Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jacob Mueller Is Engaged And Will Be A Father

We thought this might be of interest to some longtime viewers of Little People, Big World: Jacob Mueller, who is known for being Jeremy Roloff's best friend and being featured in many episodes, is engaged to be married. His fiancee is expecting their baby.

His fiancee, Destiney, has a Twitter page that is currently public as of 8:45pm Jan 26, 2013.. Here are some of her tweets which are obviously related to the wedding plans and the baby:


3 Jan Destiney Pizer ‏@DestineyPizerr Geez sometimes I just want to punch @jtmueller123 in the face 👊 #truelove 

4 Jan Destiney Pizer ‏@DestineyPizerr Looking at wedding dresses today !! 😁😍👰 #soexcited 

6 Jan Destiney Pizer ‏@DestineyPizerr Why does planning a wedding have to be so stressful :( 

7 Jan Destiney Pizer ‏@DestineyPizerr I can't wait to be married to my best friend ❤ #may25th #love #wedding #soexciting 

8 Jan Destiney Pizer ‏@DestineyPizerr Picked out the bridesmaids dresses! Just one more thing to check off the list!! 😁 

17 Jan Destiney Pizer ‏@DestineyPizerr Well there goes all the wedding plans I had 👋 ... #needanewvenue #thissucks 

18 Jan Destiney Pizer ‏@DestineyPizerr @tamcoop22 can't use the barn 😔 

20 Jan Destiney Pizer ‏@DestineyPizerr Everything is falling into place 😊 #sohappywithlife 

21 Jan Destiney Pizer ‏@DestineyPizerr 10 days till we get to see baby again !!❤😊👶 

23 Jan Destiney Pizer ‏@DestineyPizerr Finally decided on a boys name !!! 😊💚💙💚💙


Friends report that "Mueller" went through a steady string of 4 or 5 girlfriends for a period of about 18 months before getting involved with Destiney. Readers of our site will remember that Mueller had a French girlfriend who made a video that featured Mueller and other friends who were all underage at the time, drinking in the Roloffs garage. Mueller is about a year younger than Jeremy and Zach.

In addition to being the Roloff friend that has been most frequently on Little People, Big World (many vacations -the BVI's, the Michigan and Mississippi trip, he often accompanied Jeremy to LPA conferences), Mueller is also unquestionably the most controversial friend from the show.

Pretty much every little scandal that Jeremy Roloff had,  Mueller has been involved with. Many of the racial and homophobic comments were between Jeremy and Mueller, the fan insults (most memorable was Mueller calling a big Jeremy Roloff fan a loser B*tch and Mueller was known for mocking smiling fans that posed for pictures with the Roloffs and calling the fans "creepers" with the Roloffs). Mueller and Jeremy were also at the center of the cat tossing activity and some of the other animal videos and stories that some found distasteful and cruel. On the show, he caught viewers attention because of his friendship with Jeremy -- they seemed inseparable with Mueller always tagging along to keep Jeremy company on family vacations and their over-the-top embraces on LPBW when they were reunited.. Mueller was also the subject of Jeremy's graduation speech where the show announced that Mueller had been held back from graduating with the rest of his high school class.

If you want a quick history about Jacob Mueller you can checkout our previous article about him and his history with the Roloffs (more specifically - with Jeremy)

In fairness to Jacob Mueller, because he is often discussed on our blog due to his involvement in many of the controversies, we did extend an open invitation for him to do an interview with Spiritswander so he could explain his side of certain events, but like the Roloffs, Jacob Mueller has never taken us up on the interview invitation.


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Nancy said...

What terrible news! He is far too young and immature to be dad.


Vicky said...

I never liked Mueller. He was always so mean.

He never attempted to apologize or take accountability for any of the things he did.

Susan Coles said...

I don't like Mueller, but this is really sad news. They're both young and now their lives are ruined. And the poor baby has a life of dysfunction ahead of him/her.

On the bright side, maybe this will force Mueller to take responsibility and grow up.

Hopefully they don't just mooch off their parents (since we all know Mueller knows a lot about mooching!).

Christine said...

She said they have the name picked out if it is a boy. Want to bet that a boy would be named Jeremy? Mueller's true love.

Carol said...

Terrible news. I can't think of another person that is less equipped for the responsibility of raising a child than Mueller.

Greg said...

I bet Destiny's parents will end up doing most of the raising of the kid.

Brandon said...

I wonder if Mueller's son or daughter will experience the same unkind treatment that Mueller gives other people?

Honestly, I've always got the sense that Mueller has some deep issues. I get that "he has some dark demon" vibe with him.

Dan did some unkind things too, but overall, he seems like a good person even if I disagree with him about some things. But Mueller...I've always had bad feelings about.

Bonnie said...

It's a shame to see people so young having kids themselves. Mueller is so not ready.

Brandon said...

Christine, lol. You're probably right about Mueller wanting to name the baby Jeremy.

Austin said...

I wonder what John Mark Comer thinks of this. And Jeremy? Mueller won't be as fun now.

Austin said...

I forgot, Mueller is such a typical hypocritical Christian.

Gays are bad because it says so in the Bible.

But it also says something about no sex before marriage. Obviously something Mueller disregarded. But the only thing Mueller takes from it is that gays are bad?

Ashley said...

Wow, am I the only one that finds this surprising?

Is Mueller still living with his parents? Does he have a job yet or was he fired again?

Katie said...

There was absolutely nothing to like about Mueller.

Hopefully Destiny is a nice person and the baby might have a chance of growing into a decent person that is unlike Mueller.

Justin said...

I give the marriage 8 months at the most.

20 year olds getting married because the girl gets pregnant never works in the long run.

Sad for them.

Roxanne said...

I feel really bad for the baby. Mueller is a terrible person. He is SO unkind, nasty and MEAN.

Timothy said...

I guess Mueller didn't read the Bible about marriage before sex.

Laura said...

Poor kid.

Lynn C said...

Gee, it's a hard crowd in here!

How about a congratulations?

People shouldn't be all doom and gloom.

Would Jeremy had been such good friends with Mueller if he was a bad person? Well, I guess that depends on your opinion of Jeremy, but since I like Jeremy, I think that says something favorable about Mueller.

Also, I'm not excusing Mueller for being unkind to fans, but he wasn't being paid for the show. I can understand why he would think fans are annoying.

It doesn't necessarily mean that he treats everybody like he treated fans.

Zee to the Z said...

Ashley, He's working at a carpet place.

Megan said...

Christine, I was going to say the same thing.

Rap541 said...

Lynn, Jeremy is a guy who likes to take photos of himself holding dead animals and pretending to be gay with the father of this blessed child. Forgive me if I am not overwhelmed with *Jeremy's* judgment in making choices.

Neither am I overwhelmed with Mueller having a child because it seems pretty clear the level of thought put into this was "Lets have SEX! Oh gosh, now we're pregnant tee hee isn't that cute?"

Are they married? Were they married before they knocked boots and got knocked up? Does Mueller have a job where he can support himself and a wife and a child? Does he have a job where he can support *himself*?

But hurrah Lynn! Two unmarried Christians had sex out of wedlock! Depending on when they may get married, they may or may not have a bastard :) Yay for Mueller screwing outside of marriage, congrats on knocking someone up! After all, being Christian isn't about doing the right thing, it's about saying "whoops!" and "how dare you judge me!"

But congrats on being thoughtless. You're twenty one and you are a *father* Mueller. Hope you like kids more than you like cats. Lil hint, big boy. You are out of free passes and your childhood is done. Welcome to instant adulthood. You are now financially responsible for another human being.

Samantha said...

Rap, could you be any colder?

Janice said...

Christine, I was thinking the same, Jeremy for the name.

Timothy said...

That would be awkward for Destiny if they named the baby Jeremy.

She must know that she would come 2nd to Jeremy Roloff in Mueller's world.

Leigh said...

The baby explains why they're getting married. I was surprised when someone said that Mueller was getting married.

Natalie said...

I don't like Mueller, but this is really sad news. They're both young and now their lives are ruined. And the poor baby has a life of dysfunction ahead of him/her.

AJ said...

Poor kid. Mueller is an absolute failure as a human being.

Gloria said...

Best wishes to them.

Connie said...

Contrary to what some people say, there are plenty of couples that have kids young and everything works out great.

Rap541 said...

Samantha - am I supposed to be applauding them? For having sex while unmarried? Is that what your church teaches?

I'm sorry, but I am not going to kiss a twenty one year old's ass who still lives with his mom and who doesn't fully support himself for impregnating his girlfriend outside of marriage. Sorry. He's an adult now. He's not a little boy needing grace. He's a man who made a decision to be responsible for a child by having sex. If he didn't put much thought beyond "getting some booty for Jesus" into his choices, well... now, for the next 18 years he can now think about what his consequences are. Like I said, I hope he doesn't treat his kid like he does pet cats, and I really hope he understands that he's on the hook with responsibilities for the rest of his life.

I'm sorry that "he has to be an adult now" is being cold. Maybe if he wanted to continue being a boy playing, he shouldn't have been a man laying with a woman outside of marriage. You feel free to congratulate them for not thinking Samantha... but I really hope you seriously consider how bad of a choice this was.

Rap541 said...

Connie, there are. And to be honest, I hope this is where Mueller grows up and realizes he has to be a man. But lets not pretend that two unmarried people who were dating suddenly finding themselves pregnant was a smart, mature decision.

And lets also not pretend that per his own religious beliefs, Mueller shouldn't have been having sex with someone outside of marriage.

Or is this one of those "sorry Jesus, now everyone applaud that I put my penis in her baby place, I'ma man! Praise me, I've managed to breed!" moments?

Rap541 said...

Connie - I don't think anyone is saying its impossible. You would agree that its not recommended, right?

For two unmarried, one who seems to be in school, one who has a retail position and lives at with a parent? Having a baby is recommended and a good idea?

It's Jesus blessed?

Vic Rattlehead said...

Well what can I say other than this is what white trash does when they screw without a condom and the girl gets pregnant?

Shotgun marriages never last.

Lacey said...

Is MUeller really that bad? Some of you are really harsh!

Jocelynn said...

It looks like for the 834th time, after Spirits posted something, it went private.

I just tried the link.

"@DestineyPizerr's tweets are protected."

I hope Mueller is a better husband/father than he was sidekick on a tv show with just a hint of celebrity, because he wasn't a very good person in that role.

I don't know how anyone can argue that. Bullying, apparent drug and alcohol, throwing was hard to muster up positive feelings for Mueller.

Hopefully this will somehow make him mature into a better person.

Greg said...

Jocelynn, I saw that too right now. It was public last night.

It must suck when you're so ashamed of your wedding and pregnancy that you feel you need to try to keep it hidden.

Susan Coles said...

I hope that if Destiney is reading (I assume she is for her to turn her Twitter private hours after Spiritswander posted this article) she realizes why people dislike Mueller.

It wasn't like people just decided to attack Mueller because he was on tv and they didn't like his appearance.

I was on IMDB back when Jeremy's super fan supporter was there. A quirky but fun girl that loved all things Jeremy.

I remember she messaged some of Jeremy's friends by using their "Send Me A Message" button on their social netork accounts. She messaged them one time asking them questions about Jeremy.

She got mixed results, but as I recall, Mueller was by far the cruelest. I also recall, that he waited about 3 months to reply, just to send a message ridiculing the girl.

If you're going to ignore it, ignore it. But to go back to something 3 months later just to try to crush someone's spirit? That tells you all you need to know about someone's heart.

You can call the girl silly for having a celebrity crush, but imagine how a girl would be devastated to hear absolutely cruel words and personal insults from her idol's best friend.

As that story of Mueller's cruelness became more and more known, a few other friends of Mueller's and Jeremy's even said themselves that kind of response from Mueller was typical.

Unlike Dan Meichtry, Mueller never once apologized or expressed any regret.

Then last summer (or the one before that? I know it was fairly recent) it comes out that Mueller is still ridiculing supportive fans. The young girl at the zoo that posed for a picture with Zach when she saw him because she was a big fan of the show.

What does Mueller do? Post a picture of the picture for the purpose of ridiculing the girl with the Roloffs.

To call Mueller "not nice" is an understatement.

Furthermore, it also gets revealed through pictures that Mueller (and Jeremy) thinks it's funny to throw cats.

Destiney, maybe you think all those people Mueller was cruel towards (including the girl who had the crime of saying "Jeremy is awesome") deserved it or maybe you think that as long as he doesn't say those things to you than it doesn't matter, but it does.

And I'm letting you know part of the reason why he is disliked. Mueller more than anyone, went out of his way to be cruel to people.

When I hear about all of these teen suicides, I picture the tormentor being very similar to Mueller because they are the same type of person.

Anon27 said...

She probably hid her tweets because the people that are bashing on them don't deserve to know what's going in their life. I'm happy for them . Congrats mueller! You guys are going to prove all these ignorant people wrong.

Carol said...

Susan, well said.

The fact that Mueller never apologized or expressed remorse (and then continued the same behavior) showed a great deal about the person he is and his lack of character.

Jason said...

To be fair to Mueller about not accepting the interview, considering that he was the lead moocher off the Roloffs, I don't think it was his decision.

Matt made it clear that he didn't want any friends or family (that's why Jeremy at almost 23 still can't speak for himself) and he certainly didn't want them having anything to do with Spiritswander.

Given that Mueller mooched from the Roloffs, he was in no position to defy Matt by doing something that would go against Matt's orders.

Not that I would have expected much from Mueller in an interview. I don't think he would be capable of faking being likable.

Hillary said...

I know someone that used to go to Faith Bible school for one year and the stories I heard about Mueller as a boyfriend were not good.

I heard that he was the verbally abusive boyfriend type. My friend said that Mueller kind of crazy when his girlfriend dumped him and it was well known that Mueller and Jeremy were into marijuana and getting drunk.

Rachel said...

So this is how Mueller coped with Jeremy's absence?

Mueller has always me given the impression that he is a little bit unstable.

Pamela said...

Poor kid.
Kids that are born to people that aren't ready for the responsibility don't have much of a chance.

Kathy said...

From reading Destiny's twitter page before she turned it private, I gather that her family is wealthy.

She referred to two or three big vacations.

Why am I not surprised that Mueller would go for a girl from a family with money?

Rap541 said...

Anon27, that's right, congrats for screwing outside of marriage, praise Jesus. I wonder, was Mueller "whoopsie Jesus! I'm coming for the Lord!" when he was making this baby with an unmarried girl he was supposed to honor?

I mean, that's the John Mark Comer way, right? You're not having sex outside of marriage because you *honor* women. Right? But "Sorry Jesus! Now lets frak!" is about what I expect of these deeply *Christian* *boys*.

Anon27 - are you planning to get knocked up at 20 too? I mean, you're congratulating these two unmarried adults for violating themselves?

I mean lets not play games, Anon27. If these two weren't your friends, you'd be calling the girl a slut for spreading her legs and getting knocked up as girls who screw anyone other than their husbands are slutty trash. And if Mueller wasn't a bud, you'd be mocking him for how he's screwed his life over. If he can't afford anything now, he sure won't be affording anything after this child is born and he's now got to put his nose to the grindstone for the rest of his life because his first duty now is to *provide for the child*.

This is one reason I don't particularly care for pseudo Christian morality. No one would be defending these people if they weren't buddies. this crowd has proven again and again that they lack empathy for even members of their own circle and then whine and cry when their own stated rules and morals are held against them. Mueller was a dumbass here, he couldn't keep his dick in his pants so lets congratulate him for having no self control. Yay, Mueller is ruled not by reason but by his sexual desire! Congrats, Mueller, you're a thoughtless irresponsible dumbass!

Jack "N" Orry said...


There a psycological term that describes people like Mueller: sociopath.

People like him are basically born without a conscience which allows them to do horrible things to other people all the way up to and including murder.

They tend to see the world and the people around them as things that only serve their personal needs, they care not for the pain and suffering of others and often take great pleasure in the infliction of pain on other people.

He's a monster who actually enjoys being a curel jerk because it brings him pleasure.

Alexa said...

Rap, what did Mueller ever do to you???? You are soooo mean!

You can't even wish them well?

Anon28 said...

Looks like rap just got a little butt hurt. Getting all defensive when the tables turn and he is the one getting bashed in. How does it feel rap??

Proud True North said...

Why are people congratulating Muller for being an irresponsible oaf with his cock?

Call me crazy but I don't think that a lazy selfish irresponsible emotionally arrested sociopathic toad like him should be having kids now or ever.

All the evidence has been laid bare as to the kind of person he truly is and yet people are actually cheering him having a basic understanding of "I use my pee pee to make whoopee with a girl" yet is too dumb to go to the local durgstore and put down ten bucks for a box of Durex condoms.

He's simply not fit to be a father or husband for that matter and if the stories about him being an abusive possessive psychopath are true then Destiny is getting herself into a really bad situation that will almost certainly end very badly.

Her parents should be very worried about her future and the safety of their future grandchild as for Meuller's parents well....stupid people tend to raise stupid kids.

Rich said...

Mueller was by far the least likeable friend that appeared on the show.

Hopefully for the baby's sake, he's a better person in life.

Catherine said...

I wonder what Jeremy thinks of this?

Alicia said...

Poor Destiny (I like her name!). I hope she knows what she's getting into.

Christine said...

A bit off topic from the marriage and pregnancy, but one of her tweets said their plans for the wedding venue fell through. Then she responds "Can't use the barn".

This is the same Mueller that Amy Roloff as referred to as her "5th kid".

The Roloffs supposedly as have a Wedding Business complete with a Wedding barn.

Why is the wedding venue even in question? You would think the Roloffs would give their "5th kid" use of their wedding facilities.


Tiff said...

Jacob is also a gun freak. He went out to buy a lot more guns because he was worried Obama is going to take all his guns away.

Abby said...

Matt's post about teaching Jacob Roloff about condoms makes sense now.

He had probably just found out about Mueller.

Rap541 said...

Anon 28, I'm not butt hurt in the slightest*. I'm genuinely amused by the idea that when it's your buddies, oh my goodness, these kids aren't irresponsible sluts caught with their pants down deserving to hear "She's a slut and he's a slut and neither thought and people who don't think make crappy parents", oh bless us no.

They're your buddies so congrats for ignoring your stated religious beliefs! Forget all the preaching and looking down on any who disagrees with your beliefs, when it's your buddy who knocked up his unmarried girlfriend well... nope, we're not gonna say a harsh word and god bless those healthy kids for what they did! Jesus loves it when his unmarried flock has bastards!

Does it hurt to see your friend bashed for his stupid slutty behavior? Gosh I wonder how all those people, those creepers and randoms and skanks felt when Meuller and his buddies were viciously mocking them. Gosh, I think it was excused then, as good Christian boys having good Christian fun. I'm just treating Mueller and Destiny as Christians do - if that's being butt hurt then I learned it from the DBU who made "being butt hurt" an art. Funny how *butt hurt* people get when their irresponsibility can't be avoided. If Mueller is "butt hurt" by being called an irresponsible idiot who is a boy no longer, then maybe instead of being "butt hurt" Mueller should stop and think about how he ended up an unwed father. Because FYI, I didn't knock his girl friend up, he did.

*Butt hurt is a scat reference and the Roloffs do love the scat, don't they? They and their friends defending them are so deeply fascinated with the anal passage.

Rap541 said...

Alexa - I have nothing but genuine concern for the child here. As for wishing Mueller well, he's made it plain he thinks internet fans should "eff off" and kill themselves. Any thought on Mueller's behavior or why his ill wishing just might not result in internet fans wishing him well?

I really love the mentality here of "Mueller hates you and says vicious mean things all the time to you but if you don't offer him well wishes in response, you're the mean one and he's right to be butt hurt". Seriously Alexa, show me Mueller doing what you expect me to do - ie kiss my ass after I insult him. Then we'll talk. Until then, Mueller dished it out like a champion and I'm not kissing his ass and applauding him for being an irresponsible jerk.

Rap541 said...

Christine - never let be said I can't be fair. It is possible she wasn't referring to the Roloff wedding venue.

With that said, my suspicion about the wedding business all along is that they can't run a commercial business on land zoned for farming without significant permitting but got around it due to the show. If they are "filming a show on the farm" and not charging for the use of the barn then they are technically filming a show and not running a wedding business. Its a cute bit of sleight of hand but if the cameras aren't there, they can't have weddings without dealing with the zoning, neighbor complaints etc.

Teresa said...

The people I feel the worst for are Destiny's parents.

Trust me, when 20 year old's have babies, the "Grandparents" lives change.

It is is basically like they are raising kids again.

Samantha said...

Rap, I will quote Jeremy's twitter for you that Jeremy posted in the last few minutes.

"I may be weak but your Spirits strong in me. My flesh may fail. But my god you never will." Amen

Brandon said...

Samantha, it probably means Jeremy just got done smoking pot or getting hammered and this is Jeremy's "Sorry about that, Jesus" moment.

Anne said...

Way to go Jeremy. Regardless of what some of you might think, it's good to see a young man so focused on God.

Timothy said...

Brandon, you might have been trying for a joke, but I think you were actually right!

His friend just Instagrammed a picture of them hiking in the mountains.

Checkout Jeremy with all the beers.

After a Saturday of drunkeness it's time to do the Jesus quotes on twitter. That's Jeremy's style.

Chris Linton said...

LOL that Brandon was actually right!

"My flesh may fail" means he was having a nasty hangover and puking after downing those 805s.

Rap541 said...

Samantha, yes yes, Jeremy says he loves God and as long he does that, he can do whatever he pleases regardless of how hurtful or hateful or mean it is. Is that being a good Christian to you? As long as you say you're sorry to God and not the people you wrong, you can do whatever the hell you want?

Really, you think that?

You'll forgive me if I don't find Jeremy cherry picking the religious quotes that let him sin and grin as he says "whoopsie Jesus! I dun it again!"

And I trust you, Samantha, look down on people who aren't Christian but also don't cross your legs and say no to your boyfriend - after all, you can screw your boyfriend blind, tell God you're sorry and STILL look down on others, huh? :)

Rap541 said...

Brandon, I think you nailed it. :)

Aiden said...

I will never feel the need to congratulate Mueller for having unprotected sex. Obviously the baby wasn't planned so why congratulate someone for a mistake? I wish the mother and child well because they'll need it.

Pam said...

I find it very hard to find something good to say about Mueller.

Kyle said...

Good point about Matt teaching Jacob how to use a condom because they (probably) had just heard about Mueller's situation.

Suzeth said...

Hopefully Destiny is a nicer person than Mueller and the baby will have a chance.

Denise said...

I'd hate to be that child.

Nancy said...

It says a lot about them that their reaction to this is to go into hiding.

It must be awful to treat people so poorly that you feel you have to hide things like your marriage and a baby.

Rap541 said...

You know, Nancy, on that point I will defend Destiny at least, and to a certain extent Mueller as well.

Destiny, to the best of my knowledge, was never on LPBW. Mueller was, but to be perfectly fair, despite his apparent status as chief hanger-on, he hasn't been on the show since Jeremy went to school. Mueller doesn't like fans, and while I will continue to note he does not need to be viciously cruel about it (ie the way to not make a big deal, Mueller, is to not respond) he also is not required by any reasonable theory, to be a part of the Roloff media show.

Destiny in particular is not required to be a part of the media show surrounding the Roloffs because she's never actually been on the show. If she doesn't want fans of LPBW seeing her twitter and commenting on her poor choices - and I suspect this probably isn't a "Yay! Our little girl is pregnant at 20!" situation in her home to begin with - then I can totally understand her "going into hiding".

I do hope she looks long and hard at what is being said about Mueller, and talks with his former girlfriends, before she commits to him.

Brandon said...

Rap, I disagree with you a bit about Mueller.

I think that if you are benefiting from the Roloff fandom, than you have some obligation not to be a dick to the fans that make it happen.

Mueller didn't get paid for the show, but he, more than any other person that doesn't have the name last name Roloff, benefited. The luxurious vacations, the small trips, the parties, the free clothing (wasn't it Mueller that was always pictured in the free Rockstar gear?) the fun freebies like the riding the mini motorcycles, etc etc etc.

So yeah, I think he has some responsibility not to be an a-hole to people that watch.

That's not even getting into the whole idea of being a decent person, especially for someone that shouts about Jesus like Mueller does.

CindyM said...

"I do hope she looks long and hard at what is being said about Mueller, and talks with his former girlfriends, before she commits to him.`

Rap, unfortunately I`ve never seen one of the friends ever show some objectivity.

The only thing that matters is the Roloffs and said friends.

Everyone else are faceless strangers that are trying to destroy the Roloffs.

I say this because I was on a Facebook discussion page where this topic (Jeremy and Mueller's fan insults) was being discussed.

Someone posted a thoughtful message (although I disagreed) defending Jeremy. His basic point was that the Roloff kids were not prepared or given any guidance in how to deal with fans, therefore they should not be criticized. Everyone's focus should be on building up the self-esteem of Jeremy and the rest of the Roloffs.

Upon taking a quick look at this person's Facebook page, I found that he was a former member of the crew in the earlier seasons of LPBW (I found it interesting if you read between the lines, he was rather critical of Matt and Amy).

He send me private messaged on Facebook. I told him the Puerto Rico girl story and the Jerslund girl story. I tried to get him to understand, how would he feel about the ones that did this kind of thing to his daughter?

Again, he was trying to be respectful, but it didn't penetrate with him, it was basically, that's too bad, but think of the well-being of Jeremy and you're not helping him by criticizing him on the internet (even if you're criticizing people for telling other teenagers to commit suicide).

Friends of the Roloffs or friends of friends of the Roloffs aren't capable of putting the shoe on the other foot.

Rap541 said...

CindyM, I agree that the Roloffs have always taken the stance of "Our children are to be treated as special snowflakes, if they do wrong, oh dear god be silent and take it, and grant those children grace as they are Christians doing the best they can despite the horrible cameras!" when it comes to their precious little ones. If its a fan being told to eff off and kill herself, well, in the words of Matt's moderater, "Words only hurt if you let them" and fans always need to remember that the kids are kids and therefore can't possibly learn how act. So yes, there's always been an arrogance about this topic with the Roloffs, a "Don't anyone dare criticize our children, they are regular kids and we don't dare damage them by suggesting they learn manners and alter their behavior because they have fans now" attitude. (And yes, fans of the Roloffs, this is one of several reasons why the Roloffs tend to get called arrogant - because their kids deserve grace and special handling and the "creepers" are creepers who should eff off and kill themselves and don't deserve common courtesy or sympathy for how they've been treated)

It gets old that the Roloff kids are too precious to hear anything other than aw, you poor put upon dear. They're getting paychecks to do the show, three of them are adults and therefore have some say in being on the show, so they need to own what they say.

With that said, I would class someone like Destiny a little differently in that she's not benifitting from the show in the slightest so there's no reason to chide her for hiding from the unwanted attention (I know that wasn't nancy's point earlier).

Brandon - I take your point about Mueller but I also have to say - Destiny has gotten nothing from the show. SHe's under no obligation at all. And Mueller only nominally.

Rap541 said...

An addendum:

Cynthia, the thing I find most amusing is how some of the defenders of Mueller, all upset that people aren't ignoring his bad behavior, really genuinely seem to think that his prior behavior isn't a concern. He's having a baby so bless him. Forget that he's spent his time delighting in being cruel to fans. Mueller isn't accountable for *that*, oh bless us no, and anyone still complaining is apparently a crybaby whiner.

But.... funny how "You were stupid and irresponsible and now you're an adult and you have to own it" is somehow wrong to say and Mueller must be wellwished and anyone who doesn't say "Mueller did good making a baby out of wedlock" is yup, hating on a boy.

Now the shoe IS on the other foot. Like I said, Mueller ain't a big *boy* anymore. He's a man, and if he's man enough to screw, then he's man enough to hear what a dumbass move it was.

Nancy said...

" (I know that wasn't nancy's point earlier)."

Yes Rap, thank you. I think people misunderstood my point.

I wasn't saying that I think Destiny needs to interact with fans of the LPBW.

My point was more that she's marrying someone who has been such a jerk to people that she feels she needs to hide the major events in her life.

Honestly, I've never understood the point of having a private twitter. When your twitter is private, only your friends that are already following you can see your posts.

If you want to talk to just your friends, use your email. Even Facebook is more private than twitter was designed to be.

kait said...

You can make your Twitter private?!? Well I didn't know that. I thought Jacobs was public because it had to be I didn't know twitter could do private lol. Well then he really has no excuse when people read what he puts on there.
Oh and when I looked at destinys twitter she had a picture of a kitten and said it was cute. Doesn't Mueller kill small animals? Not necessarily kittens but still I hope she keeps him away from all animals considering his history... and maybe the baby too because I don't trust him. He and Jer might throw it at the ceiling and take pics.
Honestly though, Mueller crosses a line with how he treats fans and animals. He's not simply rude he's abusive. Hopefully he's better to his gf and baby.
Why on earth is this wedding not happening at the roloffs? Mueller likes free stuff so why not film it and give him a free venue.

Ashley said...

Kait, yes you can have twitter private or public.

Jacob knows how to do it. He had public. Then he changed it to private for a long time. Then he changed it back to public.

He knows what he's doing, it's not like he doesn't realize it's public.

If you read back far enough you can see him talking about when it was private.

He also told someone that was calling him a whiner for complaining about fans reading his twitter (the fan said Jeremy tweets Jacob and Jeremy asks fans to follow him so of course people are going to find Jacob on twitter) Jacob's response was it doesn't matter if he tweets with Jeremy because anyone can find him on twitter by searching "Jacob Roloff".

Jacob knows his twitter is public and has switched it from private to public and back and back again several times.

Ashley said...

Kait, I forgot, I agree with you about Mueller and the wedding.

I'm wondering if or why it's not being filmed for the Roloffs "specials".

They obviously need material! Doing a Mueller wedding would allow them, for the 100th time to talk about how the kids are growing up....

Christine said...

I think the best story about karma that I've heard was that some people wrote the gym that Mueller was working at and threatened to boycott all of their locations because they employed an animal abuser and attached the picture of the cat tossing. Not long after that, Mueller was not working at the gym anymore. I don't know how much of a factor that had, but it was nice lesson in karma. I have no doubt that when Mueller was being a bully and trying to be as mean as possible to fans that he thought there would be no consequences for himself.

Aiden said...

Hasn't it also be talked about that Mueller did steroids. Him talking about 'cycles' and the such. Could definitely be/have been a factor in all his issues. (also a reason for him to being able to work at the gym?) Just speculating as most of us here are.

Carissa said...

I think what's sad is that everyone here is being just as nasty and unchristian by the things they've said. God judges his children, we don't. If he made a mistake that's his business and at least he's taking the responsibility. everyone made mistakes when they were kids. everyone. but thats how kids learn and evolve. people make dumb decisions throughout their life but it's those who step up that are above the rest. I bet every single person who said something nasty about them knows someone close who has had the same thing happen. would u have called them filthy names and challenge who they are as a person? and in this case, you only see one side of the for thought: the media will show what causes drama, what will make the public react. and you fell in to that trap. you don't know them personally, and you don't know that Destiny is one of the sweetest, kind-hearted people I know. or that Jacob cares for her and his unborn child more than anything in the world. they are young, they have a lot of learning and growing up to do, but despite all the nasty words you say, they are doing it. saying hurtful things doesn't change what's happening. doesn't change the fact that these kids need advice and support before criticism. you people are horrible for wishing such negative things. I hope someone judges you as harshly as youve judged them and makes it public do you can feel as misunderstood and judged as they do. I love them dearly.
I see no dignity, Christianity, or forgiveness in your words. just hate.

Brandon said...

Carissa, you said

"If he (Mueller) made a mistake that's his business"

Oh really? So if someone ridicules a girl and tells her she has no friends and should kill herself after she called said person's friend "awesome", you have no opinion of that person?

You just stay silent when that happens, have no opinion of the person and never speak up and say the person was being a jerk?

I sincerely doubt that's how you would react.

How do "kids" learn if people never call them out on their nasty behavior?

By the way, Mueller is now what? 21 or 22? And he's still never done anything to acknowledge that he realizes what he did was wrong (if you want an example, I refer to you Spirits interview with Daniel Meichtry). That's someone who had the courage to look at his past actions and say he regretted it, realized why he was wrong and apologized.

Jeremy and Mueller have never done that, but people like you just wanted everyone to shut up, never say anything against them and never expect anything from them, any sign that they're remorseful or even realize what they did was wrong. Because they sure haven't done one thing to show that.

Jocelynn said...

@Carissa, I think you're wrong about the "media" as it relates to Mueller.

As for LPBW, most people here are clued in as to what goes on. Chris Cardamone was in charge of filming for a number of years. Matt and Amy Roloff also were executive producers. Do you really want to talk about bias in how Jeremy and Mueller were portrayed? Rap once put together a nice column about all the true events that LPBW has kept off the air about the Roloffs.

Besides, the things people are judging Mueller about are real things he has done, nothing edited from the show.

He's judged for how he acted on his social media accounts. He's judged for sending cruel messages to supportive fans. He's judged for throwing cats.

Bonnie said...


I think what people are saying is that they shouldn't be congratulated.

Also you have to understand that you get back what you give out. Mueller has been Jerk with a capital J to fans. You can't expect people to pour out well wishes for someone who has been a jerk to people year after year.

Carol said...

Carissa, you are right that (unfortunately) this is not rare and I do know someone close to me (my best friend's son) who got himself into a similar situation.

Girlfriend got pregnant when he was 18, she was 19. They got married. Had 2 more kids. HE sold knives, sold cars, before actually landing a very lucrative sales job.

They actually did well until they got divorced after 10 years.

However, he would tell you that it was the biggest mistake of his life.

I don't like Mueller for all the reasons people have laid out here, but I wish Destiney and the baby well. But it's not going to be easy and I'm very, very skeptical of Mueller's ability to be a responsible father or a good husband.

Greg said...

"I hope someone judges you as harshly as you've judged them"

Carissa, you're doing the exact same thing as we've done.

You're not exactly spreading love with that statement.

You're being unkind to people that you think were unkind.

Well, Mueller has been viciously unkind to people. You reap what you sow.

Carly said...

Wasn't it said not too long ago that Destiny got Baptized a few months ago at Solid Rock to please Mueller?

I see all the signs that Mueller could be an obsessive, abusive boyfriend/husband. I bet he's very controlling.

For Destiny's sake, I hope I'm wrong about Mueller.

Kylie said...

I find it interesting that Matt and Amy haven't announced this on their Facebooks.

They've posted about Mueller before.

Carissa said...

for the suicide situation: that hits close to home for reasons I'm not willing to share with strangers. but everyone should have someone to stick up for them.

as far as the skepticism of Jacob being a father because of past actions, I do think that's fair and justified. but don't think that these young adults didn't have a moment of oh crap but both are making the best of the situation. They were also talking about marriage long before the pregnancy. Jacob has been through and done a lot. His friends had made it very clear of their disapproval and have them their two cents. while I do believe it's alright to scold someone for poor decisions, I do not believe its okay to, in a way, victimize these young people when they are trying to step up. they would never tell their friends to get pregnant or get married super young. they are doing what they've wanted to do, only now it looks as though it's being done because of this child. everyone is entitled to their opinion, but you should see the hurt that you've caused by your words. they have received your point and now you're only doing damage.

Danielle said...

fyi: Zach Roloff is one of the people Carissa is talking about.

"His friends had made it very clear of their disapproval and have them their two cents"

Carissa said...

I wasn't saying anything with a vicious tone. it was more of a 'put yourself in their shoes' situation than a literal 'be judged, be humiliated, etc.' situation. I don't wish bad things on people I know or people in general. sorry for that misunderstanding.

Carissa said...

You are wrong. He's not like that at all. He treats her like a princess.

Jocelynn said...

Carissa, I respect and admire that you seem to care for Destiny and Mueller a lot.

I think you make some fair points.

But again, you have to understand, a lot of people have grown very tired and quite frankly are sick of the rule that only Roloffs and their friends matter.

If you had followed the subjects over the years as they come up, it's very clear that's the approach. Roloffs and their friends are to be treated one way, but they don't think they are expected to treat others the same way. That's become very clear over the years.

Mueller has never done one thing over the years that someone can point to as being nice.

Mueller wanted to be nasty to people. Like Susan said, even friends of Mueller admitted after the Jerslundgirl incident (the girl that was told to F off ugly b*tch and commit suicide by Mueller and some of the other friends) that kind of thing was IN character for Mueller and the type of thing he does because he liked being mean to fans.

You can't really expect people to bite their lip now.

Abby said...

How long were they dating before this?

Carissa said...

You don't know who I'm talking about or what I was referencing to. their friends have been supportive and happy for them.

Zee to the Z said...

"they are doing what they've wanted to do, only now it looks as though it's being done because of this child."

Carissa, to be honest though, Mueller had talked like that to 3 of the previous 4 girlfriends before Destiney....

He's one of those people that dates someone for 10 days and says they are the greatest girl in the history of the world and he wants to spend his life with.....

Then they break up and he dates the next girl and repeat the same thing.

In fairness, Dan was the same way and he did end up marrying his girlfriend, but that kind of thing does get mocked.

Megan said...

Carissa, you're contradicting yourself. Which is it?

You said:

"His friends had made it very clear of their disapproval and have them their two cents."

Then you said:

"their friends have been supportive and happy for them.

Which is it?

Danielle said...

I know what Zach thinks and has said about this situation, Carissa.

Mueller got mad at him because he said Zach was judging him.

Ellen said...

This is NOT good news.

I've always felt that Mueller was a bad influence on Jeremy and one of the worst parenting decisions Matt and Amy made was not banning Mueller from the home. Not only did they not do that, they gave him an open door!

Guess what? Jacob Roloff then idolizes Mueller.

Guess what? Jacob Roloff does as bad in school as Jacob Mueller did.

Guess what? Jacob Roloff is as mouthy and rude as Jacob Mueller was.

It's not surprising to see what is happening.

A good parent would have seen the problem and put their foot down.

And now Jacob Mueller is going to be a parent himself? That's a shame.

Zee to the Z said...

Carly, Mueller was awful to his ex girlfriend Chelsea.

Her friends encouraged her to break up with Mueller because they could see all the signs of him being obsessive and he would belittle her. When she finally did dump Mueller, he did not handle it well. People are right about him.

Chelsea was the girl in some of his you tube videos

M said...

Well that's interesting. I'll wish them well, hope that what we all are feeling is wrong, they can make it work and be happy. A child sure changes a lot!

Wonder if they'll get married on "the wedding farm".

Also did that get picked up for more episodes? Just wondering.

Rap541 said...

"I think what's sad is that everyone here is being just as nasty and unchristian by the things they've said."

Actually, being nasty and judgmental is Christian behavior. I am absolutely certain, if your pal Mueller had a casual, not close friend mention how he was getting married at 20-21 because he'd gotten his girlfriend pregnant that Mueller would laugh, call the girl a slut, call the casual friend dumb, and make some judgmental comment about God.

If Mueller "makes a mistake" as you put it - to a point, I agree its his business. But now the mistake is a *child*. That means yes, Mueller is going to hear a lot of comments along the line of "You were man enough to screw your girlfriend, now its time to stop crying about how you're a child, be a man, and own your mistakes - including this child you've made." Because his "mistake" in Destiny's growing belly isn't going away.

Would I be kinder if Jacob Mueller didn't get his jollies being hateful? Maybe. I think Mueller has had the nasty hateful behavior excused due to his supposed difficult past a few too many times to where I don't really care how awful it's been for him. A lot of people rise above a terrible past, and don't use it as an excuse to be nasty.

Don't like the Christian judgement?

Hmm for years I have seen Christians come here and cry out "You're Jesus Haters! Name calling is unchristian! Judging is hating but I can judge you a hater because I walk with Jesus!"

Since I am utterly certain some of these people are people in Mueller's circle - I'd really like to know what banging the girlfriend outside of marriage is in the Christian world. Wait, I do know how that's viewed. Don't you, Carissa? Gosh, at last check, I am absolutely certain that Mueller loves a church that kinda frowns on knocking up the unwed girls. I'm curious why your judgment is acceptable to you and apparently is righteous, but people judging Mueller and Destiny on a very legit point is somehow very wrong and we should all ignore the teachings of the church and just wish these two thoughtless kids well.

"I hope someone judges you as harshly as you've judged them"

I suppose pointing out that you are being unkind isn't going to get through. How about this.

"I hope you get what you want for us right back, only twice as hard".

Oh wait, I bet you're going to cry about how hateful that is and ignore how you yourself were illwishing. After all, the important this is that Mueller gets a free pass to be hateful from his buddies but also gets to be the martyred victim. Poor poor Mueller, he was thoughtless but bless him for screwing outside of marriage.

Yeah, I feel sorry for the baby, and for the grandparents who are going to shell out a ton of cash supporting this baby.

kait said...

I have to say I wouldn't put it past Matt to have this filmed for a special then he can spin it to fans on FB as "one of our kids is getting married!Watch to find out who!"

Rap541 said...

"His basic point was that the Roloff kids were not prepared or given any guidance in how to deal with fans, therefore they should not be criticized."

Btw can I just say how this stopped being an excuse for the rude behavior in 2008 at best?

As a charitable person, I understand if a show is a sudden unexpected hit, and the kids and family weren't expecting the popularity. I really do. In 2006. Maybe 2007. But two years in, and commercials prating about your hit show?

Matt, Amy, its called parenting and if you continued to give your children absolutely no guidance or preperation in how to deal with fans, you are bad parents. Seriously. Part of *being a parent* is preparing your children for what life throws at them. You as parents intentionally displayed your children on tv. If your story is "Our kids have been given NO guidance in how to deal with fans, they are not prepared, so excuse them" - then YOU as parents are a HUGE part of the problem. No, if you know and knew in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and now 2013, that you would continue to display your children on tv, guess what? DO SOME PARENTING! Give them some guidance! Stop shrugging and saying "they just don't understand after being on tv from 2005 until now that they can't crap on fans, oh how dare you not understand their lack of guidance!" - if they haven't been given any guidance on how to act... its YOUR FAULT!. Crew/friends of the family? Stop bitching at the fans about how the Roloffs haven't guided the kids so take their rudeness and abuse, and man up and sit Matt and Amy down and explain "YOUR KIDS ARE BEING CALLED RUDE BECAUSE YOU HAVE GIVEN THEM NO GUIDANCE".

Seriously. They've been on tv for years. If Matt and Amy haven't given any guidance to the kids at this point on how to act with fans, then its obvious that Matt and Amy really don't give a damn how the kids treat fans.

Jocelynn said...

I've heard friends of Mueller throw around the description "He had a hard life" or a "troubled home life" but I've never heard specifics.

Does anyone know?

Kristi said...

Jocelynn, Mueller's father wasn't around much and his family wasn't as rich as the rest of his friends.

Because of money, his family couldn't send him to Faith Bible to start high school.

Mueller got mad because Jeremy and the rest of his friends were at Faith. Some of the parents and people at school put together some of their own money to let Mueller go back to Faith.

He had already missed a lot of credits because of all his skipping classes. That's why he was behind and wasn't legally allowed to graduate with Jeremy and the rest of the class you saw on the show.

Timothy said...

Kristi, that's very interesting. It's amazing to see the similarities between Jacob Mueller and Jacob Roloff (except for 'the family not having enough money part').

Austin said...

I find it ironic, that homophobe Mueller, the one that was quick to call someone a "f*ggot and loved "mocking" gay people by posing with Jeremy and liked hearing those sermons about how gay people are destroying God's plan, goes on to break another really big rule "of God".

Nothing like hypocritical Christians.

Angela said...

I wonder if Mueller and Destiny even realize what this really means?

When Destiny's twitter was public when I saw it, she seemed excited more than anything.

Mueller probably just things it's cool that he's going to get a big bachelor party from the DBU and a party for the wedding.

I agree that Destiny's parents are going to be the ones that are most responsible for the baby.

Jackie said...

I think people could be more kind and give some credit.

Mueller had a lot of different jobs apparently, but now is keeping with one job.

Destiny's twitter had mentioned an apartment they had or were looking at for the future.

If they're saving and already are getting their plans together that shows that they are trying to step up and don't just want to rely on their parents.

Maggie said...

It's very possible that Mueller's friends have been judgmental because Mueller has been very judgmental to many of his friends.

Aiden said...

I'll restate my point about Mueller having most likely done steroids and maybe thats the root of many of his issues. I think it got lost in the shuffle of Carissa trolling everyone.

Megan said...

Aiden, I think Mueller's problems are self-made, can't all be blamed on possible steroids.

Peter said...

Is it true Mueller wants to name the baby "James Jeremy"?

Darlene said...

I haven't heard anyone else suggest this yet.

Is an abortion still an option? I hope they are considering it. It may be for the best in the long run.

Here are a list of abortion clinics in the Portland area:!service=abortion

Jason said...

How involved will Jeremy be with the baby?

Jeremy should be finished at Brooks in California by the time the baby is born.

Maybe Mueller will push Destiny out of the picture and they'll try to secure that long awaited spin off show that C. Cardamone has been waiting 5 years for.

Mueller, Jeremy, Zach and the baby move into together? Will the baby get fed?? Tune in to find out. Sounds right up TLC's alley and Mueller can continue is way of mooching off of freebies.

Brandon said...

Darlene, I HIGHLY doubt that they've ever considered abortion.

Obviously, they don't follow everything from the Bible or instructions from their Church, but the type of Christian that Mueller is?

Usually the only thing they take from the Bible is that 1. Gay people are evil and destructive towards civilization. 2 Abortion is murder.

That basically makes a person Christian as long as they have that belief on those two issues.

Eric P said...

She is 20.

Eric P said...

They have been dating for a little over a year.

Jim W said...

This is unfortunate news. Mueller is the victim in this.

If it is true about him not having a male influence in his life, that's what I blame on this. That and liberal political correctness.

Young guys need to be told the truth about women and how devious they will be. Too many people won't tell them the truth because they are afraid of being branded a sexist by liberals.

Girls look for a guy they like and then they try to trap them. Their man supports them and then baby and they don't need to do anything for the rest of their lives in their fairy tale vision of the future.

I warned people that Jeremy should be leery of Kirsten because she was exhibiting all the signs. Fortunately, Jeremy had Matt in his life to warn him.

That's what girls do, like it or not, PC or not, it's the truth.

Look at the small world of the kids on the show.

Quick research tells me results that I'd expect to see.

The clingy girl that was all over Jeremy on the cruise? Pregnant by the next guy she could get.

Scott's ex girlfriend? Pregnant by the next guy she could find.

Now Mueller got trapped. That's the tragedy in this. That Mueller didn't have anyone honest enough to warn him the lengths girls will go to sink their claws in. I know from personal experience. It's always sad to see it happen to another young guy.

Kim said...

Amy has been very spiritual lately. It's possible they didn't rush to let them use their property because they don't approve.

Rap541 said...

Nonsense Jim. I'm sorry that you had a bad experience, I really am, but at the end of the day, Mueller could have decided to NOT HAVE SEX. He's not claiming to be forced, he's not claiming to be raped. He could have decided to get out of the girl's bed. He could have had some self control. Oh boo hoo he got hard and *couldn't stop himself* from ejaculating into her... BS. Unless he was screaming "I'm being raped, stop stop!" he was a willing participant. He's also an adult. Let me explain what that means, Jim. Once a boy turns 18, he's responsible for where he puts his pecker. He's also deemed old enough by society to understand what his pecker does. Girls don't get pregnant by themselves. If Mueller doesn't know where babies come from, then maybe he does need a keeper to stop him from dropping his pants and playing sexy games he isn't mentally competant to understand.

However, I have a pretty good idea that Mueller knew that if he puts his penis in a vagina and ejaculates sperm, that the sperm can find an egg and make a baby. Therefore part of his responsibility as a *man* is to carefully consider who he is nailing. So please remember when you decide to slut shame the dirty whores who spread their legs, that you're the one who got down and did the spreading, Jim. If your woman was a slut who just wanted to screw you to use you, you picked her. So get down off the cross and remember that girls can only be entrapping sluts if boys don't care who they screw as long as they get some.

Jim W said...

Cut the crap, Rap.

The fact is, because guys aren't warned about how devious girls are, they don't anticipate the girl trapping them.

That's what happens. It can be "I'm on the pill" or whatever. When a young guy loves a girl, he isn't thinking that these witch's main goal is to get pregnant because she thinks she will have a free ride in life.

Rap541 said...

Cut the crap, Jim. If a young guy doesn't consider the possibility because he's "in love", then he's thinking with his other brain. Who's fault is that? According to you, the dirty slut. The young guy wasn't thinking and therefore isn't responsible for his own actions.


I don't deny there's women out there who sink to such schemes, but I'm tired of hearing how all these poor lost boys just can't possibly think in the heat of the moment. Lets stop the "I was in love so I didn't think so I'm the victim!" thinking right now because all it does is define men as morons who can't be trusted to be responsible.

Is that your point, Jim? That men can't be trusted to think once the hormones start running? I'm guessing no, since you're whining for me to cut the crap. Take ownership for your own behavior or own the fact that you're describing your sex as "can't be trusted to make decisions because of hormones".

Kelsey said...

I know that when I went to Faith Bible it was well known that girls would just date Mueller because that of the Roloffs tv show. Dating one of Jeremy's friends meant that they would be invited to all the parties.

Mueller was very aware that girls would want to date him because he was Jeremy's friend.

I don't know if that was a factor for Destiney or not.

Kyle said...

Ha. Jim you're hilarious! But seriously, we're not talking about some 15yo. Mueller is plenty old enough to know to wrap it up, no matter what, or have to deal with the consequences. Don't you think he would've seen all around him the examples you listed and learned from them?

You can think it was some devious female liberal ploy (and that Obama is Kenyan) but if you are going to troll be less of a bull in a china shop.

kitten Has claws said...

Rap...your comments just crack me up and i agree with you. I sure do feel sorry for the baby. Hopefully Mulehead wont toss him/her Up in the air. Ughhh...The End=The Best.

K_Fire said...

This whole chain of comments is so incredibly sad. Jacob's girlfriend Destiney, happens to be one of my best friends. I actually just got home an hour ago from hanging out with her. I will tell you what I do not know, followed by what I do know.

What I do not know is what happened on the show regarding Jacob. I have watched a total of 5 episodes TOPS of LPBW. From reading these comments, I can at least gather the PERCEPTION that people may have gained from watching Jacob on the show, but honestly, I don't need to watch any more episodes to try and "see where you all are coming from." Why? Because I live my life based on what I see in front of me, not from what I see on a television screen. I don't feel the need to watch a reality tv show, to somehow try and trick my brain into thinking a perfectly good person is a terrible, homophobic, racist, rude person. And please don't try and pull the "You have no say in this conversation because you never saw him on the show" bullshit. How many times have you said something behind ones back, or had a "foot in your mouth" moment, or done something you aren't proud of? I know I can count MANY times for myself, and I am just lucky that those things I said and did weren't televised. Unfortunately, people in reality tv don't get as lucky, but it's only the people on blogs like this with no lives, that actually take reality tv seriously and make assumptions based on what the network decided to put in the show for "viewing pleasure."

What I do know is this: I know that when I met Jacob, I had no idea he was ever part of a reality show, and after I found out, that didn't change my perception of him whatsover. And no, I didn't immediately go watch a bunch of episodes to see how he acted on screen. Why would I? He left a great impression on me, and still does to this day. As far as Jacob and Destiney's relationship is concerned, I know that they are perfect for each other. They are mature, have both feet on the ground, and have nothing but unconditional love for one another. None of you would know this, because you haven't spent one minute of your life in front of these people you so freely judge.

I assume the comments on here regarding Christianity are from Christians themselves? Here's soemthing to think about: You say that them having a baby is such a sin and "they should've known better" and "sex before marriage is condemned by God." Well, being a Christian myself, I have read the Bible enough times to know that it is specifically written in the Bible that no sin is greater than the next sin. What that means is that while Destiney and Jacob had premarital sex, your envy towards another person, judgement toward what someone was wearing, that white lie you told, that night you god drunk, that cuss word that slipped out of your mouth, that poker game you played, that entire bag of chips you ate past being full, or that lust you had for another is COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY EQUAL. Anyone who really knows God's Word knows this.

If your parents had you out of wedlock, would you say that you are a mistake, or worse, a SIN? This unborn child inside of Destiney is coming into this world via miracle. God creates life; God created this life, and all of our lives for a reason and for a genuine purpose. Think about that for a second, before you cast judgement on these two individuals trying to go about their lives as a happy couple in love.

I am so incredibly excited to see what the future holds for Jacob and Des, and they both know they have my full support :)

And I just went over baby names with Destiney. Y'all seriously crack me up with your stupidity.

Greg said...

KFire, convenient.

First you try to discount anything negative about Mueller from the show by saying you didn't see it so can't discuss and if there was something negative, you can't judge from a tv show.

But if you read this chain of comments, you'll see most people don't put stock in how Mueller was portrayed on the show because the show has an agenda to make the Roloffs likable. Chris Cardamone was in charge and he calls Mueller one of "his boys". Matt and Amy are frigging executive producers and according to them, have total final say in how people are portrayed.

The things Mueller is judged on is by things he has ACTUALLY done on his own. His actions, his words, his behaviors. Pictures of him mistreating animals. Copies of messages of him bullying fans of Jeremy.

kait said...

Exactly like Greg said.
People on here aren't making an opinion of Mueller based on the show. The cat tossing, underage drinking, homophobic behavior etc is all stuff Mueller puts out for the world to see on his own. It isn't on the show.
Kfire, your defending Mueller by saying he had a "foot in the mouth" moment? OK, maybe but if that's the case he should grow up ad apologize. He hasn't. I doubt he ever will. That shows he lacks the maturity and understanding he needs to properly raise a child. A mature adult would admit their mistakes, apologize, and do their best to not repeat the behavior. Especially a Christian. Sins happen but making the choice to continue the behavior and never apologize is not acceptable christian behavior.
And the argument of "you don't know Mueller so you can't judge him" won't work here because we do know the hurtful things he has said to fans and he never admitted that that was wrong. I don't know him personally so I can't attest to his overall character but I do know he's been awfully rude without accepting responsibility for his actions.

Rap541 said...

K-Fire, you're perfectly free to like Mueller. Since you claim to have access, ask him if it's true that he and Jeremy stand up for Christ by taking pictures of themselves pretending to be gay. Also ask him if he does think fans of the show should "eff off" and kill themselves and does he think it's nice to call teenage girls f'n bitches for saying they like his friend?

I'm not a Christian, but Jacob Mueller has been very out and proud about the fact that he is a Christian and he walks with Jesus and John Mark Comer. Maybe he'll take you to one of the youth groups. Or perhaps he'll show you some of the videos where his pastor makes it pretty clear that Jacob's Lord and Savior thinks having premarital sex is disrespectful. You also might want to ask him if he still likes to have himself photographed holding dead animals.

Do I think having a baby out of wedlock is a sin? Nope. But I don't attend a church that says premarital sex is wrong. That's your buddy Mueller. Love is a great thing but it doesn't support a child. Is Mueller currently supporting himself? Because soon enough he will need to financially support himself and at least one other person. You'll forgive us for not applauding a stupid guy making a stupid choice that's bound to financially impact himself, his girlfriend, her parents, and his parents and their families. If you want to throw your buddies a party for being thoughtless and yes, selfish in their choices, feel free. I'm absolutely willing to bet nine months from now, you won't be so supportive if they need to borrow money from you.

That's before I get into what I have heard from his previous girlfriends but you're his buddy so you're probably going to say all talk about him being a controlling jerk is lies from his ex. I hope Destiny is at least paying attention to that if nothing else.

Sorry, but not applauding the kids for their awesome life choices when they're not even fully supporting themselves and decide to bring another life into the world.

Vic Rattlehead said...


A snake can shed its skin but its still a snake.

tml said...

typical christian, pick and choose from the bible what they want to believe in. its either believe all or not at all, or you're just a hypocrite

Rap541 said...

Hey, am I the only one finding it... interesting that Jeremy hasn't made any public "Congrats!!" about his BFF since kindergarten not only becoming a father but getting engaged to the love of his life?

No public comment from Matt and Amy,wishing these two young adults well either... but people Mueller has namecalled have to congratulate him or face public scorn... Interesting.

traci50 said...

Kfire: please go back and actually read your bible instead of spouting off bad theology. All sins are only equal in the sense that any sin cuts us off from God. If all sins were absolutely equal beyond that, there wouldnt be different punishment listed in the bible for different behaviors. Not to mention that we, having been created by God and in His image, have an instinctive understanding that stealing a loaf of bread is not the same thing as going into a school and killing young children. Where do we get a sense of justice if not from God? We are supposed to be setting a good example by being as Christlike as possible, not saying, "doesnt matter what we do....everyone is equally imperfect. It doesnt matter if we behave exactly like non Christians, or even worse (though I guess worse doesnt exist in your world?)"!

Getting off my soapbox, now. I came on the board to see what happened to the Roloff lawsuit and found myself wanting to apologize to all the nonbelievers out there.

Anonymous said...

I would like to just ask everyone:

Say what you want of Mueller and Destiny. But please refrain from saying things that are negative towards the baby, such as saying it will have a horrible life, it might be raised stupid because who its parents are, etc. The baby is unborn and completely innocent and hasn't seen or done a single thing in this world. It is completely unfair and not right to say anything about an unborn child.

Rap541 said...

Traci - no need to apologize. I don't think the Christian crew surrounding the Roloffs in general have a very strong idea of what their faith entails.

Its all fine and good to say you're sorry to God but the attitude seems to be "I said I was sorry to Jesus, Jesus loves me with all my faults so screw you, I ain't apologizing for anything, I'm right with the Lord, and thats all that matters. You can go screw for all I care!"

That, btw is what I take away from Jeremy's many pithy Bible comments and quotes - He's walking with Jesus so he can walk on whoever he pleases, as God forgives him no matter what he does. Which makes this faith easy peasy - you don't actually have to try to act Christlike, even though if you read the Bible and actually understand what its saying, you're kinda *supposed to at least try* and it's not supposed to be a "ha HA, I've sinned but I've said sorry to Jesus so anyone who doesn't immediately forgive and forget is WRONG as I am now blameless as a babe walking hand in hand with God".

No, it doesn't work that way - you're actually supposed to feel bad about sinning and you're not supposed to use God's forgiveness as a way to get yourself off the hook for doing wrong.

After a while the screw you, I apologized to God so I don't have to apologize to the people I wronged attitude comes off as a cop out and a way to avoid taking responsibility for your actions. I'm no theologian, but I don't think God is handing out his forgiveness purely so you can avoid apologizing to the people you wrong.

And I suspect Mueller and Destiny probably don't like feeling themselves on the back end of this. As in, I called Mueller an irresponsible idiot thinking with his pecker but I apologized to God so Mueller needs to accept that I am walking with Jesus and if he's butt hurt, yeah well, God forgave me, I don't need Mueller's forgiveness.

See how "God forgives me so screw you" isn't as fun when you're on the screw you side of the equation?

Christine said...

Anon @ 11:46pm, I don't know anything about Destiney, but I know Mueller is an unkind person - a person that goes out of his way to bully and mock others for his enjoyment. He also likes torment and animals. He's never apologized, acknowledged that the behavior is wrong or shown any remorse or accountability.

There's nothing wrong with people saying they feel sorry for the baby.

BeckyM said...

I actually want to write that I wish the baby well. Hopefully, the young mother has an extended family network who can help her through this time in her life. Whether she stays with Mueller, or not, I don' really care. Just wishing the best outcome for this new life.

Anyone who thinks this would make a Roloff wedding special must not understand the realness of Reality TV.... the Roloffs have a "pure" image to protect. They are not going to film a pregnant bride marrying a friend of their oldest son (who they wish to keep immature for the cameras). Please people think it through!

Timothy said...

Becky, you're giving the show too much credit. They could easily show stuff about Mueller (I don't think they will because they rarely acknowledge Mueller - I think they've only identified him because viewers wonder who the kid was that Jeremy always is with).

They would just make it sound like Mueller and Destiney have been together for a while and are high school sweethearts starting a family. There's no honesty. They wouldn't need to introduce it as uh oh, Jeremy's homophobic cat abusing friend got pregant with his girlfriend of about a year and now are getting married before the baby is born.

Rap541 said...

Timothy, the only real problem with concealing the pregnancy is that they would have to get married now in order to avoid it being obvious that the bride pregnant. As it is, either they are waiting to have the wedding after the baby is born or Destiny will be clearly showing.

No, Jeremy's friend would never be introduced as a homophobe who likes to take pictures of himself holding dead animals, but unlike say, wedding participants who AREN'T close friends of the family, even hard core fans might question various Roloffs on how they support Mueller in this and what their opinion is.

And because Matt and Amy like to straddle both sides without taking a stand, there's really no answer they can give that isn't going to anger some of their fans.

On an aside tho, with the twins turning 23 in a few months there's only so much pandering to their being "boys" left.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

What was Destiney writing about on her Twitter when she said, "We can't use the barn"?

Timothy said...

Podge, now Destiney is obviously aware (by making her twitter private) of this piece by Spiritswander so you're not going to get a straight answer from her. But obviously the original plan was to use *a* barn for the wedding. Then something cancelled those plans.

Was the *wedding barn* as the venue the Roloffs wedding barn or another wedding barn? We're not going to get the answer now, but I wonder how many wedding barns Mueller and Destiney know of and were planning on using.

Rap, according to Destiney's twitter, the wedding is May and the due date is July. She's going to be 7 months pregnant for the wedding. You're right, people will know she's pregant, but they still wouldn't present it like that on the show. They aren't going to say it was an unexpected pregnancy, or tell how long (or not long) they had been dating, or let anyone know that Mueller had a girlfriend a few months before Destiney that he was calling the greatest girl in the world or allude to any questions about whether they are financially ready to start a family without mooching off of parents.

They could just present it as Mueller and the love of his life are getting married and starting a family...the "kids" and their friends are growing up, etc.

Rap541 said...

Timothy, I get you. I agree, the show would never suggest that there was something wrong - at least one of the wedding couples on the show was clearly a couple who had lived "in sin" for some time.

However, those couples, and "fifth child and close friend of the family" are two different things. Matt and Amy have made a point of portraying themselves perhaps a bit more conservative than they actually are - there's a reason that a relatively mild comment by Matt about J-Lo's butt has some of his followers being a tad judgy about the "vulgarity".

So Jeremy's best friend, Amy's extra kid, Mueller shows up with his *pregnant* girlfriend - that isn't the same as some paying customer and certain subsets of the fandom will ask questions and have opinions. Opinions that probably aren't going to be "Matt and Amy, tell us how proud you are that your fifth kid is getting married".

Also, and I had this discussion with someone recently - I genuinely see nothing wrong with Matt and Amy not providing a free wedding venue. You know what? Mueller isn't their kid, and Destiny isn't their daughter. There's letting Mueller spend the night with your sons, and feeding him meals, and then there's paying for his wedding. While I don't see the barn venue as high end, it still clearly costs time and money prepping it. That's a hell of a favor to ask, and its not like Mueller doesn't have parents. Maybe it's time his parents shelled out for his mistakes. Or hey, rumor has it Destiny's parents aren't poor, and traditionally the bride's parents are on the hook for the wedding. Personally, because of who I am and my personality, I'm not into the giant celebratory party concept anyway so my suggestion won't go over well but here goes. You don't have to have a big wedding to be married, and if cost is a concern, and it should be with a baby on the way, just go down to the justice of the peace and have it done and put all the money you'd spend on the wedding into setting up your new home together. Have a housewarming party if you want a bit of a gift grab from your pals. There's no shame in not having a fancy big wedding.

BeckyM said...

Timothy - since Mueller has been on the show they can't present the Mueller couple as someone unknown. Being on the show, shown as a friend to Jeremy, with a very obviously pregnant bride I don't think is what TLC and the Roloffs want to present as friends of the family.

The other situation to keep in mind is that ratings rise the Wedding Roloff show didn't pull in much in the ratings dept. How many of those eps will be filmed in the future is highly doubtful to begin with. JMO of course :)

I don't see these as kids having kids. They are both over 20 right? Well out of high school. These aren't Pregnant at 16 or Teen Mom.

Brittany said...

The best thing for the baby would be for Destiny to let/ask her parents to raise the baby and keep J. Mueller out of the baby's life.

If she doesn't do that now, she will in 3 years, guaranteed.

Megan said...

Oh if that was the Roloff "barn" Destiny was talking about, it sounds like they are using it after all.

Matt probably read people talking about it here and decided to let them use it...or film it.

"Looks like our original wedding plans are back on ! 😁❤ 🙏 #thankgoodness #blessed #thankful"

Rap541 said...

I think people could be more kind

Just pointing out that when the same was said about Mueller and Jeremy's comments and actions over the years, the resounding cry was that Jeremy and Meuller were standing up for Jesus when they were calling people faggitholes and throwing cats... Please explain exactly why Mueller deserves kindness now, when he's been applauded by his buds for being a nasty hateful jerk in the past? oh boo hoo - Mueller dished it out and we laughed and laughed but now he's getting it back, and jeez guys thats sooooo unkind, how DARE people treat Mueller unkindly after he's been such a blessing to Christ telling Jer's fans to eff off and kill themselves.

Kaitlynn said...

Mueller is terrible.

Shelby said...

It sounds like Destiny went to the Emergency room for her appendix.

Does that affect the baby?

Rap541 said...

It can... but its not a dire baby-in-danger thing, more of a "its never good for a pregnant woman to have surgery during pregnancy" thing.

Hopefully she's ok - appendix issues are serious.

Jim W said...

Appendix issues are not serious...

The best thing for Jacob M. would be if she did have miscarriage. Trust me, his life would be much better.

Rap541 said...

Yeah, thats right, people never die from appendix issues ;)

Everyone please note that JimW, and not I, just wished the baby dead because why?

Oh right, its not fair to expect a man to take care of the babies he makes of his own free will. Do you say that to your son, Jim? That your life would have been better if his slutty mommy who trapped you and chained you to your son had had a miscarriage?

Jim, you and Mueller both thought with your dicks. in other words, you were grown ups who didn't think so please stop the "Women dio nopthing but trap men!" routine - because there's an easy way to NOT knock up some evil woman and apparentlty you liked screwing too much to be abstinent. Own it.

For the record, wishing a miscarriage on a woman because her baby daddy is going to be inconvienanced by the child *he* helped make is evil, Jim. Get some help for your anger at your ex.

Jim W said...

1. People are admitted to the hospital all the time for appendix issues. The vast majority of time they are fine. It is minor. Complications are uncommon.

2. I didn't "wish" anything. I stated something that I know to be true. If there are two paths for Jacob M. The path without the baby would have been the easier, more fulfilling one for him.

3. My son is old enough now that he knows the truth. He knows and does not want to make the same mistakes I made. That's the best thing I can do as Dad.

Rap541 said...

Jim - Wow - you actually told your son your life would be more fulfilled if he wasn't born? That's awful.

And where was Mueller's responsibility in this life ruining moment? Hmm? He's a boy so he's faultless? Boys can't control their peckers and any time a girl gets pregnant, its because she *tricked* a boy into sex? Jim - was Mueller raped? If the answer is no, then get off the "that bitch entrapped him and he's being taken advantage of!" nonsense. Actions have consequences. He chose to have sex so he can pay the piper.

Btw - the bigger issue of appendix problems in a pregnant woman is that anytime a pregnant woman needs to go under the knife, it can be dangerous. I understand that your attitude is "Hurrah! The bitch might miscarriage and Mueller will be free!" and that the girl in question is nothing but a succubus who deserves every moment of pain that a miscarriage would bring, but really, you're crossing a line here.

Connie said...

Mueller has problems. Good people don't do the things he's done. My sympathies to the baby.

Kerri said...

Mueller is a lowlife. Look at his influence on Jacob Roloff. Can anyone say he's been a positive influence? Lots of emulating there.

That answers a lot of questions about what kind of father he's going to be.

Anonymous said...

According to destineys twitter is seems like they just found a house to move into ... Wonder who is gonna pay for that? Her parents ?

Monica said...

If it's an actual house, then definitely her parents are paying.

Things are not like they were for parents of 20 somethings were when they were that age.

It's almost impossible to have enough money for a home or at least one that isn't apart of a crack house.

The only way I could see them doing it on their own is if it was a very small apartment and both of them were working and saving every penny they have.

I looked at Mueller's private Instagram background and a few months ago and it said "Carpet master" or something. That falls in line with what people have said here about him working at a place installing carpets and it seems like he's had that job for about a year.

I doubt he's making enough to afford a home on his own, unless like I said either it's a small apartment and they are cutting back on all other expenses in life, or like Anon's rich parents to the rescue.

Rap541 said...

Here's where I say something nice. They're lucky, if they're getting a house because the parents are helping out, that they've got the money and assistance coming from family to get a house to start in.

Christine said...

She said "our new home" not a house. An apartment can be called "our new home."

Anonymous said...

Do we know if they are getting married at the farm ???

Anonymous said...

According to destinys twitter ,it looks like they just got their engagement / maternity pictures done

Zee to the Z said...

Mueller already is controlling her. She needs to get "permission" from Mueller before she is allowed to post anything, tell friends news....truth.

Melanie said...

Z, I'm not surprised at all. Why girls get involved with guys like Mueller is beyond me.

Peter Lane said...

Zee, Destiney is just following the teachings of John Mark Comer and Solid Rock church.

The woman must obey her man.

Erica said...

They are having a boy!!

Greg said...

Oh great. With Mueller's influence the kid is destined to be a convict!

Lynn said...

I hope they choose Jeremy as the middle name.

Anonymous said...

Maybe having a little boy will be good for mueller .

Greg said...

Anon, kids that are raised by jerks like Mueller usually turn out to be jerks themselves.

Anonymous said...

Greg- not true , a lot of people change when they have babies . Have some faith in him.

Greg said...

Anon, be serious. What has Mueller ever done to logically give anyone reason to have faith in his character?

Jocelynn said...

Well said, Greg.
Mueller, a lot like Jeremy, has never done anything tangible that would give any fair minded person reason to believe he has matured or has regret for some of the things that is the reason why many people have such a negative opinion of him as a person.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what they are naming him?

Christine said...

Anon, I bet Jeremy is at least the middle name. Poor Destiney.

Jack "N" Orry said...


Jacob Meuller is a dirtbag through and though.

Peter Lane said...

I wonder if Destiney even has a say in the name? Doubtful. My bet is Mueller, being the strong Solid Rock-going man, tells his woman what name he's decided on.

Austin said...

Honestly though, it is noteworthy, that for people (Mueller, Jeremy, their group of friends) whose Christianity is defined by their opposition to homosexuality and their belief that gays are sinners defying God and will be shunned from the Kingdom of God, that they don't have much up a problem with one of their own defying God's plan and having sex before marriage and creating a child out of wedlock.

For the Jeremy and Mueller brand of Christians, that falls into the "Opps, I'm not perfect. I'm sorry Jesus. Ok, I'm forgiven and now I'm holy again".

So much for "all sins are equal"?

Do Jeremy and Mueller mock people who get pregnant before marriage like they mock gay people?

Abby said...

I could never be in a relationship with a person like Mueller. Far too controlling.

You can see it in Destiney's tweets if you pay attention.

I don't doubt for a second the rumored anger issues.

The only thing I wonder is if Jeremy has the same anger issues if they are so close. Maybe he hides it better. But it would explain the animal abuse they are fond of.

Anonymous said...

Destiney keeps calling the baby " little P" ... So I'm guessing the name starts with a p.... So its definitely not Jeremy . And Abby , what tweets show that mueller is controlling ? I cant see , what your seeing ... She barely talks about him on there .

Abby said...

Anon, this one comes to mind

"I'm not suppose to post anymore ... But I just love this one so much!! #shhh #donttell"

And it's a picture of her and Mueller.

C'mon, who do you think told her not to tweet anymore? Did she need to beg him to let her continue using twitter?

Someone also said that Mueller wouldn't let her tell her friends if the baby was a boy or girl and the name is a "secret".

It's not hard to see that Mueller is setting the way that she needs his permission to do everything.

BeckyM said...

Abusive relationships start out with control and isolation.

Anonymous said...

Abby , first of all didnt you think it had to do with te photographer ? A lot of the time you have to sign a contract that says you can't post pictures ... Especially ones without any credit on them . And if you look at the picture ... There isn't any credit on the picture .
And second of all... They probably werent telling their friends just yet because they were still telling family . You need to really open up your eyes to reality

Erica said...

Anon, you're lying or covering for Mueller.

I know for a fact Destiney made a production out of their appointment when they found out the gender of the baby.

Naturally, well after the appointment, Destiney's friends wanted to know the results.

DESTINEY wanted to tell them., but needed Mueller's permission. It was not "I need to tell Grandma first" was "I need Jacob's permission before I can tell you."

Anonymous said...

Erica , all I'm saying is that you honestly don't know anything ... Just like the rest of the people on here . Get your facts straight before opening your mouth , because you obviously don't know anything .

Erica said...

Anon, what I said is the truth.

Christine said...

Erica, Destiney is going to be the one to find out how right you are.

And the baby. Poor kid.

Anonymous said...

Erica , oh ok . My bad , because you know SO much about there life .

Haha your an idiot .

BeckyM said...

Anon your mocking phrases remind me of someone. I wonder who that could be? hm.

Rap541 said...

Anon, I just hope Mueller understands that he's now on the responsibility hook. And he got into this because he was irresponsible. Now he's going to see what it's really like to be a parent and a husband.

Is he a controlling jerk? I'll be honest - not my problem because I'm not the one having a baby with him. If he has control problems, the advice I would give Destiny is this:

You will always being trying to please him, and he will always find something to control you with. I heard, from a Faith Bibler, how he treated his girlfriend Chelsea. I'd have concerns if I were Destiny's parents.

Anon, here's what I know about Mueller and Destiny's life. She's in school, and he's working some sort of retail carpet job. They are having a child at 19-21. Thats a tough row to hoe. Hopefully they can do it. Hopefully they will have the maturity to handle having a child.

But it will be incredibly difficult. I have friends who recently had a baby and they are in a much better situation than Jacob and Destiny (Already married for a year, two decent incomes, late twenties, etc) and they're finding having a baby to be stressing their marriage. Its not easy.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they decided on the name Payton.

Ashley said...

Amy is not exactly telling the whole story.

"Wow! Having a bachelor party at the house! .... One of the boys friends is getting married on Saturday. Woohoo! More pics to come. Oh boy."

More like Jer's BFF Mueller and my 5th kid knocked up his girlfriend and are rushing to get married before the baby is born.

Christine said...

Jeremy posted a picture of Mueller on his Instagram with a mushy caption about being best friends all their lives.

I find it typical of Jeremy "Caring Christian Spreading Jesus' Love" Roloff that someone posted a comment wishing Mueller luck but saying they find it difficult to feel warm feelings for someone like Mueller that has said such cruel things to other people.

Jeremy seems to have deleted the comment which is entirely accurate, but of course exposes his BFF for being that jerk that he is.

Anne said...

Mueller is officially married. Congratulations to Mueller and his wife.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Hey Rap, I've got a few questions about last weekend's wedding ON ROLOFF FARM (and the lack of publicity therein) that I'd like to ask.I feel they're important, as there complete about-faces and contradictions of perceptions that the posters might be interested in. Maybe Spirit will run a new item? Thanks!

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I've got a few questions. Previously, Mueller was "one of the family" ALWAYS mentioned by name, shown in many photos, always chumming around with Jeremy, or Jacob, whom he'd had quite some influence thereupon. Matt felt al most as much about Mueller as his Golden Boy. Amy thought world of him.
BUT BUT BUT now it's " family friend" and Jeremy and Zach; dressed the same because they were in the wedding party (they're a little old to be dressed alike, even if they're twins lol!) for "a best friend" the name of heaven is going on here???
Take a look at the photos on Jeremy's Twitter, and the location photos during the reception. Despite Destiney's Twitter claims that they can't use the farm, and it won't be in the barn, GUESS WHAT?
I just do not understand this. This is tantamount to throwing Mueller AND Destiny under the bus. Why the silence? Why the low key, NON-publibity about the single most important day in Mueller's (you know, second son, best buddy) life? Why do the Roloffs NOT want this publicized? I don't buy the idea that it was a request of Mueller or Destiney. It's on Matt's farm, and Matt ordinarily would be braying like an ass about this. Is tis just a courtesy wedding and an attempt to keep the un-christian, unplanned pregnancy at as far an arms-length as possible?

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