate how they basically haven’t taught Zach anything about living in this world. Matt hilariously notes how he wishes Zach was *buying a house* instead of simply moving out (because god knows homebuying on Zach’s salary at Indoor Goals is realistic) and snits how now he can’t even count on Zach being around for the weddings and here he was wanting to give the business to Zach.

Mat and the planner disagree on the sand. Matt wants his way and makes it clear how he can easily do all the sand but no, it’s not wanted. I must admit, I think it would look nice but I also see where a bride might not want to deal with it. Also here’s another reason why I don’t think anyone paid for these weddings. Um… I don’t pay for things I don’t contract for. Matt’s surprise volcano? Where the guest may or may not like it? Do you really think he billed the bride and groom for all the money and labor he threw at that? What about that fog machine? The truckloads of sand no one really asked for?

Now we’re setting the arch. Matt and the wedding planner debate who is right. Again, Matt wants his sand and notes how the planner thinks it will be a little sand but he wants a dump truck of sand. And he respectfully does it behind Justine’s back. Fortunately she likes it.

Now Matt wants to force Zach to participate so Zach’ll see how stupid Zach’s plans are when he could be his daddy’s whipping boy forever. Apparently there’s some issue with the photographer and Zach is going to be the security on keeping them out. Matt tells Zach to step up. And now back to the volcano. It looks kinda lame. Matt notes that “IT’S A DISASTERRRR!”

So the vendors are setting up. There’s trash and garbage all over the barn. There’s curtains? They look bad. Matt sees the bridal party arriving. There’s bridal preparations. Meanwhile Matt wants to dump more sand. Now we have Matt fake shouting how he loves sand and attention! But mostly attention! Justine puts the kibosh on the sand, and Amy agrees. Matt now needs to prove his masculinity by making the volcano explode. 

Matt complains about Zach not being there. Camerino and Sven tell him to quit it. Now the rogue photographer wants in and Matt tells him to leave and notes how this was supposed to be Zach’s job. Zach has failed his father again! How dare he go to his job not on the farm! And apparently the bride’s dress is missing and it’s soon to be a disaster!

Matt, another little hint. If you understand that Zach has a job away from the farm and he tells you that, and that he’ll be back at a certain time, then you end up looking like a demanding ass, complaining that the employee who made sure to let you know he wasn’t available, isn’t available. When an employee tells you they won’t be there, your job as the boss is to handle it.
So the guests are getting restless. The dress is found! Meanwhile Matt is still complaining how Zach isn’t there dealing with it. As the rogue photographer finally leaves, Matt snickers how he loves confrontation. The wedding is finally moving. As Shannon voices over her wedding tale, I see how all the dirt and sand might be an issue for the wedding dress…. The curtains at the door looks really bad. The groom crying is sweet. Amy tells the planner that they’re gonna be lucky if the volcano blows at all. The newlyweds suck face.  There’s photos. Amy calls Matt about her texts about the volcano.

 Zach finally shows up from Indoor Goals. Matt seems annoyed. The reception has a tent. Matt notes how his project the volcano is really the most important thing. There’s a cool fire dance. I can totally see all the guests shrieking causing noise complaints. Matt notes how this volcano and wedding is all about him! But will it work?

Commercial break – well played as always, TLC.

So now everyone is chanting “blow it up” Matt notes that the middle of the wedding is a great time for an explosion. Matt notes how failure is not an option. It poofs fire. Yeah, I’ll be honest, I don’t think they paid for it. I’d be annoyed if I paid money for it.

Zach is packing actual trash for his move. Amy now seems more supportive. Zach may or may not take the couch. Amy reminds him out he’s on a budget now. Zach drama queens how he’s stress sick. Amy notes how he’ll need to make his little man meals from now on. Matt says something about Zach leaving that is basically platitudes. Amy notes how Matt probably expected Zach to stay on the farm since he’s such a waste.

Matt and Amy reflect on how awesome they are to be empty nesters finally. They both seem possibly a lil drunk.

Next week, Sven shouts at the two of them, and we have the second “it’s our 25thanniversary!” episode in the last five months. Hey perhaps Rocky can disappear for this one too?

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Matt and Amy Roloff Appealed Case Vs Washington County

This isn't breaking news since it was filed several months ago, however, we haven't mentioned it until now. Since the matter of whether or not the Roloffs are invested in this site or not has been raised and debated recently, we thought this might be a good time for this item.

A few months ago, Matt and Amy Roloff filed documents to the Ninth Circuit Court appealing the decision for their case against Washington County. As most know, the Roloffs basically lost badly in that case.

The judge threw out all the constitutional claims and reduced it to a simple trespassing charge. Shortly after that decision, the Roloffs and the County apparently reached a settlement and the case was closed.

Well, the Roloffs are appealing. What might be of interest to our readers, is that the Roloffs are specifically mentioning their failed attempt to subpoena Spiritswander (for all my personal information, informational about my email address and the personal information about anyone who has ever, in the 4 year history of the Blog, issued a comment to the blog.). We filed a Motion to Quash the subpoena. The judge then ruled in our favor, against the Roloffs, and quashed the subpoena.

This is what the Roloffs and their attorney wrote in their reason for appeal:

 Briefly describe the result below and the main issues on appeal.

"The trial court granted summary judgment in favor of Washington County on all claims except the Plaintiffs' trespass claims. The main issues on appeal are the decisions of the trial court on the Plaintiffs' claims under the 4th Amendment to the Constitution and the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution. The Plaintiffs are also challenging the trial court's decision to quash a subpoena issued earlier in the case."

For our readers that supported our Motion to Quash and oppose Matt and Amy Roloff being given your personal and private information, at this point there is nothing to be concerned about and really there's nothing to do. Generally, appeals rarely are successful because they need to prove that the judge made a mistake in the case and said mistake had an effect on the outcome of the case. And even if the Roloffs were successful on the appeal, then the whole subpoena process would start over again.

The next decision for the appeal isn't until February 2013.

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Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm: Episode 4 December 4th, 2012: Review

Here are the episode reviews for the LPBW Wedding Farm episode 4 Dec 4th:


Written by Rap541

Sigh. This is on so late…. I watched the rerun of LPBW and really… I mostly don’t remember it. I did watch a dvd of Breaking Bad this weekend and it was really good. Really dark, darker than Battlestar Galactica, and of course there was a lot more meth, but good stuff.

So the previews are hilarious, Amy shouting at the 350 people. Bran? And Michael want 350 and that might be too much and Amy IS ASKING THEM ALL TO LEAVE! OHNOES!

How will Matt save the day?

Amy forces granola on Matt. Matt notes there’s two wedding s down and now Matt wants to go big or go home by using Craiglist. Amy notes how Matt isn’t thinking. Matt fake shouts “The skies the limit!”

Meanwhile Amy is all about her charity and how she does a charity for children charities and its tough! She’s having it in the barn and she HAS AN IMPACT! She notes how anything can happen.

Oh, its *Bree* and Mike and Bree loves country barn weddings and used Craiglist to find a romantic barn. They met at a gym. They want a giant wedding. Matt  haybales how they finally have a big wedding. Amy notes how her charity project is also super important. Hmm possible conflict? I mean why schedule these events on different days if you want conflict? Because they seem to be on different days despite all the whining. The farm can’t do two different events on two different days?

Bree wants a chandelier, a field, and a barn. Maybe a trellis with the chandelier?  Now we’re on the Mule, looking at the barn. Matt notes how the caterers will have a different access. Amy notes how this is the same weekend as her charity event. I sense issues. I also note that the same weekend is not the same day and most professional wedding venues can have two weddings on the same day and I doubt Amy’s event was the same day as the wedding.

Matt heads off to the lumber barn. Mike of the wedding disses the distressed barn wood Matt attempts to offer. Matt and Mike look at wood. Mike wants Matt to give him good wood. Mike wants the good wood at the bottom of the pile. Matt doesn’t want to give his wood to Mike. Because its his *special * wood.
All this talk about Matt’s wood… Is this why the show is on so late? Wood jokes?

Meanwhile Amy is juggling her event with Matt’s. Apparently the wedding Planner is named Molly. Essentially there’s lots of details and Matt dumps it on Amy and she disses him and walks out. In other words, it’s every episode of LPBW.

So ten days before the wedding and we’re walking thru. And there’s chickens, and Bree wants a chandelier in the barn. There are cocktails and appetizers and all sorts of fancy stuff to plan for. Matt wants a tent but this is never suggested on screen. There’s no final guest list, there’s caterers and the trellis for the chandelier is slow. And there’s Amy’s event at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME! Even though its not.

A little person sets tables for something .Oh, it’s Amy’s charity event that never mentions the name of her charity or the recipients this year. Amy is having her event. Amy goes on about her charity and how she wants to raise 200k. It’s all so important yet clearly less messed up than the wedding. Oh and PUMKIN season!

Meanwhile we see construction guys doing manly stuff. Ironically, I wasn’t really watching for it but I never a chandelier anywhere…  Did I miss it? Matt insists that Mike seduced him into giving up good wood. Matt laments about his wood.  This is all so sexual. I mean why not just have someone in a “GOT WOOD?” t-shirt?

So we’re at the charity event. Oh look Zach speaking how awesome he is mom is. Amy speaks at her own event. Amy notes that she’s 50 with four kids and still married. She notes that the party has started. Insert staid party montage.

Oh hey the neighbors are annoyed with the music at 9:30. Matt notes that Amy is hardcore because she shuts down the music after police complaints. Just so we’re all on the same page, I can, and have, called in noise complaints over loud music. Anyone whining defense for the Roloffs needs to remember that the land they are using isn’t commercially zoned and this is large loud event number three.

So Matt wants some structure moved – the trellis? Matt screeches YAY! YAY! YAY! I don’t see how this was hard. There’s wedding prep. A dance floor is laid out. It’s 9:30 am. Amy worried that the wedding isn’t prepped. Matt is all worried about Brianna’s day. Matt greets Molly the planner with news about the crapper. He haybales how managing the crappers is his duty.

Bree seems pleased about everything, including the chickens all over the bridal suite. Amy tells Matt how the set up is sucking. There’s funs stuff with Bree and the Chickens and oh hey, the power went out. In the background I spot the raised chicken coop and there’s chickens everywhere!


FYI wherever chickens go, chicken crap follows. I assure you, it does not smell like air freshener, unicorns or cupcakes.

So there’s a power issue in the bridal suite. Amy sends Matt. Matt and Bree chitter to the cameras and there’s chickens IN the house.  So the power comes back on and the bridesmaids chase the livestock out of the house while Matt notes how people should expect this on a farm. He notes “Yahhh” over it and then fake shouts at the chickens. Matt intones how important parking is and how orderly parking must be. Jake, who is 15 and maybe 130 pounds wet is deemed Matt’s heavy. So caterers show up and Zach is forced to be on camera slicing bread as is Amy. This never happens in real weddings seriously, food service people don’t let random helpers do stuff. People are crashing the wedding and now the water pressure is dropping. Molly the Planner bitches at Matt, everyone bitches at Matt , Matt notes how legit the crashers look! There’s lots of yammering about no water, and crashing, and guests invading the bridal suite!

Oh hey a commercial break.

Hey a few thoughts on why this isn’t a real business? Here’s a few. In a real wedding venue, people actually sue over nonsense like livestock infestations. Oh and hey, maybe security and guest control shouldn’t be on a bunch of unsupervised kids who pretty clearly don’t give a crap about anything. I mean really, the *power* went out? Someone paid for *that*?
No one paid for a wedding venue with no electricity and chicken crap everywhere. I was raised with chickens. Where ever chickens go, chicken crap follows. No one pays for a “bridal suite” with no power and chickens inside the house.

So now we’re griping about the guest lists, there’s no water, and Matt intones how they aren’t ready for such a big wedding! Sven is told by Matt to try the water. Now Matt has to deal with security. Somehow random people from a different wedding are arriving. Jake notes how stressful it is. Caryn and Matt argue. There’s shouting and bitching and Amy and Matt shout at each other. Matt notes how the parking area is a mess. Yeah don’t make a 15 year old in charge. (Lest anyone think I’m defending Jake, please ask yourself – a fifteen year old was “the heavy” for a parking situation involving 350 people?)

Now there’s a wedding and there’s clouds and thunder and Amy and Matt note how risky it was to not have a tent. Yet the wedding g happens with no one saying a word. The wedding seems sweet, pity we saw next to nothing of THIS couple. My guess? They didn’t have a sob story or a project for Matt to whine about. Oh a female preacher.  Oh Matt notes to Amy how it’s his way or the highway. Oh the wedding is rained on. The chick preacher is funny. Then God slams down the storm. Oh hey the barn can’t hold all the guests. Matt notes to the camera how he’s on record that he can’t allow all the people that he’s not stopping at all from taking shelter from  the rain in the barn.  Funny how he makes no effort to actually stop the over crowding .

So its RAINAPOCOLYPSE! Amy tells Matt she’ll kick people out if that bitch Molly the Planner and Matt won’t do it. Amy tells everyone to get to hell out. She’s so clearly pissed. She tells everyone how it’s the wedding planner’s fault. Matt whines. Amy tells him to shut his bitch mouth since he didn’t get off his ass to tell people to get out.  Apparently this wrapped up nicely despite everyone being told to get to hell out? Yes. Oh hey Matt finds a ton of people suddenly touring the farm because hmmm. Aren’t these the same people who consider every single part of their property intensely private but make no real effort to displace interlopers? 

But it’s a success! Matt notes how he was stresses but this was all utterly perfect. . Amy interrupts him to kick out people.

Next week its stupid projects and bitching about Zach and making Zach move out.