Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm: Episode Review December 18, 2012

Review of the Dec 18th episode of Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm featuring the Roloffs.

Written by Rap541

Hmmm interesting that yet again, no rerun of the prior episode. I watched Storage Wars, a much better fake reality show and then thumbed through the blog. Oh look, it’s Matt and Amy’s 25th anniversary again! Didn’t they celebrate this on a special journey to California? About four months ago? When it wasn’t their anniversary or Amy’s birthday at all but they said it was and they were celebrating? Hmmm.

So we’re at the house and Matt is noting how their wedding anniversary is in September. Amy thinks her perm is awful. Amy also is still annoyed that Matt helped with nothing at the original wedding. Now we have cute home movies of the r thought young roloffs – I kinda like the perm. Amy notes how she never thought she’d have a normal life. The undertone is that Matt made a quick completely unthought decision while Amy was thinking no one would ever marry her. 

So Molly and Jeremy are home, playing pool. Molly notes how they basically goofed off the last 25 years. Jeremy wants to make a movie of how they love mom and dad. Zach manages to make it about soccer. Jeremy’s glasses really aren’t attractive.

Matt tells Amy they’re going to have their own party apart from the whole endless roadtrip thing they did prior. Amy doesn’t want a formal thing. Matt wants some sort of bachelor thing. Matt notes how he and Amy have completely different friends. Amy thinks that if they can’t make the party work then they’re sunk. Amy also thinks appetizers are no biggie. Amy notes how difficult Matt is to work with. They basically bitch at each other for a few minutes.

Amy voices over how she’s fun and crazy. She hauls out the wedding gown. To be honest, I think she was a lovely bride.  Now we’re at the wedding bakery. Matt notes how he didn’t bother helping her with wedding prep before and now is all “I’m a MAN! ME HATE NOT MANLY THINGS!” Matt, it’s a frigging cake. He keeps harping on a cake shaped like a barn.
Now they are making Sven take their photo in various places. Matt continues harping on seeing the barn in the photos. Sven runs off in a snit then comes back and now Amy and Matt argue again. Its pretty typical. Matt notes how they may not survive the anniversary. There’s more endless complaining and fighting and picture taking.

Apparently Zach still lives at home and they are all going to Spokane to see Molly. Amy admits she doesn’t plan well but also thinks Matt is super anal about schedules. They drive off in a new silver man and Matt makes a sexist comment.

So Matt notes how they are fighting and Molly will miss the party. Molly and Jake hug. Everyone hugs. Molly likes school. Molly seems to be a bit broken out face wise.  So they wander about Whitworth. Amy has a ton of stuff for Molly’s room. The roommate is nice.  There’s lots of fond memories from Amy and dorm stuff. Aw it’s a cool college area. Molly notes how 25 years is a big deal. There’s lots of home movies and fond memories.

So back to the farm. Matt goes on about how dirt and sand should be a traditional gift idea. Matt is annoyed that the boys aren’t supporting his idea to serenade her with rap music.  Meanwhile Amy makes craft projects from her pictures. Amy notes how really, they kinda lived separate lives, which is kinda sad sounding although I see why it isn’t.

Matt bitches about Amy. Amy notes how Matt should be happy to wait for her. They argue about the potties and the tables. Sven yells at them. Matt wants to dump sand for some reason. 

Meanwhile Jeremy and Zach break out the Kitchenaide. It’s clearly a staged scene. Caryn wanders in to say remove the haybales. Matt wants the haybales and sand! Amy wants flowers and photo collages.

Meanwhile the cake looks like something I made with school pal Jennifer when we were eight and my sister and Jennifer’s sister were 11. It looks bad but it tasted pretty awesome in the treehouse

Matt notes how party planning is not his thing. Not a great statement from someone running a wedding venue. Meanwhile Amy gussies herself up in her wedding dress and has her hair done. Amy notes how she barely knew Matt when she married him. It’s kinda sweet tho that despite the fights she says she still loves him. To be fair, Amy looks good in the dress.

So now we have a cake with a Precious Moments figurine on top. Matt is all wow the dress. Oh look, Audrey identified as Jeremy’s girlfriend with no words or commentary. Matt does some sort of rapping thing. I agree with Amy… he seems to have had a few drinks.  Then they do the cake shoving tradition I don’t like.

Then we get the obligatory scene of the kids saying how cool mom and dad are. Then there’s a game like the newlywed show where they ask rude questions.  Matt gets nothing right.
Oh hey, TLC has a show about twins married to the same man!

Back to the barn, what is Amy’s fav flower? She likes daisies! Amy professes to not know what the Mile High Club is. And apparently ALL the brides got branding irons and now Matt and Amy have one and Amy brands a piece of wood with the brand…. Now Jeremy brings in the red velvet cake. Amy notes its kinda horrid. Then Matt and Amy dance. Amy has moves.

This was way dull but I will be honest… my heart isn’t in it. That little town Sandy Hook looks so much like my home town… all those little kids… I’m more maudlin than anything else today. 


Brandon said...

Wow, Audrey is finally acknowledged as Jeremy's girlfriend, although she is still yet to speak or be introduced.

sassenach said...

Sincetheir names are flashed on screen do people like Audrey and Tori get paid for their 10 second appearances?

What is Matt's fixation with sand????

mallory said...

I think this was a cute episode it really showed how much amy and matt really love each other and it was neat when Amy wore her wedding dress for their 25th anniversary party

Christine said...

I hate how the entire family and the show's goal is to kiss Jeremy's ass.

My lord!

I remember when the show was actually good, way back in the first season, when Zach actually used to utter an honest and critical thought about Jeremy.

Now? Even in a contrived and staged scene about baking a cake. "Jer is so artistic that he saved the day and made the cake look awesome".


Mike P. said...

Amy as a dwarf Miss Havisham is the best unintended comedy that I've seen in months.

Podege/Rodge groupie said...

I'll just write my remaks here instead of sending it off to Spirit.
I couldn't imagine how I could possibly contain my excitement for the airing of the last episode of the series.

So I didn't.

The first head-shaker was Amy lamenting in the first few mintues that, "We've survived 25 years, now all the kids are gone, and what are we going to do with the next 25 years"? ALL the kids obviously does not include Jacob, who is hoime for a minimum of the next FOUR YEARS. With as much as these two consider his prescence in the house, I wouldn't blame Jacob for having a complex of some kind! That is so sad.
Amy is just naturally late. I was preprogrammed through previous generations to be early. I "just" am. Amy will need help to get her out of the "just" late mindset. As an early person, I would just not have the patience for it. She is such a prima dona with her attitude, goodness. Head-shaker #2.
Boy, Zach sure gets pooped on, doesn't he? Amy didn't have time to get used to Molly's leaving the house, while Zach moved out and drove unceremoniously down the driveway? Thanks, mommy. I agree with Christine, I think Jeremy might as well have spit on Zach. It was that blatant. I'd feel worse if I though Zach actually cared about the show. Head shaker #3.
I need help (well, I've been told that) with family appearances. Will we have to keep visitng Moly to fulfill contractual obligations, like having Jeremy James Jesus (forever in your debt, Rap) pay a 'surprise' visit every episode? I really shouldn't question, I suppose. Getting these updates and seeing the kids for cameos takes a bit of the boredom away from watching Matt and Amy fight like children.

Justin2 said...

At least this was an episode about the family themselves and not a bunch of random people!

kitten Has claws said...

I agree with you Christine ....Zach
used to say what he felt regarding
jer-bear *BARF*,,,,,they made Zach feel bad so many times that now Zach just goes along with it all. ZACH stand up for yourself say what you want/need to say! I had to chuckle at matts rap song. As always The Best=THE END!

JGee said...

I though the dress was odd. I have never seen that at an anniversary party before.

The cake looked horrible, even worse was that Matt and Amy were eating it with their fingers, but it is the thought that counts so I give the kids credit.

The Newlywed game thing could be fun, but the mile high club question made me cringe, I'm sure the guess cringed as well.

To me a branding iron says Texas ranch not quaint Oregon farm.

Rap541 said...

I thought the wedding dress was cute and I think it was meant as a "surprise" but I did find it odd that Amy wore it for a lengthy portion of the party. Particularly when Matt was more casually attired.

The branding iron struck me as weird in the first episode but maybe, if its a significant part of the Roloff wedding brand (heh) then we should have seen each couple presented with said brand.

Anonymous said...

Mile High Club...yeah, a sex question is just what yhe kids want to hear the parents answer!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe no one is commenting on Matt's "rapping."

sassenach said...

This wedding thing was TLC's worst rubbish ever.
According to Matt -
"the wedding thing is a business that has to make money".
Why when TLC is paying the Roloffs and everyone else.

"we may lose the farm" as we drive off in yet another new vehicle to see Molly.

The whole charade was an insult to the audience's intelligence.

Hopefully, although I doubt it, TLC is through with these phoneys.

Carol said...

Sassenach, I think the TLC network is obviously run by morons.

The whole concept for the "wedding" shows were a disaster.

Then you have the head of TLC programming kissing their butts and basically saying that they might do shows with the Roloffs pretending to be in any stupid business.....watch the Roloffs sell Christmas trees or else they might lose the farm!"

It is insulting to viewers intelligence.