Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jacob Mueller Is Engaged And Will Be A Father

We thought this might be of interest to some longtime viewers of Little People, Big World: Jacob Mueller, who is known for being Jeremy Roloff's best friend and being featured in many episodes, is engaged to be married. His fiancee is expecting their baby.

His fiancee, Destiney, has a Twitter page that is currently public as of 8:45pm Jan 26, 2013.. Here are some of her tweets which are obviously related to the wedding plans and the baby:


3 Jan Destiney Pizer ‏@DestineyPizerr Geez sometimes I just want to punch @jtmueller123 in the face 👊 #truelove 

4 Jan Destiney Pizer ‏@DestineyPizerr Looking at wedding dresses today !! 😁😍👰 #soexcited 

6 Jan Destiney Pizer ‏@DestineyPizerr Why does planning a wedding have to be so stressful :( 

7 Jan Destiney Pizer ‏@DestineyPizerr I can't wait to be married to my best friend ❤ #may25th #love #wedding #soexciting 

8 Jan Destiney Pizer ‏@DestineyPizerr Picked out the bridesmaids dresses! Just one more thing to check off the list!! 😁 

17 Jan Destiney Pizer ‏@DestineyPizerr Well there goes all the wedding plans I had 👋 ... #needanewvenue #thissucks 

18 Jan Destiney Pizer ‏@DestineyPizerr @tamcoop22 can't use the barn 😔 

20 Jan Destiney Pizer ‏@DestineyPizerr Everything is falling into place 😊 #sohappywithlife 

21 Jan Destiney Pizer ‏@DestineyPizerr 10 days till we get to see baby again !!❤😊👶 

23 Jan Destiney Pizer ‏@DestineyPizerr Finally decided on a boys name !!! 😊💚💙💚💙


Friends report that "Mueller" went through a steady string of 4 or 5 girlfriends for a period of about 18 months before getting involved with Destiney. Readers of our site will remember that Mueller had a French girlfriend who made a video that featured Mueller and other friends who were all underage at the time, drinking in the Roloffs garage. Mueller is about a year younger than Jeremy and Zach.

In addition to being the Roloff friend that has been most frequently on Little People, Big World (many vacations -the BVI's, the Michigan and Mississippi trip, he often accompanied Jeremy to LPA conferences), Mueller is also unquestionably the most controversial friend from the show.

Pretty much every little scandal that Jeremy Roloff had,  Mueller has been involved with. Many of the racial and homophobic comments were between Jeremy and Mueller, the fan insults (most memorable was Mueller calling a big Jeremy Roloff fan a loser B*tch and Mueller was known for mocking smiling fans that posed for pictures with the Roloffs and calling the fans "creepers" with the Roloffs). Mueller and Jeremy were also at the center of the cat tossing activity and some of the other animal videos and stories that some found distasteful and cruel. On the show, he caught viewers attention because of his friendship with Jeremy -- they seemed inseparable with Mueller always tagging along to keep Jeremy company on family vacations and their over-the-top embraces on LPBW when they were reunited.. Mueller was also the subject of Jeremy's graduation speech where the show announced that Mueller had been held back from graduating with the rest of his high school class.

If you want a quick history about Jacob Mueller you can checkout our previous article about him and his history with the Roloffs (more specifically - with Jeremy)

In fairness to Jacob Mueller, because he is often discussed on our blog due to his involvement in many of the controversies, we did extend an open invitation for him to do an interview with Spiritswander so he could explain his side of certain events, but like the Roloffs, Jacob Mueller has never taken us up on the interview invitation.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Round Up Of Recent Roloff Online Postings - Jacob Roloff Despises Being Filmed For TLC's Little People, Big World

We thought we would do an item to summarize the Roloffs recent activity on the various social media sites for anyone that doesn't keep up with the Roloffs and their social media sites.

Jacob Roloff

The one that has been generating the most buzz - primarily because of the honesty (which in my opinion is a rare thing for a Roloff online!) has been Jacob Roloff's completely public twitter account.

A few days ago, Jacob Roloff posted a series of tweets talking about his hatred of being filmed and how Matt and Amy are pressuring and trying to coerce him into having his birthday party filmed. Jacob Roloff will be 16 on Jan 17, 2013.

Jacob then tweeted that Matt and Amy told him he could have two parties - one party for filming and a real party that isn't filmed. He posted his disgust at that idea.


                       2 Jan
Lol @ my parents.. Thinking my birthday is gonna be filmed. I'd rather just sit by myself in my room.

                      2 Jan
Seriously if there are cameras there I'm going to just run ✌

                      2 Jan
Lol "We'll have a filmed party then a private one just for you" OR I could just not be around for the filmed one. And invite no one.


The other thing about Jacob's public twitter that has generated some attention is that his twitter feed is filled with references from Jacob and mostly his friends (tweets "favorited" or retweeted by Jacob) about their love of smoking marijuana. We had already touched on it in a previous item that Jacob and his friends were following the path of Jeremy Roloff and his friends by insulting fans on their social media sites and the friends use of slurs (which are often "favorited" or retweeted by Jacob), but now it's the constant talk of marijuana that is garnering some attention.

A couple of Jacob's friends from school, who according to their public twitter posts - he invites over to hang out at the Roloff home - I think would best be described as "potheads" - meaning that the majority of their twitter posts are about how they are smoking pot, want to smoke weed, will smoke marijuana later.  Jacob and one of his "pothead" friends recently were teasing/sarcastically insulting a girl from school. As she was getting upset, they suggested that she "smoke a bowl" and relax. She responded with a "No, thanks, I'm not a pothead. I don't do that shit." 

Matt and Amy Roloff

Then, over on Facebook, there is Matt Roloff, doing what Matt always does on Facebook. Projects a wholesome family image. While Jacob is on twitter venting about how Matt and Amy are basically forcing him or at least trying to convince him to let them film him and while Jacob and his friends that he hangs out with are posting about pot, Matt is on his Facebook fan page posting about how he went to the movies with Molly and Jacob, sat in between them as they "ohhhed" and "awwwwwed" and gasped together at the film. 

As for  Amy Roloff, just finished posting about the holidays with her kids and their friends and how much she loves having the sweet kids all in her house.

It's all so comical.

The other thing noteworthy about Matt and Amy on their Facebook Fan Pages is that at roughly the same time, they both began begging for people to "like" their page and posts to reach certain numbers. Matt's goal was 80,000 fans on Facebook. Amy's goal was 25,000. The speculation about Matt and Amy pleading for "likes" on their fan pages is that they're trying to prove something to someone or some entity about their popularity that they can use in negotiations.

Some fans on Amy, weren't all that harsh, but pointed out that Matt had a lot more fans or that Amy rarely responds to fans yet asks them to like her page, perhaps with a monetary goal in mind and some pointed out that she has a private Facebook page. 

Amy did not take those rather tame criticisms well and made another post expressing her dismay and disappointment at the reaction to her post asking for Facebook "likes" and she pointed out that Matt's page has been around much longer than hers (which is true). 

Jeremy Roloff

Jeremy, who is the Roloff leader in online scandals (racial and homophobic slurs, fan insults, cat tossing and other mistreatment of animals, drug and alcohol references while 'publicly' in books declaring that he was drug and alcohol free) has been staying out of trouble on his public twitter lately. Some skeptics point out Jeremy is helped by the fact that Mueller is not on Twitter, while others think Jeremy has *finally* learned from the past (although he has never acknowledged or apologized for anything).

These days, Jeremy's twitter consists of mostly him posting his Instagram picture or a Bible verse. He occasionally tweets a fan with a "thank you" after they compliment him on  his photography or on being a Christian, etc.

Cynics point out that Jeremy has only become "fan friendly" or shown any interest in fans (he did ask fans to follow his twitter and Facebook Fan Page) after he decided that he would soon be selling his photography and would be looking for customers. As of yet, Jeremy's website is not up and running, but he has indicated that it's in the works and it's his plan to start selling soon. 

Zach and Molly Roloff

Zach and Molly both have no public online presence. Molly Roloff had a public You Tube channel that she changed to private after a brief exchange with fans. That was the only time Molly has spoken uncensored to fans.  She had posted a skit with friends where they named a character "Dr. Hemp". When some people commented on the drug reference Vs The Roloffs frequently talking about being Christians and representing Jesus and some fans went on to reference Jeremy and Mueller's  behavior as an example, Molly got upset, told the people that they had no right to judge Roloffs and their friends and then deleted her video and made her channel private.