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Round Up Of Recent Roloff Online Postings - Jacob Roloff Despises Being Filmed For TLC's Little People, Big World

We thought we would do an item to summarize the Roloffs recent activity on the various social media sites for anyone that doesn't keep up with the Roloffs and their social media sites.

Jacob Roloff

The one that has been generating the most buzz - primarily because of the honesty (which in my opinion is a rare thing for a Roloff online!) has been Jacob Roloff's completely public twitter account.

A few days ago, Jacob Roloff posted a series of tweets talking about his hatred of being filmed and how Matt and Amy are pressuring and trying to coerce him into having his birthday party filmed. Jacob Roloff will be 16 on Jan 17, 2013.

Jacob then tweeted that Matt and Amy told him he could have two parties - one party for filming and a real party that isn't filmed. He posted his disgust at that idea.


                       2 Jan
Lol @ my parents.. Thinking my birthday is gonna be filmed. I'd rather just sit by myself in my room.

                      2 Jan
Seriously if there are cameras there I'm going to just run ✌

                      2 Jan
Lol "We'll have a filmed party then a private one just for you" OR I could just not be around for the filmed one. And invite no one.


The other thing about Jacob's public twitter that has generated some attention is that his twitter feed is filled with references from Jacob and mostly his friends (tweets "favorited" or retweeted by Jacob) about their love of smoking marijuana. We had already touched on it in a previous item that Jacob and his friends were following the path of Jeremy Roloff and his friends by insulting fans on their social media sites and the friends use of slurs (which are often "favorited" or retweeted by Jacob), but now it's the constant talk of marijuana that is garnering some attention.

A couple of Jacob's friends from school, who according to their public twitter posts - he invites over to hang out at the Roloff home - I think would best be described as "potheads" - meaning that the majority of their twitter posts are about how they are smoking pot, want to smoke weed, will smoke marijuana later.  Jacob and one of his "pothead" friends recently were teasing/sarcastically insulting a girl from school. As she was getting upset, they suggested that she "smoke a bowl" and relax. She responded with a "No, thanks, I'm not a pothead. I don't do that shit." 

Matt and Amy Roloff

Then, over on Facebook, there is Matt Roloff, doing what Matt always does on Facebook. Projects a wholesome family image. While Jacob is on twitter venting about how Matt and Amy are basically forcing him or at least trying to convince him to let them film him and while Jacob and his friends that he hangs out with are posting about pot, Matt is on his Facebook fan page posting about how he went to the movies with Molly and Jacob, sat in between them as they "ohhhed" and "awwwwwed" and gasped together at the film. 

As for  Amy Roloff, just finished posting about the holidays with her kids and their friends and how much she loves having the sweet kids all in her house.

It's all so comical.

The other thing noteworthy about Matt and Amy on their Facebook Fan Pages is that at roughly the same time, they both began begging for people to "like" their page and posts to reach certain numbers. Matt's goal was 80,000 fans on Facebook. Amy's goal was 25,000. The speculation about Matt and Amy pleading for "likes" on their fan pages is that they're trying to prove something to someone or some entity about their popularity that they can use in negotiations.

Some fans on Amy, weren't all that harsh, but pointed out that Matt had a lot more fans or that Amy rarely responds to fans yet asks them to like her page, perhaps with a monetary goal in mind and some pointed out that she has a private Facebook page. 

Amy did not take those rather tame criticisms well and made another post expressing her dismay and disappointment at the reaction to her post asking for Facebook "likes" and she pointed out that Matt's page has been around much longer than hers (which is true). 

Jeremy Roloff

Jeremy, who is the Roloff leader in online scandals (racial and homophobic slurs, fan insults, cat tossing and other mistreatment of animals, drug and alcohol references while 'publicly' in books declaring that he was drug and alcohol free) has been staying out of trouble on his public twitter lately. Some skeptics point out Jeremy is helped by the fact that Mueller is not on Twitter, while others think Jeremy has *finally* learned from the past (although he has never acknowledged or apologized for anything).

These days, Jeremy's twitter consists of mostly him posting his Instagram picture or a Bible verse. He occasionally tweets a fan with a "thank you" after they compliment him on  his photography or on being a Christian, etc.

Cynics point out that Jeremy has only become "fan friendly" or shown any interest in fans (he did ask fans to follow his twitter and Facebook Fan Page) after he decided that he would soon be selling his photography and would be looking for customers. As of yet, Jeremy's website is not up and running, but he has indicated that it's in the works and it's his plan to start selling soon. 

Zach and Molly Roloff

Zach and Molly both have no public online presence. Molly Roloff had a public You Tube channel that she changed to private after a brief exchange with fans. That was the only time Molly has spoken uncensored to fans.  She had posted a skit with friends where they named a character "Dr. Hemp". When some people commented on the drug reference Vs The Roloffs frequently talking about being Christians and representing Jesus and some fans went on to reference Jeremy and Mueller's  behavior as an example, Molly got upset, told the people that they had no right to judge Roloffs and their friends and then deleted her video and made her channel private.


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Natalie said...

I know a lot of people will be focusing on the part about Matt and Amy being terrible for forcing their kid to film, but I'm sorry, he is a whiny brat.

I have no doubts, that if they didn't get paid by TLC or the comps they get from it, that Jacob would be whining about not having a pool, a video game system (or money to by weed???)

Susan Coles said...

So much for what Matt and Amy told Oprah about if their kids ever said they didn't want to be filmed....ha.

And 2 parties. Yeah, I know it happens, but some reality. I wasn't the one touting the show as real and raw.

Lynn C said...

Natalie, don't apologize. It's the truth.

I know Rap will be here soon to talk about how horrible Jeremy is and take the focus off Jacob, but Jeremy and Zach had their birthdays filmed. Molly had her parties filmed.

Leave it to Jacob to do the pouting. He's such a miserable and rude kid.

Spirits, Jeremy should get a lot more credit than what you're giving him.

He is setting a nice example. He's appreciating fans. Isn't that what everyone was wanting for years and years? Jeremy is being nice and interacting.

Greg said...

Spirits, you left off the fact that Jeremy and his friends often mock fans on their Instagram comments, but it's subtle so most people probably miss it.

If you know who is friends are, they will post with Jeremy mocking other fan comments "Oh Jeremy can you please be my friend! You are so cool!" Jeremy's response is either a smile or a "Ha", never any admonishment.

Bonnie said...

Um, Matt/Amy/TLC..

""We'll have a filmed party then a private one just for you"`

Isn't that called "staging"?

Connie said...

I know we all know Matt and Amy are absentee parenting and have given up the parenting game, but where are the parents of Jacob's friends?

What a bunch of mouthy, spoiled kids. Not surprised at Jacob's choice of friends.

Randy said...

Jacob's tweets really show just how much he hates doing the LPBW show and how his parents just want to continue to whore themselves out to TLC.

Erika said...

Can they rename the show "Bratty kids and lousy lying parents"?

Jenkins said...

I'm surprised the Roloff kids (at least Jacob and Jeremy) don't get pounded by other kids at school. They're arrogant and mouthy.

Timothy said...

Well, I have to give Jacob credit for one thing.

At least he is honest. Spirits said it. An honest Roloff.

He may be rude and hypocritical, but hey, at least he is honest.

Compare Jacob's twitter to Jeremy's twitter. Yes, I realize the age difference.

But we all know one is a Roloff being fake and one is being honest and means what he says.

Nick said...

Personally, I find Jeremy's Bible posts vomit inducing.

Maybe I could stomach him more if I didn't know he was a two-faced phony.

Yeah I get it Jeremy. You behave like a jerk with your friends in real life. Then you post on twitter about loving God and think that means you're going to heaven.

He has no authenticity.

Aiden said...

Lynn although it seems like Jeremy has turned a new leaf, I don't think he's getting the kind of credit you're talking about because he's not really appreciating his fans for what they are. He sees them as a marketing tool and wouldn't be interacting with them if he didn't get something from it. Why would he finally start interacting with them 6 years after the show began and only now that it's on its way out?

Nick said...

Oh and Jacob's friends? Maybe give them another year or so and they'll realize that talking about weed constantly makes you look lame, not cool.

Do what you want, but talking about it to make yourself look like a big cool man is just pathetic.

Timothy said...

@Aiden, well put. That's exactly it. Jeremy has now turned a new leaf? No, fans have just become useful to him because he realizes he can use them to make money for himself.

I would bet anything that his conversations with Jacob Mueller and how they talk about fans are the exactly the same type he was having before.

He's just finally learned not to do it publicly on twitter anymore.

CindyM said...

I think I would fall into a depression if my kids and their friends behaved like Jacob and his friends.


Podge/Rodge groupie said...

I'm surprised that Lynn C still refuses to acknowledge the glorified under-aged drinking spearheaded by Jeremy and refers to that as 'setting a nice example'. It's not going to go away.
I voted Jacob for the Most Realistic Roloff some time ago, and still stand behind that. He sees thorough the lies, the two-faced christian-of-convenience game, and as has been mentioned, the publicity whoring for TLC. I have yet to meet any 15 or 16 year-olds today that aren't like these teenagers and any differently than they do. I'd love to be introduced to posters like Natalie's and Lynn's teenagers, because I haven't seen any squeakily clean "Leave it To Beaver" angels that these posters compare Jacob to. I doubt none of them would even think of under-aged drinking.

CindyM said...

Podge, although I agree with you about Jeremy and you might be correct about Jacob being "real", but that just means he's "real" about being a rude brat.

But I refuse to believe that all kids behave as Jacob and his friends. In fact, some of their school mates have disagreed with them.

I even remember back when Jeremy and his pals with Mueller and the gang were viciously insulting fans, that one of the victims of their insults did say that some of the non-Roloff circle of friends from the school were very nice.

Not all kids smoke pot or use slurs. That's a lie that is perpetuated from people that want to make it sound acceptable. There are good kids out there.

Bring Kevin Hayes from Table for 12 back!!!! :)

Austin said...

Podge, I see what you're trying to say, but you have to admit, Jacob is quite the hypocrite himself.

Ranting about "midget", but has no problem with his friends calling people "faggots" or retweeting or liking their "fag" slurs.

Austin said...

And I think the only reason why Jacob hasn't jumped on the "Roloff Christian tune" is because he's going to a public school where he's needing to deal with kids who don't all think it's cool to talk about Jesus 24/7 like the Faith kids do.

Jacob has tweeted that he wants to go back to Faith Bible.

Christine said...

Podge/Rodge, you're kind of sounding like Chris Cardamone.

Call Jacob for what he is. A whiny pouting spoiled brat, who appears to be a pothead to boot.

Yeah Jeremy is worse and more of a fraud, but that doesn't make Jacob much better.

Lynn C said...

Podge Rodge groupie, simple question. If you had a 12 or 13 year old daughter.

Whose twitter account would you want them to follow - Jeremy's or Jacob's?

While Jeremy doesn't respond all the time, he does sometimes. He is polite. He makes nice and inspiring posts about the Bible.

Jacob is mouthy and rude. He complains that fans follow his public account and threatens to block them if they dare follow him.

As of Jan 5th 2013, there is no question which twitter account is a better example.

Carol said...

It really all illustrates that Matt and Amy are terrible parents.

To think they wrote a book about parenting! lol! ::shakes head::

Chris Linton said...

Oh hold on.....they're starting to mock a gay boy that just followed Jacob on twitter.

Stay tuned!!!!

Vic Rattlehead said...

Lynn C;

I'd rather have my daughter follow Jacob simply because he isn't putting on a front to scam money out of the idiots who believes his con job like Jeremy does and at the very least he's being honest about the fact he's a jerk at times while Jeremy puts on a public face of civility but in private he's just a spoiled little sociopath who uses people for his own personal needs.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Lynn C one simp[le question, what is your comment on the underaged drinking taken part by Jeremy Roloff and his siblings with girls from France in the Roloff garage?

Lynn C said...

You're a dodger PodgeRodge groupie, you're dodging.

I asked a simple question. As of Jan 5, 2013, whose twitter account would you want your daughter following?

Asking about drinking in the Roloff garage (and by my recollection, it was Mueller and the girls in the garage) on a video made by one of the french girls.

I don't know if Jeremy has engaged in underage drinking, but what I'm talking about is the respect shown on the twitter accounts.

A person following Jeremy's account would see Bible verses and polite "thank you very much" tweets.

A person following Jacob would see someone tweeting about marijuana and complaining about the person following him.

Lynn C said...

Vic, Jeremy can't win with you.

He's being polite. You say he's being a fraud.

Before people criticized him for not responding to fans. Now he does and he's still criticized.

Ray said...

What a bunch of spoiled little druggies.

Spoiled brat kids of today. Parents need to teach them some discipline and some worth ethic.

Aiden said...

Lynn, some of the least moral people I've ever seen have tattoos of crosses and bible passages. They can show it off and say it as much as they want but their actions shine through their facade.

Rap541 said...

Actually Lynn, I just think Jeremy wasn't allowed to spout off on line because of his prior history of nasnty comments that I am sure you remember. I will be surprised if Jake's twitter remains open after this post.

My point? Jeremy and Zach, at Jake's current age, were mouthing off on line about fans sucking the unsuckable. As in sucking man penis, Lynn, in case you're unclear. As the Roloff twins got older, Matt couldn't trust them on line and still doesn't so really we have no idea how Jeremy and Zach really felt about their birthdays being exploited.

Podge is right, btw, and since you out and proud demanding people answer your questions - Lynn, do you think the Roloffs were GOOD CHRISTIANS in allowing under age drinking to occur in their garage?

Podge also makes a good point that after *years* of needing his nature time - I trust you remember your vehement protests that not in school full time, not working a job Jeremy simply had NO time for fans as he was too busy communing with God in the woods? Suddenly when Jer-Bear needs something... he suddenly has time for fan interaction... and not much time.

Jake, like his two brothers before him, is being a rude, ungrateful teen. I have no qualms in saying so because I made the same argument about Jeremy and Zach when they were 15-16... its just then... Jeremy was a precious little blameless boy who needed grace per you. I'm incredibly amused that the same behavior at the same age is now not "a young Christian boy doing the best he can".

Oh and yeah, I notice getting a paycheck for filming is much more important than what Matt's kids want. I thought Matt was a millionaire on a million dollar farm who didn't need the money?

Rap541 said...

Oh and the reason some people got a little... I wouldn't call it angry but irritated with Amy and Matt's all to like their page... is because to a point there's a certain amount of reciprocity expected in these exchanges.

Do Matt and Amy "like" their fans pages? Comment on the fans pages? Comment more than rarely on their own posts?

One of the reasons "stars" typically don't do the direct fan page is because agree or disagree* the fact is, fans expect some interaction. A lot of fans are savvy to WHY celebs want a lot of likes, its something that can be used for marketing, etc. A popular facebook page can be a marketing tool (not a great one but it can help) and this certainly isn't the first time Matt's asked the fans to prove their love by showering him with attention. I think it's Amy's first time, and her response to criticism is exactly why this was a bad idea from the start. My point? People expect, if they do you a favor, that at some point you're going to do them a favor as well.

*I have some idea of the time commitment involved so I have no expectation but I have seen, over the years, any number of celebs get in trouble on line because they don't get that if they don't reciprocate, fans get annoyed. Even fans who love you.

Justin said...

Matt needs to step into the real world. 80,000 fans on Facebook is not a lot for celebrities, even reality tv show celebrities.

I don't think networks are going be beating down his door based on his facebook page.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Lynn C:
1. Why are you asking about a 12-13 year old daughter? The age time we’re discussing is 15-16 years old in both Roloff sons’ cases, and the 4 years make a great deal of difference when teenagers are growing up.
2. I can’t believe you refuse to accept the fact that Jeremy was drinking under age. ALL the evidence is there, but yet your sanctimonious blindness cannot be hidden behind when the truth is right in front of all of us.
3. I do not have a daughter 15-16 years old, but two of my friends do, and I have discussed this with them. Unfortunately, one co-worker paid more attention to the best (not original) reality-whore, Kate Gosselin, but did notice the other nothing family on the nothing network. We discussed this very matter and the decision was simple for a conscious thinking individual. Jacob’s Twitter.

It is my belief that Jeremy was being honest when he suggested that certain ardent fans should kill themselves, and was honest when he was making racial slurs. Watching Zach get spit on, being openly sadistic to animals etc. Jacob is being every bit as honest keeping up with classmates in the mention of drugs and the downtrodden remarks to Russian fans. While I don’t condone that, at least he is being honest, no lies, no deceptions, no artificial agenda
My big problem comes when people like you, Lynn, cut Jeremy James Jesus all kinds of slack because he was a ‘boy’ just ‘growing up’ yet Jacob get thrown under the bus for exactly the same thing. Jacob’s remarks about smoking weed are, to me, much more superficial than Jeremy’s remarks at the same age.
Also, I am still mystified to this day why some people still succumb to the deception that is Jeremy Roloff. He’s used this ruse for years, to be a shining start to his parents, to masquerade as some time of righteous holy man yet all the while, as has ben mentioned, apologizing for absolutely nothing. Does anyone remember the facebook conversation between Jeremy and Mueller? Heavens No! You and other like you are being deceived, Lynn C yet for some reason you refuse to admit it. And you have the nerve to call me a ‘dodger’?

Rap541 said...

Justin, I think after the poor ratings of the wedding shows, Matt felt the need to show how popular he was.

Btw Lynn, the better question here is would you want your 12 year old daughter to see Jeremy or Jacob's online activity when Jeremy was 16 vs when Jacob was 16?

See? We can now make same age comparisons, Lynn. So, racist hate speech or pot smoking, which would you rather have your 12 year old witness? :)

Oh and btw, you'll notice I am calling Jake out for being a rude ungrateful dumbass and I am saying the same thing I did when Jeremy was spewing his hate at the same age - namely where the hell are the parents... I notice you're not screaming how Jake is a boy and how he's a blessed teen so his brain isn't adult yet so expecting a BOY to be a MAN is so very very wrong.... Yet... I seem to recall poor blameless baby Jer at sixteen just didn't even know what his words meant because he was such a little baby boy he was too blameless and innocent to be accountable.

You remember that, Lynn? How Jeremy wasn't accountable for his hatespeech because he was a boy whose brain wasn't fully formed? I remember that.

Kathy said...

It goes to show what awful parents Matt and Amy have become.

Stop worrying about how many more shows you're going to get and how many fans you have and start parenting.

One, they shouldn't force their kids to be on tv when they obviously hate it and two, how about some simple parenting and worrying about what seems to be their pothead son and his friends.

tay said...

at least jeremy in between his language he used to use, came off as a fun guy that would be fun to hang out with and enjoys life.

jacob sounds like a miserable guy who would be miserable to be around.

Crystal said...

Something I notice that Jacob does that is a side effect of the ego-fame that comes with TV, look at how he interacts with his friends.

His mindset that he gives off is that they all are desperate to hang out with him and come to house because he is so cool and popular.

When he gets mad at someone, his revenge is by telling them that they aren't allowed to come to his house.

It's really an arrogant mindset.

Kylie said...

Jacob's friends are......scary in how pathetic they are.

I No wonder how in between the marijuana talk and insulting others, they talk about how miserable their lives are!

Leanne said...

Matt and Amy always said they don't force the family to do the show.

Matt and Amy Roloff, the Christian liars.

Jim said...

I have no patience for spoiled kids.

Re The party? I got better idea for Jacob.

How about because of your constant whining, they don't film you're party, but get this, you don't get another one?

That's what I would do if I was in charge.

No party at all for the spoiled rich brat.

Nick said...

I prefer Jacob's honesty to Jeremy's Christian BS. Jer the Golden Boy is so fake.

Zee to the Z said...

The interesting thing is that Mueller didn't want Jeremy to have twitter for fans.

Christine said...

Zee, I'd hardly call Jeremy's twitter "for fans".

He asked fans to follow him after he made his photography pages. The Facebook photography page and that .500 site.

He rarely responds to fans. For a long time, most of his tweets were to his real friends.

It's the same on his Instagram. Look at who he responds to. Mostly, it's his friends.

To say that his twitter is "for fans" when he mostly interacts with his friends is wrong to say.

He just wants fans on board because he's seen his friends at Brooks have photography sites and Jeremy realizes that his tv show fans will give him an edge in promotion and sales.

Jeremy is a user. He only does things when there is something (like money) for him to gain.

Kyle J said...

Jacob is most of the things people are concluding he is, but the truth is that he's the only Roloff that has anything honest and substantial to say.

At least you get the feeling that whatever he says he means and is not putting on an act and acting totally different when he leaves the keyboard.

I can't say the same for Matt, Amy, Jeremy and Molly.

Timothy said...

Jacob's twitter keeps on getting better:

"My parents have no logic..."

"i wanna die"

"@ my mom....(he posts a picture with captions)

"This house is a FUCKING PRISON"

"On planet BULLSHIT"

"In the galaxy of THIS SUCKS CAMEL DICKS"

Katie said...

I wonder if they've ever considered sending Jacob to a reform school.

Vicky said...

Jacob's twitter says more about what kind of parents and people Matt and Amy are than anything else.

Ashley said...

There's not much more annoying than spoiled rich kids that act like they have it so bad.

Timothy said...

"@ my brother Zach (caption: Gettin real tired of your bullshit)"

Chris Linton said...

When Jake gets mad at Zach I can't help but think it's because he won't share the weed....

Marissa said...

Jacob may be a brat, rude, etc, but parents shouldn't bargain with their kids to force them to be on TV when they clearly don't want to be.

Is money and fame really worth it? I guess it is to Matt and Amy Roloff.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Kyle J I agree wholeheartedly. Hence my discussions with my friends re: their daughters.
Timothy, be patent, look back a bit more. It's inspiring and enlightening!
Sometimes I sit at home in the quiet, and I can hear Jeremy laughing at everyone who believes him. And I have no sympathy.

Brandon said...

Jacob's twitter is a lot more compelling than the garbage TLC calls Little People, Big World.

I have an idea. TLC could save on the production costs. Just have a camera televise Jacob's tweets and then spend the rest of the program having the Dr. Drew types analyze and explain why the Roloffs are so screwed up.

Timothy said...

Oh no, the Jeremy worship continues...

"My sister & Jer > the rest of my family"

It shouldn't be surprising that there are similarities between Jacob and Jeremy.

Jeremy is Jacob's hero after all.

Rap541 said...

Jim, this might shock you, but I agree with you. With a kid in my house flinging this attitude? There'd be no party at all and I would *seriously reconsider* the traditional drive to the DMV to get one's liscence and the inevitable gift of a car that the Roloffs love.

This is crappy parenting. But - and this is where MONEY rears its head. See, Matt and Amy want the paycheck and the *fame* more than they want to discipline the kid. AND they're under contract so they HAVE to do the shows and they're running out of kids to exploit. So instead of telling Jake "no party at all for ungrateful teenagers", they're bribing him to behave because they want the cash pay off.

See, Matt and Amy aren't raising a kid anymore, they're running a tv show and placating the talent is not parenting.

Marissa said...

Rap541, you are spot on the mark with that last post.

They need the kids to film, hence why they don't parent or discipline.

Susan Coles said...

Very well stated, Rap!

"With a kid in my house flinging this attitude? There'd be no party at all and I would *seriously reconsider* the traditional drive to the DMV to get one's liscence and the inevitable gift of a car that the Roloffs love.

This is crappy parenting. But - and this is where MONEY rears its head. See, Matt and Amy want the paycheck and the *fame* more than they want to discipline the kid. AND they're under contract so they HAVE to do the shows and they're running out of kids to exploit. So instead of telling Jake "no party at all for ungrateful teenagers", they're bribing him to behave because they want the cash pay off.

See, Matt and Amy aren't raising a kid anymore, they're running a tv show and placating the talent is not parenting."

Lorianne said...

Wow, the attitude that Jacob spews with almost every

Allison said...

I don't know why some people here are applauding Jacob for being "honest"??

Being rude, mouthy and whiny is something to commend in 2013? Really? It's not called rude, mouthy and whiny? It's called being "honest"?

Anonymous said... molly has another video

Rap541 said...

Btw Lynn? I don't normally help you out but here's how you stop Podge's "dodging" your question.
Answer his. You've been asked this question a lot and you quite artfully dodge it instead of answering... which is why Podge is dodging yours.

Oh and I will directly answer your question, although I've already pointed out that we should be more correctly comparing 16 year old Jeremy's online posts to 16 year old Jake's.

I wouldn't let my 12 year old daughter interact with either of these jerks. Jake is a nasty mouthed kid making drug references, and Jeremy is a 22 year old man with a history of participating in trashing his fans. I think it's Greg making the point that Jeremy still can't stand up to his buddies and say "don't mock the fans" and I wouldn't want my daughter to be on the receiving end of such mocking from AN ADULT. An adult who btw has still never acknowledged his actions at Jake's age to be wrong.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

No fair, Rap. I wasn't given the 'neither' option. Lynn still dodged the JEREMY underage drinking question with her favorite tool, denial.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Oh and Rap, I didn't dodge her question, I answered it.

Rap541 said...

I know you answered it, Podge.

I'm just trying to see if Lynn will ever actually answer the question in a definitive way.

Lynn C said...

I did answer you question, even though it is helping you two do what you always do. Turn a topic about Jacob around to make it about Jeremy.

I don't know if Jeremy engaged in underage drinking or not. You don't either. I saw a video of french girls and Mueller drinking.

My comment was about their two twitter accounts as of Jan 5th and their respective examples.

Jacob's is full of drug talk and mouthy insults and a lot of attitude.

Jeremy's has polite replies and talk about Jesus.

Vic Rattlehead said...

Lynn C:

You Know who else had "polite replies and talked about Jesus"?

Wesley Allen Dodd, he was one of the inmates I guarded while working death row at Washington State Penitentiary.

He was polite to the guards and talked about jesus incessantly after he "found god" while he was waiting to hang for murdering three little boys.

Sociopaths always try to distract from the bad things they do by claiming to be good people because they've found religion or some other excuse for doing what they do.

Rap541 said...

Gosh Lynn, let me spell it out for you. Mueller and Christian weren't of age - what do you think about the Roloffs allowing that?

Anything? You allow underage drinking at your home?

Lynn? Why don't you want to compare Jeremy at 16 to Jake at 16?

And I answered your question pretty clearly about Jeremy "I can't possibly stop my buddies from mocking fans" at 22.

Why is it wrong to compare how Jeremy acted on line at 16 with how Jake acted on line? I mean... they're the same age, Lynn. Would you want your daughter, your 12 year old daughter to interact with Jeremy at 16 on line? You know? When his brain wasn't formed and he didn't understand the words he was saying because he was a boy?

Rap541 said...

See, Lynn doesn't want to compare Jeremy and Jake's behaviors when they were the same age because when Jeremy was sixteen, his myspace was full of vulgarity and hatespeech so of COURSE comparing a 22 year old adult who MIGHT have learned how saying the n-word online wasn't cool is completely fair.

Right Lynn? Comparing a 22 year old to a 16 year old and asking who's more mature is *fair*? :)

And comparing the actions of two people at the same age is... not relevant? :)

Lynn? Why aren't you granting Jake grace as he is a boy with an unformed brain like you did Jeremy when Jeremy was 16 spewing hate?

Oh and I'm also certain that Jeremy and Zach have been potheads since this show began.

Becca said...

Jacob is so arrogant on twitter.

Rachel said...

I would never let my kid be a friend of a Roloff. I've often wondered what is wrong with these parents of friends of the Roloffs.

Is being attached to someone on television really that alluring?

Randy said...

Since Jacob's twitter has been a great source of entertainment lately, here a few more items of note.

--There seems to be a reason for Jacob's nasty tweets towards Zach and his mom.

Looking at his timeline, it sounds like Jacob and his buddies were having a little get together/party (I am assuming at Jacob's house).

One of his friends tweeted (sarcastically, it seems):
"Guys!!! Jacob, brenden, and I ended our winter break with the best night ever. Everything went right. His parents didn't even notice us!!!"

There were a few back and forth tweets between friends before Jacob tweeted the following:

"LOL. I blame Zach."

"cause he was stupid. And 'warned' my mom."

"that's why she went out there.."

One of the friends asked if they were caught, to which Jacob replied: "nooooooo"

Finally, Jacob retweeted one of his friends tweets:
"No, His so called 'Brother' screwed us over"

There was nothing in the tweets that mentioned what they were doing, but what would a group of teenage boys worried about being caught with (alcohol? cigarettes? weed?). Or who knows, maybe they were just trying to sneak out at night and go TP the neighbors house. Or maybe Jacob wasn't supposed to have friends over but he did anyways.

There is no evidence of what they were up to, but the conversation definitely explains why Jacob was tweeting nasty stuff about his mom and brother.

--Jacob also spent the past day getting into an argument with another twitter user. Not sure if he knows this person or not but they were really going back and forth.

I'm pretty sure she was just an internet troll trying to get under his skin, but Jacob was falling for it. She was accusing him of hating little people, that his friends were only friends with him because he was on tv, how Mueller is gay, how is brothers just got drunk and hooked up with girls at the LP conventions, etc.

--One more item of note, during Jacob's twitter argument, he mentioned that Mueller was getting married. Just thought it would be something of interest to LPBW fans and critics.

MeganB said...

Lynn's approach is exactly what people do when they want to manipulate facts to make an irrational point:

1. Carefully cherry-pick small amounts of data that supports point of view.

2. Completely ignore mountains of evidence that contradict it.

3. Point!

Brandon said...

Randy, I think marijuana is the obvious choice. Just browse the twitters of his friends. It's pot, all the time.

Brandon said...

Randy, that Ariel is a smart cookie.
I didn't see her as a troll, I saw her as saying correct things.

Someone pointed out that the only Roloffs Jacob said were cool were the avg height Roloffs and he's pissed at all the dwarfs. Jacob got offended and tweeted like he does when he gets annoyed.

But what did Ariel say? Jacob called her irrelevant, she said he's on tv and gets talked about. True.

She said his friend is his sidekick, that Jacob counts on to back him up and laugh at people with. True.

She made the Mueller comparison and said Mueller got goodies out of being Jeremy's sidekick. True.

She said Mueller is known as a jerk on the internet and a bunch of people speculate that he and Jeremy are gay. That's true.

The partying at LP conventions? True.

Jacob said Mueller can't be gay because he's engaged. She said gay guys do get married. True.

She said Jacob's friend jumps when Jacob says jump and likes every tweet Jacob makes. True.

I could go on.

She's right.

Christine said...

Randy, do you doubt that Jeremy, Zach and Mueller got drunk and partied with girls at the LP conferences??

I thought there was enough picture evidence that put that debate to rest.

I find it hard to believe Jacob Roloff doesn't know that Mueller and Jeremy smoke pot. He is part Roloff and knows he's supposed to keep up the front if he wants to earn points from Jeremy whom he clearly idolizes.

Christine said...

Brandon, Jacob and his friend were also calling Areil liar or insinuating it when she talked about Mueller and Jeremy's mocking gay pictures....until she posted the shirtless nipples picture. That shut Jacob up quick!

Alyssia said...

Jacob's attitude is unbearable. What a little jerk.

I used to feel sorry for him because I thought I he got the shaft in the family, but after seeing him first hand on twitter, he's just a grade A miserable jerk.

Randy said...

.Yeah I'm not saying some of that stuff isn't true, I'm just thinking it's someone trying to get under his skin and get a rise out of him.

Timothy said...

I don't know Randy, how you treat others is how they treat you.

Jacob tweets that Jeremy (and Molly) are greater than Zach.

Someone tweets that they think Zach is better because Zach doesn't do the whole Jesus act all across the internet.

Jacob calls them stupid, etc.

No, they were totally right. Why is it okay for someone to say Jeremy is great but someone saying they like Zach more is trolling? I don't think so.

Say what you want about Zach, but he doesn't go around the internet telling everybody he's an awesome Christian living in Jesus' example, unlike Jeremy.

That seems to annoy Jacob.

kait said...

I don't mind Jacob. Yes he has a crap attitude. Yes he talks on Twitter with his friends about drugs. But in all honesty I find him to be the most real person in his family. He must be sensoring himself a bit because hes clearly more careful that Jeremy was with his language.
I hate the fake Jesus-love Jeremy uses since its clearly his attempt to get customers for his photography, especially considering he's never interacted with fans before in a positive way online. Not that I really call what he does interacting.
Jacobs 16 and I find his drug talk less offensive than Jeremy's past internet behavior. Its been obvious since Jacob was much younger that he hates being on lpbw. He was little when it started and acted childish and whiny and no one cuts him a break for that. He was little. Now, he's still a brat but I bet you'd be too if your family so obviously didn't care about your opinion and dislike of being constantly filmed when you don't want it.and why not be a whiny brat? I bet if he stopped everyone would still say he's a brat just because he was when he was younger. Its who everyone already sees him. And least he isn't faking being good person like Jeremy does. What I find more concerning that Jacobs behavior is that Amy keeps saying its an empty nest now that all her kids are gone. Wtf does she think Jacob is a pet?

Anon 5 said...

Pretty much all teenagers smoke pot. Who cares? At least he's not trying to act like.a.jesus.freak.

Dana said...

Talk about immoral.

Openly talking about drugs like Jacob does, knowing people are watching, is better than Jeremy spreading the Kingdom of God and inspiring others to find Jesus?

That is precisely what is wrong with America these days.

3 of Jeremy's last 6 tweets

"You are called to do great things"

"His burden is light"


Jeremy is showing people what kind of happiness and joy they can experience, if they do hand over their life to the savior Jesus Christ like Jeremy has done.

Dana said...

Zach and Jacob have always been the least Godly of the Roloff children.

They've also been the most disrespectful to Matt.

Lisa said...

The "Least Godly"???? Wow, Dana, you are really something else. Talk about being judgmental! Oh, and praise God for the sweet Angel Jeremy who quotes the bible. Too bad he's a phony and doesn't practice what he preaches.

kait said...

Dana the only thing Matt cares about is fame. And he lacks it. When Jacob was kicked out of faith bible Matt blamed/attacked the school then praised Jacob. I'm not surprised his kids don't respect him; with that kind of backward logic I don't either.
And no one is saying Jeremy doesn't spread Jesus on twitter. He clearly does. But he's faking it. That's why it disgusts people.

Aiden said...

Dana, I can list of at least 8 pastors that have made national news for their immorality. Just because they stand up there spouting bible verses in their sermons every Sunday morning doesn't mean that's how they're living their life. That is why people aren't fooled by Jeremy's twitter.

Brandon said...

Before a "Jer-bear" defender comes rushing in, to be fair to Jeremy, I think it should be clarified when people call Jeremy a "fake Christian".
If not, I disagree with the "fake Christian" label.

It's not that he doesn't attend Church or that he's secretly worshiping Satan or that he doesn't believe in Jesus. I'm sure he does.

Rap has said it well before. Jeremy is called a fake Christian because his idea of what it means is a joke.

Jeremy seems to think that because he says "I love Jesus, God is glorious!" that means Jeremy is a chosen one. Special. That anything good that happens to him, is because God is blessing him, rewarding him for giving Jesus a shout out.

Being a Christian in Jeremy's world, doesn't actually require him to do anything or to behave in a certain way or to treat people in a certain manner.

And that's the real catch for Jeremy. God is perfect, he's not. He's a sinner. Church is a hospital for sinners. God forgives Christians. Jeremy sins, gives a shout out to God and goes back to "sinning".

In my opinion, that's why Jeremy's Christian banter across the internet makes him a joke.

Rap541 said...

I actually wouldn't use the term "Fake", myself. I call it being a Christian of convienence. When it's easy, Jeremy is a Christian. That means he "coram deo's" on his facebook and says "Jesus. I love God. Truth." and gets high fives from his friends whenever he quotes the Bible. If something good happens? Its because he's Christian and therefore good.

But Brandon is right, in this sort of convienent faith, there's no requirements of Jeremy. He doesn't have to be nice to people who aren't in his circle, he doesn't have to make any sacrifices for his faith, he can do whatever he wants as long as he tells Jesus, and not the person or people he might have wronged, that he's sorry. I was always amused by the anonymous friends who would come here occasionally with how Jeremy was having deep thoughts about his actions and praying on it etc. Jeremy is what, almost 23 now? And he's still unable to tell his friends to not mock fans? While it didn't impress me in the slightest when the peer pressure arguement was used when he was 16, I could at least see the underlying issue. Now he's a man. He could man up and stop the unkind comments and he doesn't.

That's just one example. I know many fine Christians and Jeremy doesn't even come close to walking that kind of walk. It's easy because whenever he doesn't act "as a Christian" it gets excused. I think it was Craw who used to call nice acting people goody two shoes and how cool it was when Jeremy and his buddies did or said mean things. I know whenever I see that "how dare you judge my faith" stuff... it usually means there's something they don't want to admit.

Randy said...

It is comical getting the same news from two different people.

On one hand you have Matt, who is constantly bragging on Facebook what a great student Jacob is, how he passed his tests with flying colors when he was getting that tutor after he got kicked out of Faith, how he's so smart he can skip a grade, etc, etc.

And on the other hand you have Jacob tweeting stuff like:
"Me, and the five people that sit next to me in physics got from 11-28 on a 100 point physics test. LOL"

It shows two things, one that Matt is just full of crap when he posts how awesome all his kids are doing. The only one he can really say that about is Molly.

And two, it shows you what terrible parents Matt and Amy are when it comes to their kids and school. How about you make Jacob study and do homework instead of letting him tweet all hours of the day and stay up to 2-3 a.m. on a school night.

Timothy said...

Randy, Matt and Amy are too busy asking fans to like their fan pages so they can do more episodes of their tv show to keep their fame going and sell another book to care about something like parenting and Jacob doing drugs, sucking at school and staying up all night.

Rap541 said...

Well, Matt's never really given a damn how the boys do in school since their failures validate his own issues with school, and Amy is off having her midlife crisis.

But... Matt lives at home, Amy lives at home, and they have one kid to keep track of. Really, if the kid is failing in school, maybe it's time mom and dad did something other than *nothing*... but I suspect the empty nest is more important.

Laura S said...

I think some are being unfair to Matt and Amy regarding Jacob and not entirely Jacob.

If you read back on Jacob's twitter.

At different times he mentions having his phone taken away, his xbox, some other things. He wanted to go to Faith Bible School but Amy told him he had to raise his grades before they would let him switch again.

That's not parents doing *nothing*. They are punishing him. They are trying to create an incentive. Maybe it's not enough or not what you would do, but it's not fair to say they haven't done anything or don't care when they have taken steps to try to get Jacob to improve.

Brandon said...

Laura, to say "maybe they haven't done enough" is an epic understatement.

Jacob is still driving isn't he?
Do you want to bet that Matt and Amy are going to get a car of his own this year or next year? I know, it will be the basis of another LPBW episode to get Matt and Amy what they desperately want in life, more attention to keep their fame going. I can see it now, Matt gets Jacob a cool car, Amy and Matt are filmed arguing about it. Jacob gets the car. Matt and Amy interview about what a great kid Jacob is. Happy ending, role credits with a thank you to whoever gave them a deal on the car.

Laura, my point is that it's crazy to feel that Matt and Amy are effectively parenting or inflicting any discipline when Jacob is bragging on twitter about how he's sucking in school and how he loves weed with his pot head friends.

How about no driving? No friends over. Don't you think it's laughable that the pothead friends are allowed to hang out at the Roloff home when Jacob is doing what he's doing and his grades apparently suck?

There are cards for them to play. No driving, no friends, no video game systems at all. Considering that Zach is supposedly not living at home, there is no reason for there to be any video game system in the Roloff home. No computer is another one.

Jacob is tough on twitter, but do you really think that taking away everything he likes unless he gets his act together would not provide him some incentive?

But Matt and Amy really don't care about. They're too busy begging him to cooperate and let them film his big birthday party.

Susan Coles said...

Speaking of effective parenting, from Matt's Facebook it sounds like he's off to Maui for the 14th time in the last 12 months.

Effective parenting at its best!

Rap541 said...

Laura S - forgive me but the lad is talking about his friends smoking pot and not only has he been discussing the demon weed for some time... *we've* been discussing his comments on twitter and Matt and Amy do monitor this website.

At last check, regardless of how one feels about pot, it's illegal and Matt and Amy continue to let their 16 year old chitchat about hemp. Thats doing nothing.

Also, from the timing of the twitters, Jake was clearing up until 3 in the morning in the home he lives with his mom and dad on a school night and then failed a test. Since they LIVE with Jake, they're responsible for him until he's an adult and they let him stay up chitchating about pot. Thats also doing nothing.

Or rather thats doing the same things that led to Jeremy and Zach scraping the bottom of the barrell grade wise and apparently Matt and Amy are done parenting. They have, after all, said they're empty nesters enough to conclude they're done. Their nest has been empty since the twins graduated high school.

Oh look, a kid is failing in school and Matt's off on a Matt only vacation to Hawaii.

Rap541 said...

Oh and hey, wasn't Jake left home alone for four days just recently? Laura S, your thoughts on that parenting? A 15 year old who likes to talk about pot being left alone in the house for four days because Mommy and Daddy have careers?

Aiden said...

Laura, thanks for bringing it to attention that Matt and Amy have done some minimal grounding of Jacob. Clearly it's not enough or effective, at all.

yeah Matt goes on vacation like a crazy amount but Rap you're making it look like it's either matt cares about Jacob or he goes on vacation. It's not that black and white. He's got two parents and (highly unlikely) but who's to say that while matt's on vacation amy will help Jacob with his studies and then vice versa. It's vacation, not abandonment.

Rap541 said...

Aiden, I easily concede its not that black and white but the irony of Matt jetting off to Hawaii while his son is failing tests and tweeting about pot couldn't be resisted.

So here's some concrete examples. Jake goes to public school. Matt and Amy live at home with Jake and on one occasion this year left Jake, aged 15, home alone for at least two and possibly four days. Its documented in their twitters. Its also documented in Jake's twitter that he stays up to all hours and basically isn't doing well in school. Jake also had to be bribed to participate in the show.

Now, when I add that to everything we've seen and heard about the Roloffs disciplining their children, and when I add in Matt and Amy's constant prating about moving on now that they have an empty nest... and I can't help but wonder if this taking away of his phone was similar to the various other half assed punishments that Matt and Amy sort of implement and then drop.

bocaJ_naF said...

Is it just me, or do any of you notice that the [younger] Jacob Roloff (who Matt called a "Sissy-man") showed signs of depression?

Here are some symptoms & my analysis:

Feeling sad -- I'm not sure about this one, but he doesn't seem to be portrayed as happy often. But he is being portrayed, so how they choose to represent him on TV could very well be vastly different than in real life. (Although I still deem Jacob "The Most Realistic Roloff.")

Losing interest/pleasure in activities -- He does definitely change interests throughout the course of LPBW,(as he shows no signs of being as intrigued by space as he used to, or as interested in soccer as before,)but I assume that is just him growing up and/or copying Jeremy. And he is clearly just not soccer-obsessed like Zach. I do not believe he is losing interests in activities in the depressive sense. He also seemed to love swimming,(in Australia when they were swimming Jacob seemed more concerned about the dangerous animals, which I think was a good thing he was aware of.) I assume he still enjoys swimming. (Funny,I just realized, they were all about Zach & soccer & still are, but never thought that Jacob might like swimming races as a sport?)But Jacob's love of swimming was probably over-played for LPBW also. Jacob still seems to like video games.

Loss in interest of what is going on around you -- I think Jacob might fall into this category, seeing as his parents complained of his staying in his room a lot, but I wouldn't be surprised if that was over-stated for the purpose of drama.

Feeling agitated -- Jacob consistently seems in this kind of mood throughout episodes. People often fault him for this. (I'm not saying it should be acceptable, but if he was depressed at that time, I think he should have been cut some slack.)

Feeling worthless -- Amy said at the end of the episode where the twins turn 18 that Jacob was feeling worthless. (But it is not explained why he feels this way & is not actually in the next episode.)

However, this is only my analysis/opinion & in no way entirely able to be proven. I am not a psychologist so this should by no means be taken seriously -- just as an observation.

Perrie said...

This family sucks. The Duggars sucks.

Cleo said...

It constinues to astonish me that 99 people want to analyze the twitterings of a 15 yr. old.
Everyone from parenting 'experts' to psychological jargon meisters want to offer up their solutions, unconcern, or stand up comedy routines.
What an incredible slice of the American psyche that reveals!

Greg said...

Cleo, the real comedians are Matt and Amy.

Like Spirits has said, like Randy has's comical to read Matt's spin on things while Jacob is firing away on twitter completing contradicting the BS Matt sells.

Terrible parents don't even begin to describe Matt and Amy. They wrote a book on parenting!!!!!!!! Now that's comical.

Heather said...

Jacob and his friends seem to be nothing more than rude pothead teenagers that think they're acting tough.

Megan said...

Interesting. The Roloffs really care about their fans. Jacob makes a mockery of Matt and Amy's Facebook sham by being honest again.

"Both my parents are pretty rude when people ask for pictures/autographs.. Like it goes so much smoother if you just do it and move on"

Melissa said...

Megan, you can just feel the love that the Roloffs have for their fans from Jacob's post.

Glad they appreciate their pool, 18 remodels and Mercedes.

And Jacob is calling Matt and Amy out for being rude. They are awful people. For Jacob to call someone rude....yeah they need to be bad.

sassenach said...

Why are you astonished at people commenting?
You are commenting.
Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!!!

Rap541 said...

Sassenach, unfortunately Cleo isn't likely to understand your point. What Cleo is attempting is a variation of the shame game. How dare anyone notice or draw attention to the negative behavior of a Roloff, and all that.

The reality is that if the Roloff parents were average height, no one would be praising them for their parenting. Its something called the law of diminished expectations. Matt and Amy are little people so just by having kids that live to adulthood, they're praiseworthy. That's the same reason people find it AMAZING that Matt and Amy are two adults living successful lives. If they were average height, it would simply be expected of them to work and to raise children to a minimal standard... but they're handicapped so its AMAZING.

All of Matt and Amy's television success comes from the exploitation of their height, not their talent or their accomplishments. There's nothing they do from a parenting standpoint that makes them stand out. WHat? They love their kids? So what, most parents do. That's why when you try to pin down someone praising the Roloffs for their parenting on what they think is worthy of praise, you don't get anything other than "they love their kids so much". They're supposed to.

And that leads to people like Cleo who want to defend the Roloffs but know there isn't all that much factual to back it up... Funny how no one ever trots over to Matt's facebook and self righteously lets everyone know how analyzing Matt's comments is a giant waste of time and shouldn't be done. :)

Cleo said...


I am not commenting on the content of the twits of a 15 year old; I am commenting on those who do! You can't tell what's a kettle and what's a pot, but hope neither is yourself, eh?

And Rap, I won't be trotting over Matt's Facebook and saying anything, having never peered at his Facebook and having none myself--I have no need of one. I have no desire whatsoever to "defend" him or anyone else. Every minute of life doesn't have to be spent on the internet, really!!

Timothy said...

You just have to love the wholesome Roloff image they present...then over on Twitter Jacob is posting pictures with the caption "Did I fukin ask you to speak?"

What a crock.

Rap541 said...

Cleo, and yet here you are :)

Anonymous said...

Do I think Jacob is a rude brat? Yes. But I also feel sorry for him since he's made it VERY clear several times that he doesn't like being filmed for the show. Remember, unlike Zach and Jeremy, he's been on television since he was very, very young and basically went through adolescence, puberty, etc. on screen. I can't imagine what a mess I'd be if my parents had whored me out on television at that age.

I'm not saying that Jacob would be a perfectly pleasant individual were it not for the cameras. He'd probably have been a "challenge" (to say the least) regardless. But I think the cameras have only made things worse. I feel the same way about that one girl on Jon & Kate Plus 8 (either Maddy or Cara, don't remember which one was supposed to be the "bad" twin)....she might have been a brat either way, but anyone who says that the television cameras didn't contribute to her issues is being disingenuous. People point to the other kids and say that if they turned out fine, there's no excuse for the other one...but come on, everyone has a different personality, and some of us are more camera-friendly than others. For example, I'm a very strong introvert, somewhat of a loner, who enjoys my privacy. I can confidently say that I probably would have had a nervous breakdown if I had been forced to air my life on reality television. Fortunately, my parents, unlike the Roloffs, have always had my best interests at heart. (Plus, my family's kinda boring. We have no interesting reality tv shtick. Heh.)

I'm not excusing Jacob's rude behavior towards his fans, his double standards or homophobia, etc. I think he's a jerk. But I also don't agree with people who seem to think that he has no reason to be upset with the cameras in his life, calling him ungrateful. Yeah, MAYBE if the cameras were gone, he'd start whining about wanting all those freebies. But we don't know that. If he's taking pleasure in the freebies as they come, well...every cloud has a silver lining, so why not? But that doesn't mean he wouldn't give those up as a trade-off. I'd happily give up an xbox or a free vacation to Australia if it meant not having to deal with cameras in my face all the time. People have different priorities.

Now, if Jacob turns 18 and decides to stay on the show - lol as if this charade will last that long, but I guess anything's possible - then he loses all right to complain.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else heard that mueller is going to be a dad?? Now that's going to be interesting ... Hopefully Jacob doesn't follow all muellers footsteps

Melissa said...

Anon, I don't feel sorry for Jacob. I think a lot of people cut him too much slack.

He complains about not wanting to be on tv? Yes.

But read back on his tweets. It's very clear that he gets off on his "fame" and uses it when it suits him.

Whether it's bragging about celebrities liking him or the show or the stuff they got or the trips he's been on or using his celebrity as ransom when he gets mad at a friend. Other people have pointed out Jacob's habit of threatening his friends that they won't be "allowed" to come over because he's mad at them.

What kind of 15/16 threatens their friends with "You can't come over to my house anymore! Take that!" if they get into an argument.

It's something from a spoiled brat that believes that he's so special and that everyone wants to hang out with him and at his house because they are on tv and therefore better than everyone.

Melissa said...

Anon, I certainly hope that's not true about Mueller having a kid.

Isn't his fiancee 18? Or has she turned 19 yet?

Does Mueller still live with his mom?

Anonymous said...

Melissa, I'm not positive about her age ... But I'm almost 90% she will be turned 21 this year.

Anon15 said...

Melissa, yes, perhaps. But to me it's still pretty clear that, despite getting off on some of the dubious perks, ultimately he doesn't like having his privacy invaded by the cameras. To me, all of his jerk tendencies are beside the point. I feel sorry for *any* child/minor forced to be on camera against their will, regardless of whether or not they're assholes. A minor has no choice in the matter and I don't think it's right. That's not to say that Jacob can't and shouldn't be criticized for his behavior; he should, and if this were a discussion about anything else - if the subject were about Jacob bullying his fans, for example - then I would go more into that. But I don't believe in such black-and-white thinking that says that just because someone's an asshole about one thing, it means that I can't/shouldn't feel sorry for them ever. No one's that one-dimensional.

If Matt and Amy had any sort of decency, they would have pulled the plug on the show ages ago because IMO it's clearly exacerbated Jacob's issues. He's going to be even more of an ass when he's 18, and this show will have only helped.

Natalie said...

Anon, Jacob and his friends do bully fans.

Look at what they did to the Russian girl or to another girl that she was his number one fan. Jacob and his pothead gang of friends did the OMG - back and forth ridiculing of them.

Anonymous said...

From Matt's Facebook page--was it hacked or is this for real?
" way time to teach my boys how to use a condom. Please Don't ever need to use one... ...But if you do?? Here is what to do, Start planning for future lessons..... Embarrassing for sure,"

Mike P said...

Jake's birthday! Amy: if you've remembered the day, buy a cake mix and some canned icing. Show us that you can "cook."

bocaJ_naF said...

I would think that after all this Jacob chatter, Spirits would write something about Jacob's 16th b-day. 16th b-days seem to be a pretty big event to the Roloffs... although, I've never heard of it being such a big deal to anyone else...

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Matt is at it again! His FB post about teaching Jacob how to use a condom got retracted today, while Matt claimed that his account was "hacked". Give us a break! Reading Jacob's Twitter comments of last night, it the absolute truth!
Matt just could not resist the chance to embarrass his son, again. After all the put-downs and vilification on the series, I believe he now has reached a new low. He had to do some serious back peddling, but hey, just say you got hacked and all the disappointed fans will be fine. New low.

I have a wager for any takers. Suppose, just suppose Jacob does not want his birthday party filmed. And Matt says, "OK". And, Jacob gets no party. Fine with him. And us. Matt is going to get on their next special and blast it all over the screen, "Jacob said he didn't want his party filmed. So we didn't. We won't film if the kids don't want to be filmed. Aren't we the best and most considerate parents ever? I'm such a great father because I'm plastering this all over the tube and making such a big deal about it, because although it's Jacob's 16th birthday, I can make the non-filiming all about ME, and what a superstar dad I am."

Chrstine said...

Typical Matt about Jacob at the movie. He showed Jacob the birthday wishes from fans and smiled ear to ear.....uh Matt people can go to twitter and see what Jacob is really like!

What a clown.

Randy said...

Podge/Rodge...I actually do believe that Matt was telling the truth about his account being hacked. If you read the message, it really makes no sense. It's in broken English, sentence structure is awful, almost as if some foreigner wrote it.

Now, Matt's Facebook posts usually don't contain the best grammar, but they make sense. With this one, it almost looks like someone put a foreign language into Google Translate and took the result that was produced (and if you've ever done that you know that what comes back isn't normally structured like how a sentence should be).

I know Matt is full of bs a lot but I actually do believe him on this one.

Rap541 said...

I'm six of one, half dozen of another on Matt's account being hacked. I actually think Matt is savvy enough to not post something relatively vulgar on his facebook, even if it is the sort of humor that I can totally see him indulging in. I mean, perfect Christian aside, Matt obviously likes and isn't against ribald remarks. My theory? Theories actually?

1. He posted it, realized afterwards that it was kinda crude, removed it, and announced his account was "hacked" to cover.

2. Someone in the house knows his facebook password and did it as a joke.

Point - I can totally see Matt making a point of having an official condom talk with his sons and much like his talk to Jeremy on how Jeremy needed to sow his oats etc, I can see Matt being full of snickery glee on how he doesn't have to condom up for Amy any more.

On a total aside, never let be said that Matt ever lets an opportunity to mention his childhood of horrors. He's currently apologizing for his spelling in posts and noting of course how he missed most of third grade due to a hospitalization. We must never ever forget how Matt suffered and smiled thru it all and how his inability to spell is a badge of honor, after all, he spent third grade being tortured by cruel doctors for NO REASON!

Yeah... FYI Matt, the more you talk about the horrors of your childhood, the more I really think you might need a therapist. You're clearly not over it or past it in the slightest.

Aiden said...

He claims it was hacked and now he's "investigating his options" this enrages me. Like seriously, his only option is to change his password to something harder. Besides a real hacker with total access to your profile wouldn't have been so couth about something like that and have only posted ONE status?!? It definitely even sounded like Matt! What a lying piece of ****.

Why not take the time instead of backtracking to mention how important sex ed is.

(especially to a family that tries to put out there that they are so religious, y'know the whole sex before marriage thing....)

Rap541 said...

Aiden, yeah, the "investigating his options" struck me as typical Matt.

Like I said earlier, I'm not convinced the post was by Matt but I could see it playing out... and Jake's accompanying twitter doesn't help his case.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Rap, your Theory 1 is the entire basis of my post. It is my belief that his mastery of spin made this "out" a no-brainer for him. I don't buy the bad grammar thing. Some of Matt's posts in the past have been hard to read. I refer all to Jacob's Twiiter remarks of that evening for proof. It seemed like Matt used a bit of levity to convey the message, probably because he wasn't comfortable with with the dynamics of the message, which is not unheard of from dads with 16 year old sons.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Also, if Matt sees the need to apologize on his FB for HIS grammar..........?

Christine said...

It's easy to see where Jacob gets his love of the weed.

Checkout the latest go round with Areil and Jeremy's friend Amanda.

Checkout Amanda's twitter. All about weed too, talking about wanting better marijuana dealers in Beaverton Oregon and posting about how awesome weed is.

Amanda posted to Jeremy laughing at Areil. Jeremy posted to Amanda agreeing and talking about all the shenanigans they did together....then Jeremy deleted it.

I guess Jeremy must have thought after he posted to Amanda that publicly acknowledging his hanging out with Amanda is bad for business when she's open about her drug ways when he's selling "All Jesus, all the time"...Whoops.

Christine said...

And I agree with Podge about Matt. Matt probably was drunk or let his guard down.

Jacob's twitter tweets just before Matt's so-called hacked post.



Obviously Matt was doing something outrageous...

Timothy said...

Christine, I think you nailed it about Jeremy and Amanda.

It shows a lot that Jeremy would actually go back and delete his post to Amanda. He must have realized she's too transparent and he likes to keep his habits on the down low.

Aiden said...

I dont think there's anything in the bible about not smoking weed. So I could not care less about Jeremy smoking. But it's different if he wasn't actively trying to keep it on the DL and maintain a pure, good christian boy personality.

Timothy said...

Aiden, I that's the point, at least it is for me.

It's same about his drinking. Would it have been a big deal when he was getting drunk underage? No. But when he gets credited for writing in a book that he abstains from alcohol unlike so many bad kids because he loves God so much. Then yeah, Jeremy drinking and being a liar deserves attention and condemnation.

Then there's the whole God angle.

I seriously don't think that you can be posting about how Jesus is in control of your life every second of every day, if you're really getting high with your friends, but you're putting "Coram deo" on twitter.

Katrina said...

Aiden, as a Christian you are taught that your body is a temple for God and you are to keep your body pure. Being stoned does not qualify.

You also are supposed to believe that Jesus is what you need to make yourself whole and fulfilled, not drugs.

I think it's shameful for Jeremy create a public or online persona of someone who is guided by God, but in actuality is out smoking pot and getting drunk with his friends.

Greg said...

It's not like Jeremy just happens to mention that he's a Christian once every 3 months.

That's what his (and his girlfriend Audrey's) twitter is about almost everyday.

You'd think someone like that would be walking the walk and have friends who walk the walk.

But then there's Jeremy. All you have to do is quickly browse Jeremy's shenanigans pal Amanda's twitter to see how wholesome Jeremy really is. These are the people that Jeremy is hanging out with.

Brandon said...

But see? In the world of Jeremy Roloff, he is good because he does his shout outs for Jesus. That means no one else is allowed to judge him, comment on his behavior. Only Jesus can judge him. By shouting out for Jesus, he is cool with Jesus because God forgives and Jeremy says he's not perfect, only God is perfect.

Therefore, Jeremy can partake in pot-filled shenanigans with Amanada and it's all cool as long as he keeps on shouting out that Jesus is great and that's he's living for Jesus.

How someone thinks that getting blasted is giving glory to Jesus is something that we're not supposed to question.

Rap541 said...

Well, here's my two cents on pot smoking. Personally I don't think its any worse than drinking and would have no issue with it if it was legalized. No, I've never tried it and no real wish to (seems like it would be bad for your lungs, amonsgt other things, but smoking pot is hardly murder.

On the other hand, its also not the same as buying a gallon of milk (unless you're in California, I wonder if Jeremy has a medicinal use lisence). I know, from other sources, that Jeremy and Zach and Mueller were certainly indulging in the demon weed at 16-17, and frankly I don't think it's stopped, as shown by Twitter comments. Is it that big a deal? Not really - it falls under "stupid things people do" but... make no mistake, the Roloff boys are making public comments about using an illegal drug. Jeremy in particular is now an adult, commenting on breaking the law. People are going to ask the question "How do you justify smoking pot with living for God?"... and "I'm not allowed to talk without Daddy here" isn't really going to cut it for an answer and neither is "HOW DARE YOU JUDGE ME!"

Shelby said...

Rap, where do you get your information from??? You're reading something different from everyone else.

"Roloff boys are making public comments about using an illegal drug. Jeremy in particular is now an adult, commenting on breaking the law."

No, Jeremy is not. Show me otherwise!

His friend, Amanda, clearly likes smoking weed.

Amanda commented on a twitter girl that was criticizing Jeremy and Mueller. Amanda tweeted Jeremy that the twitter girl was stupid. Jeremy agreed, said she was angry and said he missed Amanda and their "shenanigans".

That is not the same as saying Jeremy is commenting about using marijuana. "Shenanigans" could mean a lot of things.

Yeah, I get and understand the implication that from Amanda seems like a pothead and since Jeremy and Amanda are friends that people assume Jeremy is a pothead too, but it's not fair or accurate to say Jeremy commented on using marijuana simply because he told a friend that he misses their "shenanigans".

Rap541 said...

A school chum angry about the Jeremy worship told me years ago that the boys liked weed. I confirmed it with someone who worked on the show. Also there's at least one photo out there of Jeremy and Mueller with "rolled" cigerettes.

Personally, like I said, its only an issue because the sainted Jer-Bear is a precious Christian boy who's every move is a blessing from jesus. I mean, not long ago, Dana was applauding his trespassing twitters with Audrey as "two Christians in a field"...

When you hang around people who chat about pot, people are going to assume you're into it. I see *no one* suggesting that *Jake* is simply commenting on marijuana use - even tho he's made no "I smoke dope" comments at all - and no one seems to have the slightest issue in calling the kid a potsmoker.

Why? Because we're judged by the company we keep.

Timothy said...

Rap, in fairness, Jacob has done things like respond to his friends tweets where they say something like "I want to smoke weed now" and Jacob tweets them "me too" or "come over" or they tweet "Who wants to smoke weed with me" and then Jacob tweets "me. come over".

That type of thing.

But I'm not saying that I doubt at all that Jeremy and Amanda are pot smoking buddies.

Victoria said...

You know what I find funny about all the twitter stuff?

What really got the Roloffs and their friends upset?

Not Jeremy and Mueller being called racists or homophobes or animal abusers or potheads.

No, what got them all offended was when someone, rightly, said that people speculate that Jeremy and Mueller are gay.

That's what brought the friends out insulting in their defense.

It tells you a lot about the mindset of the Roloffs and their friends.

Rap541 said...

Tim, I get your point... but if it was Jeremy saying "me too", that would be enough to call him a blessed little boy experimenting who's brain isn't fully formed at 16 so we shouldnt expect a little boy to understand the grown up ramifications of his words.

Personally, if any of them are actively smoking pot, I hope they take this little word of warning and *SHUT UP* about it on their twitters. Because really, those things are public.

Natalie said...

Timothy, also remember, that many of Jacob's friends call him high or a pothead or refer to his smoking weed.

kait said...

I take Jacob's recent activity on twitter as admission that he smokes. He didn't directly say "I smoke pot" but he did ask a friend "poke smot?" Who then replied with "down". And I don't see how it can be twisted to look like he was asking if the friend smokes because this particular friend openly admits it all the time. It as clearly an invitation lol. I don't care who smokes I just find it odd that Jacob basically admits to doing it then denies it when people say he does it lmao that takes amazing stupidity. Either own it or wholeheartedly deny it but you can't have it both way.

Timothy said...

Kait, well put. Thanks.

Nancy said...

Kait, I agree with you.

A few weeks ago Jacob was acting all offended that kids at school thought he did drugs.

Wonder why???? Is he that stupid?

kait said...

Jacobs twitter also says 2H2F. Too high to function. He's totally smokes lol Idk why he can't just admit it it'll end up legal everywhere in the states soon enough anyway

Carol said...

Kait, thanks. I was wondering what that meant.

"Jacobs twitter also says 2H2F. Too high to function."

Peter said...

Kait, he's not very smart, is he? He thinks he's so clever.

His denial of the pot smoking and drinking about himself and Jeremy/Mueller is his only downfall with his honesty.

Other than that, he seems like straight shooter....way more honest than Roloffs are used to being.

But he's called people liars before for saying Jeremy gets drunk or smokes pot.

I guess he can't totally shake the Roloff trait of lying.

Raymond said...

Matt and Amy Roloff are truly horrible at parenting.

I know this won't be PC, but they raise the question whether dwarfs are really capable of raising "normal" height kids.

Matt and Amy are simply awful. It would be funny, if it wasn't real life.

Jacob has been rambling away for months on twitter with his pot smoking friends about his love of weed.

He's even taking advice from the pothead friends to take eye drops before talking to his parents.

Then he twitters about them *questioning* him about *whether* he is high.

They are truly pathetic.

Pardon the pun, but it's obvious that Matt and Amy are in over their heads with this whole parenting concept.

Carolynn said...

I would be embarrassed for Amy and Matt if I thought they gave a damn. The way Jacob behaves on twitter IS a parenting failure. Someone used the word "pathetic". It is an apt word. He spends most of his time tweeting his friends who talk about smoking marijuana and then invites them over to do it with them. Then tweets about his parents stupidity about the whole thing.

What do Matt and Amy do? Post a picture of Jacob and his innocent little friends and act like they are angels.

Aiden said...

Raymond, I dont think them being dwarves has anything to do with their bad parenting skills.

Raymond said...

Aiden, I disagree.

The Roloffs are celebrated by Little People of America. That community of dwarves, decided to give the Roloffs awards. They are honoring them as being stellar examples of dwarves for the world.

The dwarves that Little People of America honors, clearly are not up to the challenge of parenting. It is beyond their capabilities, obviously.

If a two paraplegic parents had kids like Jacob, posting all about being a pot smoker, basically mocking their parents on the issue, stays up all hours of the night, brags about not doing homework and failing in school. And is rude to almost everyone. Add to that, their house is a mess.

Would you not think, "Hmmm, maybe they need some help at this parenting thing. Maybe raising kids on their own is two much for them." You know you would and so would many other people.

It's not PC, but let us be truthful.

Melanie said...

Jacob is quite the little bully. Look at his tweets where he mocks kids in school who are unpopular/awkward. He is quite mean.

Randy said...

Raymond, I don't think you can blame Matt and Amy being midgets for their bad parenting skills. There may be times when it is an issue, but I don't think that is the case here with Jacob.

Jacob obviously isn't the only teenager in the world who acts like this. Just look at all his friends who act the same way. I'm sure their parents are normal sized. I don't think you would say "maybe raising kids is too much for them, maybe they need help"

What it comes down to is a lack of discipline by Matt and Amy, and many other parents today, no matter what size. Too many parents want to be friends with their kids instead of showing them tough love.

If Jacob is barely passing school, why isn't he going to a tutor? Why aren't Matt and Amy demanding to see all his assignments, making sure they are completed, asking him when tests are, studying with him, etc. I would take his phone away every day when he gets home until all his schoolwork is complete. Hell, I wouldn't even let him have an iphone, he'd have just a basic flip phone (or no phone at all) if it was up to me. I'd take every piece of technology out of his room, as well as his mini fridge until his grades start to improve.

Another example, why do they let Jacob stay up all hours of the night and then sleep the days away. They live on a farm, why isn't he out doing chores?

Jacob seems like a handful, but it starts with the parents. If you're not going to discipline your kids, or stand by your discipline, they're not going to fear you. I grew up loving my parents, but also feared them because I knew if I got in trouble the punishment from them was going to be much worse then the crime.

I'm sure Matt & Amy have tried some sort of discipline, but whatever it is it doesn't seem to be working. It also doesn't help that they are away on trips every other week, leaving Jacob at home to do whatever he pleases.

Susan Coles said...

@Randy - Excellent post. I agree with everything you said.

Rap541 said...

This same lack of discipline was happening when the twins were in high school. Molly is self motivated to well in school, and thats the only reason she did, because it is very very obvious that Matt and Amy have never been willing to discipline their kids. I actually think its worse with Jake because unlike the twins, he seems to have the capacity to do well and clearly has his parents wrapped around his fingers.

Lest anyone come crying with " You don't know that Matt and Amy have done nothing!" - sure, lets play that game.

Here's what I know. Jake continues to have access to the internet to make his amusing comments about drug use. He consistently comments about being up all night on school nights and how he's not doing so well in school. The not doing so well in school certainly isn't new and this is the second school where Jake isn't doing the work. So considering that, as Randy said so eloquently, why is this kid still allowed access to all the internet toys and why isn't he in bed on school nights at 10:30pm? Why isn't a parent making sure the schoolwork is being done? Why are friends over at all hours

Btw - this is *exactly* what I suggested when Jeremy and Zach were failing in school, that bed times should be enforced, that homework should be done and that friends and toys should be restricted until grades came up. I got shouted down because boys need play. :)

Aiden said...

Raymond you didn't give any examples or reasons as to how lack of height affects parenting skills and that's probably because there is clearly no correlation.

Jocelynn said...

One of the Roloffs main flaws with their parenting is the fact they give their kids excuses by blaming everyone else.

The kids mouth off on social media. Matt blames people for reading.

It wasn't too long ago that Matt was blaming "screwball" teachers for Jacob being expelled from Faith Bible.

Fast forward a year and a half.

Jacob is at a different school. He hangs around with kids who are potheads. He boasts about never sleeping, not doing homework and failing tests. He's rude and insulting.

I find it hard to give Matt's theory of "screwball" teachers at Faith Bible being the problem..

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Jacob's Twitter....

Sexual Hippy ‏@rhiannon_alexa
Lol @ spiritswander.
6:54 PM - 23 Jan 13

Jacob Roloff ‏@ffoloR_bocaJ
@rhiannon_alexa LOL AT THIS TWEET 😂😂😂😂😂
6:54 PM - 23 Jan 13

Sexual Hippy ‏@rhiannon_alexa
@ffoloR_bocaJ they say the stupidest shit, oh my word
6:55 PM - 23 Jan 13

Stephanie ‏@sstephaniellynn
@rhiannon_alexa @ffolor_bocaj "pothead"
6:57 PM - 23 Jan 13

Sexual Hippy ‏@rhiannon_alexa
@sstephaniellynn @ffolor_bocaj hotpead.
6:58 PM - 23 Jan 13

Jacob Roloff ‏@ffoloR_bocaJ
@rhiannon_alexa furreal.. Lol
6:58 PM - 23 Jan 13

Sexual Hippy ‏@rhiannon_alexa
@ffoloR_bocaJ they kill me sometimes.
7:00 PM - 23 Jan 13

Ashley said...

Can someone who maybe understands human psychology try to explain to me?

Jacob and his friends are called potheads here. People talk about how Jacob tweets about staying up all night, doing horrible in school, etc.

Jacob's friend tweet that "most of what they (people on Spiritswander) say is not true"

Can someone please explain to me, how does anyone say such a thing?

Are they denying the pot talk? Do they not read their own tweets? Holy molely, the tweets were liked by one of Jacob's friends that posts about joints all the time.

I understand that they don't like Spiritswander because people are holding them accountable for what they tweet and they don't like that.

But how does someone actually say it's not true?

My guess is it's because those are Jacob's friends that want to be friends with him because they are on tv. They know Jacob doesn't like fans that call him on the phony act. To be part of Jacob's group and get in tight with Jacob, they say things that they know Jacob will like.

What other explanation is there for kids that post about pot all day to say people saying they post about pot all day, are lying?

Christine said...

Ashley, I think the friends you're talking about, hope to get tweeted so they can show the Roloff that they have something in common. Then maybe they can feel important by being a friend of someone on tv (which seems to matter to them)!

Jeremy's friends did the same thing. I remember a Brendon kid that was in like one episode posting to Jeremy and Zach about how horrible it was that "tons of girls" wrote him fan messages saying he was cute.


I think the whole object is precisely what you said. They know the Roloffs whine about fans that call their bluff so trying to bash those fans is a good way to show the Roloff that they are a loyal servant, so please invite me on your next TLC family friendly TV show vacation.

Christine said...

Btw Randy, great post about what Matt and Amy should do.

Best post I've read on here in a long time, even if Jacob's friends apparently think what you say are all lies, LOL!

kait said...

I just figured they lie about it for fun. Like sarcastically. Jacob tweets about pot pot pot but then says he doesn't do drugs. Nooooo I don't do drugs, honest! Lmao and I bet all it takes to make Matt happy is that Jake denies it. Obviously if a Roloff says something it must be true and no one should question it. Jake complains that he's always told to watch what he says online and there are plenty of other websites where he can post about weed in private with his friends but he does it publicly. Why? He must enjoy people speculating that he does drugs. I think its like a game to Jacob. Then he can laugh and say people don't know him and don't know what he does.
I'm just not sure why he bothers to lie about it honestly. With the way Matt Roloff spins stories I bet he could get fans to praise Jacob for using drugs. I can just see Matt post something on FB like "weed helps Jacob be more creative! I'm so proud of my boy!" Although it goes without saying the post would have more spelling and grammatical errors if it was from Matt. Lmao

Chris Linton said...

Kait, I love you! :) Best post ever! You write the truth.

[[I'm just not sure why he bothers to lie about it honestly. With the way Matt Roloff spins stories I bet he could get fans to praise Jacob for using drugs. I can just see Matt post something on FB like "weed helps Jacob be more creative! I'm so proud of my boy!" Although it goes without saying the post would have more spelling and grammatical errors if it was from Matt. Lmao]]

Ashley said...

Thanks Kait and Christine.

I think you're right about Jacob liking that people speculating that he does drugs. So he can play the victim.

Podge/Rodge groupie said...

Great Twitter page. Gasping and high-fiving with his dad in the theater. That's the REAL Jacob! Well done yourself!!
If you long-lived posters remember, all Jeremy James Jesus (Rap, that never gets old) had to do was deny deny deny, and he was godly godly godly. Jacob's idolatry for Jeremy at the very least has taught him to master the "Oh my goodness, dad, you don't possibly think that I......" and he's away to the races!
You know, I sit back and just howl at the fact that once upon a time I too, thought I was this clever. I'm still trying to avoid growing up as best I can.

CindyM said...

Jacob and his friends really destroy my faith in humanity and the hope for the future generations.

I would expect 16 year old to sometimes be obnoxious and selfish, but I'm truly hard-pressed to find any redeeming qualities from those twitter accounts.

Do they ever have moments of kindness and thoughtfulness towards someone outside of themselves.

BeckyM said...

Hey gang, got a new computer yeah so hope to be on here more again.

JMO but the real core to all of this is: what would this family have been like if reality fame hadn't come along? Would Amy and Matt still be piss-poor parents? Sure! But it wouldn't be all splashed across the Internet or television. Their children wouldn't have grown up sucking the teat of privilege and stardom.

Matt and Amy produced what they have as children: lazy "boys", hypocritical Christians, right wing politicos who follow an agenda of hate against anyone who isn't white and hetro.

As Diversity Speakers they are the ultimate hypocrites.

Reality Television increased the dysfunction. Amy and Matt choose, as the adult parents, to put their kids under the lense of scrutiny of the publics - haterz, stalkers and honest fans.

Matt and Amy continue to show their ignorance and stupidity by making poor life choices. They fill their lives with material possessions and bask in the glow of fan-admiration while mocking those same fans. Ego-trippers who will find their future very hollow as that same fame-adoration fades away.

Laugh all you want Jacob. It's really sad to see how empty your life is that you retreat to drugs for comfort.

Kayla K said...

I didn't follow the Roloffs in the beginning when Jeremy and Zach were this age.

I know about the Jeremy/Myspace/National Enquirer stuff, but can someone tell me honestly, aside from the slurs, were they as bad as Jacob and his friends?

Personally, I think Jacob and his friends are really terrible. They ridicule people...both people they don't know online and people they know at school. They use immature and filthy language. They talk about drugs, drugs and drugs like it makes them so cool.

That Hozey kid that Jacob likes so much and that Grayson that Jacob always likes his tweets....every post they make is obscene! Reading it...I really wish their parents had shown them some discipline or something! There's no redeeming qualities about them.

I know some people think "all teenagers" like that, but it's not true. There are some that don't act like that.

Maggie said...

Kait, you are so right about Jacob. He tweets about pot every day on twitter and then says he's mad when someone says he does drugs.

It's kind of like how he says he's so annoyed when fans follow him. Then he will tweet about how he has over a thousand followers or whatever.

I think he likes the attention. He once had his twitter private. Then he made the choice to flip it to public.

I think he likes being able to complain and be a victim. I think he likes it when his friends jump in and insult people on his behalf.

Rap541 said...

I know about the Jeremy/Myspace/National Enquirer stuff, but can someone tell me honestly, aside from the slurs, were they as bad as Jacob and his friends?

To some the slurs were enough but there's much other evidence that Jeremy wasn't a sweet lil boy at this age.

- He said, at fifteen, online, that fans suck the suckable.

- Per both Amy and Matt he and Zach had a confrontation with fans at the age of sixteen at an amusement park.

- Jeremy online referred to drinking, along with the slurs, to stealing his dad's vodka and setting fire to one of the barns

- Jeremy's friends were not innocent little boys saying "Golly Jeremy, that's not walking with Jesus!" - there's one who was constantly referred to as Drunk Jake who has DUIs

- One friend Adam had a serious drug problem and died

- One friend was arrested for impersonating a doctor

- Some of the friends told a fan to fuck off and kill herself in response to questions about Jeremy

- Jeremy "fondly" has referred to online fans as "creepers" and later "randoms"

- A fan from Puerto Rico was mocked by Jeremy and his friends for her appearance.

- The DBU, aka Jeremy and pals, staged a fake funeral for pal Bryan on the anniversary of the death of Bryan's mom. This happened btw when the lil tykes were 17-18, such Christ blessed little ones blessing Jesus and Bryan, huh?

- Jeremy likes to photograph himself with male friend hugging and kissing, and on one occasion, on his knees shirtless being rubbed on his bare chest by buddy Mueller with his eyes closed, in order to mock homosexuals (in fairness, the "mock homosexuals" explanation of the many many photos of Jeremy hugging Mueller and being fondled by Mueller does come from Jeremy's fans and not Jeremy himself, who has never been allowed to comment on the photos he's posted over the years)

- Jeremy likes to photograph buddy Mueller throwing cats and has never actually commented on the photos he took.

- Jeremy also likes to take pictures of himself holding dead animals.

My opinion? I don't think Jeremy and his buddies are nicer than Jake and his buddies. I think Jeremy has benefited from his mommy and daddy protecting him a whole lot more than they do Jake, and if Matt and Amy were *smart*, they'd shut Jake's twitter down.

Vicky said...

That's a good summary, Rap!

I think you're right about Jeremy and friends not being nicer than Jake and his friends.

They're probably about the same.

But I do think Jacob is helped by Jeremy being first. It is so obvious that the only thing that stops Jacob from tweeting "faggot" and other slurs like his friends is because of what happened with Jeremy. Even at that, Jacob still retweets his friends slurs and likes/favorites their posts with the slurs.

Megan said...

Rap, you make a strong argument.

The kids having a mock funeral for THEIR FRIEND on the anniversary of his Mother's death is probably the worst of everything.

I can't even imagine what it takes to do that. To anyone, let alone a friend.

How does anyone find that funny?

Nancy said...

Rap, if Matt and Amy were *smart* they would address Jake's behavior not just hide it by shutting down his twitter.

That's all they did with Jeremy. It doesn't do anything about the actual behavior he's exhibiting.

It doesn't teach him any lessons. All it does it teach him how to cover it up like Jeremy.

Rap541 said...

Nancy, I agree. But that would involve actual parenting. And they're done parenting, they've said it over and over, the nest is empty.

Shutting down Jake's twitter would at least indicate they care enough about what people think to stop him from continuing the drug talk. Having seen Matt and Amy refuse to address any of the kids behavior, I just don't think they'll start now.

Melissa said...

Does anyone else think that if Jeremy was as much about God as his twitter page claims, that maybe he would be working a little harder with his own brother Jacob?

Jacob seems to need a little Jesus in his life right now. Jacob seems lost in a haze of pot smoke.

lee2224 said...

Jeremy smoking a cigarette.

Randy said...

Sounds like Matt & Amy possibly want to look at Jacobs twitter activity, too bad he's steering them in the wrong direction:

"My mom: What's your twitter handle?
Me: @thejacobroloff
Funny cus ^ is imposter"

Jocelynn said...

Randy, it's quite sad when the impostor Jacob is about 80 x nicer and more well behaved than the real one.

kait said...

lol Randy I saw that too. Seriously though if they are trying to find out it really is not that hard to see the real one since there is a link from here. smh try harder Amy

Does bb mean baby? Just wondering because Jacob and his male friends say bb and in the context I can only imagine it means baby. Or bye bye? idk these things.

Ashley said...

Kait, you're right. "bb" means baby.

Randy said...

Does anyone know what this could be about? Jacob tweeted this yesterday:

"Hey, Jacob.. Does your brother come here now?" - two people already......

And a couple replies were:
"damn, that's cold lol"

"wow that's mean!"

Ashley said...

Randy, it sounds like there is a Dwarf kid named Keegan that just transferred to Jacob's high school.

I guess some kids assume that every dwarf is related to Jacob.

I don't know why they think that's so mean though. I think the kids that tweet Jacob just like to suck up to him.

Maybe they think it's so mean because Zach is 22 and they're confusing him with a 15 year old?

I can see that if you were a student at that school and you didn't watch the show, all of a sudden you see a dwarf and wonder if it's Jacob's brother because you know he has a dwarf brother.

That's why I think the "That's so mean" comments are just people sucking up to Jacob.

Randy said...

@Ashley - Ah ok that seems to make sense. Thanks for the info!

jackie said...

whitworth blog with some molly roloff post

Peter Lane said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Randy said...

Jacob providing us with another inside look of the Roloff household.

From his twitter account:
My dad: Goodnight
*no answer*
My dad: Goodnight
My mom: ok? What do you want?

I could just hear the contempt in Amy's voice when reading this. I always thought she was such a jerk to Matt. If you watch the shows, Matt is always trying to be affectionate and romantic to her, and she either brushes it off, or gives him a pity kiss on the cheek. She never shows any type of love for him.

Say what you want about Matt, but he has brought that family more fame and money than they could have ever imagined. He took a run down shack on a big plot of land and built one of the coolest backyards I've ever seen. Sure he had some help from the show, but he built a lot of the attractions before their show even started.

And it really looks like he appreciates and loves Amy. Sure they have their fights, but at the end of the day you can tell he loves her. You definitely can't say the same about Amy towards him, at least not what we see on TV. And from what Jacob tweets, there doesn't seem to be much of a difference off-camera either.

Abby said...

Jacob is a real little bully jerk. Look at how he ridicules the unpopular kids at school with his friends on twitter.

Natalie said...

Jacob needs some self-reflection.
Look how he singles out "Public" school.

"If I was a teacher at a public school I would probably kill myself.. Embarrassed at the upcoming generation.."

Not private school teachers? Jacob was expelled from private school. I bet those teachers are equally as embarrassed and frustrated.

But it doesn't occur to Jacob...

Ashley said...

Jacob's twitter makes Matt's Facebook hilarious.

Matt makes it sound like he, Jacob, Matt's brother Sam and his kids are all having a nice trip visiting Peg.

Then I read Jacob's twitter.

"Me and my extended family have such a terrible relationship. Like wut."

"At least me and my cousins.."

Susan Coles said...

Ashley, that speaks well of Sam's kids!

I'm not surprised either. I remember hearing that Sam's wife did not want to be involved in the show. It took awhile for her to even appear briefly on camera.

Sam in general, seems to have a lot more character than Matt.

If Sam's kids don't hit it off with the pot-loving, rude and obnoxious Jacob....I say good for Sam's kids.

Bonnie said...

As a parent, I would be thrilled if my kids didn't fit right in with Jacob and his friends if his twitter friends are any indication!

Good job Sam and his wife!
Sam's kids must not like talking and thinking about drugs all day!

Brandon said...

Jacob's hero worship of Jeremy is getting bad.

Going to Brooks does not make Jeremy a photographer.

"My brother the photographer liked my photo on Instagram. Am I a pro yet?"

Rap541 said...

I could just hear the contempt in Amy's voice when reading this. I always thought she was such a jerk to Matt. If you watch the shows, Matt is always trying to be affectionate and romantic to her, and she either brushes it off, or gives him a pity kiss on the cheek. She never shows any type of love for him.

Randy, I do see your point - Amy comes off cold and harsh and I don't think its all editing.

On the other hand, I do think there's reasons as to why Amy isn't showering Matt with kisses every time he makes a big splash over her.

First, and I have noticed this with Molly as well, Matt gives what Matt thinks his women should have or what he would like, and doesn't make much effort to figure out what *they* would like. I think it was pretty clear, for example, that Amy didn't want a Mercedes and was really bothered that she wasn't consulted on a fairly expensive purchase. Likewise Matt gifting Amy with an organizer she clearly had no interest in. It's thoughtless. It's like when you receive a Christmas gift that's really nice and possibly expensive and its something you would never ever want or use. When it happens rarely, you forgive it. When it happens all the time, you start to get annoyed.

Second, Matt does a lot of things on camera that are pretty clearly designed to build up positive public opinion about Matt, regardless of what the recipient thinks or the people participating have to do to make it happen. It's pretty easy for Matt to say he built Amy a gazebo or redid the bathroom for her, or set up romantic gift trip/gift due jour... especially when the whole point is for Matt to grin to the camera and describe just how awesome he's being with treating the little woman to a taste of his wealth. Or with Molly - to the point the building of the castle? That was all for Molly, and basically took her entire childhood to finish? That was NEVER about pleasing Molly, that was at best about making Matt look good over finally finishing the project.

It's not really a meaningful gesture when the point of the gift is so the gift giver can brag about how awesome he is. I can see where everything being all about Matt gets old.

Third, these large material gifts from Matt on screen are well... not necessarily from the heart. I mean, how many of these presentations to Amy are entirely for the show? And considering how clear she's made it that she doesn't like to be surprised with Matt making large purchases without consulting her, it stops being tee hee hee ain't I a cute lil dickens every time Matt does it.

Yes, I think Matt loves Amy, but he shows her little consideration and after watching him sit on the hay bale and describe how useless and incompetent he finds her for *years... I just don't see him as the much put upon victim here.

And I am tired of hearing how he bought the farm and made the farm so Amy should be on her knees for him at the snap of a finger. First, he married her, so yeah, he's sorta required to at least assist in finding her a home. Second, yes yes all the crap all over the farm is for the kids so they can live the childhood he never had... except that ALL of it was built in order to attract more customers to the farm.

I absolutely think Amy has some flaws of her own, but Matt clearly doesn't respect Amy.

kait said...

What's with Jacob's strange obsession with keeping his shoes clean? I mean there's nothing wrong with that but it's not like anyone in that family cares about cleanliness of anything else so why worry about shoes?
I also think the bb thing the guys do on twitter is odd.
And I totally agree Brandon just because Jeremy went to a school (that accepts anyone with enough $$$) doesn't make him a photographer anymore my HS human biology class makes me a doctor lmao
Does Jacob's school still have that weird grading system where each letter grade is 20 points? Because he was on twitter saying he gets As and Bs on tests but gets Cs and Ds overall just for not doing the work. Well, as far as I can tell the schools that structure their grades that way don't give much weight to anything but tests so I'm pretty sure he's full of crap. Especially since he said he has crap test scores not long before saying he doesn't. Plus to get a D would be 20-40 points right? If you ace tests that kind of a grade shouldn't happen. I could be way off here about what grading system the school is using though.

Natalie said...

Jacob's obsession for weed continues...

"Lol. Out of the 6 hours we've been driving, we happen to stop in Weed, CA."

DL said...

I wouldn't be surprised if he gets busted for marijuana sometime in the future.

Deanna said...

Before Jacob's twitter, I had no idea he was all about weed, weed and more weed.

It's kind of pathetic.

Eric said...

I'm amazed at how 'out there' kids are today.

I don't know if it's just the times, twitter wasn't around when I was 16, but Jacob and his friends don't hold anything back.

Aren't they ever worried about people reading it???

I'm not even only talking about the drug stuff.

He basically tweeted that he doesn't like his cousins that he's traveling with (he said they have such a terrible relationship). I would be worried about them reading it.

I'm not saying it's good to be that public either! It's rather rude, imo.

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