Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas At the Roloffs

Merry Christmas to everyone from Spiritswander!I hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas.

This is a picture that you probably won't see on either of Matt or Amy's Facebook Fan Pages or on Little People, Big World. For those that don't follow their pages, the Roloffs like to convey their family as a very sweet wholesome family with strong Christian values - many of the Roloff Christian fans that they play to often commend the Roloffs for their wholesome ways and often criticize other shows or celebrities for being crude. Amy and Matt are fond of posting pictures portraying the Roloff kids and their friends playing board games with each other.

Anyhow, this is the outside of the Roloff home all ready for Christmas :) The picture is from Jacob Roloff's public twitter account.

Captioned by Jacob Roloff: "Seeing this when I came home ......."


Greg said...

So if this is what Jacob came home this the work of "Living for Jesus Jeremy?

Good thing Jeremy and Audrey spend so much time tweeting about being an example of

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I think it's hilarious. We don't know if Sven or Camarino or who set it up, heaven's it could have been one of their family friends. We could theoretically throw anyone under the bus. How about Mueller?

OK, on another point, does anyone think there will be a rebuttal photo on Matt or Amy's FB pages? As in, "Oh my goodness, who did this in front of our christian home'? because naturally it's too late. Will Amy say, "Hmmmmm, do I know you?" Well, we obviously don't know YOU, you naughty girl lol! Will the Matt supporters say it's harmless, and why are we making such a big deal about it? Don't you have other things to do on the holidays? Well people, not when something funny like this happens!

Any takers on Jacob getting into trouble with his [parents for posting this photo and the accompanying tweets? Happy holidays, Jacob. Stay realistic!

Timothy said...

No Podge, Matt and Amy's style is to pretend like it doesn't exist and then leaving it unsaid, post something trying to contradict it, like a sweet family photo playing board games.

A lot like how after the cat tossing pictures, Amy proceeded to post a picture of Mo sitting on her lap.

The Roloffs are all about tricking people into thinking they are something they aren't and to conceal the truth.

Brandon said...

Podge, I think the photo is funny, but like Spirits said, it's hilarious because of the phony image the Roloffs try to maintain. Remember Amy ragging on Jersey Shore and the Kardashians for not being wholesome Christians? Or Roloff fans commending the Roloffs for being suitable for young children?

Having said that (that the picture was funny...and my guess is Mueller and JerBear together again) Jacob's twitter only reveals that he's a true Roloff in arrogance and is following Mueller's and his brother's love for weed.

I guess kids still think it's cool to tweet about weed all the time, but there's a point where it becomes lame. Yeah Jake, we know you and your friends think you're cool and tough because you post about pot.

But the other personality trait Jacob's twitter reveals is that he has the Roloff family arrogance. Notice that when he gets mad at a friend, he threatens them by posting to them that they are banned from ever stepping foot on Roloff land. I wonder if it ever occurs to him that maybe some people don't want to? But in the Roloffs arrogance, that's a major power play they have. The "if you piss me off, I will cut you out of the Roloff circle and everyone wants to be part of the Roloff circle because we are awesome, so you will suffer because I am punishing you!"

Aiden said...

Yeah the Roloffs may try to act wholesome but they're not the beacon of purity Duggars, there's plenty of raunch in the bible and animals have sex, no big deal. Now trying to backtrack on it once people call it crude or distasteful or trying to cover up the photos existence is where I personally get fed up with the Roloffs.

I don't know why they think showing lazy, disrespectful children, gluttony (40+ vehicles, more property, bigger house x3) and a wife that mostly loathes her husband makes them wholesome. If they want that angle show them going to church or at church functions or charity (NOT arraigned by Amy's vacation-charity) but there are thousands of people that are still drinking the kool-aid so, whatever.

More stuff like the reindeer humping and LPBW might be entertaining and wouldn't have to create fake drama or story lines.

Yeah I'm glad weed is becoming more and more legal because then it won't be such a big deal or talk about or brag about

Brandon said...

Aiden, I don't agree with the Duggars beliefs, but that's where I give them more credit than the Roloffs.

The Duggars have extreme beliefs...and they are honest about them.

The Roloffs go to Christmas service at the Church that is "de-gaying" people, yet they give diversity speeches.

I don't get the impression that you could go on twitter and find the Duggar kids and their friends talking about pot and calling people f***** meth heads and the kind of stuff the Roloff kiddies and their friends like to do.

kitten Has claws said...

We are laffin' at this pic..but then we don't proclaim to be the big christians that Matt and Amy ...Attempt to claim they are. Kids drinkin in the garage..THROWING KITTENS IN THE AIR *PETA WHERE R U*..who do they think they are foolin with that religion stuff? Rockin da reindeer--was still funny to me. CAT TOSSIN i'm Still ticked at. Rap on Matt! As always, The Best=THE END *has that plug been pulled yet--Please TLC pull it!

Aiden said...

Agreed Brandon. I actually find it creepy and unsettling about how positive, cheerful and wide-eyed amazed the Duggars always are but at least I know it's not fake because they are so firm in their trust of their God's will and blessings and have nothing to hide or put on for the cameras.

Rap541 said...

Brandon - the Duggar "children" aren't allowed on the internet at all without a parent with them. I quote mark children because six of the 18 children living at home with Michelle and Jimbob are currently over the age 18.

Anon26 said...

I do not care for the Roloffs family but we do not know if anybody in the Roloff family did it. A few years ago, one of my neighbors snuck into our front yard and made our deer look just like this.

So it might have been somebody that was not part of the Roloff family (a neighbor, a friend, or one of their employees might have done it.

Christine said...

Anon26, I highly doubt that.

Considering the Roloffs sue about trespassing (although Jeremy and Audrey trespassing on other people's land is swell), I really doubt that a "neighborhood" kid snuck up to the Roloffs porch and did that.

Is it really hard to believe that that is the work of Jeremy/Mueller/their gang of 18 year old high school friends that hang out with Jacob?

Leigh said...

The Roloffs are a joke.

Amy posts a picture of dinner and then "Renewing the spirit of Christmas everyday - kindness, love, giving, caring for your neighbor ...."

Um, Amy I know you don't care about anyone that isn't a Roloff or one of your kid's friend, but you might want to pay attention at how your darling kids and their friends treat people.

Hardly "caring for your neighbor" and "giving, kindness, and love"!